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Gay the Pray Away

Gay the Pray Away by Natalie Naudus

Valerie Danners is in a cult. She just doesn’t know it yet. When she finds a queer book at the library and smuggles it home, her conservative Christian homeschooling world begins to crack. And when the cutest girl she’s ever met shows up to Bible class, she starts to question everything. Riley is so confident and kind, and she and Valerie bond quickly over existing as multiracial teens in a very white Christian community. As Valerie explores her feelings for Riley, she begins to see that the world she knows is a carefully crafted narrative. Publicly, the girls are close friends—holding hands in prayer, rooming together at a conference. Privately, they grasp at any chance to continue their forbidden romance—until they are found out. Now Valerie must choose between staying with a family she fears will never accept her, or running away with the girl she loves.

The Ghosts of Nothing

The Ghosts of Nothing by Cecily Walters

The town of Nothing is haunted… …or so its citizens believe. Sixteen-year-old Nelly is skeptical of the stories until one night she spots a strange light sneaking through the abandoned house on her family’s farm. When she investigates, she finds … fairies. Within hours of this discovery, Nelly's grandmother is catatonic, and the otherworldly trespassers are offering up a cure. But only at a terrible price. It turns out that Nelly is a rare find for the fae. And the shocking reason why is buried in a past only the dead can remember. The Ghosts of Nothing is the first book in a fantasy series based on traditional fairy mythology. It's like a spooky version of Harry Potter, but with fairies. Perfect for fans of Holly Black's The Cruel Prince series, Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey or Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone. Now a Wishing Shelf Award finalist.

Xiapo Yellip Zump (book 1: Let the Adventure Begin!)

Xiapo Yellip Zump (book 1: Let the Adventure Begin!) by Yehuda Shapira

Sure, the prophecy sounds fake. And it's a total cliche. But Xiapo lacks backbone, and is bullied into taking the responsibility to save the planet. Aided by his glowing dog and magical staff that doesn't do anything, Xiapo must face thugs, demons, mysterious Things, lack of toilet paper and — worst of all — boredom, on his epic mission to save Earth before it is destroyed by those bumbling humans. "This book is a work of art!" - Author's mother "I would suggest this book to people who don’t mind spelling mistakes" - Christy E, Amazon customer

Cursed King

Cursed King by Danielle Paquette-Harvey


"Nothing mattered but the soft, tantalizing beat of the heart in this woman’s chest, which thrilled the beast inside me." A vampire assassin. . . bad, in all the best ways. A sexy half-vampire, half-werewolf King, elves, dragons, magic, and betrayal. In a world teetering on the edge of chaos, a legendary prophecy unfolds, foretelling the rise of the cursed king. Born from an impossible love between a vampire and a werewolf, he possesses a power unrivaled by any creature that roams the night. A cruel fate awaits the cursed king, Nathan, as his rule is forced into question after a series of unexplainable events. Confronted by enemies from all corners, the cursed king is thrust into a web of deceit, peril, and betrayal, far surpassing anything he had ever imagined. To reclaim his destiny and restore equilibrium to a world on the brink of ruin, he must confront the very essence of his own existence. Caleb never misses a contract, even better when it's a woman he can savor. The day his target slips through his fingers threatens to tarnish his reputation. The assassin will go to the ends of the earth to hunt and finish what he's been hired to do. Samantha comes from a respected line of noble vampires, but their fortune is secretly lost. Now betrothed to the cursed king, she hopes to restore her family's name. However, her true motives remain shrouded in darkness as faith dictates her every move, for the gods have chosen her. In this epic tale of forbidden love, dark prophecies, and insurmountable challenges, the cursed king must rise above his origins and find the strength to defy destiny. The world’s fate hangs in the balance as the cursed king confronts his true legacy. 5 Stars Editorial Review by Stephanie Chapman for Readers’ Favorite

The Awakening

The Awakening by Mitchell Hill


Follow The Brothers on their bloody journey for vengeance as they traverse a land kept from them. Journey with them, as they come to terms with their new, magically Augmented limbs. Born in war, Augmented in death. Meet Broax and Akii. Twins, opposite in almost every way. United by their mother’s murder. Born during the sacking of their town, their father only just managed to get them out alive. Raised in isolation, their fighting skills were honed as war raged around them. Coming of age, they find out their mother made the ultimate sacrifice for them. This sets in motion their journey for bloody revenge; but vengeance never quite goes to plan. Death finds them at their first battle, but this is only the beginning. Reborn at the hands of a magiik, they discover they’ve been Augmented with new limbs. More powerful than sword and steel, vengeance is back on. Carving their way through the land, they discover they’re embroiled in something much bigger than just their revenge… If you’re a fan of Michael R. Fletcher, Joe Abercrombie or James Barclay then you’ll love The Augmented: The Awakening.


Elemental by Tam Chronin


I was just a child. A wizard came to my town. He came to find me. In a fiery blast I lost my home, my friends, my family. The entire town was obliterated. I grew up a fugitive, surviving on the charity of others. As I hid, my powers grew. The nightmares grew as well. Something was welling up from within me. Something that could not be contained. As an adult I took my place among the wizards. I ruled my country as a figurehead, a puppet of those with greater power or experience. I wasn't to be trusted, or even talked to, for five long years. The other wizards decided my fate. I was to be imprisoned, watched, guarded by the very wizard responsible for the death of my parents. I had to lose everything, even my sense of self, before I found out who I was, and who my real enemies are.

Legend of Elberkhan

Legend of Elberkhan by Yuxiao Chen


Thousands of years after dark magic was subdued, unknown danger threatens the seemingly peaceful Hilldown Plain... Aary, a youth of seventeen, is a captive and servant to the King of Elberkhan, a cruel, merciless monarch with a mysterious past. Living under constant mental and physical abuse, Aary's only consolations are his secret haven, a treehouse deep in the forest, and his friends, Rudi and Lyna. He would risk everything for them, but no one he cares about can truly be safe, when the king's biggest enjoyment is Aary's suffering... A number of short music leitmotifs, illustrations, and nested sub-stories completes the transmedia storyline. A live performance of the theme music Kingdom of Elberkhan composed and conducted by the author, performed by the Sydney University Wind Orchestra, can be watched online:

The Youngling

The Youngling by Stephen Harrington


Magic, mystery, and destinies entwine as two worlds collide. In the world of The Midgarden, Synesthesia is the only Youngling. Orphaned as a child, her solace lies in the companionship of her loyal dog, Bron, and the tales within her cherished books. But an unexpected twist of fate alters her path forever when her uncle insists on her enrolment at the prestigious Academy. On her treacherous journey, fate intervenes in the form of the enigmatic Griffinkat, a mysterious creature with the uncanny ability to delve into her thoughts, unravelling secrets she never knew existed. Within Synesthesia lies a power shrouded in the mists of time, a force that defies comprehension and beckons her to unlock its hidden potential. In parallel narratives, Seth awakens in a foreign realm, his body battered and carrion birds circling ominously above. His rescue by a mysterious figure, sets in motion a mesmerizing saga that crosses the borders of worlds, unveiling mysteries and interconnected destinies. Meanwhile, Brother Octavion, overseeing his monastery, catches sight of a blaze in the valley below. Investigating the aftermath, they discover the scorched remnants of a traveling show, the lone survivors being a peculiar girl shielding a dying boy. Villagers brand them as demons from hell, but their true identities remain shrouded in mystery. In this mesmerizing novel, worlds collide, destinies intertwine, and secrets unfurl as the lives of Synesthesia, Seth, and Octavian converge in a captivating tale of magic, mystery, and destiny that transcends generations.

Messengers of Ilbeor

Messengers of Ilbeor by T.J. Klapprodt


Messengers connect six races of the verdant and beautiful land of Ilbeor, and newly trained messenger Alanda feels the promise of her adult life as she steps into the world to find her fortune. Faithful dog Alis at her side, Alanda traverses the mountainous wilderness only to be punished by storm and sun before becoming the first elf-friend in generations. When she meets charming messenger Tostig and feels the spark of a connection unlike any she’s ever known, she believes her life has truly begun. After being greeted by tragedy and a brother changed by primal magics she does not understand, Alanda must travel the icy wastes with an unlikely companion to discover the answers to her brother’s prophetic gifts and her own heritage. With only a mysterious artifact to guide her way, she knows only one thing: her entire destiny is about to change. In Tostig’s attempt to race to her side, he is waylaid by the mysterious Sashu toward his own changed future as powerful magician and a hand of the gods themselves. As Alanda and Tostig uncover who they were fated to be, they learn the appearance of peace in Ilbeor is only given by the lack of outright war…and when they each come to the attention of vengeful elven mage Altoneir, they stand to find out just how much they have to lose.

Undine's Blessing

Undine's Blessing by Tessa Hastjarjanto


A dutiful daughter, a mystical archipelago, and a hidden power waiting to command the tides... Marella spends her days caring for her sick mother and selling her father's fish. Bound by duty and love, she dreams little of adventure. But when her mother must travel to the city for treatment, her father takes her out to sea, despite her fear of water. A storm steers them to Emberrain, home to a tribe of magical nymphs and a place of secrets, where Marella discovers a startling truth: her father is a frequent visitor to these mysterious islands. Soon she learns that Emberrain isn't the only secret he had kept from her. Marella has the power to control water and communicate with aquatic animals. Overwhelmed by the magical but dangerous islands, and the secrets of her father, Marella must learn to harness her powers to save herself and her new aquatic friend before they are separated from their parents forever. Undine's Blessing is a journey of wonder, where fears are faced and mysteries unravel, and a young girl learns that true adventure begins when you dare to embrace who you truly are.

The Enchanter's Counsel

The Enchanter's Counsel by Thalib Razi


All compasses point to Fridheim, a holy city at the north pole of a spinning, coin-shaped planet called Quatrain. A hundred years after the millennium-long “Old War” between the coin’s faces over its sacred and gemstone-rich rim, the city’s “New Peace” is threatened by earthquakes, extremists, and tensions between its goblin, elf, and dwarf inhabitants. The son of immigrants who run a café in Fridehim’s goblin quarter, Mizan al-Wasati has just graduated with a degree in gemstone enchanting and is determined to prove to himself (and his overbearing parents) that he’s worthy of a job in that prestigious, modern field of magic. But his journey home in search of work and love ends up putting him in the middle of his hometown’s postcolonial politics, a religious feud between mystic traditionalists and violent literalists, an awkward reencounter with his childhood crush – and a strange magical disaster that suddenly falls upon him and his friends to fix. The debut fantasy novel of Sri Lankan American Muslim writer and singer-songwriter Thalib Razi, The Enchanter’s Counsel turns the tropes of the high fantasy genre on their heads (or tails, if you will) and explores a world where East and West literally cannot see eye to eye, where the epics of good versus evil are just biased accounts from a forgotten era, and where people rely on convenient magical devices instead of the power in their bones. Nothing like our world, of course… Turn the pages to find out more!

Gabriel's Journey

Gabriel's Journey by Thomas J. Prestopnik


An exciting adventure novel for pre-teen and adult readers. Gabriel mouse and his friends enjoy a carefree existence in the field along the country road–until the night of the wild summer storm! When a fiery bolt of lightning destroys an abandoned barn across the road, their lives are changed forever. But was the barn really abandoned after all? Rumors have always existed of green-eyed beasts living there, but the mice had never seen them and so never believed in them. Until now. Six creatures have fled the burning barn like shadows in the night, secretly crossing the road into Gabriel's field during the storm, and now live in the nearby woods. Watching... Waiting... Now that danger hunts them down, the mice realize that the rumors are all too true. So Gabriel and a group of friends decide to search for a new home behind the walls of an estate where life is said to be perfect. But the situation is far from perfect before their journey even starts. Gabriel's best friend Simon is falling under the spell of the beasts and puts the mice in grave danger. Will Simon betray them all? Or will Gabriel succeed before all is lost? Let the journey begin...

The Young Necromancer's Guide to Ghosts

The Young Necromancer's Guide to Ghosts by Vanessa Ricci-Thode


Lusi can see ghosts. And that's only the beginning of her problems. Lusi is a perfectly normal 12-year-old wizard except for the part where she can talk to ghosts. But everyone knows ghosts aren’t real, so at best they think Lusi is lying and at worst that she’s lost her mind. Her big sister Marsi is the only one who believes her, but Marsi is running away to escape Uncle’s terrible plan to make her marry his creepy nephew. Lusi can’t imagine being separated from her sister and leaves behind the rest of their family to flee with Marsi via merchant caravan to the Wizards Guild for help. All their plans are dashed to pieces when Uncle catches up to them in a matter of days. Uncle’s connections to powerful wizards make him far more dangerous than Lusi initially realized. But Lusi isn’t crazy or a freak for talking to ghosts: she’s a necromancer! Marsi is worried—they’ve always been told that necromancers are monsters. Lusi needs to learn more to set both their minds at ease. She must enlist the help of a ghost girl, a dragon, and a strange wizard from the other side of the world if she wants to control her unusual talents and keep her family safe.

The Will of the World

The Will of the World by M.J. Lindemann


"May the will of the world guide your path." Plagued by the relentless husk, the populace must seek refuge behind barriers powered by crystal pylons provided by the Guild. But maintaining these safe havens comes at an extortionate price. As settlements are lost to greed, the tide of abominations surge, threatening to sweep humanity away. Four lives intersect amidst the storm: A mercenary with a penchant for thievery and a hunger for glory. An assassin on a path of vengeance for her lost life. A senator with machinations to save the world from inevitable collapse. A mystic with immense potential and little control. All four possess the power to save the world. Will their efforts avoid the coming calamity? Or incite catastrophe? If you enjoy the magic and intrigue from books and series such as The Sword of Kaigen, The Wheel of Time, and Shadow and Bone, you should check out The Will of the World.

Cascade of Sparks

Cascade of Sparks by Mary Stephenson Su


Elves, Magic, and Trouble of Imperial Proportions Born with the ability to see magic, Zaria hides her gifts in an attempt to fit in with her elven community. It’s easier to focus on school and go with the flow. She’s not one to speak up, especially not for the new elf from the Imperial Center who is as infuriating as he is handsome. Jovan is new to the valley, and he's never quite fit in. His ambitions are bigger than life in a small town, and he’ll do what it takes to go after them. Never one to hold back, he calls Zaria out on her refusal to stand up for the truth—and sparks fly. When Jovan finds himself framed for a crime he didn’t commit, only Zaria’s unique gift can save him. They’ll have to work together to clear his name. Will Zaria risk everything to save Jovan, or will she leave him at the mercy of his accusers?

After Silence

After Silence by Natalie Northwood


Pity is he who rules the world. Inevitable is she who burns it. Norandia, a human-inhabited land abandoned by its slaughtered deities, is on the brink of war with the rest of continental Halivaara. But it isn’t just humans who call Halivaara home. Here dwell eight other territories, seven nonhuman species called Dwellers, and six reigning kingdoms. Today, they know no peace; historically, they never have. Cerys Odessa is a mage hiding in Norandia, where Dwellers are burned at the stake for daring to cross the border; if they find her, they will kill her. But when Vanadey, one of Norandia’s extinct deities, suddenly resurfaces to burn towns in an act of revenge, Cerys realizes that maybe her hidden magic can help stop the brewing war that Vanadey started a millennium ago. But Cerys can’t rise against her on her own. With the aid of an outlawed shapeshifter, Cerys must cross enemy lines to seek alliances with the last living dragon, a mage queen who enslaves men, and the king of the werewolves if she hopes to stop Vanadey before war consumes Norandia and everyone she loves. After Silence is a dark, gritty tale of forced heroism in a land of murderous deities and brewing war, where every character has only those they love to lose—and love is everything.

Child of Vanris

Child of Vanris by Nikki McCormack


At five years old, Kasiel was found with the pointed ends of his ears cut off. Despite that brutal start, he’s lived twelve peaceful years with the man who took him in. Keeping his hair long over his mutilated ears helps him hide the fact that he is Vanrian, a child of the enemy. Everything changes when mercenaries arrive hunting for Kasiel. The last people he expects to come to his rescue are Vanrian soldiers, one of whom claims to be his spirit brother, whatever that means. They plan to take him across the war zone to deliver him to his real father, a man whose name strikes terror in his enemies. With his secret exposed, Kasiel can’t return to his old home. This is his chance to find out who he was supposed to be. It means traveling to a foreign land where they have unusual psychic abilities he may share. It also means leaving behind everything he’s ever cared about. If he is to survive, he will need to learn their language and culture and earn his place in their society. Meanwhile, the man who cut Kasiel’s ears will do anything to keep him out of his true father’s hands, even if it means killing him.

A Strange Bunch

A Strange Bunch by Nikola Stefan


An epic fantasy saga based on myths, legends, and folk fairytales which have enthralled generations worldwide. To lose everything, and remain apart, darkness always round her, darkness in her heart!
To wander the world, without peace or cheer, shadow ever pursuing, and escape nowhere! Deep in the forgotten past, a dark force awakens… The sole survivor of a mysterious devastating attack is hounded by an unnatural pack with a black horseman at the helm. She finds herself on a perilous quest alongside a group of enigmatic misfits, brought together through chance encounters and unforeseen alliances. Chosen by the gods or beguiled into believing so by the far-seeing daughter of a witch, the companionship seeks to unravel the secrets of a fateful prophecy. Experience the thrill of swords and sorcery in wandering a medieval world of mythical creatures, dark forests, and lost cities with these unsung heroes – in a race for their very lives, as they battle deadly shadows rising from the depths of time!

The Lost Noble

The Lost Noble by R. Litfin


In the world of Edenarth, faerie technology has advanced the realms immeasurably. Crystal ball communications, magic mirror displays, and portaling for fast travels are just some of the things that the Clans of Fey have engineered for human consumption—at the right price, of course. Politically, countless kingdoms and realms vie for power and prestige. It is a world filled with terrifying dragons, fearsome trolls, clueless humans, eccentric alchemists, syndicates and pirates, mysterious mermaids, faeries and their magic. In the realm of Kelemer, Adella lives a life of peasantry with her parents, always having to hide from a shadowed past no one will name. One night, they are visited by the grandmother Adella never knew she had: Queen Cassandra Everheart, ruler of the ocean kingdom of Adamaris, the neighboring realm to the south. After years of hiding, Adella learns why her family has been hunted as Cassandra apologizes for banishing Adella’s father for marrying outside of the royal bloodlines. Adamaris has since been bereft of an heir, and with Adella being the rightful crown, she is presented with the choice to leave and attend Royal High, a finishing academy for nobility. Within three years’ time, she will be expected to become Queen of Adamaris should she embrace her birthright. Naturally, fifteen year old Adella is stunned, but reluctantly agrees. She is then whisked away and thrust into the opulent castle halls of Royal High to learn alongside other young royals from across the realms. But a strange darkness haunts Adella in the shadows of the palatial school, and through a series of increasingly dire events, Adella finds that not everyone is as they appear in the world of royals. For under the surface of all kingdoms, a terrible and dark force is rising; an ancient breed of Dragon Kin, once thought vanquished by five guardians of light, are fighting to break free from their thousand year exile. Can Adella Everheart understand what her dreams are telling her before it is too late? Or will the darkness consume everything she loves? ~~~~~ With her peasant life stripped away, and a crown thrust upon her, Adella Everheart must face the darkness haunting her at Royal High before it consumes everything she loves. Who would have thought high school could be so easy?

Through Blood and Dragons

Through Blood and Dragons by R.M. Schultz


Steeped in blood. Ruled by those with dragons. Cimeren is a world divided by a mysterious forest and the vast Lake on Fire. Suspicion brews on both sides, and the south has fallen into chaos as battles and quarrels rage between kingdoms. In the border outpost of Nevergrace, Cyran Orendain is dealing with the loss of his brother and his lord as he strives to face the mounting challenges of a squire of the dragonguard. But when Cyran’s guard-master is called to face the most powerful of the southern kings and bear witness to a secret stolen from the north, Cyran is dragged into a war that has been bubbling under the surface for centuries. Dragons are not only weapons—they are engines of war. And even though Cyran is not trained in the ways of the dragonguard, he must adapt and learn to become one of them or his homeland and all of Cimeren will be destroyed. But he was not born a champion. He may break, and he will bleed.

Demon's Vow

Demon's Vow by R.W. Hert


An inner demon. A secret portal. The struggle for survivial may just end them all... For as long as sixteen-year-old Zade can remember, he’s fought against a powerful presence inside him. When he’s in control, he’s able to wield this dark soul’s powers to protect the nearby village. When he’s not, the demon’s thirst for blood can’t be controlled.The villagers know there’s evil lurking outside their borders, but they don’t realize it’s not the “demon ninja” they should fear—it’s the monsters he fights against who are trying to find a secret portal hidden within the town.After rescuing a young woman form an attack, the villagers capture Zade and force him to live among them. As Zade struggles to keep his demon at bay, he becomes the village’s unlikely hero. He must prepare them to fight their greatest battle, all the while waging an internal was that could destroy them all.Daemarkin: Demon’s Vow is the first book in a captivating fantasy series about perceptions, expectations, and one young man’s struggle to find his place in a strange world. If you like magical settings, incredible plot twists, and demon ninjas, then you’ll love R.W. Hert’s can’t-put-down story.

Flight of an Orphan Thief

Flight of an Orphan Thief by S. M. Radjy


Living on the streets of Thapis, Ayla doesn’t know where she really comes from—and she tells herself she doesn’t care. Her only concerns are to survive until the next day and keep her fiery temper in check. When she is framed by a redhead rat-excrement-for-brains who barely even qualifies as her nemesis and gets in trouble with the law, Ayla is given an unexpected second chance as a messenger for the wealthy Hammond merchant family that seems too good to be true. But just as she starts believing in fresh starts, Ayla finds herself ensnared in a cobweb of intrigue between Hammond House and their rival, Rouka House. When she embarks on her most critical mission yet, she is betrayed and caught. That’s when her feral nature, so far dormant, emerges. It puts Ayla on the wrong side of history, and she realizes she cannot go back to her old life until she figures out who—and what—she really is.

Rumor of Thorns

Rumor of Thorns by Sandell Wall


Sinister tidings whisper from the deep forest. Promises of pain, and the glint of moonlight on thorns. Something foul stirs in the shadows. An unknown evil stalks the land, and five souls stand unwittingly in its path. Destiny has claimed them, even though they would not choose this battle for themselves. Together, they must stand against the encroaching darkness. In the end, it may claim them all. But here at the start, all they know is a rumor of thorns…

Lady of Dragons

Lady of Dragons by Shelby Elizabeth


You will be bound, dragon and human. Finlay McDonough wants nothing more than to be a Dragon Knight: a warrior bound with a dragon partner, intent on ridding the kingdom of its dragon-killing monarchy. Well, she might want one thing just a bit more … Evander, her childhood friend, now keeper of the dragon sanctuary. Scouting with Evander one day, Finlay’s attempt to save a dragon goes horribly wrong, and she inadvertently ties her fate to the dragon’s—their souls bind, lending Finlay powers like those of the Mages the Knights are sworn to destroy. After passing the trial to train as a Knight, Finlay discovers a devastating truth about a beloved dragon. To save them, she’ll need to risk her dream of becoming a true Knight, her chance at a happily-ever-after with Evander . . . and maybe her very identity. Fade-to-black fantasy romance with a fierce heroine, gentle love interest, sassy dragon companion, and more than a dash of adventure awaits.

Tabby Swain

Tabby Swain by Sithia Queen


A visionary, genre-bending coming-of-age novel about a group of friends with one thing in common: they’re shape-shifting monsters. If that wasn’t bad enough, they must also navigate the angst of high school, first love, and heartbreak. Matthew Stroud wants nothing more than to live a normal life, but that’s easier said than done with cat ears on his head and a cat tail attached to his lower back. Only two people know he’s a cat boy: one is his best friend and fellow monster boy, Mark Koenigsegg, and the other is Mark’s human mother, Ashley Koenigsegg. Shortly after starting high school, Matthew develops a crush on Emily Thompson, a human who worms her way into his tiny friend group. She quickly senses something’s wrong with her new friends, from their secretive behavior to their animallike appearances, especially when they befriend another boy, John Woodcock, who seems oddly unbothered by everything weird about them. As her suspicions deepen, Matthew must do everything in his power to keep Emily off of his scent, even as he continues to fall for her, because everything will fall apart if she learns the truth.

Tower of Dogs

Tower of Dogs by H. H. Miller


After the Great Winter plagued the World of El’Ur for centuries, elemental Aegi faded from existence, taking their Natures with them. As the cold darkness recedes into the north, summer returns, and so do the Natures. Like the rest of the world, the people of the Northern Region, Bhaskar, are unprepared for the resurgence of the Aegi powers. Those who succumb to their innate abilities and lose control are labeled as Berzerkers and cast out from society. But the Berzerkers fight back, their strength growing as the edge of winter moves further north, forcing many people to flee to the northern sanctuary of Idun. Rome and his younger sister Sparrow grew up in Suhn, one of the last standing cities outside of Idun. With the Berzerker threat drawing closer, Rome and Sparrow attempt to leave their home and escape to the sanctuary, but a sudden attack separates the siblings, leaving Rome behind in Suhn. Now, alone in the sanctuary, Sparrow is adopted into a prominent household, and introduced to the elite culture within Idun. There is a strong dislike for Nature and the Old World, but unbeknownst to them, there is a greater power waiting to awaken within the walls of the domed city. Meanwhile, Rome struggles with his responsibilities in Suhn as a member of the Fourth Brotherhood — a group that adopted the southern district and all the orphan boys in it. He is torn between chasing after his sister, and building his life with his brothers. His choice becomes even more important when another group threatens to change the way of life in Suhn, and Rome finds himself at the center of it.

If he can’t learn to control the power growing within him, he could lose everything...

The Gatekeeper of Pericael

The Gatekeeper of Pericael by Hayley Reese Chow


In Pericael, no one goes out after dark... Twelve-year-old Porter would much rather spend his weekends playing soccer than channeling spirits in the parallel universe of Pericael. Unfortunately for him, Porter's family has guarded the gate between Earth and monster-filled Pericael for generations, so he's not getting out of Gatekeeper lessons anytime soon. But, some after-school activities are more dangerous than others. When a soul thief threatens the gate, Porter reluctantly comes to its defense... and gets thrown deep into Pericael's dangerous jungle wilderness. With the help of two fierce native girls, Porter must learn to embrace the creepy spirits and find his way back to the gate. But the soul thief is racing for the gate too, and if he gets there first, Porter won't have a home to go back to.

The Dragon Legion

The Dragon Legion by Isaac Hill


Broken generations ago in the Cleansing,The Sunborn Bloodline persists. Dragh the Sunborn Empire’s last son rises in the ranks of the Second Legion, a Legion of criminals. Sent to quell the rebelling Northern Tribes, the last Sunborn son finds himself in a cruel world of politics, murder and betrayal as he struggles to survive. Welcome to the Sunborn Series, where Empires rise, fall and against all odds, rise again. The Dragon Legion is born.

Dread Child

Dread Child by J.L. Doty


Is the birthmark on a young boy's arm just a patch of discolored skin, or the dawn of an ancient curse? Ket is the half-breed son of a Scairn bondservant and an unknown Duchies man. To him, the birthmark on his arm is just a smear of discolored skin. But the wizard Kainborne sees in it the Dreadmark, a portent of both evil and greatness. With his mother murdered, and him kidnapped by Kainborne's assassin, Ket must survive the enemies about him. But can he survive the curse of the Dreadmark?

Dragon Princess

Dragon Princess by Jason P. Crawford


To the commonfolk of Aetheria, the monarchy are the stuff of legends, descendants of the Uniter. To the lesser nobles, they stand as bastions of courage and political skill, deftly balancing the concerns of the people and the country. High Princess Amalia strives to live up to both expectations, forging herself into a Queen that her nation will one day be proud of. A hard task for any young woman, but for one blinded at birth, nearly impossible. Approaching her seventeenth year, and finding her worth under scrutiny from all corners, Amalia learns a devastating truth – dragons, the fabled foes of her ancestors, have returned. To defend her people and her kingdom, every last one must be destroyed…but her convictions are shaken when she discovers that they are not the unthinking beasts of her nation’s collective nightmares, but intelligent creatures much like herself. Amalia must uncover the secrets hidden in the shadows if she is to avert a war that could end in the deaths of everyone she holds dear. But some truths may be better left buried…


Unmagical by Jenn Lessmann


In a town hidden by illusions and protected by centuries of spells, it's up to unmagical Cate Corey to reveal the truth.

The Gate that hides Cate Corey’s magical hometown from the rest of the world is about to close. Permanently. Descended from gifted witches with no power of her own, Cate thought she’d left home and magic behind. These days, she’s a stressed college student and an underpaid barista. It’s a blessedly normal life. But when her father goes missing, she realizes his disappearance is linked to a crisis that threatens to destroy the community and reveal their magic to the world. And Cate’s missing Gift might be the only clue. Now she must choose between family and freedom. Because she has to go home if she wants answers, but going back now might mean giving up the unmagical life she loves... For good. Fans of Practical Magic and Veronica Mars will love this new novel about surviving the cozy apocalypse, making your own magic, and finding your family— literally.

Crimson Spellscape

Crimson Spellscape by Jina S. Bazzar


In the town of Gold Fields, evil wears a friendly mask, blood doesn’t always run red, and fire doesn’t always burn. Eight-year-old Innah McLeod witnessed a nightmare that shattered her innocence and left her with supernatural abilities. For years, she uses these gifts in service of law enforcement, spying on the dregs of the supernatural community. But when her partner and mentor falls in the line of duty, Innah’s only wish is to retreat to the country and the solace of beautiful sunsets. Now, Captain Bradshaw wants her back. If she accepts this one assignment, he will release her from her contract. Unable to refuse, Innah finds herself undercover in the town where she lost more than she ever knew. She knows the drills—go in, identify the members, get out. But Gold Fields is home to a dangerous cult, one that brings the past knocking on her door and awakens old nightmares. Once, Innah McLeod faced unspeakable horrors. In the town of Gold Fields, she will step into that darkness anew, where the line between savior and sacrifice hangs by a thread.

The Black Crown

The Black Crown by John A. Douglas


It is the dying days of the Age of Adventures and the Orc Wars have ended. The Crown Pantheon, authoritarian rulers of Allspire, slaughtered the marauding Orcs by the tens of thousands and returned peace to the continent of Evergrad. But among the many half-orc bastards left in the wake of the war, one was Prince Ragoth Brightsorn, son of the notorious Warlord Thorgoth and Seranna, Queen of Namaria, the sole human-ruled kingdom. After seventeen years of isolation, Ragoth is cruelly forced out of his life of luxurious comfort and into exile on the eve of his royal Crowning before he can receive his gilded mark, the magic sigil that proves his royal birth. Unable to prove who he is or return home, he embarks on a quest to reach his father’s tribe, the Sunderfang, in the lawless wilds of Dreadmour. But his venture is not taken alone. He earns the company of Cortland Lowhelm, a pugilistic human farmboy hellbent on finding a legend to fill, and Denith, a compassionate, if helpless, elvish goodwill worker. To ensure safe passage, they acquire the services of Val’Mora, a world-weary veteran adventurer down on her luck. Together, they cross the kingdoms of the Crown Pantheon with nefarious forces seemingly at every step. The Black Crown is a coming-of-age epic fantasy packed to the brim with action & adventure, political intrigue, found family, vengeful dragons, dark abominations, and, most of all….ORCS!

The Cursed Soul

The Cursed Soul by K.C. Smith


Cursed. Forgotten. Reborn. Doraan and his entire crew are cursed to never walk on land again. For ten long years, they have roamed the sea, attacking and pillaging to survive. Doraan placed all his faith in his family to find a way to break their wretched curse, but when he discovers that his hope of freedom was nothing more than a dream, his world comes crashing down. Kamira is on the run from a life she never wanted. Finding shelter by stowing away on a ship anchored far out to sea, Kamira disguises herself as a boy in the hope of making it to the ship's next port alive. Little does she know—their craft won’t be stopping at any port. Stuck aboard a vessel full of pirates with no destination in sight, Kamira fears they will not only discover that she is a woman but also a sorceress. Now she must face the threat of being thrown overboard–or worse, being turned in to the empire for hiding her outlawed gifts. As Kamira struggles to keep her identity hidden and gain their trust, Doraan sees her as a glimmer of hope for their cursed fate, even if it comes with a steep price. With danger at every turn, Kamira and the crew of the Cursed Soul must navigate treacherous waters in an attempt to not only save themselves but all of Emmoria.

Blood of the Stars

Blood of the Stars by Karyne Norton


Harnessing the power in her blood could turn the tides of war—if it doesn’t destroy her first. It’s been fourteen years since Prince Gaeren lost Aeliana, the childhood friend he’d sworn to protect. Haunted by the unfulfilled promise, he searches for a way to bring her home. But with threats against the kingdom from both a rebel faction in the south and Mayvus, a power-hungry priestess in the east, he only has time to follow one last clue across the seas. Kidnapped as a child, Aeliana is desperate to be rid of the chaotic magic in her blood, magic her captors use to ravage the land. When she’s found by Gaeren’s rebel enemies, she joins their fight to rescue her mother from Mayvus, but her unwieldy power only serves to attract Mayvus' attention. Aeliana must learn to control her magic before they reach her mother, or risk becoming the weapon Mayvus needs to take complete control of the kingdom. Blood of the Stars is the first book in an epic fantasy series full of magic, intrigue, found family, reluctant royalty, & descendants of Stars on the brink of war.

If The Walls Fall

If The Walls Fall by Kay Malady


A romance obsessed teen. A fantasy world demanding she save it. Can Grace prove she’s not their prophesied hero without losing her life or her heart? If you live life like you're in a romance novel, ending up in a fantasy saga would surprise anyone. For serial romantic and reader Grace, she's less surprised and more disbelieving. When she arrives in the Kingdom of Dalner, she assumes it's all a dream. After all, Dalner is a world full of magic and attentive love interests, something no rational seventeen year old could believe is real. Even more improbable are the hints that Grace was brought to save the Kingdom from their northern enemies, magical immortals like the mysterious Woman, who seek to tear down the walls caging them in. But as a non-magical human with no special powers (unless turning every situation into a romantic plot counts), Grace can barely keep herself alive, much less harness the skills needed to save the world. While Grace struggles to prove she’s not the girl they’re looking for, outside forces drag her towards a deadly conclusion, one that may cost more than just her new friendships. To escape the evils threatening to destroy the Kingdom and protect her first love, she must confront her own definition of heroism and discover her inner power before it's too late. This book includes some scenes of violence, age appropriate sexual content, an attempted but unsuccessful assault, diversity representation, a fae-like race, a HEA, and no cliffhangers.

For fans of the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas, Uprooted by Naomi Novik, and the Folk of the Air series by Holly Black.

Hidden Worlds

Hidden Worlds by Kit Campbell


The greatest part of belonging to the Spork Room – a magical writing community – is the Door, through which all stories ever written and yet to be written come to life. There is only one rule: Always tell someone before you go through. But Margery is in a tough place in her story and she really needs to know how this scene goes. No one’s around. Surely it won’t hurt anything to go in by herself just for a few minutes…

The Thief's Keeper

The Thief's Keeper by Kyrie Wang


A runaway thrall. A clever thief. Together, two orphans will defy destiny or fall trying.

In the aftermath of a rebellion against William the Conqueror, northern England lies in ruins, its people scattered and starved.

Aelfric, a 14-year-old thrall, flees from his master and stumbles upon a cache of stolen laundry. The thief? Aliwyn, a girl around his age ostracized for being “cursed.” In her care is a lost toddler she has rescued from the clutch of greedy thrall traders.

Forced to cover each other’s secrets, Aelfric and Aliwyn form an unlikely friendship...and maybe something more. They embark on a perilous journey to reunite the child with his family and seek a cure for Aliwyn’s mysterious condition.

But time is running out. Aelfric’s master is on the hunt, and the shadows of death loom ever closer over Aliwyn. Will they find the courage to press on and defy fate, or will their quest end in capture and ruin? Immerse yourself in a fast-paced tale of unforeseen twists and heart-stopping challenges. The Thief's Keeper is a thrilling young adult novel that transports you to an alternative medieval world, where Celtic-inspired tribes live alongside the last Vikings. Discover a heartwarming tale where friendship triumphs against insurmountable odds. Start your adventure today!

Temper the Dark

Temper the Dark by L Ryan Storms


Servant girl Alaris Kahlanik finds out about her family's gift the hard way when she discovers her ability to dreamwalk after being condemned to the Cells. With thoughts of escape, she uses her newfound ability to spy on the emperor and his secret search for something important. Nothing the emperor wants could possibly be good for the people he rules, and so whatever the emperor is looking for, Alaris must find first. Throlani Guardsman Kagan Liis has served the Empire since Emperor Patuk's reign began eight years ago. He can also communicate with a vicious oracle referred to only as the Darkness. When the Darkness tasks Kagan with investigating the Servant girl in the Cells, Kagan takes on a special mission that will require more than his usual interrogation methods of brute strength and intimidation. From vastly different echelons of the same tribal society, Alaris and Kagan are surprised to learn they share one important goal - ensuring the best for the people of their island nation. Alaris discovers what the emperor is looking for - a dragon! But warning a senile dragon against impending danger is no easy task. Together, Alaris and Kagan must save a forgetful dragon and a divided nation...which may mean giving up any hope of saving themselves.

A Curse Within The Waves

A Curse Within The Waves by B. N. Reele


Let The Sea Set You Free Iris sets sail alongside her estranged father, a pirate captain, and his vexatious crew in search of hidden treasure. The dangerous quest begins on Vatune, an island haunted by blood thirsty creatures, menacing ogres, and seductive sirens.

And then, her adventure takes an unexpected turn....

She becomes cursed and transformed into a mermaid, only to be abandoned once again by her father. When all hope seems lost, the only help she can rely on is a gorgeous merman with questionable intentions- but a magical personality that keeps her wanting more.

Once she discovers that the spell can be broken, she must follow her heart and make an ultimate decision that will affect her future forever.

What The Echoes Say

What The Echoes Say by B.C. Rico


“How far would you go to save a friend? Would you start a war? Would you kill a king?” Kel is born into a family of spies in a land torn apart by war. Savage creatures stalk the realm in its aftermath. Kel’s best friend was orphaned by the conflict, and when he goes missing it's up to Kel to bring him home. Ahni, a princess from an island nation, manifests magic and is swept away from the palace to the Academy, a testing ground for channelers run by an ancient order shrouded in secrecy. And at the center of it all, a boy, heir to a fallen empire. The echoes of war have hollowed him out on the inside, and in the emptiness an ancient evil has taken root. Its shadow threatens the world.

The First Assignment

The First Assignment by Billy Kramer


Dead. Seventeen-year-old Shawn Turner no longer belongs to the world of the living. Armed without a heartbeat, he starts his afterlife as a reaper. After being given the name of a person destined to die in the next seven days, he must go out and collect their soul. As Shawn separates himself from the living and moves below ground, he attends Wayward Academy which teaches him the training and traditions all first-year reapers need to know to perform their duty. The only thing is, Shawn isn't sure he can handle this new responsibility. Dying at seventeen, Shawn never got to make the impact he wanted. So, when an opportunity arises, he has a choice to make. Does Shawn stay in his lane as a reaper, or go out of his way to make a difference?

Dragon Thief

Dragon Thief by Blake & Raven Penn


Best Book of the Year 2023 - Indies Today Outlawed magic. Thrilling heists. Dragons like you've never seen before. "If I got executed again, my dad was going to kill me." Asher of Steel Rim might be a halfway-decent thief, but he's not exactly the realm’s most popular guy. As an outcast among outcasts, some hate him for his scale-tipped, pointed ears. Others wish him dead because he’s a magi in a land where those born with etherarchy are outlawed. In the wild, desert wastelands of Drakfell, Asher finally finds the opportunity he’s been waiting for: A chance to avenge his mother’s death by taking down the legendary leader of the Mage Hunters herself. The Black Valkyrie. To get his shot, Asher joins a crew of Knights determined to steal a true dragon egg. But Asher’s journey of personal vengeance lands him right in the middle of a war that goes far beyond anything he could’ve imagined.

Dreams of a Dragon Girl

Dreams of a Dragon Girl by Bonnie Jacoby


A dragon’s vision. A girl’s curse. A quest to save dragons from extinction. Dragons disappeared long ago. Now they’ve returned, and magic pours back into a world that has buried its existence. Becca is ridiculed for believing dragons are more than the plague-bringers of history. When a fever sweeps through her village, igniting fears that the dragon plague has returned, her belief becomes dangerous. To make matters worse Becca can suddenly sense emotions. It’s a curse, exposing secrets she’d rather not know and making life almost unbearable. The youngest dragon, Gregor, watched his family die because he didn’t know his power could’ve saved them. Defying the rules, he risks exposure to search for a human girl from his vision, certain she’s the key to dragon survival. But when Gregor finds Becca violence erupts. Now the fate of the world rests on these unlikely heroes finding the courage to save dragons without losing everyone they love.

Record of The Paladins: Book Of Oliver

Record of The Paladins: Book Of Oliver by BP McCoppin


Demons are real. They walk this world. To combat Satan's hordes, Christianity relies on its secret weapons: Paladins. Oliver has visions. He hears voices. When he meets a beautiful stranger who seems to know why, Oliver must choose to answer the call of Christianity's mysterious order or never know the truth he's been searching for. Dive into the world just beyond the edge of perception, a place where demons terrorize and crusaders wage war. Journey with Oliver as he seeks the answer to the riddle of life: What is my purpose? Complete in itself, BOOK OF OLIVER is the first novel in an epic series, RECORD OF THE PALADINS. Note to reader: This is a book of faith based heroes who glorify God and seek his kingdom. It contains action, adventure, and villains. These villains are as far from God as one can be and will at times use profanity. There is a light amount of profanity in the final chapter, so fair warning. The demons in the book are vile creatures and may scare younger readers. We do not hold back on how evil Satan and his hordes can be.

Strangers in Our Heads

Strangers in Our Heads by Bri Eberhart


Gemma, a seventeen-year-old orphan and empath, wants nothing more than to be normal. But after her older sister is killed in a hit-and-run, she discovers she can drain the energy out of any living thing. Fearing she might hurt someone with the faintest touch, Gemma flees from her foster home—guided by a boy she’s dreamed about for years but doesn’t believe is real. Meanwhile, Theo, the eighteen-year-old astral-projecting leader of a ragtag group of magical misfits, is doing everything he can to protect his found family after he failed to keep his little sister alive. From rummaging through dumpsters for food, stealing from convenience stores, and throwing punches in illegal fighting rings for extra cash, there’s nothing he won’t do to keep the crew safe from the Authorities who are hunting kids like them. When Gemma shows up in Theo’s world, their dreams become a shocking reality. The problem is that neither thought the other truly existed. Now they have to learn how to trust each other in person, as much as they had in their fantasies, if they want their secrets to remain hidden. What’s worse, Theo didn't guide her there. Instead, a vengeful entity hell-bent on stealing Gemma’s powers did. She and Theo must work through their grief to banish him or risk losing each other for good. But doing so won’t be easy when kids with powers are being hunted by something far, far worse than a ghost. In a cruel, contemporary world, can a handful of teens rely on one another to beat the odds?

Ohlegan's Treasure: Search for the Runes

Ohlegan's Treasure: Search for the Runes by Brian Gardner


"A grand otherworldly adventure with an appealing protagonist at the helm." - Kirkus Reviews Nall spends his days fishing, sleeping on the beach, and reminiscing with his childhood love interest on the peaceful island of Clearwater. But, despite his easygoing life, the young man has an inexplicable urge for adventure. On the morning of a festival, a ship arrives at port. As Nall listens to the captain's incredible stories, his thirst for adventure increases. Following the shocking death of one of the sailors, Nall finds the opportunity to leave the island. While at sea, he meets other travelers who seek a famous treasure. Nall learns of Ohlegan, an explorer who marked his place in history as charting the known world. Legends say a mysterious treasure—four runes—was responsible for his rumored destruction of the Lost Continent. Nall's new companions tell him the treasure comes with a mystery—how did Ohlegan discover the four runes, and why did he give up his exploration and scatter them across the world? Together, the treasure seekers battle monsters, solve ancient puzzles, avoid traps, sail oceans, cross burning deserts, and traverse Mount Noleta, the last known location of Ohlegan himself. However, unbeknownst to our heroes, someone else searches as well...


Defy by C.S Doraga


The Eridian Empire is rife with discontent and animosity. Now, Imperial Princess Redrinna has a choice: stay trapped in a life that terrifies her or betray the trust of her parents-the two people she loves more than anything. Sheltered from most of the Empire's turmoil, Redrinna has spent her entire life preparing for her eighteenth birthday-the day she will inherit the throne of a country she has never seen with her own eyes. Her parents believe she is capable of greatness, but she believes she is doomed to fail. Then, her entire world is turned upside down by a betrayal she never thought possible, a betrayal that leaves her nearly dead. With the help of a creature long thought extinct-a dragon-Redrinna uses the situation to run, determined to finally be free. But earning her freedom isn't that simple. Somone knows she survived. To win her freedom for good, she may have to find a strength she's never had in order to fight an evil long forgotten but responsible for the Empire's dark creation and eager to do worse. And if Redrinna can't, then the little she has left-her friend, her homeland, and her freedom-might be lost forever. Defy is the first in a young adult epic fantasy series packed with unforgettable characters, mystery, and adventure. If you like reluctant heroes, dragons, and coming of age stories, then you'll love the first book in C.S. Doraga's Rise of the Empress series.

Black and Deep Desires

Black and Deep Desires by Claire Trella Hill


Is the vampire in Ophelia’s cellar a man she can save, or a monster out for blood? From an early age, Ophelia learned to keep her pets away from her unfeeling scientist father or they would disappear into his laboratory, never to be seen again. When her father unexpectedly returns to their isolated Yorkshire estate with a mysterious box, Ophelia’s suspicions are aroused…but nothing prepares her for the bloody business she finds. Caged in silver and hungry, Salem is out for blood. Someone has betrayed knowledge of vampire existence to humans—but before Salem can discover who, he must escape diabolical experiments seeking the source of immortality. He cannot afford to trust the frustratingly intriguing girl who says she wants to help and smells of orange blossoms. He especially cannot wonder how she would taste. Even though the darkly mysterious Salem insists he has no soul, that he’s dangerous, Ophelia can’t leave him to be tortured. But to help him escape, she must risk her family’s wrath—which may be a bigger threat than the monster in the cell. The supernatural bleeds into Victorian England in this captivating YA gothic paranormal romance novel, perfect for fans of Lakesedge, Down Comes the Night, Erin A. Craig, and anyone who longs to run across a dark windswept moor in a nightgown.


Iridesce by Cordia Pearson


Two fathers, two countries and no place to call home. When your skin’s the wrong color, and eyes a hated shade of blue, life is one wretched battle after another. All that’s kept me alive is the birthmark for which I was abandoned the night of my birth. A Luna moth, symbol of the Mother Goddess, with a terrifying potential for magic.

I worship the fierce warrior who found, then named me Thea. In a moon, I turn seventeen and will join his forces if he deems me worthy. Service alone will grant me citizenship, and deflect the hate heaped upon me daily. Yet I’m troubled by our mission to deny my desert people access to this country’s many resources.

A warrior mage I’ve never trusted swears we’ve known each other in many lifetimes. He sees a different path for me—one in which I embrace the mystical destiny my birthmark portends.

Faced by this alarming possibility, I ask: can I kill my own kind? Or will this mage, to whom I’m inexplicably drawn, convince me to give up a life of honor, for one of magic?

Be swept away by this captivating adventure of love, honor, bias, and destiny.

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