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DragonSword by Raina Nightingale ✓ author, ✓ book blogger

When the Obsidian Guardian rises and the Dragon-sword shines again, so will hope to defeat the Nightmare… Dragonrider Noren has narrowly escaped being burned at the stake. Reunited at last, he and Silmavalien flee northwards. Joined by Onyxalis, a black dragon who believes himself to be the destined Avenger of the Dragons, they must battle their way through the hordes of the Nightmare Lord to the Volcano of Ellen Island. There Onyxalis may receive the power he needs as the Obsidian Guardian, and there the re-forging of the Dragon-sword will be begun. With the Gift of the Volcano, they will finally have the power to fight the battle before them and even the mightiest of the Nightmare Legion.

DragonWing by Raina Nightingale ✓ author, ✓ book blogger

An age-old war is renewed. The destiny of two Dragonriders and the race of dragons hangs in the balance… Silmavalien thinks she has found a safe haven. She just wants to raise her dragons and learn how to ride them in peace, but a war is being waged around her and over her, one which will determine not only her fate but that of the dragons, whether she accepts her part in it or not. On the other side of the mountains, Noren’s dragon has hatched. He determines to find Silmavalien and her dragon, but that is easier said than done, especially in a society where to be found with a dragon is a death sentence. Moreover, he soon discovers that there are other, darker foes who threaten him and his darling Elninya.

Children of the Dryads by Raina Nightingale ✓ author, ✓ book blogger

When her human father, Eldor, a member of an organization of elite warriors dedicated to protecting the Valor Alliance, is called on a mission she does not think he can survive, Tara-lin violates his orders and follows him… She is a half-elf, born with the long-lost ancestral magic of the elves. With her is Alis, a human girl desperate to avoid a marriage forced on her by her father, a colleague of Eldor, but terrified that gods Tara-lin does not believe exist will cast her into the netherhells for her disobedience. Ahead of them is Eldor’s terrifying destination – Nightshade Castle, haunt of madness and black magic.

The Stars Wait Not by Anne Wheeler

Ryllis Camden has a secret – she can talk to nature, and it speaks to her in return. But her gift is forbidden by the Vilarian Star Realm who controls her planet, and the penalty is death. When she’s falsely accused of treason and exiled to the Vilarian home world, hiding her power becomes even more critical. But how can she hide anything when she’s forced to toil in the home of the emperor’s youngest son? Kresten Westermark might be a prince, but long ago he shunned a life of luxury to work as a telepath in the Vilarian Imperial Flee. His job demands he treat his new prisoner as a slave and test his deteriorating telepathic powers on her, but the only thing on his mind is the growing attraction he feels toward the earnest young woman tending his gardens. As the mountain winter fades, a reluctant respect between the two becomes trust, and trust soon blossoms into affection. But when the Fleet arrives to arrest Kresten for treason, Ryllis must make an impossible decision. Save Kresten’s life – or hers.

Cursed Song by Samantha Krose

Bound by Song. Cursed by Fate Ruyne, Leader of the Dusksinger bards, travels with his band from town to town, thrilling crowds with inspiring music born from an ancient magic. He leads a charmed life with his brother, and two life-long best friends. Disaster strikes when Ruyne ignores a cryptic message from a loved one. The band’s idyllic peace is shattered by a monster from the past, and the horrifying truth behind their magic is revealed, leaving their lives in tatters and the hearts of the four men forever scarred. Scattered and broken, can they harmonize their Song in time to prevent a tragedy of apocalyptic proportions?

Yokai Calling: The Complete Series Omnibus by Erynn Lehtonen ✓ author

A haunted empire. A wicked sorcerer on the rise. Three teenagers stand between a generation of peace and the creatures of myth seeking retribution for a dark past… In the shadow of the fallen Warlock Empire, twins Hidekazu and Masanori thrive on tales of their ancestors’ wyvern-slaying, of the wars preceding Seiryuu’s first era of peace in over a thousand years. But as the Dragon Goddess’ influence wanes, her greatest enemies return. The sorcerer who kidnaps women for a sinister purpose is only the first of many to arrive. The warrior arts previously forbidden to Hidekazu and Masanori won’t be enough to stop the wyverns, dragons, and mythical spirits rising in search of retribution. Nor will working with the future empress, their adopted sister, who steers Seiryuu's future from within the palace—and from the head of the battlefield. Their enemies seek justice not only for the crimes of the Goddess and the Warlock Empire, but also for the sins of Hidekazu and Masanori’s very own clan. Secrets run in their blood. Facing the tide of war means overcoming the Warlock Empire’s grim history… and the darkness within themselves. Jump into the world of Yumihari, a land filled with spirits, dragons, monsters, and stunning characters wielding elemental magic to save their homeland. If you love epic fight scenes, mystery and political intrigue, mythology, monsters, and mayhem, all with a touch of progression fantasy, you will love the 1500+ pages of adventure in the Yokai Calling series.

Spirit of the Dragon by Erynn Lehtonen ✓ author

There is a price attached to every dream... After twins Genshu Masanori and Genshu Hidekazu witness a kidnapping at the annual Midsummer Festival, they discover the woman taken wasn’t this sorcerer’s first victim, nor will she be the last. They will break clan laws against warfare if that’s what it takes to bring the missing women home safe. They will sign their lives away to the prestigious Tsukiko Academy, regardless of the rumours about the Headmaster and the dark secrets harboured within the school grounds. They will give up the lives they know for a chance to uncover the real reason their family gave up their legacy as wyvern-slayers and swore a vow of peace. A pact with a mysterious dragon spirit, embracing their future as warriors, and servitude to the Tsukiko Academy is only the beginning. The twins have one chance to unravel the sorcerer’s sinister plan. If they can’t find him in time, the game he whispers about might be the last anyone ever plays. Jump into the world of Yumihari, a land filled with spirits, dragons, monsters, and stunning characters wielding elemental magic to save their homeland. If you love epic fight scenes, mystery and political intrigue, mythology, monsters, mayhem, and progression fantasy, you will love Spirit of the Dragon and the Yokai Calling series.

Fire Wave (Fire Wave #1) by Ana Stanojevic ✓ author

Aiyana never expected that her life would change drastically. After having a near-death experience and her company being attacked, Aiyana is shocked to wonder who would attack the work place and for what purpose. She found out that some classified chemicals had been stolen from Ihode Labs but despite the warning from the Head of the Company, Aiyana pursues her curiosity even further. She soon learns that there is an evil brewing, nestled somewhere in Earth. Wanting to stop the threat, Aiyana never expected to do something that would be out of her league.

Siren Daughter (Olympian Exiles #1) by Cassie Day

A determined siren. A journey for immortality. A bargain shaking the realms apart. Seventeen-year-old Agathe is a siren, a creature once known for their enthralling songs. But her ancestors’ exile locks her and her family deep beneath the Akri Sea. She resigns herself to an unremarkable life with only her beloved mother for company. Yet when everything she holds dear is stripped away during a bitter winter, she embarks on a deadly quest. One for the most precious gift in all the realms: immortality. Bargain upon bargain, she travels across the realms to formidable god-king Zeus and his gilded palace. In the stark corridors and fracturing court, death and loss, friendship and love wait around each turn. But when betrayal renders a bargain with Zeus fruitless, Agathe must choose: her family or herself. One last shot at bargaining with Zeus. But every bargain has a price. If you like Greek mythology, slow-burn romance, and mythological creatures, you’ll love Siren Daughter, the first book in a spellbinding fantasy trilogy.

Cleansing Rain by Holly Ash

Earth is dying and the only way to save it is to eliminate its biggest threat. All Zoe Antos wanted was to make it home from work in time for date night with her fiancé Cole Wilborn, something her research had been preventing a lot recently. After managing to get out the door on time, all hope of making it home is lost when she is kidnapped by a man trying to steal files from her lab. Zoe is thrown into a world of conspiracy theories as her kidnappers reveal that they are trying to stop The Arrow Equilibrium, a powerful eco-terrorism group Zoe has never heard of, from going through with their plan to restore balance to the environment. It doesn’t sound too bad until she realizes the only way to have a shot at doing that would be to eliminate the human factor from the scales. Zoe almost starts to believe them, until it’s revealed that her kidnappers believe the Wilborn family is the behind The Arrows, something she knows can’t be true. Once rescued, Zoe starts to notice irregularities with her future father-in-law that makes her question if her kidnappers might have been right. Zoe must decide who to trust, her fiancé’s family or her kidnappers. Her life, and the fate of humanity, could depend on her making the right choice.

The Alchemist: Awakening by L.A. Wasielewski ✓ author

Insurmountable Odds. As the world is plunged into chaos, Destiny’s champion has been thrust onto the battlefield between life and death, and whether he survives is not necessarily for him to decide. With friends missing, relationships in jeopardy, and the existence of life across the empires in danger of being extinguished, will good triumph? Or will darkness befall the lands, dooming the remaining citizens to walk the fields of death until they can no longer fight? Foes are not what they seem as the spirits of time try desperately to hold on until their savior appears. As the end draws near, hope is waning. Death. Life. Love. Loyalty. Boundless time. The thrilling conclusion to The Alchemist Trilogy

The Alchemist: Dark Horizon by L.A. Wasielewski ✓ author

Impending war. Lives have been lost, and the blood of the people flows fresh across the Vrelin Empire. Beaten, and without the person who means the most at his side, Ryris Bren's life has been tossed into a tailspin. He is now faced with a weighty decision that will ultimately decide not only the fate of the world, but the fate of the one he loves beyond all reason. Will he be able to summon the strength to revolt against the evil scourge and take back what has been stolen from mankind? From him? With new friends, and wielding impressive new magic, he quickly realizes he is so much more than just a simple alchemist. He will not give up. He cannot fail. The time to sit back and watch has passed, for Ryris’ destiny has given him no choice but to answer the call.For himself. For the world. For love. Book Two of the Alchemist Trilogy

The Alchemist: Dawn of Destiny by L.A. Wasielewski ✓ author

Ryris Bren is a talented alchemist with a secret: forbidden magical power. After making his way to the capital city to open a new shop, he goes on a routine harvest trip and soon discovers his life will never be the same. Destiny, it seems, had her eyes set on him—even before his birth. He stumbles across a specter from the past, one who will turn his life upside-down and force him to face demons he never thought possible. With war now on the horizon, an evil necromancer and his new pawn threaten to transcend time to wreak the havoc he was denied on an ancient battlefield—and Ryris needs to decide if secrets are best kept…or utilized to his advantage. Book One of the Alchemist Trilogy

Veles by P. J. Marie ✓ author

I was the land. I was the air. I was the sea. I was all of it – everywhere – and as I inhaled then let the tormented sorrow screech from my lungs, the world buckled and broke beneath my feet. I was burning alive… And the world would burn with me. A century after the Great Destruction that devastated civilization, Mizuki Altherr lives within a small village struggling to survive beneath the shadow of a great mountain. The Elders teach that it is home to Veles, god of the earth, who keeps them safe – but demands penance for humanity’s past indiscretions. It’s a Gifting year… The previous sacrifice tore Mizuki’s family apart and forever changed her world. Now she must face the terrible tradition again as her closest friend, Aiden, and his family are chosen to provide the next offering. In a desperate bid to end the cycle of violence and defy the Elders’ iron rule, Mizuki and Aiden set forth on a daring journey into the Wild – where together they discover a secret that shatters their understanding of the village and reveals the truth behind the horrors that left the world in ruin.

Ishraat's Interrupted Wedding Night by Bob Young ✓ author

Ishraat Sarabhai has become the CEO of a chemical assay company spun off by her alma mater Chemistry Department. Her company is enlisted in discovering how a group of elementary aged school girls ended up poisoned. Unfortunately, before Ishraat can get started one of the girls dies. By the time she figures things out, two are dead. Ishraat gives the authorities the info to pick up the killer and flies off to Mumbai for her destination wedding. The killer eludes the police and checks into Ishraat's hotel in India.

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