The Resplendent Throne (The Transcendent Green Book 3)


The Resplendent Throne (The Transcendent Green Book 3) by Mati Ocha

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Earth has ascended… Magic tears through an unsuspecting planet of humans, bringing mythology and monsters to life—and providing humanity a chance to prove their mettle. A creeping infection and an enemy from the deep… Anomalies won’t stop coming. With the community of Oban researching to the best of their ability, the ever-changing landscape only provides new challenges. The ascension has remade Oban, and the people are thriving, but Calum knows that can’t last when new threats are born every day. Dangers in the sea to the west. Anomalies overland from the south. Every additional ally brings news of encroaching dangers. Oban may have built a bulwark against this brave new world, but when the anomalies claim a friend, the race is on to find something–anything–that can fight yet another wave of change in the ascension’s arena. Oban has had a taste of what it could be like to thrive. First, they’ll need to survive what has risen from the abyss.

AdultScience Fiction/LitRPGFantasy/Mythic, Retelling, and FolkloreFantasy/Progression FantasyFantasy/LitRPG

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