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Agent G: Assassin by C.T. Phipps

FROM THE BEST-SELLING AUTHOR OF THE RULES OF SUPERVILLAINY: Agent G, now going by the name Case, thought he'd won. He'd exposed his former employers, shared Black Technology with the world, and killed the man who'd started it all. Unfortunately, history slows for no man. After a volcanic eruption decimates the United States, G spends the next decade witnessing humanity rebuild itself into a corporate-run dystopia. Preferring to the be the boot rather than the ant, Case has become a powerful executive in the new cyberpunk world. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean he's immune to his past. Contacted by the only woman he ever loved, Case finds himself once more embroiled in a conspiracy to take what little the public has left. Now he has to decide whether to save what remains of the world or rule it

Agent G: Saboteur by C.T. Phipps

FROM THE BEST SELLING AUTHOR OF THE SUPERVILLAINY SAGA: Agent G has left the service of the International Refugee Society, the world's biggest provider of murder for hire, in order to work for the US government. Unfortunately, they are sending him after his former employers, and they know him as well as he knows them. The clock is ticking, though, until the Society's remaining leadership starts eliminating their opponents and attempts to seize control of the presidency. A traitor is also providing them with all the information they need to survive until their puppet is in power. Will G and his allies survive the purge? Sometimes it doesn't pay to be a cyborg spy.

Memoirs of a Snowflake by Marc Itziro

Somewhere in a timeless future, billions of inhabitants live in a city-state, the gigapolis of Pardon. All citizens now possess an artificial body, their minds permanently connected through a universal network, and video games have become supreme. Among them is Janus, a gladiator Hero who lives his life of ultra-violence, subversion and glory. His mind is that of an ancient warrior incarnated in a flesh of almighty metal, mastering the cybermartial arts, practicing the yoga of cyborgs, honing his consciousness through electromagnetic meditation. In his spare time, he secretly explores a world now bereft of clear boundaries, voyaging in this labyrinth where other labyrinths are hidden. And, sometimes, Janus dreams cyborg dreams.

Through Virulent Time: a science fiction cyberpunk mystery thriller (Matriarchs - Silicon Gods Book 3) by Chris Sarantopoulos

You zero, you die. The timer is relentless. The world changed in the last century. Now it’s kill or be killed. Yury Bukin is a mafia member willing to do anything in his power to keep his counter from reaching zero. When his mentor assigns him a simple job, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime; steal a canister and get rewarded with an entire week of life. Except others are searching for that canister and they have leverage over him: the only other person he cares for. Because the canister may hold mankind’s salvation. To put an end to his never-ending timer, he must challenge the establishment and his nature. To change the world, he must stand up against overwhelmingly stronger forces. To save what he loves, he must side with those he has grown up hating all his life. If he fails, mankind fails with him. If you love dark and gritty cyberpunk thrillers, heavy on biopunk and nanopunk elements, then you don't want to miss the conclusion of the Matriarchs - Silicon Gods series.

Through Digital Ascent: a science fiction cyberpunk mystery thriller (Matriarchs - Silicon Gods Book 2) by Chris Sarantopoulos

A digital god has no need of worshippers; only slaves. It’s been ten years since Chris Leuben’s fall from grace began with no apparent end to it. When the mafia boss he has grudgingly been working for threatens his son’s life unless he apprehends the terrorist responsible for the A-B Massacre, Leuben is forced to accept. When the team they paired him with gets exterminated after the job is done, Leuben begins to investigate. What he discovers shakes his faith in the system he has defended throughout his life. Now it’s up to him to expose those hiding in the shadows and to prevent them from succeeding with their sinister plans. There’s a timer ticking down for him and the entire human race. If you love dark, futuristic urban settings, corporate conspiracies seeping into the underworld, and digital entities, then you will love this cyberpunk thriller, the second instalment in the Matriarchs - Silicon Gods series.

Through Stranger Eyes: a science fiction cyberpunk mystery thriller (Matriarchs - Silicon Gods Book 1) by Chris Sarantopoulos

Flesh comes cheap in a machine world. Doctor Rick Stenslandt has always advocated against the fusion of man and machine. But after a near-fatal accident, he is forced to accept ocular implants or go blind, end up unemployed, and without social status. But something goes wrong. Now he remembers people he has never met before—influential members of the corporate elite that governs the world. And they have all been murdered. Worse, it seems he’s the next target. On the run from the police and a pair of augmented assassins, Rick seeks refuge in the infamous alleys of the megacity. But to protect the ones he loves, he cannot hide forever. Now he must figure out his borrowed memories and his connection to the victims, before it’s too late. If you love cyberpunk technothrillers with settings similar to Blade Runner, rich with corporations, conspiracies, murder, and mystery, with strong elements of biopunk and nanopunk, with hackers and AIs, then you will love the entire Matriarchs - Silicon Gods trilogy.

Skye City: Sister of a Rebel Soldier (The Darkness of Emmilyn Book 1) by R.D Hale

My name is Emmi Basilides. I am an orphan living in the slums of Medio city. Every slumdog I know underestimates me. They think I am a dumb kid who could not survive alone, not without my brother, but I have been through so much, and I have never asked anyone to fight my battles. My mother abandoned me when I was five years old and here I am – about to reach the grand old age of sixteen. Believe me, anyone who can survive ten years in this place deserves respect. Ever since my brother Arturo started working for a mysterious man, our lives changed dramatically. At first, Arturo had money and it went to his head, but then he disappeared, and I thought I was never going to see him again, until he escaped... from prison. That is when things really got crazy. Our friend Killow was infected by nanites which gave him superpowers, but also turned him evil. And now we have no idea where he is. Oh, and I forgot to mention our friend Dynah who also has superpowers and is non-evil. The plague came and my best friend Lel died. It broke my heart, but I will not be beaten by this world. 'Live for the moment' is what Lel used to say, and I will move forward in her honour. I will prove to my brother I am not a kid any more, and I will show our rotten country that this dumb, blonde, 'bottom-leveller' is a force to be reckoned with.

Soul-Augmented: Part 2 by Kas Smith

How can one journey across trillions of miles in a trillionth of a second?Time has abandoned Joshua; hope fades from his slipping grasps, as the chances of finding the abducted soul of his fiancé, Savannah, diminishes. Earth and Olympus are becoming entangled, the planet’s slowing rotation means that soon the Earth will be incompatible with life.Everything he loves will be lost if he cannot break the insurmountable laws of physics…and the supremacy of the Circle of Hermes.Part two of Soul-Augmented, a thought-provoking dystopian/hard science fiction novel that merges The Time Machine and Stargate to question our existence and redefine our quest for immortality.This book is an Augmented Reality novel. Contained within the chapters are markers which can be scanned to reveal extra content.

Soul-Augmented: Part 1 (Soul-Augmented Series) by Kas Smith

As a rise in natural disasters threatens mankind’s existence, millions of people fall into irreversible comas—they are called the Unknown. Society has become a crumbling victim of corporatocracy, whilst virtual reality has become its addiction.Amidst the chaos, young theoretical physicist Joshua Smith, is obsessed with the fulfilment of his life-long invention. So distracted by his work, he not only ignores the tragic state of the world but his partner, Savannah. That is, until Savannah falls prey to the Unknown condition.Distraught by his neglect and refusing to accept his loss, Joshua decides to abandon his life’s work to solve the mystery of the comas. However, he discovers that the natural disasters and the comas are actually linked to his proposed invention.It’s soon revealed, that his research has been stolen by a secret society to achieve what man has only dreamed possible. Joshua must now make a choice; either refuse to play a part in their nefarious ambitions and lose Savannah forever, or join them to save the woman he loves and the souls of many.Soul-Augmented is 'The Time Machine meets Stargate', which takes you on a journey that challenges man’s concept of death like never before.This book is an Augmented Reality novel. Contained within the chapters are markers which can be scanned to reveal extra content.

Shackle.exe: Episode 2 by Van D Vicious

n a world run by oligarchs, money can buy anything…for the right price. Socialite Marissa Lancaster is the darling of the family empire. She has it all—pre-fab future and the man of her dreams. Well, the man of someone’s dreams. Rissa would trade it all for an unscripted life. But when her parents control everything down to the food she eats, a taste of freedom looks more like attrition. If only she was brave like her cousin... Ashton Westworth embraces her outcast status and thrives despite the loss of money and power attached to the Lancaster name. Unlike her cousin, she has a plan: college, design business, escape her name. But she pays for that opportunity the only way she can—with blood. College should have been a chance for them to reconnect, but when Rissa’s fiancé turns his sights on Ash, the cousins’ shaky bond crumbles. James Buchanan knows all about Ash’s double life, and he’s dead set on buying her contract. At least he would if it didn’t draw his abusive father’s attention. James can’t have his cake and eat it too. Without their engagement, James and Rissa lose everything; if Ash accepts James’s help, so will she. But when the alternative means drowning in addiction or selling skin for a future? Choices have consequences, and this time, money can’t buy a happily ever after.

Shackle.exe: Episode 1 by Van D Vicious

In the wake of the biotech boom, the gap between the haves and have-nots grows wider by the day. Ashton Westworth is a disowned heiress whose only desire is to create. Leather and functional wings dominate her dreams, but to succeed in the moguls' world, she needs money. Lots of it. The shadowy crime lord Alpha offers her a future—his money for her submission; now Ash is struggling to pay the price. Corporate son James Buchanan is stuck under his abusive father's thumb. When he’s only as good as the marriage he secures, James can’t reconcile his own desires against his father’s demands. Every weekend, he stalks the darkest corners of Pittsburgh’s tech-heavy underbelly in search of flesh and fun. But the illusion of control will never be enough… When Ashton and James meet, sparks fly, but neither of them is willing to fan the flame—not when it means breaking a billion-dollar engagement or ending up in crippling debt. But attraction transcends the bounds of contracts, and theirs runs deeper than most…right into the Pittsburgh underground, and it threatens to expose secrets better left buried.

The Fair & Foul (Project Gene Assist Book 1) by Allie Potts

The road to the end of the world is paved with good intentions. A source of unlimited clean water, the cure for cancer; these are just some problems researcher and programmer, Juliane Faris, knows humanity could solve if only they just had access to the right information, and processing information is what Juliane does best. Given the opportunity to unlock superhuman abilities of the human brain, Juliane jumps at the chance to merge her mind with technology, even if it means trusting the egocentric Alan Dronigh with more than her life. Will Juliane change the world while securing her legacy? Or will her new abilities come at the cost of her sanity? One thing's for certain—life, as she knows it, will never be the same.

Lies and Legacy (Project Gene Assist) by Allie Potts

It's time to finish what they started. Juliane’s woken to a post-apocalyptic world with no memory of the days leading up to her time in cryogenic suspension. Plagued by guilt, Stephen longs to sleep without being haunted by the faces of those he’s lost. Both are seeking more than answers. Meanwhile, the defeat of the Watch has created an opportunity for a new world order to step in and take power. On one side, are the Sorcerers, a group of super-humans whose telepathic-like abilities and control over their bodies comes at a terrible price. On the other—an elite squad of genetically modified individuals who are now more beast than man. Juliane is on a mission to reclaim her legacy. Stephen is out to save his soul.Can either stop the upcoming war before it destroys what’s left of humankind? In this struggle for survival of the fittest, they may have to find a way to save themselves first.

The Android Sisters: Volume 2: Changing Faces by Gary Starta

For a special pair of android sisters, Nyx and Dayna, it’s a sure bet they dream. But when Nyx, the red-eyed sister, finds herself expired, is she dreaming, experiencing a post death virus or perhaps something greater? Further blurring the lines, Dayna, the violet-eyed sister, finds herself paired hybrid style with the consciousness of a deceased financial baroness. Can these androids die and experience an afterlife? If so, what implications does it have for humans who experience the same out of body experiences? Is the afterlife limited to biological beings, or perhaps, as Simulation Theory suggests, are we are all binary codes playing out in pixelated formation? The Android Sisters, Changing Faces, explores death, the universe and just how an artificial being might classify itself as human by loose definition.

The Android Sisters by Gary Starta

All androids are not alike. Especially if they're teenagers... By the 2070’s, most humans have interacted with androids in either a servile or sexual relationship. Dr. Bryan Galloway wants to tip the scales. So, he’s engineered two sisters who not only share a synthetic form of DNA, but a sentience and individualism no android has enjoyed before. Like human teens, the android sisters develop not only by nature but by nurture. For Nyx, the red-eyed robot finds life to be a journey you experience a step at a time. For Dayna, the violet-orbed android, she sees life as a game to be won through emulation and manipulation. But Nyx’s journey is a whole lot less passive than she imagined, especially when she suffers bouts of what humans call PTSD. As Nyx becomes convinced her programming is unable to separate past from present and reality from virtual experience, she begins to doubt her creator Bryan Galloway and his sudden disappearance from her life now that she faces school, boys, and the pressure of planning a future in a still very dominated human population. Is Nyx defective, or maybe this is what it's really like to grow up as a human female. Perhaps, there is a third alternative she and her sister know nothing about...

IN A BLACK BALLOON by Matthew John Wilkinson

The Complete Saga! There is no life but human life. The entire barren universe is within reach via Fold Tech. The United Intergalactic Colonies have laid claim to hundreds of planets. Earth is a barely habitable wasteland. Political power is centralized in the Jovian Subsystem of Sol. Spanning generations and the cosmos, a plot is revealed that could overthrow the U.I.C., and the Milton family is at the heart of it all… Moving in recurrent cycles between a secretive Voidship captain, a reclusive scholar, a bodyguard to the Colonial President, an explorer in the early days of Fold Tech, a government torturer, and a mysterious source casting its objective eye over the whole of the Sol System’s people, this series examines what it means when humans become aliens to themselves. Equal parts Battlestar Galactica and Infinite Jest, this is a work of horror, degradation, morality, and redemption. This is a series about the only life we know. This is what it’s like inside the Void.

Presence: Fangs & Flasks by L.G Branch

After bringing the war with the mages to an end, the members of Band 13 were looking forward to starting the new year fresh and continuing their training in relative peace. Unfortunately they would soon discover that the mages weren't the only ones with traitors as that peace was shattered. The entire board has begun to move as the members of Band 13 find themselves in a race against time. Alliances are being made. Bonds and bands are being forged and shattered as the world hurdles toward a very dark future. Will they be swept up in the rising tide or will they once more rise to the occasion? More importantly, what are they willing to sacrifice when they discover that the love that once empowered them becomes the very thing that threatens to destroy them?

Electronic Gods (Imagined Realities) by Seth Rain

Gods are real, but you might not be… January Day is a detective on the verge of self-destruction, ready to give up on ever finding her brother’s killers. But when she finally unearths a lead and tracks them down, she uncovers a truth that changes everything. Her reality is only one of innumerable others designed by architects. Not only this, but it is a failure and nominated for deletion. If she wants to save herself, her reality, and the lives of countless others in an ever-expanding multiverse, she must first believe she, her reality, and those who live in it, deserve to be saved at all. Designed with elements of cyberpunk and dystopian fiction, Electronic Gods promises to blow your mind and put it back together in an entirely new way.

Venerable: The Price of Paradise by Samuel Freedman

The city of Venerable is a shining example of peace and prosperity in the year 2456, It's citizens enjoy an idyllic way of life as part of a peaceful and prosperous society without crime, disease, or war. Venerable is home to Rachel Moon, a successful business owner and wife, who is joyfully awaiting the arrival of her first child. But unknown to her, a veil of secrecy will soon be lifted, revealing the truth behind her utopian existence. As the curtain hiding the truth is pulled back, the shocking revelation threatens to shatter the serenity of this paradise, revealing a reality that will change not only Rachel’s life, but the life of every Venerable citizen, and perhaps the entire society, forever.. Venerable: The Price of Paradise is the first of a four-part series introducing a world free of poverty, violence, and conflict.

Abomination Desolation by Alan Thompson

Book 2 of the Best Selling Creation Abomination series William had only wanted to develop a method of cloning human tissue. But then, his work was stolen by his best friend and the very forces of the Devil began perverting his research for the sole purpose of bringing about the end of days. Armed with this knowledge, he decided to destroy Cenetics, the laboratory that stole his creation, along with their malevolent research. As a result, he was confined to a mental hospital, where he learned that this corrupt work was continuing at another facility. Now, William must escape in order to stop Lucifer’s plans. With the help of his wife, his father-in-law, and several angelic interventions, he must battle nefarious creatures, the powers of deception, and the prophecies of the Bible itself, to prevent the apocalypse and save humankind. In Abomination Desolation, ordinary people meet extraordinary events head-on, in a thrilling story leading up to the very end of the world.

Creation Abomination by Alan Thompson

Book 1 of the Best Selling Creation Abomination series Brilliant research scientist William Mears has set out to discover how to repair injuries to the human body that are considered to be irreparable, leveraging Embryonic Stem Cells (ESCs). But these cells can't come from just any source - they need to be from the specific individual in need of healing. In other words, William needs to figure out a way to create a human embryonic clone. While William's intent is innocent and focused on the betterment of mankind, he has unknowingly opened up the door to a malevolent presence that reveals itself in ever increasing dreadful ways. As the situation worsens, it becomes clear that William must make a terrible choice in order to protect his loved ones and save humankind. But is it too late? Creation Abomination explores human ethical dilemmas in a fast-paced, high-tech story involving ingenious scientists, complex relationships, and the age-old battle between good and evil, bringing together realistic scenarios with the supernatural.

Trenchcoats, Towers, and Trolls: Cyberpunk Fairy Tale by Various

What do you get when you take the high tech/low life settings of cyberpunk and sprinkle them with the magic and possibilities of fairy tales? Trolls under teleportation bridges, masquerades held in virtual reality, princely avatars, giants and dwarves alongside hackers and androids. From retellings of traditional tales such as Rumpelstiltskin, in which a young woman is tasked with writing code instead of spinning gold, to original tales like the changeling-inspired story of a formless machine intelligence that hijacks human bodies, these cyberpunk fairy tales form a unique collection that is sure to satisfy connoisseurs of both genres. Original stories from Thomas Badlan, Suzanne Church, Beth Goder, Sarah Van Goethem, Nicola Kapron, V.F. LeSann, Angus McIntyre, Wendy Nikel, Ana Sun, Michael Teasdale, Alena Van Arendonk and Laura VanArendonk Baugh.

Warriors of Asmaria by John Smith

Welcome to Asmaria, an oceanic planet with a single, paradise like continent, stretching through the northern hemisphere. After a few years of peace there is yet another war. An army of millions of humanoid monsters from radioactive areas called Tamarias are attacking Asmarian Empire. Asmar, a young man from a powerful aristocratic family is serving in the war. Along with his friends, he is fighting in urban warfare, air battles, sword fights and pistol duels trying to defend his homeland from the invasion of Tamarians, but also from provincial separatists, creatures from the Yellow forests growing across the Continent and spies of the hostile power. He needs to find a powerful object that could give great destructive power to Umka, a monster warlord enemy of his country. Along with his friends he travels the Continent, it's numerous marvelous cities and regions, navigating a complex society created by the ancient astronauts/Gods and uncovers the secrets, prophecies and conspiracy theories about this amazing and inviting world. Many story arcs intertwine following characters living in different parts of the Continent, princess Hamara resides in the luxury of the capital city and is preparing to take greater part in managing her mothers Empire, Malas is a young man living in poverty in his village while taking care of his sick sister and is presented a possibility to become a great warrior like he always dreamed, Psiri is a reptilian scientist planning vengeance against the human race which overthrew her kind from power. Their adventures are just beggining.

In Ora: The Land of the Superior by Sotto Voce

In a world divided between the superior and the bereft, a desperate man must find a way to save someone he cares about. But what sacrifice does he have to make? Luke thought he’d found purpose again. After years of heartache and a devastating loss, his companionship with the strong-willed Ruyi gave him a reason to cherish life, even in a home plagued with poverty and disease, the Origin. But when he learns about Ruyi’s life-threatening and mysterious disease, Luke is prepared to seek help in the only place a cure exists, Ora. Returning to Ora thrusts him into an intriguing world where everyone has achieved physical superiority and perfection. It has advanced technology and found keys to tailoring genes and eradicating diseases. But Ora’s solution came with an exorbitant tag. To Ora, Origin is just its arrogant but fallen ancestor, and now, a defective neighbor with nothing to offer. They could save Ruyi, but what is the cost that Luke has to pay? Read less

Reactivated (Bolt Eaters Trilogy) by Isaac Hooke

Human minds stranded in machines. A platoon trapped on a faraway world. Bloodthirsty aliens who will stop at nothing to bring humanity to its knees. Eric was happily retired. His consciousness resided inside the body of an advanced android. He had two beautiful female companions, a platoon of war hero friends, and the entire floor of an apartment building to call his own. He had paid his dues, having saved the world during his previous stint in the army, and now he could live out the rest of his life in peace and quiet. As an android, he expected that life to last a very long time. And then the army came knocking at his door again. Soon he and his platoon find themselves dispatched to an alien world. Piloting Devastators, mechs equipped with enough firepower to take down a small army, Eric and his platoon are scouting the planet ahead of a planned human invasion. When things start to go very wrong, and the platoon finds itself cut off from support and surrounded by enemies on all sides, Eric begins to wonder if it will truly be humanity doing the invading, and not the aliens. Book one of a standalone military science fiction trilogy, Reactivated ends in a cliffhanger. Book two, Reforged, is available now.

The Ezekiel Factor by Caroline Noe

The past can never be deleted. Angry and scarred from her abusive past, detective Lauren Frost has always been notorious. Her scientist father - hero or torturer, depending which side you're on - invented Artificial Intelligence Clones to fight our wars, only to be murdered by his own traumatised creation. Although hoping to rescue others from the gangs that blighted her youth, Lauren's foul mouth gets her saddled with the lowly case of a missing A.I. on the eve of their rights negotiations. Even worse, she's forced to work alongside a far from dream team: Her gorgeous partner who frankly isn't interested The veteran A.I. who hates her very name A psychedelic technowiz A.I. with PTSD And Ernie, the ankle biting Miniature Pinscher. They've got nothing in common - except surprise, when the case escalates into the hunt for a serial killer, whose agenda might just be terrifyingly personal.

Hope Runners of Gridlock by Simon de la Rouviere

In the city of Gridlock, the cars don't move anymore. They've become homes, businesses, and the livelihood of many. Following a strange anomaly, the gridlock and the always-on-sale Public Car Markets were formalised as a compromise to fund Hope Runners: heroes sent into the anomaly to answer the questions about what happened to their world. Living in a converted bus in a corner of the gridlock, Flora Kaigo had given up hope. Her father, like the other Hope Runners that had won their championships, had bravely disappeared into the strange anomaly that encased the city of Gridlock, only to never return with the answers to their questions. What happened to their world? What happened to her father? When the first Hope Runner returns two decades after her father left, events are set into motion that not only gives Flora an unexpected opportunity to pursue the truth in her father’s footsteps, but also threatens to reveal the secrets that keep the delicate power balance and intricate car markets of the city of Gridlock alive. With Palma, her friend from the Penthouses in the sky, and Esper, her friend from the cars in the Trunks, they adventure through a story of hope, belonging, intrigue, cryptography, and radical markets.

Almost Human: Degrees of Freedom book one by Paul Lucas

an tribe on Sabre-Tooth grew up in a Military Intelligence Research lab, created as part of a secret genetic engineering project. Trained as an assassin and forced into obedience, he is shaped into a reluctant tool of oppression. When a failed mission gives him the chance to escape, he re-invents himself as a freedom fighter, building a life outside mainstream society. In the wake of a series of apocalyptic disasters, humanity is attempting to rebuild civilization. Is there room for Sabre-Tooth in this new, tightly regulated world? Sabre-Tooth believes he is human. Everyone else calls him a monster and a mutant. Can he prove them wrong?I

Rogue Red: A Fantasy Science Fiction Book (The Arin Project 1) by Michael Britten

A shuttle crash. A missing crew. A fragmented memory is only the beginning. Dune meets Blade Runner in this sci fi thriller. Red awakes in the wreckage of her craft with no explanation of what happened. A life-pod has been pulled from the crash and now sits empty. Before her lies a forbidding desert and a sprawling walled city. With little option but to enter the city, she must face the task of finding the fate of her missing crew member. Little does Red know that she is being hunted by the mighty Syrin Corporation, hell bent on her demise. Can Red find her missing crew mate and unlock her failing memory. Will she survive the Solar city and evade the reaching hands of her pursuers? Rogue Red is a sci fi book for adults. If you like tech noir cities, dystopian novels for adults, and sci fi adventures, then this book is for you. Journey with Red now with this first novel in the Arin Project trilogy.

Gods of Golgotha (Wars of Golgotha) by Hugo Lars

"IF YOU SEE HER COMING CHANCES ARE YOU'RE ALREADY DEAD!" Born in rage, a killer before she left the amniotic sac, the Lady Desdemona is a genetically enhanced killing machine with three millennia of blood soaked history tucked under her belt – and no signs of slowing down. In the festering city of Golgotha Falls where high technology meshes uncomfortably with ancient ritual there are doorways that exist in the very fabric of space and time, software programs that can overwrite a man’s personality, monsters born on the dark side of physics, and demons that bypass the laws of physics altogether. It is a city that caters to every unholy fetish and every sordid desire - a technological wonderland with a dark, toxic underbelly. This is Desdemona’s squalid hunting ground and for three thousand years she has struck terror into the city’s mortal populace. A creature of tooth and claw with a seemingly insatiable appetite for human flesh she descends each night from her lofty castle to mete out her own perverse brand of justice -

Space Junk by Andrew Bixler

The debut novel from author Andrew Bixler, Space Junk is a sprawling sci-fi adventure full of space, scrap, and videotapes. If you're a fan of Ready Player One, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, or Cowboy Bebop, Space Junk might be just the book you've been waiting for. Then again, what the fish do I know? Adam Jones is just another broke scrapper combing his little slice of space for the semi-valuable trash that litters its dark corners. He spends most of his days inside his junker, the Asteroid Jones II, drinking beer, watching ancient horror movies, and evading debt collectors. But life for Adam gets a lot more complicated when he discovers a mysterious object that attracts the attention of powerful and bumbling forces from around the universe. With the help of his wily grandfather and a mysterious feline stranger, Adam risks life and love in pursuit of financial freedom, even as the rest of the universe threatens to reduce him to space dust.

Entropy Angel's by M C H

It should have been an easy job, money for information, but the fixer’s room temp and Gregor Skotta's on the run with a battle synth and bounty hunters on his trail, corpses piling up behind him. He’s being hunted through New Eden, down level through the Grind, operating on the edge, caught between loan sharks, the Guild, and a Multinational that wants him dead. "… As a setting, New Eden is fascinating. Skotta uses sci-fi tools, like enhanced combat reflexes and advanced combat armor, alongside modern-day technology like cell phones, wifi, and pistols. These elements exist in an odd sort of balance, creating an anachronistic setting that's really quite unique… All told, it's a rich backdrop that produces unique plot points and conflicts… I had a great deal of fun reading Entropy Angels. An extremely unique and detailed setting and well-executed action scenes make this book a great choice for readers who love action-packed science fiction." ViziVoir,“… This novel brings the kewl slang, outrageous violence, kinky sex, wild body modifications, and smug hacker smarts to a far-future environment … fun and fast enough to keep fans’ mental joysticks busy.” -Kirkus Reviews

Neon District: ALPHA(The Neon District Trilogy, Book 1) by Chad Campbell

NEON DISTRICT, Caiden Nyx, a brooding prodigious black-hat hacker living his life on the fringes of criminality. Plagued by clouded memories of his past, and haunted by his extraordinary mental and physical capabilities. His desire to learn his past thrust him toward a thrilling, perilous journey uncovering dangerous government conspiracy, and cathartic self discovery. Forming unlikely friendships, he presses forward into the unknown madness of the sprawling city-state that will not only test his willingness to adapt, but his will to survive.

Beyond Human by Angel Martin

We have integrated science and technology into all levels of our daily lives. But imagine if this continued technological innovation took us into a world of cybernetics and a post-human universe where nothing is familiar. This collection of science fiction short stories dares to take that step towards redefining the concept of what we call humanity, just as the earliest pioneers of sci-fi have always done. As we become more and more dependent on science and technology – from prosthetics to mobile phones – biology and technological innovation come closer to being merged into cybernetics. Can we truly say now that we don't live in a post-human universe? At what point do we delineate between human and post human? Each of the science fiction short stories in 'Beyond Human' deals with characters whose lives have been twisted by the new era of technology.

The Hereafter Bytes by Vincent Scott

Come for the cyberspace, stay for the laughs. Come for the laughs, stay for the cyberspace. Romeo is a digital copy of his dead bio self—a ghost—in a spindly robot body. When Romeo’s friend Abigail—a dominatrix with a gift for uncovering secrets—tells Romeo she’s at risk because of dangerous info from a client, Romeo agrees to help her investigate. Pursued by digital Golden Retrievers and a real-world assassin, Romeo slips in and out of cyberspace in a madcap race for survival. Can he unmask the criminal who threatens the integrity of cyberspace and the real-world economy before it’s too late?

Realization by Joyce Reynolds-Ward

THEY’VE ALMOST REALIZED THEIR DREAMS…BUT CAN THEY REMAIN THEMSELVES? The indentured labor wars heat up as Ruby Barkley and Gabriel Martiniere struggle with medical complications that interfere with their fight to stop the sinister goals of Gabe’s father Philip. Discoveries by their son Brandon about the degree to which Philip and the family corporation, the Martiniere Group, are involved in unethical, interdicted human experimentation push them into accepting a questionable treatment to speed their recovery. Philip’s direct challenge initiates Gabe’s final push to take over the Martiniere Group. Ruby and Brandon consolidate family support behind Gabe. When a high-profile assassination attempt at a political banquet reveals the existence of cyborged Martiniere descendants and clones of Philip intended to provide him with replacement parts, Ruby and Gabe must take action. One clone—Michael—still survives. Along with their bid to win control of the Martiniere empire, Ruby and Gabe now face the dilemma of what is to be done with Michael. Can they save both the family and Philip’s clone—or should they even try? The realization of their dreams is within Ruby and Gabe’s reach. Can they fulfill it while still remaining true to themselves?

Ascendant by Joyce Reynolds-Ward

WHAT DOES ASCENSION TO POWER REALLY COST? Six months after the triumphant collaborative conclusion of the AgInnovator Superhero game show, Ruby Barkley and her ex-husband Gabriel Martiniere still struggle with the professional and personal fallout from their victory. The Superhero money allowed Ruby to launch her line of agricultural biobots. But one of the RubyBot spinoffs, the Defender, leads to unsettling revelations about crop tampering using body-modified indentured workers. Their son Brandon uncovers even more disturbing information about the abuse of indentureds as he campaigns to end it. All of these disclosures lead back to the Martiniere Group, the family corporation controlled by Gabe’s malevolent uncle, Philip Martiniere. Meanwhile, Ruby and Gabe wrestle with what form their resumed relationship will take, as Ruby contemplates whether she wants to take on the role of a Martiniere wife. The revelation that Gabe’s father is not who they thought, and Philip’s attempt to force Ruby away from Gabe once again confirms her decision. But the need to rescue one of Brandon’s valued indentured informants turns celebration into catastrophe. Will Ruby and Gabe be able to recover from this disaster—or will Philip triumph yet again in his campaign to destroy Gabe?

Inheritance by Joyce Reynolds-Ward

YOU CAN’T ESCAPE THE INHERITANCE OF THE PAST…OR CAN YOU? Rancher Ruby Barkley and her ex-husband Gabe Ramirez are competing head-to-head for the AgInnovator game show’s new one-shot award, the Ag Superhero. The winner walks away with $3.75 million per year for five years, with no accountability or need to re-earn the Superhero, unlike the Innovator’s other awards. But issues beyond those raised by their long-ago acrimonious divorce face Ruby and Gabe. Fence cutting. Rogue biobots destructively ranging beyond programmed parameters. Physical attacks. And the realization that they may need to reunite to save their son Brandon from indentured servitude. Then the secret shadow of Gabe’s hidden inheritance reveals itself. Will he step up to the Martiniere Legacy—and what role will Ruby accept in any future they may share?

Life in the Shadows by Joyce Reynolds-Ward

IN A TECH-DRIVEN BIOREMEDIATION FUTURE, HARD CHOICES MUST BE MADE. Powerful mother. Powerful daughter. Sarah Stephens and her daughter Diana Landreth run bioremediation companies dependent upon neural nets and nanotechnology to operate complex biobots. Sometimes competitors, sometimes collaborators, while they disagree, they are still mother and daughter. And then the Disruption Machine begins its campaign of devastation. In the process of their collaboration to stop the Disruption Machine, the shadows in their lives force their paths into a dangerous divergence. Sarah chooses politics and power. Diana chooses research and family. What happens when their choices collide?

A Different Life--What If? by Joyce Reynolds-Ward

What if Gabriel Martiniere's family didn't die in a plane crash when he was twelve? What if he didn't have to go into hiding after testifying against the atrocities committed by his father, Philip Martiniere? What if he met and fell in love with Ruby Barkley as himself, not as Gabe Ramirez, a broke saddle bronc rider on the run from indenture bounty hunters? Gabe's a billionaire nerd with a conscience, unlucky at love, striving to overcome the shadows of his past while searching for agritech to fight climate change. Ruby's a former rodeo queen, trying to get her degree in agricultural robotics, searching for agritech means to fight climate change, also unlucky at love and struggling with a shadowy past. Can Ruby and Gabe successfully negotiate the complexities of the Martiniere Group and launch Ruby's world-changing biobots without interference from competitors?

The Last 0-Day by B. R. Russell

The cybernetics revolution knows no compromise. Luciana Gutierrez, a police officer, works ninety-six-hour shifts with a eugeroic hangover around the corner. Her investigation into those who stole her life is sidelined as a crime syndicate turns her precinct into a war-zone. Sent for backup, she’s offered experimental technology that could turn the tide, if she’s willing to risk mind, body, and soul. Anton Grissom’s birth was a crime, and his sentence is military service. Molded into an elite soldier, his path of atonement falls away when he’s caught on the losing side of a massacre. In the aftermath, he’s offered a second chance at life—if he’s prepared to pay. Weaver heals the broken and disposable, and in the process makes cybernetics a reality. Superhuman strength, intelligence, and connections to one another, it could solve humanity’s problems or tear society apart. But those concerns are secondary to Weaver, who just wants to see the next sunrise. All three are augmented for their own personal crusade and are on a collision course that will change the world. The Last 0-Day is an action packed adventure of the first cyborgs. It’s Neuromancer meets Malazan Book of the Fallen with a dash of cli-fi.

The FInder of the Lucky Devil by Megan Mackie

How can she keep her secret safe from his charms? When a charming and deadly corporate cyber-spy, shows up on the doorstep of Rune Leveau's bar, he wants only one thing: For the secretive Finder of the Lucky Devil to use her magical Talent to find a wanted criminal. This criminal is the key to something very special... she can lead him to a computer program rumored to do the impossible: cast magic spells. But Rune has a dangerous secret. She IS Anna Masterson. And despite the attraction between them, she refuses St. Benedict. If her secret gets discovered, she could lose everything again, even her life. The cyber-spy isn't going to take no for an answer. Not with his long-sought prize so close.

Daughter of the Cyber Dragons by C.T. Phipps

FROM THE BEST SELLING AUTHOR OF THE SUPERVILLAINY SAGA: Keiko "Kei" Springs is a Rider, a specialized form of delivery girl and mercenary all in one. They are among the most highly prized criminals in the dystopian neon city of New Los Angeles. Kei has been running from her past for years and has literally erased it from her mind using a popular street drug called lethe. Unfortunately, you can't outrun your past forever, even on her specialized Nina cybercycle. Strapped for cash, Kei accepts a job she probably shouldn't after barely surviving a live fire test by a married pair of oligarchs. Teamed up with a group of other mercenaries and cyborgs, Kei is to seek out a stolen computer program that has the power to drive otherwise ordinary individuals to shocking acts of violence. Her team includes her ex, a handsome bioroid assassin, a teenage hacker, and a ruthless corporate exec that all have their own agendas. It'd be the worst time of her life if not for all the ones she can't remember. The Cyber Dragons Trilogy is set in the same world as the Agent G series and is an exciting action adventure cyberpunk thriller with plenty of humor.

Agent G: Infiltrator by C.T. Phipps

FROM THE BEST-SELLING AUTHOR OF THE SUPERVILLAINY SAGA: “Black Technology has made murder a billion dollar industry.” The International Refugee Society has twenty-six cybernetically enhanced “Letters,” and for the right price, they’ll eliminate anyone. They’ve given up their families and their memories for ten years of service with the promise of a life of luxury awaiting them. Agent G is one of these “Letters,” but clues to his past are starting to emerge while he’s on a dangerous mission to infiltrate the Society’s most dangerous competitor. In the midst of all the violence, subterfuge, and deceit, he’ll need to keep his wits about him and trust sparingly. After all if an organization will kill for money, what would they do to keep the truth hidden?

Rememory: A Science Fiction Novelette by Frasier Armitage

In the future, memory is currency. Felix is broke, on the run, with nothing in his head but a combination of numbers. Someone robbed him of his mind. Now it's time he took it back.

Tasmanian Gothic by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

A modern gothic thriller set in a decaying urban environment and lush mutant wilderness. Solari wasn’t alive when the ozone layer split above Tasmania and spilled radiation over the edge of the stratosphere, but she’s living with the consequences—the mutations, the gangland war, and the border wall that divides the affluent North from the contaminated South. Orphaned and alone in the southern reaches, Solari survives the chaos the only way she knows how: cooking the wildly addictive snowrock for local crime lord, Worcsulakz, and avoiding the mutants that skulk in the lush, untamed wilderness of the Fringes. But, when her junkie ex-boyfriend puts Solari more firmly in Worcsulakz’s debt, she runs—escaping the promise of violent retribution with a stolen van and a pair of giant wings cleaved from a mutant moth. Grafting the wings to her body disguises Solari as one of Tasmania’s most reviled and hunted, but grants her refuge in the one place Worcsulakz won’t look for her—a mutant enclave. There, Solari will form an unlikely alliance and commence the dangerous journey through gangland strongholds and carnival towns to get to the Border Wall in the north. Hunted by Worcsulakz, the hidden terrors of the Fringes, the secrets in her family’s past, and the deception at the core of her fragile alliance, Solari will need to confront them all or stay condemned to a life of loneliness and brutality. -- This dark biopunk adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world of danger and decay is perfect for readers of dystopian, gothic, and new weird science fiction, and fans of China Mieville, Jeff VanderMeer, Kameron Hurley, and Tamsyn Muir.

Revolution (Divided Elements #3) by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

With her conditioning finally unravelled, Anaiya is free. But her single-minded pursuit to pull down the Orthodoxy is made more complicated with the return of old friends and foes who challenge and fight her for the chance to decide Otpor's future. In a world of fragile trust and heavy betrayals - will Anaiya finally get what she wants? Or will she, too, join the legacy of her former mentor - the infamous Original Resistor, Kane 148?

Rebellion (Divided Elements #2) by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

"The sky over the Edges shimmers then falters. Hovering between night and day, the dawn has come and trapped it between two very different realities - blurring it at the fringes until it becomes impossible to tell whether it is in one state or the other. Maybe both, maybe neither. Maybe something altogether different." In the anticipated sequel to Mikhaeyla Kopievsky's award-winning debut, Resistance, Anaiya 234 finds herself abandoned and reviled by both the Fire and Air Elements. While desperate to stay off the radar and keep her own Heterodoxy hidden, her guilt and need for redemption drive her back into the conflict that first unraveled her identity. But Otpor has changed - now a battleground scarred by violent attacks and reprisals. And Anaiya is no longer the Elemental she once was. Forced to confront her fractured identity and forge new relationships, will Anaiya's past come back to haunt her...or help her?

The Ancestor by L.J. Suarez

For centuries, humankind has been extinct...until now. Six awoke from a dream, only to find himself in a nightmare. He is the last living human – lost and alone in a city of unrecognizable wonders. A new empire reigns over the Earth, a race of genetically engineered humans so evolved they bear little resemblance to their ancient predecessors. Before Six can get his bearings in this strange new world, he is framed for a heinous crime and exiled into the deadly wasteland beyond the city walls. As he struggles to survive in this hostile environment, and memories of his past slowly resurface, Six discovers that he has been marked for death. The empire has a secret, one so devastating its own people would be executed if they knew. Can Six decipher the hidden world of new Earth before they wipe out what is left of humanity? Grab The Ancestor today and let the adventure begin!

Bloodlines by Peter Hartog

Those dark and terrible things from your nightmares are VERY real. They walk among us, masquerading as your neighbor, your lover, even your friend. You see, Empire City is full of them…if you only know where to look. How do I know this? Well, for starters the name is Detective Tom Holliday. I work homicide for Special Crimes. My friends, what few I have, call me Doc. And the other reason? I’ve got magic of my own. Welcome to Empire City, where magic and technology co-exist, and humanity endures behind walls of stone and spell-forged steel. A place where danger lurks around every street corner, and anything is possible. When former hotshot homicide detective Tom “Doc” Holliday is recruited to join Special Crimes, he trades in his boring desk job for a second chance to do what he does best: hunt down killers. And his first case doesn’t disappoint—a murdered woman with a bogus past, her body drained of blood, and two eyewitnesses wasted on the designer drug goldjoy claiming a vampire did it. Armed with a fickle clairvoyance and saddled with a team whose past is as checkered as his own, Holliday embarks upon an investigation through a dystopian landscape filled with bio-engineered vampires, interdimensional shadow parasites, and the magical masterminds behind it all. But to solve this murder and safeguard his city, Holliday will have to uncover the truth behind an ancient shadowy conspiracy and confront a destiny he never wanted. Fans of Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London and Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files will fall in love with Empire City. Grab your copy of BLOODLINES today!

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