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Magical Friends

Magical Friends by Barbara G. Tarn


Once upon a time he dreamed of becoming a dragon rider. Once upon a time he had magical friends. Now Torik is a woodcutter who has moved to his king's castle out of friendship for the prince heir. Now King, Lambert is almost killed in a revolt and Torik's magical friends resurface to save him. Both exiled from their hometown, Torik and Lambert wander in search of a new home with two of Torik's childhood magical friends – a young Genn healer and a dragonette. Twins with different destinies, Babirye and Tamika were born in Sannia, up north, where people have pale skin and golden manes. When they were children, their merchant father moved the family to Agharek, where their dark skins were less conspicuous. But when the twins developed different attitudes, their father sent them to the Queendom of Maadre. Now Babirya is a shaman and Tamika a strong warrior woman who go back to Agharek to their brothers and magical friends. A journey through the world, meeting people and seeing places. With a dragonette. A Silvery Earth novel.

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