Latin Dancin


Latin Dancin by Darío Aguilar Peregrina

After years of listening to Latin American music in his childhood and youth, video game programmer Andrés Montenegro noticed that there had never been one about Latin American music and culture, so he created one called Latin Dancin. Thanks to technological advancements, the game offered an immersive experience where players could be inside it and play a series of levels inspired by the countries of Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Argentina, El Salvador, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil. Months after its release, the game became a success, generating profits for the company DreamGamers, which organized various events to promote Latin and Hispanic artists. On the other hand, despite her powerful and sweet voice, the 16-year-old Mexican girl Marisol Quintanilla had shyness when it came to the stage after loving Latin music for many years. She thought that her dream of becoming a singer might never come true... However, after her birthday, Marisol received as a gift the game Latin Dancin, which was in a new season of searching for Latin talent.

Young AdultDiversity RepresentationScience FictionFantasy

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