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Early Adopter

Early Adopter by Drew Harrison

The Price of Tomorrow, Paid Today "Early Adopter" is a collection of short stories from the edge of human progress. Eight stories hold dark mirrors to our own world… experience thought-provoking sci-fi, technologic tragedy, and pulse-pounding thrillers. To Run Again: Dr. Laura Brandie is ready to change the world. She's the lead researcher behind the KSE, a revolutionary cure for paralysis and neurodegenerative conditions. And now, by good fortune, she's found the perfect candidate for her first human trial: a man who suffers from locked-in syndrome. Brett Harmon's paralysis is total: he can't move his arms, legs, torso, neck, or face. To the outside world, he's little more than a statue that breathes... but Dr. Brandie's KSE might be the miracle that allows Brett to run again. Homonoia: The world faces an unprecedented alignment of catastrophes and failing systems, far too intricate and interconnected for any human to solve. Frank Burman joins with seven other volunteers for Project Homonoia--a radical, last-ditch effort to postpone the apocalypse. Separate minds link to form one multidisciplinary consciousness, the world's first human superorganism... a hive mind. But with the world's health rapidly failing, can Project Homonoia work out its kinks in time to make a difference? Early Adopter: A loner enters into a relationship with a new type of partner: an AI agent, programmed to be the "perfect companion." Sure, it's all self-deception and a game of pretend, as she's not actually real... but where simulated consciousness is concerned, maybe the lines between real and real enough can get blurry.

Things Magical Under The Moon: A Grim Anthology

Things Magical Under The Moon: A Grim Anthology by Alexis L Carroll and Amanda Stockton

To those who wander the woods alone, be wary of Things Magical Under the Moon. For the trees and crows conspire while vengeance is sought by werewolves and vampires. Fairies and spirits linger just out of sight while the witches convene in the dead of night. Magic and malice take flight, while a dragon hungers for your life. So, dear reader, take to heart this warning: Mind the path and you’ll make it to morning. Featuring fairytale mashups of: Cinderella Red Riding Hood The Fox and The Wolf Rumpelstiltskin The Tailor The Fairy Tree of Dooros The Juniper Tree The Crows Fowler's Fowl Wizard of Oz The Crucible

Good Monsters and Friends: Stories

Good Monsters and Friends: Stories by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor

Chipped Cup

Making friends with monsters is easy—bring them cookies! A young man must find a new reality to live in when his disappears. Birds team up to right the wrongs of classic literature. An android raises baby dinosaurs after the human world ends. Grandma reveals how she invented intergalactic diplomacy…and more. Good Monsters and Friends collects 33 stories about astronauts and cats, dragons and witches, portals and quests, ghosts and robots, and, of course, all the monsters and their buddies.

Unlikely Wonders

Unlikely Wonders by Juliet Kemp

Chipped Cup

An exciting collection of short Science Fiction and Fantasy stories from a stellar group of Robot Dinosaur Press authors! Sign up for our newsletter to read this anthology for free! Featuring stories by: Andi C. Buchanan Novae Caelum Lore Graham Byron M. Kain Juliet Kemp Sarah Loch Jennifer Mace A. Z. Louise Emmie Mears Rhiannon Rasmussen Julia Rios Simon Oscar Pike V. Astor Solomon R J Theodore Merc Fenn Wolfmoor Come explore new worlds and visit unlikely wonders in this first newsletter-exclusive anthology from Robot Dinosaur Press!

The Midnight Games: Six Stories About Games You Play Once

The Midnight Games: Six Stories About Games You Play Once by Rhiannon Rasmussen

Chipped Cup

OF COURSE IT’S DANGEROUS. THAT’S HALF THE THRILL, ISN’T IT? Games and rituals are a part of humanity as old as language. Since time immemorial, we have passed down rituals, allowing future generations a chance to harness the powers our forebears discovered-if they follow the rules just right. Have you ever wanted to know your future? Have you ever wanted a peek at the other side? Fancy a wager or a party with powers unknown? Six stories await you inside this anthology, with step by step instructions for those brave—or desperate—enough to play. Stories by Casey Lucas, M. Lyn Hall, M.B. Hare, Rhiannon Rasmussen, Shi Briggs, Veles Svitlychny, and illustrated by Andrey Garin.

Christmas Creepers: A Flash Fiction Horror Story Collection

Christmas Creepers: A Flash Fiction Horror Story Collection by Justin Schenker

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, but not for the people in these stories. In these first-person narratives, each account walks you through a terrifying experience during the Holiday season. A porch pirate’s latest haul leads to a life-changing transformation. A woman’s life takes a dark turn when her Secret Santa gift backfires during the office Holiday party. A grocery clerk awakens a disturbing figure on Christmas Eve. A family has a frightful encounter with a snowman. In these stories and more, it is time for you to sit back, bundle up, and take a sip from your cup of fear.

KJK Presents: Collected Christmas Horror Shorts III

KJK Presents: Collected Christmas Horror Shorts III by Shaun Hutson, Gage Greenwood, R.J. Roles, Lex H Jones, Daemon Manx, P.J. Blakey-Novis, John Durgin, Matthew Cash, Veronica Smith, David Watkins

Kennedy has brought a wealth of quality anthologies to the horror genre over the years. It’s no secret he has a taste for Christmas horror. This year he brings you another collection of dark Christmas tales from some of his favourite authors. Grab yourself some hot cocoa, dim the lights, get yourself comfy, sit back and enjoy.

Remnants: Volume One

Remnants: Volume One by Stephen Coghlan

Strange clouds on the horizon herald the coming of the swarm. The undulating masses of the hoard cannot be stopped. Terrifying creatures roam the Earth, seemingly with no aim but to devour all that stands before them. Experience the end of the world as we know it with these seventeen tales of horror, survival, and hope. The world ends in a frenzy of death and miasma of terror, but what will become of the remnants of humanity? Featuring Seventeen tales of post-apocalyptic survival horror!

Merry Fuckin’ Christmas: And Other Yuletide Shit

Merry Fuckin’ Christmas: And Other Yuletide Shit by Kevin J. Kennedy

Kevin J. Kennedy has brought the horror world three bestselling Christmas horror anthologies. Now, for the first time ever he collects his own tales of Christmas madness between these pages. You will find a mix of extreme, comedy, gross and bizarro Christmas horror, and there is even a few drabbles thrown in. WARNING: This book isn't for everyone. If you are easily offended, it's not going to be for you. “As gritty as Irvine Welsh and as horrific as anything King has put out. Christmas has never been so dark. This is a collection horror fans do not want to miss.” Lee Mountford, Author of The Demonic. "Kennedy is one of the modern greats of seasonal horror. Sit by the fireplace, pour yourself a drink and get this read." Lex H. Jones, author of The Old One and The Sea. “Superb! Stylistic! Downright terrifying! Kennedy does not pull any punches.” Christopher Motz, author of Pine Lakes, and Tenants. "Freaky, disturbing, unpleasant... These stories could ruin your Christmas!" Mark Cassell, author of The Shadow Fabric. “Everything Kennedy touches turns to gold. And for good reason. A gruesome, rock 'n' roll, festive feast.” Kyle M. Scott, author of The Club.

Sapphic Blooms

Sapphic Blooms by Aimee Donnellan, A.A. Fairview, Bryanna Bond, Dae Storm, Kapri Moon, Morgan Roberts, Rien Gray, Rita A. Rubin, Taylor Hubbard

Sapphic Blooms is an anthology of sapphic erotic romance short stories. It features both cis, trans, and nonbinary characters. STORIES The Taste of Magic by Aimee Donnellan Tara, the owner of a small town bookstore, is suffering from an agonising summer crush on Lilia, the adorable botanist (witch?) who is using the shop to get space to work on her special projects. When one of these projects goes awry, Tara and Lilia find several unexpected truths and feelings coming to light. Poolside Lover by A.A. Fairview The Country Club isn't the step up from my lakeside lifeguarding gig I hoped it would be. At least the view is nice, from the lifeguard stand I get a great view of Stephanie a single mom with a great body and a smile that drives me wild. Now if I could just figure out how to flirt with her kids around... What Else Is There To Lose by Bryanna Bond Best friends drift apart every day, but when Tia and Zo reconnect at their high school reunion it's like nothing has changed. The problem is, Tia's finally realizing that maybe there was more to her feelings for Zo than she let herself admit. View From Below by Dae Storm Liv doesn't think she can adore her rockstar girlfriend Roxanne any more than she does, but an unexpected surprise on stage only brings them closer together. Blood Orange by Kapri Moon For over twenty years, Eve has been stuck in the small, blasphemous town of Eden. Labeled as a cursed one, the quiet woman has never found her place in the world, an outsider in a place that despises her. That all changes when she meets the serpent in the forbidden tree, one who embraces her and her flaws, and shows her what it means to be loved. Malibu Sunset by Morgan Roberts When she finds herself in the hot tub at the company's summer barbecue with her soon-to-be-ex assistant, Robyn, workaholic CEO Adeline Clark quickly discovers which of them is really in charge. A Seduction in Smoke by Rien Gray After years of ruined and forgotten birthdays, Justine has a new start with a new relationship. Old, complicated desires burn to the surface, and this summer, she's finally going to get the surprise she wants. Love and Summer Nights by Rita A. Rubin Stephanie had her heart broken one summer when the girl she loved disappeared from her life. But little does she know that this summer is going to be quite different. Dreams from the Beach House by Taylor Hubbard Rose needs a vacation, as ordered by her therapist. When she rents a beach house to paint and relax by the ocean, a visitor makes herself known and Rose decides that she definitely needs to go on vacation more often. ~~ "Sapphic Blooms" contains explicit adult content.

The Advent of Winter: A Fantasy Anthology

The Advent of Winter: A Fantasy Anthology by Thiago Abdalla, Kian N. Ardalan, Zack Argyle, Cal Black, Ryan Cahill, T.L. Greylock, Tim Hardie, Natalie Kelda, Christer Lende, L.L. Macrae,

Also featuring stories from: Dom McDermott, Andrew D. Meredith, H.C. Newell, Tatiana Obey, Quenby Olson, Palmer Pickering, J.D.L. Rosell, Kerstin Espinosa Rosero, D.W. Ross, Karim Soliman, Tori Tecken, H.L. Tinsley, Jim Wilbourne, A.R. Witham. 24 Authors, 24 Stories, 1 Unique Advent Calendar Step into the magical realms of "The Advent of Winter," where twenty-four self-published authors craft enchanting tales that will transport you to a realm of frost-kissed wonders. This winter-themed fantasy anthology invites you to journey through December, one captivating story at a time. With each story, you'll discover a new world, a new adventure, and a new facet of the season. From tales of joy and beauty that warm your heart to stories filled with danger and horror that send shivers down your spine, "The Advent of Winter" is a treasure trove of diverse narratives. Let these evocative tales wrap you in the spirit of the season, as you explore the many faces of winter's magic. Whether you're seeking the comfort of familiar traditions or the thrill of unexpected surprises, this anthology will make your December days truly enchanting.

Blood of an Alpha

Blood of an Alpha by Forest Wells

“No choice is ever easy.” Toltan is born into a pack of immense size, but one with alphas of equal wisdom that lead them well. It seems nothing can threaten them, until one day when a hunt goes tragically wrong, and wisdom is replaced with arrogance. As the once proud pack begins to decline, Toltan will find himself in a position to decide not only his fate, but the fate of those who remain. Does the blood of an alpha run through his veins, or will he stand by and do nothing while the choice is made for him? Also includes two short stories: "Love of an Alpha" and "Tainted Blood"

Mark’s Merry Mayhem

Mark’s Merry Mayhem by Mark Tufo

Most of you know I'm not known for my short stories; apparently I'm much too long-winded. But on occasion there are some things I just need to pull from my head and put out there. I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into the things that keep me up at night.

Nightmares From A Desk: A Collection

Nightmares From A Desk: A Collection by Willie R. Heredia

Enter “Nightmares from a Desk.” A chilling collection of horror stories bound to take you on a rollercoaster of terror and suspense. Each tale is meticulously crafted to take you through twists and turns, designed to lure you into a world of spine-tingling encounters, unearthly creatures, and unspeakable nightmares

KJK Presents: Vampires

KJK Presents: Vampires by Kevin J. Kennedy, Graham Masterton, Greg F. Gifune, Lee Mountford, Nick Roberts, Richard Chizmar, Michael Bray, Simon Clark

A collection of vampire tales from some of horrors best. You will find no friendly vampires between these pages. In these stories, vampires are once again a source of evil, coming from the darkness. If you like your vampire stories with bite, this is for you

Points of Virtue #1

Points of Virtue #1 by P. A. Hayden/ Laurie Cunningham

Lily Connors is a doctor; she saves people. But on her way back to London, she's haunted by everyone she's lost. As she looks into the hollow eyes of Death, she accepts that maybe she has different role to play. Adam is tired of having his life decided for him. But when a weekend away turns into the streets of London filled with monsters and Adam backed into a corner, his fate comes down to one final decision he doesn't want to make.

Points of Villainy #3

Points of Villainy #3 by P. A. Hayden/ Laurie Cunningham

It's the middle of the night. Hannah's dad says they're just going to Auntie Claire's for a visit, but they both seem really scared, almost like they're fleeing for their lives instead. Dirty Harry was his dad's hero, but Cal's hero was his dad. Cal spent his whole life trying to make his dad proud, but now that it's the end of the world, Cal realises he's spent his whole life letting everyone down.

Points of Villainy #2

Points of Villainy #2 by P. A. Hayden/ Laurie Cunningham

London is under attack. Monsters are destroying the city. Trapped in a pub with nowhere to go, a group of people are about to realize who the REAL monsters are. Ever since Sarah Winslow began her job at the United News Network, she's been looking for her big break. As she watches an army of terror break into the building, she's hopeful today might finally be her day. But it also might be her last day.

Points of Villainy #1

Points of Villainy #1 by P. A. Hayden/ Laurie Cunningham

"I'm inside." For years, Ethan's tried to ignore the people who want to keep him down and tell him he's a failure. But there's no ignoring the Faceless Man... Especially once he's inside. When Dylan puts on his cape and mask, a new hero arises: Tailwind Two! And just in time. While Dylan and his family flee from their house, Dylan's hero, Tailwind, fights the army of terror above their heads. But as new heroes arise, old heroes must fall.

Points of Villainy/Points of Virtue

Points of Villainy/Points of Virtue by P. A. Hayden/L. A. Cunningham

For weeks there have been encounters: people experiencing things they can't explain, horrors coming out of the shadows, people's worst fears come to life.  Appearances have been increasing dramatically, until one day there is a surge. An army of terror appears and attacks Central London in what will forever be known as The Event. One Event. Two Anthologies. 16 people. 16 stories of terror.

It Haunts the Mind and Other Stories

It Haunts the Mind and Other Stories by Nick Roberts

Nick Roberts delves into the darkest corners of the soul, where horror meets raw emotion. Dive into the chilling depths of the human psyche with Nick Roberts, the acclaimed author behind bestsellers like The Exorcist’s House and Anathema. Presenting a collection of fifteen tales, It Haunts the Mind masterfully weaves horror with raw emotion, leaving an indelible mark on the reader's soul. From the malevolent presence in “Sally Under the Bed” and the eponymous “It Haunts the Mind” to the raw brutality of “The Noose” and “The Bitter End,” Roberts showcases his unparalleled ability to terrify. Yet, it’s not just supernatural dread that lurks in these pages. Stories like “Thanks for Sharing” and “The Weeping Wind” delve into the very real horrors of addiction and grief, while “The Paperboy” and “Voodoo Bay” introduce monsters that defy reality. John Durgin, author of The Cursed Among Us and Inside The Devil’s Nest, praises the collection, stating, “Come for the horror, stay for the heartbreaking emotion that bleeds into every page... It Haunts The Mind is that damn good.” James Aquilone, a Bram Stoker Award-nominated editor and writer, warns of the collection's potency: “Nick Roberts has an uncanny ability to scare the bejesus out of readers... Highly recommended if you don’t want to sleep in the dark again.” Perfect for aficionados of horror short stories, suspenseful tales, and narratives that explore the human condition, It Haunts the Mind is a testament to the power of storytelling, blending supernatural terror with the very real demons that haunt our lives. Whether you're drawn to tales of possession, substance abuse, or coming-of-age horror, this collection promises to both terrify and move you in equal measure. Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

The Sweet, the Spooky, & The Terrifying

The Sweet, the Spooky, & The Terrifying by Rachel Ann Hubert

Three short stories for every aspect of Halloween. One sweet. One spooky. And one terrifying. Included in this book: Alone Together (The Sweet): The story of a college student determined to ostracize himself from everyone else around him. When he gets an unwanted guest for the night though, he'll soon see that being invisible isn't all that bad. And that sometimes it's worth stepping outside your comfort zone and shushing that negative voice inside your head. The Monster Within (The Spooky): Jules is starting over in a new town, new house, new everything. But this town isn't all it seems. While she tries to start fresh, memories from her previous life start trickling in. What is she running away from? And what is running away from her... The Ouroboros (The Terrifying): It started as a tickle. A tickle that became an itch. And itch at the back of his throat that not only could he not ignore...but that he could not escape

Now, and the Hour of Death

Now, and the Hour of Death by Karen Lykkebo

Five short tales of the eerie, tragic, and macabre. Three friends venture into an abandoned church, unaware the foundation is haunted. An expert in the occult is asked to remove a presence from the beach. Two survivors of the zombie apocalypse watch a final sunset together. Two lovers will do anything to keep their home and love safe. A serial killer is on the loose, but his step is watched by more than his victims.

Hanging Corpses

Hanging Corpses by Jay Bower

From demons to cannibals… Fifteen horrific tales explore vast landscapes of terror whether it’s the woods at the end of the street or the icy reaches of space. Nothing is off limits. Fear creeps through the tales and threatens to make the nightmares a reality. Delve into Hanging Corpses and prepare to commune with the dead. They await your company

Strange Tales of the Macabre

Strange Tales of the Macabre by E. Reyes

Immerse yourself in E. Reyes’ haunting worlds with this spine-chilling collection exploring humanity’s encounters with the eerie and the unknown. A group of friends break into a home and are in for a night of unsuspected terror. A teen discovers a true crime book that no one else remembers. A young girl’s doll becomes a conduit for ancient evil. A pair of clowns turn to the supernatural to save a failing thrill ride. These and other unsettling tales await… Step into the unexplainable with Strange Tales of the Macabre

The Halloween Grindhouse: An Anthology

The Halloween Grindhouse: An Anthology by E. Reyes

“If you love horror… you must read this book.”—Julie Hiner, author of Final Track On Halloween night, four friends use a new app that takes users to random weird, creepy, and haunted locations. The location generated for them is an abandoned house in a sketchy neighborhood. Inside, they discover a series of VHS tapes, each revealing a blood-curdling tale that pushes the boundaries of fear and darkness… Encounter a terrifying zombie uprising born from the depths of drug cartel torture chambers. Navigate a haunted house alongside a group of unsuspecting friends, where the supernatural lurks around every corner. Witness the brutal karmic justice delivered by an evil entity on Mischief Night. And hold your breath as a kidnapped girl struggles to escape the twisted clutches of a monstrous captor and his sinister grandmother. From supernatural nightmares to the macabre realities of human evil, each story in this anthology offers a unique and harrowing journey, filled with twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. So, dim the lights and brace yourself for a heart-stopping descent into the darkest corners of The Halloween Grindhouse. Praise for The Halloween Grindhouse “This was a fun read. Think Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark adult version. Great concept.”—Stephanie Reads Reviews “This book has it all. E. Reyes has definitely caught my attention and has left me thirsty for more!”—Rose Devours Books Reviews “E. Reyes enthralled me with this Halloween themed collection. ...I found a new favorite author.”—Andrew Robert, contributor to Slice of Paradise “If you're looking for a bloody book for this Halloween season, you can't go wrong with this one.”—Michael R. Goodwin, author of Smolder “I adored this… if you're a fan of old school horror movies/vibes, then this is highly recommended.”—H. Everend, author of Cursed Legacy

Broken Wings and Buried Secrets: A Short Story Collection

Broken Wings and Buried Secrets: A Short Story Collection by Bethany Votaw

This short story collection offers a glimpse into some of the mind's darkest and strangest corners. It features the lies we tell ourselves, the truths we pretend to face, the pain we inflict on our family, and the shadows we try to outrun. It explored the complex family dynamics and secrets. The collection includes 25 stories, including micro-fiction, flash fiction, and short stories

In the Light of the Dawn

In the Light of the Dawn by The Furry Historical Fiction society

We invented writing to preserve our stories and to share them with each other. From the mistiest stretches of history we find scraps and pieces of tales we told each other, forming the myths, legends, and dramas that persist to this day. Hear us, then. Listen to the stories passed down from the earliest foundations of civilizations, to the creation of nations and empires. Hear the stories of the grandest rulers to the humblest peasants. The world is not so young as it was, but walk with us in these tales of antiquity: In the Light of the Dawn.

When the World Was Young

When the World Was Young by The Furry Historical Fiction society

The invention of writing postdates, invariably, the invention of storytelling. After all, what purpose is there to writing, until you have something to write down? Excavate these writings, then. Decipher them carefully. Let them, at last, convince you to forget writing until instead they sit across the fire, speaking to you oral traditions, folktales, and of days long, long past When the World Was Young.

The Crow's Quill - Dark Epistolaries

The Crow's Quill - Dark Epistolaries by Edited By Damon Barret Roe

1. NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH Tyler Battaglia 2. MICE IN THE WALLS Kay Hanifen 3. THE HUSK Jared Schmitz 4. THE ARCHIVES ASSISTANT S.C. Williams Poetry by Susan L. Lin & Carla Sarett

Greater Than His Nature

Greater Than His Nature by Edited by Eirik Gumeny

In every laboratory, every experiment, there are two diametrical energies at play: chaos and control. The raw pandemonium of what is, and the diamond-sheen of what could be. And in between? Blood, bones, and broken hearts. Because no equation, no solution, will ever be able to contain the wild entropy of the human soul. Within these pages, you'll find reverse mermaids and murder-spiders and bloated flesh-monsters tearing down the Golden Gate Bridge. A nurse waving a patient into a haunted MRI machine. A reimagined Mary Shelley obsessing about her galvanic guy. The dead will come back, organs will grow where you least expect them, and "healthy" will be outed as a disease all its own, the most damning by a long mile. Because, like the highest-born hopes of bodies sacrificed to progress, like the darkest dreams of the brains behind the beakers, mad science truly knows no bounds. Featuring new fiction from Katharine Duckett, A.T. Greenblatt, Ally Malinenko, Tyler Battaglia, Samantha H. Chung, Jonathan Fortin, Brianna Nicole Frentzko, Josh Hanson, Wade Hunter, M.W. Irving, Pooja Joshi, Andrew Kozma, K.L. Mill, Lena Ng, Robert Perez, Zachary Rosenberg, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Violet Schwegler, and Nicole M. Wolverton. Edited by Eirik Gumeny.

The Cosy Cosmic

The Cosy Cosmic by Edited by Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito

Some argue existence is an exercise in futility. They claim there are no winners in life. Ultimately, we are insignificant in the face of vast cosmic intelligences that were old when the Universe began. The best minds gibber at the incomprehensibility of it all. Other minds lose themselves in strange geometries because they can't comprehend any alternative. Whatever. The rest of us have to get up in the morning, feed the cat, and go to work. The Cozy Cosmic contains 33 stories of the horrors hidden within the micro-aggressions, the horrors trapped beneath the floorboards, and the horrors waiting patiently on the windowsill. This is the horror that forgets to turn off the light at night. This is the horror of waiting for the tea to boil, knowing full well who you just buried-for the second time-in the yard less than a hour ago. This is the horror of knowing where the dark wool comes from, but you wear the sweater anyway because it was a gift—an expression of love—and, well, being alone is worse than the horror of the unknowable, isn't it? The full table of contents for The Cozy Cosmic is as follows: John Shirley “Death, in Two” Tais Teng “On Hearing the First Shoggoth in Spring” Tyler Battaglia “What the Sea Provides” Ellis Bray “My Grandmother's Sacristy” E. E. Marshall “Right and Bright” Devan Barlow “Dinner, Overlooking the Sea” Scotty Milder “A Little God in Their Hands” Maxwell I. Gold “Great Cosmic Itch” Remy Nakamura “Wet Dreams in R'lyeh” Andrew S. Fuller “A Perfectly Fine Hobby” Kiera Lesley “Obsolescent” Kurt Newton “A Mournful Melancholia of Things Forever Lost” J. B. Kish “Lo-Fi Chocolate Cake” Rajiv Moté “Carrisa and Kevin Gaze into the Abyss” Daniel David Froid “In Another Distant Land, in a Luminescent Land” Kate Ristau “Shine” Erik Grove “Fuzzy Fuzzy Kitty Kitties” William J. Connell “Poe's Guys Respond to Their Significant Others” Paul Jessup “The Museum of Endless Summer” Ngo Binh Anh Khoa “Through Life and Death, Forevermore” Jonathan Wood “Javapocalypse” L. E. Daniels “Final Cycle” Ken Hueler “The Unknowable Ones” Tania Chen “A Study of Metamorphosis Calamity” Eric Shanower “The Purple Emperor” Kevin Wetmore “A Child's Christmas in Innsmouth” Megan Lee Beals “Splinterbone” Corinne Hughes “The Sheep Rancher's Husband” Shanna Germain “A Napkin Upon Your Glass” Simone Cooper “Gnocchi” Jessie Kwak “Blood and Glitter” Cody T Luff “Den Mother” R. Ostermeier “The Dark Young”


MOUTHFEEL FICTION 1 by Edited by Taliesin Neith

Welcome to the inaugrual issue of MOUTHFEEL FICTION, a feast for the horrible and horrendous. Within these pages you will find short stories and poetry from 30 different authors, all ready to disgust and delight, arousal and afear you - they are ready to break your heart and turn your stomach. Issue 1 features work by: JULIAN RENAUD // BITTER KARELLA // AMI J. SANGHVI // BRIAR RIPLEY PAGE // WEST AMBROSE // S.T. // OLIVE BURNS // LOR GISLASON // CALEB BETHEA // REGAN GRAY // SAMIR SIRK MORATĂ“ // SAM LOGAN // TANG SUMI // SAPPHIRE LAZULI // LAVERN SPENCER MCCARTHY // DJP // CASSANDRA DAUCUS // TYLER BATTAGLIA // AJ CASTLE // NM WHITLEY // JOSEPH BOUTHIETTE JR. // RAIN CORBYN // MOUSE LARISHEVA // KURT NEWTON // J.R. SANTOS // STANLEY B. WEBB // BDYER // ANN LEBLANC // SHAUN HATHAWAY // VIOLA BOLEMAN MY LOVE AND THANKS TO THEM. AND TO YOU, DEAR READER.

The Summer Gothic

The Summer Gothic by Edited by K.M. Miller

K.M. Miller (Editor), Tyler Battaglia, B.A. O'Connell, Laura Marie Bailey, Venus Parkes, Quinton Li, Enda Mulholland, Abby Moeller, Lucia Larsen, Freydís Moon, Cas Trudeau, Lotte van der Krol, Alba Sarria, Billy Don Loper, Angela Sun, Dean Shepherd, Corey Bryan, Cinnamone Winchester, Sebastián Ungco (Illustrator), Chrys Marr The Summer Gothic is a collection of works that make up Panorame Press' first anthological edition, highlighting the spooky, lonely, and sweltering parts of the summertime. We asked indie, young, and debuting authors in the modern writing community to give us their grim looks into the season of summer, through hot days, lonely lighthouses, racing Mississippi nights, and soft whispering in humid forests. Panorame Press strives to give our authors and artists a place to share their works and build their portfolios free of submission costs, strict guidelines about what's considered marketable media, and other modern publishing barriers.

Devout: An Anthology of Angels

Devout: An Anthology of Angels by Edited By Quinton Li

Featuring work by Freydís Moon, Dorian Yosef Weber, Angela Sun, Ian Haramaki, Tyler Battaglia, Daniel Marie James, Morgan Dante, Cas Trudeau, Aurélio Loren, Rae Novotny, Rafael Nicolás & Emily Hoffman. A collection of stories, poetry, and art dedicated to the angelic. Here you will find the strange, the creepy, the funky, slightly silly, pieces with feeling. An experience buried deep inside, it might be from another dimension. Something questionable that makes you wonder if your first impression of the world is accurate enough to trust. Or maybe something human — too human. How about a feeling between a feeling? Longing, yearning. Conflict between moral and love. World between worlds. Above all — angelic. Are we what angels make of us, or are angels what we make of them? This anthology is for mature audiences due to themes and explicit content. Our genres include, but are not limited to: Contemporary Fantasy Romance, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Horror, Historical Fantasy Romance, Mythological, Gothic Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror Drama

Devil’s Hill II

Devil’s Hill II by E. Reyes

Welcome back to Devil’s Hill, AZ, where reality distorts, and nightmares walk in E. Reyes’ latest collection of terrifying tales. A séance to contact a deceased horror author unleashes chaos. A girl works with ghosts to stop kidnappings and murders on Halloween night. A group of teens are attacked by wolf-like creatures in the desert. The jack-o’-lantern-headed “Pumpkin Man” goes on a rampage collecting souls. These unnerving tales and others each draw you one step closer to becoming a permanent resident of Devil's Hill!

Christmas in the Empty Cabin

Christmas in the Empty Cabin by E. Reyes

Horror and the supernatural don’t take holiday vacations… Take a holiday trip with E. Reyes to the dark side of the most wonderful time of the year. While you’re there visit… A hot holiday toy that brings terror to a department store. A man caught in a blizzard as he searches for help for a dying friend. A girl who wakes up to surprise visitors on Día de los Muertos. A man who recounts a sick and twisted Thanksgiving. A boy who becomes intrigued by a mysterious house and the girl who resides there during fall break. A family man who struggles with a dilemma that may cost him his soul. “A beautifully written collection… a unique and creative delight… I devoured it and loved it!”—Julie Hiner, author of Final Track “A great collection of thrilling and shocking tales that will get your heart pounding!”—Eric Woods, author of Pummeled “A great range of short tales for anyone looking for a quick, mysterious read.”—M.E. Aster, author of Three Halves of a Whole “Captures the melancholy, dark side of the holidays.”—Elford Alley, author of Ash and Bone

Devil’s Hill: Stories

Devil’s Hill: Stories by E. Reyes

Stephen King has Castle Rock. R. L. Stine has Fear Street. E. Reyes has Devil’s Hill. Welcome to Devil’s Hill, Arizona; a place that runs rampant with the occult, paranormal, and supernatural. As Halloween approaches and a group of teenage witches inadvertently summon an ancient deity into a scarecrow, they set off a chain of events that unleashes true evil upon the town. In these interconnected stories, you’ll encounter ghostly spirits, killers, malevolent deities, and other unexplainable horrors as the town of Devil’s Hill is plunged into darkness. Don’t miss out on the terror that awaits in Devil’s Hill! Praise for Devil’s Hill: “Where do fans of R.L. Stine's Goosebumps go when we grow up? There's plenty of room in Devil's Hill, Arizona...if you dare.”—Julia DeBarrioz, author of Cazadora “Absolutely worth reading.”—Heather Miller, author of One Night Stand at the End of the World “I would FOR SURE recommend this book to horror lovers and horror newbies alike, and I will certainly be looking for more E. Reyes in the future!”—Spooky Octopus Reads

Only You

Only You by Mia Sanchez

“But I want to write poetry Describing her beautiful soul So the world can fall for her As easily I had done for years.” Only You is a poetry collection about unrequited love, expressing my love for someone for whom no words will be enough to explain. It has poems about the magical moments of falling in love with her and the unavoidable suffering. Poems I wrote to make the world understand her beauty and everything that made her perfect in my eyes. I hope these poems show that love can be pleasantly exquisite - even when it sometimes inflicts immense pain. Some poems showcase a perfect love story, while others show the pain often hidden beneath the happiness. They are all about love. Not the perfect kind of love, but the one that is real.

THE INSTITUTE Stolen Case Files

THE INSTITUTE Stolen Case Files by T S Galindo

A collection of 8 Science Fiction stories from the future What do robot apocalypses, existence-ending devices, fractured time, and a sentient single-celled species have in common? The Institute Investigative journalist, [REDACTED], spent a year stealing secret documents from The Institute's scientific think-tank in [REDACTED]. These files will leave you awed and terrified.

What Remains When The Stars Burn Out: a horror collection by P.L. McMillan

What Remains When The Stars Burn Out: a horror collection by P.L. McMillan by Various

From the lips of a dying woman to the ears of an overworked nurse, a word begins to haunt her and the city in which she lives. An office worker is convinced she has contracted something highly contagious, but no one believes her. Earth is on the brink of collapse, when scientists discover a new plane of reality. Could this be the salvation people are seeking? A company’s revolutionary method of travel promises instant teleportation across countless light years but at a price. What Remains When The Stars Burn Out is a vivid collection of twelve stories ranging from the morbid to the macabre, the sinister to the supernatural, the unearthly to the uncanny, which are sure to send a shiver down your spine.

The PoArtMo Anthology: Volume 3

The PoArtMo Anthology: Volume 3 by Azelle Elric, Meaghan Beatty, David Ellis, and Cendrine Marrouat.

Welcome to Volume 3 of "The Auroras & Blossoms PoArtMo Anthology"! This collection of positive and uplifting works has been created in response to PoArtMo, a year-long movement launched in 2020 by Auroras & Blossoms. PoArtMo stands for “Positive Actions Rally Thoughts & Momentum.” The Auroras & Blossoms PoArtMo Anthology: Volume 3 features a variety of different works by four contributors: Azelle Elric (drawings), Meaghan Beatty (essays), Cendrine Marrouat (poetry), and David Ellis (poetry).

Cyborgs, Immortals, and Spacefarers: Book 1 of An End of Our Own Making

Cyborgs, Immortals, and Spacefarers: Book 1 of An End of Our Own Making by Aristotle Evangelos

After the next war, what's left of humanity struggles against extinction. Three connected social science fiction stories: The Immortalists, 1000 years after the war: Immortals trying to save their community are on a collision course with a farmer determined to protect his people. The Leavers, 500 years after the war: The corporations rule the solar system, and the Earth is off limits. A shadowy group of activists seeks to disrupt the established order, and an ion ship captain is sent to stop them. The Cyborgs, 200 years after the war: Cyborgs are a vanishing breed. They trust no one, especially not each other. Still, they must survive.

Occupational Hazards: The Blue-Collar Omnibus

Occupational Hazards: The Blue-Collar Omnibus by Geoff Sturtevant

Occupational Hazards is an omnibus of acclaimed novelettes from the "Return to the Dirt" and "Just Speculating" collections, and new, exclusive stories only available in this book. The stories exemplify the unsavory side of our everyday existence. Existentialism, absurdism, and outlandish humor merge with ordinary, workaday life for a unique and hilarious perspective of the human experience. Occupational Hazards is an unflinching ride through the absurdity of it all. Not recommended for the faint of heart or easily offended. But if meaty stories are what you’re after… I hope you’re hungry. “In time-honoured fashion, these taut tales of work and death employ humour to highlight the worst aspects of human behaviour. They're sharp, savage slices of smartly observed social satire, with humour so bleak it raises blisters.” — (on Return to the Dirt) “True to the Sturtevant style, each tale offers a penetrating view into humanity, opening the doors that people usually keep shuttered tight from prying eyes, and doing so with razor-sharp dialogue and a healthy dose of (sometimes) dark humor.”

Shackin' Up: Shackin’ Up: Short Stories of Queer Romance and Forced Proximity

Shackin' Up: Shackin’ Up: Short Stories of Queer Romance and Forced Proximity by Augusta Connor

Get cozy with Space Fruit Press’s collection of stories, where queer couples find themselves getting unexpectedly close. Whether it’s a vacation rental, cabin in the woods, or a run-down motel, any port in a storm can get awfully hot when it’s the right pair trapped inside. There may only be one bed, but there’s plenty between these covers to keep you warm.

Querencia Summer 2022

Querencia Summer 2022 by Querencia Press

Querencia Press's first anthology features 66 contributors of Poetry, Fiction, & Non-fiction work. Themes of the collection vary widely and the editor would like to include content warnings for self-harm, addiction, grief, domestic violence, religious trauma, sexual trauma, gender dysphoria and politics, as well as some blood and body horror. Edited by Emily Perkovich

Tales of Lunis Aquaria

Tales of Lunis Aquaria by Tessa Hastjarjanto


Lose yourself in the wondrous world of Lunis Aquaria. Explore daunting deserts, treacherous mountains and the deep blue of the Morcain sea. If you enjoy the fairy tales of old you will enjoy this collection of nine short adventure stories. • Coming of beasts: A mysterious Lady uses her powers to cultivate the land. When five otherworldly visitors arrive, she gives them a set of powers to aid them on their quest. • The sacred maiden: When a young girl's house is raided, she escapes. One thief chases her into the night. Both of them find something they never thought they would. • Moon Flower: To win the heart of a girl, a young man sets out to find the most beautiful flower there ever was. He faces the dangers of the mountains, looking for a flower that might not even exist. • Thomas and the wolf: A wolf finds a little boy watching a blazing fire in which his family is trapped. The wolf takes the boy to meet the only one he trusts. • The witch of Monterra Mountain: The blacksmith's apprentice falls for a woman who's accused of witchcraft. • Shepherd's Stick: A scholar ventures into the desert to experience the ghost stories the elders tell to scare the children. He finds much more than just a ghost. • Archipelago of Wonder: A fisherman survives a storm and ends up on a tropical island. As he looks for resources to repair his ship, he receives help from an unexpected source. • Decapod's Ire: An archer joins a seafaring crew to hunt the creature that destroyed a handful of fishing boats. • Lovers through time: A time traveller finds the love of his life in the past and must find a way for them to be together.

Through Shadows

Through Shadows by P.S. Livingstone, A.M. Justice, Alex McGilvery, J.E. Hannaford, Laura Shank, Liam Hogan, Anela Deen

A collection of award-winning speculative short fiction! QuaranCon's top entries from both the 2020 and 2021 short fiction contests, these six stories all deal with themes of isolation and innovation, and are sure to keep you entertained in bite sized moments of adventure.

Fever Dreams

Fever Dreams by Luther Kross

Have you ever wondered how urban legends began in your neck of the woods? Have you ever pondered the possibility that, perhaps, there is some element of truth to these horrifying tales? Perhaps you've treated someone harshly, only to have your actions come back and bite you in the rear. Maybe you've gone home with someone from the club, only to wake up with a mountain of regret the next morning. But, what if you hadn't? Lived to regret it, that is. Find the answers to these questions and more in this, the first volume of Fever Dreams.

Autumn Nights: 10 Stories to Skitter Up Your Spine

Autumn Nights: 10 Stories to Skitter Up Your Spine by Various

Hot summer days fade, and the chills of autumn begin. Leaves wither and fall, trees lay barren, and darkness descends earlier each evening. While people seek shelter in warm, cozy confines, the hair-raising denizens of the night come out to play. The hollow winds carry more than the skittering sounds of dead leaves… Ten creepy tales that will leave you checking your windows and tucking yourself safely under the covers await in this book. Perfect for lingering evenings around the campfire, or golden afternoons with a blanket and warm apple cider, the third installment of the Autumn Nights Charity Anthologies is brimming with creepy crawlies. Not only are the stories low on gore and safe for readers 16 and up, but your purchase will help your fellow humans. All royalties from this anthology will be donated to RIP Medical Debt, a non-profit that purchases bulk medical debt and pays it off for those most in need. No family should have to choose between medical care and a home. The Skittering by Mallory Kelly Dreamweaver by Jaecyn Boné Deathbed Confessions Are Not Beholden to NDAs by Frank L Tybush V New Life by Helen Whistberry The Sublime Desdemona Scarlet by Jacob Klop Prey by Brendon Pohner The Nest by Fay Lane The Bitten Rush by L.T. Ward Pandora’s Attic by Jerusha René The Protectors by A.W. Wang *These stories are intended to be safe reading for Young Adults and Adults alike, with no graphic/explicit violence or sexual situations. In this book, The Bitten Rush does have the trigger warning of addiction. Each book in the series can be read in any order, as there is no relationship between the stories from one book to the next. Want to start with this one and help relieve crushing medical debt? Go for it!

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