Latin Dancin Ft. Hispanoamérica


Latin Dancin Ft. Hispanoamérica by Darío Aguilar Peregrina

Sometime after winning the Top Latino Festival, Marisol Quintanilla would become a rising celebrity in the Latin American music scene alongside her friends Xabiani Ariztábal and Graciela Magdalena. Simultaneously, after recording a series of musical albums, Marisol would manage to enter the top 50 most listened-to hits in the world, as would Xabiani, who was an absolute idol in Colombia, along with Graciela, who would be recognized as a renowned musical actress in Argentina. On the other hand, due to the massive success of the first part of Latin Dancin, Andrés Montenegro would decide to continue with the idea of a sequel that would add Hispanic American music to create a more comprehensive experience for players. Later on, Marisol, Xabiani, and Graciela would receive an invitation from Noa Río Records to participate in a new Latin Dancin contest that would pit them against winners of past editions of the Top Latino Festivals, which had already had 25 seasons. Who would achieve victory and claim the coveted prize desired by all?

Young AdultFantasyDiversity RepresentationScience Fiction

Content Warning: None

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