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Empire Eternal: Eloir by Philipp MĂĽnzer

The threat of the war with the Vorrans has been avoided. But the danger of the Reavers still looms on the horizon. Korbin needs to prepare humanity and their Vorran allies. Together with his friends and allies he tries to recreate the advanced magic of the Initiates and bring it to humanity. One promising location lies in his memories: Eloir. The moon in the system was rich witch the magical runestone, the essential material to create the war engines of the Vorrans and humanity. But nobody has ever been to the moon. What dangers lie on Eloir? Will there be enough material to turn the war with the Reavers? There is only one way to find out. The path leads to Eloir. There is only one problem. Nobody has ever been there. The moon is full of runestone, the precious material that allows a mage to awaken his powers. But it's also full of life. What dangers lie ahead? Follow Korbin as the coalition of humans and Vorrans steers to a new future. Every comment is appreciated. Thank you for all the support!

Adephon's Rise by B. R. Russell

The Federation of Chinese City-States has known unrivaled peace and prosperity for generations. But as The Automated City of Chengdu goes dark, rumors swirl that the long peace is over. Generals are always fighting the last war, and George Chen’s life is on the line because of it. Leading the tip-of-the-spear to Chengdu, George will need everything he has to survive a battle the world’s never seen before. Nicholas Chen dives into the criminal underworld of Shanghai to decipher a software update that’s bricking everything with a microchip. Money and power beyond his wildest dreams are up for grabs—if he can fix the break and get out. Zhifang Li works four jobs and her Vio Corp position is the worst. Conscripted into the Clover espionage unit, she’s in over her head. With the rumors of implanted people proving all too real, she’s to infiltrate a rival company’s most secure databank, or die trying. Adephon’s Rise is an action-packed techno-thriller on cybernetics, war, and corporate espionage. It’s a cyberpunk Malazan Book of the Fallen. In book two of the Banned Algorithm Library, the Clovers get upgraded, and Weaver’s cousin, Adephon, rears its head—changing the world forever.

Warship Ares: Captain's Fate Book 1 by Skip Scherer

We sought to explore space in peace, but the rest of the universe was looking for war. We should have known better. Exploring space was supposed to be an adventure, now it’s a fight for survival. Young for a Captain, Harumi “Jax” Brandt, stands proud of her achievements, in her knowledge of the cosmos. Little does she realize that a chance encounter with an alien race will take everything from her. Her ship destroyed; everything she knew and believed is lost. A twist of fate places her on a warship that should not exist, a ship she could never imagine. Learning to fight, to face fear, to adapt to an enemy determined to kill her and all human life. This was not the adventure she wanted and it was not how her life was supposed to be. The aliens are gathering, a massive force that will exterminate all that stands in its way. Haunted by the loss of her previous life, caught between her innocence and the reality of war, she must find a way to defeat the alien armada. To forge again the person she longs to be. Her only hope, and that of the human race, lies on the warship Ares.

Renaissance: The Limit of Infinity by Caleb Fast

Clive Ranger was born into a war that has raged on for generations. Across the galaxy, families have been torn apart and cities have been razed. But Clive may be the one who shifts the tide of the rebellion that has risen up against the evil Coalition. The Coalition has locked away countless men and women utilizing them as slave labor across the galaxy. Clive is one of these unfortunate souls. However, he isn’t alone. Most everyone in the prison has their own scores to settle against the Coalition. After all, it was the Coalition that killed their families, friends, and everyone they once knew. Clive has a plan, and followers who have nothing to lose. Can they finally retake their freedom? Can they end the war they were all born into? Renaissance is the first book in the action-packed The Limit of Infinity Sci-Fi Epic. Delve into this fascinating universe that is full of thrilling science fiction action. Join Trix Callaghan, Clive Ranger, and Richardson as they fight back against the Coalition, the Galactic Empire everyone dreads. Partake in the final days of the civil war that has divided the galaxy for generations. All the Space Marines who put their lives on the lines as Space Fleets battled in the heavens would roll in their graves if they saw what the Coalition was doing in the not-so-far future of 2290. This is the Sci-Fi military fiction book you've been wanting. If you loved Ender's Game, Hunger Games, or Battlestar Galactica, you're sure to love Renaissance: The Limit of Infinity. It's time we see this dystopian government topple! Buy Renaissance: The Limit of Infinity Today!

Escapade: A Price to Be Paid (The Limit of Infinity Book 2 by Caleb Fast

On the run from the Coalition's forces, Clive Ranger is at the helm of the outdated Resistance Fleet from Allur. Thanks to Clive, the Resistance force on Allur is on the run, leaving behind the lives the comfortable lives they once knew. Leading the Resistance's legendary Eagle Fleet, Clive continues his journey to his anticipated safe-haven. Clive hopes to continue his lifelong vendetta from here, far from the Coalition's prying eyes. Fortunately, Clive is not alone, Trix and Richardson also have their own scores to settle with the Coalition. As do countless others in the Resistance. But, not everything goes as planned when the retreating Resistance force arrives at Strehim. Clive will find that the worst is yet to come.

Sisters of the Stars: Weigh The Enemy Mighty by Hellen Allan

Returning to the Star Biosphere, Selena and her small team of renegade Force soldiers must accept the ruling of the Council and stay in the stars. But, ever one to break the rules, she determines to wreak her revenge upon the Earthmen for the death of her sister and to rescue the only man who has ever shared her bed, and her thoughts. Returning to Earth to begin her undercover operation to find Sam, Selena discovers not all she once believed about her colony in the stars may be as it seems – and the men of Earth hold even more secrets. But one thing is for sure – they underestimated women.

Living to Fight by Justin Crough

The aftermath of an alien invasion; Disintegration of the World Government resulted in New Nations to divide up the Earth. The alien enemy remains, marooned on the war-torn Earth and confined to habitation zones that are patrolled by the remains of Earth’s official military. Disgruntled veterans of the War, turned mercenary, ensure solidarity in a Mercenaries Guild of their own making. They use their skills to make a living from the turmoil, hired by the New Nations that fight for territory and resources. Combat involves everything from cutting-edge hovertanks and giant mech armoroids to the obsolete vehicles of previous wars. Michael Breker is an aging commander of a platoon of mercenaries trying to climb into more lucrative contracts. When a woman who was genetically designed to perfection comes back into his life, he has a chance to find some deeper meaning to his existence. But events far above his control have been put into motion that will pull him into life and death the way he has not experienced since the defining battle against the invaders. In a world where genetic labs create immortal war heroes and the despised clones of draftees have no place in civilian society, Breker will find that he is no longer just a man. He will be faced with a conspiracy that will threaten all life on the planet; and if the religious fanatics are to be believed, the universe itself! He will have to decide if the fight is reason enough for living.

The Battle for Allegra: First Kill by Caleb Fast

No one likes being cannon fodder. Matthew is no different. And yet, here he is, stuck on the frontlines of Allegra. Matthew, like the thousands of other space marines he is fighting alongside are awaiting a “master plan” that many think doesn’t exist. Tens of thousands have died awaiting this plan, and yet there is still no word from the Coalition upper brass. Matthew, like every greenhorn Mudder must kill one of the alien invaders and claim its head as a trophy. Will this greenhorn, affectionally called a “Mud Pup,” be able to claim his prize and return to the trenches with his life? If you’re a fan of The Expanse, Battlestar Galactica, or Stargate Atlantis, then you’re bound to love The Battle for Allegra: First Kill.

The Last 0-Day by B. R. Russell

The cybernetics revolution knows no compromise. Luciana Gutierrez, a police officer, works ninety-six-hour shifts with a eugeroic hangover around the corner. Her investigation into those who stole her life is sidelined as a crime syndicate turns her precinct into a war-zone. Sent for backup, she’s offered experimental technology that could turn the tide, if she’s willing to risk mind, body, and soul. Anton Grissom’s birth was a crime, and his sentence is military service. Molded into an elite soldier, his path of atonement falls away when he’s caught on the losing side of a massacre. In the aftermath, he’s offered a second chance at life—if he’s prepared to pay. Weaver heals the broken and disposable, and in the process makes cybernetics a reality. Superhuman strength, intelligence, and connections to one another, it could solve humanity’s problems or tear society apart. But those concerns are secondary to Weaver, who just wants to see the next sunrise. All three are augmented for their own personal crusade and are on a collision course that will change the world. The Last 0-Day is an action packed adventure of the first cyborgs. It’s Neuromancer meets Malazan Book of the Fallen with a dash of cli-fi.

Challenger by Jaxon Lee Rose

Siggy Smith is an immigrant, a wife, a mother, a soldier, and a shapeshifter. She served in special forces, did her job well, and was honourably discharged so she could start her family. Today, she is a confessed killer convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to liquidation. Aberrants don't have the luxury of sitting in prison for years awaiting their final sentence and making appeals. Aberrants sentenced to liquidation are terminated quickly, efficiently, and brutally. Siggy Smith has accepted her fate, welcomes it, and while she sits in shackles waiting for her time to come, she's visited by a government official who offers her the chance to wipe her record clean. An unprecedented move that could not only grant her freedom, but possibly change laws for future Aberrants. The deal? Serve five years on a new, elite, experimental military squadron tasked with hunting down and killing the monsters and threats deemed too dangerous for standard military to face both on and off U.S soil. Chances are she won't live long enough to enjoy her freedom when the contract is up, but whatever happens before then will be far more interesting than being dismembered and incinerated in a public execution.

Space Academy Dropouts by C.T. Phipps

"Boldly going because they're completely lost." The newly renamed Vance Turbo has sabotaged his own career at Space Fleet Academy due to a desire to atone for training accident. Unfortunately, his actions result in him getting press-ganged into an expendable crew of misfits recruited by a legendary starship captain. Their mission? To recover a collection of lost sun-destroying missiles that could restart a galactic war. Unfortunately, Vance is smart enough to know something is wrong with this picture. After all, no sane person would recruit this crew to save the universe. SPACE ACADEMY DROPOUTS is an all-new series from C.T. Phipps (Supervillainy Saga, Agent G) and Michael Suttkus (I Was a Teenage Weredeer, Lucifer's Star) that lampoons the space opera as well as military science fiction genres.

A Hymn for the Dying by J.L. Doty

For many the dying part is hard. For some the living part is harder. At sixteen years of age, Mathius’s life is focused on scrounging bits of food in the midst of a five-way civil war on the planet Novalis III. Two government factions and three rebel factions are all hell-bent on killing one another, and the civilian population is caught in the middle. If Mathius doesn’t find food, he and his father, mother and sister will go hungry for the day, a not unusual occurrence. Mathius must also avoid the rebel factions, who frequently kidnap young boys and force them to become soldiers. Will the Commonwealth of Allied Systems intervene? And what of the Blacksword Regiment, the elite soldiers of the Commonwealth Security Corps? Will they sweep in and make everything right? And the Kelk Supremacy, a race of strange humans with blood-red eyes, and pale bluish-white skin? They're perfectly human, and yet they are not. Why does Mathius keep seeing signs that the Kelk are somehow involved in the unrest? A gripping saga of war and redemption. Order it now.

Echoes of Angels by M.A. Larkin

After millennia of oppressive dogma, one rebellious woman seeks to change it all and spark a galactic enlightenment. When Rachel Jordan dares to question the ancient beliefs governing her world, she finds herself alone. For refusing to conform, the inquisitors have branded her a heretic. Redeemers have hunted her to a remote corner of the universe, intent on forcing her back into obedience. But she isn’t hiding. Armed with proof that the angels who saved mankind weren’t angels at all, she will break this cycle and bring freedom to humanity! Echoes of Angels is the first book of Sins of Angels, an epic space opera series set 3000 years after the fall of Earth. With the scope of Dune and the adventurous spirit of Indiana Jones, Sins of Angels delivers a conflict that spans galaxies and rests on the spirit of a single brave researcher. Follow the complete saga, and watch as the fate of our species hangs in the balance.

Captain Wu, Starship Nameless #1 by Patrice Fitzgerald

Captain Wu’s the name. Smuggling’s her game. To be fair, they only started shooting after she started insulting them. She was just about to hand off the package—Wu didn’t know what was inside, and she didn’t want to—when three tentacle-faced strangers attacked. Wu loves a good fight and lives for a good heist. The Captain and her crew make their living taking undercover assignments from questionable clients... and it pays. Or at least, it used to. But this time the merchandise is a little too hot to handle. So when the squid-shaped xenos show up and destroy the guys who are there to receive it, Wu is barely able to make it back to her ship alive. Soon the Nameless is racing around the galaxy with not only the powerful Commonwealth on its tail, but another dangerous creature bent on revenge. And then an unexpected visitor arrives, putting Wu and her crew in the position of taking care of some very precious cargo. Is it time for the Captain to give up criming and retire to a sedate life more suitable for a woman of her age? Not a chance. Captain Wu is the first volume in the Starship Nameless trilogy, to be followed by Smugglers Crew: Starship Nameless #2, April 2021 New Path: Starship Nameless #3, June 2021

Starshine (Aurora Rising Book One, Amaranthe #1) by G. S. Jennsen

SPACE IS VAST AND UNTAMED, AND IT HOLDS MANY SECRETS. Now two individuals from opposite ends of settled space are on a collision course with the darkest of those secrets, even as the world threatens to explode around them. The year is 2322. Humanity has expanded into the stars, inhabiting over 100 worlds across a third of the galaxy. Though thriving as never before, they have discovered neither alien life nor the key to utopia. Earth struggles to retain authority over far-flung planets and free-wheeling corporations while an uneasy armistice with a breakaway federation hangs by a thread as the former rebels rise in wealth and power. Alexis Solovy is Earth Alliance royalty, her father a fallen war hero and her mother an influential military leader. But she seeks only the freedom of space and has made a fortune by reading the patterns in the chaos to discover the hidden wonders of the stars. Nothing about her latest objective suggests the secret it conceals will turn her life— not to mention the entire galaxy—upside down. But a chance encounter with a mysterious spy leads to a discovery which will thrust Alex into the middle of a galactic power struggle and a sinister conspiracy, whether she likes it or not.

The Soldiers' Perspective by Phillip Murrell

War doesn’t have good guys. War doesn’t have bad guys. A slight shift in perspective changes everything. The planet Gemma is under attack. For the people of Gemma, this is an unprovoked and murderous raid by bandits unwilling to earn their way. The defenders will protect their culture with their lives. For the attackers, the wealth of Gemma represents the source of their collective anguish. Desperate humans, aliens, and cyborgs unite to fight a system they perceive as callous and corrupt. An invasion is the only way to survive. Soldiers from each army will meet on the battlefield. T'azure leads Shadow Squad, a motley crew comprising elite human, cyborg, and reptilian fighters. They’ll spearhead the invasion. Sare Importa and his wife Neera will defend their home, enhanced by state-of-the-art equipment which turns both into a near unstoppable force. Good and evil are labels history applies. What will be said of this war today?

Delphine Descends by Darrel Moore

After her family is killed and her homeworld occupied, young Kathreen Martin is sent to the distant world of Furoris for re-education. She will live the rest of her life as a serf – to be bought and sold as a commodity of the Imperial Network. When her only chance of escape is ruined, a chance mistaken identity offers her a new life as the orphaned daughter of a First-Citizen Senator and heiress to a vast fortune. She vows to claw her way into power to sit among the worlds’ elite. Then, with her own hands, she will reap bloody vengeance on them all. But, to beat them she must play their game. She must become worse than them all. Power corrupts ~ Innocence is lost ~ Vengeance makes monsters of us all

Crystal Deception by Doug J. Cooper

Book 1 of the Crystal Series Criss lives in a special kind of prison. He can see and hear everything around the world, yet a mesh restrains his reach, forcing his cooperation. His creator, Dr. Jessica Tallette, believes his special abilities offer great promise for humanity. But she fears the consequences of freeing him, because Criss, a sentient artificial intelligence with the intellect of a thousand humans, is too powerful to control. Tallette’s world is upended when the Kardish, a race of alien traders, announce that they want Criss for themselves, expressing their desires with ominous undertones. She turns to the Union of Nations for help, and they task Sid, a special agent, with leading the response. Sid believes that Criss is Earth’s greatest weapon and asks him to confront the Kardish. But can the AI be trusted? And what is humanity’s role if an interstellar battle among titans starts to rage? Download Crystal Horizon for Free at: Keywords: science fiction, space thriller, artificial intelligence, military adventure, strong women, sentient AI, alien contact, space fleet, light romance, crystal series

The Flight of the Kingfisher by Chloe Garner

Smuggling is supposed to be the kind of job where you're in, you're out, and no one ever knew you were there. Simple. Boring, even. But that's only when you're doing it right. Unfortunately, Avery and the rest of the crew of the Kingfisher have hit a snag, one in the form of a strange woman living in a hallway ceiling at Installation 23, and from there on out, it seems like they're ever only one jump ahead of the next guy looking to kill them. Increasingly enmeshed in complex politics and missing their blissful ignorance, the crew of the Kingfisher are going to have to make some hard decisions about what role they really want to play in galactic events, and just how far from their mundane world of weapons smuggling they're willing to venture. Climb aboard. The flight of the Kingfisher is about to begin.

Malfunction by J. E. Purrazzi

They Say the Ends Justify The Means When Menrva, a geneticist in the subterranean city of survivors known as Bunker, responds to a call for help from Cowl, her former best friend, and Bas, a renegade cyborg, she makes a vital mistake and places all three of them in danger. As they struggle to escape City guards, cyborg soldiers, desperate scavengers, and ravenous aliens, they find in each other something they never expected: family. During a battle, an attacking cyborg manages to overcome her programming just long enough to deliver a cryptic message. The trio is forced to decide if they will risk death - or worse, capture - to seek out the truth about the City, or if they will fight only for themselves. This fast-paced, gritty first book of the Malfunction Trilogy introduces a future caught between destruction and oppression, where Menrva and her friends must decide if the ends justify the means.

Bragg For Hire by John B. Cheek

Shipwrecked behind enemy lines … a desperate fight to survive and escape … and a mysterious terror that comes only in the night. When soldier of fortune Atticus Bragg accepts a job to shepherd a young nobleman in his first combat command, it looks like easy money—drop in with the platoon, relax in a quiet sector away from the real fighting, and collect his pay. Easy, right? But it all goes wrong when their drop ship is hit on the way to the surface and crashes in a barren wilderness, far behind enemy lines. Lost and fighting among themselves, Atticus and the survivors must overcome their own divisions and the horrors of a hostile alien world, or none of them will ever leave it…

Petra by Matthew S. Rotundo

Welcome to Petra. It is the ultimate prison. Inmates from all of Ported Space are dumped there, forgotten, and left to survive however they can. Hope dies. Escape is impossible.Disillusioned war hero Kane Pythen comes to Petra on a fact-finding mission, but gets caught in an uprising that threatens to expose a shattering secret. And Rolf Ankledge, Petra’s ruthless warden, will stop at nothing to keep it from reaching Ported Space. If Kane involves himself, he risks losing everything he has. If he does nothing, he betrays the last shreds of his ideals. The prison break of the millennium is on. Now Kane must race against time and vicious forces from all over Petra if he ever wants to see his wife and daughter again. Petra is the first book in The Prison World Revolt series.

Soldierina by Better Hero Army

Everything's gone wrong. The battleship Timora has crashed into Earth on its arrival, leaving INA stranded on a planet occupied and controlled by mechanized invaders she shouldn't be able to feel with her empathic senses...but she does. Worse, rather than searching for the man she loves, she’s stuck with a vengeful platoon sergeant she hates more than anything in the universe. In this hard-hitting, near-future military science-fiction thriller, the author behind the Better Hero Army name pens an unforgettable new twist on the sixth sense.

The Empress Capsule by R. K. Thorne

A dangerous new passenger. A ship full of elite women marines. A package containing a terrible secret. Meet Kael Sidassian: disgruntled mercenary and glorified guard of doors. Forced into a life he would never have chosen as a cyborg merc, he's lost not only his freedom but also his ability to feel anything—or appreciate the opposite sex—because of his cybernetic augmentations. That is, until last week when a renegade scientist blew the lock off his testosterone and reopened his eyes. A chance to free himself has landed in Kael's lap. He can run and hope his "employers" forget he was ever born. He just needs to get a ride off this backwater planet and deliver the strange capsule that's been foisted on him. One last mission. Unfortunately for Kael, there's only one ride off this planet. And it's on the starship Audacity, led by famed war veteran Commander Ellen Ryu and her elite marines. Dangerous, competent, well-trained, female marines. Commander Ryu is not to be trifled with, and she doesn't trust easily. And she certainly doesn't appreciate flirting. As an enemy rises to face them both, Ryu could be Kael's savior—or the one to finally end him. Because these women are on a hidden mission to seek and destroy abuses of technology anywhere in the galaxy. Abuses like the strange capsule hidden in his cabin. For lovers of sci-fi adventure with a side of romance in the tradition of Lindsay Buroker, David Weber, Elizabeth Moon, and Lois McMaster Bujold, THE EMPRESS CAPSULE is the first volume in the Audacity Saga.

Zenith by Arshad Ahsanuddin

Grounded after a rescue attempt in Earth orbit goes bad, Commander Martin Atkins of the Confederation Navy is approached by the Interscission Project, a consortium of civilian corporations on the verge of perfecting the technology to travel to another star. Despite his misgivings, the chance to get back in the pilot’s seat is too much to pass up, and he convinces his best friend and crewmate, Charles Davenport, to leave the military temporarily and join him as part of the crew of the Zenith, humanity’s first starship. Edward Harlen is a brilliant young engineer, and a key player in the construction of the Zenith to take advantage of the untested technology of foldspace drive. But Edward has his own agenda in joining the project, and a bitterly personal score to settle with his boss, Trevor Sutton, a vendetta of which Trevor is entirely ignorant. But when Edward’s sister Stella enters the picture and manages to secure a position on the project, all of Edward’s careful plotting is upset, and she might spell the downfall not only of his plans for revenge, but of the entire Zenith mission. The spark of attraction between Edward and Martin is a complication that Edward can’t afford, but of which he can’t let go. For Edward knows the secret at the heart of the Interscission Project, the hidden potential of the technology that in the wrong hands could become the ultimate assassin’s weapon: the ability to rewrite history, not just once, but many times. As an unseen enemy moves to destroy them, and the body count multiplies in their wake, Martin and Edward must choose whether they will allow the possibility of love to challenge their destinies, or will they instead take up arms in a war to control the most ancient and terrible power in the universe. Time, itself.

Dog Country by Malcolm F. Cross

A crowdfunded civil war is Azerbaijan’s only hope against its murderous dictatorship. The war is Edane Estian’s only chance to find out if he’s more than what he was designed to be. He’s a clone soldier, gengineered from a dog’s DNA and hardened by a brutal training regime. He’d be perfect for the job if an outraged society hadn’t intervened, freed him at age seven, and placed him in an adopted family. Is he Edane? Cathy and Beth’s son, Janine’s boyfriend, valued member of his MilSim sports team? Or is he still White-Six, serial number CNR5-4853-W6, the untroubled killing machine? By joining a war to protect the powerless, he hopes to become more than the sum of his parts. Without White-Six, he’ll never survive this war. If that’s all he can be, he’ll never leave it.

Emergence - The Emiliana Chronicles by Jacki Rawlinson

To survive, she must emerge. To win, she must ascend. Just try and stop her. Born from an ancient race of gifted aliens, the whole universe is depending on Emily
to rise up to the challenge and become the Chosen One that she is destined to be.
There’s one hitch...she has no idea who she is or where she comes from.

Being hunted by her kind’s mortal enemy, her home planet is savagely attacked.
Can she survive?

Join Emily on her path of discovery, war and destruction as her true strengths emerge
and she joins forces with an unlikely team, supported by Cedrick, the most advanced
Artificial Intelligence unit known in the galaxy.

This is the first in a multi-book series, showing how Emily’s life began, taking you
up to present day. I hope you enjoy the adventure and stick around to find out what the
universe has in store for Emily and her team in book 2 and onwards!

Please Note:
This series contains copious amounts of creative cussing.
If this offends you, then this book may not be for you.

Dakiti by EJ Fisch

The distant world of Haphez is located on the edge of populated space. The planet's native superhuman race is feared and respected by neighboring civilizations. Their military and police forces are unmatched. Lieutenant Aroska Tarbic is an agent with the revered Haphezian Special Police. He’s lost a lot in a short period of time; the other members of his squad were killed in a tragic accident, and his younger brother was wrongfully convicted and executed for a crime he didn’t commit. Just when Aroska thinks he’s starting to piece his life back together, he’s assigned to a joint task force with a special operations team. It seems like a unique opportunity, at least until he learns his new commander is none other than Ziva Payvan, HSP’s finest operative…and the assassin who killed his brother. Ziva is good at her job, a business that requires her to ignore her feelings and carry out her missions without question. She’s confident in her own abilities to complete the assignment, but Aroska is a wildcard. When their team stumbles across a young human during a routine investigation, they soon realize the situation isn't what it seems. The boy has unwittingly uncovered a sinister plot, one that could put the entire Haphezian race in jeopardy. Now the lines between friend and foe have become blurred, and no one can be trusted. United by the imminent threat, Ziva and Aroska must set their differences aside long enough to save their people…and maybe even each other.

Songs of Space and Time by Scott Robinson

Fifty thousand years ago, people were genetically engineered to take on different roles on the interstellar starships of a great civilization. For a while dwarves, elves, trolls, halflings, and giants worked with humans exploring the galaxy and colonizing amazing worlds. But then we discovered we weren't alone and, of course, we argued about what should be done. Nasty words were exchanged. Wars were started. And, of course, everything fell apart and the great civilization collapsed. Soon there were just scattered worlds with myths and legends to hint at what had come before. And, eventually, civilizations rose again... After years in the army, then more years backpacking around the world, Kim thinks she's seen just about everything there is to see. But she has to admit to being a little bit surprised when the giant bats started dropping bombs. And then the aliens came. There she was, wondering what a medieval hotdog might have been filled with, and five minutes later she was battling ugly, leathery-skinned aliens, beating them over the head with a historically accurate mace. And if that wasn't strange enough, she was shown a portal to another world, with the same war being fought on the other side. Kim knows the information she holds could be vital, but she doesn't like authority all that much, and it doesn't like her either. So, when the leaders of the Earth's defenses test her friendship one time too many she sets out to end the war on her own. Well, just her, an elf, a giant and a dwarf who may well be completely nuts. *** Please note-- "The Bygone Wars" series is the same as "The Tribes of the Hakahei". It has been rearranged and repackaged as 2 books instead of 4. (The books don't align though, so don't mix the series) The series is completed in All the Wars Of Heaven. If you have already read The Tribes of the Hakahei, don't buy this book. And if you read this book, follow it up with All the Wars of Heaven (Well, you can if you like, just don't say you weren't warned)***

V.O.K. Variable Operations Knowledge by Jason Kucharik

Earth has burned; My people made sure the humans paid for their insolence in the final days of the Blood War, but as it turns out the universe is pretty freaking huge and they weren’t the only threat. Not by a long shot. I’m an Alpha, one of the most feared special operations soldiers in the universe. Born out of blood, I am the eyes and ears of the High Order and, when need be, their unflinching reaper. I do not yield, I do not bow, I do not fail. Ever. For centuries our loyalty was unquestionable, but my partner and I uncovered a dark secret about our past that calls into question our entire lives. The High Order trained us to be the most intelligent, ruthless, and feared soldiers ever created…they’re going to regret that.

Code of Conduct by Kristine Smith

Captain Jani Kilian’s life should have ended in front of a firing squad. Instead, she evaded battlefield justice by dying in a transport crash. End of story, according to official Commonwealth Service records. But doctors repaired her in secret, using the most advanced Service Medical technologies available, or so they assured her. In the last days of the idomeni civil war, she escaped their homeworld of Shèrá, and spent the next 18 years on the run. But someone like Jani leaves a trail no matter how hard they try to hide it, and she soon learns the Service hunt for her never ended. When Interior Minister Evan van Reuter, her former lover, tracks her down and begs her help in finding his wife’s killer, she has no choice but to agree. The search takes her to the Commonwealth capital of Chicago, a hotbed of political intrigue as dangerous as any warzone. As the danger mounts, so do Jani’s struggles. Her rebuilt body is breaking down, and memories long suppressed are flooding back. Of one horrible night 18 years ago, and the gut-wrenching decision that changed her life forever.

Fatal Extraction by Evangeline Rain

She’s a space pirate and thief… …who gives to the poor. Would this modern-day Robin Hood pull off the greatest job in history? For 10-years Nirvana led the crew she inherited from her father. They trusted her and liked the life, but she had a nagging need for revenge. It had made her some enemies. Two world leaders wanted her. Was the ambush the end? It looked bad for Nirvana and her crew, but she was both a bad ass and quick thinker. The General of Panderon listened, and they made a deal for the lives of her men. She needed a strong, capable soldier for the job. What she got was Zane. A shy, awkward, genius, who suffered from depression and anxiety was to be her partner in crime, but there was more to him than meets the eye. He was better with books than guns. Don’t judge a book worm by his cover. You’ll love this wonderful science fiction romance journey, because it has all the excitement, steam, and interesting characters one needs to get hooked on a new series. Get it now.

The Dawn Cluster I: Detriment by Mark J. Schultis

"Military SF, galactic intrigue, and a fight for survival: The Dawn Cluster I: Detriment is action-packed with twists and turns. The start of an exciting series." —Tom Sweterlitsch, author of The Gone World and Tomorrow and Tomorrow. Terik Donato has lost his place in the universe. Casting aside a promising career, years spent in fleeting pursuit of truth has left him with nothing. But an ill-timed visit to the Sacramento, a space vessel well past her prime, could change everything for the former Mako-6 agent. Terik’s arrival vexes many on board, including Captain Garett Soness, but when both a terrorist attack and a bizarre anomaly catch the skeleton crew off guard, all onboard must band together. Soon the surviving crew members of the Sacramento find themselves halfway across the galaxy, stranded on a planet where humans are not as alien as the crew would think. Their stay may be brief, as a brutal species seeks to enslave all in its path and kill all that resist. Terik Donato and Garett Soness will find themselves tested in the face of death, forced to become either the men they were meant to be, or the monsters they always feared they were. Survival takes its toll in this first volume of The Dawn Cluster. About THE DAWN CLUSTER: Spanning three novels, THE DAWN CLUSTER is a tale of tragedy, revenge, fortitude and hope. It is a rousing space opera that follows a fledgling crew, longing to survive after being inexplicably displaced to the center of the galaxy. Hunted by a relentless warlord, their fate hinges on the choices of two men, both of whom teeter between valor and self-destruction.

Spacecrime Domino by Kai MFS

A THRILLING space adventure that hits the ground running and unfolds unlike anything you've seen before! In a foreboding future, the United Earth Government brands its citizens and dictates what they are allowed to do. The stars are the only refuge of freedom left in a world where all countries are one. World War Four, mankind's first galactic war, left humanity divided and Earth a regulated, classist society that brands its people based on their genetics. Two decades later, an alien from beyond our universe arrives on Earth and interrupts events already in motion, rearranging the unseen threads that weave human lives together. Mike, a space-faring pirate on a rescue mission encounters the alien being and a pair of displaced teenagers, Natalie and Will. In a galaxy reeling from the wounds of a recent war, the incident sets his crew on a collision course with a tenacious and unsavory special agent kept in check by an idealistic officer from the Ministry of Science.

Spacefarer: Fanatic's Bane by Edmund de Wight

When Free Agent Malbane of the Interstellar Trade Commonwealth is summoned to the galaxy's largest space station to quell racial strife she encounters sinister forces willing to destroy civilization to fight forces they believe to be from Hell itself. Whether dealing with terrorists, a homicidal priest, race riots, or invading aliens, it's just another day in the life of a Free Agent. The Human and Narath races have been at peace for over 300 years but horrific killings could spark a new race war. If Malbane can't defuse the situation it could mean the end of the Commonwealth. But life is never simple - even for a Free Agent. Standing in her way are bureaucrats, terrorists, corrupt cops, religious zealots, a former lover and the vanguard of an alien invasion. It's high action space opera with the gritty feel of a spy thriller. Climb aboard and meet the new face of action-adventure in outer space. Perfect for fans of the fast-paced danger of the Aliens franchise, Jason Bourne, or the military space adventures of Honor Harrington.

Godeena by Stjepan Varesevac Cobets

Henry Broncon is a Cyber-modified soldier, a special teams commander, and the sole survivor of the Field of Death battle on Planet Morad. Unable to shake off his old demons, he enlists in a new mission to collect more of them. Planet Godeena is a prized new acquisition from the war with the Anskers until it starts killing everyone who lands on it. Three complete expeditions to the planet disappear suddenly with no trace and no survivors. High Command is ready to write the rich planet off as "permanently inaccessible" until a lone survivor sends a cryptic SOS from the planet's surface using outdated Morse Code. Now Henry Broncon, with a platoon of hardened criminals as his only troops, must lead a force of prisoners, mystics, and old friends in a last-ditch effort to save a resourceful VIP survivor from a powerful and unknown enemy. In the process, he'll attempt to lay claim to the perfectly preserved remains of a two-thousand-year-old advanced civilization that once thrived on the now-deadly Planet Godeena. Can Planet Godeena be salvaged for the Interstellar Confederation? Will anyone return from this mission alive? Or will Henry, his squad, and his VIP all end up being buried there together, along with everyone else who has gone there before them?

No Easy Road (Concordia Series Book 1) by Greg Camp

Five years in the Centauri Royal Navy has earned Lieutenant Thomas Cochrane the disapproval of his superiors. And when his captain dies in an accident that Tom is unable to prevent, the young officer finds himself without a posting and without a future. Unless he can make a destiny of his own. Bertrand Lile spends his days in the shadows, obeying the orders of a clandestine society while harboring his own secret, his belief that a distant enemy is weaving its tentacles into the heart of the Centauri Empire. But his time to prove this is running short. This first book in the Concordia Series starts the friendship of Tom and Bertrand set against a culture satisfied with its own traditions. Caught between pirates who want to kill them and their supposed comrades who could end their careers, they seek to save their worlds that do not yet know of the looming dangers. And they find that no matter what the destination, the journey has no easy road.

Aurora Ascending: Armageddon is only the Beginning by Dennis Ideue

The first volume of the epic New Terrans series! Follow Elliot’s adventures he gathers a force to challenge the invincible fleet surrounding Aether. Vowing to destroy the Emperor that shattered his homeworld, he’s joined by a beautiful telepath, a smartass computer, and an elite team of Terran military forces. If you love action, detailed space battles, fleet engagements, ship-to-ship combat, and a little romance, you'll love this series. Elliot Greyjoy is an avid affecionado of 20th century Sci-fi. In alternating first-person, you will be swept into Elliot's universe. First contact, planetary occupation, and evacuation are merely the first trials he must overcome before his quest even begins. Armageddon is only the beginning of the adventure.

The Road from Antioch by Pierre E. Pettinger Jr.

The pilgrim ship Antioch is destroyed just short of the New Vatican. Someone is stealing critical shipments in the Chemosh Empire. Two worlds of the Laanyr Clan Heer have been attacked. Small vessels are buzzing the Rivnyera World Ships. Who is behind these incidents? Terrorists? Rebels? The mysterious Cherek? Or someone else entirely? The nations of the Orion Arm must join forces and find the culprits. The investigation ranges from the space around the planet Ans to the fields of Inohr Dan Nool to the supposedly primitive planet of Cordwainer. Join an Admiral, a Catholic Sister, a Knight Militant, an Ensign, a Great Mind, an Inspector and a Herdmaster as they seek out the perpetrators of these odd occurrences.

The Lost Signal by Jennifer Sarai Fernandez Morales

An ancient threat returns to conquer humanity. They ruled the planet once and they will do it again. Humans can't fight this war—not without help. For years, Dr. Ethan Fawkes has been communicating with a mysterious scientist using an encoded signal, and together, they designed the first spaceship meant for war. But when the government orders Ethan to dismantle it, his collaborator reveals a terrible secret. An army of powerful aliens is about to invade Earth, and humans must rush to prepare a defense or risk losing their freedom forever. Collaboration with an unlikely ally is humanity’s only chance at survival. Fiona has no memories of her origins, but somehow, she shares half her DNA with the invaders. For this, she lives a life of scorn and shame amongst humans. When the enemy arrives to enslave her village, will she help the humans who hate her or join the aliens who welcome her? The key to victory lies in the depths of her obscure past. Can she remember her true heritage before it's too late? The Lost Signal is the first book in the Slaves of Zisaida trilogy: a riveting Science Fantasy saga about our galaxy's war for survival against an intergalactic threat. If you're a fan of Stargate, The Atlantis Gene, and Battlestar Galactica, get on this thrill ride. Come for the Space Force, stay for the aliens. Content Warning: Suicide, graphic violence, torture and deaths.

The Committee Wars by Gerald Hoover

In a World Where (I said that in that Hollywood announcer voice, you know the one) the United States no longer exists three new nations arose from the ashes. The east coast is ruled by the Green Committee where every thought, inkling, and urge is monitored and controlled in an effort to force one to worship Mother Nature. The West Coast is ruled by the iron fists of the Peace Committee social justice warriors, where every victim-class can obtain retribution. And stuck in-between, the Smith Committee, where people just want to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit. Our hero, Simon, was born and raised in the Green Committee and is upon the cusp of his thirteenth birthday, the age when the frivolities of youth are no longer overlooked. He craves freedom and is about to be sent to a work camp for his divergent beliefs when The Smith Committee offers him asylum. Simon embarks upon roller-coaster of an adventure, where his understanding of the world is blown wide open. He must confront the terrifying, the unknown, and conquer his doubts. By following the guidance he found in his Grandfather’s hidden journal, Simon will be transformed from Green Committee reject into Smith Committee hero -- if he survives.

The Y Front Chronicles by Alan Scott

The Y Front Chronicles' is set in the year of our Lord 3256, and is the diary of a trained soldier on the run from the authorities The diary details his nine month stay on board a Starship, his thoughts on his past, present and future, his lovers, his hamster, daytime TV, the adult film industry, and his constant search for a pair of comfortable underwear. Read his diary if you dare.

Goodbye to the Sun by Jonathan Nevair

A rebel intent on justice. A lost soul pursued by an infamous bounty hunter. One impossible moral choice... Tucked away in the remote dunes of Kol 2, the Motes are on the brink of cultural collapse. Razor, a bold and daring pilot, leads a last-ditch gambit against their local oppressors, the Targitians. The plan: Abduct visiting Ambassador Keen Draden and use him as a bargaining chip to restore her people's independence in the Sagittarius Arm. But when the operation unravels, Razor is forced to renegotiate terms with the arrogant diplomat. Light years away on Heroon a radical resistance blossoms. The alluring rainforest planet haunts Keen. All his problems started there during the Patent War, but it's where Razor's troubles may find a solution. The moral tide ebbs, exposing an impossible choice that links their futures together more tragically than they ever thought possible. Goodbye to the Sun: A space opera inspired by the Greek tragedy, Antigone.

Ryswyck by L.D. Inman

In a world still scarred two centuries after a nuclear holocaust, a military academy in an embattled nation has been turning out brilliant officers whose skill in fighting is exceeded only by their devotion to the law of courtesy. Then two of its elite students uncover a secret that has haunted its founder for twenty years. As the building scandal threatens Ryswyck Academy, their friendship becomes an indispensable grace for their community and the linchpin of a perilous solution to their country’s desperate struggle. Lieutenant Stephanie Speir has just won a place in Ryswyck’s junior officer cadre. Her buoyant, balanced joy in combat is shadowed by the illness of her father, a retired intelligence officer and former prisoner of war. In the single-combat arena she faces Lieutenant Walter Douglas, the youngest son of a rural family, and they kindle an unshakable friendship. That friendship becomes their anchor when a security breach reveals to them the dark secret behind General Barklay’s drive to found Ryswyck Academy. Already troubled by Ryswyck’s isolated culture and the problems of translating the ideal of courtesy to modern warfare, Douglas becomes profoundly disturbed by the revelations of Barklay’s past participation in a heinous act. His only confidant is Speir, who up till this moment had been shielded from the details of her father’s experiences as a prisoner in Berenian hands. Barklay’s secret sets Ryswyck’s loving ethos against the context of a brutal war with Ilona’s enemy across the strait, a contrast that only grows starker as the two friends take commissions at an inhospitable island base. Soon Speir and Douglas find themselves drawn not only into the looming threat of scandal, but into the overwhelming prospect of battle, which will put their skill, their courtesy, and their friendship to the ultimate test.

One Nation Under Gods by Reeshi Ray

The war raged for five years. When the smoke cleared the United States was a memory, conquered by a race unlike the world had ever seen. They are the Specials—a godlike race gifted with powers so cataclysmic that the human survivors of the war had no choice but to surrender to their invincible overlords. But Houston Holt doesn't surrender. A war veteran turned underworld fixer, Houston spends his nights evading the regime's secret police, building his criminal empire brick by brick in his relentless quest to escape the human slums. But one night, Houston steals a truck from the wrong people and sets off a chain reaction of mayhem that engulfs the empire. Because the truck contains a shocking secret—a secret of such fabled power that the Specials will unleash their most savage killers to hunt it down. Enter a world of immortals, assassins, and rogues in One Nation Under Gods—an epic adventure that combines the best of science fiction, superhero lore, and fantasy into a non-stop thrill ride.

The Stars Within by Lena Alison Knight

Escape was impossible...until she had nothing to lose. For Kerelle Evandra, her psionic powers have always meant three things: mandatory service to a multigalactic corporation, a luxurious lifestyle as a prized asset, and an electronic collar that will kill her if she steps out of line. As much as Kerelle might resent her gilded cage - and obedience to her corporate masters’ cold directives - everyone knows that escape is impossible. And defiance risks not just her own life, but also the life of the person closest to her: Galhen Ambrel, her lover and fellow bound psionic. But when Galhen’s contract is suddenly sold to a distant oligarch, Kerelle learns that obedience was not the guarantee of safety she once thought - and that escape may not be as inconceivable as she was taught to believe. When a mission brings her into contact with an unexpected ally, she must decide how far she can go, and how much she’s willing to risk for freedom.

Of Anchors and Aspirations (Book 1 - Worlds Afire) by Scott Kelemen

Worlds Afire Book 1 Hunted by a rogue operative on her home world, Johanna Summer is sent away to embark on a new life as a cadet at the Alliance’s Navy Space Academy. The challenging new life offers her the chance of finding a real purpose for the first time, a vision shared by her new friends and classmates. As these new friends start their careers, another group of more senior military cadets try to carve out a different way of life, shunning the Navy for a lifestyle of their own choosing. Stealing weapons, ships, and whatever else they might need, the thieves will stop at nothing to break free, whatever the cost. In the process, they will align with the one hunting Johanna, and everyone involved will discover just how far a zealot will go for his cause. Of Anchors and Aspirations is the first novel in the "Worlds Afire" series, set in a future where the human diaspora has carried humanity into a distant region of the galaxy where they have carved out a new destiny for themselves far from Earth.

Of Bravery and Bluster (Book 2 - Worlds Afire) by Scott Kelemen

Book 2 of Worlds Afire After years of intense training in the star system of Havoc, five cadets are nearing graduation from the Academy which trains officers for the Alliance Navy, the force responsible for protecting humanity in a region of space far from Earth. Having survived every test the Academy has to offer, including a deadly encounter with rogue cadets that was never planned, the cadets must now embark on a new series of challenges that will have them face to face with aliens, meet high powered politicians, and tested for bravery under deadly stress. Yet as difficult as those trials might be, there are worse dangers stalking them in the dark. The agents who manipulated the rogue cadets seek a reckoning for their disrupted plans, and an old enemy is about to resurface who is not nearly as dead as everyone thinks. The Academy wants to test the mettle of these cadets. But what they are about to experience will go far beyond anything their instructors ever intended.

Protostar: An Automatic Apocalypse by Jesse Pohlman

Lahira Ocean is the Captain of the Messenger, a cutting-edge Cruiser defending Humanity and its allies against an alien race called The Orphans. After a hectic battle at the planet Gagarin, Lahira awakens from a two-week long coma to find two strangers carefully awaiting her recovery. The first is clearly from the upper echelons of Earth's government who calls himself Herodotus Fork; the second is distantly familiar to Lahira as a woman named Amber, an ambassador from the Automatons, a 'species' of alien who are fully artificial intelligences. Neither are happy to be sitting over her hospital bed. Lahira is suspected of being involved in an unprecedented attack on an Automaton: During the Battle of Gagarin, Lahira's ship emitted a strange signal which seemed to corrupt the mind of an elder Automaton, and Amber has been assigned to levy judgment about what happened. Unfortunately for her, the chaos of the ensuing melee led to the Human receiving serious injuries: She was mentally connected to a computer system which shorted out. These injuries - along with others lurking deeper under the surface of her thoughts - have induced retrograde amnesia, meaning she cannot fully explain the events leading to her role in the brawl.

Of Daring and Devilry (Book 4 - Worlds Afire) by Scott Kelemen

Book 4 of the Worlds Afire Series: For those who survived the conflict at New Liberty, the galaxy has been forever changed. Nothing had prepared them for the realities of open conflict, and most found themselves unready. Even those who displayed courage cannot ignore that the battle unveiled how centuries of peace have eroded the Navy's fighting edge. Johanna Summer and her friends try to put the pain they suffered behind them and look toward the future. Their careers are still new, and they still have much to prove. But sweeping change is not kind. It does not wait for people to be ready. Events have been put into motion that cannot be stopped. War is coming. Once again, all these young officers can do is try and survive lest they be pulled under by the violent currents swirling around them.

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