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The Chaos Job

The Chaos Job by T.M. Baumgartner


Far from civilization and only partially terraformed, the colony of Jackpot Drift struggles to survive. Silver Tailingstown hides the forbidden chaos god within her by keeping to her hilltop farm. When her damaged AI begins herding sheep into a symbol, she scrambles to disperse the beasts before anyone notices chaos has infected the area. But more gods than chaos play in this colony. Come along on this extraordinary adventure of gods, AIs, nanobots, and genetically engineered sheep. Welcome to Jackpot Drift!

All Gremlins Great & Small

All Gremlins Great & Small by T. M. Baumgartner

Four years ago, Nessa’s careful life imploded when her husband disappeared during the first portal storm. Shimmering gateways to thousands of worlds appeared and vanished, sweeping away the unlucky. Later, the portals settled, but only a suicidal risk-taker would willingly touch one. Nessa rebuilt her life and her veterinary practice, now specializing in xenotics — the creatures that resulted from evolutionary paths on other worlds. But she still leaves supplies along the route Mark was traveling, in case he makes his way back. Hiking with a stranger to restock aid stations, Nessa realizes the portals have changed again. And this time she is the one in danger. Dive into the beginning of a dazzling science fantasy adventure with All Gremlins Great & Small, the novella that starts The Portal Storms.

Shift Happens

Shift Happens by T.M. Baumgartner


Everyone has an alternate form. Lucky people never shift into it. For everyone else, there’s the Magical Probation Department. MPD Officer Angela Jones has spent her entire career helping shifters get back into their human forms and ensuring they can manage their magical powers. Her methods are a little unconventional, but she’s built a strong community of people who help each other. A far cry from her coworkers who would rather emulate the tough guy hero of “Shift Enforcers,” protecting the world from shifters at any cost and grabbing all the glory along the way. Angela has mostly resigned herself to never being promoted again. But a new source of magic downtown is causing havoc. She can’t convince her boss to look into it…until a fire-breathing dragon appears. Now Angela is being shut out of the case of a lifetime, and the city she protects is in danger of being destroyed. When shift happens, Angela must step up…even if it means risking her own life to safeguard others.

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