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Adventures of the Miso Mice by Annette Czech Kopp

Discover five very curious fantastical Miso Mice on their quest to find The Answer Book, given to them by a magical button found floating out of a treasure chest! Their travels take them on exciting galactic adventures with Kaame, the sea horse riding sprite, and the Zodiac Girls who help starfish go skyward, but beware, as they cross paths with the devious Lobsta Clamdestino!

The Crew by Sadir S. Samir

Kings of the Wyld meets Deadpool in this action-packed fantasy adventure set in an Arab-inspired landscape. Varcade fled to the deserts of Harrah to escape his past as an Educator, a member of an order of zealot warrior-monks that aims to shape the world according to their sacred Teachings by force. Varcade makes his living as a reckless sword-for-hire, caring only about himself, until his self-centered lifestyle is turned on its head when he is contracted to recruit a misfit team of unruly assassins and take out the mighty Bone Lord of Akrab. But the Bone Lord is aware of the plot and sends her band of Dusters to stop them; individuals who have gained bizarre and lethal magical powers by snorting the pulverised bones of dead gods. Hunted by Educators and Dusters in a city-state where an escalating conflict between the human and demon population threatens to boil over in a civil war, will Varcade and his ragtag crew save Akrab from the cruel Bone Lord, or will they make things even worse?

Stellar Instinct by Jonathan Nevair

A secret agent. A gaming mastermind. Two players in a dangerous competition blurring the boundaries of entertainment and reality. Mysterious signals pulse from an icy planet in a remote star system. GAM-OPs wants answers. Enter Lilline Renault, secret agent extraordinaire. To ordinary citizens she’s Keely Larkin, an adventure company guide with a flair for the daring and a penchant for writing trite poetry. Lilline’s at the top of the spy game, but publishing her literary work is proving harder than saving the galaxy. When the mission uncovers a dastardly plan threatening billions of lives, Lilline leaps into action. Verses flow as she rockets through space, dons cunning disguises, and infiltrates enemy territory with an arsenal of secret gadgets. But to prevent the whims of a self-obsessed entrepreneur from turning the galaxy into a deadly playground means beating him at his own game. Lilline will need her best weapon to stand a fighting chance: her instinct. STELLAR INSTINCT: A spy-fi thriller set in space.

Under an Azure Sky - Elysia Dayne: Book One by Wil Chan

Elysia Dayne: Hero. Mercenary. Dragon slayer. At least that's how the bards tell it. But that wasn't always the case. There was a time when she thought that dragons were beautiful. When she was a child, she believed that she was friends with a dragon. Except, the dragon knew of no such friendship. Soldiers arrived to slay the creature so that a feudal lord could make his name amongst the Nine Kingdoms. It ended in abject failure. They were left to soak in a bloodbath of their own making. In a rage, the dragon destroyed the place that she called home, and killed the people that she called family, also dismantling a thing called love. Reborn under a mound of ashen corpses, her empty shell vowed vengeance, forging a fiery path of retribution that could not be undone. Not by her own design, she becomes a slayer of dragons. Curiously, dragon slaying isn’t her next job. A princess is being held for ransom at a goblin fort. Wearing the stolen armour of a goblin knight, she attempts to rescue the princess to claim her bounty. Her plans are somewhat botched by the uncooperative royal, and the two of them end up wandering through the wilderness towards civilisation. What they don't realise is they are being tracked by Niemirian raiders who are intent on killing them both. An epic tale interwoven between the tragedies of Elysia's past and the precarious nature of her present, all the time exploring the nature of the human condition.

Spectrum Blade (Spectrum Legacy) by Beth Alvarez

On the day of the Spring Choosing, when the king’s army selects its new recruits, Zaide stood ready to answer the call to arms. Instead, he was pulled from the ranks to become a mage’s apprentice, despite bearing no magic in his blood. One year later, with Zaide past the age of selection, the scholar’s life he never wanted is shattered when his village is razed by the monsters magic should have held at bay. As the Elder’s apprentice, his task is clear. He must seek an artifact in the forest’s temple and restore the power that protects his home—a power he can never touch alone. But the temple is not what it seems, and his mission is complicated when he encounters a mysterious girl in the forest who bears a quest of her own: claim the same artifact, and destroy the dark forces that threaten her homeland once and for all. Spectrum Blade is the first book in an all-new epic fantasy series filled with quest-driven adventure, intense action, and ancient mysteries that leave you wanting more.

Ace in the Hole (The Dawson Sisters Trilogy) by Dallas Tillman

Evan's potential with dark magic but lack of ambition and drive leads him to an apprenticeship with the newest Master-class magician: Austin "Ace" Honoran. Ace is also a stage magician, and after a compulsion to obey his new teacher is installed with magic, Evan is whisked away into a world of dazzling lights and entrancing performances with his charismatic but taciturn companion. When an old friend contacts Ace, Evan assumes it's just going to be business as usual, but the old friend has something more in mind for the magician's dark magic talents, an offer that puts both of them in more danger than Evan expected to find. Evan must face choices of loyalty and compulsion, desire and reason, and complacency or mastery if he plans to get himself out alive and in touch with his sanity, for he has to help himself before he can help the one person he might actually consider his closest friend.

IronBlood: Magic and Iron don’t mix. by C.H Knyght

Magic and iron don’t mix. The balance is tentative, but in an era of peace comes progress. Progress, success, is what Hezekiel strives for. Human through and through, his magic is that of heated steel, the solid strike of his hammer, the rumble of a new engine. Hezekiel aims to claim first prize at the expo with his revolutionary machine, the Crawler, and build a forge and a name for himself; a name worthy of renown, and courting Ms. Baba. But, an insidious darkness creeps through the night, leaving death in its wake. When his neighbor dies, Hezekiel gets snared in the mystery as he tries desperately to protect his family, even from themselves, and find the source of the strange deaths before the city is crippled.

The Messenger from Myris Dar: Book 1 of The Stone Guardians by Kindrie Grove

A mysterious warrior stalked by evil. The message she carries will save their world. Can a band of heroes help her survive to deliver it? In a land fallen to chaos and tyrants, would you lend your sword? For an elite swords-woman the choice is clear. The Message is only the beginning… Rowan Mor Lanyar is a swords-woman of extraordinary skill, trained from a young age to become an elite guardian of her remote island home. But when prophesy and fate call upon her to carry a message to a land beyond the horizon, an adventure of epic scale begins. Confronted by savage beasts, political intrigue and a vile soul-stealer, Rowan joins forces with a group of restless mercenaries to navigate a treacherous and dangerous land. The Messenger from Myris Dar is a fast-paced, page-turning high fantasy adventure filled with fantastic characters, epic landscapes, fierce battles, swords, sorcery, magic, romance and intrigue. Start reading this page-turner today! Join Rowan and her Companions as she fights for survival to fulfill her desperate mission while discovering friendship, love and a greater purpose connected to the ancient past.

Deadly by Design (A Sara Ricci Scientific Thriller Series) by Rod Cousler

All Sara Ricci wanted was some time away from writing her PhD dissertation, but it turned out to be anything but relaxing. If fact, it turned out to be deadly… Deadly by Design. Italian scientist Sara Ricci returns to Italy to finish her PhD after the disastrous events of the previous year, and finds that writing a dissertation differs greatly from doing research. Just months before her completion, she needs a break and returns to America to help a friend with a project in nanotechnology. Although her troubles from the past seem very much behind her, Sara soon discovers they never really went away. From the boardroom of large business to the conference rooms of small business, what starts off as an investment becomes a deadly game of revenge involving company takeovers, blackmail, extortion, and at least one person who thinks Sara Ricci must die. It is only fair. Deadly by Design is a scientific thriller that takes the reader on a journey into the science and medical opportunities for nanobots. Sara will be tested like never before, but she has gained some powerful friends along the way. Can she survive? Can those trying to save her? Find out in this fast-paced second installment of the Sara Ricci suspense book series.

Unspeakable Secrets: The Alchemist Series Book 1 by Darren Gillingham

The only thing he can’t do is have a peaceful life. Connor Varas just learned that he will one day be able to bestow the strength of giants on anyone he pleases. One day he can create as much gold as he wants. One day he can build an army of metal soldiers that no kingdom could stand against. But, staying alive until then is going to be a challenge. Because, if anyone finds out what he is they’ll do anything to sway him to their cause. Or stop him from joining the enemy. With great power comes even greater enemies. He can’t die of old age, but what good is that when surviving until tomorrow seems like an impossible task? Is this book for me? If you like worlds bursting with magic, desperate sword fights, deadly enemies, and heroes that get increasingly powerful, then you’re going to love Unspeakable Secrets. So, join Connor Varas as he struggles to master his newfound power, uncover the sinister plots that threaten his city, and stay one step ahead of death. His quest will take him through the darkest parts of Vigil’s underworld. Through oceans of blood. And, into the festering heart of a plot that threatens to swallow him whole. All while dodging ice orbs, lightning bolts, and the less than restful dead. So what are you waiting for? Get the book and begin your adventure in the world of Unspeakable Secrets.

Shards in Belial: An Epic Fantasy Saga (The Sword of the Dragon origins) by Scott Appleton

The abbot seeking to protect an orphaned boy, the young woman thrust into the role of High Priestess, and the Swordmaster forced to watch his loved ones die. When the cockatrice appears, it may doom them all. Reverend Ashinah promised to take care of the orphaned Xavion, but events are beyond his control. Ooletta never wanted to become High Priestess, but she's stuck with the responsibility at the expense of her own dreams. Only Olympan the Swordmaster has a clear path, but it is a dangerous and bloody quest.

The Cambirils: Books of Earth (The Thirteenth Essene) by Spencer Norman Lee

An ancient birthright—hidden, dangerous, hunted. In a time when mortal men and the magical, immortal Fay inhabit the world together, Balê, dark god-king of the blighted north, plots to remake the world in His own image. Young Brend is left an orphan when his parents are murdered by a shadowy assassin. Brend is rescued by Hale, a capable but taciturn man in the service of the Bright Lady, Tin’ntiri. Spirited away to the mountain village of Meadow Park, Brend is raised as Hale’s son. In The Park, Brend finds friendship with Aly, Ned, and Tic, but his new, idyllic life is soon upended. Balê’s assassins discover Brend’s hiding place, and he is again forced to flee with the help of Hale, “Aunt Tiri,” and Tiri’s shadowy friend, Cam’ndair—a traitor to Balê and a worrisome ally. Brend’s flight to safety begins an epic adventure that will reveal to him his forgotten heritage and deliver to him his birthright—a magical Cloak of Midnight, a Cambiril. With the birthright will come whispers about the Secret of the Gods—a secret to change the world—if only Brend can survive. The Cambirils, Books of Earth is the first volume of The Thirteenth Essene.

Assault on Devil's Den: Champion of Valor Book 1 (The Sarcasca Chronicles) by Eric Balch

Pelagius, servant of Ender, god of valor, is haunted by his recent and brutal battles. He is tired, battle-weary, and ready to put down the mantle of hero. Seeking a reprieve from the nightmarish memories of his endeavors, he and his companion, Bojan, rest in a small hamlet. However, it seems as though the once-proud hero can never be free from danger. During his stay, he and Bojan witness a terrible magical attack. The mysterious Green-Eyed Man uses dark magic that steals the very souls of its victims. Realizing that the source of the Green-Eyed Man’s power is none other than the soul-devouring Babu, Pelagius knows there is only one thing he can do. He must infiltrate the fortress of Devil’s Den and kill Babu once and for all. But to reach him—let alone stand a chance at defeating him—they must fortify themselves with a company of heroes from all over the kingdom of Waskan and beyond. Will Pelagius and Bojan be able to unite a band of diverse heroes to try and conquer evil? Or will a series of unforeseen obstacles along their way stop them before they can take a stand in Devil’s Den? Trigger Warnings: Graphic Violence and Animal Death

The Flight of The Magician by Mark R Snowe

This story starts unremarkably with the mundanities of life until our hero is startled awake, sweating, from a deep sleep. With his head pounding with each pump of his racing heart he tries to remember what his dream was about. He was falling. Or, dreaming of falling. And something feels wrong in the house. He's sure he heard something, somewhere, possibly. And this hasn't been the first time he's felt this way. What has been a rare occurrence for Matt is lately becoming an all-too-frequent affair. However, forcing to ignore these interruptions he moves forward with his job, his pursuit of life, and love. When events become too intrusive to ignore, he decides with the help of a new love interest, to find the cause. What follows with their discoveries is astonishing and incredible. And will attract the interest of many different parties. This whirlwind of events leads to problems to conquer that he would have never imagined. What was once a curiosity and an annoyance may become an

The Unbinding by Noor Marji

The Southern Prison has been destroyed. The Fallen King has escaped. These are the words Prince Itsuki Oyama, sole heir to Kabelan's throne, had feared for twenty years, ever since his father killed his mother and left him to die in an unnatural inferno. Now that his father escaped, it’s his responsibility to keep the tyrannical king from destroying all of Kabelan… again. Reports from the South are not promising, though. The entire prison has been burned down, and the unholy, sentient fire has traveled to the nearest village, turning any human it touched into a beastly taint. With the reemergence of vibrant colors beyond Itsuki’s greatest imagination, only one conclusion can be drawn: Old Magic is returning, and the Unbinding has begun. Joined by his advisor and an eccentric band of mercenaries, Itsuki travels to the Southern Prison in search for answers. Magic appears at every turn of their journey, bringing life and vivid color back to the desaturated land. Only with the help of the heretical Order Solis will they make it through this adventure alive. The closer they get to finding King Inon, the more Itsuki realizes this is no longer a mission to stop his father from repeating a twenty-year-old tragedy. His escape was only part of a larger plan to make the entire known world burn—and the Fallen King is but a pawn to a much greater master. What Itsuki learns could change his kingdom’s very identity, if he’s willing to be the first person to tell the truth.

On the Trail of the Unseen by Lynee Armstrong-Jones

As a swordsman, Nico has battled many enemies over the years and met formidable challenges, but what good are his warrior skills when it comes to fighting against illness? Like many others, he and his wife and daughter have no choice but to flee the plague, heading north to his homeland. Along the way, they face many dangers and uncertainties, but they also find an old friend who is fleeing with his family. Their sorcerer friends Xyron and Giever, with the Witch, Creda head north as well to avoid the plague after trying in vain to find a way to stop the plague and help the people. Back in the sorcerers' tower, the sorceress Aislin finds a possible solution to stop this terrible threat. However, putting her plan into action could place her entire future in jeopardy.

The Battle of the Bloodswamp: Wandering Blacksmith - the stories by Mark G Gilgam

Kindle Rewards Beta Earn Kindle Points, get Kindle book credit Earn Kindle Points when you buy books. Redeem for Kindle book credit. Learn more. The Kri were a people of born warriors, dangerous cold-hearted mercenaries, threatening to drag down the northern regions into a spiral of war and destruction. The spear of Svalinir was cast to eradicate them all, and King Grimwolf leads the united forces from Nordheim into the Battle of the Bloodswamp, where a generation of warriors perishes. All Kri are killed there, men, women, the old and young and the children, but for one boy. Amid this violence, a woman discovers the baby lying next to a dying warrior. Having recently lost her two children, she decides to keep it for herself despite the death sentence against his people and names the boy Kitt. A blacksmith helps her to preserve the secret. This story was first published in: Hardening the Steel (Wandering Blacksmith 1). Additionally, this book contains documents concerning the Kri in the Imperial Library of Hartberg the Dominant and the Chronicles of Castle Waninge. Each book is prefaced by an introduction into the Wandering Blacksmith series, and can be read as a standalone. All books of this series are in large print. The illustrations in the hardcover edition are in colour, be a nice gift.

Kaldera: Changed by Darkness by Dean Kruger

Dark days shroud the once prosperous and thriving Kingdom of Kaldera. After a series of tragedies fell on the royal household, the king’s clouded judgment caused him to seek out solutions from the darkness of evil forces and use their sorcery to serve his own selfish needs. With his lands falling victim to darkness, King Jovana’s pact with the malevolent Nightwitch cost everyone around him dearly, not least his own children. The once benevolent king and those who serve him, must fight a terrifying battle to end the reign of terror before all is lost forever!

The Last of the Magi: Book I: The Devouring by George S Elli

When a tarot card reading warns of ancient evils and a coming darkness, Mila, an orphaned Gypsy, is forced to confront his true destiny. When he recklessly ignores the prophesy, a sinister twist of fate brings two American teenagers into his world: Mila is instantly infatuated with Casey, a beautiful heiress, whose piercing blue eyes hide an inner pain, but much to his dismay, Jack her clever and resourceful classmate seems to be the object of her affection. The three teens accidentally plunge into a world of dark secrets within Berlin’s abandoned underground tunnels. There, they uncover a magical artifact of immense power once wielded by some of history’s cruelest tyrants. Looking to possess these powers, a sinister cult unleashes a shadow army to hunt for this unholy relic. Mila and his new friends must flee across the German countryside now burdened with unlocking the mysteries of the artifact’s powers and uncovering the lost history of an ancient gypsy tribe and it’s war with the Third Reich.Our heroes’ epic journey takes them through a world of characters straight from the mind of a gypsy mystic: a disgraced ex-Mossad agent, twin boys who bring light and joy to an otherwise bleak gypsy ghetto, A coal miner’s son drawn into a nationalist cult, a priest recklessly meddling in gypsy affairs, a streetwise pickpocket from the slums of Romania, A washed up, arm-wrestling fortune teller, and an elusive hermit who hides forbidden knowledgeThe Last of the Magi weaves action and fantasy together with true history and authentic Gypsy spiritualism leaving the reader to wonder what’s real and what’s not. Read less

The Book of Nevermore (ApĂłcryfa) by Andrew J Pixton

Years ago, a mysterious coven of witchlords was defeated in their attempt to enslave the world of Nevermore. But now a remnant of that old foe is re-emerging at the same time a new one rises. Orphaned by the Razhod, Syago obsesses over following in the footsteps of his legendary ancestral line. A legacy that could lift him out of peasant bondage and rescue his ailing family. However, he gets more than he bargained for when bloody unrest takes the realm. Yearning for the independence and fulfillment few women are allowed, Leyta immerses herself in the traumatizing study of dyne. She becomes a dynast, an authorized user of the mystical power, and faces its cost as a dark revolution begins. Warchief of a woodland Kimoc tribe, Fal’iek seeks to protect his people from strange stirrings in Thornwood while seeking peace with the treacherous and oppressive As amidst their discord. Hiding from the guilt of what he did to his twin sister, the young Unakan warrior Qosku flees his home in the mountain colonies in search of another. Nevermore is a land full of terrifying monsters, haunting undead, dark magic, oppressive colonial societies, twisted people who would upset the delicate peace, and flawed heroes who would stop them. Change is needed, but not the one that is happening.

The Education of Nut and Em (Nut and Em Trilogy) by Daniel Flaspohler

In the early years of the duchy, the Grand Duke realized the danger of noble houses consolidating their control over the Mystery. Lineages formed where wizarding houses held onto their secrets, passing the art only to family. To break this control, the duke issued an edict where any noble being trained in wizardry must also be accompanied by a lowborn trainee. In doing so, the duke inadvertently created a nation spanning empire. The young Lady Emberlina Tilby has been possessed by the Mystery. Her parents want the best for Em but are also budget conscious. Instead of finishing school, they send her to Lord Edwin Derby to learn divination. Owing to the Edict of Mystery, Lord Derby selects the streetwise Nut from the alleys of Palas by virtue of the fact that he is smallest and would eat the least. Edwin is a lazy teacher and his employees run roughshod over his household. Em begins to suspect he is a fraud or at least incompetent. Nut is forced to do housework. When the divinators of Palas begin to get assassinated, everything changes.


A destroyed girl. A disgraced soldier. A disfigured outcast. A death-dealing healer. A dying prophet. A devastated civilization. Fifteen-year-old Rose has always had worse things to worry about than the foretold end of the world. Ever since her father abandoned them, she has struggled to provide for her poor family and shield her younger siblings from their mother’s drunken rages. But when Doomsday begins on a beautiful morning, Rose finally loses everybody she loves. After the grief-stricken girl is reluctantly taken in by an obsessed band of outlaws who believe their shared dreams contain supernatural clues that may help them save what remains of civilization, the outlaws learn they are being hunted by a horde of monstrous assassins that are hellbent on stopping them from deciphering the strange dreams, and Rose realizes there is almost nothing her saviors won’t do (and no one they won’t sacrifice) to ensure the success of their otherworldly mission. Over time, the outlaws become Rose’s flawed new family, one that offers her an opportunity to heal—and a hard choice: Should she dare to care about others again and fight to save humanity from extinction at all costs, or should she embrace her pain and stoke the flames that are reducing everyone in the wicked world to ashes?

War Of Truth (Tales Of The Allyesse) by Colin Farmer

Cyrus Thorne, a recent graduate from the prestigious Alcara Academy, is called upon by the Goddess to save the World. He fights within the Allyesse, a militia that wishes to one day bring peace into their homeland by overthrowing the Empire of East Develior. However, as the war continues to drag on, Cyrus and his allies begin to unravel the mysteries of not only their World, but the other Worlds within their Realm as well. A conspiracy involving the deities of the Realm, Akcel and Ariadne, begins to shake the foundation of reality as hope for a peaceful end to the fighting continues. To make matters worse, Cyrus and the Empress were best friends in the days long passed. The grand journey of the Allyesse begins as the end of the World draws ever near...

Path of Simon: Book One of the Infernal Jest by Thomas Marlowe

Does power ever bow to the human constructs of good and evil or it simply obeys the hand that wields it? Afraid for his niece, gravedigger Tim Stockton goes against everything he believes in to help his brother-in-law settle a debt with the mob by stealing jewelry from a deceased rap star’s grave. But in that coffin Tim finds more than he bargained for. Trapped inside a ruby, an ancient power awakens from its slumber and possesses the gravedigger, leading him straight to the dungeon of the Order of Simon. There, plagued by the constant jabbering of his demonic captor and its cries of innocence echoing off the moldy walls, Tim must decide whether he will undertake the Path of Simon for the salvation of his soul and the future of the world as demonic legions from the pits of Hell seek to stake a claim for the entity within the gravedigger. With the aid of the inquisitors of the Order and unexpected allies from the worlds beyond, will Tim find strength to contain the power within and silence the rising doubts in his quest? Or will he falter and bring doom upon the humankind?

Blood Empire Burning by C. Thomas Lafollette

Revenge is a dish best served explosively. Luke and his werewolves are juggling multiple plots throughout several countries in their quest for vengeance. But after rescuing Roxi, Luke adds one more problem to his slate. The compulsion Mithras placed on them is killing her. Luke must convince the god to show mercy to Roxi, or he’ll add the god to his list of enemies. But with a masquerade ball to plan and several traps to lay, his plans dangle by a fraying thread. The brutal leader of the vampires is on the hunt for the mysterious the man subverting his werewolf minions. In this deadly game of cat and mouse, Luke must ensure he remains the cat if he doesn’t want to wind up in the trap. But one mistake could bring the whole house of cards exploding around his ears…

The Children of Gods and Fighting Men by Shauna Lawless

The first in a gripping new historical fantasy series that intertwines Irish mythology with real-life history, The Children of Gods and Fighting Men is the thrilling debut novel by Shauna Lawless. They think they've killed the last of us... 981 AD. The Viking King of Dublin is dead. His young widow, Gormflaith, has ambitions for her son – and herself – but Ireland is a dangerous place and kings tend not to stay kings for long. Gormflaith also has a secret. She is one of the Fomorians, an immortal race who can do fire-magic. She has kept her powers hidden at all costs, for there are other immortals in this world – like the Tuatha Dé Danann, a race of warriors who are sworn to kill Fomorians. Fódla is one of the Tuatha Dé Danann with the gift of healing. Her kind dwell hidden in a fortress, forbidden to live amongst the mortals. Fódla agrees to help her kin by going to spy on Brian Boru, a powerful man who aims to be High King of Ireland. She finds a land on the brink of war – a war she is desperate to stop. However, preventing the loss of mortal lives is not easy with Ireland in turmoil and the Fomorians now on the rise...

Angels Before Man by Rafael Nicolás

A queer retelling of Satan's fall that's part cozy coming of age and part fast-paced tragedy, with a little love story in between – In an eternal paradise, the most beautiful angel, Lucifer, struggles with shame, identity, and timidity, with little more than the desire to worship his creator. It isn't until the strongest angel, Michael, comes into his life that Lucifer learns to love himself. Along the way, their friendship begins to bloom into something else. Maybe the first romance in the history of everything. But this God is a jealous one, and maybe paradise is not paradise.

Three Kings by FreydĂ­s Moon

Ethan Shaw—lighthouse keeper and local witch—lives a charmed life in his chilly, coastal hometown. Blessed with a flourishing garden and a stable livelihood, Ethan can’t complain. But when his husband, Captain Peter Vásquez, brings home a wounded leopard seal after an impromptu storm, Ethan is faced with a curious situation: caring for a lost selkie named Nico Locke. As Ethan struggles with the possibility of being infertile, insecurities surrounding his marriage, and a newly formed magical bond with a hostile, handsome selkie, his comfortable life begins to fracture. But could breakage lead to something better? With autumn at their heels and winter on the horizon, Ethan, Peter, and Nico test the boundaries of a new relationship, shared intimacy, and the chance at a future together.

With A Vengeance by FreydĂ­s Moon

Kye Lovato left their hometown in search of a better future, but when their estranged mother passes away, they return to their parish to settle her affairs. Even though Kye escaped their traumatic past, being back in swampy Madison, Louisiana only worsens their debilitating depression, increases their dissociative episodes, and intensifies the intrusive voice plaguing their every thought. The moment Kye steps foot into their childhood home, they know something is wrong. That night, they come face to face with the shadowy presence driving them mad: the handsome demon duke, Eli, who offers them an irresistible deal. In exchange for their soul, Eli will give them pain, pleasure, and power. Kye set a path for themself—live fast, die young—and Eli seems like the perfect exit route. With nothing to lose, they agree. But after an impromptu visit from a local ICE agent, Kye forms an unlikely friendship with their mother’s bookkeeper and stumbles into an insidious mystery surrounding their family’s homegrown alebrije business. Met with ghosts, displaced employees, and a garage filled with unfinished artwork, Kye can’t help but wonder. . . What was their mother hiding? And why is a rogue officer interested in Lovato Alebrijes? Kye is possessed, unkempt, and chasing death, but as stubborn as they are, they’re the only person left alive who can resurrect the family business and carry the Lovato legacy, and their only ally is the demon possessing them.

Things Unseen by C.J. Brightley

History student Aria Forsyth's studies lead her to dangerous questions about the Empire's origins. A mysterious man named Owen, impervious to the winter cold, further unravels the safety of the world she thought she knew. At first, Aria believes Owen is human. He says he's not. What if they're both wrong? A moment's compassion draws her into a conflict between human and inhuman, natural and supernatural, and she begins to discover the secrets of the Empire, the Fae, and what it means to be human.

Unanimity by Alexandra Almeida

"Great for fans of Becky Chambers's A Closed and Common Orbit and Daniel Suarez's Daemon." Booklife The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Shadow is a reluctant god with a broken mind and a death wish. He used to be Thomas Astley-Byron, an affluent young screenwriter whose creativity and idealism saved a world from the brink of collapse. Together with Henry Nowak, an AI expert, Tom created heaven on earth by inventing a Jungian simulated reality that helps humans confront their dark sides. The benevolent manipulation platform turned the two unelected leaders into beloved gods, but now everything is failing. The worlds suffer as a sentimental Tom descends into his own personal hell, becoming the embodiment of everything he despises and a shadow of his former self. His journey from an optimistic, joyful Tom to a gloomy Shadow is paved with heartache and sinister interference from emerging technology. Humans and bots fight for his heart, but their aims differ: some want to own it, some to dissect it, and others to end its foolish beat. Estranged from the love of his life—the activist poet Nathan Storm—Tom fails to realize the biggest threat comes from within. None of the sticky stories that steer his life end well. Now, a young goddess—Estelle Ngoie—has been appointed to replace him, and unlike Shadow, Stella takes no prisoners, and her heart bleeds for no one. Who’s pulling on Shadow’s heartstrings? Are their intentions malign or benign? It’s all a matter of perspective, and Shadow has none left. The Series Themes An epic tale spanning across six days—one per book—and forty past decades of life lived across ten worlds and two universes. Weaving sci-fi elements with social commentary and queer romantic suspense, Spiral Worlds explores the nature of consciousness and how it's connected to a not-so-secret ingredient—story. As software consumes the world, intelligence is nothing but the appetizer; the human heart is the main course. There is no black or white in this story about a contrast-making machine.

We Deserve to Exist by Allison Baggett-Rowe, Joris Filipp, Bernardo Villela, Tyler Wittkofsky, Rashmi Agrawal, Daphne Fama, Tessa Hastjarjanto, Marisca Pichette, Emmie Chris

The world is not kind. It never was. Fear, jealousy, and anger fuel the actions of those who wish to assert their power and eliminate those they deem unworthy. There will come a time of reclamation—whether by force or by empathy—when those tides shift, a balance reborn. It must start somewhere. The reclamation of self, of culture, of heritage, and of our world—starts within. No longer will those around us decide if we deserve to exist.

The Cinderella Hour: An Epic Fallen Angel Fantasy Series (A Game of Lost Souls Book 1) by Lisa Silverthorne

An Epic Fallen Angel Fantasy Series A bitter angel of death. A broken Hollywood star. A wager with Lucifer. A TV matchmaking show. Add a little magic, a whole lotta demons, and a dash of true love— For a match made in Heaven. Talia’s hatred for humans forcesAzrael,Archangel of Death, to accept a wager with Lucifer: save two lost souls on a TV matchmaking show without her wings and halo or fall from Heaven. Jack Casey is a broken Hollywood star on the fast track to oblivion.Desperate to save his failing career, he joins a low-budget reality TV show as one of three princes vying for a Hollywood princess match. Winning back to fame. Can she get her wings back…without falling in love with him? Will her love be enough to save them both? The Cinderella Hour is the first book in the enchanting romantic fallen angel fantasy series, A Game of Lost Souls.

Shadow of the Swan (Hidden Empire) by Nicole M Cameron

Few know that beneath the British Empire lies a world of supernatural creatures, dangerous magic, and passionate romance. Enter if you dare… In the golden years of the Victorian era, historian Louisa Wallingford is shocked to learn that an ancestor’s pact has promised her hand in marriage to a sadistic Fae king. Her only chance of escape from an eternity of torment is another marriage—to a vampire. Louisa’s impromptu wedding sweeps her into a hidden world of dangerous magic users and seductive supernatural beings. And her new husband, vampire knight Henry Carstairs, is one of the most deadly creatures in this new domain. But what begins as a marriage of convenience unexpectedly turns into a passionate love affair between the innocent historian and the sensual vampire—until a conflict between the British Empire and the Land of Faerie threatens to tear them apart. Now Louisa and Henry must find a way to outwit their enemies in both realms … or be separated forever.

An Amulet of Stars and Fire (The EĂ­lvarĂĄ Chronicles) by J.L Casten

An ancient Order, a hidden enemy, a dormant Magick awakens. An annual family trip to Scotland becomes a catalyst that shatters everything Lorali thought she knew and sets her life plan ablaze. Magick ran through her veins, and she was born to lead . . . not that anyone bothered to tell her that. The power within her should be enough to deter any threat, if only she knew how to use it. Her family hid the truth in hopes of keeping her and her brother safe, knowing some would do anything to control them – instead they may have made them sitting targets. How much longer can they be kept a secret, and can they learn to wield the power they were born with before the truth is revealed?

Cael's Shadow (The Sky Seekers, Bk 2) by Larissa N N Davila

“THOROUGHLY ENGROSSING ON MANY DIFFERENT LEVELS.” –Midwest Book Review Cursed soldier Jhared Denaban escaped the killing winds and the deadly conspiracies in the city only to find himself caught between the desires of a ruthless priestess and the fury of a demon-haunted madman. Both hold the keys to understanding his identity, but for Jhared to accept the agonizing truths they offer, he must surrender his last hope of finding a place among his people. Lady Nemiah’s urgent search for the goddess’s power reveals heresy and treason among those she loves. To endure their betrayals, she must cling to the rules and rituals that she thought protected her, or reject them and claim her own perilous power. As they struggle to survive the machinations of the Council of Clans, Jhared and Nemiah each realize that destruction awaits Avelos unless they can free themselves from the brutal roles imposed on them. Readers who love the exploration of power and oppression in N. K. Jemisin’s work, the political intrigue of Guy Gavriel Kay’s worlds, and the depth of characters in Robin Hobb’s tales will lose themselves in the world of Avelos, where history is malleable, loyalties are tangled, and the truth conceals itself within a Web of possible realities that only the bravest—or the most desperate—can travel.

Shorn by Larissa N N Davila

“A striking debut.” –Jacqueline Carey, New York Times bestselling author of the Kushiel's Legacy series Jhared Denaban, a cursed soldier, enters his country's service desperate to pay the generations-old debt caused by his race’s betrayal. Though Shorn of his wings, like all his treacherous kind, Jhared still burns with dark desires for rebellion and flight. Posted to the border to protect Avelos from invaders, he discovers that his best intentions inevitably turn toward chaos. As he seeks the source of political and magical threats, he must defend himself from the people who believe his death is the only way the ancestral debt can be settled. High Priestess Nemiah struggles to keep her people safe on the Sacred Path. Her temple lost its standing when its priestesses rose against their rulers. Now she seeks forbidden history and heretical secrets to learn how to fight the magic that shreds her country. Only by betraying Avelos once again can Jhared and Nemiah save their people from destruction. But what new chaos will their choices create? A tale of oppression and resilience, the high cost of vengeance, and the malleable nature of truth. Shorn carries us to a breathtaking new world on wings that won’t be broken.

Dream of Death City: A chilling fantasy mystery (Red Kingdom Book 1 by Pj Nwosu

Chilling, dark fantasy with a heavy dose of Sherlock Holmes in this new series of twisty mysteries in fantasy worlds. Pale moths haunt an icy frontier. Beneath the shadow of a drowned death god, a frozen body is unearthed from the snow. Investigators arrive to a superstitious island to solve a brutal crime. Among them is a lowly slave desperate to prove her worth and a soldier with dark dreams. Neither are prepared for what they find. Death City is a strange and violent frontier, and no one who survives comes back clean. First though, Thora and Diem must survive. Welcome to the Red Kingdom. The Red Kingdom is a new series of dark mysteries in fantasy worlds that delve into a land of vicious crimes, strange lore and Purge House zealots.

Stolen Prophet: The Prophet's Mother (Book 1) by Julian M Coleman

Will It Take a MONSTER to Find a Missing Prophet? An intense and erotic urban fantasy from the IAN 2016 Outstanding Paranormal/Supernatural book of the Year author. Right at the beginning of The Prophet's Mother trilogy, Julian M. Coleman weaves a haunting tale of parental loss, heartbreak, and sacrifice. Evie Adamson isn't ordinary despite her outward beauty. She's much more than a single mother and flower shop owner. In reality, she's a demigoddess. Victor is her intellectual and psychic nine-year-old son. He's nicknamed "prophet" by his classmates, a label he hates. Somehow his paranormal ability seems to fail him when he is kidnapped after leaving the school playground. Evie, who swore off using her dark powers, is beyond hysterical. She's also supremely ticked off. How dare someone take her child?! She uses her supernatural arsenal in the guise of a vengeful black SPIRIT. Distraught and enraged, she hunts the snow-encased city during the holiday season. Dead bodies pile up in the morgue. There's only one person who can find the stolen prophet: the logical and determined Homicide Detective, Harry Kurosawa. But first, he must believe the unexplainable, or more people will die.

Dragon Eyes: Tales of the Green Jinn: Book 1 by Bill Parker

The highly acclaimed saga of the Five Moons continues as Dragon Eyes carries this action-packed adventure into the future. Dragon Eyes is a mystical walk on the wild side of science fiction. The real heart of this story actually began long ago… A thousand years ago, I was a very gifted seer. I was Evil’s worst nightmare. But Evil knew that I only see glimpses of the future. And so he set a plan in motion to kill me. His minions did not know Evil’s whole plan. They only knew their own parts in it. He used that fact to trap me. But in the end, I saw my own demise. There was no way out. I was doomed. So, I recorded my own moon and hid it away, where Evil would never find it.

Verity Rising (Gods of Deceit) by Phill Scott Myers

Ted Verity doesn't like humans, and for good reason. But as part of an ancient race of divine beings, it's his mission to make their world a better place by weeding out the especially wicked ones. Fully capable of living undetected amongst humanity, he prefers solitude and enjoys a quiet way of life before he's drawn to a corrupt pharmaceutical company whose wanton greed is ruining lives. One by one, he targets those responsible until his work attracts the attention of malevolent forces that threaten to unravel his entire existence.Outmatched and confronted with grim revelations about his past, his parents, and his entire race, he feels his grip slipping away.Will Ted's cunning, his unwavering commitment to truth, and his newly discovered supernatural abilities be enough to bring victory? Not without the help of a few new friends.

The Night of Red Dusk: A Novel by Robert Caufield

Forget everything you thought you knew about vampires. These go far beyond your traditional creatures of the night. Following a failed mission of diplomacy in the New World, a mysterious woman vampire hunter must join forces with a rogue warrior of her greatest enemies to uncover the buried truth of the mutagenic virus, which lies in the ruins of her own New England hometown, as an ancient entity that stalked her childhood now threatens to extinguish the soul of human and vampire kind alike. Their journey leads to horrific revelations, but can the unlikely pair return in time to stop the 'Night of Red Dusk'? The Night of Red Dusk combines a forensic approach to its titular monsters with a clash of European folklore meeting political espionage, in the vein of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's The Strain Trilogy, along with haunting small town horror inspired by the legendary works of Stephen King (IT, 'Salem's Lot).

Rising Ember (Children From Sacrifice - Vol. 1) by Arleta Rae

Fire is destruction. Fire is rebirth. When Thea Knight is involved in a fatal car accident, she falls victim to the sinister shadows looming in the darkness who change her life forever. She wakes up . . . craving blood. Thea is immediately thrust into a dangerous immortal civil war between the Essites and the Brais. Cole Moretti is an Essite who has killed, saved, and endangered Thea. Her transition to vampire by his hand awakens a rare elemental magic within that marks her as the rogue Brais’ next target. She must resist being consumed by their need to destroy humanity before they kill Cole and all those she cares for. A magical and suspenseful contemporary dark fantasy perfect for fans of Vampire Academy and The Vampire Diaries.

Find the Jinn (Wilde Contracts #1) by Maz Maddox

Wilde Contract Killing and Fish Training, how can I help you? Murder contract? Piece of cake. Find a jinn? No problem. New necromancy powers while being followed by an unwanted vampire bodyguard? Not so much. Trained to handle even the most fierce undead, Dallas Wilde took out a powerful necromancer without breaking a sweat. Okay, that's a lie - there was tons of sweat, but he was victorious all the same. Unfortunately, killing a necromancer comes with some repercussions. Broody, annoying, vampire repercussions and new abilities to resurrect the dead. Can Dallas navigate his blood-sucking bodyguard, new powers, feelings for his attractive client and still handle his contract in time to pay his very, very late rent - all while trying not to get super murdered in the process?

The Unusual Possession of Alastair Stubb: A Gothic Tale by John Michael Griffin

It is the turn of the last century in the unusual village of Muchmarsh. Theodore Stubb is within the attic of his manor house, adding another specimen to his extensive collection of insects. As well as an entomologist, he is a master hypnotist. Eleanor – taken from the sanatorium two months before – is still haunted, believing that her stillborn child Alastair lives and hides in the shadows. She becomes pregnant again by the hypnotic coercion and ravishment of her father-in-law Theodore. The murder, mystery and intrigue which follow leave dreadful secrets to be uncovered; and thirteen years later, paranormal events causes the young Alastair to lose his identity… A gothic terror heralds the climax of dream-like and hallucinatory events, secrets unfolding, both disturbing and astonishing. "A beautifully described dark, Gothic tale..." "Unpredicatable, creepy - and often very funny." "Unusual and Gripping"

The Mark of Things Unwanted (The Witches of Wyldeden Chronicles Book 1) by Alex Clifford

SURRENDER YOUR HEART to this fresh, new-adult, queer fantasy series. Full of magic, 'The Mark of Things Unwanted' gives you found family and gentle romance all while taking you on a spellbinding adventure. Cinn will never die. It should have made him powerful. It didn't. On the run, hunted by a cruel princess and chased by beasts that want to feast on him for eternity, Cinn would do anything to be safe. Including allying himself with a band of dangerous witches. Like Eaon. Touched by a death that lingers on his skin, Eaon is slowly losing himself to the dark power within. In the depths of a whispering forest, a family is forged and—together—they will change the world.

The Mark for Those Unbound: The Witches of Wyldeden Chronicles by Alex Clifford

TRUTH HAS A KEY KEEPER The Kinner will never die. It was meant to be a blessing. Now it's a curse. Alone on the other side of the wards, Cinn is keenly aware of the drawbacks of immortality. They haunt his past, plague his dreams, and darken his future. Desperate for hope, Cinn braves a new world on a stranger's promise: Moyra Thorne has the answers. But finding her seems impossible, and getting her to share them even more so. With danger chasing his friends and family back in Nir, there isn't time to waste.

Glister by Kyro Dean

In this suspenseful portal fantasy, thirteen-year-old Qadira is faced with the reality that to be queen, her eight siblings must die. Decreed by the Ahmaran deity that only one heir can live to ascend the throne, Qadira is forced into a sudden fight to the death with her siblings to see who will rule. The problem? She doesn’t want to kill anyone. But when she accidentally causes the death of one of her siblings, all sights are turned on her as the most dangerous threat. With all the heirs coming at her full force, she makes an unexpected ally—a disembodied voice that whispers terrible things and promises her survival and eventual queenship if she releases him. Despite how much she wishes to escape, she’s stuck in the palace with magic and blade-wielding siblings seeking her death. It’s only then, with death whispering in her ear and tragedies manifesting in everything she touches, she realizes there is only one truth: she either kills her siblings and lives to become a murderous queen, or she lets herself be killed in hopes her soul will have peace.

Flames of Rapture by Riley Kade

Life is full of temptations, but there is none so powerful as that between human and succubus. Sadie Hall has loved her best friend, James Baker, all their lives, though she had no idea how he felt about her until her powers developed and she could suddenly see his every waking fantasy. She’d lived a simple life in a small farm town in which almost everyone was human, but her world was turned upside down when an alluring stranger arrived to tell her she was becoming a succubus, like him. Soon, she would need to feed daily off the sexual pleasure of others, though when her mentor warns her of the addictive nature of human-succubus relationships, Sadie must fight the tempting attraction between her and James. Now Sadie must choose, will she continue to keep James close even as she desperately tries not to feed from him, or will she risk losing the one person she wants the most? Note this is a polyamory, bisexual romance, with the main focus on Sadie and Jimmy’s relationship. Themes include forbidden/unrequited love, friends to lovers, light edge play/denial, and group sex.

FEVER by Shilo Niziolek

A memoir made up of essay fragments, Fever, examines what it is to desire throughout all phases and states of life and being. Niziolek mixes plain language with poetic prose to interrogate trauma from domestic violence and illness, sexuality, and the different ways we can and do love despite these things. All of this comes together to create a keen focus on the many ways one can experience desire and its intersection with love.

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