Indie Story Geek is a place where readers, authors, and book bloggers work together to share and celebrate their favorite indie books.

Share your favorite books

Have you found an indie book you love? It’s easy to list it on Indie Story Geek to spread the word! To get started, click Suggest Story and enter the title. We’ll quickly search for it in our database and show you any similar books so that if the book is already there, you can jump right to reviewing it. If we don’t find it, fill out the rest of the details and submit it. We’ll manually review it before confirming the listing publically (usually very quickly), but you can review it right away!

Review books you've read

One of the unique features of Indie Story Geek is our visual review system that is represented by the "spider web" you may have seen around the site. After you've found or submitted a book, you can quickly review it by moving the sliders to wherever they most accurately describe the reading experience you had. Remember, there is no “good” side or “bad” side for any of the sliders - we’re just trying to categorize the reading experience to help readers find the types of books they’re in the mood for and use that to generate the visual review. Trigger or content warnings can also be included in your review, and if you’ve written an in-depth review on your own blog, you can even link to it.

Find new books to read

Looking for an indie book to read but don’t have one already in mind? There are several ways to discover great new indie books. You can find the most recent reviews on the homepage, or check out all of the latest stories and filter by genre or age group. If you have a favorite indie author, you can search their name in the search bar to see what else they’ve written. Or you can browse our curated collections.

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