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The Wrong Stop

The Wrong Stop by Rex Burke

Ready for an adventure that’s out of this world? Hutch has it all planned. College is out – backpacks ready for a summer train trip around the famous sights of Europe. Sure, it means matching party animal, Sully, drink for drink, and dealing with conspiracy nut, Jed, who’s along for the ride. But it’s nothing that Hutch can’t handle – until they meet a mysterious stranger on the way to Berlin. Faced with an extraordinary truth, they are drawn into a life-changing adventure – one that will have repercussions down the years. Off the rails and on the run, they’re pursued from city to city by shadowy forces. In the end, there’s only one place left for them to go. And one chance to escape. But as ancient secrets are uncovered, the next journey might just be a trip too far. The Wrong Stop is ‘Starman’ meets ‘Paul’ in an irreverent, fast-paced SciFi caper that will keep you guessing until the end.

United Earth 3: Despair & Hope

United Earth 3: Despair & Hope by R.M. Almonte

Despair & Hope is the third part in the United Earth series. With Stevie's demise, the galaxy is on the brink of war. They have made many new friends but have also made a powerful enemy who will stop at nothing till they control the whole galaxy. When you are at your lowest point how do you find the courage and strength to fight for a brighter future?

United Earth 2: Exiled

United Earth 2: Exiled by R. M. Almonte

How do you do something no one else has done before? Exiled is 2nd tale of United Earth. Stevie's dreams come true but they come at a cost. When Stevie and his crew lose everything they work so hard for. Sometimes new chapters, means to burn away the old ones. Now exiled from Earth they must rebuild.

United Earth 1: Rough Beginnings

United Earth 1: Rough Beginnings by R. M. Almonte

Rough Beginnings is 1st tale of United Earth. A young boy who loses his mother. A junkie father whose only emotion is numbness. Guided by some outside force. Stevie must learn his true inner power. Driven to follow his dream, Stevie must go beyond the norms of everyday society. How do you learn to do something no one else has done?

Scratching The Cosmic Conscious

Scratching The Cosmic Conscious by R. M. Almonte

Trevor is a Dominican American born and raised in New York City who has turned over a new leaf and set foot upon the road of spiritual growth. Determined to escape his past and sure that all of the answers are somewhere out there just beyond the next horizon, Trevor’s deepest wishes are seemingly granted when he follows a series of strange dreams bidding him to construct a unique apparatus. Soon Trevor is catapulted on a journey across space and time where new friends and adventures await in lands beyond his wildest imagination. Accompanied by a 4,000-year-old tree being named Sequoyah, Trevor explores the planet Vensra, learning many wondrous things. But will Trevor learn the greatest lesson of all when the road of adventure leads him within to face himself?

The Secrets of Eronis 8

The Secrets of Eronis 8 by Tracey Canole

Leaving the homeworld was easy. Time becoming their enemy is the hard part. The spacecraft, The Aspire, has one mission: reach the new world so its 3,500 passengers can start a new life. When Captain Mitchel Remian awakens from hypersleep to find life support down and the crew maintaining it missing, it's up to him to save what’s left. That Herculean task becomes even more urgent when a hostile alien presence is discovered. Crew are dying, their timelines seized and bled dry with an unnatural violence. They must find a way to treat the ship and stop this malevolence before they get to their target destination or it will spread. The answers hide outside The Aspire's walls, but in the race against time with a life-sucking enemy and a deteriorating spaceship, it will take every bit of cunnin the crew can muster to reclaim their timelines and survive landing on their new homeworld. The Secrets of Eronis 8 is a thrilling adventure, exploring planet colonization and first contact science fiction. It is an odyssey across our galaxy to start a new life in a new colony, but first they must defeat a parasitic time-altering menace.

The Catalyst

The Catalyst by Anttimatti Pennanen

Jon and Gus comes face to face with the legend of an ancient weapon, the Catalyst. Is this mysterious artefact the answer in the fight against the Breathers, a way home, or something else?

Penchant for Darkness

Penchant for Darkness by J. Elizaga

After seven years struggling to conceive, Miles and his wife, Richelle, escape to an island getaway to try one last time. But instead of enjoying paradise, Miles is swept up in an ancient battle between formless demons and beings from another world. When Miles fights a malevolent entity attacking Richelle, secrets are revealed, ones that cross the universe between Earth and planet Kalumegn. Three mysterious beings discover Miles’s dormant extraterrestrial abilities. Calling him an Anomaly, they prepare his body and mind for war, for his destiny is about to be fulfilled. To protect his wife and the child they may have, Miles joins the aliens on Clos Friga, a hell planet of chaos holding their common enemy. Lucifer is more dangerous than the fallen angel of legend, and his sinister fascination with Richelle threatens all Miles holds dear. One man must fight an otherworldly battle…or the war for Earth itself may be lost.

The Collector

The Collector by Stjepan Varesevac Cobets


They were kidnapped. Nobody knows where they are. They all receive instructions to follow the path through the forest. What they discover will come as a true shock. The truth is hidden under a veil of secrets.

First Contact Last Resort

First Contact Last Resort by Singularative Ranch


A team of scientists must prove their surprising discovery or surrender it to conspiracy in this breakout soft sci-fi series exploring the pitfalls and virtues of human nature. In 2033, a rogue experiment in a Berkeley astrophysics professor’s lab leads to discoveries that astound humanity—but have uncertain consequences for the planet. Those uncertainties incite a popular conspiracy theorist to spread apocalyptic doom. The discoveries also stir heretical ideas that provoke a firebrand religious crusader and her acolytes to vilify the leader of the Berkeley lab, a young professor striving to advance her career. While battling to overcome all that often violent backlash, the roller coaster lives of the professor and her colleagues careen into even more chaos when their collaborations with a gutsy biotech entrepreneur, an alt-lifestyle activist, and a divergently-developed child reshape society—in beneficial but also divisive ways. As the intimate stories of this cadre of trailblazers unfold in the face of this changing world, some will be triumphant. Others tragic. The First Contact Last Resort series dramatizes how civilization is revolutionized by a chain of new technologies, scientific discoveries, and social movements. This crisply written saga of raw human experience will make you question our destiny—and our origins.

The Re-Emergence

The Re-Emergence by Alan K Dell


A strange probe from a long-forgotten satellite network appears in the P’hori star system. Its message: a dire warning signalling the return of an ancient mythological evil. Imperator Da’kora Corasar and the crew of the Qesh’kal are sent to determine the probe’s origin, and find that the satellite is not as they had expected. Corasar trusts the satellite’s data, but not everyone aboard agrees. Tensions rise and loyalties are tested as they track down the source of the signal. Thrust into conflict, the crew of the Qesh’kal must chase their foe across the galactic arm and save their home from certain destruction.

Pale Face

Pale Face by W.D. Kilpack III


Honorable Mention: L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future Contest • 2024 International Firebird Book Award Winner An outcast loner survives the impossible. How can he survive becoming the proof that no one can deny? Hector Whitehorse did not belong — not here, not anywhere. Born on a New Mexico reservation, but educated in the white-man’s school, Hector was part of two worlds, but at home in neither. It only got worse when his entrapment went from a feeling to a reality: trapped between Earth and someplace else. Hector’s close encounter nearly cost him his life. The repercussions could make him wish that he had not been so lucky. Pale Face is "pretty darned good. I like it. I love how [Hector] sees the aliens and the white men in the same light. A nice, brutal, ironic twist ... this is good stuff." — Dave Wolverton, International Best-Selling Author Pale Face is "absolutely fascinating! The book gives whole new meaning to the phrase 'pale face.' Pale Face is, in part, sci-fi. But I found it to be so much more. It's a deep-diving character study of Hector that borders on Navajo mysticism. Kilpack's writing style was mesmerizing in the depth to which he presented Hector." — Jeff Bailey, author of Not On My Watch Pale Face is "a clever story! Well written ... juicy lines such as – 'he turned his attention upward toward the stars. It was cool, the breeze barely rustling the sparse grass, but still managing to carry along the aromatic scent of sage.' Loved the settings, well crafted characters, nicely plotted. Leaned on the metaphysical to add intrigue. A lot of research went into this story. Enjoyed the originality!" — Vine Voice, Pale Face is a "masterful blending of fiction with historical and contemporary issues. Vivid characters and scenes play out in this intriguing and suspenseful story. Multiple characters come to life and evoke sympathy, empathy, admiration and disdain as we come to know them. Interracial, social and quasi legal issues are intertwined. Overall a suspenseful, perfectly paced, thought provoking story you will not want to put down until the end, which will catch you off guard." — Will Davis, author of Artificial Intelligence "Pale Face pulled me in immediately. I loved the descriptive writing and the original plot. Hector grew up on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico, where UFO sitings are common, although not readily believed. But his experience changes his life in ways one wouldn't imagine. I enjoyed the fast pace and believable struggle as he deals with trying to make sense of his life-changing experience. Close encounters of an original kind!" — V.J. Garske, author of The Raven Moonstone Pale Face is "a fast-paced combo of sci-fi, intrigue, mysticism, conspiracy thriller, and inevitable romance. The author's writing is addictive and richly layered. Highly recommended!" — Jack King, author of Beyond Blood

Medusa Falling (Cosmic Shores #1; Amaranthe #20)

Medusa Falling (Cosmic Shores #1; Amaranthe #20) by G.S. Jennsen

SPSFC 2023

* A stand-alone adventure set in the Amaranthe universe * “Can I ask where we’re going?” “Someplace safe…as safe as anywhere on this broken, fallen world can be.” A first contact encounter isn't supposed to kick off with a dead body. Ambassador Marlee Marano has been dispatched to Belarria as part of a Concord initiative to meet new species and build alliances. But when an assassin murders her counterpart in front of her eyes and takes her hostage, she is plunged into an alien world on the brink of collapse. With no way to contact Concord or get offworld, Marlee’s only allies may be a shadowy band of rebels with a questionable agenda steeped in government conspiracies, mysterious genetic experiments and bloody historical grievances that threaten to boil over. The rightness of their cause is the least of her concerns, though, for she finds herself wanted for murder and hunted by all sides. Medusa Falling is a heart-pumping sci-fi adventure that will take you on a roller-coaster ride of twists and turns as Marlee races to uncover the secrets and lies of a captivating but deadly alien culture and find a way home.

Orbem Novis

Orbem Novis by Richard Hanners

SPSFC 2023

Three centuries after the Orbem Novis colonists told off-Earth financiers who backed their voyage to stay away from their new home on a distant planet or face death, the Farside Corporation receives an unusual request. Two top-drawer agents are hired to locate the last descendants on Earth of the colonists’ leader and bring them to Orbem Novis. The mission, however, keeps changing as the agents travel 50 light-years to a new world teeming with strange life forms. When civil war breaks out among the colonists, the agents learn they are pawns not of the Farside Corporation but a more powerful force – an artificial intelligence that links their universe to another and the long lost mining ship Anaconda.

Eclipsing the Aurora (Consensus Universe #1)

Eclipsing the Aurora (Consensus Universe #1) by Peter J. Foote

SPSFC 2023

When Nigel gets chucked off a dam, he thinks his time is up. Vivian – an alien from an ancient race that uses Earth’s deep oceans as a retirement home – rescues him and convinces him to join the Consensus. Now all he has to do is give up his life on Earth. But he can’t abandon his birth planet when he learns that the Menace plans to attack. To stop the apocalypse, he must find his high school crush, rescue the daughter he never knew he had, and make the case to the Consensus that humanity is worth saving. It would be a lot easier if he didn’t have amnesia. If you like found family, unlikely heroes, and unique alien technology, you’ll love Eclipsing the Aurora, the latest sci-fi adventure from author Peter J. Foote. Content warning: Historic drug use and sexual assault of an adult are mentioned and/or implied within this story. Child endangerment (kidnapping) is featured.

Hostile Contact (Weapons of Choice Book 1)

Hostile Contact (Weapons of Choice Book 1) by Nick Snape

SPSFC 2023

When faced with hostile aliens, do you stand down? Or stand by your fellow soldiers? An alien incursion pits a squad of army reserves against the might of alien technology as Military Sci-Fi meets First Contact. The modern-day world panics as alien spacecraft enter the Earth’s atmosphere for the very first time. With desperate governments helpless to act, the small alien force renders Earth’s defence technology ineffective as they race towards their goal. Insubordinate and on the edge, Finn is a War Hero racked by guilt, faced with dragging his rag tag squad of rookies through basic training. Suddenly caught up in a major global crisis, he faces a struggle of epic proportions as his squad are attacked by the alien marines, their advanced technology decimating the best Earth has to offer. Only Zuri, the strong-willed female machine gunner, and Smith, his dead but digitally copied Corporal, can keep him on track, as together they struggle to keep their trainees alive in the face of overwhelming odds. As governments circle, the prize of alien technology breeding greed and uncertainty, Finn and his remaining squad battle for Earth’s future. In this near real-time fight for survival, they discover the aliens are more than they seem, and that alien technology can be just as deadly in the hands of humans as they unearth the Weapons of Choice. An all action, brilliantly paced, and character driven sci-fi novel, Hostile Contact: Book One of the Weapons of Choice sci-fi series, will take you from the forests of Earth to the space between the stars. ‘This is a moment in time humanity will never forget. Hostile Contact’

Kizuna: Or How To Lose a Spaceship and Still Go Places

Kizuna: Or How To Lose a Spaceship and Still Go Places by Jamie Watt

SPSFC 2023

Enoch is a down-on-his-luck salvage pilot who is trapped in his job, wants to go home but has nothing to go home to, and no way of affording it anyway since his best friend left him for a masseuse job on Mars. Since he'll be spending all his time in the lonely depths of space, he picks up a cheap interface for his AI so he has to someone to talk to, and on their voyage, they are kidnapped by pirates, meet a famous engineer lost in time, chase a mysterious (possibly alien) ship, and end up in the crosshairs of Earth’s monolithic, bureaucratic, and almost sociopathically uncaring System Navy.

Minimum Safe Distance

Minimum Safe Distance by X. Ho Yen

SPSFC 2023

First contact was nothing like we imagined.Can the aliens save Earth? Should they?With the Earth teetering on recovery from humanity's 21st century mistakes, two highly advanced aliens observing from the Moon are suddenly on opposite sides of an ethical battle over a dire cosmic threat. As governments seek to destroy them, the aliens wrestle and scheme, entangling all of humanity as they influence and empower specific humans to achieve their contrary objectives. Among them are a brilliant AI expert who has channeled her autism in the service of science, and a violent, anti-secular zealot who hates everything she stands for. Drawn into the conflict, Laurence and Matt must reach minimum safe distance from human nature itself – their own, the rest of humanity’s, and of the former-human, techno-demon ‘monstas’. Chased into the ruins of the US, they struggle to distill the meaning of personhood, discover the value of their own lives, and in so doing decide the fate of the solar system.

The distant stars are my only friends

The distant stars are my only friends by Stephan George

SPSFC 2023

The fate of two planets depends on Arax. His species can project their minds into hosts on distant worlds, and Arax has seen unique places and witnessed fascinating events. But all that changes when a far-reaching conspiracy and brewing revolution on his world threatens not only the life of Taia, his host, but also the society on her planet. Arax’s connection with Taia is stronger than anything he has ever experienced, and he’ll do whatever he can to ensure the safety of her and her world, even though he is up against impossible odds.

The Dragon Eater (The Tharassas Cycle Book 1)

The Dragon Eater (The Tharassas Cycle Book 1) by J. Scott Coatsworth

SPSFC 2023

Raven’s a thief who just swallowed a dragon. A small one, sure, but now his arms are growing scales, the local wildlife is acting up, and his snarky AI familiar is no help whatsoever. Raven's best friend Aik is a guardsman carrying a torch for the thief. A pickpocket and a guard? Never going to happen. And Aik's ex-fiancé Silya, an initiate priestess in the midst of a magical crisis, hates Raven with the heat of a thousand suns. This unlikely team must work together to face strange beasts, alien artifacts, and a world-altering threat. If they don’t figure out what to do soon, it might just be the end of everything. Things are about to get messy.

Richard: Distant Son

Richard: Distant Son by Michael W Hickman

SPSFC 2023

Richard is an average fifteen-year-old from the hills of Ohio whose biggest concerns are studying for tests and asking Becky out next Saturday. Everything changes one day when, while lying on the sofa in his parents’ basement, he hears someone whisper, I am your gift. A moment later, the sofa shoots straight up into the air, passing like a ghost through the house and then soaring into space. The sofa doesn’t stop until it reaches the moon. There he meets AAL, an artificial life form, who reveals a shocking Richard is the rightful heir to a kingdom spanning the Milky Way galaxy. With AAL’s help, Richard will travel to the distant planet of Krel, the kingdom’s capital, to claim his throne. Along the way, he will encounter wondrous creatures that he once thought centaurs, satyrs, pure white pegasuses, and many others. But powerful forces are already gathering against him, and after centuries without a ruler, many in the kingdom are not ready to accept a boy from a backwater planet as their king. It will take every ounce of strength Richard has, along with help from some unlikely allies, for him to seize his destiny.

Crazy Foolish Robots

Crazy Foolish Robots by Adeena Mignogna

SPSFC 2023

What would you do if you were kidnapped by alien robots? Ruby Palmer finds herself on an entire planet surrounded by the things she hates the most: robots. Besides taking everything she says way too literally, the robots have problems of their own. A myriad of technical glitches are, on the cosmological scale, quickly destroying them. Ruby has the programming knowledge and skills that matter to them, but can she overcome her fears and find it within herself to help? Her survival, along with the survival of all of humanity and robot kind, depends on it. If you adore all the charming and delightful robots in sci-fi from R2D2 to Wall-E to Bender to Marvin to Johnny 5, you'll love The Robot Galaxy Series!

Children of the Black (Silver Sights Saga, #1)

Children of the Black (Silver Sights Saga, #1) by W.J. Long III

SPSFC 2023

Humanity has survived. On the far end of the universe, with Earth little more than a faded memory, they thrive on worlds where once they were enslaved. In the millennia since, these persistent beings built new societies, but when the two greatest nations among them met for the first time, there was war. The all-consuming conflict bent the wills and morals of both powers beyond recognition, leading to levels of experimentation and cruelty once thought impossible. Yet, in a universe drowned in blood, an opportunity for peace is seized. In the uncertain aftermath of the truce, a broken soldier haunted by the horrors of the war and the lost psionic girl he once risked his life to save scratch out a life in the dusty streets of Minerva City. Meanwhile, from worlds beyond, shadows from their past descend to offer a different path. In exchange, the two must find a powerful secret once thought capable of bringing solace to a desperate wartorn universe, but in this time of uneasy peace, it holds a more destructive power. Uniquely qualified and entirely in over their heads, they put their lives on the line to embark on a harrowing adventure and discover not only answers to their broken pasts but a taste of perils lurking in the Black.


309 by Michael Shotter

SPSFC 2023

Meet Lisa Hudson, a dedicated journalism student, on a beautiful, spring morning in Pittsburgh that proves to be the last ordinary day of her life. As she struggles to survive in a new reality, forged from catastrophe, Lisa confronts its mysteries and dangers with the aid of intriguing and unlikely companions. For her, the world will never be the same. For you, the journey is just beginning. Michael Shotter is a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a lover of science, fiction, and fantasy, his works aim to push beyond the boundaries of traditional genre fiction into new and exciting realms born from literary craftsmanship. "309" represents his most ambitious effort to date and is sure to thrill fans of both science fiction and high adventure.


Breached by Lawrence West

Outpost 9106 was a space transport station at the far end of the galaxy. The small crew enjoyed the quiet, secluded, and easy money for the five year stay. Candace, Travis, and the rest of the crew had 15 minutes remaining. They were going to go home. Retire. See the beach. Then an unknown monster destroyed their way home. Now Travis and Candace must choose between saving themselves or saving those back home. Travis believes he must save them both, but Candace has other plans.

A Glimmer Of Silver

A Glimmer Of Silver by Juliet Kemp

Chipped Cup

“A Glimmer Of Silver, from @booksmugglers, is bloody brilliant. A really interesting, well told, fascinating piece of ecological fiction. Plus, one pronoun for all, and it's xe!” — D Franklin "a warm and delightful SF YA novella - it reminds me in the best way of what it might be like if Robin McKinley wrote science fiction." — Stephanie Burgis "A Glimmer of Silver reminds us that, sometimes, the most potent barriers exist not between species, but between ourselves. But in its insistence that these barriers are not insurmountable, it speaks to the possibilities—and the hopes—of translation and coexistence, at the meeting points of sentience." ‐ Gautum Bhatia, Strange Horizons

Visions of Iotan

Visions of Iotan by Jaimie N. Schock

When Cillian’s daughter accidentally poisons a bison-sized alien child, he goes to prison. But intervention by another alien sends him and his family on a journey to a nearby solar system. Along with a group of humans and aliens, he investigates a planet with glee, but soon enough, all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile, Cillian meets a priest named Father Whalen who helps guide him on a path to faith. Whalen is helpful ... at first. Shortly after the mission begins, he becomes obsessed with Cillian and will stop at nothing to have him. Will Cillian shake off Father Whalen’s advances? And, more importantly, will anyone survive the ill-fated trip to a new planet?


Exolegacy by Andr Moș

SPSFC 2023

Fifty years ago the manisae claimed Earth’s red neighbor as their new home. Since then, humanity has fostered a suspicious and fragile relationship with them. Now, Earth’s first ambassador has just passed away, survived only by his three estranged children. Their inheritance: his memories, divided between the three of them. Will they be able to follow the hints that their father has woven into his memories to uncover the truth of his work, the lie of their neighbors, and their mother’s death a decade before? Both Humanity and the Manisae must come to terms to understand a legacy that is larger than either civilization.

Jane Bond

Jane Bond by V.R. Tapscott

Bacon! Chocolate Cake! Romance! Space Aliens! Day of the Week Undies! Butt stuck full of cactus needles! Fun PG-rated SciFi! Yes, Jane has it all. Jane dug up a spaceship buried for millions of years. All it needs is a little TLC. More or less. So now, she’s running all over the world looking for spaceship parts, falling in and out of love and trying to keep her friends from thinking she’s crazy. To make matters worse, the ship she’s recovering is starting to sound a lot more like the Death Star than the Millennium Falcon. When did life get so complicated?

Evening of the Mutated Undead

Evening of the Mutated Undead by E. Reyes

First, it was the UFO sightings. Then the monsoon began. And then residents of a shady neighborhood got what they never expected… Mutated zombies. Evening of the Mutated Undead is a heart-pounding survival horror novella centered around Jeff, a small-time drug dealer in Arizona. Chaos ensues on a seemingly ordinary evening as a horrifying zombie outbreak strikes during a relentless monsoon. To Jeff's horror, these undead creatures don't just eat their victims but mutate their bodies, leading to a gruesome blend of unworldly mutation and decomposition

Small Town Problems

Small Town Problems by Chris Ritchey

Comfortable in his simple rural life, widower Robert Potter never put much stock in Old Jim's moonshine-fueled conspiracy theories. But after he finds Har'elday, the lone survivor of a crashed spaceship, he begins to wonder if the Loch Ness Monster has relocated to Eufaula Lake. Much to Robert's dismay, the wandering eye of the federal government is casting a questioning gaze on his small farm town as well. Caught between relentless federal agents and the found family harboring him, Har'elday's freedom depends on the ingenuity of his new friends. A Sci-Fi novella, Small Town Problems is the first book in a three-part series that explores the impact a lone survivor from an advanced alien civilization can have on a sleepy farm town in the middle of Oklahoma. Robert Potter gifts us with his insights as we traverse this world-shattering event through his eyes. A close group of friends helps Har'elday adjust to his new life as he finds solace in the comfort of a hard day's work on the farm. But, how long can such peace last? In what has been called a throwback to the golden age of science fiction, you can expect to find the heartwarming feeling of a found family, the awkwardness of a budding romance, and genuine and funny characters. We also explore the toll of loss and hardships that are compounded by the advances of a threat looming on the horizon.

Those Who Resist

Those Who Resist by N. C. Scrimgeour

We are all Idran-Var. We are those who resist. A dark shadow has fallen across the galaxy. The curators—a hive mind made from the memories of countless past civilisations—have finally returned, ready to finish the experiment they started millions of years ago. A splintered resistance with a desperate plan is all that stands in the way of utter annihilation. As Alvera Renata and her old crew join forces with former enemies and unlikely allies, all eyes turn to the Omega Gate—a twisted contraption formed of the mysterious waystations. Destroying it might give them a fighting chance against the curators—if they don’t destroy each other first. To have any hope of succeeding, Alvera and her new alliance will have to overcome old wounds and fresh losses to gather the forces of the galaxy for a final stand. But even in the face of extinction, every disparate faction still has their own agenda, and bringing them together might be more trouble than it’s worth. As star systems fall and the curators close in, trust hangs by a single thread. Only one truth binds them together now: if they don’t stand united, the galaxy will be lost to all of them.

Of Mycelium and Men

Of Mycelium and Men by William C. Tracy

SPSFC 2022 SPSFC 2023

The generational fleet planned to make landfall after eighty years, but eleven planets and four centuries later, they still had not found a home. Finally, they landed on Lida, but something already lives there, and it's big. Agetha and her husband have spent their whole lives in the fleet’s zero-G. Now all is turmoil as the fleet lands, discovering they are surrounded by a single fungal biomass spanning the entire planet. To build a new home, the fleet must confront a dangerous organism, and Agetha must decide if she can raise a family in this inhospitable landscape. Jane Brighton holds tenuous command over the colony and its administrators. She and the other gene-modded leaders emerged from their four-hundred-year suspended animation to find a crew much different to the one that departed Old Earth. Jane must direct the colony’s fragile growth, and defend it against being overrun by the fast-growing biomass. But there is something none of the colonists know. The massive organism that spans the planet is not simply a fungal mass, nor even a chimerical combination of species that once roamed the planet. The biomass has desires and goals, and one is to know these strange beings carving out a home in its midst.

Time to Play: Apocalypse Parenting #1

Time to Play: Apocalypse Parenting #1 by Erin Ampersand

SPSFC 2022 SPSFC 2023

A few minutes ago, Meghan Moretti's biggest concern was getting the kids' athletic clothes washed in time for practice this evening. Now, it seems that Earth has been forced into participating in some high-stakes intergalactic reality television. All electrical wiring has been slagged, and most combustibles neutralized. Some kind of evil space rodents are appearing on the front lawn, too. Like any parent, Meghan's first instinct is to keep her young kids safely away from the monsters, but an odd stroke of luck has her coming into some advanced information about this dangerous game. She learns that her kids will have to fight too. What's a mom to do? --- The beginning of an apocalyptic LitRPG saga.

Gotham Kitty

Gotham Kitty by Ann Greyson

SPSFC 2022

For many years the curse of the Evil Shadowy Figure is plaguing the Chagga. Prophecy has it that the day an extraterrestrial falls from the sky, the tribe will have a chance to perform a ritual to end the curse. DECEMBER 2010. In a far-off galaxy, a Brozian cargo ship, with a female Catusapien aboard, slips into a wormhole and spits out into the Milky Way Galaxy. The Catusapien escapes her cell and flees the ship in an escape pod. Allison Banes, who is in Tanzania working on a PhD in zoology, is in Arusha National Park and sees the Brozian spaceship explode and crash land. She finds the Catusapien sleeping by the escape pod and takes the alien to her house for observation. When Allison Banes falls victim to the Evil Shadowy Figure, the alien retreats to the forest surrounding Lake Duluti. After spearfishing on Christmas Eve, Cassidy Mkama, an 11-year-old African girl, sees the alien and tells her friend Laila Diwani, a Chagga member who tells the tribe’s Paramount Chief, Anton Naruma. The chance to end the supernatural curse on the Chagga is at hand. And a lifelong friendship between Cassidy and the alien, whom she soon will name Gotham Kitty, is just beginning.


Redshift by R.M. Olson

SPSFC 2022

It appears out of nowhere—one moment the sky is empty, the next, there’s a rent in the fabric of space itself. And nothing in the system will ever be the same. In the far reaches of the Rim Mountains, itinerant field-scientist Aran Romeu is searching desperately for the cure to an incurable disease—one that’s slowly killing his best friend. He’s sworn to do whatever it takes to find it. But when the portal opens, and something comes through, he realizes that ‘whatever it takes’ will involve travelling into the uncharted space beyond the portal. And he’s not the only one after the cure, and willing to do whatever it takes to get to it first … In the weighty halls of government, Chief Justice Alba Espina is preparing a political gamble that could change the shape of the system itself. The appearance of the portal shatters her carefully-laid plans and hands her political rival a weapon he could use destroy her—unless she can delay him with the promise of a diplomatic mission through the portal. But the stakes of the mission are higher than just her personal ambition. If her diplomatic mission doesn’t succeed, it might just spell the end of humanity itself. In a remote spaceport, Savina Moya, the system's most talented assassin-for-hire, is on the run again after her latest murder. But when a deadly government agent is sent after her, with instructions to bring her back dead or alive, the diplomatic mission heading into the portal may hold the key to Savina’s survival—if she’s brave enough, or desperate enough, to take it. No one knows what’s beyond the portal. And as the three of them are drawn inexorably together in uncharted space, with no idea who is an ally and who is an enemy—it’s an open question if any of them will live long enough to find out.

Felan's Rescue

Felan's Rescue by Mark Raines

SPSFC 2022 SPSFC 2023

What if the video game Civilization was real? Bestlethrone is attacked and doomed to fall. Now Prince Felan must flee, leaving his family behind in a desperate attempt to save his father’s kingdom against known forces and the influence of the gods who may be moving against them. All his family built over centuries hangs in the balance, as Felan fights against invaders, betrayal and the 'gods' who are really humans, now a galaxy spanning civilization, interfering with Felan's species as a game. Unbeknownst to Felan his fate is intertwined with Sandra Ferrara, a 13-year-old girl growing up in the space colony located above his planet and retired General Dash Cricken, a veteran of the Galaxy Wars. Though Felan is oblivious to their existence, what they do could change Felan’s fate and the fate of everyone on his planet. Felan’s Rescue blends medieval fantasy into a sprawling space opera set immediately after years of intergalactic war, taking the reader to a galaxy spanning civilization, populated by alien races, trying to recover from the devastation of the last thousand years of war.

The Ceph - Reborn

The Ceph - Reborn by Matthew Poehler

SPSFC 2022 SPSFC 2023

The Ceph Civilization seeded the galaxy's planets with life throughout history. Most of the results were good, some were exceptional. After a billion years of careful tending, one world's ecosystem grew to rival even that of Home. A blue-green jewel in the deeps of the galactic ocean. The Call went out "This world is ready." Two of the great World-Ships arrived from the Civilization sixty-five million years ago to deliver the Ceph to their new Colony. Tens of thousands disembarked to start the serious business of taming monsters and starting families. They were gone a thousand years when the asteroid struck. The surface of the planet was seared and shattered. Survivors of the Colony adapted to any safety the broken planet’s oceans would offer. They lost the ability to walk the land and breathe the air. Nothing sleeps forever. The Ceph on Earth are Reborn, and they have called for help.


ALIEN EXIT by Geoff Nelder

SPSFC 2022

Alien Exit is driven by a female astronaut, a palaeolithic mongrel, Glastonbury chaos, steamy sex in space, a journalist and a mad general. All to overcome time-quakes created when aliens depart Earth. Hopes rely on a female space pilot who needs to invent a new way of communicating with the aliens after all conventional methods fail.

Falling Dark

Falling Dark by Tom Lloyd

SPSFC 2022

It’s the find of a lifetime – an ancient alien spaceship hanging in a forgotten corner of space. For Song this could change everything. She’s got as many problems with her finances as she does in her marriage, but maybe at last her passion for wreck-diving will pay off. One piece of unknown tech could set her whole crew up for life. The ship conforms to nothing in their records and dwarfs the largest human vessels. Battle-scarred and old before humanity ever reached the stars, it’s a mausoleum of an unknown, long-dead species. And it’s just winked at her.

Black Table

Black Table by Anttimatti Pennanen

SPSFC 2022

Jon and Gus, science fiction fans from Finland with a penchant for fist bumping and pop culture references, travel to the Portland Comic Con where tragedy strikes. Their hero, Dr Wells, suffers a heart attack. With his dying breath, the doctor exhorts Jon to “find the …” as he pushes a book into Jon’s hands. Following clues inscribed in the book, Jon and Gus discover an alien structure with a mysterious Black Table which they accidently activate, transporting them to an alien world. Jumping from world to world via the Black Table galactic transportation network, Jon and Gus embark on the adventure of a lifetime where they encounter monsters, alien tech, giant vessels made of water and make new friends. But those friends are facing an unstoppable and mindless enemy. An enemy that is destroying the galaxy, and Earth is next in its path. Can two fans from Finland save the day? Black Table is a rollicking yarn of two likeable, wise-cracking friends who like nothing better than pranking each other. That is, except when they are not doing something more serious, like saving the universe. JOIN THE FIGHT, JOIN THE BLACK TABLE NETWORK!

The Other

The Other by Marilyn Peake

SPSFC 2022 SPSFC 2023

Gold Award, Fantasy / Science Fiction category, eLit Book Awards. Fear can blind you to the truth. The news is ominous and terrifying. People are seeing UFOs and strange, alien-looking creatures with humanoid shapes, green skin and large black eyes. In places where this occurs, doctors report the spread of a mysterious virus that scrambles people’s thoughts and causes hallucinations. Many experts believe the virus came from the aliens. The pathogen has not yet been identified; there is no cure. Psychology professor Dr. Cora Frost has a different theory: the bizarre symptoms are nothing more than mass hysteria, not unlike the hysteria that caused people in our not too distant past to see witches flying through the sky, which justified hanging them or burning them at the stake. Intense stress within societies gives rise to scapegoats. Doing field research within the compound of a cult in Roswell, New Mexico that reveres the exact same kinds of aliens being reported on the news, her entire worldview is shaken and upended. In a shocking series of events, her past and future collide, forever changing her life.

Fermi's Progress

Fermi's Progress by Chris Farnell

SPSFC 2022

“The Fermi is the Earth’s first and last faster-than-light-spaceship. The last, because it turns out its engine vaporises entire star systems in its wake. And nobody knows how to turn it off.” Four planets. Four adventures. Four apocalypses. A Dyson sphere, a philosophical zombie apocalypse, a giant airborne beehive and a galactic telesales scam. Each world brings new wonders, new dangers, and a planetary scale genocide. The Fermi crew must survive by what little wits they have as they bounce a trail of destruction across the galaxy. For the first time all four parts of Fermi’s Progress are together in one volume.

From the Grave of the Gods

From the Grave of the Gods by Alan K. Dell

SPSFC 2022 SPSFC 2023

Strange lights in the sky.
A Red Planet.
A catalyst to change the course of human history. Commander James Fowler is an astronaut and the first officer of the Magnum Opus, the largest spacecraft ever built, on the first crewed expedition to Mars. The mission: to investigate the mysterious extrasolar object that went down on the Red Planet five years ago. James is living the dream: he gets to go to space and be one of the first to set foot on another world, with his girlfriend, Angela, cheering him on at home. Maybe after the mission, when he's returned a hero, he'll find the perfect moment to finally propose. But his dreams shatter as the mission ends in disaster. Returning to a world reeling from the revelation of what they found out there, James works to piece his life back together and come to terms with what happened. But the mission left him changed, and now he must fight to protect everything he holds dear from those who seek advancement at any cost; a process that makes him question his identity, his place in the world, and what it means to be human.

Exin Ex Machina

Exin Ex Machina by G. S. Jennsen

SPSFC 2022

Cyberpunk and space opera collide in a thrilling new trilogy from the author of the acclaimed Aurora Rhapsody saga. When man and machine are one and the same, there are many crimes but only one sin: psyche-wipe. The secrets it has buried could lead to a civilization's salvation, or to its doom. The Asterion Dominion is at peace with its neighbors and itself. Its citizens enjoy great freedoms and all the luxuries their biosynthetic minds can imagine, design and create. But beneath the idyllic veneer, something is going wrong. People are going wrong, driven to commit inexplicable crimes without motive or purpose. And once imprisoned for those crimes, they simply vanish. Psyche-wiped and dumped in an alley 5 years ago, awakened into a culture where ancestral memories stretch back for millennia, Nika Tescarav's past is a blank canvas. But if whoever erased her did so in the hope of silencing her, they should have tried harder. Someone must speak for the lost. Someone must uncover how and why they became lost. Someone must find the lost. Nika is that someone. ASTERION NOIR
700,000 years ago, the Asterions fled persecution for their pro-synthetic beliefs. In the safe harbor of a distant galaxy, they have evolved into a true biosynthetic race and built a thriving society upon the pillars of personal autonomy, mutual respect and boundless innovation. Now that society is fracturing at the seams. Beneath lies built upon lies, the shocking truth as to why threatens the future of not merely the Asterions, but all life in the universe. Enter a world of technological wonders, exotic alien life, enthralling characters, captivating worlds—and a terrifying evil lurking in the void that will shatter it all.

The Veiled Edge of Contact

The Veiled Edge of Contact by James Brayken

SPSFC 2022

A lost tribe, a missing spouse, and an alien interception . . . Okon was comfortable. Then his wife did something inconsiderate: she disappeared. When Okon realizes she left behind a desperate message with instructions for finding her, he’s forced to enter the largest jungle in Africa to follow her trail. But the longer Okon searches for his wife, and the deeper he journeys into the jungle, the more tangled he becomes in an astonishing discovery and the lives of an unlikely group of outsiders. Okon’s comfortable home has never seemed so far away and danger never so close . . . or so strange. Fun, sometimes dark, and relentlessly original—you won’t read another science fiction book like this!

Dangerous Thoughts

Dangerous Thoughts by James L. Steele

SPSFC 2022

Their planet was ripped apart from under their feet. When Deka and Kylac wake up, they discover Archeons are dead, and the portals have closed without warning, leaving hundreds of planets without links to other worlds. Rel’s destruction touched every planet in the contacted universe. Without the portals, entire civilizations hang in the balance, and Deka and Kylac are the only two who can make spacetime spheres. The raptor and the fox travel from world to world, repairing the damage the disaster caused, preventing civilization from collapsing. Floating islands drifting through the toxic atmosphere of a gas giant—offworlders are stranded there, just barely clinging to life. A planet of raised platforms made of growing rock that elevate the people above the flammable algae on the surface—everything is falling apart, and where are the people? A world of giant insects—researchers have gone missing, and they have been injected with mind-altering venom. A planet of salamanders and birdlike reptiles who relied on portals for food—facing starvation, the reptiles revert to hunting the salamanders. What could have destroyed an entire planet? What could have reached across the light years to kill so many Archeons at the same time? Did anyone else survive?

The Massive Planet: The Adventures Of Deep Contact

The Massive Planet: The Adventures Of Deep Contact by Jeff Walker

SPSFC 2022

Captain Christopher Riley and his brave crew of the Earth Core United spaceship, Deep Contact, set out for adventure beyond the solar system. Their mission is to traverse space and discover new worlds for colonization; They represent humanity seeking to expand, explore, and search for alien life in any form. Alone and in the uncharted wilderness of the cosmos, they try to survive and complete the mission on behalf of Earth Core United. Deep Contact almost collides with a massive planet appearing out of nowhere. A Jupiter-like world that popped right into its main flight path. The crew desperately try to figure out a way to break free of its gravity as it pulls them deeper inside. Even though the ship should have been crushed instantly the minute they came into its wake; It falls deeper into the atmosphere’s densely thick clouds, endangering them all to whatever doom awaits. Captain Riley and his crew must race to figure out how to escape this huge world before they crash into its core, but do they have time to solve this riddle? Or will this be their one and only mission of failure?

Escaping First Contact

Escaping First Contact by T.S. Beier

SPSFC 2022

At the far edge of cultivated space, a derelict ship rests. Ten times larger than the biggest Terran dreadnaught, the ship is not recognized by any of the five species tenuously coexisting in the galaxy. Small crews are sent to investigate. What they find is a trap. Once in the metal labyrinth’s clutches, it is clear the unlikely allies will not escape unless they can work together as a team. Unfortunately, trust and cooperation are entirely out of the question. An immersive tale of escape and comradery, Escaping First Contact brings together an unforgettable cast of characters, richly detailed alien cultures, deft humour, and explosive action.

The Emissary: A First Contact Novel

The Emissary: A First Contact Novel by Michael J. Edwards

SPSFC 2022

It wasn't the aliens she had to worry about; it was the humans. A troubled young woman is recruited by a race of ancient alien explorers to be their emissary to save the human race from extinction. The problem is that not everyone believes the world is doomed, and not everyone trusts the aliens’ motives. Holly Burton will have to overcome opposition from world leaders, attacks by religious zealots, assassination attempts, intractable bureaucracies, and her own fears and doubts if she is to save the human race, not just from the coming apocalypse, but from itself. She will have to become a very different person to lead a remnant of humanity into space and become the architect of a new civilization. The question is: Can she use the extraordinary knowledge and abilities given to her without losing her own humanity in the process?

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