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In the Shadow of Truth (Shadow #3)

In the Shadow of Truth (Shadow #3) by J.E. Leak

She thought she wanted the truth. Now she’d give anything to forget it. New OSS trainee Jenny Ryan is brimming with equal parts excitement and fear. She is one step closer to serving her country overseas, but when her ambition costs her dearly, she realizes the fight has come to her and love has turned to lies. OSS instructor Kathryn Hammond is no stranger to sacrifice. But when doing her job means sending the woman she loves into the churn of war, her devotion to duty is tested like never before. When shocking revelations and the cruel march of time threaten their love, will Kat and Jenny embrace the truth and find each other again before it’s too late?

The Bloods of a Withering Kingdom

The Bloods of a Withering Kingdom by Corey Ratliff

Bör Mesari burns. Velensmir is on the brink of war with Grayhorn. The dwarves return to the light. The druidic Gods are on the move. And the Ashen Empire has risen. Aric and Eldras reunite to find themselves thrust under the shadow of prophecy and a choice that will change the world forever. One path will see them in someone else's shackles, while the other is painted in secrets and lies. Moro and Trenara prepare to part ways as he discovers the mistake he made that will bathe the lands in blood. His powers grow and he begins to hear a voice bound to his fate and soul. In the south, Donalis discovers the dark plans of the High King to rewrite the map of Verilia as three cities collide. Now, he must make the choice to remain loyal to his king, or hold onto his morals. Death will meet Life as unforeseen enemies are revealed. Old foes reemerge. Alliances form in the most unlikely. When the rise of the Shadow bond threatens every faction, can heroes prevail where all else have failed before?

In the Shadow of Victory (Shadow #4)

In the Shadow of Victory (Shadow #4) by J.E. Leak

Victory isn’t always the end of the story. Paris, 1944. As OSS agents Kathryn Hammond and Jenny Ryan navigate the dangerous world of espionage, they are faced with the ultimate test of love and loyalty. Can their love overcome the obstacles in their path, or have time and the shadows of the past cost them a second chance at happiness? Join Kathryn and Jenny on their journey of forgiveness, healing, and devotion, as they discover the strength of their love in the thrilling conclusion to the sapphic noir Shadow series.

 Note: This is the fourth and final book in the Shadow series. Reading the books in order is highly recommended.


Stormfire by Jasmine Young

In the final hour, the broken and weak will show themselves the mightiest of all. The Air Sages were once greater than even the dragons of old. Now that they have perished, war and terrors blight the land. A mountain boy, branded a cripple by his own people, dreams only of escaping his servitude on the chilly alps. But when royal soldiers arrive and execute his brother for treason, Jamian Pappas is thrust headlong into a destiny beyond what he could ever imagine… The crown has discovered he is a Sage, the last of his kind. Jaime must enter a deadly race to master the forgotten art of the elements if he is to bring restoration to his ravaged realm. But his true enemies are not who they seem. For the cruelest beings of the Old World lurk in the night, manipulating, plotting, and hungering for the last free Sageflesh... To rise into his destiny, and challenge the unseen, will mean accelerating an inevitable prophecy that will bring the 3,000 year old Empire of Sages to an end. Enter the sweeping Third Age, where the old races of demons, mages, and dread-gods will sunder the Age of Sages, a world order that has reigned supreme for three thousand years - and where hope may ultimately rest on the most broken and weak of all.

A Breaking of Realms

A Breaking of Realms by Jasmine Young


Praise for Jasmine Young's A Breaking of Realms: "This one deserves more than 5 stars." "[B]rings you such phenomenal dragons that your jaw will be on the floor." "I might have just read my favourite high fantasy book of 2023." "An absolute winner and no one, I mean no one should miss it if you enjoy a thoroughly fantastic read!" The Realm-Building Enterprise is open to all. On the continent of Elondria, anyone may become the next legendary dragon rider by building the greatest towns, cities, and even kingdoms. Skálda Branwright dreams of leaving the Longcold and becoming the first Dragonlord to build an official realm. Only no dragon egg has ever hatched for her. But when a wild hatchling falls to her from the skies, begging for rescue, she must decide whether to relinquish her dreams and become the worst criminal of all - a rogue rider. One with the potential to restore mankind’s sovereignty from the brutal dominion of elves. The Realm-Building Enterprise was meant to unite all races, until it became a means for elves to control the continent. But this is no ordinary dragon. By the time Skálda realizes what she holds in her hands, it is much too late. Stealing this hatchling will mean breaking Elondria's twenty realms, beginning with the one she calls home... A Realm-Breaker is coming.


#Rehashed by Jack T Canis

#Rehashed: A short story collection, contains twenty short stories from the deviant mind of Jack T. Canis. They range from the humorous to the bizarre, dark to enlightening. Fourteen rehashed stories have been previously published in journals, magazines and anthologies from the USA, UK & France and collected together into a single volume. There are also six new tales for your delectation: The Doldrums of Bidmouth Bay; Oliver's Island; The Waiting Room; Bolivia; Chutzpah & Fly Spray.

A Place to Land

A Place to Land by Rosalie Fox

The sequel to A Tale of Wild Geese, A Place to Land picks up Johnny Reilly’s story in Africa at the end of 1944. World War Two had left all of them with scars, not all of them visible, and it wasn't over yet. At night the Focke-Wulf still hunted him and the people he loved. When his career as a fighter pilot had ended, Johnny Reilly had come to Africa to make peace with his beloved cousin, to bring her husband home to her. He hadn't meant to stay, but the lovely Louise Viljoen had changed that when she kissed him in front of the hotel... Lou was the only girl who had him off guard and kept him that way. Somehow she knew how to help him through the nightmares. But he'd never had sense, then, had he? So he made more mistakes and then he was going to be father. He was a penniless, broken-down pilot and somehow he had to find a way to build a life for them, and he had to do it quickly. To do that, he needed a plane and when he learned of a man in Southwest Africa who could help him, he ventured to a little town called Kolmanskop to meet the Little Bird of the Namib Desert. It was another venture that went south, badly, and Johnny is forced to face the past, the things haunting him, and a man who had been an enemy. Suddenly the mission is no more to find a plane, but to survive and pray that the people he loves will come search for them, find them before it's too late. It's a story of love, brotherhood, adventure and one man's quest to find a place to land and a way to put his demons to rest.

A Tale of Wild Geese

A Tale of Wild Geese by Rosalie Fox

The year was 1940 and the skies above Britain were about to become a war zone. Eleanor Davies was a 19-year-old barmaid in the Lark. Her cousin, Johnny Reilly, had been bringing her things he thought she would like for as long as she could remember. He'd bring her a flower or a seashell that caught his eye. One day, he brought her a young American pilot and all their lives changed forever. When Danny walked through The Lark's door, the world as she'd known it shifted; it would never be the same again. Danny O'Neal wasn't supposed to be in the RAF, it violated his country's neutrality agreements. He also wasn't supposed to be falling in love. His whole life had been a war for survival. He had come to England in the hope that he could leave his past behind and build a life for himself. Meeting a girl hadn't been part of his plans. This is a tale of Wild Geese blowing before the winds of war, coming of age and falling in love, building something worthwhile in the midst of the greatest conflict the world has ever known. It tells the story of dreaming of white roses, a porch and skies at peace, while the world falls apart around them. It's an epic tale of 'The Few' who defended the skies and the Women's Land Army that kept agriculture going. Above all, it's a love story that spans across continents. The love story that left all of them changed forever.


Firefax by A.M. Vergara

"I would advise you, young man, to take care around anyone with the surname Firefax. I know not if the rumors be true that they be king killers, but they are, without any doubt, a dangerous family." Legend tells of a city of gold on a phantom island. The wealth of that city could end the American Revolution. But the only person who knows the island’s location is the world’s deadliest assassin. And he’s not giving up that secret without a fight . . . The world’s oldest family of high-profile assassins, the Firefaxes, have been killing off dignitaries—and being well-compensated to do so—for centuries. The family is thrown into turmoil by their patriarch’s death and the return of their cunning, cruel prodigal, Murdoch. With their father dead, Murdoch is the only one who knows where the Firefax wealth is, kept on a secret island. But two competing intelligence networks in the American Revolution are bent on tracking down the legendary treasure to end the war, whatever the cost. However, these spy networks may have met their match in this wily, dysfunctional family of killers.

Heir To The Empire: The Next Generation

Heir To The Empire: The Next Generation by Jonathan Taylor

Martha always admired her veteran father and sought to emulate his example. Her wish was granted when she, along with her prodigious and reclusive best friend Elisabeth, was accepted in the premier military academy in the world. Once there, the two are assigned in a unit with Giuliana, a free-spirited and passionate fellow cadet, as well as Viktor, a young man who maintains his cool in almost all situations and is seemingly full of surprises. As the semester rolls through, they face the hardships the university pushes on them as well as befriend some of their fellow cadets, however a looming terrorist threat and the secrets they keep from each other threaten to tear their careers, and friendships, apart.

Heir To The Empire: The Path Not Taken

Heir To The Empire: The Path Not Taken by Jonathan Taylor

Martha has learned a great deal in her first semester at a prestigious military university, yet her most intriguing lesson didn’t come from her professors. As she returns home for spring break, she takes it upon herself to lift the curse inflicted upon her family, despite the dangers that goal can bring upon her. The curse-lifting ritual Martha performs brings her to a different world, a world similar to her own, but with changes she struggles to work around. Once she finds her bearings in this new world, as well as some unlikely allies, Martha goes on the quest she was meant to undertake, a quest which will test her to the full extent of her wisdom, might, and abilities, along which she must battle strange and powerful enemies in order to overcome her family’s blood curse.

Galaxy of Thorns: Rise of the Empress

Galaxy of Thorns: Rise of the Empress by Bogdan Tăbușcă

SPSFC 2023

Divided between great wicked minds and cruel beings of unnatural power, the world of Artia has long been under the cycle of war and suffering. A child is born, conceived in an unholy union. A mighty empress to bring the world within her grasp, through mercy and kindness, through sword and fire. But will she be any better than the horrors that came before her? Or will she succumb to the vices of power and rule this world as its new dark master?

The Sherangivan

The Sherangivan by Jacqueline Fellows

"You go no farther than your own mind; and what could be more familiar to you than yourself?" A new city on the rivers, its walls pristine and untested. Encroaching strangers, aggressive, seeking a new land of their own. A brutal triple murder in the woods. And a young man caught in the middle of it all, tormented by dreams he doesn't understand.

Asrian Skies

Asrian Skies by Anne Wheeler

Avery Rendon is weeks away from realizing her dream as a Commonwealth fighter pilot when planetary politics destroy her fledgling career before it begins. Grudgingly, she returns to her home planet of Asria, still hoping to break free of her royal family and the life of tedious policymaking they’ve planned for her. But Asria is still Asria, and after her almost-fiancé walks out on her, she’s not sure things can get much worse. She’s wrong. When the Haederan Empire invades Asria, intent on rebuilding their interstellar domain, Avery becomes a target. She also becomes something else—a reluctant and naïve Commonwealth intelligence operative. It’s not long before she stumbles upon information that could change the course of the war, and suddenly she’s on the run, pursued by the Haederan secret police and desperate to deliver critical information to the Commonwealth before it’s too late. Swept up in something more dangerous than politics or flying, Avery starts to wonder if her destiny lies somewhere closer to home. If the information she’s learned can turn the tide of the war. And if she’ll live to see the end of it all.

The Smallest War

The Smallest War by Mark Sheehan

“Shit, General,” Hank said, leaning forward. “US Armorers could put a gun in the hand of Jesus. Small War ain’t going to happen.” Small War is the United Nations’ best kept secret: the end of conventional warfare. Acting in self-interest, the United States’ military buries it. Oil—enough to build a superpower—is discovered by the United States, only for Russia to lay claim. The United States threatens war, but a resurgent Russia ruthlessly executes a play years in the making. Dominos fall: a fire the size of England, a bloody naval skirmish, breath-taking political manipulation. Small War will decide who exploits the oil. Unprepared, the United States exhumes its Small War capability and staggers into a contest of hunter and prey: five relentless rounds of pursuit by any means necessary, winner takes all. Press-ganged into the fray, Danny “The Beef” Wellington joins his two teammates, Kimimela Thunderhawk and Matt Balthazar, planning to do just enough to stay alive, but there’s a hitch. A traitor lurks, and only Danny can tip the balance to give the United States a fighting chance. Full of unrelenting cat-and-mouse, rapid-fire action and characters pushed to their limits, this book is perfect for fans of I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes, Ice Station by Matthew Reilly and Inferno by Dan Brown. If you can catch a breath, you’re not reading The Smallest War. Get it now!

An Idle King

An Idle King by Andrew Paterson

Imagine fighting a war no one wanted you to win. Imagine never wanting to leave. Afghanistan has been abandoned by the international community. Left to the ravages of warlords and mercenaries, vying for dominance over the new Silk Road. For Callum King, a former officer who was discharged from the army, his past remains very much tied to that forsaken place. When he receives an offer from one of his former soldiers to work for a private security company in Kandahar, the contract represents an opportunity to make amends for his failures as a soldier and a leader. But the cost would mean walking away from a family that he’s tried so hard to put back together. An Idle King is a modern retelling of an ancient story about lost soldiers who can never go home.

The Fangs of War

The Fangs of War by E J Doble


After the brutal execution of Provenci's King by the roving forces of Tarraz, a new military government vaults into power with the nefarious Alvarez at the helm. Hell-bent on bloodshed and the glory of an imperial past, he amasses the largest army seen in a generation and plunges the two nations into a bloody war, against the will of the god-like being known as the All-Mother. Cavara, a general of the army at odds with her superiors over the war, is ground under the heel of the scheming Commander Revek and betrayed by her own people, left for dead on a distant shoreline. Saved by a passing ship and taken to the other end of the world, she is plagued by visions of a white void and a figure known as the Shadow Woman, who begins to unravel the true nature of the war - a conflict not only of men, but also of gods alike. In a story of hope, power, greed and hatred, all are driven mad by the enemy within - none are safe from the Fangs of War.

The Cutthroat Prince

The Cutthroat Prince by C. J. R. Isely

Whispers of war, cryptic warnings, and new dangers await... Plunging into the second year of training as a squire, everything is looking up for Will. He gets to train with his best friends, work a new mentor, and learn to become a knight of Alamore. Though the war of the winter is a raw memory, Will is doing his best to push the secrets he's uncovered about who he truly is to the back of his mind. As long as he never speaks of his relation to King Tollien, he hopes he will never have to consider its consequences. But secrets aren't meant to be hidden forever and there are others who are not as willing to forget. With the arrival of a mysterious knight in Alamore demanding council with King Revlan, the short peace is fracturing. Now keeping his royal lineage a secret is a battle in itself. The Ranger has ordered him to trust no one, to hide the truth of who he is, and pretend that he is just another squire. And Will is trying his best. The problem is that people seem to know. Rumors are running through the castle about the arrival of this new knight, unrest in the south, and the grey cloaked riders attacking the unweary in the woods. Will and his friends and thrown into the thick of new dangers when it becomes clear the these rogues are after him and Will must face the Cutthroat Prince or risk losing more than just his life.

Ranger of Kings

Ranger of Kings by C. J. R. Isely

Training to be a knight isn't fun... if you die Living as a lowly village boy, Will finds himself thrown into a world he could only dream of when he meets the mischievous son of an influential Lord and a calculating last heir of a powerful Count. Brought to Alamore castle, he can not believe his luck when he is invited to join his two new friends in training to become knights of the realm. But training isn't all the grandeur and chivalry he imagined. After he and his friends stumble upon a secret set of tunnels beneath the castle that hide a clan of traitors to the crown, they are plunged into new dangers. Their lives are at risk from new threats beneath the fortress while, beyond Alamore's walls, alliances crumble and the uneasy peace begins to fracture. When fate twists again, Will must face the reality that more than good fortune brought him to Alamore. There are secrets he must uncover, truths he has to find, in order to help keep Alamore from falling into war. But the only person who holds the answers that might keep Alamore from falling, that will help him to discover who he is, is a man more dangerous than the tunnels themselves. A man known only as the Ranger of Kings.

In the Shadow of Love

In the Shadow of Love by J. E. Leak

She was prepared to lose her life. She was not prepared to lose her heart. Reporter Jenny Ryan didn’t believe in love at first sight. Until it happened to her. An encounter with a sultry nightclub singer led to a secret job at the Office of Strategic Services and an unlikely romance with the woman of her dreams. OSS agent Kathryn Hammond knows she doesn’t deserve love or happiness. But having fallen for her former assignment, she’ll do anything to keep her safe—including staying away. When ghosts from her past emerge, and Jenny waltzes into headquarters as a new recruit, all of Kathryn’s fears materialize. With Jenny’s protection out of her hands, and society, the war, and time against them, will their love survive? In the Shadow of Love is the second book in this lesbian historical romance series. If you like secrets, spies, and love against all odds, you'll love this emotionally sweeping love story. Buy In the Shadow of Love and lose yourself in a page-turning night of desire and intrigue today!

I am Mrs. Jesse James

I am Mrs. Jesse James by Pat Wahler

She captured his heart, but at what price? The long, bloody Civil War is finally at an end when Zee Mimms, the daughter of a Missouri preacher, is tasked with nursing her cousin, Jesse James, back to health after he suffers a near-fatal wound. During Jesse's long convalescence, the couple falls in love, but Jesse's resentment against the Federals runs deep. He has scores to settle. For him, the war will never be over. Zee is torn between deferring to her parents' wishes and marrying for security or marrying for love and accepting the hard realities of life with an outlaw--living under an assumed name and forever on the run. For her, the choice she makes means the war is only beginning. Discover why readers describe this richly imagined story of the woman who wed Jesse James as powerful, compelling, and emotional.

The Storm over Paris

The Storm over Paris by William Ian Grubman

The Storm Over Paris is a "dark, gripping historical thriller" with "evocative and frightening descriptions of life in Paris under Nazi rule." - Kirkus Reviews It's 1942 in Nazi-Occupied Paris. Mori Rothstein is a widely-respected, internationally-known art dealer, loving husband, and father. Mori's once-charmed life darkens when Hermann Goering – the head of the Nazi Gestapo and one of the most feared men alive – seeks out his expertise. Goering gives Mori a choice: appraise priceless pieces of art that will be deported to Hitler's new museum or risk his and his family's lives. As his friends and fellow Jews disappear one by one, Mori must decide what he will stand for and at what cost. With so much at stake, Mori and his son concoct a risky plan to save some of history's greatest pieces of art...but can it possibly work? And can Mori's family possibly survive the scrutiny of Goering and the horrors of Nazi occupation? Fans of Daniel Silva, Dan Brown, and John Grisham will fall in love with this gripping piece of World War II historical fiction. The action and intrigue makes this page-turner impossible to put down; the cast of characters make it impossible to forget.

Tinderbox (Flashpoint) (Volume 1)

Tinderbox (Flashpoint) (Volume 1) by Rachel Grant

In the volatile tinderbox of the Horn of Africa, Morgan Adler has made the paleoanthropological find of a lifetime. The discovery brings her to the attention of a warlord eager to claim both Morgan and the fossils, forcing her to make a desperate dash to the nearby US military base to beg for protection. Master Sergeant Pax Blanchard has orders to intercept Dr. Adler before she reaches the base, and in so doing saves her life. After a harrowing afternoon he safely delivers her to his commanders, only to find his responsibilities toward protecting the obstinate archaeologist have only just begun. Morgan and Pax are forced to work together in the Djiboutian desert heat, but it is the fire that ignites between them that threatens to combust them both. For the Green Beret, involvement with the woman he must protect is a threat to his career, while for the archaeologist, the soldier is everything she never wanted but somehow can’t resist. When Morgan uncovers a mystery surrounding Djibouti’s most scarce and vital resource, the danger to her reaches the flashpoint. For Pax, protecting her is no longer a matter of following orders, and he’ll risk everything to bring her back alive.

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