The Scientist, The Spaceman, and The Stars Between Them


The Scientist, The Spaceman, and The Stars Between Them by A.L. Davidson

They’ve incited deicide, and the old gods are angry… In a desperate attempt at saving humanity from its own destructive hubris, the Zeus Project set out to explore the untouched reaches of deep space. Now, countless light years later, the colonizing efforts are well under way, but the vast universe has been anything but kind. After surviving a near-fatal revival from their cryo-pod that permanently damaged their lungs, Dr. London Davies has spent the last two years trapped within the confines of a sterile, sanitized outpost far away from the rest of humanity and their loving husband, Temple. Acting as the chief embalmer for Zeus, London grows more and more concerned as cadavers filled with writhing worms and unusual forms of decay overrun their cold storage. With their husband off fighting for humanity’s survival under the brutal, watchful eye of Zeus, anxiety, and claustrophobia test the limits of the embalmer’s sanity. The once quiet morgue has transformed into a playground for something otherworldly, and London's only hope is that Temple can breach the stars between them before it's too late.

AdultRomanceDiversity Representation/LGBTQ+Science Fiction/DystopianHorror

Content Warning: Blood, gore, violence, sexual themes, physiological, body and cosmic horror, strong language, suicide.

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