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A Trick of the Shade

A Trick of the Shade by Stephanie Caye

You can’t put ‘Just saved the world (you’re welcome)’ on a resume. Ask me how I know. -- Jude’s drifting in Montreal, low on both funds and purpose. Eking out a normal life is surprisingly difficult for someone whose strongest marketable skill is her ability to manipulate gravity. Who knew landing a steady job would be a bigger challenge than hunting supernatural creatures? Then her scant few acquaintances begin turning up dead around the city, their hearts missing. All signs point to a vicious shade—a Faerie cursed to live forever in a ghoulish fate worse than death—as the culprit. But Jude’s never even heard of shades before now, so why do these killings seem designed to bait her? Racing to find the answer and stop the murders brings her to old friends, new enemies and every shifty variation in-between. While risking life and limb battling a sinister Faerie monster may not be ‘normal,’ it’s a routine Jude knows by heart. And it beats working retail.

The Flaws of Gravity

The Flaws of Gravity by Stephanie Caye


The existence of tequila is at stake. Oh, and humanity too. Jude Waldron's playing both sides of a supernatural cold war. She collects a paycheck from the Consilium for fighting against the Faerie Court while also helping her friend Aubrie search for illicit magic. But when her partner’s true scheme pits her violently against her human colleagues on his behalf, the half-Faerie renegade finds herself taking the fall—literally. With enemies everywhere, Jude’s ready to cut and run to a warm beach somewhere in the vicinity of “The Hell Away from This Mess.” Before she can flee, a shady group of Faeries traps her. To win her freedom along with safe, anonymous passage to her chosen sandy paradise, she reluctantly dives back into the fray to steal a spellbook for them—the same book Aubrie wants. Winning means facing off with vicious pixies, sirens, and even a dragon in pursuit of a prize that could merge the worlds into a chaotic nightmare, but Jude’s got her heart set on umbrella drinks—and revenge.

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