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Oath of Blood by Karim Soliman

Masolon is determined to prove himself worthy of being the coming Chief of the most powerful clan in Ogono. Unfortunately, the young heir faces one of the hardest times Ogono has ever witnessed. As the unstoppable wrath of the Light reduces Ogono to scorched, cursed grounds, men turn into beasts, and mercy becomes a sin. If Masolon wants to rule his people one day, he has to show everybody he is one of them. A beast.

Army of the Cursed by Karim Soliman

Everybody knew the Cursed were coming. Nobody knew how to defeat them. The Goranians thought they were ready to face demons in battle. But when the foretold War of the Last Day begins, one fact becomes clear: the doom of mankind is just a matter of time. Now its fate rests in the hands of a hapless trio. A mage’s apprentice who relies on her wits rather than magic. A princess who seeks the ultimate weapon against demons, but first, she has to survive the turmoil of civil war. And a warrior whose swordplay could prove more useful against a threat graver than the bandits infesting his village. Can the three unite and put aside their differences before it is too late? The entire human race is already on the brink of extinction. ARMY OF THE CURSED is a thrilling read for epic fantasy fans. Brace for a tale of magic, betrayals, and fear of the unknown, and lose yourself in the world of Gorania.

The Warrior's Path: An Epic Fantasy Adventure (Tales of Gorania Book 1) by Karim Soliman

#1 Bestseller in Arthurian Fantasy (Amazon UK & Amazon Canada) #1 Bestseller in Dark Fantasy (Amazon Australia) #1 Bestseller in Sword & Sorcery Fantasy eBooks (Amazon Canada) Blood is his sin. Blood will be his redemption. Forced to slay his father to prevent a massacre, Masolon and his name will be cursed until the end of days. To escape the shame of kinslaying and the justice of his clansmen, the young warrior braves the haunted desert to reach the fabled lands of Gorania. A journey he survives with his body, but not with his mind. Tormented by the guilt of his sin, Masolon seeks redemption through the war he wages against the armed gangs that infest every corner of his new home. But Masolon has to be careful; the war he has started might grow bigger than he can handle. The lords of Gorania do not take vigilantes so lightly. Now enemies and false friends close in from all sides. And Masolon, betrayed and outnumbered, must win one decisive battle to earn the peace he has been pursuing. But in the brutal world of Gorania, peace could just be a delusion. Masolon's path to redemption could be a lie after all. THE WARRIOR'S PATH is the first book in Tales of Gorania: a series for epic fantasy fans who are ready to immerse themselves in a world of flawed heroes and false legends, a world of political games and battles to the death.

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