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To Spy a Star (Agent Renault Adventures) by Jonathan Nevair

One star can break a galaxy. Agent Renault plays cloak and dagger against her most formidable opponent yet – a ruthless and cunning expert at cards and more deadly arts besides. Her mission: retrieve a stolen asset known as the Star Eye. Aided by her eccentric agency team and armed with state-of-the-art gadgets, she races to solve a devious conspiracy and bring down her elusive foe. But a specter haunts the agency’s halls, whispering secrets from its past. Allies and enemies alike wear masks in the espionage game. Lilline must decide who to trust if she hopes to take down a sinister and vengeful mastermind before a wave of terror crashes across the stars. TO SPY A STAR: a fast, fun, and furiously entertaining standalone spy-fi adventure.

Moon City Vice by C.T. Phipps

"Welcome to the Moon!" Neal Gordon and his partners, former actress Lucy Westenra and intelligent canine Barksley, are in hot water with Cyberlife after a bust goes disastrously wrong. Put on what is likely to be permanent suspension, they receive a job offer to work for EarthGov directly. Unfortunately, EarthGov is hiring them because they know a catastrophic plague is about to be unleashed throughout the Moon's neighborhood. Neal finds himself trying to unravel a conspiracy involving poisoned narcotics, a sham church founded by humans from another planet, and a mysterious woman from his past that he was sure had died. Enjoy this latest satirical entry in the Moon Cops series that is already a best-selling new entry in the Futurepunk universe (Agent G, Cyber Dragons, Space Academy) by C. T. Phipps!

Moon Cops on the Moon by C.T. Phipps

"Welcome to the moon!" Neal Gordon screwed up his assignment on Mars and they reassigned him to Antarctica. Now he's being reassigned some place even worse: Luna City. A crime ridden hellhole with a super-rich ruling class, he almost immediately finds himself targeted by bounty hunters and cyborg terrorists. Thankfully, Neal has an unusual set of partners in robot dog, Barksley, and the snarky but badass Lucy Westenra. Yes, make all the vampire jokes you want. It's tough being a corporate cop on humanity's foremost colony and before this adventure is over, he's going to have to deal with deranged influencers, mysterious female secret agents, and a 1970s themed flying car called the Purple Rain. Can he survive to get reassigned? Who knows. MOON COPS ON THE MOON is set in the Futurepunk setting of Agent G, the Cyber Dragons Trilogy, and Space Academy novels but functions as a standalone series. It is a humorous action-filled romp that fans of The Expanse, Robocop, Demolition Man, and Blade Runner will enjoy.

The Handler's Gambit by Ingrid Moon

Play the game. Murder the innocent. Don't let them see you sweat. Commander Boone's treacherous secret could save thousands of lives—if he could only escape from the murderous warlord who employs him. He wears his game face while following orders to destroy enemy fleets and handles a reckless assassin with elemental powers. Behind the scenes, he is undermining the warlord's pursuit of an innocent rival. The duplicity and the horrors are taking their toll. Boone wants out. In a bold gambit, he crafts a plan to escape. But his superiors might be catching on, and the plan is not without its own horrors. With everything working against him, including the woman he thought was his salvation, he may not live long enough to execute it. "Absolutely epic action with a tug at the heartstrings.” Space Battles, Biological “Magic,” Ground Assaults, Betrayal, Unlikely Allies The Handler's Gambit is a dark, character-driven thrill ride across the galaxy, where the sacrifices made for freedom clash with the indomitable human spirit.

Unlicensed Delivery by Will Soulsby-McCreath

The first in the Inter-Planetary Alliance novels, cozy space operas set in a world where the rules are strict to keep people safe, but leave little room for individuality and case-by-case needs. Follow an adorable found family of space travellers as they try to navigate bureaucracy and budding relationships. Basti needs 3 things to make his brand new– well, new to him –ship run: Firstly, he needs enough of a crew to get them safely spacebourne. Luckily, with a medical officer for a husband, an engineer bestie from his uni days, and a half-sib who is one of the best pilot's in the galaxy, it seems he has all he needs there. Secondly, a Deep Space Travel License – unless he wants to cart crap cargo for pitiful prices inside a single cluster for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, his pilot is a jokester, his engineer just got out of a long-term relationship, and his assessor is very particular about how he thinks Basti should run his ship. And, finally, there needs to be enough jobs to keep the ship spacebourne... which he can't get without a license. Which he can't get without a job. Nobody said IPA rules made sense

An Unwanted Inheritance (Cas Dragunov Book 1) by Alex R Carver

Cas Dragunov knew his brother's plea for help could only spell trouble. Nikolai created more messes than he could ever clear up, but family was family, and Cas couldn't turn his back on him. Alas, he arrived on Dormero Station to find Nikolai dead, but his debt to local crime boss, Valen Massio, very much alive. On the hook for the money, Cas is stuck working for Massio to pay it off. It's a simple job, all he has to do is deliver the package that got his brother killed, while evading both Massio's bloodthirsty rival and the Federal Security Service. Piece of cake, right?

Roxy Buckles and the Flight of the Sparrow by Nicole Little


Exterminator ROXY BUCKLES, a bounty hunter-cum-mercenary, lives on Aurora, a highly advanced Earth-2 planet in a solar system on the flip side of the Milky Way. At the helm of Buckles & Associates, Roxy takes down space thugs and alien lawbreakers with relish. Her longsuffering best friend, SUKI KWAN, runs the office with an iron fist. She desperately wants Roxy to let go of the past. But Roxy is consumed by a need for revenge… Ten years ago, Roxy’s fiancé, SAM SPARROW, a high-ranking fly-guy at The Academy for Intergalactic Law Enforcement, stood accused of a heinous crime – setting a bomb that destroyed The Academy, killing hundreds of innocent people and leaving Suki Kwan with near fatal injuries. Sparrow insisted his innocence but then he escaped custody, disappearing from the authorities’ eyes… That day, Roxy swore she would bring him to justice, one way or another. Perhaps her time has finally come.

The Re-Emergence by Alan K Dell


A strange probe from a long-forgotten satellite network appears in the P’hori star system. Its message: a dire warning signalling the return of an ancient mythological evil. Imperator Da’kora Corasar and the crew of the Qesh’kal are sent to determine the probe’s origin, and find that the satellite is not as they had expected. Corasar trusts the satellite’s data, but not everyone aboard agrees. Tensions rise and loyalties are tested as they track down the source of the signal. Thrust into conflict, the crew of the Qesh’kal must chase their foe across the galactic arm and save their home from certain destruction.

Fog of War by Forest Wells

SPSFC 2023

“First called, final star, they hold the line.” Years of war have taken their toll on the crew of Gold 1, but there’s no rest to be had. Even as forty years of war seem to be ending, a new threat lurks in the shadows which could tip the balance of power against The United Systems Republic. As the danger grows and battle lines are drawn, Major Jason Harlem, and his fox like Holdren crew, will lead their veteran fighter group back into the fires of war. But with a fragile peace hanging in the balance, forces working behind the scenes of both governments, and an outside threat that may not be “new” at all, Gold 1, and perhaps others, will be tested in ways they never could have expected. Can the Gold Group hold the line one more time, or will the cost of fighting become too great to bear?

Medusa Falling (Cosmic Shores #1; Amaranthe #20) by G.S. Jennsen

SPSFC 2023

* A stand-alone adventure set in the Amaranthe universe * “Can I ask where we’re going?” “Someplace safe…as safe as anywhere on this broken, fallen world can be.” A first contact encounter isn't supposed to kick off with a dead body. Ambassador Marlee Marano has been dispatched to Belarria as part of a Concord initiative to meet new species and build alliances. But when an assassin murders her counterpart in front of her eyes and takes her hostage, she is plunged into an alien world on the brink of collapse. With no way to contact Concord or get offworld, Marlee’s only allies may be a shadowy band of rebels with a questionable agenda steeped in government conspiracies, mysterious genetic experiments and bloody historical grievances that threaten to boil over. The rightness of their cause is the least of her concerns, though, for she finds herself wanted for murder and hunted by all sides. Medusa Falling is a heart-pumping sci-fi adventure that will take you on a roller-coaster ride of twists and turns as Marlee races to uncover the secrets and lies of a captivating but deadly alien culture and find a way home.

Mission of the Ro'arck by Ericka Evren

SPSFC 2023

Archaria has stood for millennia. But nothing lasts forever. The Archarian Alliance is under attack. A merciless enemy has emerged with technology and weapons that rival their own. Their vendetta is destroy the Alliance. The Archarian council selects Kaytrix to command their best starship, the Ro’arck , to defend the Alliance, but there’s another reason they chose him. During the rising chaos, Kaytrix uncovers a deadly secret, one that could destroy Archaria and the Alliance before the enemy has a chance to. Kaytrix is eager to prove his worth, but can he sacrifice his morality for his dream? This novel contains scenes of violence and language not suitable for young audiences. Readers be advised.

Simulation: The Great Escape by Hashem Al-Ghaili

SPSFC 2023

He tried to warn us, but no one listened. Estranged from his family after the tragic loss of his daughter, renowned astrophysicist Thomas Ernest buries himself in his research. He investigates a vast dark region of space known as the Great Void, where stars and galaxies never formed, making it the most exciting puzzle of 2492. Theories suggest it is home to violent black holes that could engulf the Milky Way. Other clues point to the void as the origin of alien artifacts peppering our solar system tied to the disappearance of multiple explorers. Obsessed, Thomas is convinced the death of his daughter is connected to its mysteries. Then the Voyager 17 space probe returns startling data. When Thomas uncovers the hidden truth locked within its transmissions, his superiors censure him and the international government impugns him, denying his findings. Fired from his research career and facing threats on his life, Thomas focuses on the reason behind their coverup. His unexpected discovery challenges humanity's understanding of reality and free will. If he cannot get the word out in time, the known universe will cease to exist. Does he have what it takes to challenge the deep state, or is the universe doomed to vanish into oblivion? An epic Sci-Fi novel filled with suspense, puzzles, mystery and action.

The Cartographer's Vault by Richard Houlden

SPSFC 2023

This is a collection of science fiction tales that will take you across the cosmos of existence. Each one is a glimpse into events that have yet to happen or have happened in another timeline. Every event is archived within the walls of the space station Catographer's Vault. Follow Ashra Whistlo as she leads a team to rediscover this station that has been lost to time for over a millennium but heed the warning that she is given from The Do not lose your grasp on what is your reality. You will be presented with real people and real existences within this room. Their emotions will be palpable as if they were yours. You must detach yourself from their reality and remember that it isn’t yours.

To Flail Against Infinity (The Stargazer's War #1) by J.P. Valentine

SPSFC 2023

Infinite power, infinite danger. Growing up mortal, I only knew a few things about cultivators. They like their hierarchies, they hate disrespect, and if you leave one out in deep space long enough, they'll go homicidally insane. It turns out, there's a reason for that. Away from all the gravity wells and biospheres that generate natural energy, things get just quiet enough to notice the infinite ocean of qi entirely incompatible with our own. I should know. I've seen it. Only difference is, I didn't go mad. I wasn't a cultivator. Technically, I wasn't even alive. But now I can sense it. I can touch it. I can cultivate it. From the bestselling author of This Trilogy is Broken! and Dungeon Devotee comes the cultivation epic you've been waiting for.

Eclipsing the Aurora (Consensus Universe #1) by Peter J. Foote

SPSFC 2023

When Nigel gets chucked off a dam, he thinks his time is up. Vivian – an alien from an ancient race that uses Earth’s deep oceans as a retirement home – rescues him and convinces him to join the Consensus. Now all he has to do is give up his life on Earth. But he can’t abandon his birth planet when he learns that the Menace plans to attack. To stop the apocalypse, he must find his high school crush, rescue the daughter he never knew he had, and make the case to the Consensus that humanity is worth saving. It would be a lot easier if he didn’t have amnesia. If you like found family, unlikely heroes, and unique alien technology, you’ll love Eclipsing the Aurora, the latest sci-fi adventure from author Peter J. Foote. Content warning: Historic drug use and sexual assault of an adult are mentioned and/or implied within this story. Child endangerment (kidnapping) is featured.

Cydonia Rising (Andlios #1) by Dave Walsh

SPSFC 2023

The Emperor has fallen. Poisoned by his son bent on claiming the galaxy for himself. Katrijn is the heir to the throne, or was, until her brother killed their father and claimed it for himself. She had promised her father to restore order only to end up in exile, dodging her brother’s assassins.  Now she must fulfill her father’s dying wish: bring freedom to the Republic. On the other side of the Republic, a lost Krigan princess conspires with her former enemies to take the galaxy back for themselves, for the good of the people of Andlios.  Is it too late to save the galaxy?  For fans of kick ass heroines and classic space opera tales, because everyone loves a girl that can wield a giant laser-axe.

Memoirs of a Synth: Gold Record by Leigh Saunders

SPSFC 2023

Tour guide, emissary, diplomat, thief -- and a long-lived, genetically engineered Synth -- Brianna Rei travels the Hundred Worlds, hiding in plain sight. She knows her survival depends on staying one step ahead of the bounty hunters who have nearly exterminated her kind. All that changes when she teams up with fellow-thief, Jerrold McKell, and he discovers Brianna's true identity. Now Brianna must choose between trust and survival, and what it means to be truly human.

Kwelengsen Storm: Logan's World, Book One by David M. Kelly

SPSFC 2023

You can turn your back on war, but sometimes it refuses to let you go. When Logan Twofeathers takes on the job of head of engineering on Kwelengsen, the first habitable planet discovered by Earth, he thinks he’s leaving conflict far behind. But when he investigates the loss of a deep-space communications relay, his ship is attacked and crash-lands back on the planet. With his new home destroyed by the invaders, Logan is stranded deep in the frozen mountains with an injured sergeant who hates him almost as much as the enemy. Against the ever-present threat of capture, he must battle his way through icy surroundings in a treacherous attempt to find his wife. And when he's forced to ally himself with a disparate group of soldiers and their uncompromising captain, Logan must face the reality that he may have lost everything—and everyone—he loves. Will he choose to fight? And what will it cost him? Kwelengsen Storm is the first in a gripping, new sci-fi thriller series from the author of the Joe Ballen novels.

On Impulse by Heather Texle

SPSFC 2023

Heather Texle launches with a thrilling, non-stop, action-packed novel that is a blend of space opera adventure and sci-fi murder mystery that won the 2023 Minnesota Author Project contest in Adult Fiction. If you enjoy books with a strong female lead, a sass-talking spaceship’s computer, an annoyingly hot detective who won’t give up, and more action scenes that you can shoot a blaster at, then this book is for you! When the Department trained me to catch criminals, I never dreamed I’d become one. Agent. Suspect. Intergalactic fugitive. I was one of them until I shot my partner in self-defense. Even though the Department cleared me of wrongdoing, my co-workers didn’t agree. They turned their backs on me, so I turned my back on them. My partner’s actions never made sense. After ignoring my gut for a year, I asked my tech-genius best friend to dig into it. Now Jarrett’s gone dark, and I soon discover he’d been brutally murdered. An officer finds me standing over the body, blaster in hand. Even I admit it looks bad. There’s no way I can trust the Department to investigate further—not if I'm already the prime suspect. My only option is to run. Is it impulsive? Sure. Will having law enforcement dog me across the galaxy make life difficult? Most certainly. I’ll have to stay one step ahead of them if I want to solve Jarrett’s murder and clear my name. Doing that will require every trick the Department taught me—and a few I learned on my own. Grab it now to find out what mystery Jarrett uncovered and to what extreme Reliance will go to in order to bring her friend’s killer to justice.

Star Keepers by Paul R. Adams

SPSFC 2023

In the distant future, peace is kept between worlds by the Star Keeper Corps. Answering a distress call, one Star Keeper ship travels to the water-covered planet of Hedes, famous for its two hundred and eighty-four moons, to stop a terrorist from sinking a floating city.

The Badger Company (Chronicles of The Badger Company Book 1) by JP Weaver

SPSFC 2023

"If I die, you’d better come back and avenge me, you goddamn ghost in the machine." Malcolm Parker was poised to make history as the habitation engineer who made his country's colonization initiatives possible—until a stealth missile strike destroyed the U.S. moon base. All that’s left of him is his A.I. clone, who must carry on both his fantasy tabletop campaign and the original mission: find and secure the closest habitable system. Trapped inside a space probe with a computer for a brain and other AIs for company, Malcolm and his crew face hostile spacecraft alone. The same assailants in pursuit or an opportunistic third party—either way they seem intent on wiping out the last remnants of America’s space program. Artificial intelligence isn't recognized as people under U.S. law, so as far as the top brass in the U.S. military is concerned, the crew is on their own. Or are they?

Wielders of Woe: Inferno by Jeffery Roarke Jr

SPSFC 2023

When a hidden plot to overthrow the royal family is discovered and his father is murdered, Prince Halcion Skyborn is accused by the governing council of the Empire of Athos, led by High Minister Varim, and arrested for treason. Saved only by the star-nation's defining doctrine, Hal's birthright, his Fire Wielding abilities, are stripped away and is exiled to the forsaken Ashlands where no one has ever returned from. In his exile, Hal must challenge powerful celestial forces, confront those he used to call friends, and unravel the secrets of his family's ancient forebears to reclaim his birthright and save his people, even if it means facing his own blood. Though little does he know this is but the first step in a cosmic conflict that has raged for centuries and the whispers of a primordial deity are just being felt.

Any Job Will Do (The Grand Human Empire #1) by John Wilker

SPSFC 2023

Jackson ”Jax” Caruso inherited a ship from his parents. They’re dead, they don’t need it. The unification wars happened a while ago, Jax’s parent’s fought for the losing side. Now he takes the jobs he can get; smuggling, bounty hunting, hauling cargo. If it pays, he’ll do it. When Jax is approached with a job that seems too good to be true, he should have known better, he should have walked. He didn’t. Now he and a few friends are in it deep; Imperial entanglements are the least of their concerns with organized crime on their tails. Will Jax and his friends finish the job without getting caught, or killed? Only one way to find out! Get your copy today!

Children of the Black (Silver Sights Saga, #1) by W.J. Long III

SPSFC 2023

Humanity has survived. On the far end of the universe, with Earth little more than a faded memory, they thrive on worlds where once they were enslaved. In the millennia since, these persistent beings built new societies, but when the two greatest nations among them met for the first time, there was war. The all-consuming conflict bent the wills and morals of both powers beyond recognition, leading to levels of experimentation and cruelty once thought impossible. Yet, in a universe drowned in blood, an opportunity for peace is seized. In the uncertain aftermath of the truce, a broken soldier haunted by the horrors of the war and the lost psionic girl he once risked his life to save scratch out a life in the dusty streets of Minerva City. Meanwhile, from worlds beyond, shadows from their past descend to offer a different path. In exchange, the two must find a powerful secret once thought capable of bringing solace to a desperate wartorn universe, but in this time of uneasy peace, it holds a more destructive power. Uniquely qualified and entirely in over their heads, they put their lives on the line to embark on a harrowing adventure and discover not only answers to their broken pasts but a taste of perils lurking in the Black.

After Moses by Michael F. Kane

SPSFC 2023

His gruff exterior hides a man who wants to do the right thing. But running from trouble won’t work when the planets need a hero. Arizona Colony, Mars. Matthew Cole doesn’t want anyone else aboard his ship. But the notorious solo freelancer is persuaded against his better judgment to guard a dangerous prison transport along with an exo-suit-clad former rival. Outmaneuvered when the crook’s cronies spring the inmate with heavy firepower, the poncho-wearing captain vows to scour the solar system to restore his rep and claim his paycheck Reluctantly banding together with his seven-foot partner in her powered armor, Matthew has his hands full leading an unwanted ragtag crew. But the headache of dealing with people again is nothing next to the prickling between his shoulders as he continues to run afoul of greedy politicians and criminal syndicates. Is this space cowboy’s moral compass sending him to a fatal crash landing?

Archimedes by Brian Sigmon

SPSFC 2023

Ben crouched in the shadows with nowhere to go, his heart hammering in his chest. The guard was twenty meters away now. Fifteen. Ten… A thousand years in the future, people kill for Dorium. They threaten war over it. And if the headlines are to be trusted, somebody recently destroyed an entire colony for it. That’s why it’s a big problem when Ben Ashley accidentally steals some. Ben’s a good thief. Maybe too good, thanks to the strange ability that lets him open locked doors and manipulate AIs. But when he gets caught with the solar system’s most valuable substance, it will take all his skills and more just to survive. A shady deal to stay out of prison propels him into a deadly world of espionage, organized crime, piracy, interplanetary conspiracy, and a hidden plot that threatens the only home Ben has ever known. How can he save himself and his friends? Who’s responsible for the brutal attack on a quiet colony? What is Archimedes? And why does it seem like all the bad guys are working together? Ben can’t escape this time. The only way out of danger is right through the heart of it. To have any hope, Ben will have to harness the Aurora, the rare power that nearly kills him every time he uses it. He’ll have to find out who to trust–and decide whether he can trust himself. Ben’s a good thief. Can he be a hero? Archimedes is a fast-paced adventure set in our solar system a thousand years in the future. If you like heists, space battles, and high-energy sci-fi with a dash of superhuman abilities, you’ll love Archimedes.

Bloodletting: Aria of the Forgotten: Book One by Sean Thomas

SPSFC 2023

The planet Syrullia, once a military and economic superpower, is in crisis. Reactionary bigots control the government. A vicious private military organization occupies the poorest sections of its cities. The threat of galactic war looms ever-larger. And a raging drug epidemic, fueled by a cheap, highly addictive narcotic called bloodspice, claims thousands of lives a day. Amidst this turmoil, private investigator Raivena Moss is hired by a grieving mother named Halunek to look into the death of her son, a university dropout and bloodspice addict. His death was ruled an accidental overdose, but suspicious bruises on his wrists and neck give Halunek reason to believe he was murdered. The investigation leads Raivena to the most dangerous corners of the galaxy and forces her to confront her identity as a “Forgotten.” Racially mixed and rumored to possess preternatural abilities, most “Forgotten” were hunted down and killed by a fanatical theocratic government years ago. As Raivena plunges deeper into the investigation, she realizes the case goes far beyond a single murder. With the help of an unlikely source, she uncovers proof of a ghastly crime, shocking in its scope and cruelty. Now she must risk her life to expose this insidious plot before millions of innocent men, women, and children suffer a horrifying fate. An allegory about the compounding violence of hate, Bloodletting is both a portal to a strange, new world—and a mirror image of our own.

Caught In The Vortex: Longevity Universe Book 1 by A. Elnas

SPSFC 2023

“Now I know who is pulling the strings, who twisted my life into a nightmare and made me a pawn in a conflict threatening the universe.” After escaping Earth and humanity’s self-imposed destruction, Cockroach has buried the past for a brighter future. A new home and working for the prestigious, all-powerful longevity industry are the base for a peaceful existence. However, darkness looms behind the light, and a threat casts its shadow. When an attack against the industrial empire occurs, a long-forgotten ghost emerges, shattering the well-constructed serenity. Being marked the prime suspect, a desperate Cockroach flees from authorities while battling inner demons and looming demise. The support from an unexpected source gives rise to hope and might present salvation. But nothing is as it seems, and when bitter insights reveal themselves, the human mechanic must find the strength to face the truth and fight. Caught In The Vortex is the engaging first book in the Longevity Universe, a trilogy of adventurous Sci-Fi novels. If you enjoy unlikely heroes, blurred lines between good vs. evil, and emotional struggles, this imaginative roller coaster ride is for you.

The Edge of the Abyss by Blake Shimshock and Sherry Shimshock

Lana has been gone for almost a standard galactic year, and Senior Agent Derek Fade is still tormented by her murder and his own failure to capture the killer. He’d been so close…but just as the gangster had predicted in that final moment before Derek let Valdune slip beyond his grasp, vengeance has become the agent’s gnawing obsession. Now his wife haunts him, his boss questions his sanity, and forget about working alone! With his life on the edge of a dark crossroads, Derek Fade must decide which way to go. The only thing he knows for sure is that he won’t rest until he brings an end to the hunt for Valdune.

The Hunt for Valdune by Blake Shimshock and Sherry Shimshock

Senior Agent Derek Fade loved his job chasing down weapons runners and drug traffickers, hunting terrorists, and ruining the fun of major crime lords all across the galaxy. In fact, despite his reputation for being difficult to work with, he was respected among colleagues as one of the most talented agents in the Galactic Intelligence Agency (GIA). Life was pretty good until a powerful gangster, known only as Valdune, brutally murdered his wife. Now, tortured by grief and guilt, Derek Fade struggles between his dedication to the ideals of the GIA and the need for vengeance against the monster who killed Lana. Set in an expansive Fireflyesque galaxy ripe for exploration by those who enjoy science fiction and fantasy, self-proclaimed loner Derek Fade reluctantly lets readers into a dark period of his 007, semi-secret agent life that twists and turns like an Indiana Jones adventure.

Lexa Dean and the Wellspring by Bethany A Perry

A treasure that could change the galaxy and a woman chasing a dangerous dream. Dr. Alexandra "Lexa" Dean is an exoarchaeologist in search of hidden alien treasures. And if the museum paid better, she wouldn't sell the best of her finds to the highest bidder. When her contact delivers a map to the origins of all life, and the key to unlocking it is the artifact she just fenced to a wealthy socialite, she must devise a plan to steal it back. But the aliens she stole it from first are closing in and the socialite is hot on her tail. If she can't shake them, she'll risk losing the fame and fortune she's always dreamed of, her life, or worse. From the author who brought you a cure for the zombie apocalypse in the Reclamation Series and a demon with amnesia in "Give Me Grace," comes a treasure-hunting romp through space where "Indiana Jones" meets "The Fifth Element."

The Kuiper Belt Job by David D. Levine

The Kuiper Belt Job is a caper story in space, a mash-up of Ocean’s 11 and The Expanse with a dollop of Firefly and Leverage. It’s an ensemble piece with complex character relationships and a twisty, compelling plot, but beneath the entertaining surface it raises deep questions about identity and personhood. In a world where minds can be copied, what does it mean to be “me”?

Parting Shadows by Kate Sheeran Swed

Raised by a heartsick AI, she's programmed to kill. And desperate to flee. After growing up on an isolated space station, Astra dreams of solid ground. But with an AI guardian plugged into her head--and her nervous system--it's not like she's flush with choices. In fact, she's got just one: use her training to carry out the rogue AI's revenge. Her first mission? Assassination. When her target flashes a jamming device that would guarantee her escape from the AI's grasp, Astra sets out to steal it. But the AI's plans are more dangerous than she suspected. Corrupted by heartbreak, the wayward computer is determined to infect the star system with a new order of digital tyranny. Astra's been raised to care for no one but herself. Now she'll have to decide if she's willing to trade the star system's freedom for her own. Parting Shadows is a far-future take on Estella Havisham's journey in Great Expectations, and the first installment in Kate Sheeran Swed's Toccata System novella trilogy.

Hyvilma (The Kitra Saga #3) by Gideon Marcus

[A damaged ship, a dying shipmate–can she save both?] Under attack! The flight back to Hyvilma should have been the easy part for the crew of the Majera–until a deadly ambush by pirates sends them reeling through hyperspace. Now getting to the planet in time is the only way Captain Kitra Yilmaz can save her dying friend. But landing at Hyvilma may be impossible: war has broken out on the Frontier. With illustrations by Hugo Finalist Lorelei Esther.

Sirena (The Kitra Saga #2) by Gideon Marcus

[One starship, six friends, 10,000 lives in the balance.] Hugo Award Finalist Gideon Marcus has done it again with this second installment in The Kitra Saga. Sirena is a thrilling YA space adventure, unusually hopeful and optimistic in a sea of grimdark, dystopian releases. Enhanced with beautiful illustrations, fans of Becky Chambers’ Wayfarers and Emily Skrutskie’s Bonds of Brass will adore Sirena. Young captain-for-hire Kitra Yilmaz has gotten her first contract: escort the mysterious Princess of Atlántida beyond the Frontier and find her a new world. It’s a risky job, fraught with the threat of pirates, dangerous squatters, and rising romantic tensions. Still, Kitra and her crew are up for anything – until they find a lush world, perfect for settlement…with an enormous ghost ship already in orbit. What secret does the crippled vessel hide? And is Kitra ready to take responsibility for its precious cargo? With illustrations by Hugo Finalist Lorelei Esther.

Kitra by Gideon Marcus

[Stranded in space: no fuel, no way home… and no one coming to help.] From the pen of Hugo Finalist Gideon Marcus comes the found-family, YA Space Adventure you’ve been waiting for: Nineteen-year-old Kitra Yilmaz dreams of traveling the galaxy like her Ambassador mother. But soaring in her glider is the closest she can get to touching the stars — until she stakes her inheritance on a salvage Navy spaceship. On its shakedown cruise, Kitra’s ship plunges into hyperspace, stranding Kitra and her crew light years away. Tensions rise between Kitra and her shipmates: the handsome programmer, Fareedh; Marta, biologist and Kitra’s ex-girlfriend; Peter, the panicking engineer; and the oddball alien navigator, Pinky. Now, running low on air and food, it’ll take all of them working together to get back home. With illustrations by Hugo Finalist Lorelei Esther.

Elendil by Andrea Rose Washington

I stood there, looking at this stranger with eyes like mine, hair like mine. It slowly dawned on me that it was her. After all these was her. A wave of rage coursed over me as I stood there, staring at this woman. I couldn't bring myself to call her that because she was never that to me. Just an egg donor as far as I was concerned. Then my dad spoke."Abriana, I would like to introduce you to Acadia...your mother."Abriana was forced to deal with a lot of things over the short sixteen years of her life: adapting to a new neighborhood, the wondering eyes that fell on her when she was out with her father, the whispers of the town. But this - facing the woman who abandoned her at the tender age of three days old - was the one thing she wasn't prepared to deal with. When Abriana is forced to flee with this woman she barely knows, she soon realizes that her life will never be the same

The Long Lost War by Jeff Walker


Far from Earth, in a distant solar system, clone soldiers are stuck in an on-going battle against colonial separatists. John 999801 must battle against an enemy that refuses to give up, and dreams of a woman he feels he's seen before. The life of this low ranking clone soldier is about to take a turn for the worst. Or is it going to open his eyes to the truth? Can one clone soldier make a difference? And who is the woman in his dream? Answers and horrors await him as he joins his fellow replicas to the surface of a planet called... Hell.

Suspended in the Stars by E. A. Hendryx

A girl in hiding. A boy on the run. The fate of the galaxy between them. When Talie Zarna is forced to hide rogue soldier, Renner Cartha, her life isn’t the only thing threatened. Living as the famed Soaring Staress on the circus spaceship Midway masks her true identity, but Renner’s very presence threatens to draw unwanted attention. As a former royal guard, Renner holds secrets of his own. Like evidence of a political assassination he is on a mission to deliver to the Xerus Galaxy’s governing council. Renner's flirtatious confidence is at odds with the seriousness of his mission, but when his former guard captain, Jas Uli-Tai, discovers him hiding among the circus performers, Talie risks everything she's come to cherish—going so far as to leave the safety of the Phenomena circus—to do what is right. With Jas closing in at every turn, Talie and Renner come close to finding the High Council only to discover corruption at its core. Their only option for escape is a cocky smuggler who’s not quite what he seems and an underground resistance group called The Rising that’s fighting for change in the galaxy. Faced with the weight of her true identity and the cost of embracing it, Talie must decide if she is willing to give up everything for the sake of saving the Galaxy, even if that means giving up the boy she loves. --- Suspended in the Stars is the first book in the Xerus Galaxy Saga. It is a no spice romantic space opera perfect for fans of The Lunar Chronicles, The Starboard Trilogy, and The Illuminae Files .

One World by Lyssa Chiavari

IAMOS, S.C.D. 8378 One choice was all it took to put two worlds in jeopardy—but that choice could be the thing that saves them both. By choosing to betray the geroi, Nadin saved the lives of her friends in the future, but it may have cost her own. Imprisoned and sentenced to a fate worse than death, her only hope of rescue may lie in trusting the one person her heart tells her to distrust most: Ceilos, her one-time partner and a traitor in his own right. But accepting Ceilos’ help may be the only hope Nadin has of reuniting with Isaak... and saving both Iamos and Mars. Time is running out. Something is coming, something powerful enough to change the face of the entire solar system. If Nadin and Isaak can’t figure out how to stop it, all of Iamos will be destroyed. Little do they know that’s been the Liberator’s plan all along...

Kenai by Dave Dobson

SPSFC 2023

Jess Amiko is long past her days as a space marine, with all the glory of that time tarnished beyond repair by what came after. Trying to rebuild from the ashes, she's taken a job as a security guard on Kenai, a lonely world far from the Council systems. It's supposed to be easy duty - quiet and peaceful, on a docile world with no real threats, watching over an archeological dig at a site built by a race long vanished. Betrayed and attacked by forces unknown, and finding that nothing on Kenai makes sense, Jess is plunged into a desperate fight for survival that leads her deep into the mysteries of Kenai's past, and deep into the hardship and paradox the planet imposes on all who call it home.

On the Winds of Quasars by T.A. Bruno

The thrilling sequel to In the Orbit of Sirens THE WORLD OF KAMARIA WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. In the aftermath of the brutal slaying of a sacred auk’nai deity, Cade and Nella Castus are taken from their home and brought deep into the wilderness. They must make their way back to civilization, traversing dangerous landscapes as they are pursued relentlessly by their captor—a winged abomination. As Denton and Eliana search for their missing children, they uncover something that will change all life on Kamaria forever.

At the Threshold of the Universe by T.A. Bruno

The epic conclusion to the Song of Kamaria trilogy. ALL SONGS END. War ravages Kamaria as an old enemy resurfaces from the depths of the ocean. Offering no support in the coming battles, the Auk’nai isolate themselves in their tightly guarded Nest. Outgunned and outmatched, humanity once again trembles on the edge of obliteration. The Castus family is torn apart. Denton fights on the front lines, hoping to free Cade from a nightmarish foe. Meanwhile, Eliana and Nella set out on a path that will change everything they understand about the Sirens. The Song will end, but who will remain to hear its final verse?

Jane Bond by V.R. Tapscott

Bacon! Chocolate Cake! Romance! Space Aliens! Day of the Week Undies! Butt stuck full of cactus needles! Fun PG-rated SciFi! Yes, Jane has it all. Jane dug up a spaceship buried for millions of years. All it needs is a little TLC. More or less. So now, she’s running all over the world looking for spaceship parts, falling in and out of love and trying to keep her friends from thinking she’s crazy. To make matters worse, the ship she’s recovering is starting to sound a lot more like the Death Star than the Millennium Falcon. When did life get so complicated?

Child of Awareness by Abigail Silver

Follow Gracie Usuriel, a young firebird, as she grows up among an eccentric family of immortal psychics. Making friends with her sister's ghost and falling for a cybernetic diplomat-in-training are average days for the daughter of the most (in)famous man in the world. If Gracie's flames can't illuminate her father's dark past, they may consume everything she loves.

Between Shattered Worlds by K. I. Sarren

Everything was fine until it was activated. The Shaper Artefact, a relic from a time before humanity, has finally been unearthed. And after years of study, it was finally to be turned on, an act proclaimed to be the first step to meeting the progenitor of the species. Aaren Moses's task was simple; Record the findings from space and pinpoint where the beam of light led to. But it all happened too fast.Now, worlds have been shattered, humanity has been displaced across the cosmos, Earth is missing and the Shaper artefact is broken. Barely surviving with his life, Aaren is now displaced, alone and desperate, but time is running out. Something evil was freed with the artifact's activation. And it is very hungry.

The Descendants of Prontoth by Mark Raines

An eight-hundred-year, galaxy-spanning hunt nears its conclusion setting up a confrontation thousands of years in the making. For eight hundred years Timion High Command has hunted the Descendants of Prontoth across the galaxy. Wars were fought, lives were lost, but the Descendants of Prontoth remained at large. Hamron Modestus knows Timion High Command has been doing it wrong. Their quest for revenge made them blind to the allies they would need to bring the Descendants of Prontoth to justice. In his new position of power, Modestus is on their trail, ready to succeed where High Command had failed. Caught in the middle of this inevitable confrontation is retired General Dash Cricken and the entire crew of the Prometheus. Dash and his crew discover evidence of a secret alliance formed to bring down the Descendants of Prontoth. The crew of the Prometheus is caught in the crosshairs of Timion High Command, forced to defend themselves against the hunter on their trail and dissension within their own ranks. Any failure could jeopardize everything they have worked toward. The Descendants of Prontoth is the action-packed sequel to Mark Raines' debut Novel, Felan's Rescue, following the crew of the Prometheus on another wild adventure.

Eclipse by Herman Steuernagel

SPSFC 2023

Django and Mikka's paths collide as they embark on a journey that will shape the fate of a civilization built on half-truths and the backs of others. Rumors of civil war circulate through the Syndicate's orbital empire, catching both Django and Mikka in the crossfire, where the stakes are far higher than they realize.

Down Below Beyond by T. A. Bruno

SPSFC 2023

Levort Aatra is a prospector on the planet Tayoxe. While scavenging the wastes of the abandoned world, he discovers a mysterious starship and stakes his claim on it. Little does he know, he just put a big target on his back. DOWN BELOW BEYOND is a stand-alone sprawling sci-fi fantasy adventure filled with aliens, planets, and portals set in a universe crafted by T. A. Bruno, author of the award-winning Song of Kamaria trilogy

Failure to Communicate by Kaia Sønderby

As one of the only remaining autistics in the universe, Xandri Corelel has faced a lot of hardship, and she's earned her place as the head of Xeno-Liaisons aboard the first contact ship Carpathia. But her skill at negotiating with alien species is about to be put to the ultimate test. The Anmerilli, a notoriously reticent and xenophobic people, have invented a powerful weapon that will irrevocably change the face of space combat. Now the Starsystems Alliance has called in Xandri and the crew of the Carpathia to mediate. The Alliance won't risk the weapon falling into enemy hands, and if Xandri can't bring the Anmerilli into the fold, the consequences will be dire. Amidst sabotage, assassination attempts, and rampant cronyism, Xandri struggles to convince the doubtful and ornery Anmerilli. Worse, she's beginning to suspect that not everyone on her side is really working to make the alliance a success. As tensions rise and tempers threaten to boil over, Xandri must focus all her energy into understanding the one species that has always been beyond her: her own.

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