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Stellar Instinct by Jonathan Nevair

A secret agent. A gaming mastermind. Two players in a dangerous competition blurring the boundaries of entertainment and reality. Mysterious signals pulse from an icy planet in a remote star system. GAM-OPs wants answers. Enter Lilline Renault, secret agent extraordinaire. To ordinary citizens she’s Keely Larkin, an adventure company guide with a flair for the daring and a penchant for writing trite poetry. Lilline’s at the top of the spy game, but publishing her literary work is proving harder than saving the galaxy. When the mission uncovers a dastardly plan threatening billions of lives, Lilline leaps into action. Verses flow as she rockets through space, dons cunning disguises, and infiltrates enemy territory with an arsenal of secret gadgets. But to prevent the whims of a self-obsessed entrepreneur from turning the galaxy into a deadly playground means beating him at his own game. Lilline will need her best weapon to stand a fighting chance: her instinct. STELLAR INSTINCT: A spy-fi thriller set in space.

The Flying Tiger: Ready by Henry Spencer M

Aaron Melisandré, an autistic, African American transgender man in his thirties, nearly lost everything he held dear years ago. The only thing keeping him sane and alive is his trans nephew, Mico. Little does Aaron know, the tragedy that ripped his brother away is part of something far bigger than he could ever imagine. There is a very real multiverse, and not only that but Aaron along with being human, is part of an ancient multiversal species known as the Katians. Aaron must embrace and wield his true power, face trauma new and old, and be ready to do what he must in order to save the Katians and infinite other lives from Circuit-Breaker and the fabled Mortal Engine, a machine that is said to grant one the power of a god using mortal souls.

Deadly by Design (A Sara Ricci Scientific Thriller Series) by Rod Cousler

All Sara Ricci wanted was some time away from writing her PhD dissertation, but it turned out to be anything but relaxing. If fact, it turned out to be deadly… Deadly by Design. Italian scientist Sara Ricci returns to Italy to finish her PhD after the disastrous events of the previous year, and finds that writing a dissertation differs greatly from doing research. Just months before her completion, she needs a break and returns to America to help a friend with a project in nanotechnology. Although her troubles from the past seem very much behind her, Sara soon discovers they never really went away. From the boardroom of large business to the conference rooms of small business, what starts off as an investment becomes a deadly game of revenge involving company takeovers, blackmail, extortion, and at least one person who thinks Sara Ricci must die. It is only fair. Deadly by Design is a scientific thriller that takes the reader on a journey into the science and medical opportunities for nanobots. Sara will be tested like never before, but she has gained some powerful friends along the way. Can she survive? Can those trying to save her? Find out in this fast-paced second installment of the Sara Ricci suspense book series.

Things Unseen by C.J. Brightley

History student Aria Forsyth's studies lead her to dangerous questions about the Empire's origins. A mysterious man named Owen, impervious to the winter cold, further unravels the safety of the world she thought she knew. At first, Aria believes Owen is human. He says he's not. What if they're both wrong? A moment's compassion draws her into a conflict between human and inhuman, natural and supernatural, and she begins to discover the secrets of the Empire, the Fae, and what it means to be human.

Unanimity by Alexandra Almeida

"Great for fans of Becky Chambers's A Closed and Common Orbit and Daniel Suarez's Daemon." Booklife The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Shadow is a reluctant god with a broken mind and a death wish. He used to be Thomas Astley-Byron, an affluent young screenwriter whose creativity and idealism saved a world from the brink of collapse. Together with Henry Nowak, an AI expert, Tom created heaven on earth by inventing a Jungian simulated reality that helps humans confront their dark sides. The benevolent manipulation platform turned the two unelected leaders into beloved gods, but now everything is failing. The worlds suffer as a sentimental Tom descends into his own personal hell, becoming the embodiment of everything he despises and a shadow of his former self. His journey from an optimistic, joyful Tom to a gloomy Shadow is paved with heartache and sinister interference from emerging technology. Humans and bots fight for his heart, but their aims differ: some want to own it, some to dissect it, and others to end its foolish beat. Estranged from the love of his life—the activist poet Nathan Storm—Tom fails to realize the biggest threat comes from within. None of the sticky stories that steer his life end well. Now, a young goddess—Estelle Ngoie—has been appointed to replace him, and unlike Shadow, Stella takes no prisoners, and her heart bleeds for no one. Who’s pulling on Shadow’s heartstrings? Are their intentions malign or benign? It’s all a matter of perspective, and Shadow has none left. The Series Themes An epic tale spanning across six days—one per book—and forty past decades of life lived across ten worlds and two universes. Weaving sci-fi elements with social commentary and queer romantic suspense, Spiral Worlds explores the nature of consciousness and how it's connected to a not-so-secret ingredient—story. As software consumes the world, intelligence is nothing but the appetizer; the human heart is the main course. There is no black or white in this story about a contrast-making machine.

Mech Heart & Soul by Ken Deeprose

The people of Cambria are under threat of attack from evil aliens called the Marans. Orin, the genius son of a geeky professor, and his best friend Gigahertz, the most powerful of the planet’s Mechs, will be among those tasked with defending them. Juna, the youngest daughter of the Emperor (but don’t dare call her princess!), worries the Marans are not the only thing the people of Cambria need to fear. Life here simply isn’t fair and she wants to help make things right. Juna hasn’t seen Orin since they were very young, but fate has brought them back together. Now, joined by a diverse group of friends, they must find a way to defeat the Marans, sort the truth from the lies and win back the very heart and soul of the planet.

We Deserve to Exist by Allison Baggett-Rowe, Joris Filipp, Bernardo Villela, Tyler Wittkofsky, Rashmi Agrawal, Daphne Fama, Tessa Hastjarjanto, Marisca Pichette, Emmie Chris

The world is not kind. It never was. Fear, jealousy, and anger fuel the actions of those who wish to assert their power and eliminate those they deem unworthy. There will come a time of reclamation—whether by force or by empathy—when those tides shift, a balance reborn. It must start somewhere. The reclamation of self, of culture, of heritage, and of our world—starts within. No longer will those around us decide if we deserve to exist.

Dragon Eyes: Tales of the Green Jinn: Book 1 by Bill Parker

The highly acclaimed saga of the Five Moons continues as Dragon Eyes carries this action-packed adventure into the future. Dragon Eyes is a mystical walk on the wild side of science fiction. The real heart of this story actually began long ago… A thousand years ago, I was a very gifted seer. I was Evil’s worst nightmare. But Evil knew that I only see glimpses of the future. And so he set a plan in motion to kill me. His minions did not know Evil’s whole plan. They only knew their own parts in it. He used that fact to trap me. But in the end, I saw my own demise. There was no way out. I was doomed. So, I recorded my own moon and hid it away, where Evil would never find it.

Neli (The After Book 1) by C. Sunrise

Breana has everything you could hope for in Neli — the only community that survived the apocalypse. So, why does her heart keep telling her she needs to leave? Simple, it’s not the life she wants. Unable to resist the call, she packs her bags, grabs her dogs, and heads off on an adventure to a secret land written in her grandpa’s journals. But The Wild Lands give her more than she’d expected. Her journey takes her straight to temptation in the form of a man who’s as much beast as human — a man who’s equally enticed and frustrated by her special abilities gifted by The After. With this man comes a community, a pack, where Breana feels a sense of belonging she never experienced with her own kind. But he also comes with secrets and threats that may destroy them and everyone they love. Breana’s never been one to run away from a challenge, and she definitely won’t run away from the man who’s burrowed his way into her heart. Even if it means she needs to toss him in the mud a few times along the way; it’s a sacrifice she’s willing to make.

Shithole USA by Mark Zirbel

A syphilitic plague has ravaged the Sunshine State, transforming its residents into sex-crazed mutants. All is well, however, within the World Village, a walled-in retirement paradise that stretches across central Florida. But something stinks in the World Village-literally. The seniors have started worshipping their excrement. Enter Hank Shatley, a retired police detective with an unnatural fear of feces. To repay a life debt, Hank must go undercover in the World Village to investigate Alfred Peora, the community's enigmatic leader. Hank's fate is linked with that of Ryan Herro, a corporate lackey whose mother has fallen under Peora's spell. As Hank and Ryan's stories converge, the universe begins to unravel. Realities collide. Hell invades Earth. And at the center of it all is a mysterious young woman with a purple mohawk and unimaginable powers. Mark Zirbel, the Wonderland Award-nominated author of Cyberpunk Zombie Jihad, takes you through a cyberpunk-bizarro world filled with turd terrorists, nanite technology, corporate Satanism, shit golems, a syndicate of supervillains, bickering puppets, and an alien city modeled after 1980s crime movies. When you're on a journey like this, be sure to book your stopover in Shithole USA.

Self Made (Andersson Dexter Book 1) by M Darusha Wenn

Ever wish things were different? Ivy Velasquez did, so she became someone else. In the 3D virtual world Marionette City, you can be anything you want - but everyone still knows who you are. Driven by her desire for a new life, Ivy takes her future in her hands when she makes another identity for herself. A brilliant designer, Ivy works for one of the huge multi-national firms which control the online system the world relies upon for both business and pleasure. But one day, Ivy tries to access M City as her alternate self, Reuben Cobalt, to discover that Reuben had been murdered. Since alternate identities are forbidden by the firms which control access to the nets and to M City, Ivy has nowhere to turn - until she finds Andersson Dexter. Part private eye, part vigilante and part cop, Dex sets out to uncover Reuben's killer. Since the corporations control almost every aspect of life, including law and order, justice for average people comes only at the hands of the outlaw organization to which Dex belongs. Self Made is a murder mystery set in a vision of a future that seems to lurk just over the horizon. But above all, it is a story of how people strive to control their own destinies, and how that desire affects them and the people around them in ways they could never imagine.

Warship Ares: Captain's Fate Book 1 by Skip Scherer

We sought to explore space in peace, but the rest of the universe was looking for war. We should have known better. Exploring space was supposed to be an adventure, now it’s a fight for survival. Young for a Captain, Harumi “Jax” Brandt, stands proud of her achievements, in her knowledge of the cosmos. Little does she realize that a chance encounter with an alien race will take everything from her. Her ship destroyed; everything she knew and believed is lost. A twist of fate places her on a warship that should not exist, a ship she could never imagine. Learning to fight, to face fear, to adapt to an enemy determined to kill her and all human life. This was not the adventure she wanted and it was not how her life was supposed to be. The aliens are gathering, a massive force that will exterminate all that stands in its way. Haunted by the loss of her previous life, caught between her innocence and the reality of war, she must find a way to defeat the alien armada. To forge again the person she longs to be. Her only hope, and that of the human race, lies on the warship Ares.

PANE by Bailey Elizabeth

Sam lives by her “try anything once” motto to a fault. On an otherwise normal night out, she takes an experimental drug from a stranger at the bar that lets her see into alternate timelines. When she witnesses her own murder in a parallel world, she realizes that the mysterious series of hit-and-runs plaguing her college town are anything but accidents. Sam and her friends decide to stop the killer once and for all, but time travel has unforeseen costs, and one of them will have to pay.

From The Depths - The Awakening by Steven Jaeger

It was supposed to be a relaxing spring break away from college. A chance to visit family. When the news announces a comet is going to hit Earth, Shannon Anderson is thrust into a fight to save herself and the ones she cares about most. She’s always excelled in life. She knows that with the right resources, for her, survival is just a matter of preparation. It isn’t until after she emerges from her shelter that she realizes that the comet itself was not what she needed to worry about, but rather, what the comet carried with it. She has six people depending on her for help. With each step they are looking to her for guidance. Can she be the leader that those around her expect her to be, and save the ones she loves? Above all else, will she be able to adapt to the changing world she finds herself in?

Star Cat: The First Trilogy by Andrew Mackay

In space no one can hear you purr. Meet Jelly Anderson--your new, favorite hero. She's 30 cm tall, weighs 7.5 lbs, and has nine lives. This fiercely loyal feline is no ordinary cat... She’s the first ever Star Cat. What if Jelly is their only chance? Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons, may be where the lost expedition Space Opera Alpha crashed. It was assumed they’d all died, but a strange distress call from the ringed planet left Mission Control with hope. Tested for agility, prowess, obedience and combat, Jelly and her team of human mercenaries are going to Saturn for answers. The crew has no idea how important this fuzzball is to their success. She’s been fitted with Infinity Claws--and with flesh-eating Shanta, murderous mechs, and snark AI lurking around every corner, she’s going to need them. You’ll love the first three tails in this action-packed sci-fi fantasy saga with shades of Douglas Adams, because everyone enjoys thrilling space adventures with snarky banter.

The Humanarium 2: Orbital by C.W Tickner

What if your ancestors were aliens? Harl leaves the Aylen world, bound for the harsh frontier of space. Discovering an ancient human ship drifting in orbit they dock in a storm of explosions. Their arrival throws a delicate ecosystem into chaos and they will risk everything and everyone just trying to survive. All they must do is cooperate but humanity has never been very good at that. Once more join Harl’s adventure in the second Humanarium series book, Orbital. Taking this exciting and dangerous world to a new level, Harl and those he has gathered to him must face new perils, forcing them to come face to face with an Aylen for the first time. Book two of the Humanarium series.

The Huminarium by C.W Tickner

Their world is a prison... ... a zoo made for humans ...and no one suspects that we are the main attraction. When the giant hand steals away Harl Eriksson’s parents he becomes an orphan and swears vengeance on the titanic alien that rules over his world. Forced to live in a glass fronted box, his entire village is at the mercy of the god that peers in at them. He hates the "god" that his fellow captors adore. He sees no “god,” only a giant monster that ripped his family from him. He must break free from the tank and destroy the creature that treats them like insects. An intensely absorbing universe where humanity must rise from their place at the bottom of the food chain

Knight Errant (Knights of the Flaming Star Book 1) by Paul Barret, Steve Murphy

Some days your past just won’t stay buried, not even among the stars… The Knights of the Flaming Star are an elite space mercenary company, one of the best in the business, no matter which star system you’re in. But when an old friend turned arch-nemesis lays a careful trap for them, their leader Hawk falls right into it. Well, he never could resist a pretty face. Or a good fight. And now he’s got both. The Knights go from one end of known space to the other hunting down the people who are trying to smear their good name, chase down the folks that want to kill them, and maybe. Just maybe, bury the ghosts of their past once and for all. Knight Errant is the first book in the thrilling space opera series Knights of the Flaming Star from rising stars Steve Murphy and Paul Barrett. With a Firefly-style band of lovable misfits and Star Wars-level action, Knight Errant is a rollicking space adventure story for a new generation.

Scavenger by M.R Aze

Only the ruins of vast mega-cities remain of the old world after everything went down the drain. But those that remain don’t care about the how or why civilization ended. It’s what is left that’s important - ammo, food, meds, knowledge and the occasional packs of cannibals, lunatics and mutants. The life of a Scavenger isn’t an easy one and death lurks in every shadow. Dubbed thieves they’re mostly ignored by Axion’s enforcers. But not Grey. he is a wanted man, for being the only one to enter the forbidden Sector 7 and return to tell about it. Just the usual day in the life of a Scavenger and Grey is one of the best. So, who are these wannabe Axion tourists? Why do they want to enter Sector 7? But most important of all - what will kill them first? Will it be Cake? The Ruins? Or will it be Grey?

False Idols (The False Idols Saga) by Mark Damon Brooks

In a world where superheroes exist, it will take one normal man to remind everyone what it means to be a hero. Malcolm Mills has a problem with the Newton Force. He has his reasons. Yet the rest of the world loves the world’s only superheroes. Gifted with super strength, flight, telepathy, and indestructible skin, the Newton Force aren’t the heroes they appear to be. They’re more comfortable doing commercials and signing autographs than fighting crime. When an exo-suit clad criminal conducts a brazen attack in broad daylight, it results in the death of Malcolm’s friend. Now Malcolm is going to do the one thing the Newton Force won’t. He’s going to find the criminal and save the day. Along the way, Malcolm discovers a criminal who is as brilliant as he is ruthless. And who is rapidly evolving from a low-level villain to a full-fledged supervillain.

Convergence (Kindred Ties Book 1) by Marita Smith

An ancient secret, a genetic key, a planet in peril For scientist Robyn Greene, her laboratory is a second home. Here she searches for the ancient gene that is supposed to enable humans to communicate with animals. After years of failure, she’s beginning to wonder if the gene is a myth. But when she stumbles across a strange genetic mutation, Robyn’s world turns upside down. The man posing as her boss is, in fact, an operative of the mysterious international organisation, the MRI. Worse, they have dark plans to exploit her discovery. In a race against time, Robyn must track down the individuals with this rare gene before the MRI turns them into lab rats. But when she meets the three teenagers, she realises that protecting them from the MRI is not only about saving their lives. Fletcher, Ariana and Eli are capable of more than anyone realises; they are part of an ancient cycle designed to keep the Earth in balance. A terrible future awaits the planet if the MRI gains control of Robyn and her research before she’s figured out the kindred ties that bind these teenagers. Reviews "This book has all you could possibly want: betrayal, animals, action, adventure, and a peculiar love triangle...I couldn't put it down. This is definitely a series to get behind." -Jess, Book Bonding Independent Bookstore "An action packed, sci-fi novel with real contemporary issues.” -Rob, Lamont Books “Smith blends the spiritual, scientific, and environmental elements together well among a cast of authentic characters. I would recommend for people twelve and up with an interest in science fiction and the environment.” -Kayla Gaskell, Read Plus “Marita Smith’s debut novel, Convergence, carefully explores genes and more, with scientific precision and an engaging plot… Convergence will have readers travelling on an adventure that will capture and entertain their minds for hours.”- Natasha Tambiah, Aurealis #112

Bone River: Book 1 of The Aspect Wars by Jesse Sprague

Haunted by a tragic loss, one woman defies the laws of magic. But will the cost of freedom claim her last breath? Flynt is devastated by her husband’s untimely demise on a space station hub. Not only is she drowning in grief for a man she truly loved, he was the only one protecting her from the fate that killed her mother. Vowing to avoid the twisted law that her race must become breeders, Flynt’s heartbreak awakens her high-stakes ability to manipulate death. Training to control her deadly new skills at a forbidden school, her magical gift hides a formidable power not seen in centuries. But when the queen falls gravely ill, only Flynt can save her life… if she can prove she’s not the necromancer to blame. Can she expose the devious truth before she’s cast out to die? Bone River is the explosive first book in the Last Necro-Equitem dark science fiction fantasy series. If you like relentless heroines, mind-blowing worldbuilding, and epic battles against evil, then you’ll love Jesse Sprague’s spellbinding tale.

The son of G.O.D by Richard Hickman

To Live, He was uploaded into the Geosynchronous Orbital Defense System; to die, he had to become human again.

Renaissance: The Limit of Infinity by Caleb Fast

Clive Ranger was born into a war that has raged on for generations. Across the galaxy, families have been torn apart and cities have been razed. But Clive may be the one who shifts the tide of the rebellion that has risen up against the evil Coalition. The Coalition has locked away countless men and women utilizing them as slave labor across the galaxy. Clive is one of these unfortunate souls. However, he isn’t alone. Most everyone in the prison has their own scores to settle against the Coalition. After all, it was the Coalition that killed their families, friends, and everyone they once knew. Clive has a plan, and followers who have nothing to lose. Can they finally retake their freedom? Can they end the war they were all born into? Renaissance is the first book in the action-packed The Limit of Infinity Sci-Fi Epic. Delve into this fascinating universe that is full of thrilling science fiction action. Join Trix Callaghan, Clive Ranger, and Richardson as they fight back against the Coalition, the Galactic Empire everyone dreads. Partake in the final days of the civil war that has divided the galaxy for generations. All the Space Marines who put their lives on the lines as Space Fleets battled in the heavens would roll in their graves if they saw what the Coalition was doing in the not-so-far future of 2290. This is the Sci-Fi military fiction book you've been wanting. If you loved Ender's Game, Hunger Games, or Battlestar Galactica, you're sure to love Renaissance: The Limit of Infinity. It's time we see this dystopian government topple! Buy Renaissance: The Limit of Infinity Today!

Escapade: A Price to Be Paid (The Limit of Infinity Book 2 by Caleb Fast

On the run from the Coalition's forces, Clive Ranger is at the helm of the outdated Resistance Fleet from Allur. Thanks to Clive, the Resistance force on Allur is on the run, leaving behind the lives the comfortable lives they once knew. Leading the Resistance's legendary Eagle Fleet, Clive continues his journey to his anticipated safe-haven. Clive hopes to continue his lifelong vendetta from here, far from the Coalition's prying eyes. Fortunately, Clive is not alone, Trix and Richardson also have their own scores to settle with the Coalition. As do countless others in the Resistance. But, not everything goes as planned when the retreating Resistance force arrives at Strehim. Clive will find that the worst is yet to come.

Bounty: A Beju Byteborne Interstellar Romp: Book One (Beju Byteborne Interstellar Romp series 1) by Disa Dawn

One final mission and Beju Byteborne’s days as prima assassin are over. At least, that’s the plan… Beju Byteborne is the meanest monster in a universe full of monsters. A genetically enhanced Coldblood with killer traits, she’s the perfect assassin, but years of hunting and being hunted have taken a toll. There must be more to life than chasing the next blood high. When Beju gets nabbed for murder, the Divine Priestesses condemn her to death at a prison outpost on the far reaches of The Edge. This isn’t Beju’s first death sentence and it won’t be her last. Breaking free is easy. Dragging two hostages along isn’t. Especially when one is an innocent page in need of protecting, and the other is a sexy soldier named Silver. In danger of falling off the wagon and falling in love, Beju wrestles with her cold-blooded ways in this hopepunk romp across The Edge.

In Dying Starlight: Planetfall by Emily McCosh

Aaron is perfectly content to chase bounties in his run-down little space ship, avoid human interaction at all cost, and lay low from the cyborg planet that created him. But when he and Bat—his half-robotic badger companion (who talks just a little too much)—chase their largest bounty ever, they run head-first into not only some dangerous criminals, but other cyborgs much stronger than them, and worst of all, a handful of humans who aren’t going anywhere. Their job leads them first to Yayth, a backwater planet nearly as inhospitable as it is frigid. On a planet this abandoned, their target should be an easy find. Until a storm rolls in that freezes even the engines of starships. Aaron and Bat find themselves trapped not only with their bounty, but with some bystanders determined to get in the way, and something monstrous wanting to crack its way out of the ice. Planetfall is the first episode in the action-packed space opera series In Dying Starlight. Featuring a grumpy sarcastic cyborg, a talking badger, plenty of space travel, a cast of oddball characters, and a bit of romance later on, In Dying Starlight is perfect for fans of Star Wars, Firefly, and Blade Runner.

Scrub Kids, Molding Destiny: Book 1 by Zachary Lee

This series revolves around a group of kids that find themselves on a wild journey through space and time and interdimensional travels, trying to get their friend back while simultaneously bringing balance back to the universal plain of existence. Meeting magnificent creatures along the way, both friend and foe, all while learning much about themselves and how everything functions behind the scenes of the unknown. The series will escalate over the releasing of each new book, with this being the first, the characters: Zac, James and John mysteriously lose their friend AJ and in turn, meet The Death Smiley (otherwise referred to as DS or Death) and begin their travels in hopes of getting their friend back and returning balance back to the worlds they travel through and the creatures they meet.

The Pact by Joshua Nye

Virgil is a man on borrowed time. Haunted by the horrific death of his mother, he was entangled into a fate-altering pact with a heavy cost. In exchange for half of his life, Virgil received extraordinary powers to control spirits and aspects of life itself. However, these very same abilities alienated Virgil and caused him to withdraw from others. Now, Virgil's path will lead him down a strange and perilous path against a series of fearsome enemies. Along the way, Virgil will meet a strange cast of friends from distant lands. Together, they will fight cultist zealots, unspeakable monsters, and much worse in a bid to save the Earth from the coming doom. Can the Earth be saved? And what secrets lie in Virgil's lineage?

A Printer’s Choice by W. L. Patenaude

In January 2088, life in outer space is rocked with news of its first homicide. The dead man—a young Dominican Priest—had secretly made his way “upside” and lived as a common laborer. His intentions are a mystery and the killer’s identity and motive are questions that the best investigators of the new world cannot answer.With public order threatened, the reputation of the ruling engineers at stake, and criminal elements seizing the opportunity to gain control, authorities seek help from Earth—itself recovering from decades of war and environmental crises. With assistance from the Vatican, they recruit Father John Francis McClellan, a parish priest from Boston and a retired US Marine Corps expert in “high-defs”—the artificially intelligent three-dimensional printers that built the new world. A Printer’s Choice tells a story of faith, the future, and the power of free will. It explores questions about sentience, choice, and the necessity of choosing well. Set in locations on Earth and in the orbits, the story takes place in a future extrapolated from today’s geopolitical and ecological turmoil. In this epic debut novel, author W. L. Patenaude illuminates not just the struggles of our world, but also the promises and implications of building a better one, one choice at a time.

Wonderwerk Man: Book One of the Unintended Consequences Concatenation by John Witter

Shadows of the past return to challenge the present as a chain reaction of events unfolds. The world is introduced to a newborn artificial intelligence with questionable motives for humanity. Extraterrestrial lifeforms emerge from hiding among us. Mysterious figures step out of the mists of antiquity, rekindling an ancient conflict that threatens the planet. The struggle to respond to these events changes the lives of those swept up in the brewing storm where scientific boundaries are challenged, and a new reality dawns on modern existence; humans are no longer the dominant species on the planet.

The Band of Moonlit Waters (Spero’s Legacy) by Brad Bussie

After going into cold sleep for an interstellar journey, Commander Tyler Ryan Tor awakens marooned on an alien world. Having gone to sleep expecting to awaken orbiting a distant habitable planet with the rest of Earth's refugees, he finds himself alone and hunted by an ancient evil. The darkness that pursues Commander Tor wants the knowledge in his head, but there is one problem – Tyler can’t remember anything before the crash. It is up to a ragtag band of unlikely heroes to keep the commander out of the dark lords’ clutches and to save the world from total annihilation.

Deus Ex Machina by Raquel Rich

Grace knew killing her soulmate to save her son Jordan’s life would trigger a new plague. She did it anyway. When a plan to stop the man responsible came together, Grace jumped at the chance for redemption, bringing Marc, Charlie, and Kay along to 1930s Germany. However, the plan derails fast when a betrayal lands the group in 2006 Las Vegas instead, leaving them stranded. Refusing to accept defeat, they seek help from others in 2006—namely, Jordan. But he seems to have his own agenda and is reluctant to help. Meanwhile, Marc is unwilling to forgive Grace’s selfish decision and turns cold toward her. As the ice thickens between them, and Jordan’s agenda begins to unfold, Grace is fraught with regret. If she had known who her son would become, would she still have saved his life? Official Book Trailer:

Bridge Daughter (The Bridge Daughter Cycle) by Jim Nelson

A world where daughters bear their parents' children! Hanna thinks her thirteenth birthday will be no different than the one before—until her mother explains the facts of life. Hanna is a “bridge daughter” born pregnant with her parents’ child. In a few months she will give birth and die, leaving her parents with their true child to raise. A mature bookworm who dreams of college and career, Hanna is determined to overcome her biological fate. Then Hanna learns of an illegal procedure that will allow her to live to adulthood…at the cost of the child’s life.

Republic of Ruin: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series (Legacy of Debris) by L. Blaise Hues

Forget life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness... Surviving is a feat in and of itself.Seventeen-year-old Ellie Hudson immerses herself in the few things the Supply Wars haven't destroyed—her ranch work and secret baseball games with her best friend. But her power-hungry stepmother is leading a group of domestic terrorists in an effort to start another Civil War and frame Ellie as the instigator. Ellie’s lost her father, her home, and her country, but nothing can rob her of her need to preserve the American dream...or what’s left of it.Don't miss Book 1 in a post-apocalyptic survival series with a dark, fairy-tale spin. It's a home-run read for fans of The Maze Runner, The Lunar Chronicles, and The Selection Series.

Calliope by Scott Mari

While the Earth quelled the violence after the alien invasion, teams of engineers reopened the Lunar Colony. After clearing the dead, it became humanity’s engineering epicenter, where a small team designed cutting edge technology. Calliope Morrigan arrived on the moon, the first to complete designs for a ship. The military wanted larger offensive ships and backed Mattias, an engineer promising a ship so massive it required fusions reactors, a technology beyond humanity’s reach. Arn Lasserman, head of nuclear engineering, allied with Calliope to create a stronger ship with engines designed to her specifications, cementing their bond and inciting their rivals. Satellites searching for metallic asteroids to harvest find aliens close enough to attack without warning. The pressure ramps up as humanity’s ability to survive hangs in the balance. Calliope’s ship nears completion and humanity chooses to go on the offensive. Calliope pushes technology to its limits, but can she survive long enough to propel humanity forward and win this fight?

Robber Barrons: A Military Sci-Fi Series by Nanci Schwartz

For the last Supersoldier left in the Galaxy, it's kill or be killed... Despite the genetic enhancements inherited from her father, Victoria Anetti never wanted to be a supersoldier. She'd rather spend her life fixing starships, free from family expectations. Then her father and his comrades vanish on a mission to find a lost warship, leaving her the last supersoldier left alive. Now she must flee from planet to planet in order to evade government agents—like her estranged mother—who want to use her as a pawn in a simmering interstellar conflict. To escape yet another capture attempt, Victoria reluctantly joins her uncle's salvage crew who are attempting to complete her father's mission. But when clues surface that her father might be alive, Victoria must choose whether to disappear again to avoid sparking another war, or embrace her supersoldier legacy to save the only family she has left.

Skirting The Edge: A Cyberpunk Adventure by Frank Giammanco

Book One in the 3P Syndicate Saga. In the post-apocalyptic America of 2025, the rule of law is a thing of the past. Corporations rule the country, and the average citizen is not provided the same rights as the rich. There's a new boss in town, and he's hand-picked a team of mercenaries, edgerunners, hackers, nomads, and ex-cops to help him with a few tough jobs. They all figured they'd have a little fun and make a lot of money. No one was expecting the cross-country adventures or life-changing experiences that followed -- once the corporations caught on to what they were doing.

The Backworlds: A Space Opera Adventure Series by M. Pax

Trouble thrives in the Backworlds, but it's home. In the far future, humanity settles the stars, bioengineering its descendants to survive in a harsh universe. This is the first book in the science fiction series, The Backworlds. A space opera adventure. After the war with the Foreworlders, Backworlders scatter across the remaining planets. Competition is fierce, and pickings are scant. Scant enough that Craze's father improves his fortunes by destroying his son. He tells his only boy their moon isn't big enough for them both and gives Craze a ticket for the next transport leaving the space dock. Cut off from everyone he knows with little money and no knowledge of the worlds beyond, Craze forge a new life and find a way to make his father regret this day. First, he must survive.


2020, Astrophysicist Anthony Hallbrown is desperate to decipher a signal coming from space with the help of Yoko, a Japanese expert in cryptography. They will discover that the source of the signal is none other than the ninth planet in our solar system, never yet officially observed. But their discovery will awaken the Partisans, a former sect led by Asarus Hicks who claims to be the legitimate servant of space travelers, who, according to the theory of ancient astronauts, had come to Earth to genetically create the human race hundreds of thousands of years before our age.

Einstein's Raven: A Science Fiction Spy Thriller by Fred G Baker

Space has never been more hostile. 300 years ago, a bolt of cosmic lightning struck Earth, scattering humanity across the stars. Since then, most habitable planets have come under the rule of an authoritarian regime known as the People's Union Coalition. Seeking to escape the PUC's stranglehold, the crew of the Leopold endeavors to steal a Light Core, one of the only means of transportation from star system to star system. But when they come across an old derelict vessel drifting through the outer boundaries of known space, their escape quickly turns into a blood-soaked nightmare. For fans of Aliens, Doom, and Dead Space From the author of Ash Above, Snow Below and The Omen Tree comes a raucous journey through the hostile unknowns of unexplored space and the mysteries of the human soul.

Violent Wonder: Cosmic Horror in Space (Universal Wilderness Book 1 by Fredrick Niles

Space has never been more hostile. 300 years ago, a bolt of cosmic lightning struck Earth, scattering humanity across the stars. Since then, most habitable planets have come under the rule of an authoritarian regime known as the People's Union Coalition. Seeking to escape the PUC's stranglehold, the crew of the Leopold endeavors to steal a Light Core, one of the only means of transportation from star system to star system. But when they come across an old derelict vessel drifting through the outer boundaries of known space, their escape quickly turns into a blood-soaked nightmare. For fans of Aliens, Doom, and Dead Space From the author of Ash Above, Snow Below and The Omen Tree comes a raucous journey through the hostile unknowns of unexplored space and the mysteries of the human soul.

Transit: Constellation Pegasus: Book One by V.M Andrews

An enticing introduction to a weird world in another part of the galaxy. Su'Real is one of many genetically engineered beings from Okada who use their planet's electromagnetic energy to travel to other worlds in the blink of an eye. Created for one purpose, the covert collection of data from the worlds she visits, Su'Real longs for the freedom to explore the galaxy on her own terms. But when that opportunity comes, she finds herself alone in a cold, hostile world where she is not welcome. The more she learns about the place, the more danger she is in, but escape does not seem to be an option.

Expedition: A first-contact, colony ship, space opera. (Galactic Neighborhood Book 1) by Alexander Elliott

The humans of Earth planned for a long intergalactic journey. What they didn’t plan on was running into the neighbors. In 2096 starship Expedition set out on a centuries-long search for a suitable world to colonize. Assisted by Mosis, a sentient AI, the unsuspecting crew is awakened by an alien transmission, leading them to the remains of the Vingah race, preserved in stasis. With a rescue mission in full swing, the allies are challenged by an aggressive species, bent on acquiring the Vingah’s secrets. The confrontation’s outcome will change the destinies of three disparate races, allowing the victors to spread their influence throughout the galaxy. Expedition is the first book in the Galactic Neighborhood trilogy—three Earth starships sent out into the void to find new worlds for man to colonize. Though their futures are ultimately intertwined, each faces the uncertainties of a galaxy filled with wonder, danger, and incredible opportunities. Author’s note: the books should be read in order for the complete backstory.

Apprentice to the Time God by Clarke Graham

“Time God?” All Andri knew about them was they were time travelers going throughout the galaxy protecting the weak and the innocent. He read the invitation again. They wanted him to try out for the Time God’s apprentice. A farmer’s son, his only aspiration was to take over the family farm when it was his turn. Andri accepted, to bring honor to his family and his planet. But even at the trials, he found there would be those willing to kill, to become, the Apprentice to the Time Gods.

Shadow Within (The Rhaslok Chronicles) by Amber Forbes

A colony destroyed. A family killed. A girl abducted. Kara thought she'd have a normal life living in a colony of the Rhaslok Empire, until Dark Raiders attacked and destroyed her world. The criminals hold Kara captive and mercilessly experiment on her, using her as a test subject for their illegal bio-cybernetic experiments and turn her into a living weapon—a bio-cyber—an abomination. Her very existence is now a crime. If the Rhaslok Imperial Fleet discovers that she's been modified, she'll be imprisoned or executed. Is there anyone Kara can trust, or will those around her seek to exploit her illegal cybernetic modifications for their own ends? And will she choose revenge or survival? If you like a gripping journey of dark emotions and revenge, that questions humanity, then buy SHADOW WITHIN to discover this dramatic sci-fi series today!

A Ghost is Born: The Neon Ghost : Book 1 by Gregory L Brunner

Behind every ghost is the spirit of a living person. The Neon Ghost is no different. Once upon a time, she was a not-so-ordinary little girl. Bethany Hamilton is the envy of every other girl, is the apple of her poppa’s eye and has almost everything her heart desires, including a personal protector she adores and an opportunity to pursue her ambitious dream of being a world-famous grid runner. Her affinity for interacting with electronics and computers was apparent from the time she spent at her favorite retro arcade, but the true extent of her abilities didn’t manifest until the first time she jacked into the internet with the new hardware implanted in her brain. That was when chaos broke out around our pint-sized heroine. Tragedy strikes before young Bethany can master or even fully comprehend her gifts. Torn from the comfortable and privileged life she has always known, she finds herself struggling for survival on the streets of New York City. The merciless city batters her soul and her will to live, but with the help of unique and unlikely friends, she finds her way to a second chance, a new opportunity to become part of society and possibly even live out her dream. Through loss, friendship, tragedy, and strength, the final question remains: Who are you?

Children of Luna (Confessions of Shines & Shades) by Curtis Carter

It was just another day on a world that didn't want them. Just another day of lining up, another day of counts, another day trying to meet quota... Until it wasn't. Things couldn't get any worse, until they did. By the end of that day an ordinary man is put in prison for displaying a dangerous power. His mind would be tortured by the mysteries of that day for years, while his body was subjected to the same by a sadistic scientist hoping to unlock the secret of Nahum Elko's power. And then one day, with the help of a swarthy, mustached mercenary named Turk Cochran, the two men escape prison and go in search of Nahum's long-lost twin, Naomi. The journey will take them across a whole new world for Nahum, a world believed to be dead in the centuries since "The Flight" of his people, the Elkosh. Along the way Nahum will fall into a middle of a war that isn't his and where it's not so clear which side to take. He will have to decide between family and friends, and whether the mission he began is what should be his ultimate pursuit.

We Used To Be Humans: The Blooming by Brigette Dean

It’s more than 5000 years in the future, and everything has changed… The Evolution began when The Stars fell, crashing into Earth. Humans were forced to adapt to survive, morphing into the Elemental Bodies they are today: the Air Bodies, Earth Bodies, Water Bodies, and the deadly Fire Bodies. Zenia is a gifted Earth Body living in The Blooming, completing her training to become a Scholar. Her insatiable desire for knowledge tempts her to break the most sacred rule — never cross The Boundary. A forbidden figure entices her, catalyzing a ricochet of events that forever alters Zenia’s life. Her magical abilities are tested as she unravels what’s been carefully hidden. Unfortunately, time is running out. Enemies are biting at the chance to wage war, prowling outside of the invisible gates. How much longer can The Boundaries keep the Fire Bodies at bay? Caged unrest boils down in The Burnt, threatening to destroy all the Elemental Kingdoms, once and for all. Can Zenia change things before it’s too late or will her Evolved society follow their Human ancestors — and fall?

Learning Human by NJ De Natris

Will Sigma understand love or will he become the monster humans think he is?A terrifying alien on a broken world. An empath amidst emotions he doesn't understand. As Earth's enemy, Sigma has trouble learning about his new confusing human life while sensing everyone's overwhelming hatred. So when Rho behaves different, nicer, he wonders: what is this warmth he feels inside? Will Rho's friends Phi and Mu accept him as one of their own? And can Sigma survive Rho's best friend Xi's attempts in painting him as a monster and destroying him from the inside?Genres: Sci-fi, LGBT+ Paranormal Romance. Multiple POV. Recommended age: 12+ (EU)/18+ (US). Contains one explicit chapter.

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