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Lacey & Alex: The Dagger of Ill Repute: Urban Fantasy with a Hint of Romance by by V.R. Tapscott

Talking Plants, Explosions, Gunfire, Mayhem,Magic and a Hint of Romance.Lacey & Alex, roommates in San Francisco, are a barista and a cook by day. By night though, Lacey is a part time private investigator and Alex talks to plants. And they talk back. In this book, they get dragged into hunting for a lost dagger. Of course, it winds up being so much more than simply a lost dagger.The pair spend a couple of action-filled weeks travelling from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Barstow to Vegas and all parts between in their hunt for the elusive artifact.They meet up with loose cannon Stevie and step it up a notch with exploding cars and tension of a whole nother kind, as she makes it clear what she thinks of Lacey.Olive from Jane Bond shows up with a little tiny insignificant part (heh) and Jane herself has a cameo.Join Lacey & Alex and Stevie as they have the adventure of a lifetime! Talking plants, explosions, gunfire, mayhem, magic and a little bit of romance all enter the picture before the end, in this slightly humorous, slightly serious, and always fun mystery.

Red Moon Demon by Morgan Blayde

Because sometimes you have to fight fire with hellfire, there’s Caine Deathwalker: raised as a demon, armed like a gun merchant, and fuelled by booze. Nice is a dirty word and killing is what he does best. Make a contract with hell, and he could be on your side, God help you. Caine signs onto guarding the beautiful daughter of a leading Japanese industrialist. Protecting is harder than indiscriminate murder and mayhem, but gold is gold, and the prize of a mystic demon sword is dangled over his head as added incentive. Haruka will make an interesting bonus if he can get her out of her kimono—and the damn living zombies will leave them alone long enough for him to bang her. A powerful succubus is playing cat to Caine’s mouse, but he has a cat of his own; a black leopard spirit beast from the Amazon jungle that’s taken a liking to him—and his booze. And then there’s his “father”, an ancient Atlantean demon with a code of honor. Formidable back-up, but Caine senses a greater threat lurking in the shadows, something primal, hungry, and possibly more evil than himself. He shakes his head. Nah, couldn’t be. This book is intended for mature audiences.

Jinxed (Gilded Blood Book 2) by Rachel Rener

I keep telling myself things could be worse. Okay, so my mom's been harboring some hefty family secrets. Big deal. And, yeah, maybe there are still two or three teensy details about Zayn that I don't know – his backstory, his private life, or his real name, for starters. Oh, and let's not forget that there's a bloodthirsty, power-hungry, magical mob boss who's due to appear at any moment. No biggie. So long as there are no more family bombshells, incubus-related heartbreaks, or unexpected, terrifying journeys into the Fae Realm, I'll be completely fine. Because, as I've already reminded myself at least twelve times since breakfast, there's no way things could possibly get worse. …Right?

Inked (Gilded Blood) by Rachel Rener

When Zayn, your smoking hot boss, tells you never to touch the cache of deluxe tattoo ink locked away in his office, you listen to him… until the day you run out of your own ink, your squirming client is on the verge of peeing his pants, and your boss is nowhere to be found. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? I fully expected Zayn to yell at me when he returned to the shop. What I didn't expect was the fresh cobra tattoo on my client’s butt magically springing to life. Or the interdimensional filing cabinet hiding in the back of Zayn's office. And, oh, did I mention that my gorgeous, magic-ink-hoarding boss is actually an incubus? Now – through (mostly) no fault of my own – we have to venture into a strange and distant land where a never-ending list of lethal flora, fauna, and fae await us. When you add in my Jewish mother’s string of poorly-timed, hysterical phone calls, there is one thing I’m grateful for: There’s no cell service in the fae realm.

A Cursed Legacy by Kaye Draper

My family is dead and gone. But they left their grimoire behind. Now it's my job to free the powerful magical beings trapped in the pages. I might just find a whole new family…if they don't kill me first. I was just a kid when my family was executed for starting a magical war, forcing me to live my life in the human world, far away from the judgment and scorn of the magical world—and far away from the weirdos who want me to tell them all my dangerous Lovell family secrets. But when a cursed grimoire containing enslaved magical beings falls into my lap, I can't continue to avoid my family's craptastic legacy of pain and suffering. Now, thanks to the nagging of an annoyingly moral ghost, I'm off to free the powerful (and pissed-off) creatures in the bestiary. I'm nothing like my horrible family. But my newfound attraction to dangerous magical beings who could murder me without a thought… yeah, that might indicate otherwise.

The Life & Death of Jorja Graham (The Jorja Graham series) by Brynn Myers

When all anyone ever sees is a quintessential southern bell, they miss the mark on who I really am. That was just the face I shared with the world; I kept the hell I truly endured to myself, because here in the south, secrets and the truth are best left unsaid.When returning home to Savannah after my mother’s passing, I had everything a girl could want: a new house, a handsome suitor, and the job of my dreams as an antique dealer. Little did I know that the choice to move on with my life would be the last decision I’d ever make.My name is Jorja Graham and my story is proof that not every romance has a happy ending ... especially once demons, witches, and angels get involved.

The Southern Magicks by Ashton K. Rose

How do you prove your innocence when you don’t even remember whether you did it or not? After a demon attack reveals Dexter’s secret – that his Gran taught him magic – the twenty-three-year-old librarian is forced to work for the local magical law enforcement agency in order to prove his loyalty, and hopefully save his grandmother from execution. However, when someone tries to frame him for crimes he doesn’t remember committing, Dexter realizes he’ll have to start an investigation of his own. Joined by his beloved husband Eli, their best friend June, and his journalist cousin Kat, he desperately tries to prove his innocence…which is kind of difficult when gaps in his memory make him doubt everything he thinks he knows about himself. The race against time begins. Can Dexter and his team uncover the enemies weaving the web of guilt around him before it’s too late, or is he going to lose everything and everyone he cares about?

Blood Empire Infiltrated by C. Thomas Lafollette

Born in the forests of Gaul. Forged in the legions of Rome. Hunted on the streets of Portland. Luke survived two years in a vampire prison, fighting for his captors’ amusement. The only bright spot was meeting Roxi, a fellow captive and powerful vampire hunter. Now that they’re free, he wants revenge. But when Roxi disappears, Luke’s world is shattered, and he adds a new name to his revenge list – the god that abandoned them both. But he must go on without her as he and his werewolf friends plan their vengeful return to Belgium. As Luke infiltrates the inner ranks of his enemies, he needs to stay sharp and not let the specter of his broken heart distract him. He’s surrounded by enemies, and there’s no room for mistakes. Especially as the dark god that drives the vampires hunts for him…

Fireflies (Fireflies Saga) by Dream Steem

Sheltered in one world, and uninhibited in another, Talia has always been able to use her dreem world to escape, manipulate energy, and create anything she imagines. But what is this gift? What is its purpose? Playing make-believe in a fantasy world - or is she destined for more? Love and power battle for her loyalty when she discovers she isn't the only dreemer with access to her world. As her dual-reality becomes attacked, her power projects the core of her identity. The lines between right and wrong blur when she's forced to fully step into her role and protect all that she loves.

Persephone Enlightened: A Tale of Darker Seattle - Volume 1 of 4 (Persephone - A Tale of Darker Seattle) by D.L Solum

In a magical and darker Seattle, the d'Armor sisters are experts in their respective worlds. Jo is a decorated US Navy helicopter pilot and world-class martial artist. Angela is a professional fortune teller and kitchen witch, leading a coven from their ancestral home. And the youngest, Sasha d'Armor? She's been missing for over a decade. With newfound information on her whereabouts, the elder siblings must join forces with Wydd, Angela's wild-minded and unpredictable boyfriend, to rescue their baby sister. Jo and Angela have always been the most competent people in the room. That's all changing as they pit themselves against the dark underbelly of the city. They're finding the competition isn't necessarily human. Join the sisters as their skills and passions are tested to the breaking point. In the hidden war for the soul of Seattle, will they save Sasha from a fate no one expected?

Sins of Dragons (The Fire Realm Chronicles Book 1) by Kimbra Swain

How does a country girl from Alabama rule the Fire Realm? Wynonna Riggs grew up simply until she became the one and only Phoenix in the Nine Realms. Her first days as the Queen of the Fire Realm were filled with doubt from the citizens and danger from their leaders. Centuries of war had torn the realm to pieces, leaving distrust, blood, and ash. Wynonna must first learn about the past before she can set the future right for the realm. Her guide on this journey is Devrynth, the Prince of Dragons, who becomes her biggest supporter and the biggest pain in her…well, you get the idea. Can Wynonna figure out how to gain the friendship and trust of the Fire Ream kingdoms? Or will she have to resort to her own brand of fiery judgment to get them in line? Sins of Dragons is the first book in the Fire Realm Chronicles featuring Wynonna Riggs, the main character of Stories of Frost and Fire. While reading Wynonna’s past books is helpful, starting her adventure at this point is possible too. The Fire Realm Chronicles starts Season Three of Kimbra Swain’s Trailerverse.

Aether's Pawn by Gabrielle Harbowy

Indigo Steelquill -- Quills -- left her native realm a thousand years ago and hasn't looked back. A jinn, an inker in the long and magical tradition of her kind, she enjoys the simplicity of life as a tattoo artist in modern-day London. Content to quietly explore the alchemical and magical properties of her ink, she doesn't want anything to do with the local jinn. But her talents make her too useful a tool to be left alone. When a notorious jinn overlord is murdered, all signs point to the leader of a rival faction. But that leader claims innocence, and knows that someone else has access to her signature powers: Quills, the inker who takes blood and magical essence in payment for her magic-enhanced tattoos. So if she didn't do it, then who? Quills' chase for answers leads her across much of England and into the company of an astute human named Amy Jane (whom she's definitely NOT falling for). Meanwhile, the murdered jinn's followers are out for retribution. She only has five days to find the killer and clear her client's name, or she'll be the one set up to take the fall. "A page-turning delight. Sexy and horrifying — sometimes simultaneously — Quills is a deeply satisfying heroine: hyper-competent and whip-smart, and most importantly, allergic to other people's bullshit. This book is goth in the realest sense: it's a hot cocktail of yesterday's mascara, a fresh tattoo, and deep magic." - Tamsyn Muir, bestselling author of Gideon the Ninth "[Harbowy's] ability to create realistic portrayals of otherworldly lives is astounding." - Lambda Literary "Harbowy writes with the precision of an editor, and the sensibility and passion of a writer." - Leah Petersen, author of "The Physics of Falling" series.

Unlucky Charm: A Superhero Urban Fantasy (Black Kat) by Kimberly Gordon

From Misfit Cop to Bad-Ass Bounty Hunter... Officer Katherine Carter never quite fit into the Chicago Police Department. Her unusual talents attract attention—both good and bad. Now they've caused a media frenzy and ended her career as a cop. But her unique abilities haven't gone unnoticed. She's quickly recruited to join a Fugitive Recovery Team run by a shadowy government entity. Can her luck hold out, or will her powers lead her into deeper trouble? Buckle your seat belts and climb aboard the Black Kat series, a superhero urban fantasy packed with action, adventure, mystery, comedy, and romance. And cats. Lots and lots of cats... Catch all of the Black Kat books: Black Kat I: Unlucky Charm Black Kat II: Kat & Mouse Black Kat III: God Save the Queen Black Kat IV: Playing with Fire Black Kat V: Kat-A-Strophic

Bad End by A M Blaushild

Archangel Michael's death at the hands of Iofiel may have prevented him from forcing the apocalypse, but it's hardly brought peace. The new Archangel Michael is relentless in his quest for revenge, believing Iofiel is still out there- and shirking his duties to prove it. Afraid of his connection to the traitor, Maalik has fled to Hell, also looking for Iofiel- but what he finds instead is an oddly amicable Morningstar with shocking plans that Maalik may be unable to stop. Archie and Salem, abducted and now working as assistants for the devil, struggle to define their place in what is about to unfold. And on Earth, Santiago and Damien have found refuge in a small American town, comfortably leading a coven of witches. But when magic begins to crop up among ordinary humans, their disguises can only last so long. And what ever happened to Iofiel, The Saintkiller, the Second Traitor? The apocalypse may have been averted, but something is clearly going wrong.

Good Angel by A M Blaushild

Iofiel is an ideal candidate to become a guardian angel, and help steer humans away from sin: she's helpful, cheery, and utterly loyal. And, as the 'angel of beauty', it's not like she has anything better to do.Heaven and Hell long ago ran out of space: there are too many humans these days, so both have come to a shaky truce – one university sheltered in the forests of Canada, hidden from humanity, where their young can study. All seems well for Iofiel's first days at university – her Archangel roommate is a bit uptight, and dealing with demons feels weird– but when a picked on demon confesses he's too nervous to pursue his true passion of soul stealing... Iofiel promises she'll major in it with him. So much for being a proper angel. Her helpful impulse has repercussions that shake the school, and may just change the world forever. Or just end it. Because that's a possibility too.

An Unusual Occupation: Part One of The Journals of Bob Drifter by M.L.S Weech

Bob Drifter is a substitute teacher with a secret. He seems like no more than a polite young man who loves to read and mentor students in his free time. Yet, on the side, Bob takes part in some rather strange extracurricular activities that soon attract the attention of local police. For some reason, people have a way of dying around him. It’s not his fault. Maybe he just hangs around people who are already dying. Maybe he has bad timing. But Bob knows better. The friends he's making are getting closer to learning his secret, but they're not going to like what that secret means. The police are attributing a number of suspicious deaths to him, but they're not going to like the consequences of getting involved. Bob can't do anything but move forward, but he's determined to change the secret world of which he is a part.

Bob's Greatest Mistake: Part Two of The Journals of Bob Drifter by M.L.S. Weech

Bob Drifter has found more purpose in his life as a Journeyman, one who collects the souls of the dying. For a year, he’s been doing what he can to help those about to die fulfill any last goals or dreams they can. But when Bob, normally a substitute, get’s offered a permanent position at a Liverpool, New York, elementary school, he runs into a slight problem. He can’t find anyone meant to die. His best friend, Drisc, is in town working with the other senior Journeymen, and before Bob knows it, he’s pulled in to investigate the actions of The Grimm, the Journeyman all other Journeymen fear. Richard Hertly is conducting an investigation of his own. Driven by remorse and the need for vengeance, he’s willing to sacrifice all he ever had to prove Bob is responsible for all that had gone wrong in Richard’s life. Bob must navigate these developments while preparing for a pending tragedy, an event resulting in the death of at least 30 people. He literally stumbles into a bright spot in his life, a relationship those in his line of work are strongly discouraged from starting. It all comes to a head when disaster strikes, and the Journeymen learn how The Grimm has amassed his power and what he intends to do with it.

Blood Empire Avenged by C. Thomas Lafollette

Trapped with nowhere to run… …sometimes bad choices are all you have. Can Luke save his friends and get everyone safely home to Portland? Betrayed by their werewolf allies and hunted by vampires, Luke and his friends barely escaped from Belgium with their lives and the children they rescued from the vampires. Now they’re trapped in Luxembourg with an army of vampires and werewolves about to descend on them. Luke must rely on the hospitality of Mathis Heinen, the alpha of the Luxembourg werewolf pack. When he offers a couple private jets to fly Luke and his friends out of Europe, they hope it’s the answer to their prayers. But after one betrayal, Luke is wary of the offer even if it’s a solution for the local packs to remove him, a dangerous agitator, from Europe. Can Luke and his friends trust the Luxembourg Alpha? Or will he betray Luke and his friends and sell them out to the vampires?

The Knight Advocate: A Colt Valentine Arcane Justice Novel by Jason Rose

Magic, Monsters and Murder! An urban fantasy legal thriller you can sink your teeth into. “If a miracle happens and I somehow manage to kill this vampire psychopath, my prize is the chance to save a girl, and become one of twenty-four Advocates who decide and enforce the laws that govern the millions of monsters that roam the earth eating babies for breakfast. I imagine they’re not going to be too happy about having a human as a member of their club. Screw my life. How did I get myself into this?” As a San Francisco Public Defender, Colt Valentine has just about seen and heard it all. That is until he has a meeting with a well-dressed man claiming to be a sixteen-hundred-year-old vampire who tells him that vampires, witches, and shifters are not only living among us, but have their own legal system. Colt, of course, thinks this guy is crazy until he’s shown a video of a family being savagely murdered by a monster he never imagined existed … not even in his darkest nightmares. Nothing is above the law … not even monsters! “Just another routine day at the office, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary—other than the fact that the judge has a giant scorpion tail, the defense attorney’s a vampire, and the defendant’s a werespider who would very much like to rip my head off and drink me dry.” Colt is a great trial lawyer, trained by the best, but even he begins to doubt himself as he is immersed in this dark world of magic, monsters, and murder. Colt tries to balance his old life with his new life, while struggling to obtain justice under a set of arcane laws that govern a society that views humans as nothing more than their next meal. The worst part of his new job is that, if he loses, he could lose more than just a trial, he could lose his life.

Mythic (Mindwire Trilogy) by Carl Sampson

Twenty-five years after the rise of the psychic agents known as the sibyls, society has become ever more restrictive and complete surveillance is the norm. Charlotte, the daughter of psychologist Paul Clark, lives a humdrum life. Living mostly in her imagination, she slowly realises she is not alone there. There seem to be other worlds beyond her everyday existence, a different reality which pulls her irresistibly into its orbit. Charlotte is convinced she is losing her mind as she is absorbed into this new world and becomes an unwilling part of plans to take control of the surveillance systems. As her perceptions of reality start to break down, Charlotte has to accept that there is more than she ever imagined out there trying to get in.

Blood And Stone: A Novel in The Atalante Chronicles by Nicholas W King

He's a wizard willing to do anything if he gets paid. Brought in by the local police to investigate a series of freakishly bizarre murders, he quickly discovers that he's facing a lot more than a murderer. Pushed to the brink of his magical powers, can he find and stop the perpetuator before he can use blood magic to become even more powerful? Nicodemus is a fixer, but not of the variety you'd imagine. For the right price, he'll take care of any supernatural problem, exorcise a demon, find a lost item, or even wipe the memory of a witness who saw too much. Being a wizard has its perks. Lester is a no-nonsense, seasoned detective in the department. When crimes get oddly strange, Nico is his go to person, especially after bringing down a pack of murdering ghouls the year before. Nothing is too strange for him anymore. Angela is Lester's Deputy. Determined to learn, she never stops asking questions and isn't sure how much she can trust Nico. Afterall, he's rather unkempt and messy. Being a wizard doesn't help either. When Lester brings Nico to help with a series of unnatural and grisly murders, it becomes apparent that someone or something supernatural is behind the killings. But why? What is the killer after? As Nico digs deeper and deeper, he begins to understand the motivations behind the killer's ritualistic killings. It's only a matter of time before he uses blood magic to achieve his goal and become even more powerful. Innocent lives are at stake and Nico is the only one who can save them, but only if he unveils the identity of the one known as the Red King. Blood and Stone is an occult horror, paranormal fantasy fiction perfect for readers who enjoy thrilling, suspense stories that take place in a contemporary, urban setting.

Witchlight (The Witchlight Series) by J.S Watts

"Harry Potter for the grown-up crowd." Holly has been mortal all her life. Now at thirty-eight, her fairy godfather arrives to tell her she’s a witch, and suddenly she's having to come to terms with the uncertainties of an alarmingly magic-fueled world. Magic is not like it is in the books and films, and Holly starts to doubt whether her fairy godfather, Partridge Mayflower, is the fey, avuncular charmer he appears. As a new romance blooms, appearances become magically deceptive, and Holly can’t afford to trust those closest to her, including herself. Accidents start to happen, people die, Old Magic is on the hunt, but in the age-old game of cat and mouse, just who is the feline and who is the rodent? An unusual take on the fantasy chick lit genre, Witchlight is no ordinary paranormal romance, and Holly is no ordinary witch. J.S. Watt proves that wonder, magic ― and love ― wait around the corner at every stage in life. And just when we think we have it all figured out, fate sets us on another unexpected adventure and has us fighting to protect our own. “Holly girl, you are all too human, I can assure you. Prickly and awkward and human, because that's what witches are ― human, that is. Not necessarily the prickly and annoying bit. That's just you.” Witchlight is a Paranormal Women’s Fiction novel. If you love strong female magic users, dry humor, and a dash of romance, you'll love Holly Jepps and Witchlight, the first book in the Witchlight series. "I was a fan of Holly from the first page." - GoodReads Reviewer "Witchlight is an enchanting read that will tickle the reader with its humor and adventure." ~ Darcie Cameron, The San Francisco Book

Tales from the Gas Station: Volume One by Jack Towsend

Drunk customers. Shoplifting raccoons. Otherworldly visitors. As night shift clerk at the twenty-four-hour gas station at the edge of town, Jack has pretty much seen it all. That is, until his best friend reveals the body of a local politician hidden in the trunk of a car, setting off a chain of events with apocalyptic potential. Soon, Jack finds himself entangled in a supernatural conspiracy involving monster hunters, sociopaths, doomsday cultists, and… garden gnomes? Armed with nothing but his wits, sarcasm, and alarming amounts of coffee, can Jack stay alive long enough to see another morning shift? Or will he, too, fall victim to the dark, ancient force infecting the dreams of everyone around him? One thing’s for sure. He’s not getting paid enough for this.

Presence: Fangs & Flasks by L.G Branch

After bringing the war with the mages to an end, the members of Band 13 were looking forward to starting the new year fresh and continuing their training in relative peace. Unfortunately they would soon discover that the mages weren't the only ones with traitors as that peace was shattered. The entire board has begun to move as the members of Band 13 find themselves in a race against time. Alliances are being made. Bonds and bands are being forged and shattered as the world hurdles toward a very dark future. Will they be swept up in the rising tide or will they once more rise to the occasion? More importantly, what are they willing to sacrifice when they discover that the love that once empowered them becomes the very thing that threatens to destroy them?

The Ragman by Terry Horns

Five friends are given mysterious valentine’s presents. An anonymous gifter(s) has given each of them an unique, large-size hand-crafted rag doll—elegantly made stuffed cloth effigies, rich in designs and details; each rag doll perfectly capturing its receiver’s likeness. As strange—nearly magical—occurrences take place, curiosities, wonders and desires build to wild consequences for them all…. The dolls are real…and alive! A horrifying vision over 30 years in the making....based on Nicholas Grabowsky’s 1989 mass market paperback and re-imagined by acclaimed thriller/slasher author Terry Horns comes a terrifying tale entirely fresh and unique, presenting the sort of new contemporary iconic villain horror fans have long been thirsty for, and a deep dark abyss to plunge into...

Return of the Living by Jonathan Wojcik

It’s been centuries since life ended on Earth, leaving only a haunted wasteland. So how could it be possible for one ghost to see a living being? Will she be able to convince her fellow specters that the living are back? Will she and her friends be able to avoid mysteriously disappearing like a growing number of spirits?

Moss and Clay (Mab's Doll Book 1) by Rebekah Jonesy

Moss, Clay, and Blood A doll, crafted and given a mission by Danu, is brought to life by human and Fae blood. Blood daughter of Mab, Queen of the Fae, Gillian must track down the fae in the Americas and bring them back under Fae Law. No one knows what is holding them there, or why no other rescue mission has returned. Not even the gods that sent them. Gillian must return the fae to the Underhill, or send their souls back to Danu.

The Nightlife New York (Paranormal and Urban Fantasy) (The Nightlife Series Book 1) by Hickory Mack

It’s in the headlines every day. Another child abused, and another abuser let off easy. Or worse, getting away with their crimes. Pedophiles and abusers are actively protected by those in power. Riddled with corruption, and profiteering off the victims, the justice system has failed.Alexi has experienced it personally, on every level, and she’s had enough.With the help of her friend, a wolf shifter named Rabbit, she will take matters into her own hands. Her lover is Hector, an unreasonably sexy latin vampire, and he joins the fight to protect their child from growing up in a world with a shady undercurrent of evil.Then her mates show up. Hyena shifters, and twins, Satyr and Siren will do anything for her. Including joining her quest to rid the world of the wrong sort of predators. Karma will find them all.Dollhouse Vigilantes is a dark, Urban Fantasy reverse harem series.18+Trigger warnings: Graphic violence, M/M, Child abuse (in prologue only), non-descriptive sexual violence.

Blood Bank by Zoe Markham

Benjamin is a programmer moonlighting as a security guard at Dystopia, a seedy club that caters to the down-and-outs, the desperates, the addicts. He’s been building his reputation, saving for a way out – but when he rescues a young woman from the nearby estate, he may just have stepped too far out of line… Lucy is ordinary; a girl with a deadbeat boyfriend, a normal life and college studies. But when her world takes an odd twist, she starts to wonder about the people she’s meeting, the situations she’s in, the odd aversions and attacks happening around her. They’re just coincidences…aren’t they? And Zack is in deep trouble. He’s losing his girlfriend, drowning in debt, and has dwindling job prospects – and that’s not the worst of it. His debt is to people who won’t ever forget it, and who want the things closest to Zack’s heart: his blood – and his life. In the heart of Swindon, an ancient order hides in plain sight, spreading their influence through the streets like a disease. But despite their widespread power they are catching up with the modern world: the vampires are going online, and the Order is about to become more powerful than even they would have dreamed…

Cruelty: Unmasked by Ellen Crosháin.

Henry used to be a god. Now, he’s just the gardener. Nearly twenty-five years have passed since the ancient Faroust fell in love with Eliza MacTir. Stripped of his powers and forced to work for the family he used to rule, he can’t avoid the woman who ruined him. But when a chance encounter brings him into contact with Eliza’s daughter Áine, a twenty-one year old student looking for a chance to explore herself, he sees a chance to exact revenge. The affair is sweet and Henry knows that when he finally reveals it to Eliza, it will be even sweeter. But Henry and Áine aren’t the only ones keeping secrets. Áine’s brother Caolán, sixteen and rebellious, has his share of demons and not all is well with Eliza and Cornelius. The veneer of the perfect family has cracks and once the truths start to spill, everything Eliza fought for will start to unravel. Secrets cannot be buried forever and the Veil won’t stay shut. Darker forces are watching and waiting…

Songs of Seraphina by Jude Houghton

Some battles bleed so much, and for so long, that the earth never truly forgets their dead. Some battles are born of oppression, and some of greed, and some simply because it was written in the stars. Three sisters—Charlemagne, Cairo and Pendragon Agonistes—are sent from America to England to live with their eccentric grandparents after their mother disappears and their father falls to pieces. But before the girls have time to find their feet, Charlemagne is married off to a dead man, Penny takes a nap and wakes up as a boy, and Cairo is swept into a dangerous romance with a man who wants her for more than her considerable charm. With the girls wrapped up in a conflict they barely understand, they don’t notice that their grandmother is transforming, or that the two demigod assassins who took their mother are now coming for them—if one of them can get over his crisis of conscience. In this richly painted tale, at whose heart is the unbreakable bond of family and blood, the world of Seraphina collides with our own as three unique girls are dragged into twilight lives past, fighting for vengeance, retribution, and the survival of their exiled people.

The Rust Maidens by Gwendolyne Kiste

Something’s happening to the girls on Denton Street. It’s the summer of 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio, and Phoebe Shaw and her best friend Jacqueline have just graduated high school, only to confront an ugly, uncertain future. Across the city, abandoned factories populate the skyline; meanwhile at the shore, one strong spark, and the Cuyahoga River might catch fire. But none of that compares to what’s happening in their own west side neighborhood. The girls Phoebe and Jacqueline have grown up with are changing. It starts with footprints of dark water on the sidewalk. Then, one by one, the girls’ bodies wither away, their fingernails turning to broken glass, and their bones exposed like corroded metal beneath their flesh. As rumors spread about the grotesque transformations, soon everyone from nosy tourists to clinic doctors and government men start arriving on Denton Street, eager to catch sight of “the Rust Maidens” in metamorphosis. But even with all the onlookers, nobody can explain what’s happening or why—except perhaps the Rust Maidens themselves. Whispering in secret, they know more than they’re telling, and Phoebe realizes her former friends are quietly preparing for something that will tear their neighborhood apart. Alternating between past and present, Phoebe struggles to unravel the mystery of the Rust Maidens—and her own unwitting role in the transformations—before she loses everything she’s held dear: her home, her best friend, and even perhaps her own body.

Songs From the Void by J.D Robinson

Deveron Rossy may be able to glimpse moments of his own future, but he never could have guessed he had a twin brother. In his search for the elusive Dremond Branch, Deveron is mistaken for his twin by everyone who knew the man—and much to his own surprise, Deveron goes along with it. His harmless ruse does have certain benefits after all: being Dremond opens doors that an outsider could never access. As for the risk, his ability to glimpse ahead will alert him to any trouble before it finds him. But as he continues to follow his brother’s trail, Deveron finds it strewn with mysterious voids—mind-altering shadows that only he can see, and they call to him as if they know him. Could these spectral anomalies have anything to do with his brother’s disappearance? Worse, someone isn’t happy that “Dremond” is back on the scene, and as he gets ever closer to the truth, Deveron finds himself dodging bullets with his brother’s name on them. Now Deveron must decide just how far he’s willing to go to maintain his search—and his lie. Because the more he learns about Dremond, the more he’ll find out just how different identical twins can be. Read less

Misspelled: A Paranormal Magical Academy Love Story (Miss Primm's Academy for Wayward Witches Book 1 by Christine Pope

One last chance to control her magic…or she’s banished to a world without it. At the ripe old age of eighteen, Calendula Dobkins should be able to cast simple enchantments as easy as breathing. But most days, Callie and magic aren’t exactly on speaking terms. Not that she doesn’t have it. More like…she has control issues. Her parents pack her off to Miss Primm’s Academy for Wayward Witches, where she has only three years to whip her unruly magic into shape. Or DOME (the Department of Magical Exile) will banish her to Mundania. A world without magic. Callie quickly learns which girls have her back, and who will throw her under the bus. Pop quizzes can be killer. The Beginning Spells professor seems have it in for her. And…just who is the mysterious Miss Primm, anyway? Then there’s the six feet of Scottish gorgeousness she meets at the joint school dance with Master Marco’s School for Woeful Wizards, Lochlan Abernathy. If Callie can survive finals with a ticket to year two, maybe they can do more than just dream about the future….

Opal Smoke (Opal Contagion Book 1) by Stephanie Fazo

A thief is the only one who stands between her people and complete annihilation. Liss is a Soul Sorter who can sense any emotion a person is feeling. She uses this talent to steal jewels and dragonhide wallets to help provide for her people, the Extended. A side benefit of her thieving is that she gets to empty the pockets of the wealthy Lagonians, who shun the Extended for the deadly disease that runs in their veins. When the Lagonians announce that they’ve developed a source of immunity, they are no longer content to just ostracize the Extended. The Lagonians plan to eradicate them. The only way for Liss to save her people is if she can pull off her biggest heist yet and steal the secret to the immunity. What is already a perilous mission is further complicated when Lagonia’s infamous Chief Assassin is tasked with taking Liss out. Entangled in his own web of deception, risk, and a fight to survive, the assassin cannot fail. One truth becomes clear. If either hopes to succeed, the other must die.

Shadow Strife by Jilleen Dolbeare

The old gods were cruel. I know because the stories told by the elders made it clear. Now the gods are back, and it appears it’s my dad’s fault. You know what’s worse? Their idea of fun is world ending. Now I have to stop them from recovering a magical artifact that will bring that to pass. I’m just a shapeshifting bush pilot who wants to stay off the radar—unfortunately, it’s only me, my friends, family, and the few supernaturals we can round up between the gods and the humans. War is coming. I only hope we survive.

Shadow Winged by Jilleen Dolbeare

A family friend found dead on the roof of his wilderness cabin. A fortune in gold. Before now I knew about the supernatural world—I’m an Inupiaq shapeshifter after all—but strange things keep happening. Creatures the world hasn’t seen for thousands of years are stalking me and my friends, and they are nearly immortal. I’m a bush pilot, not a detective, but I have to solve this mystery before I lose everything—and everybody I love.

Bad II the Bone: Supernatural Thriller from the Street by Anton Marks

Beauty is only skin deep, but evil is Bad to the Bone Yvonne Y Sinclair, Suzanne Suzy Wong Young, and Cleo Patra Jones are three ordinary women who share an inseparable kinship and extraordinary mystical powers. They have an itch to scratch that only financial freedom could satisfy. Bad II the Bone – was to be that freedom. An emporium of health and beauty providing everything the 21st-century woman needed to shine. However, when Y’s ex-steals their seed money, higher powers intervene and set them on their true course. They have been ordained with the power of the Watunza Mwanga – legendary guardians of the light who have protected the balance between good over evil since civilization began – and they are compelled to continue in that rich tradition as modern-day bodyguards. They cross paths with Spokes - a successful club promoter who is the catalyst for supernatural murder and mayhem on the streets of London. Enoch Lacombe aka Darkman - a Jamaican Vodun of unspeakable talent - was settling old scores with a power that was ancient and terrible, in an orgy of bloodshed. Spokes has something he wants, and he is cutting a bloody swath through the city's criminal underworld to get to him. Their mission now is to keep Spokes alive – a key to their destiny - but that was easier said than done. They may be the chosen warriors of the light, but when Darkman unleashes hell on earth Bad II the Bone with the aid of smooth Detective Inspector Winston Shaft McFarlane must face their greatest fears to stop a tidal wave of evil.

Riftsiders: Unlawful Possession by Paul A. DeStefano

The lead couple meets at a support group for the possessed. Enrique Marin wants a quiet life after the death of his wife. Just one problem stands in the way--he's possessed by the misanthropic English demon, Tzazin. A violent night under demonic influence accidentally leads Enrique to love, and it's anything but quiet. Shy, autistic yoga instructor Elle thought allowing herself to be possessed by the very-not-shy sex demon Key would help her find love. She finds Enrique, but she didn't count on coping with the anti-demon bigotry of society. Fate--and AA meetings for the possessed--brings them together, but hostile forces, demonic and human, fight to keep them apart. It might cost them everything to keep their love alive.

Legacy (Chronicles of the Sentinels Book 1) by Jon Wasik

Magic is real. Babylonian gods are real, and they’re hungry for human souls. But can a 22 year old Japanese-American college student, whose life has revolved around science, come to terms with the existence of magic, let alone defend the Earth from those hungry gods? For days, engineering student Christopher Tatsu has been plagued by bizarre dreams of gargoyles, magic, and a strangely beautiful, anime-like woman. Things get weirder when those dreams start to come true. Things like magic sand, a blue-haired gun-toting elf that saves his life, and a gargoyle bent on killing Chris and his friends. He’s just trying to pass his last classes and graduate, but he quickly finds himself embroiled in a conflict to protect the Barrier, a 4,000 year old planet-wide enchantment that has prevented most magic from existing on Earth, and by extension, has stopped a Babylonian god from feeding upon human souls. Will he come to accept the reality of magic? Will he save the Barrier? And did he pass his last final?

Retribution (Chronicles of the Sentinels) by Jon Wasik

What happens when you piss off a Babylonian demigod? Chris, Alycia and Emmi have spent the summer training in the mountains to become Sentinels, honing their magic while learning combat skills. But on the day of their final trial, Nabu, very much alive and sporting a new body, launches an all-out assault against them. Nabu's only demand - return Imhullu, or she will exact revenge not just upon the Sentinels, but upon everyone they love. As the demigod carves a bloody and destructive path through the lives of the Sentinels, Chris must ascertain not only why Nabu needs the soul-consuming dagger, but also how to once and for all destroy her. The fate not just of his loved ones hangs in the balance, so too does the fate of every single human soul.

Of Fae and Hate by Quirah Casey

Hate is a strong word, but at the Nadouraz Academy it’s deadly. I never wanted to attend Nadouraz Academy. The school for fae is full of spoiled, bratty, powerful royals. I’m none of those things. Most importantly, no one even knows if I’m even fae. The first week of school I find myself in a rivalry with more fae than I can keep track of, but it becomes the least of my worries when I end up cursed. What’s worse is that the curse binds me to three fae I hate and one who just may be a demon from the darkest pits of hell: Soskia, Alik, Fox, and Brynsyn. Now a promise to give the pretentious academy a try, an unbreakable contract, and a wicked curse may seal my death.

This Fractured Mage (The Librarian Chronicles Book 1) by L.J Rivers

Paige Pine remembers everything she’s read. Ever. At thirty-two, she’s dying for a fresh start. She finally lands her dream job, but restoring the Oslo Magica Library after a disastrous fire requires a lot more than a mage with a linguistic party-trick. The Magistry slaps a crazy deadline in her face with even crazier conditions. Paige has only weeks to procure a Grade A artifact, or they’ll shut the library down. And with it, her career. When all hope seems lost, a runic spell appears, promising to unearth an artifact from the Norse gods into the twenty-first century. Paige must risk everything to find it because if she fails, it could all go up in flames. Again. This Fractured Mage is the first book in The Librarian Chronicles, an Urban Fantasy series where modern day meets ancient myths. Delve into a story of sentient libraries, meddlesome ghosts, cheeky squirrel sprites, and unexpected romance.

Taming Demons for Beginners (The Guild Codex: Demonized Book 1) by Annette Marie

Rule one: Don't look at the demon. When I arrived at my uncle's house, I expected my relatives to be like me—outcast sorcerers who don't practice magic. I was right about the sorcery, but wrong about everything else. Rule two: Don't listen to the demon. My uncle chose a far deadlier power. He calls creatures of darkness into our world, binds them into service contracts, and sells them to the highest bidder. And I'm supposed to act like I don't know how illegal and dangerous it is. Rule three: Don't talk to the demon. All I had to do was keep my nose out of it. Pretend I didn't find the summoning circle in the basement. Pretend I didn't notice the shadowy being trapped inside it. Pretend I didn't break the rules. But I did, and now it's too late. -- From the author of The Guild Codex: Spellbound comes a new series that will plunge an unprepared young woman into the darkest magic of the mythic world.

The One and Only Crystal Druid (The Guild Codex: Unveiled Book 1) by Annette Marie

Ten years ago, I risked everything on a nameless boy. I came out the other side with a murder conviction, a prison sentence, and a minor case of amnesia. I forgot everything about that boy, and now I'm out on parole, just a nobody witch volunteering at an animal rescue and keeping a low profile. Everything was fine until the notorious Crystal Druid showed up to hunt a powerful fae that's leaving a trail of dead bodies in its wake—bodies that the local ex-con, me, will be blamed for. To save my own hide, I offer to help him. But with every clash of temper between us, something inside me cracks a little more. The closer we get to our target—and the closer I get to the guarded Crystal Druid—the more my missing memories loom. The fae killer is far deadlier than I imagined—but so is the boy I forgot. And the only question now is which one will destroy me first. -- From the author of the best-selling Guild Codex books comes a new series that delves into the dark, dangerous world of druids and fae alongside two ravaged souls who may be exactly what the other needs ... if they don't kill each other first. Unveiled can be read as a standalone series or in conjunction with other Guild Codex series. For the full reading order, visit Annette Marie's website.

The Fire I Called: A Bond of Blood by M Dane

Brimming with adventure and forbidden love, The Fire I Called captures the struggle of acceptance in an antiquated world. Following the murder of her best friend, Chalia Lainslaid escapes her perilous life in the city by moving to Belbury-on-the-Brook. Nestled in the British countryside, the stodgy village is about as exciting as a punch to the nose. Just as Chalia can’t take it anymore, her life takes an interesting—and dangerous—turn when she falls for the fascinating and beautiful Elanil. Elanil is one of Belbury’s secrets. She, like many others, is an elf, and her kind have been refugees in the village for the last seventy years. But she isn’t the only secret Belbury keeps; there is one other, one which will burn them all to ash unless Chalia can let go of her past and embrace who she is meant to be.

The Hand Dealt: A Magical Midlife Mystery (The Tarot Legacies Book 1) by Victoria Belue

She had accomplished everything… …and now she wanted more. Could she control reincarnation? The luxury fashion empire she created was world-class. Vesta had come a long way from the poverty-ridden life that tried to keep her down. It all seemed too easy. Was she meant for more? The Tarot cards hold a secret for her. Vesta’s life changed that night at the lecture. She believed him. Reincarnation was real and she knew this would be the ultimate quest. How could she return as herself? He was a British rock legend. He was also the Fool of the tarot. Liam knew the truth about Vesta but had been sworn to keep it. What he knows will change Vesta’s life forever. The quest begins. You’ll love this urban fantasy, because Victoria Belue has created a premise as unique as the world she built around it.

If Wishes Were Curses (The Steel City Genie Book 1) by Janeen Ippolito

So I accidentally killed a shifter. On purpose. With genie powers I shouldn’t be able to use, thanks to my curse-mark. In my defense, the damn grizzly was threatening civilians and might have been a vampire as well. Pittsburgh is safer without him. Only the Fae court doesn’t believe my story, and the shifters are out for blood. Now I’ve lost my job as a romantic investigator, and I’m on death row. My only hope is an oddly outgoing vegetarian vampire lawyer who seems strangely familiar. Too familiar. Almost like we’ve met before, and this whole thing was a set-up to take us both down. Wishing won’t get us out of this mess.But my forbidden wish magic just might. Buy now and enjoy a snarky urban fantasy that's Angel meets I Dream of Jeannie and features a blue-collar genie in over her head, a romantic subplot (nothing graphic), and gleeful send ups of many romantic fantasy tropes, plus a fantastic otter-shifter.

Tales of Ever After: A Fellowship of Fantasy Anthology by Various

Rescue a princess, meet a mermaid, win your reward. The authors of the Fellowship of Fantasy tackle fairy tales from once upon a time to happily ever after. Explore twists on old tales and brand new magical stories. Meet feisty mermaids, friendly lampposts, and heroes who just might be monsters themselves. This fourth anthology from the Fellowship of Fantasy will lead you on a quest for entertainment and storm the castle of your imagination. So make a wish and enter the deep dark woods to find stories that will make you laugh, shiver, and maybe even fall in love.

The Book of Secrets (The Last Oracle 1) by Melissa McShane

Helena Davies just wants a job that will get her out of her parents’ basement. Instead, by the end of her first day at Abernathy’s Bookstore, she has a dead boss in the basement and the news that she is now a part of an endless magical war. Abernathy’s is the world’s only living oracle, and Helena is now its custodian. Without any training, she must navigate her new world and find a place for herself within it. But there’s still a murderer on the loose—and Helena might be next on his list.

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