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Whispers of a World Breaker

Whispers of a World Breaker by Corey Ratliff

Aric’s job is simple; assist the elves as they moved dragon eggs across the kingdom. When an orc raid leaves a dragon in peril and her egg vulnerable, the responsibility falls into Aric’s hands to complete the mission. But when the dragon hatches, Aric’s life is thrown into disarray. Accused of being the world breaker of an old prophecy by the elves, sought after by the ever-growing orc clans as vengeance against the elves, and desired by the human kings and queens for power, Aric will stop at nothing to protect his new dragon. It may be the only thing that can turn the tides of the war. Can Aric fight fate and save the world, or is he destined by the whispers of a world breaker?

The Bloods of a Withering Kingdom

The Bloods of a Withering Kingdom by Corey Ratliff

Bör Mesari burns. Velensmir is on the brink of war with Grayhorn. The dwarves return to the light. The druidic Gods are on the move. And the Ashen Empire has risen. Aric and Eldras reunite to find themselves thrust under the shadow of prophecy and a choice that will change the world forever. One path will see them in someone else's shackles, while the other is painted in secrets and lies. Moro and Trenara prepare to part ways as he discovers the mistake he made that will bathe the lands in blood. His powers grow and he begins to hear a voice bound to his fate and soul. In the south, Donalis discovers the dark plans of the High King to rewrite the map of Verilia as three cities collide. Now, he must make the choice to remain loyal to his king, or hold onto his morals. Death will meet Life as unforeseen enemies are revealed. Old foes reemerge. Alliances form in the most unlikely. When the rise of the Shadow bond threatens every faction, can heroes prevail where all else have failed before?

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