Spectacular Silver Earthling by Mara Lynn Johnstone

Indie Ink Awards 2022 Nominee: Writing the Future We Need: LGBTQ+ Representation
Indie Ink Awards 2022 Nominee: Best Interior Illustrator
Indie Ink Awards 2022 Nominee: Wiliest Character
Indie Ink Awards 2022 Nominee: Funniest
Indie Ink Awards 2022 Nominee: Wittiest Character
Indie Ink Awards 2022 Nominee: Best Setting
Indie Ink Awards 2022 Nominee: Best Book Cover & Cover Artist

Hubcap used to be a rescue bot, getting humans out of every boneheaded scrape imaginable. His new career as a TV star suits him better: he can poke fun at the humans instead, while harvesting jetpods and tackling alien predators faster than any of them. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also immune to the mysterious “space frenzy” that keeps sending his coworkers into a froth. The robot worries for his human friends, though he would never admit it. Not when it’s much more fun to deploy weapons-grade sass. The pressure ratchets up when a rival show aims to steal their sponsor. Hubcap has to film his most spectacular footage yet, while avoiding dangerous wildlife, plantlife, and emotions. But if anyone is up to the task, it’s the robot with skills second to none, and an ego to match.

AdultScience Fiction/First ContactScience Fiction/ExplorationScience FictionScience Fiction/Space OperaScience Fiction/Comic and Light SF

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📖 VanessaK

Worldbuilding: Aided the story
Plot: Straightforward
Characters: Roles are clear
Storytelling: Descriptive
Immersion: Didn’t want to put the book down
Emotional Response: Strong emotions
Thought Provoking: Did some research after reading
Cover: Matches the story well
Content Warnings: PG

Funnier than "Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy."

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