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Twin Spirit

Twin Spirit by Matthew Thompson

A Domino Galaxy Stand-Alone. Lily is a primitive spirit trapped on Earth, and has been from the day she was born, nine years ago and counting. She can’t smell, taste, touch or be heard. Lily wants to experience such sensations. But most of all, she wants her human sister – dead. Rose discovers her twin sibling in a forest, and she and Lily are transported to the afterlife, three billion light years away, within a galaxy called Domino. On the planet Kiian, the twins go in search of their mother, the key to transforming Lily into a fully formed spirit. However, humans and primitives are not welcome. Fearless creatures called the Govern seek to banish the twins from the afterlife and, in turn, from each other.

Ablaze in Mirth

Ablaze in Mirth by Matthew Thompson

“The humans cheered and booed and bet on us blood suckers. And they enjoyed it too, watching us burn every year in the Nile Valley during the summer solstice, the sun beating down on us, incinerating us like bugs beneath a magnifying glass.” Once a year, the Ablaze Games attracts thousands of spectators from around the world for a two-week tournament, wherein the winner attains his or her freedom. Matias De Laurentiis is a contender, risking his life to gain a better one. And it’s not only in the arenas he must strive to survive; the underground Ablaze Complex leaves its competitors to circulate amongst themselves, including assassins. All of which is televised for the human populace, the current rulers of the world. Seven arenas separate Matias from becoming a victor. It will mean keeping out of the deathlight, and to kill his fellow kind. But he’s hungrier than ever, and willing to do whatever it takes to remove the shackles from himself and his loved ones.

Epivision: Volume 2

Epivision: Volume 2 by Matthew Thompson

Angelo is at war. A one-sided war. The Govern have returned for reasons unknown. Bright Olsson and his latest blessed client are two of their victims. They must scavenge and survive with their wits and talents. They must overcome their hatred and work together. They must also find trust in one another and overcome their internal struggles. While searching for his ex-colleague, Katsuhiro Miike finds himself in the chaos of the invasion. People are few and far between in the sweltering heat of Marrakesh, except when they are found, it’s not only about survival but also loyalty. The greatest upheaval to impact the lands of Angelo has begun. The odds of spiritkind’s existence are stacked against them, and not only due to the Govern's return.

Epivision: Volume 1

Epivision: Volume 1 by Matthew Thompson

SPSFC 2023

Bright Olsson saved his young brother from drowning in 1964. He could not, however, save himself from the icy waters of Lake Runn, Sweden. But his life, as it would turn out, continues within a technologically advanced world, 3 billion light years from Earth. For his selfless act, he becomes an Epi-Guardian, gifted with the ability to see the future perils of others and be their saviour. Except for a life-altering accident, his future visions are severely hampered, and he fails to protect the love of his life. To save himself from self-destruction and to start over, Bright exploits his guardianship by illegally blessing clients in need of protection. It takes him to Sector HK-909, a replica of Earth’s Hong Kong, to work for a man known as Hawker. Kaye Riley, an agent for the Investigation of Criminality on Angelo, will go above and beyond to arrest an Epi-Guardian after what happened to her best friend. Partnered with agent Katsuhiro Miike, a man labelled a snitch and potentially a hindrance to her unorthodox methods, she arrives in HK-909 on a crusade to bring Olsson to justice. Her career and personal vendetta rest on the assignment, though she never expected how life-changing it would be.

Empire of Ash and Blood

Empire of Ash and Blood by Matthew Thompson

Matias De Laurentiis, Ablaze champion 2019, learns his loved ones perished at the hands of the Cult of Ra, a renegade faction out to eradicate bloodmans. But before seeking those responsible, he must escape the Ablaze Haven—the first to do so. Meanwhile, Luna Adjani’s entrapment of human dominance pushes her tolerance to new limits. With inner strength, aided by her faith, she embarks on her purpose. But to see it, first she must survive the tournament of Ablaze—claimed the greatest show on earth. Their lives are destined for change in the Pretorius Empire of 2043, Egypt. They are not alone; a Bloodman Rights inspector breaks protocol to aid the insurgent uprising; and an empress consort, after over twenty years in her role, debates whether to risk abandoning the emperor and his empire.

Hunters of Life and All that Matters

Hunters of Life and All that Matters by Matthew Thompson

A Domino Galaxy Stand-Alone. In a galaxy three billion light years from Earth, creationism on the planet Coalesce comes naturally as nature itself. Millions of DNA-carrying organisms erupt from beneath her surface, forming giant sapphire swarms which snake across the sky; their mission: to coalesce and cocoon a new breed of life in order to claim back the world, or so the theory has come to pass. Mackenzie Scott is a freelance CSC hunter (Coalesced Specimen Control). Haunted by his father’s death, troubled by his illegal substance abuse, he is amongst the last bastion of freelancers. Government-funded CSC United dominate the skies now, forecast to take full responsibility of controlling the Coalesced Specimen within the next decade. But Mackenzie fights to keep the freelancing tradition alive, and for what matters in life: to locate his father’s killer; to overcome his drug addiction; and to become something more than a friend to his childhood sweetheart Lucia.

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