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Indie Ink Awards 2023 (Judging Finalists)

Recent Reviews

Heart of Vanris

Heart of Vanris Reviewed by SKaeth avatar SKaeth author

Worldbuilding: Piqued curiosity
Plot: Straightforward
Characters: Roles are clear
Storytelling: Balanced
Immersion: Satisfying, fulfilling experience
Emotional Response: Strong emotions
Thought Provoking: Focus on the story solely
Cover: Adequately represents the story
Content Warnings: kidnapping, torture, fantasy violence, discrimination, fantasy racism, cheating, attempted murder

I had trouble with this story due to the love triangle and cheating.

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The Nameless Restaurant: A Cozy Cooking Fantasy

The Nameless Restaurant: A Cozy Cooking Fantasy Reviewed by theislandalien avatar theislandalien

Worldbuilding: Aided the story
Plot: Straightforward
Characters: Roles are clear
Storytelling: Descriptive
Immersion: Didn’t want to put the book down
Emotional Response: Strong emotions
Thought Provoking: New ideas came up
Cover: Adequately represents the story

Blood of Vanris

Blood of Vanris Reviewed by SKaeth avatar SKaeth author

Worldbuilding: Aided the story
Plot: Straightforward
Characters: Roles are clear
Storytelling: Balanced
Immersion: Didn’t want to put the book down
Emotional Response: Strong emotions
Thought Provoking: New ideas came up
Cover: Adequately represents the story
Content Warnings: kidnapping, torture, fantasy violence, discrimination, fantasy racism

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Child of Vanris

Child of Vanris Reviewed by SKaeth avatar SKaeth author

Worldbuilding: Aided the story
Plot: Straightforward
Characters: Roles are clear
Storytelling: Balanced
Immersion: Didn’t want to put the book down
Emotional Response: Strong emotions
Thought Provoking: New ideas came up
Cover: Matches the story well
Content Warnings: kidnapping, torture, fantasy violence, discrimination

A fantastic epic fantasy full of heart and strong friendships and found family. I loved the conlang and the worldbuilding!

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The Thread That Binds

The Thread That Binds Reviewed by Priyanka_N avatar Priyanka_N book blogger

Worldbuilding: Aided the story
Plot: Mostly clear
Characters: Roles are clear
Storytelling: Balanced
Immersion: Didn’t want to put the book down
Emotional Response: Strong emotions
Thought Provoking: Did some research after reading
Cover: Matches the story well

New Stories

The Godsblood Tragedy

The Godsblood Tragedy by Bill Adams

An orphan, without a trueborn name, returns to the city of her birth to uncover her past. Hounded by the servants of the Dark God and dying from the poisonous mist that covers the land, her path leads to one of the magical seals protecting the holy ruin of Eminence. A father, murdered and reborn, aims to bring down the floating fortress hovering over his homeland. Burdened by loss, he’s willing to sacrifice his soul to free his city and get revenge for the destruction of his family. A mother, captured and bonded to a daemon, kills in the name of the Dark God so she can free her tortured daughter. Relentless in her vengeance, she hunts the one person who could end her suffering: the man who would destroy her vile master. A drake, the banished hatchling of a failed advisor, seeks his father’s stolen horns. Untested, he desires to right his father’s wrongs in the eyes of the gods and restore his family’s honor. As all converge in the occupied desert city where the world’s fuel source is mined, one family’s bond will be tested. Old betrayals will resurface, anger and resentment will flourish, but one thing remains clear: blood rules all.

Somewhere Out There

Somewhere Out There by Caroline Astiago

Benjamin didn't survive the battle of Camlann. Nor did his mentor and best friend Merlin. Nor did King Arthur. The only difference was they died, and Benjamin continued existing, forced to take on their Guardianship of a realm torn apart by war with desperate Gods. But the world didn't end - although it came close a few times. Centuries have slipped by and there hasn't been much need for Benjamin’s skills as a warlock, but at least he's had his magic, Ambrosius, for company. They've done their best to keep the realm safe, but everything changes one Halloween in Oxford when Benjamin meets April, a vampire hunter who isn't quite what she seems. As the universe begins to unravel and the Gods seek to ensure their continued freedom, Benjamin must confront conflicts of morality and his own inner demons to find the truth and save his realm. Rooted in the Arthurian legends and Norse mythology, Somewhere Out There is an enthralling exploration of betrayals, identity, tangled relationships, LGBTQ+ themes, loss and love. With a dash of horror and humour, this adult urban fantasy is as much a psychological journey as a supernatural adventure set in an ever-changing, magic-soaked world.

The Lost Erwain

The Lost Erwain by Mariah Stillbrook

Embark on an enchanting journey with Makayla Wood, a 17-year-old prodigy destined for greatness in the human world. Makayla's life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers her true identity—a rare and magical being with the power to change destinies. Faced with the challenge of embracing her heritage, Makayla delves into the whimsical realm of Garlandia, where she must battle the darkness that threatens her homeland. As Makayla navigates her newfound powers and confronts the mysteries of Garlandia, she discovers an unlikely ally in Toby, the heir to the elven throne. Their forbidden connection, shrouded in intrigue and danger, adds a layer of complexity to Makayla's quest for justice. Unraveling the secrets of her past, Makayla confronts a malevolent force seeking dark magic at the cost of innocent lives. In a riveting blend of fantasy and self-discovery, Makayla's journey transcends worlds, weaving a tale of love, courage, and the pursuit of justice. Will she overcome the challenges of her magical heritage and return to her ordinary life, or will Makayla choose to embrace her destiny and confront the ancient prophecy foretelling her extraordinary future?

Heart of Vanris

Heart of Vanris by Nikki McCormack

Kasiel and his unit have made a name for themselves. Enough of one that they are now being sent to the northern capital to be paraded before the people as heroes and to escort the khevarin’s daughter back south with them. It is a mission that should give them all a much-needed break from fighting and allow Kasiel time to recover from his injuries. What starts as a simple assignment becomes more complicated when the khevarin’s strong-willed daughter decides Kasiel and his unit will continue serving as her personal guards. With the war ongoing and rumors of possible political alliances in the air, protecting her may prove far more dangerous and disruptive than they imagined. Still new to life as a soldier, Kasiel is unprepared for the complex matters of royalty and politics, especially while still learning to navigate the ever-complicated challenges of leadership and love.

Blood of Vanris

Blood of Vanris by Nikki McCormack

Kasiel’s healing injuries still trouble him, almost as much as the memories of what he did at the Hall in Katovan. Though he trains to become a better fighter and mind-crafter, a deeper understanding of the roles he is expected to fill makes it harder for him to come to terms with his place in Vanrian society. Then the southern kingdoms emerge with a new weapon for fighting Vanrian mind-crafters. One that could change the course of the war. The situation leads to Kasiel being required to take a more active role in the conflict sooner than planned. With his country’s growing need of mind-crafters like him, Kasiel learns what it really means to be at war, and what it feels like to lose. He is about to discover how far he’s willing to go to protect the ones he loves.


Superficial by Diane Billas

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Lea and Jake as they navigate the unexpected twists and turns at the biggest superhero fan convention of the year. When Lea finds herself trapped in an elevator during the event with superstar Jake, also known as The Amazing Boy, they realize something sinister is afoot. With everyone at the convention frozen, including Lea’s friends, Lea and Jake must team up to unravel the mystery behind the villainous acts plaguing Philadelphia. As they race against time, Lea grapples with whom to trust, while Jake uncovers startling truths about his own identity. A pulse-pounding journey filled with friendship, betrayal, and the ultimate quest for justice, will Lea and Jake save the day, or will supervillains prevail? Dive into this gripping tale that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

A Third Kind of Madness

A Third Kind of Madness by Christiane Knight

When Denny isn’t working as a photographer, they spend their time at the local coffee shop mooning over one of the regulars, the mysterious and beautiful Peri. No one’s more surprised than Denny when she asks them out on a date. What happens that night throws the couple into a world where nothing is as it appears and everyone wants to get their hands on Peri and her powers to inspire artists – especially Joolie, the controlling and egotistical leader of Denny’s art collective. If that wasn’t enough, the powerful, capricious water elementals known as Nyxen have inexplicably taken an interest in Denny. They warn that Peri’s gifts bring nothing but trouble to those around her. It’s hard to argue with them when the magic starts to go wrong; paintings greedily come alive with grasping tentacles, an obsessed ex-lover returns to threaten the couple, and Denny begins to wonder if their grip on reality is beginning to slip…


Leech by Gabriel Ryves

Who are you feeding? New York, 1899: Working class nobody Jasper is whisked away to a castle in the mountains by his wealthy lover Leo. It’s supposed to be a romantic escape, even if Jasper is officially here as a servant. But his dreams are soon dashed as he’s worked to the bone and demeaned by Leo’s callous, conservative family. Trapped in the isolated castle, with even his lover against him, Jasper sees no choice but to accept this rotten treatment. That is, until he makes an unlikely friend: the man in the walls. Chained in a hidden room, the man won’t say who imprisoned him or why. He demands to be kept a secret, and for Jasper to bring him a steady supply of his favorite meal: leeches. Bizarre, but it becomes easier to swallow when the man promises great rewards for Jasper’s help: money, power, revenge. Jasper doesn’t see anything wrong with taking the deal. He believes his hard times will soon be over—until he’s forced to confront the monster he’s been feeding.

How to start a demonic cult and get away with it

How to start a demonic cult and get away with it by Devi Letalis

In the gloomy alleyways of an unknown city where supernatural beings cast their shadows, Dante, a mercenary with a mysterious past and a soul touched by darkness, embarks on a dangerous mission. He is tasked with investigating the sudden disappearance of young women and the disturbing rise of the undead in the city. Accompanied by the charming vampire Lariza, whose words are sharper than her fangs, he must confront a bizarre conspiracy that will be a challenge even for their extraordinary powers to unravel. Everything points to the workings of a mysterious cult that is pulling the strings of the city and spinning its sinister plans in the shadows. But as Dante and Lariza follow the twisted paths of the investigation, they come across an even greater treat: a mysterious figure who seems to know more about Lariza than they would have liked. With each step, the between reality and nightmare blurrs, and Dante and Lariza must confront a web of schemes, betrayal and forbidden sorcery. In "How to start a demonic cult and get away with it", the boundaries between right and wrong are put to the test. Can the odd duo once again avert impending disaster and put an end to the machinations of the demonic cult, or will they themselves be devoured by its dark powers?

The Regrets I Have are Not the Ones I Say

The Regrets I Have are Not the Ones I Say by Or M. Bialik

Aviana Aquila does not have much, but she does have structure. No home but whatever she is currently assigned to, no family, and the closest to a relationship she has is a not very clandestine affair with her emotionally inhibited commanding officer, with whom she dreams to run away. As an Imperial soldier, ever on deployment, she knows she may die at any moment. As a commander, she knows she will need to order people to their deaths. After years on years, she is dull to all of that, existing to exist. But when an Alliance Admiral comes aboard on what was just supposed to be a routine mission, her structured semblance of a life is completely overturned. The Admiral is not a normal being, and possibly insane. Yet her presence may save Aviana in more ways than one and make her rediscover the woman she loves.

Battle Calm

Battle Calm by W.D. Kilpack III

When Badger succeeded his father, Red Skin, as Keeper Base Leader, he was well prepared, raised to handle anything the enemy threw at him. He was the best killer and the most respected tactician. He knew Red Skin’s Laws like he wrote them himself. Most importantly, he was always calm, no matter how frenzied the combat. These were only some of the reasons why he still had all his original parts. Trinity would die for him. Korry would follow him without question. They were Keepers. They fought, they killed, they lived to kill another day, even when it meant bugging out to another Base ... and another. That was life when life was war. They knew nothing else. But even war cannot last forever, regardless of the infallible truth of Red Skin’s Law #35: “Under conditions of peace, men attack themselves; thus, there never has been, and there never will be a time without war. It is the greatest, most perfect thing men can do.”


Upscaled by Joseph John Lee

It begins and ends, as things do, with a girl throwing a birthday party for a dragon. Or it would, if things were ever that simple. Generations ago, the Inquisition of the Priory of the Thrice-Dead Prophet decided that dragons were a great evil and it was their duty to banish them from the land of Nóra. The dragons weren't (they just grew tired of the bother and migrated north), and the Inquisition didn't (they just pretended otherwise), but that's beside the point. Though evidence of dragons still existed, it remained within the realm of smugglers, ne'er-do-wells, and people with too much time and money on their hands . . . until a hatching egg finds its way into the hands of a young girl named Ailís. Now, with the first newborn dragon seen in generations in her company, Ailís finds herself beset by merchants, brigands, Inquisitors, and a greedy governor, and all she wants to do is throw a birthday party for her dragon. And you thought planning a party for your kids was tough.

The Legion of the Lost

The Legion of the Lost by Joseph John Lee

All gods bleed. All gods die. Even those of our own making. The flames of war have left a scar through the Heart of the Land, and its once-pristine landscapes have been stained with divine blood. After a battle that has cast a shadow larger than anything the Tribes have ever seen, who memory permits to endure shall be determined by the hand to pen the tale, and for whom it may be penned: For Kamataa, who continues her centuries-long search for revenge, regardless of the cost. For Tez, who must find her place after being stripped of her greatest talent. For Aritz, who will stop at nothing to complete his conquest, and at any means necessary. And for Sen, who must rise above her gravest mistakes to carve a path for her people. But whether for friend or foe, memory shall ever remain a fickle thing, but it shall not forget the Harvests . . . and the legion who survived them.

A Witch in Isenshire

A Witch in Isenshire by Azalea Forrest

A Witch in Isenshire is a bold cup of coffee made with determination, personal growth, and adventure. Magnolia Hanna never thought she’d forgive Basil Olivander, the witch who inadvertently upended so many lives in Lightview. Yet four months after their battle, Basil’s learning to deal with his heartache and make amends. He’s become Maggie’s roommate, her technomancy teacher, and—just maybe—her friend. Now, they’re packing for a trip to visit Maggie’s family in the hidden hamlet of Emelle. Maggie and Basil face their grief together, finding closure at her late uncle’s grave and comfort among her friends and family. If it were up to her, she would stay for a fortnight, but their trip is cut short at the behest of Lightview’s mayor, who sends the two witches on an adventure of a lifetime—to the advanced city of Isenshire, the birthplace of the automaton. To Maggie’s dismay, Isenshire’s witches can only use magic with a permit, and their jobs have been reduced to fortune telling and parlor tricks. Magnolia’s fear of her skills being replaced by tech is reignited tenfold. Are the witches in Isenshire truly happy, or are they complacent to the powers that be? Magnolia’s only wish is to make magic relevant again, but she soon finds that the power of the automaton is too awesome to ignore. Book Two in The Witch of Emelle Series

Euphrates Vanished

Euphrates Vanished by Leon Stevens

“This is not a drill!” He wakes up to the sound of his alarm and the announcement blaring. Looking around the room, he realizes he is a member of a starship crew. There’s only one he doesn’t remember who he is or how he got there. With no time to think, he finds his way to the bridge, while being careful not to call attention to his predicament. The first problem is piecing together the puzzle of his missing memories to reveal his knowledge, rank, and friendships. Another problem is being stranded on an alien planet during his first away mission. Mysteries abound in this new science fiction adventure by Leon Stevens


Pluralities by Avi Silver

"Wait—rewind. I was still a girl back then, before the universes converged." Guided by premonitions and a fateful car ride, a burned-out retail worker stumbles into the grand exit from womanhood. Meanwhile, in a galaxy not so far away, an alien prince goes rogue with his sentient spaceship, seeking purpose in the great glimmering void. As the two of them come together in a fusion of body and mind, they must reckon with their assigned identities. Tender, witty, and daring, Pluralities is a slipstream-meets-space-adventure story honoring the long and turbulent journey into gender euphoria.

Someone Else's Shoes

Someone Else's Shoes by Aldrea Alien

Stepping out in borrowed shoes has never been so dangerous. Stripped of her inheritance as a child by a greedy stepmother, Alla’s future hovers between drudgery and slavery. Having spent years toiling in the mansion that was once her happy home, tending to her stepmother’s every whim, she has long since put aside any thoughts of a better future. When a chance encounter in the marketplace leaves her with an invitation to the upcoming ball, her only opportunity to play out an old dream of seeing inside the palace walls is by being someone she’s not. A farce that could see her executed or sold. But will she be able to maintain the illusion once she meets Princess Viktoriya?

Zero Marginal Value

Zero Marginal Value by Jason Cole

In a world, in the not too distant future, news is streamed through smart contact lenses. Liam Baron is a corporate spy managing debt and family obligations in his own unique way. Together with his partner, Keema, they can slip in, copy what they need and disappear without anyone knowing they were there. But when his sister contracts an emerging disease his next job is personal. He must risk everything to steal the treatment she helped develop. Liam must take on a ruthless pharmaceutical company to save his family and millions of others. He must decide who to trust as he races against the clock. In a society under heavily surveillance can Liam maintain his cover?

For Your Benefit

For Your Benefit by Patrick Canning

Teddy Lint is the kindest private investigator on the planet, committed to seeing the best in everyone he meets. The detective agency he runs with his brother Ralph out of a Los Angeles strip mall has seen a strange case or two before, but never anything like this. A man claiming to work for the CIA hires the Lints to find a shipping container of radioactive Agent Orange that vanished over fifty years ago. He insists someone is planning on using an army of drones to drench L.A. with the deadly chemicals before the week is out. The Lint Brothers enter a maze of bizarre suspects, from nefarious ad executives, to anarchistic Boy Scouts, to a toga-clad militia fighting for exclusive rule by women. The propaganda-obsessed society that seems to be running the world is probably worth looking into as well. The power of empathy collides with the dangers of disinformation as Teddy fights to save the people he loves. Our beloved detective doesn't give up easily, but any Angelenos with an aversion to death by herbicide might want to dust off that umbrella, just in case…

Wedding Dragon

Wedding Dragon by Liv Rider

Bringing a fake boyfriend to his sister's wedding seems like a great idea. Until he meets one of the groomsmen. His sister's wedding raises a lot of issues Shaun doesn't want to deal with. The worrying thought that his life is going nowhere. Two adventurous, ring-bearing cats. Bridesmaids from his old hometown who love bringing up his past mistakes and are still convinced he's a car thief. Desperate to get people off his back, he asks his straight roommate to pose as his boyfriend. Telling a few lies to impress people is fine, right? What could go wrong? The one thing he hasn't counted on: a distractingly sexy groomsman who can't stand liars and is a powerful dragon shifter. Mitchell never expected his fated mate to have a boyfriend. Mitchell thought meeting his fated mate would be the best day of his life, but meeting Shaun's boyfriend makes it the worst. How can he focus on his brother's wedding now? As he spends more time around Shaun, he realizes his mate has more problems than just bridesmaids spreading rumors. Resisting the urge to go after Shaun is the hardest thing he's ever had to do. Especially since his mate is irresistible. After a disastrous moonlit kiss, Shaun and Mitchell are determined to stay away from each other. But when the bridesmaids threaten to expose Shaun's lies, he has a choice: Run away from his past, or ask for help from the one man he wants to have a future with. Wedding Dragon is a m/m paranormal dragon shifter/human romance with a HEA and no cliffhangers. It is the third book in the Lewiston Dragons series, following Protector Dragon and Halloween Dragon. All books can be read separately.

The Genesis of Change

The Genesis of Change by Livia J. Elliot

Élan; the chaos-tamer, the record-breaker. Verve; the one behind the rise and fall of thousands of civilisations. Two alchemists, each sent on a mission by the leader of The Orders—The Rector. Élan must shatter their mentee’s humanity to train her as an alchemist, while Verve must define the unexplainable existing within a respected healer. When their missions reveal clues that could reformulate alchemy, they’ll edge closer to fathom The Rector’s goal while facing an endless conundrum—to remain as is, or to learn and adapt. The genesis of change is near.

Dark Summoning

Dark Summoning by James Anderson Foster

When an ancient cult’s dark ritual threatens to unleash a primordial goddess, Special Agent Morgan Thorne and his team must race against time to stop them. In “Dark Summoning,” Morgan Thorne, a battle-hardened investigator for the Department of Anomalous Affairs, is thrust into a deadly game against The Night’s Embrace, a sinister cult intent on bringing the primordial goddess Nyx into the modern world. With his team by his side—brilliant occult analyst Dr. Evelyn Blackwood, rugged cryptid expert Jackson Reynolds, and the enigmatic yet troubled Lucas Reed—Morgan must uncover the cult’s secrets. As the stakes rise and the lines between ally and enemy blur, Morgan discovers that Lucas’s past with the cult might hold the key to their victory—or their undoing. In the heart of darkness, can Morgan thwart the ritual before Nyx’s chaos consumes everything? Perfect for fans of Jim Butcher’s “The Dresden Files” and Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods,” “Dark Summoning” blends gritty urban fantasy with ancient mythology, delivering a pulse-pounding adventure you won’t be able to put down.

Atlantis Land of Dreams

Atlantis Land of Dreams by Edale Lane

A handful of heroes; an impending cataclysm. Can Ariel and her friends save the world as they know it? Communicating with plants and animals has become a rare gift, one Ariel cherishes. She loves her farm and her family, especially her three-hundred-year-old oma. As she grapples to preserve her connection with the spirit world, she realizes something is dreadfully wrong. Lysandra, a gifted healer, lives in the most splendid city in the world, overflowing with culture and prosperity. Despite her meaningful career, she misses the love of her youth whom she left behind. Now something is causing more illnesses and deaths at increasingly younger ages than typical for Atlantans. When both Ariel and Lysandra are called to the Ring of Stones for a meeting of scholars, masters, and gifted individuals, they reunite for the first time in thirty years. Pushing personal feelings aside, they must focus on discovering what’s wrong with their world and help fix it. Making a startling discovery, Ariel brings an ominous report to the council. Can the sharpest minds and most compassionate hearts of Atlantis create a plan to save their civilization, or is it doomed to be obliterated from the face of the earth forever? Captivating storyteller Edale Lane brings you an epic historical fantasy warmed with a second-chance sapphic romance. Atlantis, Land of Dreams, will transport you to a world of wonder and imagination, where myths of the past come to life and inspire a brighter vision for our future. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery and marvel at the beauty and magic of this legendary place that has captured the hearts and minds of generations.

The Knight

The Knight by Will Wight

“As the Knight of The Last Horizon, I challenge you.” The Last Horizon has already sown new legends across the galaxy, tales of monsters defeated and worlds saved. For better and for worse, their reputation is spreading. Their enemies have taken notice. On Karosha, the Perfected gather fleets crewed by inhumanly flawless soldiers. In the Galactic Union, the secretive organization known as Solstice pulls strings in the shadows. And in the depths of Dark Space, after years of silence, the ravenous D’Niss begin to stir. Raion Raithe, Knight of The Last Horizon, sees these threats as a chance to redeem himself. He will stand against the danger, and he will stand strong, no matter what it costs. His friends are counting on him. The Knight is Book Three of a planned six-book series.

Eye of the Ouroboros

Eye of the Ouroboros by Megan Bontrager

The woods surrounding the insular town of Mill Creek, West Virginia, have a habit of taking people and refusing to give them back. The National Parks Service Search and Rescue Team knows this, just like they know when you find a door in the woods, you don’t go through it. But park ranger Theo Buchanan has a knack for sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Determined to find the truth behind her sister Flora’s strange disappearance, she boldly steps through one such door, catching the attention of the Federal Bureau of Reality. She quickly learns how far they are willing to go to keep their secrets locked tight, even if it means silencing those who stumble upon them permanently. Together with her journalist ex-girlfriend, a fellow ranger, a conspiracy theorist, and a rogue member of the Bureau’s Requisitions Department, Theo must brave the horrors of the Infinite Corridor and its web of connected realities to find Flora…before the Bureau does.

Merchants of Milan

Merchants of Milan by Edale Lane

Three powerful merchants, two independent women in love, one masked vigilante. Florentina, set on revenge for her father’s murder, creates an alter-ego known as the Night Flyer. Madelena, whose husband was also murdered, hires Florentina as a tutor for her children and love blossoms between them. However, Florentina’s vendetta is fraught with danger, and surprising developments threaten both women’s lives. ˃˃˃ "The Night Flyer character is kick-butt glorious!" Merchants of Milan is the first book in Edale Lane’s Night Flyer Trilogy, a tale of power, passion, and payback in Renaissance Italy. If you like gadgets and gismos, rich historical background, three-dimensional characters, and fast-paced action with a slow-boil lesbian romance, then you are sure to love this series.

War and Solace

War and Solace by Edale Lane

2023 Lesfic Bard Award winner for Historical Fiction A battle-hardened shieldmaiden. A pacifist healer. Can the two find love amid the chaos of war? Tyrdis is a stalwart warrior raised to value honor, courage, and military prowess. When a traumatic injury renders the powerful protector helpless, she depends on the lovely, tender-hearted Adelle to restore her from the brink of death. Is it merely gratitude or true love that draws Tyrdis to the healer? Defying cultural norms, Adelle despises violence and those who propagate it, but when her shieldmaiden patient saves the life of her beloved little girl, she must reexamine her values. Could Tyrdis be more than a stiff, efficient killer with an amazing body? In a kingdom steeped in conflict with their neighbors and internal strife, shocking secrets are revealed, and both women strive to ensure justice prevails. Can they overcome their differences to safeguard their friends, end the war, and fall in love, or will fate prove to be a cruel sovereign? This Sapphic Viking Historical nursed-back-to-health, opposites-attract Romance is packed with action, intrigue, and mythical references. If you enjoy rich storytelling that brings the past to life, vivid characters you won’t forget, and a surprise twist on the way to a HEA ending, then you’ll love War and Solace.

Legacy of the Valiant

Legacy of the Valiant by Edale Lane

All legends spring from a seed of truth. Humble Kai aspires to become more than the petite, inconsequential young woman her community sees. Persistence pays off when the village holy leaders reveal a prophecy - Kai might actualize her dream of being a hero if she completes three seemingly impossible tasks. Princess Solveig, descendant of the famous shieldmaiden Sigrid the Valiant, believes she was born to accomplish great things, but her poor eyesight, weak constitution, and lack of physical expertise hold her back. Convinced she can never realize her ambitions, Solveig settles for living vicariously through her warrior girlfriend. The appearance of a dangerous jötunn wreaking havoc in the kingdom brings the two would-be champions together. Solveig feels both threatened and skeptical when Kai arrives in her father’s great hall with a “magic” sword, claiming she’s there to save the day after more promising protectors have failed. With many lives at stake, will rivalry push Solveig and Kai apart, or will they inspire each other to realize the greatness both women desire to achieve - and to survive the coming battle? ˃˃˃ Epic Action! Gear up for action and the dramatic storytelling of Edale Lane in this hero’s journey sapphic Viking historical romance. If you like to root for an underdog, experience epic world-building, and enjoy women with swords, you’ll love Legacy of the Valiant, the second book in the Tales from Norvegr series.

Walks with Spirits

Walks with Spirits by Edale Lane

Bound by love, separated by a tragic mistake; can two Indigenous women realize their happy ending? Long ago, in an age of mysticism, Walks with Spirits, a two-spirit woman, perceives voices whispering on the wind and they empower her with the gift of calling animals. But who she truly wishes to call to her side is her childhood friend, Laughing Brook. Daughter of a shaman and an herbalist-midwife, Laughing Brook holds a prominent place in her society and bears the responsibilities it entails. She is training to be a healer like her mother, but her most compelling desire is to spend her life with Walks with Spirits. When a misunderstanding crushes their dreams of happiness, both women must learn to face the trials that await them in a land where danger lurks behind every tree and honor means more than life. Will the spirits intervene on their behalf, or are they fated never to manifest their visions of love? Walks with Spirits is a historical fantasy set in an ancient time. Packed with Native American themes, heart-touching imagery, and an epic love story, Walks with Spirits will immerse you in an inspiring view of life. ˃˃˃ Are you into history, spirituality, or a romance with a happy ending? Walks with Spirits demonstrates how one woman learns to communicate with the spirit world in a way that is just as viable today as centuries ago. It gives the reader a peek into another culture, and demonstrates how true love conquers all.

Viking Quest

Viking Quest by Edale Lane

When secrets and lies threaten the throne, can a fierce champion tame her passion in time to stop a cruel enemy’s ruthless march? Jutland, Early 11th Century. Viking Warrior Princess Lena craves revenge. Hunting a killer after her husband is brutally slain, she discovers a shadowy traitor is at play behind the scenes, working to disrupt the balance of power. But she places her need for vengeance on hold when the king falls gravely ill, and sails out along with the pretty slave she rescued to locate a fabled healer. Gunnar is loyal to the core. But when his lord orders him to sabotage the princess’s royal mission, he’s plagued by an unfamiliar sense of doubt. And after he witnesses the courageous woman and her crew save his life in a vicious storm, he’s no longer certain he’s fighting for the right side. Beset by foul weather and an uncharted island of trolls, Lena fears she’ll never avenge her husband’s death… even as her heart softens towards the lovely Celt girl she longs to embrace. And now Gunnar must decide where his fealty rests as the tides turn to war. Can Lena and Gunnar survive a bloody grab for power and find a true home for their hearts? Viking Quest is a breathtaking historical fantasy novel. If you like principled characters, battles of conscience, and tender F/F romance, then you’ll love Edale Lane’s action-packed epic.

Halidar: The Last Surveyor

Halidar: The Last Surveyor by Rob Perrier

Thrust into an unexpected odyssey, Tanner finds himself inexplicably transported from the mundane world of school year preparations to a fantastical realm shrouded in forgotten magic. Mistaken for one of a long-lost lineage of mages, he must navigate the world, master lost magic, and unravel the mysteries surrounding both his arrival and the disappearance of those who came before him. Forging an alliance with a band of nomadic players, together they will navigate danger and treachery, unearth the long-buried secrets of the vanished "Surveyors," and perhaps pave the way for the better life Tanner has longed for.

Meeting over Murder

Meeting over Murder by Edale Lane

Two women, a dead teen, and a cruel killer at large. From award-winning, best-selling author Edale Lane comes a new contemporary sapphic mystery! Jenna Ferrari is a tough-to-the-bone homicide detective with no patience for stupidity and an Italian’s penchant for displays of emotion. While she excels at catching criminals, she continues to strike out at relationships. At thirty-two, she wonders if she’ll ever find the right woman. A brilliant, creative college literature professor, Miranda McLeod is respected by her peers and loved by her students. After years of walking an ambiguous line, she wants to come out but doesn’t know how. When the two meet over the case of a murder on campus, could they have both found what they’ve been looking for, or will the unknown killer on the loose foil their chances for romance? This is the first in a series of contemporary sapphic crime-solving novellas and novels set in Roanoke, VA. (Book 6 is a Golden Crown Award Finalist for 2024.) Enjoy the sweet romance, follow the action, see if you can solve the mysteries, and discover the biggest enigma of all lies in the human heart. ˃˃˃ Love a whodunnit? You'll love it more when it's heated with a sweet sapphic romance! Meeting over Murder introduces you to characters you'll love while you test your skills against theirs to see who solves the crime first. The clues are there. Will you put them together before Detective Ferrari?

Daring Duplicity

Daring Duplicity by Edale Lane

Solving mysteries is her business. Finding love is her dream. Will combining the two get her killed? Daring Duplicity: The Wellington Mysteries, Vol. 1, Adventures of a Lesbian Victorian Detective is a collection of five sequential novellas, each encompassing its own exciting mystery while furthering the story of Stetson’s life in London. Victorian Era England. Stetson revels in being unconventional. So when society shies away from her independent nature, the bold woman creates an imaginary boss and opens her own detective agency. And her keen observational skills, convincing disguises, and Holmesian methods quickly bring in a string of tough-to-crack cases. Struggling to squeeze a personal life in around a series of hazardous investigations, Stetson worries she'll never find a woman of like passions. But with her heart set on true love despite the risk, she carries on hunting for the perfect relationship. Will her clever escapades lead to death, or delight? If you enjoy crime dramas, Victorian-era fiction, or a sweet lesbian romance, then you’ll love award-winning author Edale Lane’s Daring Duplicity. Order yours today!

Heart of Sherwood

Heart of Sherwood by Edale Lane

Winner of Rainbow Awards Best Historical Lesbian Romance, 2018-2019. What if Robin Hood was real, only the heroic outlaw had been a woman? Robyn lost everything: her home, her family, and her freedom. Branded as an outlaw by the Sheriff, she reinvents herself by joining Little John and his band in the guise of a boy, soon becoming their leader. But she misses the woman she loves, her best friend Marian. Marian is distraught over the news concerning Robyn and wishes to leave court for Nottingham to find her. Queen Eleanor sends her back as a spy to check up on Prince John, Sir Guy, and the greedy sheriff, while she tries to raise money for King Richard’s ransom. Soon Marian forges an alliance with Robyn to foil a traitorous plot, discovering her feelings run much deeper than friendship. Can Robyn win Marian’s love, help the poor of Nottingham, save the king, and defeat the sheriff, or will his merciless sword strike her down? Relive this classic tale from a new perspective in Heart of Sherwood!

Sigrid & Elyn

Sigrid & Elyn by Edale Lane

Attracted by passion, repelled by war. Can two shieldmaidens navigate battlegrounds of the sword and the heart? A Viking sapphic enemies-to-lovers action/romance Sigrid the Valiant is legendary throughout the kingdoms of Norvegr for her heroic deeds, but her love has yet to find a home. Now, racing on the heels of her father’s murder, a neighboring kingdom’s raids signal an all-out conflict. Elyn is a young shieldmaiden with a score to settle, fighting her own insecurities along with enemies who threaten her homeland, but she suspects a more menacing danger lurks on the horizon. When the two clash on opposite sides of their shield walls, sparks fly from both their swords and passions. But when they talk, the fierce women discover an antagonist’s plot has pitted their kingdoms against each other. Can Sigrid and Elyn move past their suspicions and differences to forge a binding love and foil the villain’s scheme, or will the enemy’s assassins end their search for the truth? Action, adventure, and intrigue ride together with romance in this enemies-to-lovers saga from the pre-Viking land of Norvegr. Award-winning, best-selling author Edale Lane brings history to life in this fast-paced sapphic novel.

To Be Fair

To Be Fair by Julieta Moss

In the autumn of 1997, Bogdan is a teenage Yugoslavian refugee who fled his country at just eleven to claim asylum in Italy. He does not know the fate of his family, so he mainly relies on his old school friend Alessia, whose father employs him during the summer, and her boyfriend Guido, who is also his social worker. A regular at the Caffe Fratelli where Bogdan works, James has lived in Italy for a couple of years escaping family problems after dropping out of university. He works as a cruise crew member, spending his time in between contracts sofa surfing at Guido's, who grew up in James' native Bristol. After breaking up with his lover, James goes on a path of self-destruction neglecting his health. Bogdan tries to help him, and they begin an on-off relationship with disastrous consequences. Unable to let go despite knowing that James doesn't take him seriously, Bogdan decides to travel to England with James to help him save the family business when his father becomes sick. But when the authorities come to deport Bogdan for overstaying his visitor visa, will James rise to the challenge of saving the boy who risked everything to be with him?

Gay the Pray Away

Gay the Pray Away by Natalie Naudus

Valerie Danners is in a cult. She just doesn’t know it yet. When she finds a queer book at the library and smuggles it home, her conservative Christian homeschooling world begins to crack. And when the cutest girl she’s ever met shows up to Bible class, she starts to question everything. Riley is so confident and kind, and she and Valerie bond quickly over existing as multiracial teens in a very white Christian community. As Valerie explores her feelings for Riley, she begins to see that the world she knows is a carefully crafted narrative. Publicly, the girls are close friends—holding hands in prayer, rooming together at a conference. Privately, they grasp at any chance to continue their forbidden romance—until they are found out. Now Valerie must choose between staying with a family she fears will never accept her, or running away with the girl she loves.

A Swift and Sudden Exit

A Swift and Sudden Exit by Nico Vincenty

An immortal, doomed to die. A time traveler, desperate to save her. When Zera travels back in time to 2040, she aims to investigate the geomagnetic storm that scorched the earth. Instead, she finds the beautiful Katherine, who speaks of past storms and asks with her dying breath, “Is this the first time we meet?” From WWII-era New York to early 2000s New Orleans and everywhere in between, Zera chases both storms and Katherine, thinking her immortality is the key to fixing the future. But as the immortal goes from a reluctant ally with a deadly hunter to a romantic complication, Zera wonders if the past is really set in stone, or if she can still save the world—and Katherine.

The Reason Jude Exists

The Reason Jude Exists by A Morgan

‘Amy and my love story began when my first love story ended. What you’re about to read won’t be pretty, but it is an epic tale of love, personal growth, and the things in life that both get in the way and open the door to the best relationships of our lives.’ -Jude Kendrick ~ When Jude became a widower and a single dad aged just thirty-six his life went into a tailspin. Now he tells his unique and heart-wrenching story of how he navigated the complexities of falling in love again, overshadowed by grief and reluctant fatherhood. Falling in love in your late thirties presents many challenges, not least because very few people get to this age without excess relationship baggage. Jude has more than his fair share with his dead wife and overflowing black book. Amy on the other hand, hasn't had children yet, and with the clock ticking, Jude is far from the right man for her to get involved with despite his overwhelming belief that he is. Their story takes place in middle-class England where success is measured by impressive careers, beautiful homes, and fancy cars; yet everyone is failing miserably where it truly at being happy. With his heart on his sleeve and his ego in check, Jude takes a chance at happiness with Amy in the face of the external forces threatening to keep their love tantalisingly out of reach.


Carnelian by Jules Devito

Millennials Killed the Killing Industry When Jesse Westchurch finds out he’s dying, the last thing he expects is his old college roommate, Lucy Callahan, to climb through the second-story window of his quaint Long Island house and turn him into a vampire. Millennial vampires are killing the killing industry by refusing to sacrifice humans, so Jesse doesn’t even have to drink blood. The ancient vampire government, Carnelian, offers distilled blood pills. But they come at a price: you work for them, you get your supply of pills. Sure, sometimes the work is dangerous, but they are sparing innocent lives. The truth comes to light when Jesse figures out that Lucy and his sister, Ciceline, are Carnelian’s most skilled assassins, forced to pay off a century of debt for their blood pills. When their latest hit on a murderous politician puts Jesse and his doting sister, Stella, in danger, their only refuge is an underground “blood club” run by Lucy’s found family, a group of hardcore Gen X vampires. Jesse has to find a way to expose Carnelian’s darkest secrets and obtain the pills they need to survive, or lose the family (both by blood and by choice) he has just finished putting back together.

Merely Mortal

Merely Mortal by Michelle M. Pillow

A gripping new first-person POV urban fantasy romance series by NY Times and USA Today bestselling author, Michelle M. Pillow. All I want is a simple, normal life. Unfortunately, normalcy is a luxury I can’t afford as a lowly human born into a powerful supernatural family embroiled in magic. They’ve always been quick to remind me that I have an expiration date. Imagine everyone’s surprise when it’s me standing above their graves, not the other way around. The fire that took their lives wasn’t my fault, yet everyone is blaming me, especially the vampires. Now I have a target on my back and a bounty on my head. Without the protection of my family, I’m caught up in a tangled web of supernatural dynasties and arcane power struggles. So when a handsome stranger and his young daughter take pity on me and offer me a ride, I don’t say no. It’s a mistake. One I hope doesn’t cost us all our lives. Sometimes, being merely mortal really sucks.

Hunting Nightmares

Hunting Nightmares by Liv Macy

Arnica’s the best Nightmare Killer there is because she only cares about one thing: winning. Every Nightmare that comes along she dispatches with ease and leaves the humans with their golden souls to their merry do-gooding. Every smudge. Every shadow. Every terror. She’s never had to go back and save the same soul twice. Life is just the way she likes it. Until Blaze comes along and screws up her routine. What’s with this dude, anyway? Why are the Nightmares coming after him so many times? Whatever. She’ll just keep kicking ass and saving his soul. Especially ’cause he’s easy on the eyes. Hot body, blond hair. Eyes that shift like the weather. But when the screams of other souls disappear from her head…maybe she’s lost her touch. Oh, hell no. It’s his fault she can’t save them anymore—it’s got to be. And when the opportunity arises to get the recipe for a potion that could save every person—there’s no way she can turn it down. Even if it means completing a marriage ritual with the thorn in her side: Blaze.

Resetting Destiny

Resetting Destiny by Liv Macy

Delaney is content–if not happy–living a half-life, until someone tries to assassinate her. When Delaney is rescued by a handsome stranger, Drew seems to be her savior—until she wakes up in his house where he has her daughter and knows far too much about her. The strange sensations she experiences when he’s near might be a warning…maybe he’s the real danger. Fear and anger mix with passion and soon Delaney’s not sure what’s real. Drew doesn’t know how to tell Delaney that she’s his soulmate. He can’t just dump their past on her and expect her to believe him. Not when she doesn’t remember anything about him or the things she’s capable of—but they’re running out of time. Hunters are after her and damned if he’s going to sit idly by and let them capture her. Delaney and Drew work together to help her regain her memories and her ability to control destiny. When sparks fly between them love might conquer all–or it might cause her to end the world.

Fleet Champions

Fleet Champions by Rob J Hayes

Basic Survival of the Strongest. After surviving the Spire and opening their Second Gates, Iro and Emil are named Heroes of the Fleet, their faces on posters across every ship. But with the benefits of notoriety, comes a dangerous new responsibility. The Raider Fleet, not content with stealing their food and murdering their people, demand ownership of the wing. To avoid an unwinnable war, the Home Fleet agree to a grand martial tournament, Hopper against Raider, and both Iro and Emil must compete. Can they fight their way through the competition to claim the title of Fleet Champion? And why are the Black Cloaks so eager to see who wins? A progression sci-fantasy perfect for fans of Cradle and Iron Prince.

Becoming Justice

Becoming Justice by Liv Macy

Cassie Beckson’s buried her family. Now, she’ll bury whoever is responsible. Cassie’s always been a fighter, but nothing could prepare her for the night her family was taken from her. The police say it was an overdose, but Cassie knows the truth. It was murder—and she’s determined to make the killer pay. Desperate for answers, Cassie lands a job as a bartender at the exclusive club her brother frequented. But what she finds there is beyond her wildest imagination—a secret society of powerful individuals bound by magic and darkness. And at the center of it all is the club’s hot owner, Dexter Marin. Despite her suspicions, Cassie finds herself drawn to Dex, and their connection is more than just physical. Bound by a magical contract to protect her, he’s willing to risk everything to keep her safe. But as Cassie delves deeper into the club’s secret, she realizes that even Dex might have something to hide. With vengeance in her heart and justice on her mind, Cassie will stop at nothing to find the killer. When she uncovers a plot to expose Dex and his abilities to the world, she’s forced to make a choice—continue down the path of revenge, or stand by Dex’s side and fight for their love and their lives.

A Dragon of the Veil

A Dragon of the Veil by Nick Snape

With the realm falling apart, the fate of a people falls upon Laoch and Sura’s shoulders and the Gods’ weapons they now bear ‒ a thousand years of faith and lies reconciled in a single moment of hope and redemption. For Laoch, the Crusades never ended, yet the embittered Ranger finds hope in his love for the dishonoured elven warrior, Sura. Together, they must face a new conflict when a powerful enemy crashes into a Meister’s alchemical experiment, setting off a wave of fear that ripples through the realm. With the secrets of the Gods’ scripture exposed and whispers of an ancient evil’s return, Laoch and Sura are left reeling by the power their enemy wields when an even larger threat rises from the forest depths. One even the Gods’ weapons fear. In a world no longer devoid of magic, a thousand years of secrets and lies spill out, and cracks form in the last bastion against an ancient foe. For cast in iron and spiritfire - here be dragons. “…artfully mixes elements of arcanepunk and high fantasy … this is a riveting start to a new fantasy series from an undeniably skilled storyteller” ★★★★★ SPR editorial review

The Scorching: Just Press Play

The Scorching: Just Press Play by Nick Snape

On a devastated Earth sea-cop, joker and vlogger Joshua Nkosi, and his modded octopus MARC unit, have an easy life with three dust free meals a day and all the oxygen rich air you can breathe. When anti-alien terrorists threaten the accord with the Drathken to heal the planet, they leave the good life behind to chase them into the Burnout Zone. With the hunt taking a devastating twist, they come face to face with humanity's stark future, and as the jokes fly, Nkosi is forced on a dark path of discovery. “…staggeringly original and timely release from a masterful voice in modern sci-fi.” SPR Review

The Wrong Stop

The Wrong Stop by Rex Burke

Ready for an adventure that’s out of this world? Hutch has it all planned. College is out – backpacks ready for a summer train trip around the famous sights of Europe. Sure, it means matching party animal, Sully, drink for drink, and dealing with conspiracy nut, Jed, who’s along for the ride. But it’s nothing that Hutch can’t handle – until they meet a mysterious stranger on the way to Berlin. Faced with an extraordinary truth, they are drawn into a life-changing adventure – one that will have repercussions down the years. Off the rails and on the run, they’re pursued from city to city by shadowy forces. In the end, there’s only one place left for them to go. And one chance to escape. But as ancient secrets are uncovered, the next journey might just be a trip too far. The Wrong Stop is ‘Starman’ meets ‘Paul’ in an irreverent, fast-paced SciFi caper that will keep you guessing until the end.

Spark Of Magic

Spark Of Magic by Hailey Gonzales

Gryphons And Grimoires

My name’s Gwen and apparently, I’m a witch. But there’s a catch. The coven I stumbled into says I have to win my spot. Even worse, I’m up against the handsome but broody son of two powerful mages—Zane Casimir. If I lose, my memory will be erased. This world is more dangerous than I imagined. The magic council hates me for my weak magic. The fae queen prides herself on tormenting me. And my competitors are all too eager to beat me down. To top it off, a grinning demon’s begun haunting my dreams. I should back away. Magic isn’t nice. It’s deadly. But even so, it’s all I’ve ever wanted. And I’ll be damned if I let this opportunity slip through my fingertips. I’ll survive this semester and win. I don’t care what I have to do. Spark of Magic is the first book in the Gray Stone Witches six-book series. This high-stakes and fast-paced series is packed with magical creatures, found family, complex characters, and a slow burn romance!

Silence is Silver

Silence is Silver by Andrew Watson

The Urdahl believe pain is inevitable. But if one can lean into that suffering they can achieve anything. Beneath the desert sands, Bas has spent his entire life training to become a fully-fledged Urdahl. And now his time has come to prove his worth. First, he must drink from the Seeing Bowl to clear his clouded mind and witness visions bestowed to him by ancient deities. Next, he must prove strength of body with the Passage of the High Pass. But destiny is shrouded in red and strength of arm will not be enough to survive its true tests. Will he ascend to a full Urdahl or will his visions of blood come to pass? The turning season has begun. Taking place before the events of the Shadowbinders trilogy, “Silence is Silver” is a novella for both old and new readers.

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