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A Tale of Infidels by Erik A. Otto


A WORLD RIFE WITH RELIGIOUS PREJUDICE Where cryptic prophesies of gravity-defying events and stories of mythical beasts are regular undercurrents to daily life. POLITICAL TENSIONS ARE MOUNTING War has sprung, troops are mobilizing, and the omens are clear. AND NOW, INFIDELS ARE EMERGING Sinners and traitors are being cast out. These are despicable liars. They are twisted, half-wit heathens. They are deceitful scum… …and they’re the only ones that could save millions of lives.

Falcon Fire by Erik A. Otto

SPSFC 2022 SPSFC 2023

On colonial Venus, people who are susceptible to lies have been denigrated and barred from the citizenry. Ancient dirigibles dock at the top of colossal towers to shunt people to and from underground cities. Armies of enclosed, beetle-shaped biocrawlers creep around the planet providing a coveted, yet deficient, natural environment. Colonists strive for an outdoor ecology to call their own, but terraforming is faltering. There is growing unrest, and at the heart of this rift is Hix, a member of the Venusian underclass. He has risen from the tenements to become a renowned film star, until he is accused of murder. Neeva is destined to be Keeper, an esteemed protector of First Colony Heritage. She is also an inspector assigned to Hix’s case... and the victim happens to be her sister. Hix and Neeva must find passage through the winds of change, or their people will be swept away forever.

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