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Author of the Hurricanes 2007, Brigade DXT, C贸dicemex, Latin Dancin and The Three Wise Young Men Sagas. Winner of Mexico City's Youth Award 2021, Arts Medal 2021, Queer Indie Awards 2021, Top 3 Indie Ink Awards. Columnist for Hello Arte and TV-Radio Host for Literature Today.


C贸dicemex: C贸dice Mexicano de Omeyoc谩n

C贸dicemex: C贸dice Mexicano de Omeyoc谩n by Dar铆o Aguilar Peregrina

SYNOPSIS C脫DICEMEX: C脫DICE MEXICANO DE OMEYOC脕N In the astonishing world of Teteocan, the Gods of the Aztec, Maya, Pur茅pecha, Yokot谩n cultures, and many more, coexisted harmoniously thanks to an alliance achieved by the God Nanahuatzin Quetzalcoatl and the Goddess Coatlicue with the other realms known as the Thirteen Heavens. After the death of Nanahuatzin, a young Goddess named Xeloh Tlazolteotl along with her loyal servants known as "Aluhuales" would provoke a revolution against the reign of Coatlicue seeking vengeance for the death of her former Tlatoani. Faced with this situation, Princess Alitzel Quetzalcoatl, along with her master Xipetotec and her guardian ocelot Janitzin, would manage to escape from Xeloh to the nation known as Mexico. In search of returning home, Alitzel would ask for help from a boy named Daniel "Dani" Aguilar and his friends, nicknamed the " Pandilla Iztapalapa," to find the "Xoconostles" through the magical artifact known as the C贸dice Mexicano de Omeyoc谩n, confront Xeloh, and restore the peace of the Heaven.

Hurricanes 2007: The Virus of The Extermination

Hurricanes 2007: The Virus of The Extermination by Dar铆o Aguilar Peregrina

After concluding the Climatic Crisis War, a new illness had appeared on the planet, its name鈥 "The Virus of the Extermination." In a matter of weeks, the epidemic began to spread at extremely rapid levels, causing those infected to suffer from various symptoms ranging from a simple flu to severe tuberculosis. In an attempt to halt the infection, Misaki Nami Kisaragi, Akira Mikuni Koizumi, Housen Daisy Gallagher, along with Akane Shizue Koizumi, would try to find those responsible for spreading this disease around the world. Meanwhile, R铆o Pedroza would reunite with her lost girlfriend named Charlotte Raven Brock, who was a possible key to curing the virus.

Hurricanes 2007: The Climatic Crisis

Hurricanes 2007: The Climatic Crisis by Dar铆o Aguilar Peregrina

One year after the fall of humanity, the war between the "Hurricanes" and the humans continued. In her eagerness to capture Darcy Ember Phoenix and convince Rio Pedroza to stand by her side, Katrina Fernandez began to create abnormalities in the weather, causing irreparable damage to the Earth's ecosystems and creating horrors of destruction that wouldn't stop until she got what she wanted along with the dark intentions of Akane Shizue and Akira Mikuni Koizumi, Misaki Nami Kisaragi along with Housen Daisy Gallagher. Meanwhile, Rio, Darcy, Emily, Frank, Marquinhos and Julieta would try to survive the so-called climatic crisis alongside the people who had endured the attacks of Katrina and her supporters.

The Three Wise Young Men Part III

The Three Wise Young Men Part III by Dar铆o Aguilar Peregrina

Ever since the young Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltazar discovered they were descendants of the Original Wise Men, their lives would completely change for better and for worse due to some enemies they would encounter along the way. Nevertheless, thanks to their collective charisma, as well as the help of incredible friends from the Magical Multiverse, their main mission of delivering gifts had been an absolute success. Upon recommendation of Santa Claus himself, the Wise Young Men would be summoned by the Mansa (King) of Mukehele Zunduri to find an object that would bring peace and stability to the kingdom after being missing for many years... The Star of Bethlehem.

The Three Wise Young Men Part II

The Three Wise Young Men Part II by Dar铆o Aguilar Peregrina

Two years after defeating Herodes the Great, Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltazar had fully assumed the mantle of the Three Wise Men and brought gifts to different parts of the world accompanied by their friends from the Citadel and Mexico City. Due to the great success of the three in the task entrusted to them by the ancient Kings, they would be invited to Santa Claus's Christmas celebration at the North Pole, where various characters from different fantasy realms beyond the Citadel Kingdom would attend. However, when an ancient evil spirit would try to ruin this gathering and at the same time the upcoming Christmas, the Wise Young Men would seek to stop it...

The Three Wise Young Men

The Three Wise Young Men by Dar铆o Aguilar Peregrina

After years of fulfilling the wishes of all children every January 6th, one day, the Three Wise Men disappeared without a trace from the magical world they came from... Following this event, three young people from different parts of Mexico City who had stopped believing in the tradition and had a connection with the original Three Wise Men, would be chosen to embark on an unforgettable journey and find them. The Magic is real...

Brigade DXT

Brigade DXT by Dar铆o Aguilar Peregrina

Every four years there is an event that unites nations, thousands of athletes strive to make their countries proud, diverse chronicles that inspire us to become like them... This is the story of Manuel Peregrina and the Brigade DXT in their road into the Olympic Games...

Latin Dancin Ft. Hispanoam茅rica

Latin Dancin Ft. Hispanoam茅rica by Dar铆o Aguilar Peregrina

Sometime after winning the Top Latino Festival, Marisol Quintanilla would become a rising celebrity in the Latin American music scene alongside her friends Xabiani Arizt谩bal and Graciela Magdalena. Simultaneously, after recording a series of musical albums, Marisol would manage to enter the top 50 most listened-to hits in the world, as would Xabiani, who was an absolute idol in Colombia, along with Graciela, who would be recognized as a renowned musical actress in Argentina. On the other hand, due to the massive success of the first part of Latin Dancin, Andr茅s Montenegro would decide to continue with the idea of a sequel that would add Hispanic American music to create a more comprehensive experience for players. Later on, Marisol, Xabiani, and Graciela would receive an invitation from Noa R铆o Records to participate in a new Latin Dancin contest that would pit them against winners of past editions of the Top Latino Festivals, which had already had 25 seasons. Who would achieve victory and claim the coveted prize desired by all?

Latin Dancin

Latin Dancin by Dar铆o Aguilar Peregrina

After years of listening to Latin American music in his childhood and youth, video game programmer Andr茅s Montenegro noticed that there had never been one about Latin American music and culture, so he created one called Latin Dancin. Thanks to technological advancements, the game offered an immersive experience where players could be inside it and play a series of levels inspired by the countries of Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Argentina, El Salvador, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil. Months after its release, the game became a success, generating profits for the company DreamGamers, which organized various events to promote Latin and Hispanic artists. On the other hand, despite her powerful and sweet voice, the 16-year-old Mexican girl Marisol Quintanilla had shyness when it came to the stage after loving Latin music for many years. She thought that her dream of becoming a singer might never come true... However, after her birthday, Marisol received as a gift the game Latin Dancin, which was in a new season of searching for Latin talent.

Hurricanes 2007

Hurricanes 2007 by Dar铆o Aguilar Peregrina

A long time ago, a meteorite fell in the middle of a hurricane killing several researchers from the National Hurricane Center, swallowing up the entire storm. While investigating the incident, scientists experimented with the remains of the space rock, discovering that it had the capacity to manipulate the hurricanes or any other natural phenomenon, including the earth's subsurface, being these reasons why the project was titled "Hurricanes 2007". Subsequently, a highly gifted mercenary called Katrina Fernandez, popularly known in her country as "Hurricane Katrina," heard that there was a reward for stealing the project, but in doing so and being surrounded by police, decided to commit suicide.... 10 years later, the Doctor Dominic Carson Phoenix, who was a member of the project, kept a complete sample finding that it had healing powers and after suffering an accident with his wife and daughter, dying the former, Dominic decided to inject the entire substance to his little girl named Darcy Ember Phoenix, who miraculously recovered from all her injuries ... Meanwhile, in the country known as Mexico, a young lesbian navy cadet called Rio Pedroza was fighting every day for a better nation that lately was filled with corruption, violence, unemployment and crime. But when one day she was called to bring help to the Drayson Martle Harbor, things would change... A story filled with violence, darkness, hope, solidarity and love would begin鈥

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