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Family Secrets

Family Secrets by Ellie Jay

'The discovery was a complete accident, of course. Nadezhda never set out to make an enemy of the woman she believed to be her adoptive mother.' When Nadezhda Moroz finds a photo of her adoptive mother and realises she's been living a lie, she ignores all warnings from her family and sets out to discover the grisly secret that killed her father just days after his wedding...What she finds reveals just how twisted her family's history is. Her search for the truth pushes her into the arms of the mysterious Vasily Volkov, who promises he knows her story... And his strange, sinister family, who seem to have other secrets on their minds. The family seems to operate like a mafia group, and before long, Nadezhda is helplessly entangled with them, trapped in the town they appear to control. She meets old and new allies while in their clutches and escapes with her allies to bring them to justice, risking her life to fight them.

Secrets In The Flames

Secrets In The Flames by Ellie Jay

Nadezhda Moroz has spent the last five years trying to put her encounter with the evil Volkov mafia behind her. She faced them at just sixteen, trying to avenge their murder of her father. But now, the ringleaders are behind bars and she is free to enjoy her uncle's wedding. Or is she? An uninvited guest serves as a reminder that it's never that easy to walk away from the past. Her one-time boyfriend turned enemy with an obsessive vendetta has taken control of the local prison and is using his newfound power to endanger thousands of lives. Desperate to stop him, Nadezhda teams up with friends, family and old enemies. She has no choice but to trust them all with her life as they face war. But she doesn't know what she's dealing with. Her nemesis has a dark secret, with which he plans to destroy her and everyone she holds dear.

Secrets Of The Volkovs

Secrets Of The Volkovs by Ellie Jay

Disappearances, deaths, threats... The local police are beginning to suspect all these crimes are linked. They're being committed by the sinister and mysterious Volkov family. There's just one problem: They can't prove it. In order to take down the Volkovs and put a stop to these crimes, they call in a young, ambitious policeman, Antonin Jelennski. Antonin travels hundreds of miles, leaving his fiancee behind, to go undercover and infiltrate the Volkovs' organisation. He pins down incriminating evidence, but he finds far more than they ever expected. Can he expose the dark secrets of the Volkovs and stop their crimes before it's too late?

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