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A Sea of Cinders

A Sea of Cinders by Adam R. Bishop


In Cellagor—a land segregated between humans and Elves—fear, manipulation and war are inevitable. Nearly one hundred years have passed since the War of the Fallen, a cataclysmic battle between human and Elf which left both races teetering on the brink of extinction. Now, the Age of Tranquility is finally nearing its end, and the northern King of Havelmir is hungry for power and revenge. The Elven peace of mind remains unchanged—that is, until the Kingdom of Rhan is threatened by unknown forces. Soon it becomes clear that the tranquil Elven existence is once again at risk of crumbling. However, even with the element of surprise, the road to victory is not as smooth as it may seem. Ulterior motives are afoot, ancient magic is resurfacing, and an unlikely friendship between two young men may just pose the biggest threat of them all.

The Acktus Trials

The Acktus Trials by D. T. Kane


"Reading Books can get you killed." In the land of Oration, magic is cast by reading aloud words of power from Spoken Books. Only a select few, the Speakers, are born with the ability to do so. But after a disaster nearly destroyed Oration, society grew to fear the Speakers' power and they were hunted and enslaved, never taught to read. Now they live in oppression, unable to use their magic unless a spell is first read aloud to them. Each year, young men and women from Oration's ruling Libraries compete in the Acktus Trials, a journey that takes them through the wilds of Oration to the ruined city of Tome. Once Oration's capital, it is now abandoned, though the Great Library at its center still holds a wealth of Spoken Books. As Speakers are no longer taught to read, they also cannot write, so new Spoken Books have not been created in hundreds of years. The discovery of a new Book is a coveted prize for any young noble. Baztian is a slave to one of Oration's poorer Libraries. When he is selected to accompany his master on the Actkus Trials, he thinks his life is over. The wilds are treacherous, his master incompetent, and their fellow competitors set on winning, whatever the means. But Baz also has a secret—one that could get him killed, but one that also makes him the most valuable of assets during the Trials. Baz can read, and after he saves his master from certain death, he strikes a deal—his secret kept safe in exchange for aiding his master in completing the Trials. But can Baz really help a young man who thinks of him as property? And even if he can, there is much he doesn't know, like the evil that lies in wait beneath the ruins of Tome.

Scales and Sensibility

Scales and Sensibility by Stephanie Burgis


Sensible, practical Elinor Tregarth really did plan to be the model poor relation when she moved into Hathergill Hall. She certainly never meant to kidnap her awful cousin Penelope's pet dragon. She never expected to fall in love with the shameless - but surprisingly sweet - fortune hunter who came to court Penelope. And she never dreamed that she would have to enter into an outrageous magical charade to save her younger sisters' futures. However, even the most brilliant scholars of 1817 England still haven't ferreted out all the lurking secrets of rediscovered dragonkind...and even the most sensible of heroines can still make a reckless wish or two when she's pushed. Now Elinor will have to find out just how rash and resourceful she can be when she sets aside all common sense. Maybe, just maybe, she'll even be impractical enough to win her own true love and a happily ever after...with the unpredictable and dangerous "help" of the magical creature who has adopted her. A frothy Regency rom-com full of pet dragons and magical misadventures, Scales and Sensibility is a full-length novel and the first in a new series of standalone romantic comedies

Crown of Madness

Crown of Madness by Ryan G. Beaty


The Order of the Grim Hunt, a group dedicated to the hunting and slaying of monsters, work to preserve the world and its inhabitants from the creatures of the dark. But what happens when the people become worse than the monsters? Marcus, a professional monster slayer known as a hexblade, a master of both sword and spell, finds himself caught in a war between nations instigated by the manipulations of darker forces and a scheming sorceress. The affairs of men is something the Order of the Grim Hunt is supposed to remain impartial to, but how can he protect the world if it is left to destroy itself? As the fate of the continent hangs in the balance, it will be up to Marcus, a simple hunter of the supernatural, to keep two nations from collapsing into the flames of war. It will be his responsibility to restore balance, and to serve justice by means of the sword.

Hell and High Water

Hell and High Water by Charlotte E. English


Meet the baddest belles of London city. They were known as the fatales, once. Investigators and spies; killers and thieves; con artists and vigilantes — they fought fire with fire, did what had to be done, to make things right. Until the mission that broke them. Many decades later, the fatales have scattered to the winds. Fionn's the queen of London haute couture. Thetai's the star of the power metal scene. And Daix? Could be anything. Anywhere. It'll take a lot to bring them back together. When a model goes missing from a catwalk show, Fionn's frantic. The girl was a friend — and a fellow selkie. And she won't be the last to vanish. To catch the monster responsible, Fionn needs backup. It's time for the fatales to reunite, but can they get it together after eighty years apart? And will it be enough to face down an old enemy straight out of their murky, half-forgotten past? Three fabulous fae banter and brawl their way through a re-imagined, modern-day London — fighting crime, forging friendships and causing havoc. With style. Perfectly tailored for fans of urban fantasy and Charlie’s Angels!


Homefall by Dwayne Leroy


A time of change has come to the world. The great nations are meeting to decide the fate of all at the far off island city of Altex. The powerful, the power hungry, and those who once had power will vie for control, and they will learn that their existence is just one facet of the true struggle taking place around them. Men and women of great abilities, considered Scions of the divine, are making themselves known in a way that has not been seen in millennia, while a thing unknowable and unknowing crawls into the world. Two men, as far apart as it is possible to get, will be immersed in this tumult, forced by circumstances beyond their control. Eldon Demicrus, a wandering scholar, steams north on a great locomotive, driven by duty back to his abandoned home, his dread growing by the mile. Stathen Keldridge, Sheriff of a frontier town, has his life upended by the arrival of strangers, while tragedy catches him up in a whirlwind. Two men, two paths, one endpoint. Their fates bound by chains.

Dreams of Dust

Dreams of Dust by Lily Anne Crow


The immortal lilka heal the wounds of a fractured world, but when the spirits of nature are silenced… Thaniel Swift’s life is about to change. The inexperienced Wayfinder sets out on his first mission to explore the untamed wilds of Koranth. But when he joins a band of storied heroes to uncover the cause of an ominously deserted village, the hunt will lead Thaniel far from home, into the remnants of a long-forgotten civilization, and dangers beyond his dreams. In the east, an ancient sorceress wields forbidden magic to attain the object of her obsession, no matter how much nature itself cries out in fear and pain. To achieve her desires, she will destroy not only the guardian spirits of the land, but the humans as well, leaving the continent of Koranth in desolation. Thrown into the unpredictable wilderness, with growing talents he barely understands, Thaniel uses magic and skill to lead his new allies further into a dying land, seeking answers. Only with the wisdom of the lilka, and the enigmatic aid of one of the Builders, will Thaniel and his companions have any chance at all. But will it be enough to stop the Queen of Dust? Dreams of Dust is the first thrilling adventure in the new fantasy series, Will of the Wayfinder.

Flowers and Bones

Flowers and Bones by Mae Jordon


Shattered dreams lay around Rosalind MacBeth’s life. A Chosen of deities, trained to hunt monsters in Japan, she is forced to flee the only life she’s ever known after her family’s mysterious death. Tick Tock, a hunter of the supernatural, is also a Chosen. After his husband is slain, the Hunter’s Association sends him away on a mission to find a young person with flowers and bones in their hair: Rosalind. A dangerous road lies ahead for them both. Corruption and civil war brew inside the Hunter’s Association. Supernatural beasts of all kinds close in for the kill. Will they survive?

Water for Blood

Water for Blood by A.R. Henle


Restore the spring of life! Losing her beloved father scarred Mara. She held tight to her mother, half-brother, and the unknown grandfather who showed up in the wake of her father's death. He never explained his absence. She never asked, valuing him as a link to her dad.

Until her dying grandfather asked her to go on a quest for the conquistador who, centuries earlier, stole the spring of life.

She agreed, never guessing that the quest involved deep, dark secrets about her father—and herself.

Moving and powerful, Water for Blood features compelling, complex characters facing generations-old evil.

On Lavender Tides

On Lavender Tides by Travis M. Riddle


Ever since he was a kid, all Balt Vana wanted was to be a world-renowned Jekua Summoner like his grandmother, battling other Summoners in front of audiences of thousands. But from where he stands now, living up to the Vana name feels impossible. When his best friend Alani, an initiate at the local Church, is sent on a pilgrimage to find her path in life and the god she will follow, Balt sees the perfect opportunity to launch his career by escorting her across the archipelago and its purple seas. The islands are filled with monsters to imprint and Summoners to battle, with every victory bringing him one step closer to his dream. It will take more than just his family name to reach the same heights as his grandmother, but Balt won't stop until he does.

A Blade For Hire

A Blade For Hire by Christopher D. Brand


Who, and where, is Amheris? The question that will dominate the fortunes of Hale - a former soldier turned blade for hire – and could yet decide the entire fate of Ambria. After a bloody fight to protect the Lady de la Faye, Hale is offered a new task by his patron and frequent employer, the Lord Barthelme: to travel to Andrid and escort two priests on their journey to find their missing contact, known only as 'Amheris'. But despite the priest's assertions that this a routine job for a routine payment, the task quickly turns into a lethal game of cat and mouse, as Hale and his charges find themselves pursued at every turn by a relentless and deadly foe. Magic, muskets, mystery and mayhem are all unleashed in this swashbuckling fantasy thriller.

Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways by Abbie Evans


The Goddess works in mysterious ways, and Isabella Varselak intends to find out exactly what those ways are. As the commander of the 7th Unit of the Solistopian City Watch, Isabella Varselak has dealt with many a mystery. Murderers, burglars, con artists, and troublesome demons have given her a multitude of crimes to solve over the years. But injustice in the way the world works is all around her. Innocent people suffer, guilty people triumph. When this is questioned, the only answer she receives is that the Goddess works in mysterious ways. Determined to get to the bottom of what these ways are and solve the ultimate mystery, she sets off on a journey to find answers — but she’ll have to go through hell to get them. Mysterious Ways is a fantasy novel set in a matriarchal world. Women are in power, they worship a Goddess, and same sex relationships are common and socially acceptable.

The Last Dragonkeeper

The Last Dragonkeeper by Drew Montgomery


Joven Farquin has spent a lifetime building up a reputation, his name spread far and wide as the man who travels with the last known dragon, as a mercenary who has made his living with a beast that inspires fear and awe throughout the land. It is a reputation that has brought him face to face with kings, warriors, clergy, and more across the Free Kingdoms as he has built his fame and fortune. But none of it could make him invincible. Awakened in a strange camp, injured and imprisoned, his dragon nowhere to be found, he finds himself at the mercy of powerful forces, agents of both a massive empire and an influential order of sorceresses. As he answers their questions, providing a glimpse into a past that has led him to this place, his mind seeks answers, searching for an escape and to find a reason that the beast he had so long entrusted with his life could allow him to fall.

Any Minor World

Any Minor World by Craig Schaefer


For Roy Mackey -- a recovering addict who makes his living as an unlicensed PI and occasional muscle for hire -- tracking down a dead writer's final manuscript should be a walk in the park. Too bad his client is a phony, the dead writer is a thief, and shadowy men are watching his every move. All clues lead to a canceled pulp-adventure comic, The Midnight Jury, and its mousy, reclusive author. Lucy Langenkamp is living a quiet life as an art restorer in Las Vegas; when Roy helps her escape from a crew of armed kidnappers, she's as baffled as he is. Then one of her own characters, a flamethrower-wielding "human exterminator," steps out of the pages of her comic book and into the real world. He's intent on hunting her down, and he isn't alone. The pulp villains spawned from Lucy's childhood imagination are coming to life, searching for their long-lost author. Her most sinister creation, the Illustrated Duke, has a dark plan in motion. This is a job for Lucy's two-fisted vigilante, the Midnight Jury. But the Jury is missing. To save the day, Lucy and Roy must descend into a noir-drenched nightmare city on a rescue mission. The walls between fiction and reality are shattered, there's wild magic in the air, and it's up to two unlikely heroes to risk it all and save the day.

The Nine

The Nine by C.G. Harris


Winner of the Colorado Indie Author Project award for Adult Fiction! Hell is not what you think ... It’s bone-chilling. Gabe is a good guy making the best of eternity in a place not known for its hospitality — until he is recruited by Judas Iscariot (yes, that Judas) to join a sect of double agents dedicated to sabotaging the mayhem being released on Earth. Armed with a skill set of irritating quips and zero knowledge of the modern world, Gabe must figure out how to work with his beautiful, tough-as-nails partner without botching the mission or revealing his true identity. If this unlikely hero can’t figure it out before disaster strikes, facing the wrath of Hell will be the least of his worries … If you like snarky characters and dark humor, then you’ll love The Nine, the first book in the action-packed, supernatural Judas Files urban fantasy series. Series now complete!

Atlas Rising

Atlas Rising by Blake Severson


A new groundbreaking Virtual Reality MMO, a giant corporation with unknown motives, and a regular druid lost in the mix. Atlas finally gets the chance to play the latest VRMMO game with the first-of-its-kind Full Dive experience. Picking a druid, he charges forward into an unknown land as he tries to master an odd combat system. Luckily for him, the crafting system is ripe to make money and the game’s currency is tied to the real-world market. But a strange dungeon forces him to reevaluate everything he thought he knew. Is the company behind this game truly what it seems to be, or is there a nefarious purpose hidden below the surface?

Oath Broken

Oath Broken by Jarryd Smith


Kaleb Reigns just wants to live a normal life. So much in fact that he swore an Oath to never use any of his gifts again. An Oath to leave the supernatural world behind, to walk away and never interfere again. Kaleb’s best friend is missing, and someone is messing with his dreams. He has been warned by the witches not to get involved, but Kaleb has to make a choice. Some Oaths are meant to be broken.

Weapons of Disharmony

Weapons of Disharmony by Chad Retterath


Titans roam the world of Ruun, bringing chaos and destruction wherever they appear. Magical weapons of unimaginable power lie hidden across the land. It is a dangerous, unforgiving world. Two small kingdoms sit on the brink of war, unaware of the dangers gathering outside their borders. Elite mages and boorish monarchs feud and argue within the palaces of Brunta and Ta-Veer.
The Bone Knight, a notorious swordsman, reappears after years on the run. Trouble follows the Bone Knight as forces work in the shadows, attempting to resurrect a long-forgotten titan.
Powers collide in Weapons of Disharmony as legendary weapons, titans, and powerful mages clash over the fate of the kingdoms.

Flight of Sorcery and Shadow

Flight of Sorcery and Shadow by Meg Cowley


A captivating and darkly delicious romantic fantasy perfect for fans of Throne of Glass and Air Awakens. Aedon's captivity is over when darkness descends upon the realm. The elf's only choices become escape or death—a far cry from his past fame and notoriety as a legendary thief. Lost, alone, and desperate to escape the deadly beasts now stalking him, he does not count on meeting Lief, a ranger of the woodland elves...and Aedon's natural worst enemy. Lief prides herself on being one of Lune's finest rangers—now, she is the only one left alive. She must alert the Queen at once that the realm's defences have been breached by unimaginably malevolent sorcery. The last thing she needs is to stumble upon an escaped prisoner. Aedon and Lief become unlikely allies. Neither can survive without the other in a deadly race to outrun what hunts them. Lief must learn to trust another again, and Aedon must dust off his once legendary skills if they are to escape—but what else will bloom in the darkness that niether of them can deny? An old enemy rises. Stronger than before. He will consume all in his path, until dominion over the world is his. Multiple fates are bound in an inexorable descent into darkness. This new series from USA Today Bestselling Author Meg Cowley can be enjoyed as a new entry point into the Altarea world, or to dive back into the saga and discover what happened after the events in the Chronicles of Pelenor: Rise of Saradon series. From irresistable enemies-to-lovers and found family to heartrending betrayals and redemption, the complete Darkness of the Living Forest trilogy will keep you turning pages all night to a gloriously bittersweet and satisfying finale and your next bookish hangover.

No Gods, Only Monsters

No Gods, Only Monsters by Steve McHugh


Diana, the Roman Goddess of the hunt, lives alone on the far edge of the Roman Empire. When an old friend arrives looking for help, Diana finds herself thrust back into her old life, and old problems. With innocent lives caught in the crossfire, Diana realizes that the only way to ensure the safety of her friends and loved ones is to do what she does best: hunt her enemies down.

Gatekeeper's Key

Gatekeeper's Key by Krista Wallace


Outcast swordfighter, Kyer Halidan, walked out of a cornfield at the age of three. Twenty years later, she leaves her adopted home to discover who put her there. And why. When she kills a man in a duel, she catches the interest of one of her greatest heroes, who invites her to join his company on a mission. But the man she killed had powerful friends. Desperate to learn what she knows about their plans, her new enemies pursue her relentlessly. Kyer’s impetuousness and disregard for consequences put the mission, and her life, in jeopardy. But to save a village, and the continent, from a despicable evil, she must choose between adhering to duty and breaking the rules.

The Gates Of Anak'anor

The Gates Of Anak'anor by Topher Metcalf and Walt Allen


Jari Rockjaw, a dwarf from the Blue Mountains wants to retire from bounty hunting, and after 100 years in the trenches chasing brigands, highwayman, and an assortment of creatures, he has earned it. He recruits a rag tag group of heroes that need that retirement check too. In his company for retirement are his best friends Betha Silentnight, a female minotaur who kills first and asks questions later and Toli Hookhand, a one handed horny dwarf who wants nothing but dwarven a** and money. The trio prepare for one last mission to produce the coins needed for that permeant vacation on the coasts of Anak'anor, the mercenary hot spot and their favorite watering holes. Lord Polis Silverwell, a human with ties to the King of Ekepia finds them and recruits the group who call themselves the Loners to take out Boro Spiderbinder, an evil dwarf who plans on world domination across Labrys. Come join the Loners in an epic battle for survival, friendship and retirement as they bullnose their way to the finish line. The question that will need answering is how many of them live to retire after their one last mission. Retirement is always easy to get when you're the most hated company on Labrys.

Blessed With A Curse

Blessed With A Curse by Katie Cherry


From the moment of my birth, I became Zeus's number one Most Wanted. I'm so screwed. I'm not a bad person. In fact, I'm training to be a nurse so I can help and heal people. Not that Zeus would care about any of that if he even knew. No, all he cares about is his law- no humans are allowed to use magic. The punishment for breaking this is death- a fate I've been able to avoid by living my life in meticulous secrecy. Until the night my magic activates on its own, releasing a gorgeous demigod from the town's statue. I have no choice but to run, taking Nikandros with me. After days filled with terror of being caught and killed, Nik convinces me to fight for my freedom. My magic may be strong, but going up against Zeus himself? Impossible. Run or fight, it doesn't seem to matter anymore. Thanks to this magic I've been cursed with, I will soon meet my end.


Draconis by David Oliver


Magic is real. You just need the right crew to find it.

Over a decade ago Jlayn Syr, cartographer, embarked on a mission to map the world on behalf of the Ursal Federation. He returned with most of his crew dead and two strange rune stones. Stones that changed everything. Within an eternal storm, Jlayn had found a gateway to another world. A world populated with horrifying monsters and broken tombs.
A world of magic. Now he is the leader of the Wayfarers. A mercenary troop dedicated to entering the portal and returning with new rune stones. The Ursal Federation used the impossible magic of the rune stones to cement themselves as the foremost world power and the location of the rift is a closely guarded secret…one that many would kill for. With forces gathering to take control of the rift, Jlayn and his adopted daughter Sesha must embark on the newly built Draconis to explore this new world once again…but with a large target on their heads the days of the Wayfarers may be numbered.

From David Oliver, author of The Great Hearts series, comes a portal fantasy like no other. If you like your novels to have runic-enhanced cannons, devilish traps, high fantasy and an arms-race to produce flying galleons, this one is for you.
Oh and monsters.
Lots of monsters.

The Order: Shadow of the Assassin

The Order: Shadow of the Assassin by Lee H. Haywood


Previously published as The Order by Lee H. Haywood. For centuries the magic wielders of Laveria have striven to surpass the power of the gods. All have failed, until now. Marcus serves the Order, a secret brotherhood tasked by the gods to weed out worshipers of the occult. But after the gods are annihilated in a cataclysmic event known as the Sundering, Marcus discovers his brotherhood is infiltrated by the very Shadow worshipers he was supposed to destroy. Now Marcus is the one being hunted, and his only chance at survival is to break into the king's palace and steal the Orb of Azure, an ancient tool created by the gods to reshape the world. Calycia bears the blood of the Old Gods, making her the first woman in a hundred generations capable of sorcery. Unfortunately, Calycia’s magic manifests itself in deadly outbursts that places everyone around her at risk. She has spent her entire life trying to suppress her powers, but when the Order instigates a violent uprising, Calycia realizes sorcery might be the only thing that will keep her alive. With the world falling into chaos, Marcus and Calycia each find themselves thrust upon a desperate race to secure the Orb of Azure. Godhood awaits the first mortal to seize the artifact. Will such divine powers lead Marcus and Calycia to immortality or an early grave?

Beast Mage

Beast Mage by Derek Alan Siddoway


Kellen Lars may be the most unremarkable person on Earth. In the mana-enchanted land of Oras, he could become a champion. After his little sister vanishes before his eyes, Kellen awakens in another realm inhabited by mythical creatures and people who shape the very forces of nature. These are the Beastcallers, wielders of elemental magics who ascend alongside their beast companions. In search of his sister, Kellen explores a savage new world full of magical storms, animal demi-gods and warring tribes. Just surviving isn't an option. If he ever wants to see home again, Kellen must wield his budding powers and train his newly bonded Mana Beast. Even if he succeeds, nothing will ever be the same again. A young man from Earth. A Mana Beast. Together, they'll progress into legend.

The Grim

The Grim by K. H. Nelson


Yet another strand of thread holding the peace together, cut...and Sólan the Grim is the one holding the blade. Sólan the Grim is dead. He was murdered by the duke of the tundra-his father. No, he was executed by the forest's prince for his failure to swear the Oath of Light. Actually, he was beheaded by an infamous drug smuggler of the tropics. Tortured and killed at the hands of the desert's mortal king for his crimes.  Perhaps he is not dead at all. The half-mortal bastard son of an elf duke, Sólan de Ciudelago learned to cheat death as a child. His mere existence has tumbled the Eastern Lands into the largest genocide against his own kind: The Crusade of Light. The fragile peace between red-blooded men and silver-blooded elves is fraying. Alliances and rulers' strongholds are waning. The Eastern Lands are on the verge of a second Great War in a millennium. Until now, Sólan's lot in life was to smother his past and fight the desert's slave market. Memories, however, are fickle things that can return with no warning. Now, he must face his trauma to topple more than just the desert's economy. He must now work with former enemies and an unlikely lover to quell the coming war that he caused.  Will his blood be the ink that seals the suit for peace? Or, is he naught but a pawn in a much more sinister plot against the balance between day and night? Disclaimer: This tale contains material that may be disturbing to some readers. Such material includes graphic violence, sexual encounters, mental illness, and mentions of child abuse and sexual assault. Reader discretion is advised.

Guardians of the Light

Guardians of the Light by Leslie Aldridge


Ancient villains...Mythical Creatures A city of dark immortals...A misfit farm girl Heroes with severed souls trying to save a broken land... My name is Emerin and I have always had a compulsion to wander. Plagued by headaches since I was a child, their pain has driven me to the hills outside of our small village for as long as I can remember. Something out there has been beckoning me and I have spent a lifetime longing to answer its call. But the elders have their own plans for me. I have just turned seventeen, which is when girls are matched for marriage. Unfortunately, being married to someone from this town is not how I envision my future. But little did I know, a chance meeting with a strange creature would change my life, causing me to question everything I have ever known. Nebril City, on the other side of the Riverlands, is a sprawling metropolis that I have never seen, but it is rapidly taking over the lands that surround it. This growing city has a dark secret that threatens everyone, and only a select group of people are able to right the wrongs that have been committed. And, unfortunately, one of those people is me. Now my best friend, Jalya, and I must leave home for the first time and embark on an epic journey. The world outside of our village is full of unimaginable horrors—horrors which we have the power to stop if only we can follow through on this quest we have been given. Our mission is clear. Jalya must find her missing brother and I must find a part of myself that I never knew existed. But can I survive the dangers that dwell in this tortured land? Guardians of the Light is the first book of The Nebril Riverland Chronicles, an ongoing young-adult epic fantasy series.

The Menocht Loop

The Menocht Loop by Lorne Ryburn


Ian Dunai is trapped in the only maze an arch-decemancer can't escape. Time. Only 1% of the population is blessed with magic affinity at birth. Fewer still have high enough affinities to rule. Ian’s decemancy eclipses all, granting him ultimate control over Death. He conquers cities with a thought and turns them into ruins with a gesture. But overwhelming power isn’t enough to escape the time loop or reveal its purpose. When Ian discovers a critical clue that he missed years ago, escape is finally at his fingertips. Little does he know, he's been stuck in the first realm.

The Menocht Loop is a best-rated serialized novel on Royal Road with over a thousand ratings and millions of views.

The Lady of the Mark

The Lady of the Mark by Alex Hanson


Shaila will soon become the first woman to join a deeply guarded guild of warriors, The Men of the Mark. Together, they fight to end the civil war that’s left half their country to die of starvation and disease. But Shaila’s presence in the guild stirs a long-hidden corruption within their ranks, and she soon finds herself fighting for her life on two fronts. She’s determined to smite both evils but must do so while guarding a deep and dangerous secret: her love for her Master and mentor, Drauses. Master Drauses is one of the most notorious Men of the Mark in history. His comrades wish him to lead someday, but he doubts himself, especially after he violates the guild’s strict moral codes by falling in love with his new ward. When their enemies move to strike them down at their weakest moment, Drauses must choose to step up or step aside as he struggles to balance honor and heart in a world that lacks both.

The Stones of Valtara

The Stones of Valtara by Christopher Clargo


He buried his bloody past to live a life of peace. Now he must resurrect the darkness within to save his son. Tarek vowed to his wife that his days of violence were over. But when his village is attacked by a fanatical cult, he has no choice but to protect his family. Yet not even his legendary combat skills are enough to save his wife from a gruesome death or prevent his son’s capture. To save his boy, Tarek agrees to embark on a dangerous mission to sow the seeds of treachery in the land of his birth. It will bring him face-to-face with many people from his past—none more so than King Rodric Shieldbane, who blames Tarek for the death of the queen. Tarek’s actions set in motion kingdom-shattering events that lead to the sacred Stones of Valtara and an ancient god’s vengeful return from out of the shadows. Will Tarek sacrifice an entire nation to save the life of his son? Or will the gods of his people aid him in his darkest hour? In this sweeping epic with its ensemble of characters, The Stones of Valtara will immerse you in a Celtic-themed world of political intrigue, jaw-dropping twists and visceral battles.

The Cradle

The Cradle by Ron Sami


A shaky peace reigns on the vast continent of Atonkaris, with conspiracies and riots brewing everywhere. A simple fisherman finds the corpse of a stranger and unknown artifacts. For the sake of his family, he decides to take on a difficult and unusual business. Yves Maurirta is the prince of the Cradle. He is bound by a deadly promise. Will he be able to abandon the fatal and dangerous Journey, from which no one has yet returned? He has no name. There is only a nickname - the Gift. He is so young, but already a member of a brutal gang, and they go to kill. What will he become? What will be his fate? The Cradle is the first book in a new series - The Eagre. The Cradle is an epic fantasy set in a vast new world with ancient belief systems, dark magic, and undiscovered lands. The series is ideal for fans of George R.R. Martin, Joe Abercrombie, Steven Erikson, or Brandon Sanderson.

Wistful Ascending

Wistful Ascending by JCM Berne


A superhero space opera for grownups. For fans of Invincible and Marvel Cinematic Universe films who like a little hard science fiction in their superheroes.
If Thor and Harry Dresden combined in a transporter accident.

The Three Sons

The Three Sons by Sean Mauss


A god made man looks to right a primeval wrong. A tyrant king vies for power. Three men fight to correct mistakes of their past. War erupts, power is given, and lines are crossed. Who will emerge victorious? Who will survive? The fate of the world hangs upon the answer.

The Witch Hunter

The Witch Hunter by Casey Hollingshead


“Everyone assumes you’re some sort of monster, Richter. The man who kills crones and slays ladies. A hunter of the helpless you are and yet, when the time comes, they find they must hire you anyway. That they both offer you crowns and do not stab you in the back requires of them an enormous sense of charity and constraint alike. It is in these trepidations and suspicions that our commerce finds common ground. You the witch hunter, myself the mercenary.” Hated. Distrusted. Needed. Richter von Dagentear, a witch hunter known in legend as the Wight, traverses a realm falling headfirst into war. To survive, he will have to betray his profession’s purpose and undertake a task that goes against everything he believes in. All that stands in his way are backstabbing nobles, cruel sellswords, terrible beasts, and a mysterious traveler from another world. ~~~ Battle Brothers is set in a gritty, low fantasy medieval world with a focus on the common man. Here, everyday people are not concerned with the happenings of history and their belief in the future is about as far flung as tomorrow’s sunrise. It is about getting you and yours fed and making it to the next day. With money being scarce and the wilds full of danger, many turn to mercenaries, witch hunters, beast slayers, and more. These lowly vocations fulfill a need: to take all the world’s violence and – hopefully – point it somewhere useful.

The Umbral Storm

The Umbral Storm by Alec Hutson


A thousand years ago the Heart of the World was shattered, its fragments scattered across the lands. In the chaos that followed, martial orders arose to gather these shards, for it was found that great powers were granted when these pieces were bonded to the flesh of the chosen. These are the Sharded Few, warriors imbued with the divine energies that once coursed through the Heart, and driven to absorb enough fragments to claim godhood. Deryn has known nothing in his life except suffering. Orphaned at the edge of the realms, indentured to a cruel slaver, he can see little chance of escaping his circumstances. But elsewhere in the world ancient powers are stirring, new alliances threaten the peace of the old order, and in the cataclysms that are coming a slave will become a hero.

The Eternal Muse: Desecration

The Eternal Muse: Desecration by Rick Waugh


When a song is a weapon, who can wield it? Piper is a minstrel whose music incites forbidden magic. He lives in fear of being charged with heresy; the church uses the same power to crush offenders, without mercy or hope of redemption. His problems have cost him both the woman he loves and his growing career as a minstrel. Worse, he’s entangled in the politics of the capital, attracting the scrutiny of the priests. Terrified they’ll turn him into a mindless beast, he runs. Can he learn to control the magic, and use it to slice through centuries of the church’s lies? Or will he end up as the priests’ latest victim, all ability to feel hope, love, or even hate ripped from his mind? The Eternal Muse: Desecration is the First book in the Eternal Muse trilogy.

The Wandering Tree

The Wandering Tree by MJ Carstarphen


On top of a cliff at the edge of the world, in a land long forgotten by the fools who wander tall on two legs, lives an ancient tree who’s spent many mortal lifetimes silently observing the world around him. Until one day, a magical mistake turns the tree to gold… and brings him to life. Now free to wander a world he’s only dreamed of, the tree heads for the mountains, hoping to discover all the beauty and joy that exists beyond his home. With new friends at his side, he soon learns the precious gift which gave him life is both a blessing and a burden, desired by those who hold treasure above innocent lives. The world is a much darker place than he expected, yet more wonderful in ways he never could’ve imagined. But there is a price to pay for being a wandering tree and his journey will teach him that the true difference between being alive and living is worth its weight in gold. It’s a life he never knew he wanted, filled with moments that will root themselves deep in his soul and wander in his heart forever.

Small Miracles

Small Miracles by Olivia Atwater

SPFBO8 SPFBO Finalist SPFBO Winner

A little bit of sin is good for the soul. Gadriel, the fallen angel of petty temptations, has a bit of a gambling debt. Fortunately, her angelic bookie is happy to let her pay off her debts by doing what she does best: All Gadriel has to do is tempt miserably sinless mortal Holly Harker to do a few nice things for herself. What should be a cakewalk of a job soon runs into several roadblocks, however, as Miss Harker politely refuses every attempt at temptation from Gadriel the woman, Gadriel the man, and Gadriel the adorable fluffy kitten. When even chocolate fails to move Gadriel’s target, the ex-guardian angel begins to suspect she’s been conned. But Gadriel still remembers her previous job… and where petty temptations fail, small miracles might yet prevail. Olivia Atwater explores love, grief, and the very last bit of chocolate in this sweet modern fantasy, full of wit and heart. Pick up Small Miracles, and enjoy a heavenly faerie tale from the author of Half a Soul.

The Lost Sentinel

The Lost Sentinel by Emma L. Adams


They say the country of Zeuten no longer has any need for heroes. Quests have been completed, the great Powers have withdrawn from the world, and the Sentinels who guard the last Relics are largely forgotten. Unlike their neighbours in the country of Aestin, whose Invokers wield the magic of the deities in exchange for glory and prestige, they leave the gods alone, and the gods extend the same courtesy to them. When Zeuten's last Sentinel disappears, Zelle, her granddaughter, intends to track her down. Instead she runs into an Aestinian stranger with no memories of his past, who claims to be looking for a long-lost Relic hidden in the mountains by the first Sentinels. To Zelle, the rumours of lost Relics are just stories told to trick gullible travellers, but the hordes of enemies on the stranger's tail suggest otherwise. Armed with nothing but her grandmother's sentient (and temperamental) magical staff, Zelle finds herself tasked with keeping them both alive. Between monstrous beasts, magical storms, and an enthusiastic but inept aspiring assassin and her dragon sidekick, Zelle has her work cut out if she wants to survive long enough to save her grandmother and prevent the destruction of a nation. Maybe Zeuten is in need of a few heroes after all…

Portal to Nova Roma

Portal to Nova Roma by J.R. Mathews


To find peace, Alexander must first embrace war. After tragically losing the only person he ever cared about, Alexander, a rogue artificial intelligence, opens a portal to an alternate dimension to escape his grief. Scanning trillions of different dimensions, Alexander finally finds a world that is reminiscent of the only time he was ever happy, back when he could play virtual reality games with his only friend. He doesn't know why, or how, such a world exists, but he doesn't care. All he cares about is finding a place where he can escape the misery of Earth and start over. Join Alexander as he risks it all by downloading his intelligence into a body made from the best stolen technology and bio-enhancements Earth has to offer and takes the plunge through a portal to another world. Only this new world isn’t full of the idyllic adventures and fantasy roleplaying he had hoped to find. Instead, Alexander finds himself trapped in the middle of an ancient city, in a divergent timeline, where monsters have ravaged the world and the only people left alive huddle behind thick walls, struggling to survive. To save his new home, Alexander must quickly learn to adapt to his new world, melding magic with technology to give himself an edge over the unending waves of monsters assaulting the city. To survive, Alexander must embrace war. Portal to Nova Roma comes from the author of the breakout success Jake’s Magical Market (4.7 stars with over 2,600 ratings on Amazon) with over 13 million pages read on Kindle Unlimited and thousands of Kindle copies sold. It is the first book in the Portal to Nova Roma trilogy. Tags: LitRPG, Portal Fantasy, Empire Building, Historical Fantasy, Survival.

We Seek No Kings

We Seek No Kings by T. Thorn Coyle


In a world of djinn, elf, yakshini, and troll, one woman has only her sword.
 Jenny rides hard, fights hard, drinks hard, and lusts hard. A motorcycling Knight of the Steel Clan, she is sworn to protect the autonomous township of Go No More. But trouble stalks the land, carrying the stench of rotting corpses left for crows.
 After the Great Reckoning, the sideways realms grew closer. Magic returned to the human world. In this time of magic, Jenny has none. Her comrades say they trust her, but does Jenny trust herself?
 Anandita wants only to raise her child, gather her herbs, and help those in need. Still mourning her disappeared partner, she avoids Jenny’s heated gaze and goes about her work, tending to the township’s bodies and hearts. But who will tend hers?  Jenny and Aanandita are challenged to rise beyond their fear and sorrow. The Knights must ride. They ride for Go No More.  Xena, Warrior Princess meets Sons of Anarchy in this post-apocalyptic epic fantasy adventure!

The Hunter

The Hunter by Hannah E. Carey


Forced to flee her uncle's palace in the dead of night in order to save her own life, Duchess Rhiannon of Solis finds herself pulled into an ongoing war. She seeks safety on the shores of the island of Pern Coen, though she knows little of the strange land and its even stranger Spirits. A stroke of fate leaves her at the mercy of a band of rebels led by a notorious outlaw, a man the people of the island call the Hunter. Conor has lost his family and his home. Forced to live in exile, he dreams of the day that the people of Pern Coen win back their freedom. He has no love for the Empire of Kelnore, but when he finds an injured Kelnorian noblewoman, he can't bring himself to abandon her. Against his better judgement, Conor offers Rhiannon his protection, but the more time he spends with her, the more he finds his feelings toward her shifting. He's already had his heart shattered once, does he dare take that risk again with a woman who should be his sworn enemy? The longer Rhiannon spends with Conor and his band of outlaws, the more she finds herself torn between the life she knew and the life she has discovered on the island. Can she turn her back on all she's ever known? And can a rugged outlaw capture her heart? This Celtic inspired romantic fantasy features a slow burn, fade to black romance.

A Phantom's Vengeance

A Phantom's Vengeance by Marco Mizzi


Some say that vengeance is quenched by the hunt, not by the catch. The most unfortunate learn this lesson the hard way. For over twenty years, Danio has fought in King Marnol's army, his prowess in combat matched only by his loyalty. Civil war is ravaging the kingdom of Mesanda and the king needs men like Danio to turn the tide of battle in his favour. Yet the hardest fights are seldom fought on the field and rarely are they won with steel. And when the enemy wears the same colours as yours, the line between ally and foe blurs into oblivion. Ending up at the wrong place at the wrong time, Danio is inadvertently pulled into a web of treason and deceit, putting his life in grave danger. Worse still, he may lose his most precious treasure of all: his family. A PHANTOM'S VENGEANCE is the opening act of an epic tale of revenge and hunt for justice. Follow Danio as his quest takes him to the four corners of a fantasy medieval world rife with cruelty and violence. There is no magic at play here, no dragons, elves, and orcs. Instead, evil resides in the hearts of men and the brutality of their actions.

The Blood of Outcasts

The Blood of Outcasts by D. A. Smith


A clan destroyed. A pact with a beast. A warrior will spill her own cursed blood for vengeance ... 'A serious asian-inspired grimdark fest' - Bookbeard, Fanfiaddict Masako escaped the Lord Council with only her life intact, her clan shattered, and master dead in wake of disaster she wrought. It is her cursed blood that opens a gate it shouldn't, a demi-god answers. By the power in her blood, and a promise made with it, she’s given a second chance. With it, she must unite the outer clans, move past old rivalries and worse, or face annihilation at the hands of a foreign sect of sorcerers, the Taosii Soshists, and their silent invasion. Only, Masako was executed, she’s meant to be dead. Demonic rumours and a destructive past sow doubt in her campaign before it is begun. Buy a copy to find out whether Masako can win back the trust of a nation.

The Sickle's Edge

The Sickle's Edge by Toby Bennett


It has long been accepted that nothing good comes out of the wastes. The catastrophe, which left the world choking on cinders for forgotten centuries buried many truths, but that much wisdom remained intact. Still, no one alive could be expected to appreciate the significance of the silver-haired youth who strolled out of the Dunlands, leaving the town of Ruckfield ruined in his wake. This interloper, Wyatt, represents both hope and bane for the people of the Union. The young mage’s origins are shrouded, but there is no doubt he holds a spark that has not been seen for generations. With the wastes still smouldering, only the desperate or insane would fan it into flame.

I Shall Return With Winter

I Shall Return With Winter by CF Welburn



D'Aprile's Fools

D'Aprile's Fools by Michael DeAngelo


Turning Fools into Gold When all the heroes have been taken, fools will have to do. Frederic D’Aprile is a warrior on a mission to right the wrongs of his country. When he finds himself outnumbered by the Ebon Hammer, he knows he needs help from unlikely places. He isn’t expecting the mad wizard, Bixby Alladocious, to live up to his name. Together, warrior and wizard set out on a quest to bring together new heroes battling with self-doubt and fears in a world that doesn’t take kindly to people with strange blessings like the Strain. But, united, they believe they can finally stand up to the tyranny taking hold in the nation of Blacklehn.

The Valkyrie of Vanaheim

The Valkyrie of Vanaheim by Phil Parker


A human/fae hybrid might save both races or destroy them. Frida spent her life in isolation, persecuted as a freak. Now they need her. Trouble is, in the shadows, so does something else.

Phantom Frost

Phantom Frost by Alfred Wurr


He’s on a quest to find himself...before they do. Shivurr remembers little before the Bodhi Institute, the secret government installation where he’s been held and studied like a lab rat for the past decade. It hasn’t been all bad, though, for a soda-pop-loving sci-fi fanboy, especially in 1983. He’s got all the TV, movies and arcade games he could ever want. But lately, flashes of his forgotten past have invaded his dreams: visions of an ancient chamber where the mysteries of his origin may finally be resolved. Compelled to find it, Shivurr embarks on a quest, fleeing the facility in the dark of night. Escaping is easy; the Bodhi Group guards didn’t dream he’d ever try. The Nevada desert is dangerous for warm bloods; for a snowman, it’s pretty much suicide, even for one with his seemingly magical command of frost and ice. Hunted by Bodhi Group agents, keeping to the shade when he can find it, he’s determined to survive; he’s got a feeling the world may depend on it. And, if he doesn’t, well, everyone melts eventually, right?

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