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Sue B and the Ridders

Sue B and the Ridders by Melissa Ruth Rotert

Susan Michelle Beezly has a pest problem. In fact, Sue B has such a pest problem that she wonders if there isn’t some sort of exterminator who specializes in little siblings and brazen bullies. By day she's tormented by Barnaby T. Plumbol, an addle-brained oaf. By night, her nuisance takes the form of four-and-a-half-year-old Jessie Jess, oppressor to sisters and dolls alike. When a mysterious new janitor appears at her school and offers to help her with her problem, Sue B discovers that banishing her pests to the strange magical world of the Ridderlands doesn’t give her the relief she had hoped for. Instead, she’s riddled with guilt as she watches the world erase the memories of her foes. Sue B must figure out what’s truly important in order to rescue her pests from the Pterosaur-like creatures who carried them away and find it within herself to bring them home.

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