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The Polar Bear and the Dragon: Dream Jumper (A Middle Grade Coming of Age Fantasy Adventure) by Debbie Watson

A malevolent force threatens a small world. Teenagers with magical skills and extraordinary friends must devise a plan clever enough to outwit a cunning enemy. In Book Two of The Polar Bear and the Dragon series, Whitney and Edward, two teenagers with extraordinary talents, must protect Aiden, a young dragon destined to become the ruler of Yagdi. Aiden will mature into a majestic dragon with vast and formidable skills but remains helpless until that transformation takes place. A dangerous enemy is determined to rule Yagdi, but the young dragon stands in his way. Whitney and Edward must put their lives in grave danger to keep Aiden safe. Their strong alliance is weakened when circumstances on Yagdi force the members to split up, leaving Whitney and Edward to prepare for an almost certain confrontation with Aiden’s adversary. The teenagers must learn to use their skills effectively without the help of their powerful allies. Whitney has been given a wizard staff, which could be crucial to their survival, but she must bring forth its powers without the wizard’s skillful guidance. Yagdi teeters on the brink of war and the alliance has critical decisions to make. But in a disastrous turn of events, they’ve lost their ability to communicate. To keep Yagdi from falling into enemy hands, they must find a powerful and elusive wizard known as a Dream Jumper. In their continuing adventure, Whitney, Edward, and friends hone their powers while the threat, both through the portal and in quiet northern Michigan, grows. As our young heroes hold to their promise to stand strong no matter what, it’s apparent that in any world, perseverance, loyalty, and true friendship are the hallmarks of success. Author Debbie Watson paints an amazingly vivid world of good versus evil in a tale that draws you in and holds you until the end. Highly recommended for middle-grade readers, teens, and adults too—fantasy and coming of age in equal measure! —Vicki Shurly, Director, Peninsula Community Library

Talisman of El by Al Stone

WHAT IF YOUR WHOLE LIFE WAS A LIE? One Planet. Two Worlds. Population: Human … 7 billion. Others … unknown. When 14-year-old Charlie Blake wakes up sweating and gasping for air in the middle of the night, he knows it is happening again. This time he witnesses a brutal murder. He’s afraid to tell anyone. No one would believe him … because it was a dream. Just like the one he had four years ago – the day before his dad died. Charlie doesn’t know why this is happening. He would give anything to have an ordinary life. The problem: he doesn’t belong in the world he knows as home. He belongs with the others.

Mech Heart & Soul by Ken Deeprose

The people of Cambria are under threat of attack from evil aliens called the Marans. Orin, the genius son of a geeky professor, and his best friend Gigahertz, the most powerful of the planet’s Mechs, will be among those tasked with defending them. Juna, the youngest daughter of the Emperor (but don’t dare call her princess!), worries the Marans are not the only thing the people of Cambria need to fear. Life here simply isn’t fair and she wants to help make things right. Juna hasn’t seen Orin since they were very young, but fate has brought them back together. Now, joined by a diverse group of friends, they must find a way to defeat the Marans, sort the truth from the lies and win back the very heart and soul of the planet.

Black Licorice by Elaina Battista-Parsons

Freddi’s life is over. Her best—and only—friend needed her and she failed. After a series of bad decisions, Freddi is pulled out of music school and forced to prove herself, but a new school and volunteer work only add to her overwhelming anxiety. Freddi finds a potential new friend in Lorna, who forces her to face her insecurities head on, but Freddi isn’t ready to let go. When Freddi learns Lorna is keeping something from her, their friendship starts to crumble. Now Freddi must choose between chasing her past or rebuilding her future.

Blue Shadow Falls by Lenore Sutznegger

Shadow and Bone meets A Quiet Place in this atmospheric and chilling dark fantasy debut. "They wear the faces of your loved ones, but are more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Lovely things shouldn't draw you in and kill you. You almost want them to." Seventeen-year-old Blue Haven, gifted with superhuman sight since birth, dreams of becoming a warrior—not that anything's happened near the wall since Old Man Amos was attacked by that beaver. The Shadow Elves—humans infected by a zombie apocalypse-like plague—have died out over the past 150 years, leaving life altogether boring. In her quiet farming village nestled in the shadows of the Smoky Mountains, warriors are no more than a formality. But Blue's unique sight is beginning to show her some troubling things. A suspicious green-eyed outsider. A strikingly beautiful Shadow Elf. These visions can't be real—because if they are, that means everyone's been wrong. Dead wrong. They are not the last survivors in the world. And they aren't prepared for the reality Blue's eyes are showing her. Set in a small, idyllic post-apocalyptic town, this slow-burn romance features first love, super senses, and monsters that lurk in the dark shadows of the blue mountains. "Blue Shadows Fall is fast-paced, intriguing, and the perfect escape for fantasy fans with beautifully woven plot threads." -Indies Today Editorial, 5 Star Review "A completely original mashup: dystopian, dark fantasy, fairy tale, and folklore" -Sarah Goethem, author of Wind Song "Small town secrets, Southern gothic atmosphere, and a certain pair of eyes that see disturbing things create a spellbinding read." -Autumn Krause, author of A Dress For The Wicked "Stutznegger creates an idyllic spot amid a frightening unknown outside world in Haven, one of those rare post-apocalypse communities you'd really want to live in." -J. Trevor Robinson, author of The Mummy of Monte Cristo

Love of the Beast Extended Edition (Heart of the Moon Series Book 1) by Tashina Tradell

Can Love overpower the savage instincts of the beast? How can falling in love be dangerous when it's only our human nature to do so? Brittney Moss is about to find out exactly how dangerous it can be when her fall becomes more of a fast downward spiral into a world that she never thought possible. Alex Carter has been the object of her affection for far too long. Not only is he the most desirable guy in existence, but Britt has an unexplainable craving to be connected to him. When life throws a wrench in the summer preceding her senior year of high school, in the form of the gorgeous Zane, Britt can't decide what is right or wrong anymore. She had barely scratched the surface of the dark secrets Alex held, but can love overpower the savage instincts of the beast? Where forgiveness seems impossible, and loyalty crosses boundaries, this journey will keep you on the edge of your seat, pressing your fingertip to the edge of the page, ready to turn it and dive deeper into the world of the Heart of the Moon Series. This is an extended edition of the previously published Love of the Beast. We get to see more into the lives of our favorite characters with in depth descriptions of main character situations, and different POV’s. If you loved the first edition, you will be pleased to get your hands on the extended edition and lose yourself again to the epic fated love story of Britt and Alex’s relationship as they tread the dark waters of their crossed destinies.

Lost Rings and Other Things by Raccio

Travel to the underbelly of a magical school with the daughter of a murderer. Sixteen-year-old Emily can make anything she touches disappear-not a bad skill for a thief. In a realm ruled by magic, her ability should grant her an easy life. However, stuck in the Commons along with those unlucky enough to be born without magic, stealing to survive is anything but easy. But when one of the realm's Masters catches her robbing a supply caravan, Emily is given the rare chance to escape-if she agrees to put her magic to more law-abiding use. Desperate and friendless, she moves to Selwyn castle, where dragons, and the best talents of the realm, are trained to rule. Yet Selwyn's holds secrets of its own. Strange attacks and break-ins turn unwanted suspicion onto Emily, throwing her into a race to find the real criminal before she's sent back to the Commons for good. But the closer she gets to the truth, the quicker her past-and the festering hatred for the non-magical community-catches up to her. And with time running out, she'll have to return to some old tricks to make it out of Selwyn's alive.

March & Feather by Emma Saska

At Stony Point Homeschool Academy, high school senior Audra Dunne spends her time hanging out with friends, cooking and baking, and dreaming of her not-so-distant future at the Culinary Institute of America. Sure, she wishes she were comfortable enough to talk to her much-older sister Madeline about something other than AP Calculus. And sure, she wishes new kid Matthew Harwell would stop invading her friend group. But Audra finds comfort in her digital persona Feather, exchanging texts with her best friend March, the pen pal she met on a homeschool forum four years ago. When March lets slip that he’s recently moved to her city, Audra’s curiosity begins to grow. What if she and March end their pact to stay anonymous? What if March goes to Stony Point? What if... March is someone she already knows? As unexpected family developments and a personal crisis (or two) threaten to upend Audra’s life, she’ll have to decide whether turning away from all she’s used to is worth it for the chance at finding more.

T'cola (The After Book 2) by C. Sunrise

Hope watched the sister she idolizes lose her mate and herself in the process. Now, she'll travel to the ends of the world to help her get him back. She's also on a mission to prove she's not a little girl anymore, especially once she meets him. They crossed into his land without permission and fought to stay. His mind told him to get rid of them and whatever trouble they were bringing his way, but his heart wouldn't let him. Maybe a little Hope is just what he needs. ◆ Book 2 of The After series follows Breana and her little pack of Wulvs and fairies as they travel through The Cold Lands on their quest to find their alpha male. You'll get to know some old characters better and meet some new characters, including a brooding male bear shifter who my beta reader staked her claim on... so, you'll have to fight her to get your paws on him. ◆ *This is not a series for children. For content notes, please visit the author's website © C. Sunrise, 2021, All Rights Reserved Read less

Neli (The After Book 1) by C. Sunrise

Breana has everything you could hope for in Neli — the only community that survived the apocalypse. So, why does her heart keep telling her she needs to leave? Simple, it’s not the life she wants. Unable to resist the call, she packs her bags, grabs her dogs, and heads off on an adventure to a secret land written in her grandpa’s journals. But The Wild Lands give her more than she’d expected. Her journey takes her straight to temptation in the form of a man who’s as much beast as human — a man who’s equally enticed and frustrated by her special abilities gifted by The After. With this man comes a community, a pack, where Breana feels a sense of belonging she never experienced with her own kind. But he also comes with secrets and threats that may destroy them and everyone they love. Breana’s never been one to run away from a challenge, and she definitely won’t run away from the man who’s burrowed his way into her heart. Even if it means she needs to toss him in the mud a few times along the way; it’s a sacrifice she’s willing to make.

The World Below: The World Below Book One by Vivienne Lee Fraser

Have you ever caught yourself wondering if perhaps things around you are not quite what they seem? Practical and pragmatic Pris has never even considered the possibility. That is until someone breaks into her home claiming her parents have been abducted and taken to a magical world. Snake has always known he is a gnome, and that there are all manner of magical creatures living, not only in his home town of London, but in the wider world as well. Now he must convince a very human girl she is actually an elf, and that she must join with him and enter the World Below to save both their parents. Entering The World Below isn't simple as it seems—scattered around England are the magical creatures and riddles that will grant them passage. They only have days to reach them all, and someone is working against them to ensure they never make to the magical realm. Unsure who to trust, can Pris embrace her magical heritage before she loses her parents forever? Snake faces his own dark secrets as he fights his growing attraction for Pris, knowing they can never be together. When everything seems against them, will Pris and Snake make it to The World Below in Time?

Paper Ghosts by Tegan Anderson

A story from the Paper Forest... Once upon a time, the Forest burned to the ground, embers and ashes coating the world in an ocean of black. Rowan walks through the remains of a kingdom that used to belong to her.

My Fair Traitor (Paranormal Misfits) (Volume 2) by C.J Anaya

It's not everyday a girl gets married to a faerie prince of the Seelie Court. After swearing their love and loyalty to one another, Jareth is bound and determined to teach Crysta all she must learn to become queen of the Unseelie Court. But when Crysta and Jareth are attacked in the human realm, a journey to the Fae realm is put into play earlier than planned. Their hopes for marriage and a happily ever after are thwarted when their bonding fails and attempts on Crysta's life continue. That's not all they have to worry about. A magical plague has permeated the land, causing Fae everywhere to weaken and die, solidifying King Moridan's objections to their union. Jareth and Crysta must fight for their right to love each other in a world full of beings who believe their fated mate bond is a threat to the Fae realm and every faerie who inhabits it. Is their love preordained or poisonous? There's only one way to find out.

The Rise of Runes and Shields, Book I The Seidr Sagas by JM Stephen

Witchcraft need not be evil. Twins Freyja and Bjorn live in a time when Viking magic, called the Seidr, is deemed witchcraft and forbidden. When their home is attacked by men sent from the tyrannical local earl, who accuses their mother of a murder she did not commit, the twins are forced to flee into the night and onto an adventure to not only prove their mother’s innocence but also set to rights the ills created by the misuse of the Seidr. Along the way, they both make new friends, reunite with lost allies, visit hidden worlds, and learn the true ways of the Seidr, until they find themselves caught in the middle of the never ending war of the Fire and Frost Giants. Bjorn must learn the ways of magic and Freyja the life of the shield maidens if they are to survive.

The Tricksters: There is Gold in the Jungle by Kobyna T

NO ONE WAS MAD ENOUGH TO COME UP WITH SOMETHING SO OUTRAGEOUS "But that man, he went there and did it. Not once, not twice, but many times over... Just think about it. Who is looney enough to get himself captured on purpose and cause a riot to free those enslaved alongside him, just to tell some stupid stories about it afterward? Who does that? Who else but him? That silly old geezer...the Spider.” In the first volume of The Tricksters, Ticco meets the Spider, who helps him to escape from bondage. Ticco gets tutored in the Forbidden Arts of Trickery by the old man and with the help of other tricksters, they hunt for the raiders of Anansekrom, Ticco's village. Vengeance is a forbidden fruit to bite, but no other fruit should taste sweeter on the day Ticco gets his paws on a certain man. The one who goes by the codename 'the Vulture'. But on his quest through the hazard, Ticco also realizes that there's gold in the jungle, so will the juice ever be worth the squeeze?

Bridge Daughter (The Bridge Daughter Cycle) by Jim Nelson

A world where daughters bear their parents' children! Hanna thinks her thirteenth birthday will be no different than the one before—until her mother explains the facts of life. Hanna is a “bridge daughter” born pregnant with her parents’ child. In a few months she will give birth and die, leaving her parents with their true child to raise. A mature bookworm who dreams of college and career, Hanna is determined to overcome her biological fate. Then Hanna learns of an illegal procedure that will allow her to live to adulthood…at the cost of the child’s life.

Falling Princess (Fallen Realm) by Joline Pearce

An epic enemies to lovers college romance with a rebellious princess, her possessive knight, and the fate of their country in the balance. Forced to carry the weight of the crown from childhood, all Princess Zosia wants is a chance to experience normal life and find love away from the pressure of court. Getting an education abroad is the perfect opportunity - unless death catches up with her first. As the last of the Auralian royal line, Zosia is assigned a watchful knight to accompany her everywhere she goes. While her best friend adores him, Zosia can't wait to escape his constant scrutiny...until an assassination attempt sparks their forbidden romance. A secret they can never tell, even when war tears them apart. Dive into this slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity contemporary fantasy romance that will grab you from the first page and stay with you long after the last. Start reading now! This the first book in a trilogy and it ends on a cliffhanger - the third book ends with a Happy Ever After. Contains violence and mature themes. Content advisories available at:

The Wicked Souls Duology by Candace Robinson

The complete Wicked Souls Duology in one collection full of magic, danger, and romance. This NA *omnibus edition* includes Vault of Glass and Bride of Glass. Perfect for fans of Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Penny Dreadful, A.G. Howard, and Kerri Maniscalco. "This is no ordinary, modern-day fairy tale. It's much, much darker." A determined girl without answers. A hot guy who would do anything for her. A mysterious museum that some see and some don't... Perrie Madeline lives a simple life. Her only concern is deciding whether or not to let herself fall for her sexy friend, August Hartley. That is, until a strange museum known as Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault appears overnight and people around her begin to go missing. Determined to uncover the Glass Vault's hidden secrets, Perrie and August conspire to break inside. But soon, Perrie realizes she has more to worry about than her feelings for August—something sinister is on their heels. Together they must find their way out of the museum before they discover something truly not for the faint of heart.

The Jester Prince (The King Jester Trilogy Book 2) by V.M Forrester

With Zirkua Fantastic destroyed, King Jester, the embodiment of discord, is loose once more upon the world. And he's not happy to have been kept in captivity all these years. Only Toby, a fresh, untrained immortal, and the other former members of the traveling circus now stand against him. Now, with Toby's boyfriend, Markley, kidnapped by King Jester, they have no choice but to leave the safety of their camp and venture into the world at large. King Jester grows more powerful with each passing day, and each moment Marley stays in his clutches is another moment closer to absolute destruction. Toby will get Marley back. Even if it means facing King Jester alone.

The Harlequin Circus (The King Jester Trilogy Book 1) by V.M. Forrester

Tobias has never known anything but the silver and crimson silks of Zirkua Fantastic. Raised from birth alongside firebreathers and hawkers and tightrope walkers, now he performs at the myriad stops of the traveling circus. Setting up every evening, and never staying past the sunrise. That is the way of Zirkua Fantastic. When a newcomer arrives to join the circus, the first domino falls. There's always been a subtle undercurrent of magic in the circus, inexplicable coincidences and rituals of protection. But now, the full force of the magic has burst to the surface, and a mysterious, powerful entity has broken free from her prison, intent on burning the circus to the ground. Now the circus hangs in the balance, and if the magical bonds break, the consequences will be devastating.

Prey of the Huntress by E. M. Kkoulla

Scarred and traumatised, Maia returns to finish her training. She hopes for a quiet life aboard HMS Blossom but, to her dismay, her fame has grown and she is hailed as a heroine for saving the Ship and her crew from the rage of the Livia. Invitations flood in from the rich and powerful, who are eager to meet her before she is sent for initiation into the Sacred Mysteries. Maia has already been warned that the Goddess Diana is her implacable enemy, and this time the Huntress intends that there can be no escape. An ancient horror has woken. The board is set. The Gods are making their moves. Only Maia’s courage can save her now.

The Royal Matchmaking Competition: Princess Qloey by Zoiy G. Galloay

One princess searching for her prince charming. Twelve princes, dukes, elves, and a commoner, competing for the princess’s heart. One assassin among the bachelors, plotting to kill the princess and bring the empire to its knees. Warning: this fantasy romance contains dangerously hot princes, sexy elves, and a heart-throbbing peasant. Read at your own risk!

The Isle of Falidor by Skyler E. Peterson

It all started with disbelief. When Earth stopped believing in magic, and began to believe in science, another world was created. A realm where magic ran wild. On this world is an island named Falidor where war has raged for five hundred years. For months General Kalibrach has had recurring dreams that he would find an answer to the bloodshed, an answer in the form of a hero from Earth. Yet will this hero be what they expect, or will she be something more?

Kaianan: Anarch (The Kaianan Trilogy Book 3) by Cara Violet

Chaos. Confusion. Barely escaping with her life. The end, near. Kaianan: Anarch is the grinding pinnacle of unexpected endings. Our heroine has ended up on Felrin with the unknown Dersji Brikin. While her nightmares are taking a hold, and the Defeated King continues to plot against the Siliou universe, the Felrin thrust her into their world of shimmering streams and purple sun rays distracting her from the very thing she must do—save the Conductors and kill the Defeated King. Unable to trust those around her and no longer able to play the game, Kaianan must face Verticals, withstand heartbreak and loss, triumph over Pernicious and set herself up for the biggest sacrifice of all.

Queen Kaianan (The Kaianan Trilogy Book 2) by Cara Violet

A target on her back. The second installment of the Kaianan Trilogy is non-stop adventure, action and heroics for our newly favourite characters. Queen Kaianan keeps you hungry for more of the Siliou universe. The universe is hunting her. Kaianan is en route to save Chituma, only to be delayed by the Giliou foreseer, Boku Jove. Sending her spiralling to an unknown world, claiming she has more than one option, the ancient foreseer spurs Kaianan’s expedition back in time. With her Giliou Guardian, Xandou, working tirelessly to right wrongs in Forsda and return Layos to its protected status, and Dersji Brikin of the Felrin gone, Kaianan must travel in a parallel time stamp to make decisions on who she will be—the young Menial of Dersji Brikin? Or Queen of the Gorgon, ruler to the throne of Layos? Awaiting her will be the very man-beast who slaughtered her ancestor. Can she handle an aura versus aura battle—or will her indecision cost her and the people she loves, their lives?

Kaianan (The Kaianan Trilogy Book 1) by Cara Violet

The Siliou universe ignites. The epic Kaianan adventure projects us into the frantic Felrin Galaxy where our strong-headed heroine will either sink or swim saving her people and family. In a time of Euclidean Vectors and Conductors, an epic adventure is born. Following the young Princess, Kaianan of Layos, embark on a journey that begins and ends in sparkling aura and blade-spinning action. Set during the Felrin After Aura year of 100-7, Dersji Brikin attempts to train the Rivalex Mark for her upcoming Verticals. However, with the arrival of Liege on Rivalex, he is apprehended by his people and returned to his exiled homeland. On her own, Kaianan must navigate her new-found Gorgon transformation as she is sent to hide in the volatile Milky Way Galaxy …

House of Lies and Sorrow: Fae of Rewyth Book 1 by Emily Blackwood

House of Lies and Sorrow: Fae of Rewyth Book 1 Dance with the Fae Prince meets Cruel Beauty in this Young Adult Arranged Marriage Fae Fantasy. Jade Farrow will die tomorrow. Her fate was decided years ago, when her useless father made a deal with the greedy fae king to save his own life. Now, she is being sent to marry one of the five ruthless fae princes. The only problem is that she is not the first human to marry a fae prince. And like every human wife before her, Jade is going to be killed before she can find a way out. Malachi Weyland is the heir to the fae throne. It’s the reason his brothers have despised him all these years, and it’s the reason his father is adamant on finding him a human wife. Malachi has one job, and that is to unite the fae and human lands. But Malachi has a secret, and it’s one that gives him his rightful name amongst both the human and fae lands: The Prince of Shadows. Jade and Malachi are faced with life-or-death challenges as Jade is thrown into Malachi’s magical world. Will she die just like every wife before her? Or will Malachi, the same fae who is feared across all of Rewyth, be the one to save her life? Show no weakness. Yield no mercy. House of Lies and Sorrow is a fast-paced, arranged-marriage story between born enemies who are forced to work together. Readers who love slow-burn, angsty enemies-to-lovers stories between a broody fae prince and a stubborn human bride will love this magical first installment of the Fae of Rewyth series!

Oblivion Abduction by Grant Hamlin

Khelbar and his father, Landis, believe Adrennis to be a simple forest town. That simplicity is uprooted when a mysterious fire breaks out at the inn, and Landis' brother goes missing. Desperate and angry, Landis sets out to track down his brother, and Khelbar follows for a journey to the unknown he has hoped to undertake for years. With the help of a worn yet knowledgeable hermit, who claims to have answers to their many questions, Landis finds that his past is not exactly what he remembers, and a terrifying new war is brewing between Adrennis and its rival nation, Baladar.

Bad End by A M Blaushild

Archangel Michael's death at the hands of Iofiel may have prevented him from forcing the apocalypse, but it's hardly brought peace. The new Archangel Michael is relentless in his quest for revenge, believing Iofiel is still out there- and shirking his duties to prove it. Afraid of his connection to the traitor, Maalik has fled to Hell, also looking for Iofiel- but what he finds instead is an oddly amicable Morningstar with shocking plans that Maalik may be unable to stop. Archie and Salem, abducted and now working as assistants for the devil, struggle to define their place in what is about to unfold. And on Earth, Santiago and Damien have found refuge in a small American town, comfortably leading a coven of witches. But when magic begins to crop up among ordinary humans, their disguises can only last so long. And what ever happened to Iofiel, The Saintkiller, the Second Traitor? The apocalypse may have been averted, but something is clearly going wrong.

Good Angel by A M Blaushild

Iofiel is an ideal candidate to become a guardian angel, and help steer humans away from sin: she's helpful, cheery, and utterly loyal. And, as the 'angel of beauty', it's not like she has anything better to do.Heaven and Hell long ago ran out of space: there are too many humans these days, so both have come to a shaky truce – one university sheltered in the forests of Canada, hidden from humanity, where their young can study. All seems well for Iofiel's first days at university – her Archangel roommate is a bit uptight, and dealing with demons feels weird– but when a picked on demon confesses he's too nervous to pursue his true passion of soul stealing... Iofiel promises she'll major in it with him. So much for being a proper angel. Her helpful impulse has repercussions that shake the school, and may just change the world forever. Or just end it. Because that's a possibility too.

Tales of the Wovlen: The Dragon's Son by Kathryn Fogleman

After the brutal massacre in his village, a broken, grieving boy chooses to live with a golden dragon in the wild rather than go to the mountains to be with his own people. If only he had known then what that choice would mean. Thirteen years later, Keegan, no longer a boy, learns that his younger sister survived the massacre and sets off to be reunited with her. When Keegan accidentally interrupts a plot against a princess, his simple trip turns into a complicated struggle for survival. A mysterious elder appears, full of wit and riddle. Mythical monsters shed their fictional skin and hungrily pursue Keegan and his dragon. Haunting nightmares begin to tear at his mind. As he continues on his quest to be reunited with his sister, Keegan is only just beginning to understand what it means to be...

The Queen of Bustaan: Dunyara Book 1 by Melinda J Lewis

There are three things seventeen-year-old Yasneen prizes: the respect of her father, the love of her brother, and the throne of Bustaan. Yasneen will be the first woman in decades to rule the land.But when a foreign power threatens the border, the king ignores her advice and refuses to act. Frustrated and concerned her future kingdom is at risk, Yasneen decides she is the one who must save it.Messages from the mysterious Overking guide Yasneen on a journey that exposes her to dangers and heartaches her life in the palace has not prepared her for. With a growing conviction that a dark force is at work in her land, Yasneen is perplexed about whom she should trust.Will she be able to rescue Bustaan before it’s too late? And if she does, will she lose everything she values most?

Tuners by Aaron Frate

Being too close to the truth got Jon Xiong's mother killed. While searching for answers, a murderous cult shows up at his door. A secretive organization called the Tuners comes to his aide and teaches him about his rare ability to travel between worlds called tuning. He grapples with his new superpower and is stuck between those who would maintain order in the multiverse and those who would destroy it. Jon must avoid the same gruesome fate as his mom and figure out what happened to his family.

The Android Sisters: Volume 2: Changing Faces by Gary Starta

For a special pair of android sisters, Nyx and Dayna, it’s a sure bet they dream. But when Nyx, the red-eyed sister, finds herself expired, is she dreaming, experiencing a post death virus or perhaps something greater? Further blurring the lines, Dayna, the violet-eyed sister, finds herself paired hybrid style with the consciousness of a deceased financial baroness. Can these androids die and experience an afterlife? If so, what implications does it have for humans who experience the same out of body experiences? Is the afterlife limited to biological beings, or perhaps, as Simulation Theory suggests, are we are all binary codes playing out in pixelated formation? The Android Sisters, Changing Faces, explores death, the universe and just how an artificial being might classify itself as human by loose definition.

The Android Sisters by Gary Starta

All androids are not alike. Especially if they're teenagers... By the 2070’s, most humans have interacted with androids in either a servile or sexual relationship. Dr. Bryan Galloway wants to tip the scales. So, he’s engineered two sisters who not only share a synthetic form of DNA, but a sentience and individualism no android has enjoyed before. Like human teens, the android sisters develop not only by nature but by nurture. For Nyx, the red-eyed robot finds life to be a journey you experience a step at a time. For Dayna, the violet-orbed android, she sees life as a game to be won through emulation and manipulation. But Nyx’s journey is a whole lot less passive than she imagined, especially when she suffers bouts of what humans call PTSD. As Nyx becomes convinced her programming is unable to separate past from present and reality from virtual experience, she begins to doubt her creator Bryan Galloway and his sudden disappearance from her life now that she faces school, boys, and the pressure of planning a future in a still very dominated human population. Is Nyx defective, or maybe this is what it's really like to grow up as a human female. Perhaps, there is a third alternative she and her sister know nothing about...

The Homefinders by Mauren Robeson

As Homefinder II swiftly whisks the Broogans away from the only home they’ve ever known, they wonder what their new home, Alvalimar, will be like. Will the graceful, sensitive Amalians relocated there many years before, accept their hardy, inquisitive ways? Both species love peace and harmony, but have nothing else in common. Will Lt. Brenner ever win the affections of the lovely Kreegan scout, Xephra? Kreegans are powerful and independent, and are known to have no romantic interest. Will Thump, the most mischievous of the Broogans, venture over to the forbidden side of Alvalimar forever deprived of Valtima’s bright rays? Whereas the Amalians have no interest in the mysterious Nightside, the young Broogans consider it a thrilling prospect of adventure!

Girl of Rooftops and Shadows (The Shadow's Apprentice Book 1) by Harper Alexander

Originally published as Spychild, revised and reimagined in a dazzling new light. “From ashes to shadows you will rise. A black phoenix. A dark horse. Champion to those who go unseen in this world.” The last thing Despiris expected on her death bed was to be recruited. But when a shadowy figure materializes from the darkness to save her, her life is spared, and changed, forever. A destitute existence in the slums of Fairoway becomes a charmed life of thievery and luxury in the unsung cracks of society. The kingdom has many names for her benefactor. Trickster. Terrorist. Shadowmaster. But to Despiris, he becomes mentor. Master. Friend. The last of a secret order of criminal masterminds known as the Shadhi, Clevwrith is determined to carry on the order’s legacy. By taking on an apprentice, he intends to mold a creature equal to himself, another that can never be caught. But liberating tricksters is a dicey business. In the end, every soul has his – or her – own agenda. Charged with pulling every heist, scheme, and bit of mischief she can devise, Despiris is as much a threat as she is a partner. In a game without rules, the next move can come in any shape or form. Magic and action abound in this thrilling fantasy adventure perfect for fans of Tamora Pierce and Sarah J. Maas.

The Pathos of Rowan Jun by Tamara Henson

BURY YOUR HUMAN SOUL IN THE HEART OF A WARRIOR! “What are you, boy?” asked the Valkyrie. “A murderer,” Rowan said. “Nothing more.” “I will be the judge of your worth, now.” * * * Rowan Jun awakens to a new, violent world when the Slaveship QuellTruth crashes on the planet Unata. The human struggles to reconcile his bloody past with that of his new home, and sets out to become the greatest warrior Unata has ever known!

Tijaran Tales - The Complete Series by F.T Barbini

Set in a not-so-distant future, Tijaran Tales follows Scottish teen Julius McCoy during his years at the ZED Lunar Academy, on the Moon. Between spaceship piloting, engineering and mind control classes, Julius and his friends will come face to face with the Arneshians, a banished sect of humanity which seeks to seize control of Earth. Tijaran Tales is a popular SF series for teens of all ages, about the trials of growing up, the joy of friendship, standing up for what’s right, and facing up to responsibilities. Growing up is never easy, but in war, choices are even tougher. In the face of adversity, would you follow in Julius’ steps? The Academy is recruiting, and they are waiting for you.

Clockwork Heart (Clockwork Heart trilogy Book 1) by Dru Pagliassotti

Flight is freedom, but death hangs in the skies... Taya soars over Ondinium on metal wings. She is an icarus, a courier privileged to travel freely across the city’s sectors and mingle indiscriminately amongst its castes. But even she cannot outfly the web of terrorism, loyalty, murder, and intrigue that snares her after a daring mid-air rescue. Taya finds herself entangled with the Forlore brothers, scions of an upperclass family: handsome, brilliant Alister, who sits on Ondinium’s governing council and writes programs for the Great Engine; and awkward, sharptongued Cristof, who has exiled himself from his caste and repairs clocks in the lowest sector of the city. Both hide dangerous secrets, in the city that beats to the ticking of a clockwork heart. Books in the Trilogy: - Clockwork Heart - Clockwork Lies: Iron Wind - Clockwork Secrets: Heavy Fire About Dru Pagliassotti Dru Pagliassotti is a professor of communication at California Lutheran University, where she teaches media theory and practice. She published and edited The Harrow, an online literary magazine for fantasy and horror, from 1998-2009, and she currently runs The Harrow Press, which publishes horror anthologies.

Jeska: She is bent but not broken and she has her mind fixed on revenge (Stories from the Plantation, Book WA) by Lady Dre

She is a woman with power looking for revenge. He is a great warrior. Will they survive long enough to stop Egypt from destruction or die trying? There is a storm coming to Egypt, and one woman has the power to dictate where it goes and who it breaks. Jeska just wanted to be a healer and make her family proud. A chance encounter with royalty, however, sweeps her away into the glittering world of the stately. It's a beautiful but treacherous world. Soon, she falls in love with Hotep who sees past the glamour of court life and tries to help her do the same. But behind the facade of elegance and nobility lies a venomous pit of duplicity and deception, to which she is not immune. Years later, Jeska is a woman who has lost everything: her love, her husband, and two of her children. She is bent but not broken and her mind fixed on revenge. When an old friend asks her to dive straight into the war, she doesn't hesitate. But, this time she is not alone. Hotep, now a great warrior is right beside her. Will they rekindle a love long lost and stop destruction from raining down on Egypt? Or will this be their last stand? Order your copy now and join the adventure!

Sordaneon (The Triempery Revelations Book 1) by L.L Stephens

Secrets sheathe swords. A fallen world is littered with the corpses of broken god-machines, and a sheltered, angry youth is destined to re-awaken their power. But to embody a god, Dorilian Sordaneon must first learn to be human... Dorilian is blood bound to the Rill, a quasi-living artifact that spans continents and empowers a privileged few to reap the riches of an entire civilization. Unfortunately, decades after seizing control of the remaining god-machines, those privileged few aren’t willing to give up their power—even if it means destroying the human bloodline to which the Rill is tethered.

bacon grief by Joel Shoemaker

“Readers will root for Charlie and Tim to find their way through the thicket of anxieties and droll snark to happiness.” — Kirkus Reviews Charlie, a musical-theatre nerd with deep appreciation for sprinkle-topped ice creams and other snack foods, is active in his church and comes from a family who loves and appreciates him for exactly who he is, purple pants and all. Tim, a lover of crinkle-cut pickles, black olives and other forgivably-disgusting crudités, belongs to a conservative Christian pastor and devout mother who move to the rural town to staff a small church that, predictably, holds little place for Tim. After meeting online and given the green light to attend a youth group at another church, Tim and Charlie become fast friends with more and more in common. When they consider more than friendship, Tim is faced with his reality and the choice to reconcile faith and sexuality or walk away from it all.

The Revenge of Bridget Cleary by Mathilda Zeller

Are you a witch, or are you a fairy, or are you the daughter of Bridget Cleary? Exiled for a murder her father committed, Brigid Cleary has until midsummer to gather what she needs for readmission to her home in the fairy mound: a chest of stolen gold and a chest full of her father’s blood. With nothing but her own wits and an ability to be mostly unseen, she takes a position as a scullery maid in a country manor house, where stealing gold is easy as dusting the candlesticks. When discovery of her thieving becomes likely, she scarpers, embarking on a madcap season in London. With midsummer fast approaching, Brigid must recoup her stolen gold in any way she can, even if it means modeling for a lecherous pre Raphaelite artist, posing as a young debutante to spy on other debutantes, and forming a clandestine Pugilism Club for Young Ladies. With gold filling her pockets and her father newly released from prison, the path back to the fairies should be clear. Or would be, were it not for her growing feelings for Edmund, the gentle young lord who hired her to spy on his sister; her burgeoning sense of loyalty and friendship to Adelaide, the sister upon whom she was meant to spy; and the unsettling question of whether she should--or even could--bloodily avenge her mother’s death. Inspired by the actual 1895 murder of Bridget Cleary by her husband Michael, the struggle for Irish Home Rule, and events surrounding the late pre Raphaelite artistic movement, The Revenge of Bridget Cleary has been heralded by author Joanna Ruth Meyer as "equal parts haunting, compelling, and throughtful."

Legacy (The Dead God Series) by C.J. Pyrah

Young Torben has resigned to a mundane, sheltered existence, until a chance encounter catapults him into a world more dangerous than he ever imagined. In the world of Ulskandar, where Humans, Dwarves and all manner of races co-exist, all must fight and die together in the wars between rival kingdoms and feral tribes. But when relics and powers from the past threaten to emerge, the fragile kingdoms are pushed to the brink of destruction. Can Torben rise to the occasion and become the hero the realm needs - or will he fall like so many others before him?

The Juju Girl by Nikki Marsh

A Normal Girl. A Paranormal Gift. A Cryptic Mystery. A Dangerous Enemy. Winner of the 2022 Black Caucus of the American Library Association Award for the best self-published eBook in fiction by an African American author. Gabbie isn’t like other 15-year-olds. She sees things others can’t see. She hears things others can’t hear. She pierces the veil that separates the living from the dead. When the Great Storm of 1893 rips her from her humble home on the banks of the Mississippi, it thrusts her into the dazzling world of New Orleans’ Creoles of Color High Society. It’s a world of debutantes, balls, and handsome young men in uniforms. Superstition, mystery, magic, and conjure make of the very fabric of daily life. It counts both holy men of God and practitioners of the Dark Arts among its most honored denizens. It’s here Gabbie learns her supernatural powers are part of something greater. But, she wants nothing to do with it. Will that change when a malevolent ghost threatens the lives of those she loves or will it take an ill-fated romance? What will she learn on her journey of self-discovery? Will she find the courage to finally become the person she was born to be?

Harper Rose and the Catacombs of Imperium by Molly Regulski

Harper Rose is a peculiar girl who lives in a boring town where nothing ever happens. The only place she feels she fits in is her world of books under her special tree. But when a small creature gifts her a crystal and gives her insights into her magical powers about who she truly is, her world turns upside down. When she lands, literally, at the Imperium Mystical Magic Academy, her strange adventure begins. Harper learns about flowers that cast magical spells and can send you into the pit of your worst nightmare or into the joy of your most pleasant dream, controlling her surroundings with her emotions, and how to ride a Pegasus. But as the young teen girl spews Latin in her sleep, she and her four best friends search to find the meaning behind the riddle it presents, and the villain that might be lurking within the castle walls.

Marked: The Ilenian Enigma by Pedro Urvi

A powerful evil. A deadly destiny. Will a young warrior fulfill his calling or doom millions of lives? Komir has always been an outcast. Despite his incredible skill, his mysterious origins have kept the tribe from giving the nineteen-year-old the respect he craves. But when the young warrior suffers a shocking act of violence, he sets off from the only home he's ever known in search of justice. Guided by his mother's medallion, Komir and a growing band of allies stumble across a mythical temple from a lost civilization. But as they reveal unthinkable magic and dark secrets, the group unknowingly triggers a bloody prophecy. One that could send black-magic invaders swarming across every corner of the continent. Or even something more deadly. Can Komir accept his destiny before a sinister force condemns the kingdoms to a devastating reign of ruin? Marked is the first book in the Ilenian Enigma epic fantasy series. If you like swords and sorcery, treachery and intrigue, and powerful magic, then you'll love Pedro Urvi's kingdom-spanning tale. Buy Marked to fulfill a magical destiny today!

The Heiress of Gaia by Dauphne Paige

Ayne is the heiress to the throne of Gaia; she’s been trained and prepped and told her entire life that this is what she’s destined for. But when a traveler tells her of his adventures, she can’t help but feel trapped, longing to see anything besides her palace walls. Sneaking from her chambers with her faithful gerbil, Caz, she follows the man into the night. Little does she know that the man isn’t just a passing traveler, he’s actually a spy, sent to capture and hand over the heiress of Gaia to the queen of Klymora. Inside the Klymora palace she’s forced to serve on the Caledonia Court, where she discovers a treacherous secret harbored within their walls. The only people she can confide in are Miss Dendlewind and Prince Talin. After a failed attempt at escaping, she’s pushed into a marriage with the enemy prince, promising that the war between their kingdoms will stop. But with lies, magic, and murder causing mayhem in her life...who can she really trust?

The Fire I Called: A Bond of Blood by M Dane

Brimming with adventure and forbidden love, The Fire I Called captures the struggle of acceptance in an antiquated world. Following the murder of her best friend, Chalia Lainslaid escapes her perilous life in the city by moving to Belbury-on-the-Brook. Nestled in the British countryside, the stodgy village is about as exciting as a punch to the nose. Just as Chalia can’t take it anymore, her life takes an interesting—and dangerous—turn when she falls for the fascinating and beautiful Elanil. Elanil is one of Belbury’s secrets. She, like many others, is an elf, and her kind have been refugees in the village for the last seventy years. But she isn’t the only secret Belbury keeps; there is one other, one which will burn them all to ash unless Chalia can let go of her past and embrace who she is meant to be.

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