SPFBO7 Self-published Fantasy Blog-Off Entries 2021

Entries into Mark Lawrence's Self-published Fantasy Blog-off in 2021 (the 7th year of the contest).

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Enemy Unknown

Enemy Unknown by David Stephenson


It took murder for Selvorne to learn his entire life was a necessary lie. One that must continue, if he wishes to live. Those killed had a dark past. Earning enemies, now his own. Do they want him dead – or worse? He might already be followed. If amongst enemies, would he even know? Young, good of heart, his seemingly ideal life has left him unprepared. Too trusting, with a face that reveals all. He must make his way, avoiding enemies as he journeys to find the only person he might trust – a powerful ally of his father. Can he hide his horror and despair, avoiding killers, who may be anyone? To save himself, and learn what is truly happening in the lands of North Waehter? If you like epic adventures, deeply bonding with characters, as an innocent, good–hearted youth is forced to face a hard world, then you will love David Stephenson's spellbinding prose and delightfully unexpected fantasy. Join Selvorne on his journey today Enemy Unknown – book one of the complete Journey of Selvorne series.

JP.Lames: Witch-Hunter

JP.Lames: Witch-Hunter by K.S. Marsden


~Prequel to the Witch-Hunter trilogy~ James Bennett is a Yorkshire lad, making the big move to Oxford to start university. His ambitions involve getting a good education; impressing the Rugby Club; and not throttling his roommate. All perfectly normal drama, until Hallowe'en. A girl's murder throws James into the dangerous world of witches, and those that hunt them.

A Rokian's Curse

A Rokian's Curse by Krista Jain


A Mysterious Elf, an Ancient History, and a Curse with a Deadline. For most, the sight of an elf in Fairdraisha would scare even the bravest of men, but for Blair Tripps, she's more than intrigued to see one up close. He's charming, handsome, and magical, but he's also eyeing her as his target. When he finally draws her in his arms, Queriven sets a visible curse on her skin.​ "When the trees catch the colors of fire again, you'll no longer be a part of this world." Those were the last words he left her before he disappeared. Now Blair's left with limited options; stay home and endure disaster, or run away in hopes to discover what this means and how to undo it. Choosing the latter, she heads off into the big wide world in search for answers, but quickly discovers Queriven in her path once more. He claims to know nothing about what happened to her and seemingly joins her side to help her with no motivation at all. Who is this mysterious elf who seems to follow her, and does he want to help her, or destroy her? And most importantly, what is he hiding? Blair has many questions, and a very short time left to answer them. A Rokian's Curse by Krista Jain is a mythical fantasy filled with adventure, magic, and second chances. The magical land of Fairdraisha displays hints of inspiration from old Scottish folklore on the brink of being forgotten. With splendid green hills and new discoveries, A Rokian's Curse displays a new, original tale while also bringing back a nostalgic theme.

The Outcast Crown

The Outcast Crown by Dave Dobson


The Trouble With Treasures The Inquisitors' Guild stands as a bulwark against both the criminal and mysterious in Frosthelm. Now, there's a new threat. Or is it a threat? A strange phenomenon afflicts the city - a troubling manifestation, always accompanied by a buzzing sound, sometimes taking almost human form. An unlikely pair of inspectors, one a young investigator with one big case under his belt, the other a brand new apprentice, set out to solve the mystery. As they search for clues, they come across the murder of someone who should probably already have been dead, and they find hints of treachery and intrigue from a far distant land. The city they love may be under a threat as dire as it has ever known, and they are thrust into the twisting machinations of an ancient, deadly mistake and a curse that afflicts an entire nation. The Outcast Crown is a stand-alone novel containing a complete adventure to enjoy. The events in the book occur after Flames Over Frosthelm and include some of the same characters, so you might want to read that book first, but is not necessary to do so. These books tell tales of the Inquisitor's Guild, the investigative arm of the government of Frosthelm, a medieval city-state where criminals thrive, nobles scheme, and dark secrets lurk. Expect intrigue, mystery, swordplay, adventure, politics, strong bonds of friendship, and some magic along the way. Because of the narrative path it follows, The Outcast Crown also includes some exploration of race, immigration, and prejudice. The Outcast Crown is a full novel clocking in at just over 120,000 words. There is some bloodshed, fighting, and death, but little of it is explicit. Think along the lines of the harder end of PG-13, and you're probably close.

Red in Tooth and Claw

Red in Tooth and Claw by Ryan Howse


A brutal wilderness. Hungry, plague-ridden animals. A winter so cold it snaps wood. Chemosh, a scout imprisoned by the enemy, agrees to lead the way through this wilderness for his freedom. But both his knowledge and his resilience are put to the test, not just by the wilderness, but by the chaotic, violent man he guides. A man he must rely on if they are to survive.

The Stillwater Project

The Stillwater Project by Craig Askham


Bounty hunter on medieval planet required. Popular quest, sells fast, book early to avoid disappointment. No experience necessary. That was basically how the ad enticed Troy Cooper into signing up for The Stillwater Project, Earth’s finest – and only – purveyor of portal vacations. In his head, of course, nothing could possibly go wrong; he played Fantasy VR games all the time, so the real thing was surely just a natural progression of that. A chance to level-up, even. A long weekend away, on a medieval planet, kicking butt and drinking ale. No big deal. And besides, portal tourism was an actual thing these days – with billboards and everything – so it had to be safe, right? Well, as it turns out, not so much. Because one of the things Troy didn’t really consider was the fact that portal quests are absolutely not the same as playing online games. Not by a long shot, in fact. No second chances, no respawning at the start of a level, and definitely no Invincibility spells to conveniently get his backside out of trouble at the last possible second. Just a very real chance of death. Permanent death. Oh, and a couple of the other things he didn’t consider? Firstly, his online avatar might have ninja-skills, but his real-life body is just a little too out-of-shape to be a bounty hunter. And secondly, ale doesn’t really taste that great. So, join Troy and his gaming friends as they step through the portal for their first – and possibly last – adventure on magical Vangura, where everything that happens along the way may – or may not – be part of the quest they paid for. And remember, when it comes to being a bounty hunter on a medieval planet, it doesn’t really matter what the billboards say… …there’s no such thing as no experience necessary! The Stillwater Project is a standalone story set in the world of the Portal Hunter Chronicles, an original new series that’s perfect for fans of Westworld, Game of Thrones and Stargate.

The Wizard of New York City

The Wizard of New York City by Randall P. Girdner


On the students' trip to New York City, the wolves rounded up the people. Then the trolls sealed off the edges of the island with stacks of crushed cars, and the goblins set about constructing a portal; a portal that would bring something horrible to this world…and all of this happened before the students had even left the American Museum of Natural History. Now, armed with strange weapons they acquired in the museum, seven students find themselves on the run in a frightening urban environment overtaken with dragons, ogres, and an undead populace intent on changing the city into a fortress. Nothing will ever be the same again. The Wizard of New York City tells the tale of seven teenagers trapped in Manhattan as a world of fantastic creatures and bizarre beings invade the island. As they struggle to stay alive in the face of dangers they can barely comprehend, the students soon realize that there is a reason they are still alive, and that reason will place a heavy burden on not just them, but the whole world...

Shift Happens

Shift Happens by T.M. Baumgartner


Everyone has an alternate form. Lucky people never shift into it. For everyone else, there’s the Magical Probation Department. MPD Officer Angela Jones has spent her entire career helping shifters get back into their human forms and ensuring they can manage their magical powers. Her methods are a little unconventional, but she’s built a strong community of people who help each other. A far cry from her coworkers who would rather emulate the tough guy hero of “Shift Enforcers,” protecting the world from shifters at any cost and grabbing all the glory along the way. Angela has mostly resigned herself to never being promoted again. But a new source of magic downtown is causing havoc. She can’t convince her boss to look into it…until a fire-breathing dragon appears. Now Angela is being shut out of the case of a lifetime, and the city she protects is in danger of being destroyed. When shift happens, Angela must step up…even if it means risking her own life to safeguard others.


The ALL - GOD OF NOTHING by Shane Scott


What if God and the Devil had a daughter? Who would she be? Rated MA and 18+ due to sexual situations, including LGBTQ+, vulgar language, some violence, smoking, drugs, and also mentions rape. The ALL series chronicles four generations of the most powerful Immortal family in God’s creation. The Promethean saga spans uncountable years and dozens of worlds. Mortals, Gods, Devils, Dragons, Titans, Demons, Werewolves, Vampires, and Angels clash in a never-ending battle of love and hate. The first book in the ALL, God of Nothing, starts the epic adventure. Murdered at seventeen by the Titan, Silver, God of Death, Aja Ashe wakes with her Dragon. Thrust into a bizarre world where her enemies are friends, and friends are enemies, she learns the truth about her parents and herself. Her mother is God, and her father is the Devil. She was the first thing born, not created. Enraged that Aja survived, Silver, God of Death, forces her to make choices to protect those she loves. Will Aja save the ALL or destroy it? If she survives, will she hate herself for what she’s done?

Quantum Cultivation

Quantum Cultivation by Jace Kang


A Cultivation system based on Daoist Five Elements and Eight Trigram Theories, written by an Acupuncturist/Wing Chun Sifu. Like all Purebred with their menial jobs, Ken ekes out a living sweeping the floors of Kyoto Peacekeeping Central. His kind serve as a benchmark for XHumans to measure how far they’ve progressed, and a reminder of what homo sapiens once was. His life changes when eight-hundred-year-old Ryu crosses over from the World of Rivers and Lakes, looking for a lost temple; and Aya, a beautiful hacker whose Sensory Interface perceives the EtherCloud as Feudal Japan, learns that XHumans aren’t as perfect as they thought. They’ve edited out the genes which allow for Cultivation. That will give Ken a chance to surpass them. And maybe use mythical martial skills to save the world from an oppressive government, spirit beasts, and alien invaders. WARNING: This story contains graphic scenes describing the Daoist methods of Dual Cultivation, but no harem elements. Suggested audience 18+.

Half Sword

Half Sword by Christopher Matson


Simon the fool, Simon the halfwit, Simon the lost is pursued across medieval Europe by a sinister league of conjurers, the Apostles of Light. Having erased his past, they will stop at nothing to steal his future as well. On the way, he joins the Knights of Palermo, a dubious band of wandering rogues, and attracts a mysterious young woman whose fate is somehow interwoven with his own. Simon finds himself caught in a struggle for power between the shadowy Apostles, his adopted Knights, and a cabal of powerful women known to a select few as the Weavers. With only a broken sword and his own shattered memories, Simon must thread this maze of warring factions to discover who he was and why he is inexorably drawn to the haunted ruins of twelfth century Rome.

Army of the Cursed

Army of the Cursed by Karim Soliman


Everybody knew the Cursed were coming. Nobody knew how to defeat them. The Goranians thought they were ready to face demons in battle. But when the foretold War of the Last Day begins, one fact becomes clear: the doom of mankind is just a matter of time. Now its fate rests in the hands of a hapless trio. A mage’s apprentice who relies on her wits rather than magic. A princess who seeks the ultimate weapon against demons, but first, she has to survive the turmoil of civil war. And a warrior whose swordplay could prove more useful against a threat graver than the bandits infesting his village. Can the three unite and put aside their differences before it is too late? The entire human race is already on the brink of extinction. ARMY OF THE CURSED is a thrilling read for epic fantasy fans. Brace for a tale of magic, betrayals, and fear of the unknown, and lose yourself in the world of Gorania.


Windward by S. Kaeth

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When dragons fight, mountains weep. In nests high in the mountains, dragons and dragonbonded share their lives, thoughts, feelings, and ambitions. Palon and her partner, the dragon Windward, are renowned among their nest for their flying skill. Their days are filled with everything she loves, especially riding the wind. Even being tasked with teaching their way of life to Tebah, a rebellious newly bonded teenager, can’t bring her down too much. But when treasures from the dragons’ hoards are found in Palon’s collection, her idyllic life comes crashing down. She battles to prove her innocence, while her every move is cast as further evidence against her. Tebah’s suspicion, homesickness, and defiance would be frustrating even in easy times. With Palon in the spotlight while her rivals smear her name at every turn and stir up plots of revenge, her teenage charge’s behavior proves dangerous. Dragon tempers shorten, and challenges and disputes shake the ground. Palon will have to trust more than just herself if she hopes to once more own the sky.

Zombie Walkabout

Zombie Walkabout by Phillip Murrell


Thrill rides? Safari? A cruise? Why waste your time (and money) when the best way to spend your holiday is at ZOMBIE WALKABOUT! Our staff has packages available for whatever your desire. Planning a memorable bucks party? Check. Want to pray for the souls of the victims? Check. Looking to retrieve medical samples for all the innovative research in zombie medicine? We have a lab on our premises! We can even set you up with a trip to visit the Aboriginal Australian tribes living among the dead. But zombie hunting sounds dangerous! No worries. Our state-of-the-art armor combination is scientifically proven to keep you one hundred percent protected. Here at Zombie Walkabout, we pride ourselves on our flawless safety record. The only concern you'll have is how all subsequent holidays will never live up to this one! So hurry up and commit, mate. Book this summer to meet American mix martial artist Sam "Pounder" Ponsness. This rising star will augment our staff for the season. Zombie Walkabout. Where the dead give you a reason for living!


Downfall by G.A. Everett


A kingdom attacked. A princess on the run. A battle for survival. In Deepwater, Princess Tempest believes her impending marriage to be the worst of her troubles; but when an attack is made on the king, starting a battle for control between the nations of Nyazere, she must flee the only home she has ever known and form new alliances if she is to survive. But beyond the walls of her city lies a dangerous road, where blades and coin matter more than legacy and titles. Downfall is the first book in the Queen of the Unworthy series, featuring an engaging sword and sorcery fantasy world, filled with battles, backstabbing and morally ambiguous characters aplenty. If you like fast-paced adventure and thrilling fantasy, then you’ll love the first book in G.A. Everett’s page-turning series. Pick up Downfall to discover this thrilling new series today!

Wizardoms: God King Rising

Wizardoms: God King Rising by Jeffrey L. Kohanek


A stirring rebellion. Unrelenting assassins. Conspiracies abound. Two queens. One rules by fear, her citizens laboring to fund the lavish lifestyle of the wizard class. The other believes in justice and compassion, earning her the love of her subjects...and the enmity of her wizard peers. Both will die. In one wizardom, a secret rebellion brews. A hero to the people rises, fueled by a mysterious sorcerer's blood magic. But at what cost? Conspiracies and assassins lurk in every shadow, threatening the throne of another nation. The scheming wizard behind it will stop at nothing to claim the crown. Yet, even he is a pawn. What force is behind it all? What is their endgame? Read God King Rising and discover for yourself.

The Sand Prince

The Sand Prince by Kim Alexander


Two worlds. Bound by magic. Divided by a door. On the barren, war-ravaged demon world of Eriis, the fierce queen Hellne fights to keep her people alive and her son Rhuun's heritage a secret. On the green and gentle human world of Mistra, demons have faded into myth. Only a handful of old men and fanatical children still guard The Door between the worlds. Different and shunned by his demon kin, Rhuun finds refuge in a book that tells of a human world of water and wonder. Forced by his mother's enemies to flee Eriis, he finds himself trapped on the other side of The Door in the very place he has read and dreamed about—Mistra. Chained to the deadly whims of a child who guards The Door, Rhuun must balance serving and surviving, even at the risk of exposing his true identity. Riskiest of all is his task of kidnapping an infuriating young woman who is about to find out that the demons of Eriis are much, much more than just an old bedtime story.

Fall into Darkness

Fall into Darkness by James Pyne


A failed god determined to succeed. A fresh generation hungry for his throne. Can the universe survive when the greed of immortals collides? The Almighty El is tired of his creations dying and his offspring questioning his competence. After purging his latest failure and raising up a new cosmos, he’s certain that this time success is assured. But just as his handiwork takes root, his greatest enemy rises from the void to challenge him in a vicious tentacled battle. Leader of the Seraphim, Lucifer is sick of his father’s catastrophic missteps. And when he temporarily takes charge while the useless deity rests, he vows this rightful reign will be permanent. Except Lucifer soon finds himself not only dethroned, but kicked into the fiery flames of the Inferno. Now as El’s family spirals into death and madness, he must fight to keep all of existence from imploding. And Lucifer’s hunger for vengeance has inadvertently paved the way for every celestial with a lust for power to ravage the multiverse in their bid for the coveted crown. Can the embattled pair stop the playground of the gods from becoming a killing field? Fall into Darkness is the mind-bending first volume in the Big Cranky epic fantasy series. If you like flawed deities, world-spanning cosmologies, and vivid imagery, then you’ll love James Pyne’s genre-shattering tale.

Psycho Hose Beast From Outer Space

Psycho Hose Beast From Outer Space by C.D. Gallant-King


Newfoundland, Canada, 1992. Gale Harbour hasn’t seen any excitement since the military abandoned the base there thirty years ago, unless you count the Tuesday night 2-for-1 video rentals at Jerry's Video Shack. So when a dead body turns up floating in the town water supply, all evidence seems to point to a boring accident. Niall, Pius and Harper are dealing with pre-teen awkwardness in the last days of summer before the start of high school. The same night the body is found, the three of them witness unusual lights in the sky over the bay. Is it a coincidence? Are the lights connected to the rapidly-increasing string of mysterious deaths? And what does the creepy old lady at the nursing home have to do with it? There is an evil older than time hidden deep beneath the waters of the North Atlantic. It is hungry, and vengeful, and it has its sights set on Gale Harbour to begin its path of destruction. All that stands in its way are a group of kids who would rather be playing Street Fighter II...

Waking the Witch

Waking the Witch by W. V. Fitz-Simon


She never wanted to be a witch, but when sorcerers threaten her loved ones, what else should the 20th century woman do? Slip on her favorite Siouxsie Sioux t-shirt, touch up her makeup, and bring down the house. Literally. To Gosha Armitage, magic is a four-letter word, but in her mother's world of witchcraft, words have power, power Gosha will sacrifice everything to acquire. When a murderous sorcerer masquerading as a New Age guru conspires to consume the life force of her best friend, the reluctant witch has no choice but to embrace her heritage, submit to her mother's caustic authority, and descend into a clandestine world of magic and intrigue with only her wits, five spells, and her favorite lipstick to help her. After a lifetime denying her connection to witchcraft, will Gosha learn to trust her mother's training in time to save her friend? Waking the Witch is the first installment in The Witch of Cheyne Heath supernatural mystery series from author W. V. Fitz-Simon. If you like Absolutely Fabulous, Terry Pratchett's Witches of Lancre, and complex mother-daughter relationships, you'll love this arch and cozy spellpunk adventure. Buy Waking the Witch and step into the glamorous, enigmatic, dangerous world of Cheyne Heath today!

Book of Secrets

Book of Secrets by Claudia Blood


Joshua Lighthouse never wanted to save the world, but now he has no choice. Three hundred years ago, the human world and the world of Myth underwent a cataclysmic Merge. Those who survived – both human and Others – formed factions. Joshua led one faction, the Human Protection Agency, which is charged with maintaining the safety of the humans in his city. He secretly protects an artifact more powerful than even he knows… The Book of Secrets. As the anniversary of the Merge approaches, Joshua’s world is turned upside down, the order he’s maintained for so long is stripped away from him. He is kidnapped and betrayed, and a bounty is placed on his head. And the Book? Stolen. On the run from the organization he once served and legions of Others who seek to kill him, Joshua is in a race against time to find the Book of Secrets and prevent the inter-species war that will end the world he knows forever. Can one man find his way to salvation when everything he believed in turns out to be something else? The Book of Secrets is an unrelenting page-turner that will keep readers on the edge of their saddles, an epic urban fantasy for fans of Rick Riordan and Sarah J. Maas.

Lost in a Dream

Lost in a Dream by R. E. Fury


If dreaming is a drug, then I'm a junkie. For most people, sleeping is an obstacle; something to get out of the way so they can get back to their day. For others, it’s an escape to nothing; a blissful break from the wears of life. It’s the opposite for me. I live so that I can dream. I trudge through work so that I can go home and close my eyes, awakening in the real world—one where dreams really do come true. A place where I can fight a king instead of my ever-disappointed boss, where I’m a warrior instead of a glorified telemarketer. A place where I matter. Tigers instead of taxes. Monsters instead of men with too much power. Reality is just the word we came up with to accept a boring life; a birthing place for grander ideas we so desperately wish could come true. I choose to live in a world where they do. ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Lost in a Dream is an adult fiction in the vein of Ready Player One, but with fantasy elements in place of sci-fi. It is a bold and unique novel that has something for you to love whether you are an avid fan of fantasy, literary fiction, or light romance.

The Outworlder

The Outworlder by Natalie J. Holden


When two worlds clash, one man must choose a side. When Aldeaith joined the army, he left everything behind. His world, his family, everyone who thought him a fool. The new routine gave him a sense of security, and fighting proved easier than talking to people. But the peace couldn’t last forever. In the Empire spanning thousands of worlds, there are bound to be dissidents. Dealing with them is a part of Aldeaith’s job and the most advanced magic known to man makes it easy. But no magic can help him when the rebels are people he grew up with. Now, he has to pick a side and prove his loyalty among mounting distrust. To come on top, he must learn to navigate something trickier than any battlefield: other people. The fate of the Empire depends on it.

Oathbound (Surgecaller Book 1)

Oathbound (Surgecaller Book 1) by Todd Herzman


How do you kill an Immortal? Huon is weak. A surgecaller who escaped into the wilds, his only goal was to survive. Now he is Oathbound, forced to fight in an arena, forced to become stronger than he’d thought possible. As he realises he can become strong, the need for revenge fills his heart, and a new goal forms in his mind. But his goal is impossible: kill the dragon rider, the Immortal of Fire. To succeed, he’ll have to do more than just survive—he’ll have to advance beyond anything the realm has ever seen. In the spirit of progression fantasies like Cradle and Mage Errant, enter a realm with magical beasts, where surgecallers can cultivate essence to strengthen their weapons, enhance their bodies and wield elemental magic.

Sword of the Moon King

Sword of the Moon King by Jason J. Nugent


A massive spaceship. A promise of loot. But there’s a catch in this adventurous fantasy world… Eighteen-year-old gamer Caleb Whitson is out of options. With his mother’s health growing worse and money running out, he signs up for a once-in-a-lifetime mission to space where he’ll play an immersive video game called Sword of the Moon King while traveling across the stars, headed for a mining mission on the dwarf planet Ceres. Once inside the fantasy game, he soon discovers the Ceres Horizon Mining Company is not what it appears to be. Messages indicating his mother’s worsening health compel Caleb to find his way out of the game for one last desperate attempt to contact home. The only problem: how do you leave the game? Fighting other players and forging ahead with the quest of his life, Caleb must fight horrific dangers in a daring struggle to free himself. But if he succeeds, a new problem awaits…and it may not be one he can overcome. Check out the new Gamelit/LitRPG fantasy adventure from USA Today Bestselling Author Jason J. Nugent today!

The Flame and The Blade

The Flame and The Blade by Meredith Hart


He’s a fire mage on the wrong side of the King’s law. She’s a hired guard desperate to prove herself. Together, they must survive the legendary Demon Forest. Lord Vethe Scarvian is a direct descendant of the man who almost destroyed humanity. And that plus a couple of coppers will buy him another mug of ale. Vethe has no use for his once-noble family’s dubious legacy. When his aunt reveals the existence of a long-lost betrothal agreement hidden somewhere in the ruins of the Demon Forest, Vethe is only interested in how much money the noblewoman betrothed to him would be willing to pay to escape that contract. He just has to find the contract first. Lyria Guardia let her family down and got her heart broken. Gods help her, that will never happen again. After a crushing betrayal by the man she’d built her life around, Lyria abandons her promising career with the Adventurer’s Guild and returns, humiliated and heartbroken, to the Guard’s Guild that her family has run for hundreds of years. Determined to regain her position and prove herself to her five brothers, Lyria is willing to accept any assignment. Even if that means she has to drag some spoiled noble brat through the Demon Forest in search of a mysterious missing contract. The Flame and The Blade is the first book in a new romantic fantasy adventure series. Fans of Miranda Honfleur and Sarah J. Maas will love this story of forbidden magic, dangerous adventure, and sizzling enemies-to-lovers romance.

Finnian's Fiddle

Finnian's Fiddle by Chandler Groover


Dragons can often be obstinate, and when one dragon arrives at a rural seaport demanding to hear a child prodigy perform the violin, the townspeople must strategize. They send a boy named Finnian to the city to learn how to play. Unfortunately for Finnian, the task isn’t so simple. Everyone from bandits to scheming aristocrats seem to stand in his way, and before his quest has ended, he will have to contend with a devious plot stretching into the fairy realm itself. FINNIAN'S FIDDLE is a fantasy story for all ages—a folktale with mythic proportions.

Old Bolts

Old Bolts by Edward Nile


A Memory of Iron... The Arkenian Civil War is over. Diesel-fueled Warsuits and the Kaizer Engines that power them have been outlawed. Machines which once won freedom for a new nation now lie in pieces, demolished and left to rust. One man can't let go. For over a year, Viktor and his team of mechanics have survived, cold and hungry in the frigid mountains of Northern Arkenia. In exile, cut off from the world, they hold vigil over a last remaining vestige of the nation’s history. A Kaizer Warsuit they name Old Bolts. But when a little boy wanders close to their strange dwelling, Viktor learns that the mountains have become home to a new mining settlement. Where the residents are not allowed to leave. Now Viktor must decide. Decide whether to help the miners of Talbrigdon and risk exposing not only his men, but Old Bolts. Or whether to hold firm to his duty and protect this symbol of liberty from destruction. As things become more dire for both his people and the miners, a deeper secret haunts Viktor. One that could tear Old Bolts and her crew apart.

Dreams of the Dying

Dreams of the Dying by Nicolas Lietzau


If your mind is the enemy, where do you run? #1 Bestseller in German Literature (07/2020, 10/2020, 12/2020) Years after a harrowing war experience, ex-mercenary Jespar Dal'Varek has taken to drifting. It's a lonely existence, but barring the occasional bout of melancholia, he has found the closest thing to peace a man like him deserves. Life is "all right." Or so he believes. Hoping to turn the page, Jespar accepts a mysterious invitation into the beautiful but dangerous archipelago of Kilay-and everything changes. Plagued by boiling social tensions and terrorism, the tropical empire is edging ever closer to civil war. Kilay's merchant king is the only person able to prevent this catastrophe, but he has fallen into a preternatural coma-and it's Jespar's task to figure out what or who caused it. As the investigation takes him across the archipelago and into the king's nightmares, unexpected events not only tie Jespar's own life to the mystery but also unearth inner demons he believed to be exorcised long ago. Battling old trauma while fighting for his life, his sanity, and the fate of Kilay, the line between dream and reality blurs until only one question remains: If your mind is the enemy, where do you run? Described as "Inception in a Polynesian fantasy setting," Dreams of the Dying is a slow-burning, haunting blend of fantasy, mystery, and psychological horror, that explores mental illness, morality, and the dark corners of our minds. CW: Profanity, Violence, Sex, Death, Suicide, Rape, Substance Abuse

Ascendant (Songs of Chaos #1)

Ascendant (Songs of Chaos #1) by Michael R. Miller


The start of a new dragon rider epic combining the best of Eragon and Pern with the hard magic of Brandon Sanderson and Will Wight. Holt Cook was never meant to be a dragon rider. He has always served the Order Hall of the Crag dutifully, keeping their kitchen pots clean. Until he discovers a dark secret: dragons do not tolerate weakness among their kin, killing the young they deem flawed. Moved by pity, Holt defies the Order, rescues a doomed egg and vows to protect the blind dragon within. But the Scourge is rising. Undead hordes roam the land, spreading the blight and leaving destruction in their wake. The dragon riders are being slaughtered and betrayal lurks in the shadows. Holt has one chance to survive. He must cultivate the mysterious power of his dragon's magical core. A unique energy which may tip the balance in the battles to come, and prove to the world that a servant is worthy after all.

The Rave (The Aelfraver Trilogy Book 1)

The Rave (The Aelfraver Trilogy Book 1) by J.R. Traas


Time, it stretched before her, every second crawling by, lengthening like an uncurling worm. Alina absorbed it all in painful detail: the twinkles of firelight caught in the breastplates and gauntlets of the Chimaera Guard, the panic in Cho’s eyes, the spittle glistening on Mezami’s fangs, every growl and sputter of all their raised voices. The Aelfraver Trilogy, set in J.R. Traas's futuristic fantasy world of El, is a story about teenage rebellion—against the ruling elite and their gods. GO HOME, ALINA When Alina K’vich lost her parents, her grandfather Dimas gave her a home and a purpose. At The School, he trained her to become an Aelfraver—a hunter of arcane beasts, demons, and other anti-human entities. For ten years, they built a life together. Then, one night, in the middle of preparing dinner, Dimas vanished. Now seventeen, and stuck with her grandfather’s debts, Alina resorts to illegal Raves in her rundown hometown. But these small-time contracts simply aren’t enough: The School lies in disrepair, the power’s shut off, and the bills remain insurmountable. In a last-ditch gamble, she signs up for a Rave whose massive reward could rewrite her entire future. However, she’s far from the only Aelfraver to answer the call of such an alluring bounty… Out of options, Alina sinks the last of her money into a forged Raver’s license and a one-way ticket to New El, the floating Capital. There, an unnamable horror—her target—busies itself slaughtering the nobility in the dead of night, leaving no survivors and no witnesses. Protected only by her wits and spells, Alina must find a way to save New El, her School, and herself.


Breakaway by Dezarea Dunn


“A different spin on a mermaid’s life. The characters are believable and draw you in, twists and turns make you want to keep reading. I can’t wait for the next book!” - Reader Review My name is Thea Galleon, and I’m about to become a mermaid . . . or so I thought. For as long as I can remember I’ve been able to feel when someone’s life is in danger. With the deadly White Blight picking off more of our species than we can replace, my “feelings” come in handy. Just months from my Tail Ceremony, I could never guess the magnitude of what my parents have kept from me for most of my life. When a gorgeous stranger enters my shattered world, his stunning eyes plague my dreams, and our irrevocable connection puts me in the crosshairs of the Council. To avoid imprisonment I’ll have to escape my home and leave everything familiar to discover who—or what—I will ultimately become.

Coyote Chronicles

Coyote Chronicles by Anton Le Roy


An aging warrior battles with gods, demons, monsters and the resurfacing troubles of his own past in this action packed fantasy adventure. Book 1 in The Veteran series. Can be read as a single book or as part of an ongoing series. "They call me Veteran. A grizzled old warrior. Always on the road, meandering through fantastic lands and bouncing from contract to contract, which usually end up in violence. I flee the past. I flee the ghosts that forever haunt me, but I know that in the end I'll have to finally stand and face them down. And when that day of reckoning comes my sword will be singing, the world will be burning, the ghosts will be swarming and a goddess will fall." Veteran and his buddy Gregor, two aged warriors for hire, have been on the road for decades when an audacious contract to steal a magical relic from a god brings them into contact with dark cultists called the Newborn. They soon discover the Newborn are led by an old pal they thought long dead, something Veteran had always blamed himself for. In an attempt to make amends, they track the priests through war torn kingdoms to find him. Along the way they'll learn just how dangerous the Newborn are and also that facing up to the past can be even more deadly.

Willow of Ashes

Willow of Ashes by Ellie Raine


Prophecy foretells twin brothers stand at the center of the world’s destruction. Some hope they bring salvation. Others fear they bring death. Twins Xavier and Alexander were born with their magic split in perfect halves. Alexander is gifted in the art of resurrecting corpses. Xavier is talented with binding souls into lifeless vessels. Alone, they’re magically crippled. Together, they help lost spirits have a second chance at life. Many oracles believe the two were chosen by the Gods and will be the key to the world’s salvation when the time comes. Others are convinced their coming foretells doom, and seek to rid the realms of the threat they pose. On the night Xavier would announce his betrothal to his childhood love, Death Princess Willow Ember, he is hunted down by a ruthless assassin and thrown from a cliff into the ocean below. Xavier is declared dead, leaving Alexander incomplete and Princess Willow alone in grief. But while Xavier’s body was never found, his soul was ripped free and bound inside his brother. With most of his memories missing, Xavier is cursed to live a secret coexisting life with his twin. Now the two embark on a perilous journey across the five realms of Nirus hoping to bring Xavier back. Joined by the scythe-wielding Death Princess and her warrior Aide, Lilliana, the twins discover they are not the only party vying for his return… and the assassin was not the only one seeking his death. A Dark power is growing as their adventure of hope becomes a living nightmare, and they must face colossal dragons, undead hordes, and a vicious demon queen to survive.

Curse Painter

Curse Painter by Jordan Rivet


Art is magic. Art is a curse. Briar can curse with the flick of a paintbrush. Her paintings maim, bewitch, and—most effectively of all—destroy. But Briar doesn't want to hurt people anymore. She has fled her family's deadly curse business to start a new life peddling nonlethal jinxes and petty revenge. Briar’s destructive powers catch the eye of a charismatic young outlaw called Archer, who hires her to help him save a kidnapped friend from a ruthless baron. Briar thinks this is her chance to make amends for her crimes, but the family business won’t let her go so easily. When her violent past jeopardizes Archer’s rescue mission, Briar must confront the dark arts she left behind—and decide what she’s willing to destroy in order to be good. Read the new fantasy adventure inspired by Robin Hood from the author of Steel and Fire, Empire of Talents, and the Fire Queen’s Apprentice!

Reign & Ruin

Reign & Ruin by J. D. Evans

SPFBO7 SPFBO Finalist SPFBO Winner

“All magic is beautiful...and terrible. Do you not see the beauty in yours, or the terror in mine? You can stop a heart, and I can stop your breath.” She is heir to a Sultanate that once ruled the world. He is an unwanted prince with the power to destroy. She is order and intellect, a woman fit to rule in a man's place. He is chaos and violence and will stop at nothing to protect his people. His magic answers hers with shadow for light. They need each other, but the cost of balance may be too high a price. Magic is dying and the only way to save it is to enlist mages who wield the forbidden power of death, mages cast out centuries ago in a brutal and bloody war. Now, a new war is coming. Science and machines to replace magic and old religion. They must find a way to save their people from annihilation and balance the sacred Wheel—but first, they will have to balance their own forbidden passion. His peace for her tempest, his restlessness for her calm… Night and day, dusk and dawn, the end, and the beginning.

Kept From Cages

Kept From Cages by Phil Williams


No one returns from Ikiri. Reece’s gang of criminal jazz musicians have taken shelter in the wrong house. There’s a girl with red eyes bound to a chair. The locals call her a devil – but Reece sees a kid that needs protecting. He’s more right than he knows. Chased by a shadowy swordsman and an unnatural beast, the gang flee across the Deep South with the kid in tow. She won’t say where she’s from or who exactly her scary father is, but she’s got powers they can’t understand. How much will Reece risk to save her? On the other side of the world, Agent Sean Tasker’s asking similar questions. With an entire village massacred and no trace of the killers, he’s convinced Duvcorp’s esoteric experiments are responsible. His only ally is an unstable female assassin, and their only lead is Ikiri – a black-site in the Congo, which no one leaves alive. How far is Tasker prepared to go for answers? Kept From Cages is the first part in an action-packed supernatural thriller duology, filled with eccentric characters and intricately woven mysteries. Click BUY NOW or READ NOW to start your journey to Ikiri today.

Burning Promise

Burning Promise by Thiago d'Evecque


"Those who seek the Abyss are doomed to find it." Alicia is a country girl with a simple life. Her only dreams are to spend her life besides her fiancé and work the fields. Dreams that are shattered when mercenaries attack her village and leave a trail of smoke, ashes, and blood. Something awakes inside Alicia. A thirst for vengeance dominates her and demands to be quenched with death. In a path paved by hatred, Alicia will face saurians — massive lizards and birds that plague the North — advanced golems, corrupt soldiers, and a conspiracy involving angels, necromancers, and the blood magic forbidden in the kingdom. But her greatest struggle will be to keep her own humanity as she dives into the Abyss.

Prophecy of Convergence

Prophecy of Convergence by Shannon Pemrick


Half-elf Oracle Aviana is no stranger to prophecies. With a strong connection since birth to the dragon god, Akorith, the dissonant whispers of fate have followed her from the beginning. And when an ominous warning foretelling of the destruction of her clan comes her way, she isn’t sure what to make of it. Then when her younger sister needs to be prepared for her coming of age trial—a task that will test the woman’s fortitude and innocence—Aviana is the one tasked with showing her the world outside their secluded town. Her hands full with her sister’s childish nature, a foreboding prophecy is the last thing Aviana needs on her mind. The signs of the prophecy, however, appear: pirate attacks, a fight with a dragon, and crossing paths with a cheerful dwarf and stunted, lecherous elf—and Aviana can’t ignore them. Things go from bad to worse, and she’ll have to trust her intuition and the most unlikely of allies to make it through, or the world will be plunged into chaos… Readers who enjoy epic adventures, fantasy with a healthy dose of romance, and a strong heroine who defies all odds, won’t be able to put down Prophecy of Convergence, leaving you reading long into the night.

Neglected Merge

Neglected Merge by Eve Koguce


“Neglected Merge” is an inspirational thought-provoking futuristic fantasy romance novel. The story of fated lovers developed against a backdrop of a new post-apocalyptic world painted in bright tones. A fortuitous meeting of Tauria, an independent woman living in one utopian-style world, and Doron from high society of the other world, is destined to be the new beginning for both worlds. Tauria, aged 32, lives in the society that seems to believe that happiness is a universal concept. People, who had survived the near apocalyptic experience, have built a whole new world full of pleasure and easiness. It is designed to make everyone feel happy every minute of their lives. Work brings satisfaction, hobbies are encouraged, relationships are supposed to bring out only positive emotions. Does it matter that things that don’t fit into the general happy pattern get discarded and disappear? Things like friendship and commitment. Things like true love. It is supposed to be enough with lightness and never-ending joy. But there are two worlds now. They are forced to exist side by side. Can they find a way to live together? The Chinese proverb says: “When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” What will the people of two worlds, so utterly different and at the same time so similar, choose?

Good Blood

Good Blood by Billy Ketch Allen


IS HIS BLOOD A GIFT TO THE WORLD OR A CURSE THAT COULD DESTROY IT? The land of Terene runs on blood. For generations, the bloodline has been dwindling. Until now. When a boy is discovered with the healing blood of his Royal ancestors, he is hunted by assassins, bloodhounds, Descendant rebels, and the Highfather of the Faith, who will tear Terene apart to capture the power held in the boy’s veins. Will the boy discover where his power came from? And can he survive long enough to use it? Good Blood is an exciting, fast-paced debut. The next must-read fantasy series!


Bloodlines by K.R. Gangi


Welcome to Navaleth, a young kingdom built on a graveyard of secrets, ruled by a monarchy descended from the gods, and run by a society recovering from a bloody, ruthless war against an ancient enemy. Now meet Quiver, whose internal struggles pull him further away from his people's traditions, drawing him closer to becoming an outsider. And Sarah, a bright, beautiful young woman, travels the world for her father's business until her world takes a turn for the worse. Then there is Trevor, who has never left his home of Robins-Port, a trading village that shuns him for things beyond his control. Francis, second only to the king, herald of the church, is a charismatic visionary who has a knack for uncovering ancient secrets. And finally, Alric, a war veteran, who struggles to find a peaceful future, unable to escape his violent past. Witness the beginning of the end as an ancient prophecy begins to unwind, directing our characters toward a dark future that they will inevitably share … until the very end.

Spirit of Shadow

Spirit of Shadow by D. A. Holley


Lance is a servant in the Palace at Shadovane. All his life, he has been lead to believe his role in the palace is voluntary, that his parents left him there hoping he would have a better life than they could provide. When he discovers he has been lied to, that the nature of his life is not what he has long assumed, he seeks upheaval, revenge, and escape, but he can't get what he wants alone. He enlists the help of his closest friends, and together, they take on the all powerful Shadow Queen, incarnate of a goddess called the Mother of Night, and mount a revolution she will not soon forget.

By The Skies

By The Skies by J.E. Mueller


Kariea has turned healing into an art. Despite attending the best academy in Arix, she’s only allowed to study what her family approves. They want a lady; she wants more. The dragon magic of old has granted everyone power. Kareia doesn’t intend to squander it. Though she’s forced to learn other arts in secret, an unexpected friend offers to teach her more. Even better, he isn’t afraid to break a few rules. All the better for Kariea. With an arranged marriage in her future, she’s running out of time. Luckily, the law of the land is on her side: she can duel her betrothed and win her freedom… provided she can sneak in a little training first. Can Kariea hone the skills she needs to win? Or will she be forced to accept an unwanted marriage? *This book contains some material that might be triggering for certain audiences. Themes of gaslighting, abuse, and sexual assault are seen in this book.

Lamp of Light

Lamp of Light by Alex H. Singh


Only the light will prove her Innocence... Pierre Lachance, King of Tibethia, has been murdered and all eyes are on his wife Esther Anna, who knows who the real culprit is. Before she can speak the truth, however, she is ordered to be executed by the King’s daughter Noelle, the fairest woman in all the kingdoms. Now Esther Anna is on the run, and on her trail is a wendigo named Damian who has been resurrected from the depths of the black abyss by Noelle to stop Esther at any cost. Esther Anna finds help along the way in form of a fairy Prince named Phillip, who tells her of an artifact that can prove her innocence called “The Lamp of Light,” but it is rumored to be on an island protected by a horrifying sea creature. With time running out and Damien on her trail, will she be able to get to the Lamp of Light to prove who the real murderer is?

A Change of Blood

A Change of Blood by G. P. Gabriel


A man hearing the voice of his dead wife. A boy struggling to understand emotions he cannot feel. A journey into a land of bloodthirsty creatures was never a simple matter to begin with. Their mission: deliver an arcane explosive into the heart of the corruption. Kynnar is a Guild Drengir mercenary roaming the Corrupted Lands, a place of maddening sickness that took the life of his beloved. When his guild leader contacts him after years of silence, it's to send him on a mission with an assembled crew. Sounds like just another job. At least until he finds out he'll work alongside mages with powers responsible for the infection in the first place. Eight, a human experiment of torture, fails to assassinate his target. If he wants to stay alive—which he decides would be a preferrable outcome—he has to accept an offer from the very man he tried to kill. The offer gets him into the Guild of the Arcane, but nowhere did it mention he'd be an apprentice to a battlemage about to embark on a certain mission. Sort of makes the whole 'not dying' part redundant. A Change of Blood is a high fantasy novel set in a world of water and deadly storms. Elements of madness include, but are not limited to; hallucinations, weapons hidden inside human flesh, a thief with his crossbow for a lover, and an unhealthy amount of feeling sorry for oneself.

Almendra's Quest

Almendra's Quest by Farida Mestek


There's a prophecy that could save her kingdom and a plot that could destroy it all... Almendra Ravenlock, a seventeen-year-old ruler of the Upper Kingdom, has never set foot outside the grounds of the royal castle, believing that beyond its gates lies a deadly curse left behind by the same group of rebels that attacked her kingdom and sent her mother to her early doom fifteen years ago. Isolated from the rest of the realm, with only her cranky granny and her loyal wolf for company, she waits for Prince Frederick of the Lowland Kingdom to come and set her free. There is a prophecy that strongly suggests that he is the one to win her heart and save her kingdom. However, when an unexpected messenger arrives and tells her that the prince is at death’s door after an attempt on his life and that she is the only one who can save him, Almendra grabs at the chance to fulfill the prophecy on her own terms. As she travels through the realm with her wolf and her new friend, Almendra unearths a horrifying secret buried deep under the rebels’ lair, discovers that her life and her kingdom are in as much danger from them as ever, and that the prince she is determined to save might not be the one meant to save her or her kingdom after all.

Last Sword in the West

Last Sword in the West by Ryan Kirk


Never bring a gun to a sword fight Years after the conclusion of a civil war, Tomas wanders the endless grasslands of the frontier, still searching for an elusive peace. He dreams of finding a quiet place, far beyond the ever-expanding reach of civilization, where he can sheath his sword for good. But he can't look the other way when he passes through a town caught in a duel between two powerful organizations. The graveyard outside of town is full, and innocents hide in their homes, hoping to survive the coming battle. Before long, Tomas is caught within the web of the escalating conflict, a lone swordsman standing against two violent forces that seek to control the town and the unnatural power it contains. He quickly appears destined to join countless others in their unmarked graves. But Tomas has a secret, too. And it would be a mistake to underestimate him. His war isn't over yet.

Blood of Ravens

Blood of Ravens by Jen McIntosh


Hunted. Hidden. Scattered. But the old bloodlines hold true. And now is the time of the Rising. It’s been a hundred years since the Shade King orchestrated the Fall of the Graced; a century since he tipped the balance in his favour and brought those magically gifted warriors to their knees. But now a new power is rising and even the faintest ember, buried amongst ash and ruin, can reignite the flames of war. Renila remembers nothing of her life before the birth of her son, save the old stories she knows by heart. But when a stranger arrives at the castle she calls home, her past begins to resurface – and with it, her power. Enslaved by his master’s dark magic, the Shade King’s general, Alexan, has been dispatched to hunt down the King’s daughter – and either return her to her father, or kill her. His history with the Princess makes him well suited to the task, but it may also be his undoing. Keriath, bastard daughter of the Shade King, has been hunted her entire life and, since she was old enough to wield the power in her veins, has dedicated herself to destroying the monster who claims to have sired her. But the events of a single night may change her fate forever. The twins, Lucan and Suriya, are plagued by nightmares – by visions of myth and monsters – for which their mysterious yet domineering mother blames Renila and her stories. But there is something she is not telling them, and they are determined to find out what. This enthralling and immersive epic fantasy story is the first in The Rising Series, and Jen McIntosh’s debut novel.

Ringlander: The Path and the Way

Ringlander: The Path and the Way by Michael S. Jackson


The first book in the Ringlander Series: a fast-paced, epic fantasy adventure full of games, grit and magic. Holes between worlds are tearing through Rengas. Firestorms are raging as multiple realities battle for control of the elements. Even the Way, the turbulent channel that separates Nord, Határ and Kemen, the lifeblood of the city of Tyr, has turned. Kyira’s search for her missing brother draws her away from the familiar frozen lines of Nord and south into the chaotic streets of Tyr where games are played & battles fought. As reality tears Kyira must choose between her family or her path before the worlds catch up with her.

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