Heroic Measures


Heroic Measures by Joel Shulkin, MD

The medical examiner’s job is to speak for the dead, and protect the living. But what happens when the dead speak for themselves? Stephen Englehart, an Armed Forces medical examiner. dedicates his life to bringing peace to the families of fallen soldiers. Tagged as one of the best, he’s able to spot forensic clues others miss. But when the body of a US Marine, supposedly burned beyond recognition, shows up with hardly a scratch, even Stephen is stumped. Were the bodies switched? Then, in the middle of the autopsy, the impossible happens. The soldier wakes up. Something incredible—and dangerous—is happening to the military’s elite, and Stephen may be the only one who can figure it out. And when Stephen’s sister, a Green Beret, goes missing, the entire military machine seems designed to stop him from finding her. To find the truth and save his sister, one man must stand against an army. Can he be the hero he never thought he could?

AdultMystery, Thriller, and Suspense/TechnothrillerScience Fiction/SuperheroesScience Fiction/Military SFMystery, Thriller, and SuspenseScience Fiction/Horror and Thriller

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