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C贸dicemex: C贸dice Mexicano de Omeyoc谩n

C贸dicemex: C贸dice Mexicano de Omeyoc谩n by Dar铆o Aguilar Peregrina

SYNOPSIS C脫DICEMEX: C脫DICE MEXICANO DE OMEYOC脕N In the astonishing world of Teteocan, the Gods of the Aztec, Maya, Pur茅pecha, Yokot谩n cultures, and many more, coexisted harmoniously thanks to an alliance achieved by the God Nanahuatzin Quetzalcoatl and the Goddess Coatlicue with the other realms known as the Thirteen Heavens. After the death of Nanahuatzin, a young Goddess named Xeloh Tlazolteotl along with her loyal servants known as "Aluhuales" would provoke a revolution against the reign of Coatlicue seeking vengeance for the death of her former Tlatoani. Faced with this situation, Princess Alitzel Quetzalcoatl, along with her master Xipetotec and her guardian ocelot Janitzin, would manage to escape from Xeloh to the nation known as Mexico. In search of returning home, Alitzel would ask for help from a boy named Daniel "Dani" Aguilar and his friends, nicknamed the " Pandilla Iztapalapa," to find the "Xoconostles" through the magical artifact known as the C贸dice Mexicano de Omeyoc谩n, confront Xeloh, and restore the peace of the Heaven.

The Three Wise Young Men Part III

The Three Wise Young Men Part III by Dar铆o Aguilar Peregrina

Ever since the young Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltazar discovered they were descendants of the Original Wise Men, their lives would completely change for better and for worse due to some enemies they would encounter along the way. Nevertheless, thanks to their collective charisma, as well as the help of incredible friends from the Magical Multiverse, their main mission of delivering gifts had been an absolute success. Upon recommendation of Santa Claus himself, the Wise Young Men would be summoned by the Mansa (King) of Mukehele Zunduri to find an object that would bring peace and stability to the kingdom after being missing for many years... The Star of Bethlehem.

The Three Wise Young Men Part II

The Three Wise Young Men Part II by Dar铆o Aguilar Peregrina

Two years after defeating Herodes the Great, Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltazar had fully assumed the mantle of the Three Wise Men and brought gifts to different parts of the world accompanied by their friends from the Citadel and Mexico City. Due to the great success of the three in the task entrusted to them by the ancient Kings, they would be invited to Santa Claus's Christmas celebration at the North Pole, where various characters from different fantasy realms beyond the Citadel Kingdom would attend. However, when an ancient evil spirit would try to ruin this gathering and at the same time the upcoming Christmas, the Wise Young Men would seek to stop it...

The Three Wise Young Men

The Three Wise Young Men by Dar铆o Aguilar Peregrina

After years of fulfilling the wishes of all children every January 6th, one day, the Three Wise Men disappeared without a trace from the magical world they came from... Following this event, three young people from different parts of Mexico City who had stopped believing in the tradition and had a connection with the original Three Wise Men, would be chosen to embark on an unforgettable journey and find them. The Magic is real...

The Tenacious Tale of Tanna the Tendersword

The Tenacious Tale of Tanna the Tendersword by Dewey Conway & Bill Adams


Galdifort Quillpen has grand dreams of writing epic tales of heroic deeds, just like his famous aunt. Unfortunately, he鈥檚 been assigned to Tanna the Tendersword, an excruciatingly carefree would-be-champion who can鈥檛 seem to find a qualifying entry-level quest. When things are at their most miserable, the young Questers meet an enigmatic old woman who offers Tanna a quest: follow a peg-legged, sword-wielding rooster to help save a crying mushroom lost within a haunted forest. Tanna heroically accepts, regardless of how incredibly unsafe the odd quest seems. But Galdifort鈥檚 fears become reality when a sorceress sends her fog monster and lizard henchmen after them. Only a true Champion should confront a sorceress, and, in his eyes, Tanna is not up to the task. But if he wants to write his chronicle, Galdifort must learn to do something he certainly isn鈥檛 comfortable doing 鈥 trust in honest friendship with Tanna the Tendersword. He鈥檚 just a chronicler, after all, not a hero!

DreamRealm Unleashed

DreamRealm Unleashed by Sahasra Nistala

Twelve-year-old Tara is good at one thing and one thing slaying her enemies. You know, in a video game. DreamRealm is a kids-only haven for young gamers, and it鈥檚 the reason Tara simply hasn鈥檛 had time to mourn her sister. But she can鈥檛 ignore everything else, like the fact that her childhood friend is now an unbearable enemy, or that her GPA is sinking lower than her self-esteem. Just when it seems life can鈥檛 get any worse, DreamRealm is released from virtual containment, trapping all the adults in an alternate dimension. To get the world back to normal, Tara and her friends must embark on a monster-filled quest across San Francisco and rack up enough points to get to the top of a global leaderboard. Enter the Minors Establishing A New Order of Society, a teen-run organization that doesn鈥檛 want the adults to return. When Tara learns that the MEANOS鈥 leader caused the car accident that killed her sister, it鈥檚 game on. Hungry for revenge, Tara vows to beat the MEANOS to the finish line. She fights giant dragons, finds treasure, and heroically fends off teens (they鈥檙e smellier than the dragons, that鈥檚 for sure). With the help of her neighbors, a kid who runs a magic arcade, and her actually-not-so-bad frenemy, she gets closer and closer to finishing the mission. But as her inner boss battle looms, she must come to terms with her past before she鈥檚 captured鈥攐r else, it鈥檚 game over.


Darragh:Dragon by Arden Erimitis

Quiet and curious, Dragon Gaelen isn鈥檛 a typical dragon. For one, she was raised by gnomes- Carrick, Aideen, and Annalene Gaelen who live in the beautiful countryside of Mossbark Acres within Gnome Colony of the enchanted land of Darragh. Having lost everything in a tragic storm before she was hatched, Dragon knows very little about her origin. Growing up among the cob houses of peaceful Gnome Colony, she鈥檚 always felt accepted and loved- but never quite like she belonged. When her adoptive family enrolls her in the impressive Breezemaple Academy, Dragon believes it holds the key to the missing pieces of her past. Surrounded by students and teachers from all across Darragh, she hopes she鈥檒l finally stop feeling like an outsider. However, Breezemaple isn鈥檛 at all what she expects. On her first day, she feels lost, overwhelmed, and betrayed by two particular students- a fellow dragon named Azric and a phoenix named Kora. Dragon believed meeting other students would help her find herself. Instead, she becomes the target of their jokes, teased for her differences and never embraced as one of their own. Filled with shame and self-loathing, Dragon must choose to stay silent and bury her past- or find her voice among the pain. A powerful story about being true to ourselves, Dragon takes us on a journey of self-acceptance- illustrating how the choices and innate power within each of us impacts the magic we wield

Honey And Salt

Honey And Salt by David Perlmutter

The story is narrated by Olivia Thrift, a.k.a. the Manitoba based pre-teen super-heroine Captain Fantastic. After filling us in about her background, she then proceeds to speak about her first meeting with the members of the Canadian Consortium of Super-heroines, all of whom are her age or slightly older and based in different parts of Canada. She is particularly thrilled to meet her idol Gerda Munsinger, a.k.a. Muscle Girl, also a Manitoban by residence, and even more so when Gerda befriends her. However, the joyousness of the occasion is marred when Captain Fantastic's arch-enemy Gridiron Girl arrives and tricks Captain Fantastic into literally fighting a losing battle with her. In doing so, Olivia loses the personal confidence required to sustain her heroic persona, and becomes meek and helpless, saved only from death by the timely intervention of Muscle Girl. It is discovered that a villainous race of men known as the Merch are responsible for this, as well as the kidnapping of the members of the Consortium en masse when Gerda and Olivia are otherwise engaged. As a consequence, Muscle Girl is forced to call the aid of her colleagues in the International League of Girls with Guns- The Brat, an alien only resembling a toddler; Power Bunny, a truly animated rabbit; Cerberus, the all-mighty Princess of Puppies; and Candy Girl, the Titan of Teens- to help her and a temporarily powerless Olivia set things right. Yet it will not be an easy task. And before it is over, they may all succumb to multiple kinds of weakness that will destroy them permanently....

Warriors of the Suburbs

Warriors of the Suburbs by Tim Kreher

Micas was ready for the summer of his life, going to computer summer camp with his friends for the first time. But then, strange events began to unfold, starting with the disappearance of his beloved uncle, a local university professor. Soon, he would realize this would be anything but a typical summer. Upon his search for his uncle, Micas and his friends discover unusual objects, showcasing elemental powers that beckon them into a trance. Waking from his daze, Micas began seeing a mysterious fox, but there was more to this creature than appearance. The red furred animal was luring him to another world. Will he be able to escape this treacherous new land and find his way back, or remain there forever hunted by sinister stone-like beings?

Gnomes and Knights : A collection of short stories both whimsical and heroic

Gnomes and Knights : A collection of short stories both whimsical and heroic by Michael Parkes

Gnomes and Knights is a book in two parts. Gnomes is a whimsical collection of short stories about Fredrick Jerome Kopillus Gnome and the beautiful garden he calls his home. He's a magical critter who lives in Gertie's garden along with the other denizens, including a mole, a squirrel and a very sassy ant queen. Fred and his friends get up to all sorts of adventures and shenanigans while protecting the garden and venturing into the surrounding areas, like the garden of Gary Gremlin and the forest beyond the fence. With rhyming and magic and whimsy, Gnomes will have you spellbound with delight! Knights is the second part of the book, a tale of a nervous squire becoming an initiate of the Knight's Order and venturing out on a quest to fulfill his dream and his duty of serving his king. At the behest of his king, he sets out to aid the kingdom of Kyrbor in combatting the evil they face. Through cleverness, leadership and courage, Nathan the Knight overcomes obstacles and becomes more confident as he gains allies, helps those he meets along the way, and ultimately faces the cause of the problem head on.

Santa Claus: The Beginning

Santa Claus: The Beginning by Terry Broxson

On Christmas Eve 1839, an extraordinary young toy maker named John Nicholas is visited by his angelic best friend Ben and their mentor, Mr. Rudolph Stern. The angels present John with a mission: to embrace the role of Santa Claus and bring joy to children worldwide. Follow John as he encounters magical elves and meets Jessica, the manager of Santa's castle at the North Pole. Experience the excitement of Santa's first global trip on Christmas Eve, 1840, as the story reaches its heartwarming conclusion. This enchanting tale unveils the origins of a talented toy maker, his special abilities, the loyal reindeer by his side, and the devoted friendships that shape his destiny. Suitable for all ages, this classic story is a delightful adventure filled with magic, imagination, and the spirit of Christmas.

Sue B and the Ridders

Sue B and the Ridders by Melissa Ruth Rotert

Susan Michelle Beezly has a pest problem. In fact, Sue B has such a pest problem that she wonders if there isn鈥檛 some sort of exterminator who specializes in little siblings and brazen bullies. By day she's tormented by Barnaby T. Plumbol, an addle-brained oaf. By night, her nuisance takes the form of four-and-a-half-year-old Jessie Jess, oppressor to sisters and dolls alike. When a mysterious new janitor appears at her school and offers to help her with her problem, Sue B discovers that banishing her pests to the strange magical world of the Ridderlands doesn鈥檛 give her the relief she had hoped for. Instead, she鈥檚 riddled with guilt as she watches the world erase the memories of her foes. Sue B must figure out what鈥檚 truly important in order to rescue her pests from the Pterosaur-like creatures who carried them away and find it within herself to bring them home.

Beyond The Falling Snow

Beyond The Falling Snow by Qualia Reed

Wizards of the multiverse unite! Across the 100 worlds of the grand multiversal empire, magic and steampunk technology exist in a fragile balance maintained by a brutal and powerful emperor. In an isolated, northern village, young Sigir's life takes an unexpected turn when a thief steals his late father鈥檚 pocket watch. Fueled by determination to recover his precious family heirloom, Sigir is aided by an enigmatic fugitive and his father鈥檚 magical robot. Together, the trio embark on a journey across the multiverse to recover what was stolen from them. As the mystery surrounding the thief deepens, Sigir finds himself drawn into events that threaten the safety of the entire empire. Beyond the Falling Snow is a tale of chosen family, and the journey of all who grow up in a rapidly changing world.

Ghosts of Mars: Adventures of Eva Knight

Ghosts of Mars: Adventures of Eva Knight by Stuart White

SPSFC 2023

The first book in the award-winning, space adventure series for children age 9+, and fans of Vashti Hardy, AF Steadman, and Christopher Edge. 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽 "Simply brilliant" - LoveReading 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽 鈥淎 thrilling, edge-of-the-seat ride for all space loving adventurers!鈥 Vashti Hardy, Author of Brightstorm 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽 鈥淚 loved this book 鈥 not only as a type 1 diabetic 鈥 but as a fan of brilliant middle-grade stories. Perfectly paced, hugely imaginative and wildly exciting, I predict readers will adore Eva and this stunning space adventure.鈥 AF Steadman, Author of Skandar and the Unicorn Thief Mars. 2045. 13-year-old Eva, the first Martian, will risk everything to save her dad. Fame, Type 1 diabetes and a sarcastic AI companion haunt her, but when her dad goes missing on the red planet, she must overcome the 'Ghosts of Mars' to save him. The Martian for middle-grade, full of science, friendship and adventure. With a Type 1 Diabetic main character, Ghosts of Mars explores how life beyond Earth, and the fame and scrutiny that come with it, affects the young people involved, who didn't sign up for life on Mars. Ten percent of author profits go to Diabetes UK.

Legend of Samantha Torres

Legend of Samantha Torres by Jacob Ryckman

For twelve year-old Samantha Torres, her Type 1 diabetes used to just be a frustrating nuisance - one more thing for her mother to tell her she wasn't being responsible about. But when her cruise ship crashes on a mysterious jungle island and separates her from her family, managing that chronic illness becomes a struggle for her life. Luckily, she receives some help from a 3,000 year-old woman named Belby, who claims that Samantha's powers indicate that she is supposed to protect the island from intruders. Specifically, she has to stop a bunch of creepy zombie-people - who most likely have kidnapped her mom - from reaching the magical tree at the center of the island. With just a single bottle of insulin, some awesome gravity-bending superpowers, and a quippy attitude, Samantha is guaranteed to succeed and prove to her mom once and for all that she can be responsible. After all, putting yourself in harm's way to fight a bunch of bad guys is super responsible鈥ight?

Bad Grains

Bad Grains by Susanne Schmidt


Eleven-year-old Jo loves Halloween and all things horror, but she doesn't believe anything bad could ever happen in Fels, her small German hometown. When Hektor, her annoying older brother, disappears on his way home from school, Jo assumes he is playing a prank on her. But then both her father and grandma forget Hektor's name, and his stuff mysteriously disappears from his room. With the adults of no help whatsoever, Jo starts an investigation of her own, uncovering an old legend that has haunted the children of Fels for centuries. A monster lives in the rye fields, and draws children into its world under the roots. With two days until the gate between their worlds closes, and only Hektor's obnoxious best friend to help her, Jo must figure out a way to rescue her brother, or lose him forever.

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

The Way the Cookie Crumbles by Ellie Lieberman

A peek at the Christmas tree, when Brigid and her basset, Basil, were supposed to be asleep, reveals someone stole Santa's cookies. Can Brigid and Basil get them back in time to save Christmas? A fun holiday tale exploring the popular idiom: "that's the way the cookie crumbles."

I will Paint the Night

I will Paint the Night by Sam Muller

Allii has a busy schedule Stay alive Find the killer of her beloved stepmother Stop her father's people from decimating her mother's people. Allii is 17. She has no family to back her, no army to protect her, no manifest destiny awaiting her. Just Spooky, a daemon-dog who thinks humankind is beyond redemption. I will Paint the Night is a murder mystery set in a fantasy land of magic and dragons, a tale of betrayal, dysfunctional families, and friendships that save worlds.

The Fateful Curse

The Fateful Curse by Kirsten Hardin

Chryssa, a fairy, lives in a realm called Fairborn. She has a comfortable life 鈥 until she鈥檚 summoned to break a curse on Astra, a young human girl. Tensions quickly grow, as Chryssa despises all humans. And the effects of the curse are worsening. Will Chryssa complete her task? Or will Fairborn go to war with the human world?

An Echo of the Fae

An Echo of the Fae by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

Echo enjoys the peace and solitude of the Faeorn forest, regardless of how strange spending time in the "haunted" wood seems to others. But on the cusp of her thirteenth birthday, the discovery of a family secret reveals why Echo has never been drawn to the sea like her mother. This discovery shakes the foundations of her world and sends Echo on a quest, not merely into the forest, but into the heart of the fae-lands themselves, to rescue the sister she didn't know existed. Elves, dragons, and fairy courts will put Echo's wit and resolve to the test. But with time running out for her sister, will Echo even be able to save herself? A fairytale adventure perfect for fans of The Secret of Roan Innish and The Girl Who Drank the Moon.

River of Crows

River of Crows by N.P. Thompson


Ty Baxter just wants to survive seventh grade without dying of boredom or getting flattened by the school bully. But when he tries to help an injured crow, his ordinary life is suddenly upended. Now trapped in a secret, magical world, Ty finds himself at the center of a cryptic prophecy, and the target of a brutal emperor who will stop at nothing to protect his power. In a desperate gamble, Ty struggles to control his emerging magical Talent so he can help his friends rescue their kidnapped family members before the emperor uses his dark sorcery to transform them into birds and enslaves them forever as soldiers in his enchanted avian army.

Smoochy and the Maga

Smoochy and the Maga by Lea Kinley

Okay, okay. I admit I was bored with the tedium of my centuries of work as a magical Familiar. But did I really deserve to be punished with an assignment on Earth of all places? My employer, The Society for the Conservation of Wholeness, tasked me with locating a fellow Familiar that appeared to be working for a destructive wizard . . . which is a big no-no according to our employment contract. While Earth is generally a non-magical, dull, and undesirable location, I never thought I鈥檇 have any trouble at all with the assignment . . . until I realized I knew far less about Earth than I needed to and my enemy, the destructive wizard, knew far more than I did. The stakes were high for me for the first time in tens of thousands of years . . . had I finally met my match? Smoochy and the Maga is a fun, fanciful, and charming middle-grade urban fantasy novel by introductory author, Lea Kinley. The perfect cozy fantasy for tweens, teens, and the young at heart. Recommended for grade five and up or ages 9 and up.

The Dragon Hunters

The Dragon Hunters by James Russell

Away across the oceans, where few have dared to roam, upon a wondrous island, a family made its home. Living on an island means life is full of adventure for brothers Flynn and Paddy. So when a dragon swoops out of the sky and nabs their beloved dog, Coco, Flynn and Paddy know it's up to them to bring her home. That night, they pack their bags, make some terrible sandwiches, and set off on an epic adventure... See the map in this book come alive! Includes BONUS Dragon Brothers map in 3D for your phone or tablet! Download the free AR Reads app on your Android--or iOS--compatible smartphone or tablet to see and hear dragons fly, geysers gush, and get a glimpse of your favorite characters in action!

The Revenge of Bridget Cleary

The Revenge of Bridget Cleary by Mathilda Zeller


Are you a witch, or are you a fairy, or are you the daughter of Bridget Cleary? Exiled for a murder her father committed, Brigid Cleary has until midsummer to gather what she needs for readmission to her home in the fairy mound: a chest of stolen gold and a chest full of her father鈥檚 blood. With nothing but her own wits and an ability to be mostly unseen, she takes a position as a scullery maid in a country manor house, where stealing gold is easy as dusting the candlesticks. When discovery of her thieving becomes likely, she scarpers, embarking on a madcap season in London. With midsummer fast approaching, Brigid must recoup her stolen gold in any way she can, even if it means modeling for a lecherous pre Raphaelite artist, posing as a young debutante to spy on other debutantes, and forming a clandestine Pugilism Club for Young Ladies. With gold filling her pockets and her father newly released from prison, the path back to the fairies should be clear. Or would be, were it not for her growing feelings for Edmund, the gentle young lord who hired her to spy on his sister; her burgeoning sense of loyalty and friendship to Adelaide, the sister upon whom she was meant to spy; and the unsettling question of whether she should--or even could--bloodily avenge her mother鈥檚 death. Inspired by the actual 1895 murder of Bridget Cleary by her husband Michael, the struggle for Irish Home Rule, and events surrounding the late pre Raphaelite artistic movement, The Revenge of Bridget Cleary has been heralded by author Joanna Ruth Meyer as "equal parts haunting, compelling, and throughtful."

The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons

The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons by Virlyce

Blue mages learn skills from beasts. This is the story of one fortunate enough to be taken in by dragons.

4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace

4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace by Johan Twiss

14-year old Aaron Greenburg is trapped in a vegetative state. He's awake and aware of everything around him, but the doctors don't realize it. After being placed in a care facility, he receives a new roommate--an old eccentric jazz musician with dementia. When Aaron talks in his mind to stay sane, the old man hears his thoughts and replies. But no one believes the old man because they think he's crazy. And when the old man thinks he's living in the past with his dementia episodes, it pulls Aaron into those moments in time and he gets to experience 1920's New York City, World War II, and much more as the two develop an unlikely and unique friendship. 4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace is a humorous and heartwarming coming-of-age story, entwined with an end-of-age story, that will capture your imagination and renew your faith in the power of friendship.


Earthking by Christopher C. Hall

When a killer strikes from the shadows young prince Colmeron is torn from the comfort of his father鈥檚 castle and sent into hiding with the man he's sure is the traitor. Secluded in a distant refuge, Col comes to know the power of his ancestors, the Earthkings: men with the power to shape and control the land. But will that be enough to save the kingdom when an ancient enemy returns to free their long captive master?

A Dragonbird in the Fern

A Dragonbird in the Fern by Laura Rueckert

When an assassin kills Princess Jiara鈥檚 older sister Scilla, her vengeful ghost is doomed to walk their city of glittering canals, tormenting loved ones until the murderer is brought to justice. While the entire kingdom mourns, Scilla鈥檚 betrothed arrives and requests that seventeen-year-old Jiara take her sister鈥檚 place as his bride to confirm the alliance between their countries. 鈥婱arrying the young king intended for her sister and traveling to his distant home is distressing enough, but with dyslexia and years of scholarly struggles, Jiara abandoned any hope of learning other languages long ago. She鈥檚 terrified of life in a foreign land where she鈥檒l be unable to communicate. Then Jiara discovers evidence that her sister鈥檚 assassin comes from the king鈥檚 own country. If she marries the king, Jiara can hunt the murderer and release her family from Scilla鈥檚 ghost, whose thirst for blood mounts every day. To save her family, Jiara must find her sister鈥檚 killer . . . before he murders her too.

Awakening: The Commune鈥檚 Curse Book 1

Awakening: The Commune鈥檚 Curse Book 1 by Lucy A. McLaren

The Kingdom of Septima is ruled in all but name by the Commune, a ruthless cult that seeks control of an ancient power that has taken root in unsuspecting children in Septima. To maintain their hold on the kingdom, the Commune will stop at nothing to capture children who show signs of this power, to be weaponised or eliminated. 18-year-old Evelyn Folksman is in hiding. Taken in by a tavern-owner, she is haunted by the horrific events that drove her from her home years before. Evelyn is forced to face her past when two wayward children, Raif and Rose Huntsman, arrive at the tavern, pursued by Commune soldiers. The children fall under Evelyn鈥檚 reluctant care as the trio narrowly escape a raid. Relentlessly hunted by Commander Jonah Sulemon and Commune agent Lord Eirik Torrant, Evelyn and Raif cannot fathom why they pose such a threat to the Commune, until six-year-old Rose unwittingly reveals a terrible secret: she possesses powers more fearsome than any the Commune has unearthed in decades. There are only two options: to be captured and imprisoned, or to run for the rest of their lives.

The Problem With Fae

The Problem With Fae by Emma Bradley

A new gift, the next assignment, and a realm full of elitist Fae - beating the Forgotten on their own territory is going to be Demi's biggest challenge yet. For Demi, achieving her dream and becoming a member of Faerie headquarters should be a reason to celebrate. But that was before her new gift started causing problems. Then she's thrown onto her second assignment at Gallows Oak, a realm full of ruthless, trickster Fae. Her task: find and expose the Forgotten 24 club. Simple, except the Forgotten are the enemy and hate half-bloods like her. With a target on her back and no clue where to hunt for the mysterious 24 club, Demi faces controlling her new gift amid the increasing hostilities from those around her. At least this time her best friend Taz will be going with her, even if he is hiding secrets of his own... Welcome to Gallows Oak, Where the Fae always win.

The Trouble With Fairies

The Trouble With Fairies by Emma Bradley

All Demi Darcy dreams of is a new life. Tormented by her human sisters for being born part-fairy, she wants to find somewhere she can truly belong. When she is invited to join Arcanium, one of the most prestigious organisations that oversees all Faerie realms, she believes it's her big chance. But all is not well in Faerie. Despite her best efforts to stay out of trouble, Demi soon stumbles on a plot to murder the Queen by an outcast group of Court Fae. Their goal? Return Faerie to the dark days of old, when humans were used for sport and half-breed fairies were ostracised. Letting the Queen die isn鈥檛 something Demi's willing to do, but neither is ruining her chance at a new life. A choice must be made, but time is short and life in Faerie soon turns out to be more dangerous than Demi's darkest nightmares.

Devil's Deal

Devil's Deal by Tessa Hastjarjanto


When two angels break their deal with the Devil, he comes for the one they鈥檙e trying to protect. 16-year-old Eleonora Santos works through the summer break so she can visit her family in Italy when she graduates. With the new school year around the corner, her focus is back on homework and enjoying life with her tight group of friends. But on their first day back, she finds them fawning over two new guys in their class鈥擝en and Danny. Not a day goes by before Nora鈥檚 life is turned upside down. Her best friend now hates her, and the boys seem eager to get to know her. Despite their charming efforts, she鈥檇 rather have her best friend, not a boyfriend. When Nora discovers Ben and Danny are not who they claim to be, and their nefarious deal goes wrong, Nora is caught in the middle. To fix their mistakes, she must face the Devil and betray herself鈥攐r pay with her life. Devil's Deal is a YA romance novel with a paranormal twist set in the Dutch fictional city Lakeside. The Infernal Contracts trilogy is perfect for fans of the Twilight Saga, The Vampire Diaries, and Fallen.

Lucifer's Favour

Lucifer's Favour by Tessa Hastjarjanto


When a demon takes over Hell, you turn to the one you fear the most. After Nora鈥檚 encounter with Beelzebub she can no longer escape the supernatural world鈥搒he is marked for life. The demon鈥檚 sinister plans will hurt the people she cares about, and the only way to restore order is to track down Lucifer and convince him to reclaim his throne. Lucifer has his own agenda for staying on Earth and faces threats he鈥檚 never seen before. His escapades draw the attention of Earthly demons, ones he doesn鈥檛 control, and they鈥檙e ready to protect their territory. Nora and her friends must unite and persuade Lucifer while escaping the dangers and temptations of supernaturals. Living on the edge of the mundane world and the supernatural world challenges Nora and her friends to look beyond what they know, and believe.

Rhonda Wray: Raptor Wrangler

Rhonda Wray: Raptor Wrangler by Charon Dunn

SPSFC 2022

Rhonda Wray: Raptor Wrangler is about a teenage girl who was innocently trying to listen to some live music 鈥 her favorite boy band happened to be playing a festival on a dinosaur planet 鈥 when bad things suddenly happened. Now she and her trusty robot are all alone in the wilderness, picking up survival skills and looking for her favorite singer, Sebastian Rose, just in case he needs to be rescued. There鈥檚 hard science, explosions, plenty of dinosaurs (with feathers), diversity, no sex (although there are a few references to it), less violence than many dinosaur stories, cliffhangers galore, and a little bogus science just to honor the fine tradition of speculative fiction (what if raptors had syrinxes and could sing like birds?).


Tracker220 by Jamie Krakover


When everyone has a brain-interfacing tracking chip, one glitch threatens the entire network. Sixteen-year-old Kaya Weiss is that glitch. Through thoughts and blinks, Kaya can access anyone or anything on the tracker network. But the authorities monitor everything--where Kaya goes, who she talks to, and what she searches. And without the ability to turn it off, Kaya and her family can't observe a tech-free Shabbat. To fix the glitch, the authorities slice into her skull to reset her tracker, leaving Kaya to question more than the system's invasion into her faith. Kaya won't be a lab rat again. Evading the authorities requires some serious tech skills the rogue underground Ghosts can offer. But Kaya's not sure she can trust them--even if their top tech wiz, Bailen, has interest in her running deeper than her bum tracker. Kaya must decide if gaining freedom is worth losing her tracker's infinite knowledge--because to take down the tracker network, she must betray the only tech she's ever known.

Banneker Bones and the Giant Robot Bees

Banneker Bones and the Giant Robot Bees by Robert Kent


Fifth grader Ellicott Skullworth has always felt out of place at public school and now he's tested into the Archimedes Program at Latimer University. While in Latimer City, he鈥檒l be living with his world famous and insane(ly) brilliant cousin, Banneker Bones, the eleven-year-old inventor of robots. The only problem: Banneker doesn't want to share his room. And he's got an army of robots to make Ellicott miserable until he goes home. When the boys are ambushed by robot bees as big as cars, Ellicott's only friend is carried off and held for ransom. To rescue him, Ellicott has no choice but to partner with his maniacal cousin. Ellicott doesn't know what's worse: facing a hive of giant robot bees or spending more time with Banneker Bones. BANNEKER BONES AND THE GIANT ROBOT BEES is a humorous, science fiction adventure for readers of all ages written in the spirit of a comic book.

The Centaur Wars

The Centaur Wars by Roz Evans

A rollicking modern fantasy! Sixteen-year-old Dee Markappen is flunking Chemistry, flunking History, and flunking basically everything else. Biology, though鈥擝io is great. She鈥檚 grown up next to a haunted forest that contains impossible creatures, and she wants to know why: snakes with wings. Toads with feathers. Surely there鈥檚 an explanation. Everything changes when Dee finds an injured centaur chained beneath an old motel. He鈥檚 shackled. He鈥檚 furious. He鈥檚 disgusted at being captured by humans. And he鈥檚 exactly the source of information Dee needs. Every member of her family dies young. Her mother is involved in something gruesome. Despite Dee鈥檚 lifelong efforts, she hasn鈥檛 learned why. So, Dee strikes a bargain with this half-crazed centaur. In exchange for his freedom he鈥檒l give her the answers she seeks. His herd is murderous. Even worse foes lay beyond the haunted forest. But if Dee can survive the journey, the distant homeland of her ancestors holds not just the source of impossible beasts, but the greatest secret ever hidden from humankind鈥 Featuring an inconveniently-attractive sidekick and a temperamental centaur, this banter-filled romp is sure to please fans of adventure and magic.

Chase: The Boy Who Hid

Chase: The Boy Who Hid by Z Jeffries

Don't run from your feelings. Run from the killer robot hunting you. Chase refuses to believe Grandad is dead. When he skips the old man鈥檚 funeral, he finds shape shifting tech, Grandad鈥檚 invention and the first hint of a secret life. Then his old teammates show up at Chase鈥檚, recruiting him to pilot the tech. Trusting these strangers, risking his life piloting this bleeding edge technology is the only way to find out if Grandad is still alive. It all leads to the Military Camouflage Challenge, a clash of billion-dollar armor prototypes against clones and drones, and a classified game of hide-and-seek. That鈥檚 why the team wants to train Chase. It鈥檚 also the last place anyone saw Grandad. If he鈥檚 going to learn the truth, Chase must train, qualify, and survive the deadly game. Given the chance, he鈥檒l do anything to reunite his family, including double-crossing his new teammates...or even risk disappearing himself. Chase: The Boy Who Hid is the action-packed first book of the Hide & Seek Chronicles, the teen Sci-Fi adventure series. If you like fast-paced sci-fi, lqbtq representation, and adventure stories for all ages, you have to follow Chase: The Boy Who Hid today!

Djinn Tamer: Starter

Djinn Tamer: Starter by A.J. Cerna & Derek Alan Siddoway


Tame. Train. Battle. Fans of Pok茅mon, Digimon, and Monster Rancher love this monster-battling series! Jackson Hunt dreams of becoming a professional monster tamer 鈥 to raise magical creatures called Djinn and battle them in the big leagues. Unfortunately for Jackson, dreams and reality don鈥檛 always coincide. Facing bank foreclosure, Jackson is desperate to save his family's home. Discovering a young, untrained Djinn is just the chance he's been waiting for. But can Jackson and his Djinn level up fast enough? Taming isn鈥檛 as easy as the pros make it look. As time runs out, Jackson delves into the shady world of underground fighting, experiences the agony of defeat and learns what it takes to be a true monster tamer.


Fableman by Brad Carsten


People say that if Charlie Pratt had a penny for every blunder, he'd fill his pockets and then misplace his trousers. When Charlie tries to learn more about Dalia Addair, the peculiar girl who lives in the haunted manor on the edge of town, he accidentally slots himself into her magical trial鈥攁 trial that she has spent her whole life preparing for; he gets a day. But something's wrong; the trial is unleashing monsters that haven't been seen for centuries, and powerful forces are determined to stop them at any cost. Without knowing whom they can trust, Dalia and Charlie must work together to survive, and finish the trials, if they don't strangle each other first. Quirky, fast-paced, and brimming with action, Fableman is a middle-grade fantasy adventure that proves how even the most unlikely of heroes will step forward... when there's a ten-foot troll screaming after him.

Oh Wretched Moon

Oh Wretched Moon by Kate Ramsey


They were never supposed to meet. Stolen at birth and brought up underground, Luna knows nothing but darkness and isolation. When disaster drives her out of the only home she knows, she stumbles into a world of wonders. But monstrous creatures lurk in corridors鈥攁nd then there鈥檚 the mysterious stranger who disappears when danger strikes. Raised by a witch, Aethon has been taught to worship strength and fear nothing. When a hunting expedition keeps him out past curfew, he finally encounters a threat his courage cannot face. With the help of a strange girl he survives the harrowing night, but his life has already begun to crumble. As opposite worlds collide, they will need to rely upon each other to find freedom. But which is more dangerous: captivity or escape? In Oh Wretched Moon, Kate Ramsey puts a new spin on a beloved fairy tale about power, love, and moonlight. If you love stories about dangerous magic, courageous women, and daring escapes, you鈥檒l love this spellbinding fantasy.

The Wizard of New York City

The Wizard of New York City by Randall P. Girdner


On the students' trip to New York City, the wolves rounded up the people. Then the trolls sealed off the edges of the island with stacks of crushed cars, and the goblins set about constructing a portal; a portal that would bring something horrible to this world鈥nd all of this happened before the students had even left the American Museum of Natural History. Now, armed with strange weapons they acquired in the museum, seven students find themselves on the run in a frightening urban environment overtaken with dragons, ogres, and an undead populace intent on changing the city into a fortress. Nothing will ever be the same again. The Wizard of New York City tells the tale of seven teenagers trapped in Manhattan as a world of fantastic creatures and bizarre beings invade the island. As they struggle to stay alive in the face of dangers they can barely comprehend, the students soon realize that there is a reason they are still alive, and that reason will place a heavy burden on not just them, but the whole world...


Snowborn by Larema Dixon


A millennium has passed since the small world of Incari was struck by a meteor known as the Kutsal Stone. In the celestial object's wake, two powerful inhabitants of another realm鈥攂eings of light and creatures of shadow鈥攔avaged the land with war until they were ultimately banished. Time distorted tales of these god-like creatures into myth and legend, but Princess Elurra quickly finds there is legitimacy amongst the lore. After her parents' deaths pave the way for her exiled aunt to claim the throne, she finds herself desperate and on the run. Elurra must uncover the truth about magic and untwist the legends of old in order to protect the future of her homeland and thwart her aunt's malicious plots. Mysterious visions lead Elurra and her unlikely allies down a path to the truth; however, they find the conflicts of the past may be impossible to repair before they rip Incari apart.

The Gatekeeper's Staff

The Gatekeeper's Staff by Antoine Bandele

SPFBO7 Indie Recs Indie

TJ Young has been surrounded by magic his entire life, yet he has never tapped into it鈥 until now. Fourteen-year-old TJ grew up normal in a secret community of gifted diviners in the heart of modern-day Los Angeles. His powerful sister was ordained to lead his people into a new age of prosperity, but her mysterious death in Nigeria threatens to destroy the very foundations of TJ鈥檚 world. Desperate to pick up where his sister left off and uncover the secrets behind her questionable death, TJ commits himself to unlocking the magical heritage that has always eluded him. So he enrolls in Camp Olosa鈥攁 remedial magic school for the divinely less-than-gifted in the humid swamps of New Orleans. But little does he know, TJ is destined to cross paths with powerful spirits of old thought lost to time: the Orishas. Delve into this young adult fantasy based on the mythology of the West African gods, where TJ will encounter unlikely allies, tough-as-gatorhide instructors, and the ancient secrets of the Orishas.

Squire George & The Dragon

Squire George & The Dragon by Adam Digger Stolz


A Reluctant Squire vs. An Invincible Dragon Squire George has no aptitude for (and even less interest in) being a knight, a hero or a dragonslayer. He also has no choice in the matter. It is, after all, the family business. So he shouldn鈥檛 be surprised when his father sends him off to chase after rumors of a mighty dragon in a faraway land. He shouldn鈥檛 be, but he still is. With an unfunny fool, a cursed wizard and a black-hearted knight for companions, it isn鈥檛 long before Squire George comes up against wispy zephyr-fiends, vengeful nar and single-mindedly stupid crorks. He also survives a trufflehump, befriends a bridge troll and meets an old crone to whom he might or might not be related. None of which helps prepare him to kill an unkillable dragon.

I Am King: Book One

I Am King: Book One by Damien Shillingford


Ten year old Beaumont never meant to get anyone killed. But when Rancine, the man who murdered his mother and father, sent assassins to capture him and deprive him of his right to his father鈥檚 stolen crown, the weight of his destiny came crashing down on him and his loved ones. After the assassination of the King and Queen of the Middle Island鈥檚, young Prince Beaumont was taken from the island nation and hidden away in the secluded mountain village of Mount Hope in the newly discovered realm of Hattan, waiting for the day he was a man and could reclaim his stolen crown from his families killer. But the arrival of a warrior named Nisila and her mysterious raven Shadowcry, changed all his plans and at ten years of age Beau must brave the wilderness with his cousin Julius as they flee for their lives. With the help of Nisila, Shadowcry, Julius and a foul mouthed, ill-tempered sellsword named Gavin, Beau must brave harsh winter storms, mythical creatures, forsaken ghouls, black magic, determined assassins and a powerful demon in hopes of making it back to the safety of his homeland in the Middle Islands. This is a character driven story, about survival, trust, friendship and overcoming adversity. Readers who enjoyed such fantasy works like J.R.R. Tolkien鈥檚 Lord of the Rings, George R.R. Martin鈥檚 A Song of Ice and Fire series (Game of Thrones) and Poul Anderson鈥檚 The Broken Sword will enjoy the nostalgic, classic fantasy vibe of I Am King. With lead characters of color and a pinch of influence from West Indian folklore, readers can expect a classic fantasy tale with diverse representation and plenty of the elements that make classic fantasy memorable and exciting. With no sexual content or strong adult language, this is the perfect gift for young readers of fantasy/action adventure.


Girlgoyle by Better Hero Army


Now that Tiffany Noboru is dead, being forced to become a fresh recruit in the gargoyle ghost hunter corps is the least of her worries. Soon she is meeting bizarre new people, discovering her magical abilities, and learning the landscape of a strange and captivating world where gargoyles protect the living by hunting ghosts. When her own killer, a maniacal ghost named Bones, comes after her again, Tiffany must find a way to defeat him in order to save the gargoyle world.

Little White Hands

Little White Hands by Mark Cushen


Almost five hundred years have passed since the Seasons were at war. Half a millennium since Winter defied Spring, and lost. Generations have come and gone, not knowing the bitter freeze and howling snows of Winter ever existed. But now, after centuries of silence, the participants in this ancient struggle have resurfaced and reignited their feud on the doorstep of an unassuming little kitchen boy. Garlan鈥檚 dreams of being just like the knights he idolizes may not be as impossible as he has always been led to believe, when he is chased from his home and thrust headlong into the kind of adventure he had only ever read about in books. Setting out on a journey that spans the entire kingdom of Faeland, Garlan will traverse impossible mountains and stormy seas and battle terrible monsters, all to keep the world he knows safe from an enemy who will stop at nothing to bring about a never-ending winter. With a cast of fantastical characters to aid him in his quest, can Garlan overcome his self-doubt and find the courage he needs to rise above his humble station and become the hero he always dreamed of being? The fate of the world rests in his hands.

The Frights of Fiji

The Frights of Fiji by Sunayna Prasad

A world of magic and adventure awaits鈥 Sent to live with her strict, aloof, and uncaring uncle after her parents are killed in a car accident, twelve-year-old orphan Alyssa McCarthy longs for the life she used to have鈥攐ne filled with fun and love. Then one stormy night, a message appears in the raindrops on the window that will change everything. "Your life will never be the same again, as magic will interfere." Before long, Alyssa is kidnapped by Master Beau, a banished sorcerer with a mysterious connection to her who can only regain his power by weakening hers. Suddenly hurled into a world of wizardry filled with fantastical beasts and marvelous technology beyond her wildest imagination, Alyssa must defeat Master Beau if she ever wants to get home again. But Master Beau will stop at nothing, including using Alyssa鈥檚 friends, to ensure he is triumphant. Originally titled "From Frights to Flaws", this story is the exciting and enchanting first book in the "Magical Missions" series.

Sol Invictus (The Eye of Ra Book 2)

Sol Invictus (The Eye of Ra Book 2) by Ben Gartner

Siblings John and Sarah barely made it home last time, but in their next time traveling adventure the challenge really heats up. Surrounded by clashing cultures on the ancient Roman frontier, they must fulfill their quest to unite the emperor with his enemy, an Alemanni barbarian, or risk being stuck in time forever. An action-packed fantasy full of sword fights, chariot chases, fearsome wild animals, and high mountain survival. For graduates of the Magic Tree House looking for a thrilling middle grade page-turner, read Sol Invictus, book two of The Eye of Ra series!

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