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Hack, Slash & Burn

Hack, Slash & Burn by Todd Herzman


This is a completed trilogy. The orc apocalypse has arrived. In the small village of Berring, Calder runs the Broken Mug tavern. He was a gifted swordsman, and would have been a war hero if only his side had won. His injured leg tells him his days of fighting are over. When a Dark Portal opens in his village’s main square and orcs stream through it, slaughtering his neighbours and setting everything on fire, it brings with it a second chance. A Soldier of Light appears and grants Calder a Weapon Stone, so he can help fight against the forces of Darkness. His leg is healed. His body pulses with superhuman strength. And he’ll do anything to protect his people. Hack, Slash & Burn is a medieval LitRPG fantasy series with portals to other worlds, different classes, stats, levels and spells.

Oathbound (Surgecaller Book 1)

Oathbound (Surgecaller Book 1) by Todd Herzman


How do you kill an Immortal? Huon is weak. A surgecaller who escaped into the wilds, his only goal was to survive. Now he is Oathbound, forced to fight in an arena, forced to become stronger than he’d thought possible. As he realises he can become strong, the need for revenge fills his heart, and a new goal forms in his mind. But his goal is impossible: kill the dragon rider, the Immortal of Fire. To succeed, he’ll have to do more than just survive—he’ll have to advance beyond anything the realm has ever seen. In the spirit of progression fantasies like Cradle and Mage Errant, enter a realm with magical beasts, where surgecallers can cultivate essence to strengthen their weapons, enhance their bodies and wield elemental magic.

A Dark Inheritance (Hollow Fate #1)

A Dark Inheritance (Hollow Fate #1) by Todd Herzman


It’s a dark path to power. When Ruben is bound by magic and hauled across the sea to where the God King reigns, he has only one goal: escape. As he tries to resist his master’s pull, he discovers a secret—the reason he was taken from his family—Ruben is a mage. On his journey to understand his power, his desire to become stronger takes him to dark places, driving him to do even darker things. If he can gain his freedom, will he be able to return to the life he once knew, after what he’s become? SPFBO 2020 Semi-Finalist!

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