Epivision: Volume 2


Epivision: Volume 2 by Matthew Thompson

Angelo is at war. A one-sided war. The Govern have returned for reasons unknown. Bright Olsson and his latest blessed client are two of their victims. They must scavenge and survive with their wits and talents. They must overcome their hatred and work together. They must also find trust in one another and overcome their internal struggles. While searching for his ex-colleague, Katsuhiro Miike finds himself in the chaos of the invasion. People are few and far between in the sweltering heat of Marrakesh, except when they are found, it’s not only about survival but also loyalty. The greatest upheaval to impact the lands of Angelo has begun. The odds of spiritkind’s existence are stacked against them, and not only due to the Govern's return.

AdultFantasy/Science Fantasy

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