KJK Presents: Vampires


KJK Presents: Vampires by Kevin J. Kennedy, Graham Masterton, Greg F. Gifune, Lee Mountford, Nick Roberts, Richard Chizmar, Michael Bray, Simon Clark

A collection of vampire tales from some of horrors best. You will find no friendly vampires between these pages. In these stories, vampires are once again a source of evil, coming from the darkness. If you like your vampire stories with bite, this is for you

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Content Warning: Blood, violence, murder, killing, death

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CJDaley avatar CJDaley author

Worldbuilding: Piqued curiosity
Plot: Mostly clear
Characters: Some more thought out than others
Storytelling: Balanced
Immersion: Satisfying, fulfilling experience
Emotional Response: Engaging
Thought Provoking: New ideas came up
Cover: Adequately represents the story

This collection features a take on the vampire by each author listed above. Some are straight forward, while some of the others sought a new approach to the horror favorite. Perhaps itโ€™s my fault, not only because of the cover, but I was expecting something gothic

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