Magister's Bane (Call of the Elements #1)


Magister's Bane (Call of the Elements #1) by Yvette Bostic


Magic can’t be real, right? Tell that to the werewolf glaring at me with his near-black eyes or the handsome vampire in the corner. Did I enjoy growing up rejected by everyone I encountered because of my physical abnormalities? Hell no! The only thing I ever wanted was to be accepted by someone. Not everyone, just anyone. A normal job and one solid meal a day would’ve been nice too. You know that old saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” Yeah, that one really sucks. After a vampire kidnapped me, I suddenly become wanted by all the wrong people. Why would those blood sucking fiends want a deformed, malnourished woman who looked more like a little girl? I only get more questions when an elemental mage steals me from the vampires and thrust me into a role I wasn’t prepared for. I thought I wanted to know the answers, but discovering the truth forced me into a fight for my life. One I wasn’t sure I could win.

AdultFantasy/ContemporaryMystery, Thriller, and Suspense/Supernatural and Paranormal

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