The Three Wise Young Men Part II


The Three Wise Young Men Part II by DarĂ­o Aguilar Peregrina

Two years after defeating Herodes the Great, Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltazar had fully assumed the mantle of the Three Wise Men and brought gifts to different parts of the world accompanied by their friends from the Citadel and Mexico City. Due to the great success of the three in the task entrusted to them by the ancient Kings, they would be invited to Santa Claus's Christmas celebration at the North Pole, where various characters from different fantasy realms beyond the Citadel Kingdom would attend. However, when an ancient evil spirit would try to ruin this gathering and at the same time the upcoming Christmas, the Wise Young Men would seek to stop it...

Young AdultChildren’s Fiction/Science Fiction and FantasyFantasy/Magical Realism

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