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Crownkeeper by Anne Wheeler

It Takes a Queen to Save a Kingdom The last thing Riette expects on a snowy winter’s evening is Meirdre’s royal guard appearing on her doorstep. Their purpose? The king needs a bride, and tradition dictates the position is hers to accept. Desperate to secure her parents’ future, she agrees to the marriage and is whisked away to Lochfeld Castle, all too aware her childhood friend is there as well, imprisoned as a rebel in the dungeons below. But life at the Meirdrean court isn’t anything Riette expected. Not only does King Laurent have secrets, but so does the castle itself—mysteries she alone can see. The latest in a long line of women chosen to protect Meirdre, she discovers her foremost purpose is to shield the kingdom from both natural disasters and outside forces who would love to see it fall. War is on the horizon . . . but can she call upon her powers to stop it? Between love and treachery, Riette will discover what it truly means to be a crownkeeper—because accepting her future as queen of Meirdre might be the one thing that saves her kingdom. For those who prefer standalone novels, Crownkeeper consists of the novellas Treason's Crown, War's Crown, and Queen's Crown. It contains limited new material.

The Stars Wait Not by Anne Wheeler

Ryllis Camden has a secret – she can talk to nature, and it speaks to her in return. But her gift is forbidden by the Vilarian Star Realm who controls her planet, and the penalty is death. When she’s falsely accused of treason and exiled to the Vilarian home world, hiding her power becomes even more critical. But how can she hide anything when she’s forced to toil in the home of the emperor’s youngest son? Kresten Westermark might be a prince, but long ago he shunned a life of luxury to work as a telepath in the Vilarian Imperial Flee. His job demands he treat his new prisoner as a slave and test his deteriorating telepathic powers on her, but the only thing on his mind is the growing attraction he feels toward the earnest young woman tending his gardens. As the mountain winter fades, a reluctant respect between the two becomes trust, and trust soon blossoms into affection. But when the Fleet arrives to arrest Kresten for treason, Ryllis must make an impossible decision. Save Kresten’s life – or hers.

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