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A.L. Davidson (she/they) is a writer who specializes in massive space operas and tiny disturbances. She writes stories about ghosts, grief, isolation, space exploration, eco-horror, queerness, and the human condition.


The Scientist, The Spaceman, and The Stars Between Them

The Scientist, The Spaceman, and The Stars Between Them by A.L. Davidson

They’ve incited deicide, and the old gods are angry… In a desperate attempt at saving humanity from its own destructive hubris, the Zeus Project set out to explore the untouched reaches of deep space. Now, countless light years later, the colonizing efforts are well under way, but the vast universe has been anything but kind. After surviving a near-fatal revival from their cryo-pod that permanently damaged their lungs, Dr. London Davies has spent the last two years trapped within the confines of a sterile, sanitized outpost far away from the rest of humanity and their loving husband, Temple. Acting as the chief embalmer for Zeus, London grows more and more concerned as cadavers filled with writhing worms and unusual forms of decay overrun their cold storage. With their husband off fighting for humanity’s survival under the brutal, watchful eye of Zeus, anxiety, and claustrophobia test the limits of the embalmer’s sanity. The once quiet morgue has transformed into a playground for something otherworldly, and London's only hope is that Temple can breach the stars between them before it's too late.

The Night Farm

The Night Farm by A.L. Davidson

Welcome to The Night Farm! Rhys Anderson is looking for a fresh start after a health diagnosis forces him to sell his beloved tea shop. When a small farmstead goes up for sale in the mountains, he jumps at the opportunity to live a quieter life away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and find a new place to plant roots. After packing up his few belongings, Rhys settles in for the lengthy cross-country drive to his new home. The farm rests on the outskirts of a mysterious town called Wylder Wood, hidden deep in the forests out west and not found on any map. The idyllic little farmstead is perfect for his needs, and his new neighbors are quick to introduce themselves as soon as nightfall arrives. The locals are welcoming and friendly, but not at all what they initially seem, and Rhys soon realizes that the otherworldly residents want to sink their fangs into something more than his crops... The town of Wylder Wood comes to life when the sun goes down, and long nights on the farm are filled with friendship, romance, and good eats aplenty! This spooky slice-of-life romance story is perfect for fans of Welcome To Night Vale, Stardew Valley, Love Tractor, Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, The House of Lowther, slice-of-life BL webcomics and webtoons, and Harvest Moon. The Night Farm is an ongoing cozy, queer horror web novel available on Tapas and on Patreon. It was a 2023 Queer Indie Award nominee for Best Web Serial, Best Lead Character, and Best Supporting Character.

When The Rain Begins To Burn

When The Rain Begins To Burn by A.L. Davidson

The bones are piling up, Judah... While traveling across the country on a much needed vacation, Noland and Judah Calhoun stop to appreciate the scenic views of the Appalachian wilderness. To shield themselves from the less-than-friendly locals as they rest from their long journey, Judah parks their RV in the middle of a clearing well off the beaten path. A concerning storm rolls in overhead, shifting the sky to a sickly green that drowns out the night sky with a thunderous roar... Waking the next morning to discover the wheels of their RV have sunk deep into the saturated ground, Judah steps outside to assess the situation. Within seconds, his flesh is set alight as the unnatural rain begins to eat away at his hand. The storm rapidly consumes the skin and sinew of living creatures, turning the once peaceful clearing into a boneyard. Stranded and unable to leave the supernatural tempest, Judah and Noland must weather the storm together, facing not only the horrors of nature, but their own personal demons they refused to acknowledge for far too long. All the while, the bones start to pile up... ("When The Rain Begins To Burn" is a 2023 BBNYA nominee, Indie Ink Awards nominee for Best Setting and Best Cover, and Queer Indie Ink Award nominee for Best Horror, Best Novella, Best Debut, Best Cover, and Best Romantic Relationship. You can read more on A.L. Davidson's Patreon with regularly updated bonus short stories set before and after the novella).

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