Beyond The Falling Snow


Beyond The Falling Snow by Qualia Reed

Wizards of the multiverse unite! Across the 100 worlds of the grand multiversal empire, magic and steampunk technology exist in a fragile balance maintained by a brutal and powerful emperor. In an isolated, northern village, young Sigir's life takes an unexpected turn when a thief steals his late father’s pocket watch. Fueled by determination to recover his precious family heirloom, Sigir is aided by an enigmatic fugitive and his father’s magical robot. Together, the trio embark on a journey across the multiverse to recover what was stolen from them. As the mystery surrounding the thief deepens, Sigir finds himself drawn into events that threaten the safety of the entire empire. Beyond the Falling Snow is a tale of chosen family, and the journey of all who grow up in a rapidly changing world.

Middle GradeFantasy/Science FantasyFantasy/PortalChildren’s Fiction/Science Fiction and FantasyScience Fiction/Parallel and Alternate Universe

Content Warning: some fantasy violence.

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