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Blood Reunion by JCM Berne

People are dying, their corpses left savaged and drained of blood. The obvious culprit: vampires. But vampires shouldn’t be able to sneak around Wistful undetected or shadowstep freely inside her body. Soon the station herself becomes oddly uncooperative, leaving Rohan and Wei Li bewildered and all her inhabitants in danger. Finding and defeating the killer will require a deep dive into the ancient history of Wistful and of the il’Drach people. Into the connections between the Ursans, the wormholes, and the races that preceded them. Into the dark past of a tormented space station that yearns only for death. Rohan will be forced to fight, and maybe even to kill. He’ll have to face those who bear grudges from his past, the Empire he once served, and his own reluctance to again become the warrior he sometimes needs to be.

Decline (The D-Evolution Book 2) by Sean Allen

Technology has changed the bloody landscape of battle, but all he knows is the blade. Can he claim his warrior’s birthright and still survive? Tyrobus Daelekon would cross the galaxy to be a legendary warrior like his father. So when the grizzled general commits he and his twin brother to a deadly tournament with alien enemies, he’s thrilled to finally seize his destiny. But he fears his sibling’s willingness to break their ancient blood oath could shame their entire family and doom them to ritual execution. Readying his blade for battle, Tyrobus is shocked when an outlaw accuses his brother of theft and murder…and vanishes into thin air. And even if they manage to escape punishment, he has no idea how his sword skills alone can match foreign soldiers with advanced weapons and killer magic. Can Tyrobus prove the power of the old ways before his bloodline dies in disgrace? Decline is the edgy second book in The D-Evolution space opera fantasy series. If you like powerful legacies, richly detailed worlds, and genre-bending action, then you’ll love Sean Allen’s potent tale. Buy Decline to unsheathe the future today!

Deceit (The D-Evolution Book 1) by Sean Allen

* * * RATED MATURE: Language, Violence, Adult Content * * * A galaxy on the edge of crumbling. A human who shouldn't exist. One last chance to save the stars. Colonel Jerrel Abalias is furious with himself. After his best soldier dies at the hands of an assassin, he fears his failure may have cost the Dissension its last hope of winning the ages-long war. But one of his troops recognizes the killer’s ship, and the hard-bitten warrior is determined to hunt it to the ends of the galaxy. Dezmara Strykar is too cunning for her own good. After waking from cryo-sleep to find her race all but extinct and her memories completely wiped, the expert pilot is desperate for a sign she's not the only human left alive. But to fund her near-hopeless search, she turns to smuggling and gains the kind of notoriety that draws dangerous attention. Setting a trap to bring the murderer to justice, Abalias races against time to salvage his people's crumbling hope. And accused of a crime she didn't commit, Dezmara finds herself pursued by an entire army bent on her destruction. Can the gutsy survivor escape an ever-tightening noose, or will the Dissension hang her for a betrayal she knows nothing about? Deceit is the pulse-pounding first book in The D-Evolution space opera fantasy series. If you like electrifying characters, sprawling universes, and gritty thrill rides, then you'll love Sean Allen's chase through the cosmos.

H2LiftShips - Beyond Luna by Bob Freeman

H2LiftShips - Beyond Luna (Volume 1 in the Series) "A Tech Manual for a Future" Imagine a world, exactly like ours, but different A series taking you on the ride of your life: part road trip, part solar sailing. Into a world almost parallel to our own (but not quite.) Soaring through the heliosphere through the asteroid belt on Solar Sail ships, the unlikely crew of the LunaCola finds themselves foraging supplies from Earth and sea and hitting up the casinos around Sol to gamble their bounty hoping to their pot. Their adventures cross paths with everything from pirates, anarchy, poker games to jail time. This is a space adventure unique to its own with characters who are just as out of this realm of reality, entertaining and unforgettable. And after your cruise through the Asteroid belt, Mars, and Luna, settle down on Earth for a party in the desert. They'll bring the Carne Asada burritos and count on you to bring the fun.

Empire Eternal: Point Gamma by Philipp Münzer

The price to conquer Eloir was steep. Korbin lost a friend and patriarch. And to top it all, Jack has left the humans and the Vorrans with a dire warning. The destruction of the Geneassi vessel will have alerted others. But the alien left a location in Korbin's head. Jack had presented him with the directions to the mysterious Shadowruns. Will they find the tech they need to improve their chances? The crater on Eloir's moon is still fresh. Who has noticed the destruction of the alien vessel? They don't know when the Reavers will arrive. But the timeline of Korbin's past is gone. Too much has changed. They won't have thirty more years, of that they are sure. Maybe they have five years. Maybe seven. At least they have Lias and Lindsay, the young scientists. The formidable duo has already surpassed the tech they had created in the past. Who knows what else they can come up with. But Korbin's hope is to purchase something that can turn the tide. The Shadowruns lures with a hidden note from Jack. Bring cash.

Empire Eternal: Eloir by Philipp Münzer

The threat of the war with the Vorrans has been avoided. But the danger of the Reavers still looms on the horizon. Korbin needs to prepare humanity and their Vorran allies. Together with his friends and allies he tries to recreate the advanced magic of the Initiates and bring it to humanity. One promising location lies in his memories: Eloir. The moon in the system was rich witch the magical runestone, the essential material to create the war engines of the Vorrans and humanity. But nobody has ever been to the moon. What dangers lie on Eloir? Will there be enough material to turn the war with the Reavers? There is only one way to find out. The path leads to Eloir. There is only one problem. Nobody has ever been there. The moon is full of runestone, the precious material that allows a mage to awaken his powers. But it's also full of life. What dangers lie ahead? Follow Korbin as the coalition of humans and Vorrans steers to a new future. Every comment is appreciated. Thank you for all the support!

Empire Eternal: Reset by Philipp Münzer

As Korbin stands on the ashes of an Empire, the last battle in the last human world is lost as he fights next to his prince and his friend Lo'Karr. Just as he tries to initiate a magic teleport sequence to flee Britannus, a wave of magical energy hits him and the lights go out. Korbin wakes up in his sixteen-year-old body, his memories lasting back thirty-five years since he last left the Imperial Academy. He faces a serious number of problems. For one, the Empire thinks it's alone in the universe and nothing could be further from the truth. The Vorrans are just around the corner, and Korbin knows that within a week the two races will be at war. And nobody knows that a mage can be much more than a glorified mech suit battery. The Vorrans teach the humans about the Initiations, the technique to advance a mage along the path of Ascension, but the humans never had enough runestone to even contemplate such a thing. But the greatest danger on the horizon are the merciless Reavers. They wiped out the Vorrans. They wiped out the humans. The Reavers are coming! Time is ticking. Korbin needs to grow a pair, restore his powers, grab his best friend, the prince and save the day. God hates a coward, soldier boy. Time to get to work. This is a series full of mechs, magic, aliens, and badassery. It's an emotional ride for our main character, one filled with dangers and intrigue, as he is plagued by the memories of his future past. The series progresses in a wuxia style as the scope of the conflict becomes bigger and bigger. There are mild harem elements in the books and some harsh curse words because of reasons. Prepare yourself for a wild ride!

The Price of Royalty (Machina Novels Starring Beatrix Westwood) by Aleks Kanards

(A Machina Novel, Vol. 1)Machinas were made to be the galaxy’s greatest super soldiers. Split into four academies, each with their own deadly abilities, machinas were thought to be machines sent from the gods. Enhanced human beings who blurred the lines between synthetic and biological lifeforms.Upon the destruction of their home planet, Mair Ultima, machinas became disgraced. Scattered among the stars. Now they work as bounty hunters, assassins, bodyguards. Anything that involves spilling blood. Only thousands remain, the most famous of whom is Beatrix Westwood, a Valkyrie Huntress, though she prefers Trix of Zilvia.Join Trix on her debut adventure as she attempts to rescue a kidnapped princess while evading warlords, slavers, and warring royal families with the help of her oldest friend, Yvach Aodun.On that note, welcome to the Milky Way in Earth year 2799. It's like the Wild West and piracy's golden age rolled into one lawless expanse. Trix is feeling lucky. How about you?

Asrian Skies by Anne Wheeler

Avery Rendon is weeks away from realizing her dream as a Commonwealth fighter pilot when planetary politics destroy her fledgling career before it begins. Grudgingly, she returns to her home planet of Asria, still hoping to break free of her royal family and the life of tedious policymaking they’ve planned for her. But Asria is still Asria, and after her almost-fiancé walks out on her, she’s not sure things can get much worse. She’s wrong. When the Haederan Empire invades Asria, intent on rebuilding their interstellar domain, Avery becomes a target. She also becomes something else—a reluctant and naïve Commonwealth intelligence operative. It’s not long before she stumbles upon information that could change the course of the war, and suddenly she’s on the run, pursued by the Haederan secret police and desperate to deliver critical information to the Commonwealth before it’s too late. Swept up in something more dangerous than politics or flying, Avery starts to wonder if her destiny lies somewhere closer to home. If the information she’s learned can turn the tide of the war. And if she’ll live to see the end of it all.

Stellar Instinct by Jonathan Nevair

A secret agent. A gaming mastermind. Two players in a dangerous competition blurring the boundaries of entertainment and reality. Mysterious signals pulse from an icy planet in a remote star system. GAM-OPs wants answers. Enter Lilline Renault, secret agent extraordinaire. To ordinary citizens she’s Keely Larkin, an adventure company guide with a flair for the daring and a penchant for writing trite poetry. Lilline’s at the top of the spy game, but publishing her literary work is proving harder than saving the galaxy. When the mission uncovers a dastardly plan threatening billions of lives, Lilline leaps into action. Verses flow as she rockets through space, dons cunning disguises, and infiltrates enemy territory with an arsenal of secret gadgets. But to prevent the whims of a self-obsessed entrepreneur from turning the galaxy into a deadly playground means beating him at his own game. Lilline will need her best weapon to stand a fighting chance: her instinct. STELLAR INSTINCT: A spy-fi thriller set in space.

Warship Ares: Captain's Fate Book 1 by Skip Scherer

We sought to explore space in peace, but the rest of the universe was looking for war. We should have known better. Exploring space was supposed to be an adventure, now it’s a fight for survival. Young for a Captain, Harumi “Jax” Brandt, stands proud of her achievements, in her knowledge of the cosmos. Little does she realize that a chance encounter with an alien race will take everything from her. Her ship destroyed; everything she knew and believed is lost. A twist of fate places her on a warship that should not exist, a ship she could never imagine. Learning to fight, to face fear, to adapt to an enemy determined to kill her and all human life. This was not the adventure she wanted and it was not how her life was supposed to be. The aliens are gathering, a massive force that will exterminate all that stands in its way. Haunted by the loss of her previous life, caught between her innocence and the reality of war, she must find a way to defeat the alien armada. To forge again the person she longs to be. Her only hope, and that of the human race, lies on the warship Ares.

Star Cat: The First Trilogy by Andrew Mackay

In space no one can hear you purr. Meet Jelly Anderson--your new, favorite hero. She's 30 cm tall, weighs 7.5 lbs, and has nine lives. This fiercely loyal feline is no ordinary cat... She’s the first ever Star Cat. What if Jelly is their only chance? Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons, may be where the lost expedition Space Opera Alpha crashed. It was assumed they’d all died, but a strange distress call from the ringed planet left Mission Control with hope. Tested for agility, prowess, obedience and combat, Jelly and her team of human mercenaries are going to Saturn for answers. The crew has no idea how important this fuzzball is to their success. She’s been fitted with Infinity Claws--and with flesh-eating Shanta, murderous mechs, and snark AI lurking around every corner, she’s going to need them. You’ll love the first three tails in this action-packed sci-fi fantasy saga with shades of Douglas Adams, because everyone enjoys thrilling space adventures with snarky banter.

Knight Errant (Knights of the Flaming Star Book 1) by Paul Barret, Steve Murphy

Some days your past just won’t stay buried, not even among the stars… The Knights of the Flaming Star are an elite space mercenary company, one of the best in the business, no matter which star system you’re in. But when an old friend turned arch-nemesis lays a careful trap for them, their leader Hawk falls right into it. Well, he never could resist a pretty face. Or a good fight. And now he’s got both. The Knights go from one end of known space to the other hunting down the people who are trying to smear their good name, chase down the folks that want to kill them, and maybe. Just maybe, bury the ghosts of their past once and for all. Knight Errant is the first book in the thrilling space opera series Knights of the Flaming Star from rising stars Steve Murphy and Paul Barrett. With a Firefly-style band of lovable misfits and Star Wars-level action, Knight Errant is a rollicking space adventure story for a new generation.

Scrub Kids, Molding Destiny: Book 1 by Zachary Lee

This series revolves around a group of kids that find themselves on a wild journey through space and time and interdimensional travels, trying to get their friend back while simultaneously bringing balance back to the universal plain of existence. Meeting magnificent creatures along the way, both friend and foe, all while learning much about themselves and how everything functions behind the scenes of the unknown. The series will escalate over the releasing of each new book, with this being the first, the characters: Zac, James and John mysteriously lose their friend AJ and in turn, meet The Death Smiley (otherwise referred to as DS or Death) and begin their travels in hopes of getting their friend back and returning balance back to the worlds they travel through and the creatures they meet.

Robber Barrons: A Military Sci-Fi Series by Nanci Schwartz

For the last Supersoldier left in the Galaxy, it's kill or be killed... Despite the genetic enhancements inherited from her father, Victoria Anetti never wanted to be a supersoldier. She'd rather spend her life fixing starships, free from family expectations. Then her father and his comrades vanish on a mission to find a lost warship, leaving her the last supersoldier left alive. Now she must flee from planet to planet in order to evade government agents—like her estranged mother—who want to use her as a pawn in a simmering interstellar conflict. To escape yet another capture attempt, Victoria reluctantly joins her uncle's salvage crew who are attempting to complete her father's mission. But when clues surface that her father might be alive, Victoria must choose whether to disappear again to avoid sparking another war, or embrace her supersoldier legacy to save the only family she has left.

Violent Wonder: Cosmic Horror in Space (Universal Wilderness Book 1 by Fredrick Niles

Space has never been more hostile. 300 years ago, a bolt of cosmic lightning struck Earth, scattering humanity across the stars. Since then, most habitable planets have come under the rule of an authoritarian regime known as the People's Union Coalition. Seeking to escape the PUC's stranglehold, the crew of the Leopold endeavors to steal a Light Core, one of the only means of transportation from star system to star system. But when they come across an old derelict vessel drifting through the outer boundaries of known space, their escape quickly turns into a blood-soaked nightmare. For fans of Aliens, Doom, and Dead Space From the author of Ash Above, Snow Below and The Omen Tree comes a raucous journey through the hostile unknowns of unexplored space and the mysteries of the human soul.

Shadow Within (The Rhaslok Chronicles) by Amber Forbes

A colony destroyed. A family killed. A girl abducted. Kara thought she'd have a normal life living in a colony of the Rhaslok Empire, until Dark Raiders attacked and destroyed her world. The criminals hold Kara captive and mercilessly experiment on her, using her as a test subject for their illegal bio-cybernetic experiments and turn her into a living weapon—a bio-cyber—an abomination. Her very existence is now a crime. If the Rhaslok Imperial Fleet discovers that she's been modified, she'll be imprisoned or executed. Is there anyone Kara can trust, or will those around her seek to exploit her illegal cybernetic modifications for their own ends? And will she choose revenge or survival? If you like a gripping journey of dark emotions and revenge, that questions humanity, then buy SHADOW WITHIN to discover this dramatic sci-fi series today!

Extremophile: Violet Rain (The Unwinding Book 2) by Juliana Rew

Book 2 in the exciting "Unwinding" science fiction series by Juliana Rew. Violet Rain, a VR expert from the 25th century, joins the crew of time-traveling Watchmen, monitoring the precarious truce between universes ("The Unwinding: Gin's Story") from a remote space station. Engineering a rugged tardigrade body to temporarily host her through the extreme conditions of space, she detects a new abnormality and fears a new Unwinding.

The Unwinding: Gin's Story by Juliana Rew

Korean-American housewife Virginia Sun-Jones and her husband are enjoying a Christmas picnic on the North Carolina beach with their newly married daughter and son-in-law, when a shattering cosmic event, the "Unwinding," rips them all apart. Caught in a duel between warring universes, Gin embarks on a cosmic quest to be reunited with her family. Virginia Sun-Jones would be the first to tell you that riding a whiskered Korean water dragon as transport is not for everyone. But ever since the Unwinding scattered her family, she's followed a breadcrumb trail of clues, hoping to find them. Gin can't shake the feeling that with recent events the universe has a personal interest in what's been happening to her, as she discovers special quantum abilities and ventures away from this tiny haven known as Earth. With the aid of an time-traveling civilization known as the Watchmen, she fights a despotic galactic emperor seeking to destroy our universe. Gin's Story is an exciting mystery adventure full of twists, disappointments, and triumphs.

Legend Rising: A Space Opera Series (Galactic Guardians) by Johnathan Yanez

My name is Max Tyco. I will become the most powerful Guardian in the Universe. This is my story. As a truck driver, Max Tyco spends more days on the road than his home. Events transpire that lead him on an adventure of a lifetime. Thoughts of traveling through space, starships, alien monsters, and blasters have all been daydreams–until now. The Rowki is a fraternity of intergalactic guardians tasked with keeping the balance between the Light and the Darkness. A call for help from a small, primitive planet central to the oldest known galaxy uncovers an ancient secret that could mean the reawakening of an insidious epoch. Chosen for the depth of his potential, Max must commit to the Rowki or decide to return home and forget he ever knew the truth. But the truth is out there and more horrifying than he ever expected. From the author who brought you Forsaken Mercenary and Gateway to the Galaxy, comes your next adventure. Grab your beverage of choice and get ready; once you start this ride you won't want to get up. Click to buy now and escape into a world of AI, androids, spaceships, and galactic knights.

A Most Irregular Prophecy by Ness Kingsley

“I didn’t have anything left to do except to die. I would do it nobly. With dignity. Preferably after a moving speech.” A monstrous Natterdash is waking, the dread Wizard Tig is stalking Planet Ora, and a new Prophecy regarding their destruction has been announced. In the central role? A Human abducted from 21st century England and cast as The Foretold One. Long time captive and full time Suffragist, Victorian Primula ‘Vi’ Ravensbourne is dragged into the mix to act as translator and Thrawk keeper. With unseen enemies, reluctant Foretold Ones, and a gift that is Most Unexpected, she’ll soon find that all is not as it seems. Vi may want the populace to have a Voice, but one must be alive in order to speak. Can Vi help fulfil a Prophecy that is rapidly running off track, and off script?

Sisters of the Stars: Men Rule Earth - Women The Stars (The Sisters of the Stars Series Book 1) by Hellen Allan

When the end came for women they fell, as corn to a scythe. Only a handful could be saved; those with exceptional intelligence, strength and creativity. Sent to the stars, they hid, as darkness descended upon the Earth, knowing that one day that darkness would reach for them – and when it did, it would be worse than the scythe. For it sought not their intelligence, their strength, or their creativity - but their bodies. That time has come. For 20-year-old Selena, just thrown off the Star Biosphere Force for insubordination and anger management issues, this couldn’t have come at a worse time. Finding out her sister has been captured by the men who rule Earth, she resolves nothing is going to prevent her from getting her sister back, even if it means risking her own freedom.

The God Queen (1) (Rebirth) by M.L Tishner

THE GOD QUEEN RETURNS. SO, WHY IS EVERYONE SQUELCHING HER POWER? In a backwater Earth town, Rei Ettowa dreams of traveling across the stars to destroy Infiernen - the knight who murdered her brother. When Rei discovers she is the reincarnation of the prophesied GodQueen, she relishes her newfound ability to channel lightning forrevenge. Unfortunately, blazing through a battlefield clashes with theFederation's plan for Rei and the others like her. All the gods are tobe trained as diplomatic figureheads to sway voters, not agents of war.Infiernen must remain untouched. As Rei navigates her new role in the Federation, she finds herselfdrawn to Bronx, a handsome young man who can barely control his powers.He is also yet another target of Infiernen's wrath. Unable to let go ofher brother's murder and desperate to save Bronx, Rei searches forInfiernen, only to discover a shocking secret the Federation has beenkeeping from her. Furious by the Federation's secrets, she's outfor revenge. But not everything is as it seems. What else could theFederation be hiding from her?

Breach of Peace (Breach of Faith) by Daniel Gibbs

Everything is on the table when survival's at stake. Captain James Henry is caught between a rock and a hard place – again. Merchant ships operating in neutral space near the Terran Coalition and the League of Sol are disappearing without a trace. The latest report has something the others didn’t. A survivor. When news reaches the planet Lusitania during a cargo offload, Captain Henry and the Shadow Wolf’s crew are hired to extract the surviving operative before she’s silenced and the information she has is lost. But too many opposing forces are at work within the faction-torn republic – and they all want a piece of the prize. With directives from multiple government contacts, Captain Henry concedes to protect his ragtag crew. Years ago, he surrendered to dishonor and dismissal from the Coalition Defense Force in order to protect his fellow officers. This time he knows how to play the game. To save his band of brothers and sisters, Jim must walk a fine line between the operative’s survival and the threats against his crew from the League of Sol. Before the time to negotiate runs out.

TCI : Rise by Kretzge

A decade after the infamous Alavite invasion of his home planet and his people's subsequent imprisonment, Jakob Koss finds himself in the unenviable position of being among the last living Draekons left in the galaxy. Mentored by a mysterious voice in his head, he manages to weaponize his race's unique neon purple Shaz energy, which begins to erupt within him to an unprecedented degree. He utilizes this newfound power to lead a violent and bloody uprising, creating a passionate cry for freedom that reverberates throughout the cosmos. Jakob must now convince the leaders of the remaining free planets to unite by his side if they are to stand any chance against the theocratic Hand of Alavon and his so-called 'Chosen Army', who have oppressed and terrorized the galaxy for far too long. Rise is the first entry in the Treaty of Cosmic Infidels (TCI) series -- a five-part epic SFF saga driven by a diverse cast of charismatic and complex characters from across the cosmos.

Fear of the Nexus by Ross Harrison

A dark planet on the galaxy’s edge. A primordial predator. A desperate hunt for a dangerous secret. When the medical frigate Ruby Rose picks up an SOS from the planet’s lightning-ravaged surface, the medics do not hesitate to drop into the raging storm. But the innocuous little planet is home to something sinister. Something desperate. Something that will stop at nothing to find what it’s looking for. Across the galaxy, the crew of the Star Wraith receives a call for help. The captain of a medical frigate has lost his medics, and one of their names is all too familiar. But how could the Wraith’s crew know that a simple rescue mission will lead to a string of murders and a waking nightmare that will leave them forever changed?

The Empire of Dust: Chronicles of the Second Empire (The Chronicles of the Second Interstellar Empire of Mankind) by Robert L Kurtz

Michael Glover survived every mission the Empire assigned him and then he survived the revolution that ended it all.But can he survive when everything he knew and held dear has vanished into the past?Awakened after 2000 years to find a new Empire rising to replace the old, Michael is given a second chance to make a difference. Can he take advantage of that chance? Does he even want to?Trouble is brewing among the stars. Ships are vanishing. Military bases are being attacked. Chaos is spreading. Is this random piracy or a wide-spread conspiracy?Naval intelligence is desperate to find out and Michael Glover, a soldier without a country, a man thought dead for over 2000 years, reluctantly decides that he cannot stand by when duty calls. It’s a new Empire but the same old mission, and Michael Glover, deep in his soul, is still a soldier who can be counted on. But Michael Glover has an independent streak. He’ll carry out the mission but he’s going to do it in his own inimitable way, whether naval intelligence likes it or not.You will love this fast-paced science fiction adventure from award winning author, Robert I. Katz.

How NOT to Save the Galaxy by Matthew Griego

Captain Timothy Yates is hurtling. He's hurtling through his career, his life, and his relationships. But mostly through space. And he's usually hurtling at large, immovable objects that may include planets, other ships, and the occasional space pirate. Also, aliens. Armed with a ship, a crew, and an impeccable sense of humor, he's clearly outgunned and outmatched. He'll be faced with threats from all around, but he'll find the most treacherous ones come from within.

High Flyer (Verdant String) by Michele Diener

Flying the head-of-planet around isn't a job for the faint of heart. Especially not on Faldine, the planet in the Verdant String whose magnetic fields actively fight against technology, bringing down the ships of the unwary or the incompetent.Hana thrives on the challenge, though. Thrives on everything about her job. It keeps her from thinking too much about what happened to her during the war, and what she is becoming. A relationship with the head-of-planet himself, though, is more than she wants to deal with.Iver Sugotti feels like he fell into the role of head-of-planet by default. He knows he's good at the job, and he's enjoying the challenge of making tech work on a planet that eats tech for breakfast, but the one thing he really wants--Hana--seems out of his reach.His pilot has made it clear she's not interested, and he can only respect the boundaries she's set. But when someone wants him dead, he and Hana are plunged into an all-out race for their lives. Iver discovers those closest to him have betrayed him, but also, that his pilot is not as disinterested as she seems.As they try to outwit their enemies, they discover they are far better together than they are apart, and that Hana really is at her best when she's flying high. Read less

The Galactic Culinary Society: The Secrets of Umami by D.R. Schoel

Edible Sonnets? Digestible Poetry? Whoever heard of such a thing? Jeane Oberon, Intergalactic Chef Hunter, that’s who! And if Jeane doesn’t unravel the secrets of the Esculent Sonnets of Umami first, her dastardly Greelon rival just might… and the Galaxy would be in a real pickle then, wouldn’t it?

A Star Reborn by AJ Super

“The strong rise.” AI/human hybrid Nyx Marcus must find her sisters, taken by the new Protectorate. She’ll stop at nothing to protect her family. She’ll even use her powers to their fullest… and deadliest. Discovering more AI family members, Nyx navigates building an army to rescue her sisters. But her growing family isn’t as simple as it seems. When Nyx discovers a new rival is pulling the Protectorate’s strings, she finds she has nothing to lose. With a burgeoning cult following her, and a clone army in the wings, Nyx has the power to wage another AI War. Now Nyx must choose to use her power to protect her family or to burn it all down for revenge.

Scandal: Scions of the Star empire by Athena Grayson

When a princess who's no stranger to scandal runs afoul of the secrets of the most powerful cabal on Landfall, even her crown can't protect her from the consequences. They can have anything they want...except a future. Nothing infuriates Princess Ione Ra more than having someone else take control of her reputation from her, and her old nemesis--gossip journalist Jaris Pulne--is poised to do just that with pilfered pics of her caught in a compromising position with her power-couple partner. As someone who's no stranger to manipulating the markets on her own social life, Ione knows the wrong scandal means social suicide. Privilege is a prison... For the other half of the power couple, Den Hades, his survival has depended on staying in his powerful father's shadow in order to protect his secrets. But on the very night of his one chance to earn a shot at becoming a Scion--and freedom from his father's ambitions, scandal threatens to tear him from Ione, or worse--force them together before their time.

Erebus Dawning by AJ Super

Those who can destroy a world can control the universe. Everyone wants the Star of Erebus. Space-pirate Nyx Marcus is no exception. With it, she can prove to her father that she is worthy of his legacy. But she’s come up empty-handed aboard the space-ship Thanatos and now Malcam, her father’s First Officer, is mutinying. As Nyx flees with a loyal skeleton crew, she discovers that the planet-killing weapon, named after one of the seven gods, is more than what it seems. Erebus isn’t a simple weapon. It's an ancient AI and a technological god. With the oppressive Queen of the Protectorate and new pirate captain Malcam searching for the Thanatos and Erebus, the AI god has more surprises for Nyx. Waking dormant AI code in Nyx’s blood, Erebus reveals they are family and Nyx is the head of the Seven Stars pantheon. Now Nyx must learn to control her power without sacrificing her own humanity or give her enemies a new way to oppress the known universe and lose the family she holds dear. Don't miss this exciting Space Opera debut. It's perfect for fans of Christian Kallias, MD Cooper, and Becky Chambers.

The Rise of Daan: Chronicles of Daan: Book 1 by D. Ward Cornell

A young man comes of age on a desolate, isolated world... Generations ago, a prophecy was made predicting his birth and rise to greatness... It's a story of hope and betrayal, tragedy and redemption. It is my story... I was born on a Protected World. You’d think that would be a good thing, but in truth, not so much. You see, a Protected World is a sentry world. One located along the edge of human space, there to sound the alarm if there’s an alien invasion. A world that is marginally habitable, so unlikely to be a target, yet well connected to the rest of humanity, so able to sound the alarm. And that’s the real problem. Marginally habitable worlds can’t support a significant population. And for the few of us that live here, it’s difficult to scrape out a living. You might ask why anyone would want to live in such a place. I ask that question all the time. The short answer is that these worlds were given away to anyone that had the means to claim and settle them. A lot of adventurers couldn’t resist the opportunity. My grandfather, six generations back, was one of those people. There are many stories about my ancestral grandfather. He was apparently quite a character, eccentric as well. Many of his sayings are built deeply into our culture, and most involve the number six. Spend a day in town and you’re likely to hear them. ‘Better to do one thing well than six things poorly.’ Or ‘better to have six good days than one good week.’ Of his many sayings, there’s the one my mother quotes all the time. ‘The sixth son of the sixth generation will stand above them all.’ Well, it turns out that I’m the sixth son of the sixth generation. My father, and all his forefathers, were first sons of first sons down the line from the great Jared Daan. I was my father’s sixth son. Sixth son of the sixth most direct connection to our founder. My parents gave me the name of my ancestor, Jared Daan. I’m the first to bear that name since the great man passed. My mother says I’m destined for greatness. I think that’s crazy talk. But my five brothers hate me for it.

The Slums of the Solar System by Kat Macleod

MITWA: When a deadly plague ravaged the Earth refugees fled into space, crowding into any space station or lunar colony that would take them. Decades passed and the descendants of the survivors struggle to live in anything remotely spaceworthy. Omesh, banished from his Earthly home, finds himself in Barnacle Town. A collection of salvage clinging to the hull of a space station in lunar orbit. Thousands of lives cling precariously to the hull, at the whim of the corporation that owns the station. The station manager welcomes everyone. But then the CEO arrives, intent on scraping the hull of his craft clean. Omesh and his family, friends and neighbors? Not the corporation’s problem. With nowhere else to go, Omesh vows to fight for his new home. But physics? More merciless than any CEO. THE MARS OF MALCONTENTS: Valentina knows how to live in the community spread throughout the old mining caves under the Martian ice cap. A violent place in a forbidding climate, but home for her and her brother. Until she wakes from a coma to find her brother gone. Her father thinks her incapable of following them back to the equatorial cities. He underestimates her – her stubbornness, her courage and her inventiveness. But she underestimates the cold, airless surface of Mars. A journey from the polar ice cap to the Martian equator? Not enough to stop Valentina. Not with her brother on the line. THE WHOLE WORLD FOR EACH: After humankind fled Earth for space they discovered one inescapable truth. People die in space. And lots of dead people means lots of ghosts. April Nguyen earns a nice living getting rid of those ghosts. People all over the Solar System clamor for her aid. April's only problem? Never actually seeing a ghost. She pretends, she feigns, she completely convinces her clients, but she fears her inevitable exposure as a fraud. And then comes Hakim, the ultimate suspicious sceptic watching her every move. And yet April feels herself drawn to him. He knows a whole other world. "The Whole World for Each", a story about belief and disbelief and how we jump between the two. Humankind escaped Earth, but not death and what comes after.

Stowaway (Aeolus Investigations Book 1) by Robert E Colfax

The year is 2026. When Lexi first met Ron, she was a 24-year-old doctoral student at a university on the west coast of the United States. She had a plan with clear goals for her life. Lexi hoped to be on the first space mission to Titan, although, in a pinch, Mars would do. Ron was a student there too, except it turned out he already had a job as an insurance investigator. One with an undercover mission. While it wouldn't be fair to say that Lexi was knocked off her feet, she certainly felt a strong attraction. Ron abruptly left after their first date without much of an explanation. Bummer! What does a bright young woman brimming with curiosity and an overabundance of determination do? She followed him. Of course. Who knew he was an alien? Right? Determined to save Earth from (an imagined) invasion, what could a girl do other than to stow away on his small starship. Her plans of space missions quickly go out the window. Joining forces with her alien boyfriend Ron, his mother Geena, and the sentient starship Urania, they manage to recover the 50,000 year-old, alien, artifact known as the Rose of Light. That’s when the fun starts, or more precisely, the havoc begins. Aeolus Investigations is a lighthearted space adventure with tongue-in-cheek humor and a dash of romance. Join Lexi, Ron, Geena, and Urania, the Aeolus Investigations team, in Stowaway, the first of their ongoing adventures.

The Empyrean by Katherine Franklin

Emotion is a weapon. Harnessing its power could destroy worlds. Palia’s emotions are in turmoil. After watching her son succumb to Empyrean fire, she barely escapes the same fate. Guilt ridden and alone, she will not stop until his killer is brought to justice. The Protectorate forbids Ferrash to have emotions. That suits him, since he cannot avoid the people who control the Empyrean. Making this sacrifice prevents them from hijacking his feelings and using them as a weapon against him. When Ferrash spots Palia’s ship venting atmosphere, he is forced to save her. Having an enemy from the Hegemony on board could see him accused of treason. But when the Empyrean reveals its potential as a destroyer of worlds and Palia’s link to it, Ferrash knows he can’t let her leave. With billions at risk of succumbing to the Empyrean weapon, can the enemies join forces and prevent the same fate that killed Palia’s son? The Empyrean is the first book in the Galaxy of Exiles series, a science-fiction space opera about a galaxy under the pall of weaponised emotions. Immerse yourself in a detailed universe of heroes, villains and more. If you like page-turning futuristic action, you'll love this.

Adrift in Starlight by Mindi Briar

When set adrift in the universe, some things are worth holding onto. Titan Valentino has been offered a job they can’t refuse. Tai, a gender-neutral courtesan, receives a scandalous proposition: seduce an actor's virgin fiancée. The money is enough to pay off Tai’s crushing medical debt, a tantalizing prospect. Too bad Aisha Malik isn’t the easy target they expect. A standoffish historian who hates to be touched, she’s laser-focused on her career, and completely unaware that her marriage has been arranged behind her back. This could be the one instance where Tai’s charm and charisma fail them. Then an accidental heist throws them together as partners in crime. Fleeing from the Authorities, they’re dragged into one adventure after another: alien planets, pirate duels, and narrow escapes from the law. As Tai and Aisha open up to each other, deeper feelings kindle between them. But that reward money still hangs over Tai’s head. Telling Aisha the truth could ruin everything... Their freedom, their career, and their blossoming love all hang in the balance. To save one might mean sacrificing the rest.

Embargo on Hope by Justin Doyle

Even gods have secrets… On planet Vastire, worth is set by the sins of one’s ancestors. Good families rise to the elite and the wicked fall into poverty. Unfortunately for sixteen-year-old Darynn Mark, his father incited a revolution. Now, Darynn scrounges his way through life in the slums. When Vastire is surrounded by an embargo, it gets even harder to survive. That all changes when an alien ship slips through the embargo, seeking Darynn with an offer: finish the revolution and the embargo ends. He might have a chance thanks to mysterious magic powers, and his two companions: clairvoyant crush Fyra and soldierly alien Kaylaa. Cutthroat killers, mystical beasts, Vampires, power-hungry priests and lords, and self-serving spies stand in their way. If the three of them can crack his father’s secret, maybe they can end the embargo and save the poor. If not, another poor orphan will be added to the growing piles of dead.

Spectacular Silver Earthling by Mara Lynn Johnstone

Hubcap used to be a rescue bot, getting humans out of every boneheaded scrape imaginable. His new career as a TV star suits him better: he can poke fun at the humans instead, while harvesting jetpods and tackling alien predators faster than any of them. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also immune to the mysterious “space frenzy” that keeps sending his coworkers into a froth. The robot worries for his human friends, though he would never admit it. Not when it’s much more fun to deploy weapons-grade sass. The pressure ratchets up when a rival show aims to steal their sponsor. Hubcap has to film his most spectacular footage yet, while avoiding dangerous wildlife, plantlife, and emotions. But if anyone is up to the task, it’s the robot with skills second to none, and an ego to match.

True Teryn by S.G. Blaise

Lilla must recruit the biggest and most dangerous army in the Seven Galaxies, but the Teryn emperor will not comply unless Lilla earns the blessing of the Teryn Guardian Goddess Laoise. Dealing with gods is never easy. Guardian Goddess Laoise’s condition for bestowing her blessing is for Lilla to bring her the mysterious Heart Amulet. Now Lilla is trapped in a strange place with no way out, no idea where to go or how to find the amulet. The only way for Lilla to complete her mission is to uncover the biggest secret of all Teryns. Will she survive discovering the secret of what it means to be a True Teryn?

Space Academy Dropouts by C.T. Phipps

"Boldly going because they're completely lost." The newly renamed Vance Turbo has sabotaged his own career at Space Fleet Academy due to a desire to atone for training accident. Unfortunately, his actions result in him getting press-ganged into an expendable crew of misfits recruited by a legendary starship captain. Their mission? To recover a collection of lost sun-destroying missiles that could restart a galactic war. Unfortunately, Vance is smart enough to know something is wrong with this picture. After all, no sane person would recruit this crew to save the universe. SPACE ACADEMY DROPOUTS is an all-new series from C.T. Phipps (Supervillainy Saga, Agent G) and Michael Suttkus (I Was a Teenage Weredeer, Lucifer's Star) that lampoons the space opera as well as military science fiction genres.

Skylark in the Fog by Helyna L. Clove

So when the universe falls to pieces, it doesn’t mean your life has to, right? That comes later. Jeane Blake, captain of the spaceship Skylark, makes her living by looting dead worlds, planets fallen prey to naturally occurring wormhole-like rifts plaguing the cosmos. She survives the only way she knows how: avoiding commitment and arguing with her dead foster father's ghost. But when her crew stumbles upon an alien device that could collapse the wormhole network and wipe out all sentient life, they catch the hungry eyes of the Union, a tyrannical empire hunting the sinister tech. As she flees the Union’s brainwashed agents, Jeane is forced to take on a shady mission and gets stuck assisting the runaway monarch of a technocrat planet. Queen Maura Tholis is seeking the aid of an interstellar resistance to reclaim her war-torn world, with another trouble-magnet device as her bargaining chip: a glove that allows her to command AI systems. Jeane couldn’t care less about the whole deal, but things become personal when the Union annexes the place she calls home. And it might be her fault. Reluctant to become weapons in the hands of power-hungry militants and desperate rebels, smuggler and queen join forces. But to save their homes, they must redefine themselves, work with the enemy, and face personal traumas they’d buried long ago—and only stars know which challenge might break them in the end.

Mercury's Shadow by PJ Garcin

One man's lust for power threatens the future of humanity—can a young girl from the outer system stop it all? Imogen “Chim” Esper is thrust into the center of an interplanetary conflict when her family is torn apart by the cruel and indifferent Kardashev Corporation. Forced to run, along with her robotic best friend, Chim struggles to find her place in a society that is poised for revolutionary transformation. The Kardashev Corporation dominates all commerce and politics in the solar system. Its megalomaniac CEO, Alton Neal, is hell-bent on transforming society by capturing the full energy output of the sun through the creation of a Dyson Swarm. Citizens of Earth and the stations throughout the system must band together to protect access to the lifeblood of the system or risk becoming permanently enslaved to the Kardashev Corporation. Mercury’s Shadow is a thrilling adventure that blends real science, big ideas, grand adventure and high stakes to introduce a new heroine and a deep universe that will leave readers asking for more.

Those Once Forgotten by N. C. Scrimgeour

They were a memory once forgotten. For millennia, they waited. Now, they are coming. The galaxy has been plunged into chaos, left reeling from the trap Alvera Renata triggered around the ancient alien waystations. As the leaders of the allied systems desperately try to prepare for what might be coming, Ridley and Kojan go on the hunt in search of answers. But the one person who might hold the key—the rogue starship captain who started it all—is missing in action, and her old friends aren’t the only ones looking for her… Meanwhile, tensions between the Coalition and the Idran-Var are at breaking point in the aftermath of a brutal attack. The only hope for peace may lie in a fragile alliance between Rivus and Niole, old enemies thrown unwillingly onto the same side. But even if they can bury their past, what will it take to overcome the centuries of bloodshed dividing their people? As the mysterious signal coming from the waystations counts down, only one thing is for certain: something is coming, and if the fractured factions of the galaxy can’t find a way to stand against it together, it may be the end for them all.

Those Left Behind by N. C. Scrimgeour

A dying planet. A desperate mission. A crew facing impossible odds. Humanity’s last hope lies with them… Time is running out for the people of New Pallas. Nobody knows that better than Alvera Renata, a tenacious captain determined to scout past the stars with nothing but a handpicked crew and a promise: to find a new home for humanity. But when a perilous journey across dark space leads to first contact with a galactic civilisation on the brink of war, Alvera soon realises keeping her word might not be as easy as she thought. Her only hope lies with the secrets of the ancient alien waystations scattered across the galaxy. The mysterious technology could be the key to humanity’s survival—or bring unwanted attention from the long-forgotten beings who built them. But remaining united in the face of annihilation is a lot to ask from a crew already splintering under the weight of their differences. A jaded pilot looks for a place he can start over. A young translator searches for meaning out in the galaxy's lawless frontier. And Alvera reckons with the aftermath of betrayal as she fights for a way to save them all. As they break apart to forge their own paths, Alvera and her crew all face the same question: what are they willing to sacrifice to save those left behind?

Fear of the Dark by Ross Harrison

A dark planet on the galaxy’s edge. A primordial predator. A desperate hunt for a dangerous secret. When the medical frigate Ruby Rose picks up an SOS from the planet’s lightning-ravaged surface, the medics do not hesitate to drop into the raging storm. But the innocuous little planet is home to something sinister. Something desperate. Something that will stop at nothing to find what it’s looking for. Across the galaxy, the crew of the Star Wraith receives a call for help. The captain of a medical frigate has lost his medics, and one of their names is all too familiar. But how could the Wraith’s crew know that a simple rescue mission will lead to a string of murders and a waking nightmare that will leave them forever changed?

Impact by Mark D. Owen

"We've found something here, something game-changing…" The explosion at the International Space Station (ISS) forever changed the direction of inventor Tamarind Chase's life. His life mission was to mine asteroids, but when the accident triggers an expanding debris field it strands the scientists at Moonbase Verity including the friend that once saved his life. He must find a way to rescue them and empower the secret they have discovered. "Impact" is the first book in The Pan Nationals series about a group of leaders trained to solve intractable world problems. But what happens when the problems come from beyond our world?

Pale Boundaries by Scott Cleveland

Where do you go after you're torn from the only planet you've ever called home? What do you do when your new home despises foreigners? Who do you blame when they kill someone you care about....and how do you take revenge? Terson Reilly knew things would be different on Nivia. But he wasn't prepared for the draconian environmental laws, harsh population control measures or the prejudice against outsiders-and they didn't expect what he was willing to do to defend himself. Terson finds love when he meets Virene, an independent young woman chafing under the strict social controls herself. The couple do their best to conform, but their rebellious streak leads them beyond the colony's boundaries where their attempt to rescue the crew of a crashed spacecraft unwittingly sets in motion a chain of events that threatens to expose not only Nivia's dark secret, but that of a powerful criminal organization as well.

Muses of Roma by Rob Steiner

Marcus Antonius Primus began a golden age for humanity when he liberated Roma from Octavian Caesar and became sole Consul. With wisdom from the gods, future Antonii Consuls conquered the world and spawned an interstellar civilization. Three weeks before the millennial anniversary of the Antonii Ascension, star freighter captain Kaeso Aemelius, a blacklisted security agent from Roman rival world Libertus, is asked by his former commanders to help a high-ranking Roman official defect. Kaeso misses his lone wolf espionage days - and its freedom from responsibility for a crew - so he sees the mission as a way back into the spy business. Kaeso sells it to his crew of outcasts as a quick, lucrative contract...without explaining his plan to abandon them for his old job. But Kaeso soon learns the defector's terrifying secret, one that proves the last thousand years of history was built on a lie. Can Kaeso protect his crew from Roman and Liberti forces, who would lay waste to entire worlds to stop them from revealing the civilization-shattering truth?

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