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Babies with Rabies: An ABC Survival Guide

Babies with Rabies: An ABC Survival Guide by L. A. Cunningham

R is for rabies. Of COURSE it’s for rabies! Your most imminent threat is BABIES WITH RABIES! It’s a post-apocalyptic world, and hordes of feral, teething babies are foaming at the mouth and roaming the streets looking for their next victim. You completed your training montage, you know how to sew fingers back on, you studied their weaknesses, and now there’s only one thing left to do: survive! **BABIES WITH RABIES is the perfect gift for parents…or people who hate babies!**

Points of Virtue #1

Points of Virtue #1 by P. A. Hayden/ Laurie Cunningham

Lily Connors is a doctor; she saves people. But on her way back to London, she's haunted by everyone she's lost. As she looks into the hollow eyes of Death, she accepts that maybe she has different role to play. Adam is tired of having his life decided for him. But when a weekend away turns into the streets of London filled with monsters and Adam backed into a corner, his fate comes down to one final decision he doesn't want to make.

Points of Villainy #2

Points of Villainy #2 by P. A. Hayden/ Laurie Cunningham

London is under attack. Monsters are destroying the city. Trapped in a pub with nowhere to go, a group of people are about to realize who the REAL monsters are. Ever since Sarah Winslow began her job at the United News Network, she's been looking for her big break. As she watches an army of terror break into the building, she's hopeful today might finally be her day. But it also might be her last day.

Points of Villainy #1

Points of Villainy #1 by P. A. Hayden/ Laurie Cunningham

"I'm inside." For years, Ethan's tried to ignore the people who want to keep him down and tell him he's a failure. But there's no ignoring the Faceless Man... Especially once he's inside. When Dylan puts on his cape and mask, a new hero arises: Tailwind Two! And just in time. While Dylan and his family flee from their house, Dylan's hero, Tailwind, fights the army of terror above their heads. But as new heroes arise, old heroes must fall.

Sister Grim Issue 1

Sister Grim Issue 1 by L. A. Cunningham

Lily Connors wakes up in the morgue with no memories of the last three months since the event. She just wants to go home, but she's terrified her family isn't alive. But she's more terrified she'll kill them if they are.

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