SPFBO6 Self-published Fantasy Blog-Off Entries 2020

Entries into Mark Lawrence's Self-published Fantasy Blog-off in 2020 (the 6th year of the contest).

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The Combat Codes

The Combat Codes by Alexander Darwin


We fight, so the rest shall not have to. In a world where single combat determines the fate of nations, the Grievar fight so that the rest can remain at peace. Cego is a mysterious Grievar boy forced to fight his way out of the slave Circles into the world's most prestigious combat school. At the Lyceum, Cego will learn a variety of martial arts from eclectic teachers, develop deep bonds of friendship and fight against contentious rivals to climb the school's rankings. But, Cego will find far more than combat studies at the Lyceum. He will find the mystery of his past unraveled by forces greater than he could ever imagine.


Ashes by Sharon Gloger Friedman


A Jewish Family’s Epic of Hope, Tragedy, and Survival Easter Sunday, 1903 ushered in three days of government-sanctioned brutality on the Jews of Kishinev, Russia. In the aftermath of slaughter, rape, and destruction, Meyer and Sadie Raisky escape to New York City with their thirteen-year-old daughter, Miriam. Their home and business gone, reeling from devastating personal tragedy, the Raiskys cling to the promise of a better life in America. But upon arriving in New York City, Miriam and her parents quickly learn that promises are easily broken in the tenements of the Lower East Side. When circumstances force Miriam to abandon the schooling she loves to help support her family, she goes to work at the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, joining other immigrant girls who work long hours for low wages in shocking conditions. Against the backdrop of emerging workers’ rights and women’s rights, Miriam’s social conscience and young womanhood both blossom when she falls in love with a union organizer. Meticulously researched and rich with beautifully drawn characters that bring 20th-century New York City to life, Ashes is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and a haunting elegy to the young women whose suffering inspired changes to the working conditions in the garment industry.

Of Shadows and Blood (Shadow Elf Chronicles #1)

Of Shadows and Blood (Shadow Elf Chronicles #1) by J.T. Williams


A half-elf seeks a cure in the mysterious Shadowlands. But followers of The Blood stalk the lands and there are whispers of ancient demons returning... Kealin Half-Elf has only been like this for a few weeks and already he is changing. He feels a hunger he has never felt before. Before this, he had mastered the power of his ancient Dwemhar heritage, destroyed an ascended being, but was mortally injured. Vampirism saved him. But now he must hurry to reverse the effect before he is eternally trapped in a state of maniacal blood lust. But the worst part? The Shadowlands are not a place for a pale elf... and even more so one that has the ancient Dwemhar lineage. Not to mention his traveling companions have their own secrets, especially the mysterious wizard Evurn -a shadow elf returning home after generations in hiding. Kealin knows it unwise to ask him directly. In the darkness of what is to come, Kealin will have few choices if he is to save himself and those he cares about. But the one choice he might need to make will mean losing everything else he fights to hold on to. In the end, should he just embrace the darkness and release his hold on sanity? He might not have a choice.

Nether Light

Nether Light by Shaun Paul Stevens


Take a journey through a world punished by a dark, imprisoned magic. A world where children are given poison. A world where your talent is decided by the state. A world where reality is breaking down. When refugee Guyen washes up in the land of his enemy, he knows he will fight, but soon finds himself falling down a well of wonder and improbability. Can he survive a system designed to oppress him? Can he tame his anger to unleash his potential? Can he see his enemy for what they truly are? Nether Light is a gritty, heart-wrenching tale of high magic and high stakes, loves lost and friendships gained, set in an oil-lit, 18th century world far, far away. And it's full to the gills with epic fantasy, plotting, scheming, and racy, jaw-dropping, immersive adventure. What more could you ask for? Grab a copy now. For fans of Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, Neil Gaiman, Mark Lawrence, V.E. Schwab, Ed McDonald, Brian McClellan. Please note: This book contains mature themes.

The Renegade Within (FireWall #1)

The Renegade Within (FireWall #1) by Mark Johnson


She committed an unspeakable act. Her quest for redemption will pit her against rising evil...Terese dreams of ascending to the highest ranks of the Seekers. But if they discover her role in a forbidden experiment that massacred hundreds, she'll suffer punishment and exile. With the suspicious eyes of her superiors watching closely, she pursues the four survivors before they can spread their infection and implicate Terese in the crime.Torn from her daughter and plagued by guilt, she journeys across desolate lands where the undead run and foul magic hangs heavy in the air. But as she closes in on her prey, Terese discovers something far more sinister at work. And the secrets she unearths throw her devotion to the Order into doubt.Will Terese betray her vows to bring a brutal conspiracy to light before more innocent victims die?The Renegade Within is the first book in the sweeping FireWall epic fantasy series. If you like strong women, immersive worlds, and suspenseful twists and turns, then you'll love Mark Johnson's enthralling adventure.Buy The Renegade Within to start a journey for atonement today!


Relentless by David Folker


The Junk Knight is a famed relic-hunter. A grim mercenary with a fell reputation. An angry loner prone to fits of rage. The locals stay clear. Unless they need protection. But you don't count on the Junk Knight to bend a sympathetic ear to your plight. You need payment. And relics aren't exactly easy to come by... But when a stranger undertakes an impossible quest to rescue an innocent from a dark fate, Junk Knight is moved. No one knows why. Least of all Junk Knight. What was it that made this stranger's plight so irresistible? Junk Knight will quickly learn that the stranger is not what he seems. That the quest is not what it seems. The darkest adversities of Junk Knight's forgotten past, long since buried, will rise up once again to haunt the troubled mercenary, threatening the success of their venture. Will they prevail?

The Swordsman's Lament (The Royal Champion Book 1)

The Swordsman's Lament (The Royal Champion Book 1) by G.M. White


When a prince is murdered, a legendary swordsman stands accused. The King wants blood . . . and loyalty counts for nothing. Belasko thought he was beyond intrigues and machinations. But when the grief-stricken King demands vengeance, Belasko discovers he is expendable. His options are clear... find the real killer or satisfy the royal bloodlust. With the forces of the palace mobilised against him he is thrust into the city’s bleak underbelly and must fight to discover the truth. With betrayal around every corner he must form unlikely alliances. Can the veteran warrior survive long enough to protect his friends and prove his innocence? Join Belasko on a fast-paced fantasy adventure as he hunts the real killer, from courtly intrigue to the depths of the city’s criminal underworld, and learns the true meaning of The Swordsman’s Lament.

The Forbidden (The Ancestors Saga, #1)

The Forbidden (The Ancestors Saga, #1) by Lori Holmes


Alone. Hunted. Vulnerable. As the blood settles into the snow, Rebaa’s life lies in tatters. Her adopted tribe has been slaughtered, leaving her lost and isolated in a freezing and hostile world. Kidnapped from her own forest race years before, Rebaa must now find another people to protect her and quickly. But in daring to fall in love with a man not of her own species, she defied every lore set by the creators of human kind, the Sky Gods. Now damningly burdened with her murdered lover’s offspring, Rebaa knows that if anyone were to discover her baby’s heritage, the only sentence would be death. Driven by the love for her unborn, Rebaa sets out on a perilous journey to find a safe haven for them both. But what haven could possibly exist for one who bears…the Forbidden? The Ancestors Saga Exciting and compelling, the Ancestor's Saga takes readers on an epic journey 40,000 years into our own dark and forgotten past. As the world teeters on the brink of another glacial winter, homo sapiens are not the only human to walk the Earth. When the destiny of the entire human race hangs in the balance, the prize for the survivors will be the Earth itself. The Ancestors Saga is a prehistoric fantasy romance, combining history, mystery and legend to retell a lost chapter in humanity's dark and distant past.

The Void Revealed (Origo Essentia #1)

The Void Revealed (Origo Essentia #1) by Stephen J. Ethier


The first book of the Origo Essentia Series, a Sci-Fi Fantasy adventure with a female protagonist. Sitting atop the Spire, Windhold is governed by the theocratical Brotherhood and the secular leadership of the Sentinel. Below them lies the Void, a barren land filled with the Red Death that arrived with the blistering winds of the Fury. The corruption in Windhold has left everyone at the mercy of a madman. The only hope is Elise, groomed to be the Aspirant and replace the Sentinel for a peaceful new world. But when she ventures into the Void, she discovers that Windhold may not be everything it seems.

Fighter Fred and the Dungeon of Doom

Fighter Fred and the Dungeon of Doom by Jason A. Holt


His world is drawn on graph paper. His friends think they are characters in an old-school tabletop roleplaying game. But for Fighter Fred, it's real life. And he loves it! He always has monsters to fight, treasure to gain, and new friends to share it with. So even though the elf who wants to roleplay is constantly bickering with the thief who just wants treasure, Fred is sure that in the end they will all become best friends. That's ... not exactly how it goes. Will the elf find the sacred amulet? Will the thief get treasure? Will the mage ever get done shopping? Will Fred be able to hold the party together long enough to answer any of these questions? The only way to find out is to enter the Dungeon of Doom and place your trust in Fighter Fred.

Death of the Tree Path

Death of the Tree Path by Timothy S. Currey


Their healer has died. Their forest is dying. They refused to leave … even when soldiers came to take their land. Riekalt has been a grim man since the death of his wife, the village healer. She gave her life to save the village. He can hardly sleep. Is it her he keeps hearing at night? When soldiers come from Gweidor to take their land, the villagers of Wolfshead Hill begin to know the end has come. They claim to come in peace, and offer gold. But they come with a trail of corpses in their wake. There is one desperate hope left to the village. Riekalt’s only son Laester begins to show glimmers of the powers that claimed his wife. If he cannot control or suppress the new magic … it might destroy him. How can Riekalt hope to save his village, if it might mean the life of his son?

Enlightened (Enlightened #1)

Enlightened (Enlightened #1) by Billie Kowalewski


"Winner 2017 INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD Distinguished Favorites" "Enlightened is exactly the sort of book that remains in your mind long after you've read it, for all the best reasons." authorstalkaboutit.com" "Enlightened is such a fascinating read and is not mindless by any stretch of the imagination." lisaluvstoread.blogspot.com When Veronica lost the love of her life in a horrible accident she wassure he was gone forever, and she would never love again. Then, fiveyears later she meets her own tragic demise leading her back to the manshe loves, but, with an unexpected twist... Imagine waking up to discover that the life you thought was real never was. That your real life is actually lived somewhere else, and the love you thought was lost will go on forever

The Nothing Mage

The Nothing Mage by J.P. Valentine


Beware, oh friend, the Nothing Mage, The man himself a blight, With magic cursed and spells unseen, That none can stand and fight. Beware, oh King, the Nothing Mage, A force that pierces all, The tolling bell that sings of death, ‘Till lords and empires fall. Beware, oh love, the Nothing Mage, A vengeful man is he, So if you dare to draw his wrath, Then nothing ye shall be. "There’s nothing there." The words may as well have been a death sentence to young Declan. Without mana, there could be no studying at the sky-piercing Pinnacle Towers, there could be no great monster hunts, and there could be no following in his father’s legendary footsteps. He’d be a cripple. But when a terrible accident forces him to flee, Declan learns the true nature of his mana. Just because it doesn’t resonate at any known frequency, doesn’t mean it isn’t magic. Just because he can’t cast the same spells as everyone else doesn’t mean he isn’t a mage. And just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

The Demon in the Metal (The Chemical Empires, #1)

The Demon in the Metal (The Chemical Empires, #1) by Blake Michael Nelson


Fifty years ago, the brilliant chemist Guilder Owen unlocked the secrets of the metal aurichalcum...and changed the world forever. The Chemical Revolution led to the invention of rifles, cannons, copperlights, and brassfire bombs; armies were shattered, borders were redrawn, and the king of Eleutrinia, the most powerful nation in the world, was overthrown. In the aftermath of this civil war, Eleutrinia's gloomy capital, Dais Eleutrené, has become a breeding ground for plots and conspiracies. World-weary inspector Drom Overholt, investigating the murder of a wealthy old man, soon finds himself caught up in an especially dangerous one; meanwhile, Guilder's granddaughter Aemilia, eager to become a chemist herself, has just unlocked a secret of her own — one that may have put her life in immediate danger. And far away, at the very edge of the known world, treasure-hunter Luc d'Fensi, hired to guide a group of scholars to a distant, crumbling ruin, begins making his way into the primordial wilderness of the far west. He has no idea what awaits him there: an ancient evil, older than mankind, waiting for an opportunity to arise...and intent on extinguishing the light of the Chemical Revolution forever.

Legacy of Bones (A Tale of Bone and Steel #1)

Legacy of Bones (A Tale of Bone and Steel #1) by Kirk Dougal


An ancient evil is waiting to be reborn... Gera worked hard at his apprenticeship, but now he's done. All he wants to do is go home to see his brother and sister. When he finally reaches their cabin, Dax, his older brother, is there, isolated and drinking as usual, but Keely can't be found. Then the brothers receive the news. In the middle of the day, she was taken. Testers from the Sacara Institute rode off with her. Like a pebble cast into a still lake… …this was the first ripple. What were the magic users at the Institute's plans for her? The road was long. The captors rode hard, and it would be a miracle if the brothers caught them before they reached the Institute. Even if they did, freeing their sister wouldn’t be easy. But as time ticks away to a far greater threat, Gera and Dax must strive to overcome more than just external threats if they want to save Keely. The evil is waiting. Legacy of Bones is the first book in the A Tale of Bone and Steel series, an epic adventure filled with unforgettable characters, gritty action, and the future of the world hanging in the balance. If you like your epic fantasy mixed with a side order of grimdark, then this series is for you.

Atonement (Heaven Sent #1)

Atonement (Heaven Sent #1) by J.L. Rothstein


To Hell, this world is fractured and faithless, perfectly ripe for the picking. Sent by Heaven, Guardians defend against a malevolent onslaught of demonic intrusion. For hundreds of years the nine siblings of the O’Mara family have been engaged in this merciless battle, fighting to protect the souls of all humanity. Heaven and Hell have been waging this infernal war bound only by the rules of a contentious accord. On the anniversary of her husband Gabriel’s disappearance, Genevieve O’Mara’s lingering sorrow manifests into a murderous rage unfurled upon a demon. Vengeance is coming, not just for Genevieve, but for all those she loves.

The Broken Man (Thief's Harvest, #1)

The Broken Man (Thief's Harvest, #1) by Brandon Jones


When Josen ran away from a life of wealth and privilege he had one goal in mind: become a legendary thief. It’s turning out to be more dangerous than he could have dreamed. Even his ability to break—to temporarily transform physical materials into other substances—is usually associated only with drug addicts. It’s not the kind of thing a person brags about. Josen is just starting to get his feet underneath him when he gets handed what looks like the perfect chance at an easy score. He should have known better. The perfect job turns into a perfect setup, ending with a friend in chains and half the city on fire. Out of options, Josen and his friends flee to a life he thought he had left behind forever with trouble hot on his heels. Josen is determined to not let his dreams of becoming a thieving legend affect his friends and family. But the longer he struggles to balance his growing sense of responsibility with his thieving ambitions, the more apparent it becomes that the perfect setup is far from over, and Josen’s two worlds are on a violent collision course.

A Dream of Fire (The Dragon Queen #1)

A Dream of Fire (The Dragon Queen #1) by J.R. Rasmussen


A vengeful dragon. A forgotten terror. And the one man who is least qualified to stop them. Nothing is more dear to Griffin than his magic school, but for a man with no magic, life there has its challenges. They laugh at him. They exclude him. And that's just his fellow teachers. So when a dragon no one else has seen delivers a chilling warning for Griffin's ears alone, it's no surprise that his colleagues don't take him seriously. Unfortunately, convincing them that the magistery stands at the brink of destruction is only the beginning of his troubles. As an ancient struggle between dragons and men reignites, Griffin's only hope lies in deciphering the secrets of a long-dead madman. But the deeper he goes, the less he knows who to trust, on legs or wings. Dodging both suspicion and betrayal, Griffin is caught in a desperate race for the one weapon that can save his home—or reduce it to ashes in an instant.

The Five Trials (Tsun-Tsun TzimTzum #1)

The Five Trials (Tsun-Tsun TzimTzum #1) by Mike Truk


My name's Noah Kilmartin. I'm from Ruddock, Ohio, and I'm absolutely, 100% unqualified to save the universe from the slavering demonic hordes of the super evil bitch queen Lilith. Too bad nobody asked my opinion. All I've got to do is pass five lethal trials that'll prove I'm the universe's last chance at salvation. To do so I'll have to lean hard on those three years of Okinawan jiu-jutsu classes I took in highschool, learn to wield my new magic sword, and oh yeah - select five women to flesh out my team, bonding with each one for arcane purposes and desperately trying to stay alive in the process. Piece of cake. Right? Warning and minor spoilers: "The Five Trials" is an 18+ book intended for mature readers. It contains graphic sex, medieval violence, and nudity. People curse, piss their pants, hack off heads, get a little dizzy, tortured, seduce each other, try to seduce each other, and scared witless by horrors from the darkest dimensions. Most importantly, you'll meet gorgeous, powerful women, some capable for hurling lightning, others of swinging battle-axes, and one that's Noah's unrequited crush from highschool. All of them are willing to enter unconventional, polyamorous, harem relationships if it means saving the universe, and luckily for Noah, this time it actually does. Read at your own risk.

The Demonic Compendium: Book One (A Grimdark Epic Fantasy Novel)

The Demonic Compendium: Book One (A Grimdark Epic Fantasy Novel) by David Viergutz


The slaughter of the royal family has awakened an unspeakable evil. Prince Shaw returns from death with the help of The Demonic Compendium, a sentient tome of demonic knowledge with its own agenda. Caught between his soul-bound tasks and his personal mission, Shaw must find a way to honor his agreement with the book, avenge his family, and retake the throne. Little does he know; forces of darkness are plotting against him. A demonic army has been raised, with the malicious intent to annihilate the world. With enemies closing in from all sides, Shaw discovers his only hope to survive lies in the hands of an ancient entity with a death wish all its own. Sound the drums of war and prepare for battle! Can Shaw take his place as the rightful king? Or will the nation he loves crumble before his eyes?

Midnight Monster Club (Fallen Rogues #1)

Midnight Monster Club (Fallen Rogues #1) by Gerhard Gehrke


A grave keeper like Digger has one law to remember: harm a pureblood and lose your life. But after an enigmatic woman named Amalia invades his favorite card club seeking refuge, it starts getting hard to stick to this rule. Between mercenaries in pursuit of a stolen treasure hot on her heels and a snooping city sheriff keen on keeping the peace, Digger finds himself in a tight spot. He will have to trust a band of lowlifes to avoid the gallows, or even worse, a sentence to the catacombs. In a city like Diregloom, everyone hides a secret, and Digger has more than skeletons in his closet. The mystery of Amalia’s ill-gotten prize threatens to reveal them all.Digger has one advantage. He’s always known where to hide the bodies. Midnight Monster Club is a dark fantasy novel with action and grim humor. It’s sure to keep you turning the page!For fans of Carnival Row, The Witcher, and the Thieves’ World series.

The Emerald Brotherhood (The Leagues, #1)

The Emerald Brotherhood (The Leagues, #1) by J. Anthony Oaks


Four friends, bound together by an unseen bond of loyalty, discover the true reason fate brought them together. Their journey pits them against a maniacal dark magic wielder named Decimus who is hell-bent on stamping out light magic and its history forever. The four brothers, as they fight to save light magic and rid the local lands of this murderous evil, encounter the misery and oppression Decimus and his army of Gatherers bring to the townspeople of the realm. Along the way, with the help of some unusual friends, the brothers rekindle a long-obscured organization founded on benevolence.

Silver Hollow (Borderlands Saga #1)

Silver Hollow (Borderlands Saga #1) by Jennifer Silverwood


"I shouldn't have to tell you this isn't a fairy story..." After her parents' car crash ten years before, Amie Wentworth trusts books more than people. She may be a writer, but she believes in reality over fiction. She ignores the unexplained mysteries surrounding her, never mind the dreams of a past life, or the fact she can fry technology with a touch. Not even a timely invitation from her long-lost uncle in England gives Amie incentive for anything other than ire. Until she is stabbed in an alley and brought back to life by a handsome stranger. Soon Amie is dragged into the very sort of tale she is used to selling. To make matters worse, the man who saved her life keeps turning up and her would-be-murderer is still at large. After crossing the Atlantic to her father’s homeland, she discovers a world beyond imagining. Silver Hollow is a place of ancient traditions and supernatural dangers, where everything is the opposite of what it seems and few escape sane. Faced with an impossible choice, Amie is forced to confront a deadly family legacy while remembering a life she soon wishes to forget. **Previously published in 2012. This NEW EDITION has been FULLY REVISED AND EXPANDED. The original novel is now no longer available.**

Augury Answered

Augury Answered by Phillip Murrell


Prophecy. Fate. Destiny. Augury. Words that promise a chosen one will rise to protect the downtrodden . . . or avenge them. Many cultures believe in their champions; heroes are desperately needed now. The oppressive, technologically advanced Corlain Empire ravages the weak people of Glostaimia; the "acceptable" cultures are forced to assimilate. Two powerful, and utterly disparate, crusaders emerge to oppose Corla. Two Dogs has trained his entire life in protector magic. Circumstances suggest he's the hero of legend, but Two Dogs is the master of his own actions. With a tomahawk in one hand and a knife in the other, he'll prove why it was wrong to start a fight with the Lacreechee tribe. Princess Murid has more reason to hate the Corlains than most. She's been groomed since childhood on her duties as the chosen one, but not even her royal status can convince those who adopted her that the Corlains will soon come to claim their land and resources as well. Can native magic and barbarian ingenuity combine to overcome a superior foe when both sides hold onto their dogmatic views about fate? Who's the real chosen one?


RADIO by J. Rushing

SPFBO6 SPFBO Finalist Indie Recs Indie

RADIO is an SPFBO 2020 (Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off) Semi-Finalist. Amid the music, lights and energy of 1928’s Paris, something sinister pulses through the æther. The Radio of the Gods manipulates minds across the continent and its creator, the arrogant god Marduk, will sacrifice everything to keep his kind from perverting his masterpiece. Attempted treason and bitter betrayal force Marduk to escape into a new, unknown body. Worse still, the previous owner, an opium-addicted jazz guitarist, is still inside. Desperate, drug-addled and fighting for control, Marduk is forced to rely on the few friends he has left – and one terrifying enemy — to see his mission to fruition. If Marduk and company fail, the gods’ vain machinations will destroy everything they’ve built, including civilization itself, all made possible by his RADIO.

War of the God Queen

War of the God Queen by David Hambling


Thrown back through time… Jessica has only her wits. Will she find a way to survive long enough to get back home? She was fresh out of architecture school and ready to take the world by storm. She wasn’t prepared for what came next. An alien encounter that sent her falling through a portal into another world Jessica’s plight looks hopeless -- she doesn't understand the language, the bronze-age culture, or even how to defend herself. She’s not a Connecticut Yankee and this is definitely not King Arthur’s court. The locals are unimpressed. What’s her next move? Her only goal is to get back home, but Jessica has landed in the middle of something sinister: in the ancient near east, circa 1000 B.C., a war rages. Can she stop an alien invasion through time? She’ll need help, but who can she count on? You’ll love this brilliant take on portal fiction, with twists and turns that are different than what you’ve grown to expect.

The Owl at The End of The World

The Owl at The End of The World by Stas Rolla


It is said that when the world is again aflame, a Great Owl imprisoned beneath the land will rise and return to the stars from where it came. The world is on a death bed. Volcanos erupt daily. Ash chokes the sky, blotting out the sun. Civilization is a myth. A lone person wanders the barren land. Art and survival comprise her life. She heads south, hoping to find any place where life has not died. A place that does not believe in the story of the Owl. A place where there is hope that the world will not end. A place where she can hide from the truth. She is a descendant of the Owl, and every myth is based off something true...

Princess of Shadows (Fairy Tale Adventures #1)

Princess of Shadows (Fairy Tale Adventures #1) by A.G. Marshall


Only a true princess can save the kingdom. Alaric wants to be king. He wants to continue the peace and prosperity his father created in Aeonia. But with enemies questioning his bloodline, he’ll have to put his heart on the line and marry a stranger to secure his right to rule. Only a match with a true princess will silence his critics and protect his future. Lina’s lineage is shocking at best and deadly at worst. Over a century ago, she put herself into an enchanted sleep to seal away a horde of dark creatures. Now both Lina and the goblins are awake. Without friends or resources, Lina must seek the help of the Council of Kings. To get close enough to them to ask for aid, she’ll need to convince everyone she’s a true princess. As Alaric searches for a true princess to marry, Lina tries to convince the world she is one. But while they try to save the kingdom on their own, they may find what they need is each other.

The Calvanni (The Jakirian Cycle #1)

The Calvanni (The Jakirian Cycle #1) by Chris McMahon


The Jakirian series is Heroic Fantasy set on the world of Yos, with unique ecology and twin suns, where all metal is magical and control of magic is the basis for power. Hard-edged. Inspiring. The Jakirian features gritty, fast-paced action. The setting includes fantastical magical artefacts such as glowmetals; ceramic weapons and an array of new creatures. The characters travel through both urban and rural landscapes, where a depth of history and a layering of cultures gives texture. The Jakirian's strong themes of Heroic Fantasy would appeal to readers of David Gemmell, Joe Abercrombie or Stan Nicholls. In The Calvanni, first of the epic series, the cavern-dwelling Eathal have emerged to wreak their vengeance on mankind. The fate of innocent thousands rests on finding the Scion - lost heir to the fallen Empire. The Temple has outlawed the ancient practice of Sorcery. Its Druids dominate religious and secular power, but are ill-equipped to resist an unknown evil once contained by the Emperors. The Jakirian series comprises three books - The Calvanni, Scytheman and Sorcerer. They follow Cedrin and Ellen as they face deeper and more hidden threats. Pursuing them is Raziin, a vicious renegade who seeks to claim the ultimate power of the Spear of Carris for himself. Eventually they must face a final challenge as the most ancient secrets that bind their three bloodlines are revealed. The Calvanni has attracted readers of all kinds, including readers who, up until now, had never read books from the Fantasy genre. The Jakirian series has given McMahon the room to explore his unique world and to convey to readers the richness of his flavour of heroic fantasy.

Magical Friends

Magical Friends by Barbara G. Tarn


Once upon a time he dreamed of becoming a dragon rider. Once upon a time he had magical friends. Now Torik is a woodcutter who has moved to his king's castle out of friendship for the prince heir. Now King, Lambert is almost killed in a revolt and Torik's magical friends resurface to save him. Both exiled from their hometown, Torik and Lambert wander in search of a new home with two of Torik's childhood magical friends – a young Genn healer and a dragonette. Twins with different destinies, Babirye and Tamika were born in Sannia, up north, where people have pale skin and golden manes. When they were children, their merchant father moved the family to Agharek, where their dark skins were less conspicuous. But when the twins developed different attitudes, their father sent them to the Queendom of Maadre. Now Babirya is a shaman and Tamika a strong warrior woman who go back to Agharek to their brothers and magical friends. A journey through the world, meeting people and seeing places. With a dragonette. A Silvery Earth novel.

This Cursed Flame (This Curse #1)

This Cursed Flame (This Curse #1) by Selina J. Eckert


Sometimes we put ourselves in the bottle… Once upon a time, Janan was human. Now, she’s genie—a human-turned-djinn—and on the run with a new found family from the evil djinn who turned her. She may be filled with the magic of the djinn, but she fits nowhere, a misfit in two worlds. And now he has found her, threatening to rip away everyone she loves all over again. Laurelin dreams of being the next great chemist—if she can only get into the right program. But it seems like everything she touches fails until she finds a crystal bottle and that draws her into a world she never could have even dreamed: the lush, deadly, and wartorn world of the djinn. Now, Janan must learn the magic she has long feared, along with her true nature, and Laurelin must find her place in a world where humans are at the bottom of the food chain. For the evil djinn’s plans for domination are bigger than anyone could have imagined, and it may just be up to them to stop his waves of death and dark magic before it sweeps them all away. This Cursed Flame is the wished-for first YA contemporary fantasy novel in the This Curse series. If you like imaginative fantasy, unlikely companions, and fast-paced action, then you'll love this enchanting book.

Magister's Bane (Call of the Elements #1)

Magister's Bane (Call of the Elements #1) by Yvette Bostic


Magic can’t be real, right? Tell that to the werewolf glaring at me with his near-black eyes or the handsome vampire in the corner. Did I enjoy growing up rejected by everyone I encountered because of my physical abnormalities? Hell no! The only thing I ever wanted was to be accepted by someone. Not everyone, just anyone. A normal job and one solid meal a day would’ve been nice too. You know that old saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” Yeah, that one really sucks. After a vampire kidnapped me, I suddenly become wanted by all the wrong people. Why would those blood sucking fiends want a deformed, malnourished woman who looked more like a little girl? I only get more questions when an elemental mage steals me from the vampires and thrust me into a role I wasn’t prepared for. I thought I wanted to know the answers, but discovering the truth forced me into a fight for my life. One I wasn’t sure I could win.

Godless Lands

Godless Lands by Sean Crow


In a plague-ravaged world, humanity struggles to recognize itself. The Blight, a vicious disease that decimated mankind, beasts, and even plant life has left its crippling mark on the world. Isolated havens, once prosperous cities, selfishly hoard what little food remains. Yet, hope lives on where least expected. Wandering the Godless Lands between the havens, Ferris, an aged and Blight scarred soldier turned vagabond finds himself thrust into the role of guardian for a desperate noblewoman and her daughter. Thinking he does only a small kindness, Ferris soon finds himself on the run from Sir Arlo, the infamous Death Knight. With no other options, Ferris leads his wards to a hidden community amidst the desolation and hazards of the Godless Lands. What Ferris doesn’t know is that others stalk the death poxed land; a danger that the world is just becoming aware of. The Butcher of Riven is on the prowl, and he hunts for the Hungry God...

The Fae & The Fallen (Gifted Fae Academy #1)

The Fae & The Fallen (Gifted Fae Academy #1) by Brittni Chenelle


My first kiss nearly killed me—literally. When 80% of the population is gifted with touch magic, it’s best to keep your hands—and your lips—to yourself. Especially if you’re an ungifted serf like I am. The problem is, the most dangerous guy at Gifted Fae Academy is the one I want to touch more than anything, even as I draw the attention of the school’s most gorgeous Apprentice Fae. When my entry exam leads to the revelation that I may not be as Ungifted as I previously believed… well… surviving until graduation might prove harder than I thought—particularly when a certain fatal touch may be worth the risk. This Upper YA/NA series will eventually be three books and is intended for mature audiences. It contains cursing, sexual situations, and violence.

The Fall of Erlon (The Falling Empires Saga #1)

The Fall of Erlon (The Falling Empires Saga #1) by Robert H. Fleming


As empires burn, heroes must rise. Elisa Lannes was once heiress to the mighty Erlonian Empire. But when her mother abandons the empire and her emperor father is defeated on the battlefield and sent into exile, the world she would rule collapses around her. As enemies converge on the capital, Elisa must join with the last of the empire's loyal soldiers to escape the evil that hunts her and her family. With the help of her father's generals, can Elisa find the strength to fight for her people? Or will a twist in the tide of the empire's last war awaken an evil far greater than the enemy's blade? The Fall of Erlon is the first in the new military fantasy series from author Robert H. Fleming. If you like deep fantasy worlds filled with colorful characters and massive battles, the gods and generals of the Falling Empires Saga is for you.


Bloodlust by Nicole Zoltack


In a world torn by prejudice and hatred, six races struggled for supremacy. Barbarian-Princess Ivy is unwilling to allow her father to provoke the other races into war and forms an unlikely alliance with Lukor the goliath to save her people from utter destruction. Unbeknownst to her, Lukor blames the barbarians for murdering his sister and plans on sabotaging her goal. Almost despite each other, they grow to respect each other on their journey to decode secret messages from the trolls. But nothing Ivy can do will prevent the war as her father is blinded by Bloodlust and incites it himself. Not even killing him and becoming Barbaroness can stop the tide. And when Bloodlust claims Ivy, forcing her to kill everyone in her path, she must make a choice to destroy even Lukor, who she may have started to fall for and him in return.

Dravincia (The Dimensional Wars #1)

Dravincia (The Dimensional Wars #1) by Blake Severson


The first book in a new fantasy LitRPG series has arrived. A Goddess is stirring up trouble, and Arthur happens to be the one caught up in the action. After an unfortunate encounter, Arthur is given a second chance in a new world. To his surprise, this new world has mechanics that remind him of Role-Playing Games from Earth. He has been given a simple directive from the Goddess, to help the people of the world and spread her name. He quickly discovers this will not be an easy task. The world has been overrun with bandits, who work for the lords of the land and cause all the denizens to live in abject ruin. Can Arthur tame Dravincia and push back against these forces or is he destined to fail spectacularly and have to hope for another try?

The Origin of Birds in the Footprints of Writing

The Origin of Birds in the Footprints of Writing by Raymond St. Elmo


Clarence St. Claire is a programmer who cherishes an orderly life. His motto: ‘work is important; people, not so much’. His determination to be The Most Serious Person on the Planet is threatened when he becomes haunted by a mysterious manuscript from his past: 300 pages of possibly random bird tracks. Risking his career and self-possession, St. Claire dares to pursue the manuscript against the opposition of hackers, the NSA, the ghosts of famous writers and doubts of his own sanity. Lost in a maze of bird-prints and their possible meanings, St. Claire determines to summon the late writer Jorge Louis Borges to help with the translation. He will dream Borges into existence, exactly as Borges wrote of doing. But this act stirs the opposition of a secret order of past writers, who may, possibly, have their own agenda. The duel between St. Claire’s reality and theirs leads to a final encounter in The Dark Library, before the dread conclave known as The Tribunal of Dreams. ‘Origins’ is a book about books, about magic realism and artificial intelligence, virtual reality and languages, and how sensible people wind up in strange situations by strangely sensible steps. It is built of the words books whisper to each other alone after the library has closed. It ends as it must: with the hero tossed into a pit by Edgar Alan Poe. Kidding. I mean, that last does happen but the final ending is the hero finding the answer and getting the girl, as well as his sanity back. Mostly back.


Shadowmancy by Jason Franks


On a mountain that does not exist, there is a school where they teach the impossible. From his first day at the Academy, things have been difficult for Quay. Though he has surrendered his name, like every other acolyte at the magical school, Quay is the son of a disgraced professor, and he finds that his father's old enemies are already lined up against him-while the professor's own faction is just as suspicious. Quay refuses to take a side, but as his powers grow it becomes apparent that the damaged young boy may prove a greater threat than his father ever was. Deep in the Library of Shadows Quay finds a way to survive his father's treacherous legacy, but the price is high indeed. Includes 12 interior illustrations by Nicholas Hunter.

Child of Destiny (The Rising Saga #1)

Child of Destiny (The Rising Saga #1) by M.K. Adams


A young orphan on the run from the King. A warlock with the power to protect her. And, the fighter holding them together. The Rive, a realm ruled by the iron grip of a war-hungry King, is on the brink of rebellion and Lyvanne, a young girl who has witnessed a vision of his downfall, is the key to victory, whether she wants to be involved or not. Forced to leave her loved ones behind, her life becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse. With the King willing to stop at nothing if it means finding the one who threatens his reign. But when a defiant insurgent group known as The Spring takes her into their protection, Lyvanne is offered something she never could have dreamed of before. The chance to fight back, the chance to make a difference. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and political upheaval as a common street rat takes the first steps of her great journey along the paths of love, magic, and war.

Tosho is Dead (The Power Thief, #1)

Tosho is Dead (The Power Thief, #1) by Opal Edgar


"I died. Nothing is as it should be on the other side... Come with me to Purgatory." All his life, Tosho, a 16 year old apprentice mason in post WW2 Germany, did everything to be the exact opposite of his Nazi father. He thought he had a lifetime ahead to build a better world. He was wrong. When he is brutally murdered, heaven is nowhere to be found. Horrified, Tosho discovers he does not have a soul, making him an abomination. Instead his body is haunted by a feisty spirit who angered a violent rebellious group in his past: the Power Thieves. They remember, and they will not be stopped before erasing both Tosho and his spirit from the afterlife. Tosho is chased, attacked and cursed. He would have endured it if his new friends hadn’t been threatened too. Tosho owes them, for they were all victims of people like his father. He is ready to sacrifice everything to right the wrongs that have been done, even learn to fight, destroy his body and forget his dream of a better world to be in.


Necropolis by Xina Marie Uhl


When prison guard Conyr rescues a young priest from execution, he sets off a dangerous adventure that brings allies in a scheming politician, a mischievous urchin, and a beautiful tavern server. Together, the group must navigate a maze of power-hungry rivals, skilled assassins, and deadly sorcery. For the young priest's lost memory holds the key to more than his past, but the fate of two cities.

Priestess of Ishana (Tesha #1)

Priestess of Ishana (Tesha #1) by Judith Starkston


A curse, a conspiracy and the clash of kingdoms. A defiant priestess confronts her foes, armed only with ingenuity and forbidden magic. "Priestess of Ishana evokes everything I love about historically-inspired fantasy with a strong and savvy heroine, a compassionate hero, and a world both blessed and cursed by the oversight of gods. Mystery, romance, action: this has it all." -Beth Cato, author of The Clockwork Dagger and Breath of Earth A malignant curse from the Underworld threatens Tesha's city with fiery devastation. The young priestess of Ishana, goddess of love and war, must overcome this demonic darkness. Charred remains of an enemy of the Hitolian Empire reveal both treason and evil magic. Into this crisis, King Hattu, the younger brother of the Great King, arrives to make offerings to the goddess Ishana, but he conceals his true mission in the city. As a connection sparks between King Hattu and Tesha, the Grand Votary accuses Hattu of murderous sorcery and jails him under penalty of death. Isolated in prison, Hattu's only hope lies in Tesha to uncover the conspiracy against him. Unfortunately, the Grand Votary is Tesha's father, a rash, unyielding man, and now her worst enemy. To help Hattu, she must risk destroying her own father. Step into this exotic world of historical fantasy, with its richly imagined details of the Bronze Age, evocative of the Near East. In a whirlpool of magic, politics, family crisis and love, Tesha pursues justice over the dark forces arrayed against her.

First Steps (Meandering Paths #1)

First Steps (Meandering Paths #1) by Luke Daher


Not all roads lead to desired destinations... A swordsman struggles beneath the burdens of lost friends, survival in the lawless Wilds and a fate he wishes to outrun. An artist stands on the fringes of her society, derided by her peers while striving to impress the Divine her people worship. An uncaring world shifts around them, leading their feet onto greater paths unknowingly.

Squire Derel (Knight Protector #1)

Squire Derel (Knight Protector #1) by Rachel Ford


In the fires of war and death, she'll make her own destiny. Ana Derel was never meant to be a knight protector. She was never meant to be a squire. She was supposed to marry well, and raise sons who would become knight protectors. Ana had other plans. After years of hard work, Squire Ana Derel has earned the respect of her peers. She's a crack shot, and lethal with a blade. She's weeks away from earning her own knighthood. Then a deadly ambush leaves her charred, defeated and wanting justice. With the South readying for war, and the North demanding answers, Squire Derel finds herself alone in the epicenter of the coming storm. Alone, until she meets the enigmatic Knight of the Shire. Will their unlikely friendship be enough to prevent a war? Or will war consume them too?

The Nothing Within

The Nothing Within by Andy Giesler


Root is... different. Though raised in a fearful society that reveres tradition and conformity, she’s irreverent, outspoken, and deeply curious. Her blindness sets her even further apart. Centuries after the Reckoning, a global biotech plague, savage chimeras still threaten human survival. After Root hears a voice that no one else can hear, she flees into the wilderness. Outcast and hunted, she must confront a dire threat to her people--and unravel the mystery of who she really is.


Limbo by Thiago d'Evecque


O Limbo é para onde todas as almas vão após a morte. Além de humanos, deuses esquecidos e espíritos lendários também vagam pelo plano. Muitas almas sabem exatamente onde estão e por que; a maioria, entretanto, ainda tem a impressão de estar viva. A morte é um hábito difícil de se acostumar. Um dos espíritos residentes no Limbo acorda sem nenhuma lembrança de sua identidade. Ele descobre que a Terra está prestes a ser destruída pelos próprios humanos e fica encarregado de enviar doze almas heroicas de volta. Elas reencarnarão no plano dos homens e tentarão reverter o quadro apocalíptico. Contudo, poucas almas encaram o retorno com bons olhos. O espírito deve, então, forçá-las. Armado, de preferência. Assim, resolve visitar um velho amigo: Azazel, anjo ferreiro e primeiro escolhido da lista. O espírito descobre mais sobre quem realmente é, ouve uma versão completamente diferente sobre a rebelião dos anjos e é presenteado com uma surpresa de péssimo gosto. LIMBO mistura elementos e referências de videogames, RPGs, HQs, animes, mangás, filmes, séries e livros. De Lovecraft a Final Fantasy, é uma homenagem às influências que marcaram o autor.

Crown of the Sundered Empire (Heirs to the Sundered Empire #1)

Crown of the Sundered Empire (Heirs to the Sundered Empire #1) by J.C. Kang


A sundered realm. A missing crown. A coming war. In a broken land where conquerors dream of empires, Tomas dreams of a day when the townsfolk won’t taunt him. After all, he’s the fishing village kid with a misshapen face. Only the Rune vendor’s daughter treats him well. To win her heart, he relies on a quick wit and local superstitions to convince her he has Diviner’s Sight. But if he did, he would’ve foreseen magic-fearing invaders plucking out his mismatched eye. Or the demon trapped in the glass replacement. It reveals a world beyond human vision, while whispering temptations in his mind. Now, with his village caught between the advancing armies of the Sun God’s mortal descendants and His Chosen People, Tomas must use a combination of calculation, cunning, and demonic insight to maneuver the forces of his world against each other—prince against prince, princess against princess, army against army—or see his home crushed forever beneath the wheels of war.

The Steel Road (The Ardent Halo #1)

The Steel Road (The Ardent Halo #1) by Edie James


The world is divided, but mankind defied the sanctions, conjuring a passage from the Old World through the equatorial ring of flames and inhabiting the elven hemisphere. As this invasive species disseminates, conflict ensues, centuries pass, and an industrial revolution begins. Now, reparations must be made. A human-elf hybrid is murdered to spark a cleansing fire but denied passage to the heavens. Instead, Dreyah is reborn headstrong and impetuous, but more so than for any other teenager, uncertainty obscures her place in the world. Seeking revenge for her murder, Dreyah traverses a realm devastated by an old war between her two peoples, and the circumstances highlight her greatest dilemma; she must choose a side in the coming days. Years ago, Cambria’s king gifted Kennason to a foreign prince in a gesture of peace between their realms. But after the death of her second husband and a marriage of mutual distaste, Kennason returns to her homeland where steam and pistons charm the masses but magic is forsaken. Amongst family and an emerging romance, her contentment shatters when renegade wizards abduct Kennason and she learns her bestowment to the foreigner served as more than an overture for goodwill. When strange beasts begin menacing Cambria, history, prejudice, betrayal, and blood bind the footsteps of this exiled queen and murdered teen as they brace for the coming Old World storm in the first installment of The Ardent Halo saga.

Fires That Forge (Lords of Order and Chaos #1)

Fires That Forge (Lords of Order and Chaos #1) by R.J. Hanson


Murder. Betrayal. Magic? One knight takes up his hammer to hunt a killer concealed. When dark arts and faith face off, will sorcery or swordsmanship win out? What chance can a mere mortal have against vampires and demonic forces? Is King’s Inquisitor Dunewell prepared to break the laws he has sworn to serve to discover and defeat a master of shrouded evil? Where is the line between hero and villain, saint and sinner? Kingdom of Lethanor, 1648. Inquisitor Dunewell stands strong in a city scarred by corruption. A true warrior for justice, the newly assigned investigator jumps into the fray when a close physician friend is accused of murder. Vowing to find the real monster, he enters a deadly race against time and the tip of the executioner’s blade. Ordered by superiors to wrap up the case quickly, the honorable man-at-arms digs deeply into clues pointing to demons and forbidden powers. But as more aristocrats are found brutally slain and vampire attacks foment mayhem, Dunewell must hunt down a magical foe before his city falls into violent madness. Fires that Forge is the first book in the gripping Lords of Order & Chaos epic fantasy series, one of four series in the Bloodlines Reforged Saga. If you like thrilling mysteries, hidden enemies, and fast-paced action, then you’ll love R. J. Hanson’s sword and sorcery tale.

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