Hunters of Life and All that Matters


Hunters of Life and All that Matters by Matthew Thompson

A Domino Galaxy Stand-Alone. In a galaxy three billion light years from Earth, creationism on the planet Coalesce comes naturally as nature itself. Millions of DNA-carrying organisms erupt from beneath her surface, forming giant sapphire swarms which snake across the sky; their mission: to coalesce and cocoon a new breed of life in order to claim back the world, or so the theory has come to pass. Mackenzie Scott is a freelance CSC hunter (Coalesced Specimen Control). Haunted by his father’s death, troubled by his illegal substance abuse, he is amongst the last bastion of freelancers. Government-funded CSC United dominate the skies now, forecast to take full responsibility of controlling the Coalesced Specimen within the next decade. But Mackenzie fights to keep the freelancing tradition alive, and for what matters in life: to locate his father’s killer; to overcome his drug addiction; and to become something more than a friend to his childhood sweetheart Lucia.

AdultFantasy/DarkFantasy/Science Fantasy

Content Warning: drug addiction, death

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