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The Heavenly Sword by Alice Poon

The Heavenly Sword and its sequel are a unique blend of an epic wuxia story and Chinese myths. Set in a world of human conflicts, fantastical martial arts, sorcery and celestial magic, Alice Poon’s debut fantasy follows a martial maiden’s heartbreaking adventures in her quest for love and justice. The goddess Chang’e is sent to the mortal world to rein in the tyrant Zhu Di, formerly a Sky Wolf. Reborn as Tang Sai’er, a simple village girl, her celestial mission requires her to master a special martial arts skill, but to succeed, she must fight her growing feelings for a member of Zhu Di’s court, Ma Sanbao. When Zhu Di incites a civil war that imperils her village people, she is forced to lead the White Lotus Sect in direct combat. But even though she gets help from the gracious immortals in the violent feuds, she finds that her mission is on a collision course with her dreams.

Order of the Red Hoods by Tim Kreher

Werewolves, Melinda didn't believe in them until her bloodline called for her to. Dealing with paralyzing anxiety, Melinda wanted a quiet life, free from inciting situations. But after her best friend drags her to a lunar event, her life changes. A voracious howl erupts in the forest at the bottom of the rocky Lookout Point-a sound only she can hear. Bumping into an odd sibling pair, who know the truth, she is told that she is a descendant in a line of supernatural huntresses. The next day after an attack from a haired beast, the duo appear chasing it down. When Melinda follows them, she shifts through an invisible barrier, ending up in a different time. The three must find their way back, assemble a powerful weapon and kill the Father of Wolves before the next super moon. If they fail, a dark being will enter this realm and destroy the planet with apocalyptic destruction. Will Melinda be able to conquer this inherited task, or will she be subdued by the affects of anxiety?

Kosa by John Durgin

“Shocking, sinister, equally elegant and brutal. Durgin teases out your sympathy, and then chokes you with it. Kosa is a grim fairytale of innocence in a dark world - and the monsters who prey upon it.” - Felix Blackwell, author of Stolen Tongues In a secluded mansion hidden away from the outside world, young Kosa lives under the strict and overpowering rule of her enigmatic mother. For Kosa, the rules set by Mother are the guiding principles of her life, shaping her beliefs and actions. She has been sheltered from the truth about the world beyond the confines of their home, conditioned to fear the darkness and malevolence that supposedly lurks outside. However, as Kosa grows older, she begins to question the reality she has been presented with. Doubts eat away at her, fueled by a deep-rooted curiosity and a burgeoning sense of independence. But Kosa possesses a mysterious and powerful ability that Mother desperately needs to sustain her own existence. Mother, a figure shrouded in shadows and secrets, will stop at nothing to ensure that Kosa’s power remains potent and under her control. The sinister grasp that Mother has on Kosa becomes increasingly suffocating as she tightens her grip, isolating Kosa further from the truth that exists beyond their home. In this dark and captivating tale, Kosa’s journey unravels the intricacies of control, the strength of one’s convictions, and the true nature of the world beyond the shadows. The choices she makes will not only determine her fate but also influence the fate of those around her.

The Aqua Human by J. Elizaga

A teenager in the Pacific during World War II, evades capture by escaping to sea. She survives a tragedy and discovers new physical abilities underwater. Alone, she grapples to survive on land. But under the sea, she finds friendship from the most intelligent marine creatures. Over the decades, Amaya searches for the answer about her mysterious transformation while hiding her secret. But her secret may have finally been captured on film.

The Hall of the Wood by Scott Marlowe

A chilling warning. A fragile alliance. Impending doom. Jerrick Bur returns to a home he doesn't recognize. The King's Patrol has vanished. Their Hall stands empty. An invading army encroaches upon the fringes of the forest and folk whisper of a sitheri witch brewing evil from the darkest hollows. Once a patroller, always a patroller, and so Jerrick is duty-bound to investigate. He is joined by Kayra Weslin, knight errant, and her chronicler, Holly, who go to answer a plea for help from nearby Homewood. Along with Murik Alon Rin'kres, an eslar sorcerer who harbors a secret purpose all his own, the four embark upon a mission to unravel the mystery of the missing patrollers and somehow stop an ancient force of darkness from consuming them all.

My Name is Magic by Xan van Rooyen

Taika Turunen has no magic. Despite coming from a long line of powerful Finnish mages, and their name literally meaning magic, Taika can’t perform the simplest of spells. Forced to attend Myrskyjärvi International School for the Magically Gifted on account of their mom being principal, Taika has a hard time fitting in. Sometimes, they wonder if not having magic has something to do with the fact they’re neither a girl nor a boy and if they’re fated to be Taika the Talentless forever. Life goes from bad to worse when Taika sees a liekkiö and recognizes the spirit's voice begging for help as that of their former BFF and major crush, Natalie Khumalo, whose recent absence from class hadn’t gone unnoticed. When more students go missing, Taika must take the lead in a race against time to save friends old and new before a powerful group of chaos mages can unleash the legendary Sampo, an artifact capable of either renewing the world’s waning magic or destroying everything Taika holds dear. To rescue Natalie, Taika will have to journey to the liminal space between worlds where they’ll be forced to battle mythical monsters and their own flagging self-esteem. In doing so, Taika might just discover that magic—and love—comes in many different forms. For fans of witchcraft and wizardry looking for a new, inclusive story, My Name Is Magic, is a story about finding strength from within and potential where you least expected it.

By the Blood of Rowans by Xan van Rooyen

The Sheehy witches are the most feared and detested family on the island of Inisliath, and none more so than Rowan. As a deathwalker, Rowan ferries island souls to the Otherworld, experiencing their deaths and carrying their memories like ghosts within him. It's a fated role he accepts even as it inexorably destroys him. When the magic on the island starts to seep away from the other founding families, everyone blames the Sheehys—especially when islanders start dying. Ash is sick of their father's fists and constantly having to apologize for who they are. Life on Inisliath might be the fresh start Ash and their mum need, and meeting soft-spoken, curly-haired Rowan feels like the ray of sunshine Ash has desperately needed—but everything goes sideways when Ash's mum becomes lead detective on a series of ritualistic murders allegedly tied to island magic, and Ash's family history. The islanders are convinced Rowan is guilty, but Ash refuses to believe it. When Ash does some investigating of their own, they discover Rowan is far more likely to be the next victim. With time running out to save Rowan, Ash will have to choose between a life free of their father or the boy they’re starting to love. Meanwhile Rowan will have to decide just how much he's willing to sacrifice to save his family from the darkness about to be unleashed on the island.

Silver Helix by Xan van Rooyen

On the surface, the city of HelsInc appears to have recovered from the war waged between humans and Ethereals, but beneath the scars, the city seethes. The remains of magic festers, causing mutations in human DNA which could give humans Ethereal power—not that the HelsInc government would ever let that happen. The Legion resists, ripping out their neurochips and protesting the mandatory gene therapy for humans with cryptomine in their DNA. At only 19 years old, Omyn Talvinen isn’t ready to play parent to her kid brother, but with her mom in prison on trumped up charges and her deadbeat dad AWOL, she’s left with little choice. Forced to risk her freedom to pay the rent, Omyn finds herself at the mercy of a pair of cyborg soldiers when they catch her red-handed stealing nanites from a cyberware Salon. But the synths’ powers don’t work on Omyn, and they discover they all share a common memory that they must get to the root of. Wanted dead by the government, Omyn and the renegade soldiers turn to a rebel Legion group with dreams of resuscitating dead magic for help. With the clock-ticking for the synths, Zee-Five and Omyn are forced to confront the secrets of their past and a dark conspiracy that’ll shake the blood-soaked foundations of the city.

Midnight Son: A Prophecies of Ragnarok Story by Marie Sinadjan

Prince. Warrior. Son. Brother. Baldr has always been destined for greatness. As Odin’s heir and firstborn legitimate son, he’s been raised to succeed Odin as king of Asgard and ruler of the Nine Realms, and to lead the worlds into an era of peace and prosperity. But the brightest of lights casts the darkest of shadows, and in Baldr’s wake looms his younger twin brother, Hodr, who has already betrayed Asgard once before. This is a prequel short story to THE PROPHECIES OF RAGNAROK trilogy by Meri Benson and Marie Sinadjan, beginning years before and leading up to the events of Hotel Fen, and a retelling of the myths involving Baldr, a Norse god whose death is said to herald the coming of Ragnarok, the prophesied end of the worlds.

Silver Fire (Chronicles of Asgard: Awakening, #2) by Laura Brewer, Roland Brewer

Rowan and Alvinari’s smooth routine is shattered by hordes of mordkii, larger and far better equipped than any they’ve ever seen, approach their borders. Rowan calls up every fighter and mage across the kingdom. Odin musters Asgard, but they are still horribly outnumbered.They block the advance, but when Alvinari breaks her spear, the replacement she’s given bursts into flame – and so does she. Her fire incinerates the enemies she’s facing – and almost consumes her friends. Hel has just begun to stir wars across the land and on the sea, unleashing demons. No place is safe.

The Godmother by Katherine D Graham


Flames rise on the horizon. The Godmother rises to meet them. Eliza Farrington the Third is the top Fairy Warrior in the universe, undefeated in both magic and physical strength. She is also The Godmother -- the protector and trainer of the Fairy Crown Princess. For twenty years Eliza has prepared her charge to bring change to the rule of terror the tyrannical Fairy King and Queen have inflicted upon the worlds. The Princess's kindness and mercy are already renowned, and her coronation is only a month away. But the Dragon Emperor's legions landing on their doorstep threatens everything. When the Dragon Emperor presents the sole remaining royal Dragon Egg to the Fair Folk with a deadly proposal, can Eliza change the fate of her beloved Princess? Or will the hate of multiple generations snuff out their only flame of hope?

Monarch’s Mission by Emma L Adams


As a squad leader who frequently rides a ferocious war dragon into battle for the nation of Laria, Yala is used to narrowly escaping death. Her sole objective in war is get her team back home in one piece, and she’s never had cause to pay attention to the gods or the Disciples who wield their power. Until, that is, her monarch sends her team on a covert mission to seize control of a mysterious island. At first glance, the island contains nothing but the ruins of a long-abandoned temple, but a closer look yields a shocking discovery. The temple belonged to adherents of the god of death, Mekan, the one deity whose power is forbidden in Laria. Trapped and surrounded by the forces of the dead, Yala soon finds herself fighting for her life amid the ruins. Even if she pulls off a miracle and gets her team out alive, nobody walks away unscathed from the god of death…

Manticore Park by Quenby Olson


When Mrs. Rachel MacGinley arrives at Llewellyn Park, it is with little more than the clothes on her back and a wall around her heart. Falling prey to her affections has harmed her in the past, and she is determined not to let it happen again. But at the first sight of Mr. Rhys, the enigmatic beast of a man who will live and work with her at Llewellyn Park, the protections she’s so carefully constructed around herself begin to crumble. And so she must ask herself, can she continue to keep her heart under lock and key? Or does she even wish to? *100% of both ebook and KU royalties will be donated to the Juniata County Food Pantry in Pennsylvania*

The Darkest Curse by Rachel Rowlands


Annice's hair is cursed. It kills every other living thing it touches. And no one knows the cure. Locked away in a tower ever since she can remember, Annice longs to be free to travel and live a normal life. But she knows the outside world must be protected from her, as her mother Gothel always reminds her. She's even tried cutting her hair off, but the dark magic means it always grows back with a vengeance. Annice passes her days playing music, with only limited visits from her mother. When the handsome, well-travelled bard Cyrus passes her tower and hears her playing her lyre, Annice knows she shouldn't get involved with him. But his lifestyle and adventure stories draw her in, and she soon finds herself longing more fiercely for a life outside. When she begins a fresh search for answers about her curse, she unravels a web of deceit that will change everything she thought she knew about love and family. This novella introduces a series of standalone fairytale retellings set in the world of Nethervale. The Darkest Curse is a Rapunzel retelling with a sweet love story, cosy vibes, and a splash of darkness and adventure.

Caduceus by Alex Robins


Some lies cut deeper than any sword. War has come to the fragile city-state of Carenos. A self-proclaimed ‘King of the South’ sows destruction among its outlying villages, cutting a bloody swathe towards the capital. As smoke from the burning wheat fields blackens the sky, Carenos beseeches its northern allies for aid. Dexios, general of the Thenean phalanx, is one of those chosen to answer the call. After braving the tumultuous Sea of Scales, he arrives in Carenos at the head of three hundred hoplites, determined to put an end to the enemy incursion. One threat, however, can often hide another. Something is stirring in the shadows of the sun-drenched lowlands, an age-old legend, abandoned and forgotten. Drawn from its den by the need to satiate its ravenous hunger. And the enticing scent of blood.

The Skald by Gregory Amato


Ansgar the Skald just needs to make a simple delivery. One very fine sword, made by his foster father, needs to go east. Over the mountains, into the woods, and almost to the land of the Swedes. Once he does that, he can go home and warm his feet. All he needs to do is choose the right path through the forest. This is one foreboding forest, though, and a part of the world Ansgar has never traveled through. In that bleak part of the north, outlaws want to take his sword, wargs want to eat his face, and witches want him for things he would rather not think about. As a skald, Ansgar knows the kind of lore that can keep a man alive in the far north. Tales of heroes and trolls, of gods and dwarves. He's got the best stories. He's got his wits. And he's got a cynical raven to give him advice. Maybe. The right direction has a warm fire and a horn full of mead waiting. The wrong direction has wolves the size of ponies. Or worse.

The Promise of Spring by Savannah James

Hades, the God of the Dead and King of the Underworld, desperately needs a vacation. Having been trapped in his domain for going on ten thousand years, Hades is more than willing to risk death or punishment if it means being able to walk amongst the living. While visiting modern day New York City, Hades finds Persephone, a mysterious Goddess that has made a name for herself as a Mortal florist. Her sorrowful eyes and guarded heart call to his own, but as the two grow closer, they realize they have more than just their hearts at risk. The Gods of Olympus are searching for Hades, and soon the carefully crafted life Persephone has made for herself comes crashing down. In order to ensure their freedom and happiness, the two Gods must rely on each other to fend off those hunting them, especially when the Underworld itself becomes threatened. But little do they know how far the Gods are willing to go to benefit their wants, and the world at large is about to find out the gambit that each of the Gods are willing to play. Perfect for fans of Scarlett St. Clair and Laura Thalassa, The Promise of Spring is the first book in the Gods Gambit series, with each installment following different sets of Gods and Mortals in retellings of the myths you know and love. Filled with romance, intrigue, deception, and hard-won happily ever afters, this is series is sure to keep you coming back for more.

The Blood Stones (Legends of the Bruhai Book 1) by Tori Tecken

His name is not worthy. A traitor is executed, his name ripped away from history. Now the kingdom stands on the brink of a succession war that could bring the country to its knees. Forces stalk the darkness, moving pawns into place in a deadly game. Gehrin and his brothers were not meant to witness the execution, but now they find themselves trapped in the center of a political quagmire. When Gehrin faces the loss of everything he knows, will he also lose himself? To the south, tribal warlords clash in an endless cycle of violence. Syndri, the daughter of a chieftain, kills for the honor of her people. An alliance with a foreign queen offers the power to unite the tribes, but at what cost? Someday, history will remember them as legends.

Splinter: A Diverse Sleepy Hollow Retelling by Jasper Hyde

This Is The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Reborn… In a small town hidden behind the hills of New York, things are far from ordinary. As Sleepy Hollow’s youngest Medical Examiner, the pressure intensifies for Dr. Drusilla Van Tassel when the headless bodies of her sister Katrina’s friends start surfacing. Meanwhile, Drusilla’s ex-lover Ichabod Crane returns to town, dredging up feelings better left buried. Things take a turn for the worst when Drusilla comes face-to-face with the Headless Horseman, who is back to settle old scores – and she and her sister are the perfect targets. Drusilla can repel the horseman with an unknown power, but her sister isn’t so lucky, and she goes missing. However, when Drusilla discovers Ichabod is a monster hunter, she has no other choice but to turn to him for help. Even if that means working with a man she feels an inexplicable attraction to. Will they find Katrina and banish the headless horseman once and for all?

Fairy Court in Exile by Joel Flanagan-Grannemann

Talia, now Queen of the Fairy Realm, is off on a quest to find her kidnapped daughter. In her absence, her paternal uncle's wife, Titania, serves as Regent and leader of a scattered force of loyal Fairies, defending the Exile Queen's mountain against attacks from the False Sisters (Talia's maternal aunts), whose bloody coup triggered the Fairy civil war. Thrown into much more prominent roles as defenders of the mountain, Min and Elanor (formerly Talia's most loyal Ladies), must fight not only enemies from without and within the mountain, but also their own past traumas and insecurities as well. As the treacherous troops of the False Sisters close in, Titania and her loyal Fairies must muster all their courage and strength to fight off the evil blood-fueled magic arrayed against them so they may continue to serve as faithful Servants of the Moon and Sun. If you've enjoyed books such as A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas or The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, then you'll love this thrilling story of loya

Talia: On the Shore of the Sea by Joel Flanagan-Grannemann

near the sea of the First Fairies, Talia gives birth to a daughter, while her former love, now King of the Human Realm, works in concert with her evil aunts (the Three Sisters) to take the Fairy throne from Talia's mother, Queen Zellandine. After a short interlude of peace, Talia and her remaining companions embark on a dangerous journey, evading agents of their opponents as they seek revenge for a devastating attack on their company. ★★★With civil war looming betewen the Fairies, Talia is determined to protect her kingdom and her people -- but at what cost? Will she be able to save her beloved Realm and safeguard the ones she loves?★★★ Follow Talia on her quest for justice in this thrilling second installment of the ★Servants of the Moon and Sun★ series. If you enjoyed books such as A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas or The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, you're sure to love ★Servants of the Moon and Sun★.

Talia:Heir to the Fairy Realm by Joel Flanagan-Grannemann

Talia, the young Iridescent-winged Heir to the Fairy Realm, and Prince Bastile, the Heir to the Human Realm, have embarked on a forbidden love affair, and their choice will have consequences for both their worlds. After a stunning betrayal, Talia, her 8 Ladies, and her Heir's Guard (9 female Fairy soldiers) bravely set off on a journey through the Fairy Realm in search of answers about the Exile Queen, a reviled ancestor. ⚠However, Talia's evil Aunts, the Three Sisters, and others in both the Fairy and Human courts stand in her way, not understanding the ancient prophecy that Talia is destined to fulfill. ★★★Will Talia be able to save both the Fairy and Human Realms from the devastations of another war?★★★ If you enjoyed The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, you will be captivated by this exciting story of Talia and Prince Bastile's forbidden love affair and the stirrings of horrible hostilities between these two vastly disparate Realms.

Balor by Peter Harte

Discover the captivating world of Balor, a modern mythological superhero mystery comic set in Ireland. Join 18-year-old Sean James as he grapples with the tragic murder of his brother by Dublin's notorious drug gangs. In an effort to find solace, Sean journies to Loch Na Suil, where he stumbles upon the mystical Shrine of Balor. Bestowed with extraordinary powers, Sean sets out on a path of vengeance. However, a shocking discovery at a drug shipment forces him to shift his focus to unraveling a web of secrets. Prepare for an electrifying tale of retribution turned investigation in Balor!

The Gods Awoke by Marie Vibbert

[If the Gods were real, could you believe?] Hitra, high priestess of Revestre, already has enough on her hands: political upheaval, a distractingly attractive male servant, and an upcoming harvest festival. But when a column of flame from the heavens sends a city into tumult, it upends more than just her schedule. Now, Hitra must deal with a religious schism, ethnic strife…and a God growing out of control.

Scorched Feathers by Bri Mooney

One hell of a bargain. One hell of a fight. Aradia finds herself ensnared in a web of celestial intrigue when she is abducted by a group of self-proclaimed guardians—the enigmatic angels. Among them is her forbidden love, Asmodeus, a captivating demon determined to rescue her from their clutches. As Aradia and Asmodeus manage a daring escape, she awakens to a daunting reality: her memories have been ruthlessly erased by the guardians. In a race against time, Aradia grapples with her fragmented past, relentlessly pursuing the truth while clinging to the flickering memories she shares with Asmodeus. In a high-stakes battle against fate itself, Aradia must navigate the treacherous path between love and damnation. Will her relentless efforts defy destiny and avert a nightmarish judgment day? Indulge in the intoxicating blend of dark fantasy and gothic romance that will set your heart ablaze. "Scorched Feathers" is the captivating first installment in the Descent into Hell Series, promising an adrenaline-fueled journey that explores the depths of passion, survival, and the harrowing price of temptation.

Swallow the Moon by Bri Mooney

In a dystopian world ruled by oppression and despair, two individuals find themselves caught in a treacherous web of power and forbidden love. Garrus is determined to salvage the remnants of his shattered world. As the last hope for a dwindling rebellion, he walks a precarious path, his every move shadowed by the ruthless Vampire King and his merciless regime. But when fate intertwined his destiny with that of Sigríð, the infamous killer fueled by a burning vendetta, everything changed. Sigríð, a legendary and deadly Vampire, has long harbored a deep-seated hatred for the Vampire King and his reign of terror. Her heart beats with a single purpose—to avenge the losses she has suffered. When a risky encounter at a livestock auction throws her and Garrus together, their agendas collide with electrifying force. Though their initial encounter is marked by enmity and mistrust, an undeniable connection flickers between them. As they reluctantly embark on a perilous journey, each driven by their own motives, Garrus and Sigríð must navigate a treacherous landscape of danger and deception. Their lives intertwine in unexpected ways, testing the limits of their loyalties and beliefs. Bound by circumstance, they find solace and strength in each other, gradually unraveling the layers of their hardened exteriors to reveal vulnerability and passion. In the face of an oppressive regime, their forbidden love becomes a beacon of hope and defiance, challenging the very foundations of their shattered world. In this dystopian tale of dual perspectives, enemies become unlikely allies, and the line between love and hate blurs amidst the chaos of revolution. ••• STM is the first in a trilogy with dual POV featuring a paranormal tale of vampires and shifters in a dystopian setting. Some tropes are enemies to lovers, forced proximity, one bed, forbidden love, and why choose FFM.

Devour the Sun by Bri Moooney

In a world where shadows reign, Sigrid embarks on a harrowing journey of vengeance. "Devour the Sun," a gripping prequel to the celebrated "Swallow the Moon" series, thrusts readers into a realm where darkness and defiance collide. As the rebel vampires dethrone a benevolent king, shattering the city's fragile peace, Sigrid flees the chaos. Her courage and leadership swiftly draw survivors, uniting humans, shifters, and vampires in a desperate quest for safety. But Sigrid's thirst for justice refuses to be quenched by mere sanctuary. Her relentless pursuit to dismantle the oppressive crown and liberate those enslaved by darkness drives her forward. In her mission, she encounters Alex, a daring scientist conducting forbidden experiments on vampires. Their enigmatic connection ignites an inferno of forbidden passion that threatens to consume them both. "Devour the Sun" weaves a paranormal dark fantasy tapestry where alliances arise from the ashes of a once-peaceful kingdom, love emerges amidst the ruins, and Sigrid's unyielding spirit sparks a rebellion that will reshape their world forever. Venture into this captivating world where even the shadows hold secrets, and redemption is born from the darkest desires.

Into the Forest by Jennifer Willcock

What if the Wolf fell in love with Red Riding Hood? Prince Teowulf, Crown Prince of the Wolf Kingdom, believes the lessons of superiority he’s learned from childhood until a chance encounter with a despised Forester, Jenna “Rider” Hood. Rider is the daughter of Dr. Hood, the premiere pharmacist of Wolf Kingdom, and she turns Prince Teo’s world upside down, making him question everything he’s ever believed about the Foresters. When sickness strikes the Wolf clan, Rider and Prince Teo must work together to save lives. But can they get past their own hate and prejudice to help others? Will the sparks between Rider and Teo fizzle or burst into flame?

A Ritual of Bone by Lee C. Conley

'Only valour and steel can stand against the rising dead' Arnar is a land of warriors, its people as stalwart as the stones themselves. In a land of dark forests and ancient hill forts, a forgotten evil is awoken by curious minds. The Great Histories and the Sagas say nothing of this evil, long passed from the memory of even the studious scholars of the College. For centuries, the scholars of Arnar have kept these records and preserved the knowledge and great deeds of a proud people. The story of these peoples forever chronicled in the Sagas of the Great Histories. But now the evil spreads and the dead walk in its wake, terrible creatures roam the night and even the spirits are restless. The Dead Sagas could perhaps be the final chapters of these great records. Many threads entwine to tell this Saga, interweaving the tales of those who played their part in the search for answers and ultimately their fight for survival. Amid plague, invasion and terror, the inexorable rise of the dead sends a kingdom scrabbling to its knees. This dark fantasy epic combines dark malign horror and gritty survival adventure as the Dead Sagas unfold in a world where honour and renown is all, where beasts and savages lurk in the wilderness, and where sword, axe and shield is all that stands between the living and the grasping hands of the dead.

The Knight of the Moon by Gregory Kontaxis

John, the Long Arm, leads a life as a bounty hunter at the Three Heads. His name has spread far and wide across the north while plenty of gold weighs down his pockets. Just when everything seems to be going well for him, a group of soldiers order him to take on a new mission. This time, his task is to track down a very dangerous man—a knight who rejected his oaths, turning his back on Gaeldeath and its ruler. Will John choose the way of honour and devotion or will be succumb to his unquenchable thirst for wealth? As part of “The Dance of Light” series, “The Knight of the Moon” is a novella which takes place seventeen years preceding the events of “The Return of the Knights.”

The Wind City by Rem Wigmore

Wellington. The wind city. New Zealand’s home of art and culture, but darker forces, forgotten forces, are starting to reappear. Aotearoa’s displaced iwi atua – the patupaiarehe, taniwha, and ponaturi of legend – have decided to make Wellington their home, and while some have come looking for love, others have arrived in search of blood. A war is coming, and few can stand in their way. Saint (lovably fearless, temporarily destitute, currently unable to find a shirt) may be our only hope. Tony, suddenly unemployed and potentially a taniwha herself, has little choice but to accept the role her bloodline dictates. And Hinewai, who fell with the rain? If she can’t find her one true love, there’s a good chance that none will live to see the morning. Wellington will never be the same again.

Magissa by Kassandra Flamouri

For as long as she can remember, Chrysa Markou has longed for Pyrga, her native village in the mountains of Greece. But she never thought she would return like this—an orphan, crushed by grief and wracked with guilt over her parents’ deaths. Even surrounded by family, she feels like a xeni—a foreigner. A stranger All she wants is to belong, but Chrysa instead finds herself beset by vicious gossip, family secrets, and a magical heritage that could derail the future her parents wanted for her. To make matters worse, the one responsible for orphaning Chrysa has returned to unleash a reign of supernatural terror over her new home. With the help of a handsome but moody Seer and a pair of burly guard dogs, Chrysa scrambles to protect her village from an onslaught of dark creatures commanded by her parents’ murderer. As the noose of the killer's malice draws tighter, Chrysa grapples with festering doubts: Is she the victim, the hero...or the true cause of her people's suffering? Triumph over evil seems worth any cost, until it threatens to unravel everything Chrysa believed she was fighting for.

Once Upon a Wave of Witches by Eli Belt and Helen Whistberry

Amelia Arrowheart is a homebody. Beatrice Buttons most decidedly is not. When these two ladies of a certain age meet and become fast friends, neither expects the extraordinary challenges they will face together and apart. Welcome to Lichen, a place like no other, where fungi are revered, cloud creatures crowd the skies, and sea witches wield their power for the good of all. Two mischievous little boys, a space pirate, and a monster that reaches out from the depths of the ocean will change their lives forever. Join Beatrice and Amelia on the adventure of a lifetime as they take to the skies and plunge into the depths of the sea to save a friend and break a curse! A unique and uplifting fantasy tale celebrating friendship, loyalty, and love. Includes 33 original illustrations!

The Tail of Nightshade by Helen Whistberry

“A mouse scrabbled along under crisp, fallen leaves, whiskers twitching. Death, disguised as an owl, kept watch high above, unblinking eyes orbed bright in the moonlight...” Thus begins an adventure unlike any other for Nightshade, a young mouse who never expected to venture very far from their cozy burrow. Over the course of a few eventful days, they will meet strangers both weird and magnificent, including an impetuous bear and a lovely wyrm, a flitter-flutter and a whirligig, a wizard of modest talents and a legendarily monstrous cat, and a most wondrous being of light. Together they will navigate a noble quest, face unimaginable dangers, and experience astonishing events. Through it all, they will cling to the one thing they most believe: there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome if all remain true. Please be warned, especially for younger readers, that there are brief moments of violence, instances of death and other kinds of mayhem you might expect in a fantasy story. But also be reassured that it is a tale full of hope, love, and the beauty of loyalty, friendship, and doing the right thing no matter the cost. Includes 31 original illustrations by the author.

Stealing Glass by Liv Strom

What if Cinderella was a thief, the fairy godmother evil, ...and the prince only wanted to marry to get his revenge? Vanya longs to escape Tal, the City of the Dead, and the suffocating debts weighing her down. As her stepfather's interest rate increases, she turns to thievery to secure her freedom. Her task? Steal the glass crown at the crown prince's betrothal ball before midnight, and she'll finally break free. But Vanya soon discovers she bears a striking resemblance to the missing foreign bride, and her employer desires not just the crown, but control over the one who wears it. This summer, worse things than the usual dead roam the streets of Tal, while sinister forces seeking to topple the royals and rebels gather in the night, waiting for their chance to strike. All sides agree: the wedding must proceed—even if no one survives to see the dawn. Stealing Glass is the first book in the Tales of Bones and Roses Cinderella duology, a slow burn romance with bantering enemies to lovers, royally mistaken identity and backstabbing political intrigues in a darkly gothic world.

Meshkwadoon by Alex Tilley

Meshkwadoon is a psychological, atmospheric experience, more focused on the individual perception of events rather than on the events themselves. As a perspective driven tale, it delves into the minds of a woman, a man, and a boy, as they are dragged through an experience of fear, obsession, trauma, and terror. Where the foundational spirit of the land seeks to fulfill its obligation to an exchange of life for the life of all. Discover the unspoken impact a melting pot society has on the folk lore and language of a land whose roots go deeper than 150 years. A world whose spirits carry on despite the hunger of the living. Genre: Fiction/ Thriller/ Folk Horror/ Magic Realism Instagram:

Emma's Dragon by M. Verant

The award-winning Regency fantasy continues. Emma Woodhouse needs a dragon. Her life depends on it. But Emma’s dragon is claimed… by Elizabeth Darcy. When Emma Woodhouse meets newly wed Elizabeth, a brush of their gloved hands unmasks the Darcys’ fantastic secret. Emma has discovered Yuánchi, the deadly dragon coveted by both Emperor Napoleon and England’s Secretary of War. Secrets are nothing new for Emma. She has her own: a deathbed promise, and a clever plan to achieve it. The Darcys’ power, forbidden to her, might even help. But clever plans go astray. As treason stalks a royal ball, an avenging queen rises to ravage England. Survival rests on a fabled alliance: Emma and her secrets, Elizabeth and her dragon, and the magical music of Mary Bennet and Georgiana Darcy. Will Emma, Elizabeth, and Mary unravel the mystery of the great wyves in time to save England and themselves? Emma’s Dragon is the second book in the award-winning Jane Austen Fantasy series. This boldly original story is filled with magical dragons, strong heroines, and a brilliantly reimagined Regency that challenges barriers of class, race, and love.

Gold, Lock and Key by E J Doble

From grimdark author E J Doble, comes a fairytale with a dark twist... "All it needs, is a bit of tenacity... and three little bears." Goldie, an outlaw and contract hunter of the Baron's State, accepts a new assignment from her employer to find an old cabin in the woods, home to three 'shapeshifters' who can morph into bears. Considered to be little more than a myth, Goldie assumes at first that the shapeshifters are an exaggeration - but with the sizeable bounty her employer is offering, she soon realises there may be more truth in it than she realised. And that isn't the only thing on her mind: she discovers her main rival - a manipulative and incredibly cunning trapper named Southey - has also taken on the contract, and will be contending for the same bounty she so fervently desires. Having waited many long years to have her revenge and outsmart Southey for past mistakes, Goldie sees the new contract as a perfect opportunity to do so. All she has to do is play her cards just right. And kill three bears...

The Crescent Moon by E J Doble

The first novella in a new philosophical fiction trilogy by indie author E J Doble In the city of Arbash, nestled on the outskirts of a vast desert, the young girl My'ala walks out among the vineyards overlooking a delicate blue sea. Reaching a gnarled tree atop a small hill, she stumbles upon an old man, nestled among its roots - his name is Artemis the Hermit, and he longs to answer the simple question. What is the meaning of life? As the years pass, and the realities of a difficult life struggling to get by weigh heavy upon her, My'ala finds herself returning to the Hermit by the tree to seek counsel, and to find purpose in a world where she feels so lost. But when an enemy appears from the sea, and her family are torn apart by the spectre of war, it is in the Hermit's teachings that My'ala will find her answers - and how the meaning of life may just save her city from a swift and certain end...

Devout: An Anthology of Angels by Edited By Quinton Li

Featuring work by Freydís Moon, Dorian Yosef Weber, Angela Sun, Ian Haramaki, Tyler Battaglia, Daniel Marie James, Morgan Dante, Cas Trudeau, Aurélio Loren, Rae Novotny, Rafael Nicolás & Emily Hoffman. A collection of stories, poetry, and art dedicated to the angelic. Here you will find the strange, the creepy, the funky, slightly silly, pieces with feeling. An experience buried deep inside, it might be from another dimension. Something questionable that makes you wonder if your first impression of the world is accurate enough to trust. Or maybe something human — too human. How about a feeling between a feeling? Longing, yearning. Conflict between moral and love. World between worlds. Above all — angelic. Are we what angels make of us, or are angels what we make of them? This anthology is for mature audiences due to themes and explicit content. Our genres include, but are not limited to: Contemporary Fantasy Romance, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Horror, Historical Fantasy Romance, Mythological, Gothic Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror Drama

Dark Woods, Deep Water by Jelena Dunato

In the depths of a remote forest, an enchanted castle preys on unwary travellers. The servants of the Goddess Morana sacrifice to their dark mistress every soul who crosses its threshold . One terrible night, three people who should never have met find themselves trapped there: a spoiled lady escaping an unwanted marriage, an aging warrior-prince on a deadly mission, and a resourceful rogue caught up in a botched heist. As their destinies entwine and the dawn approaches, the solution to the castle’s riddle becomes clear: if they want to escape, one of them must die. A dark fantasy tale inspired by Slavic folklore, Dark Woods, Deep Water is the debut novel by Croatian author Jelena Dunato. Set in an intricately imagined world that staggers the line between fairytale and brutality, this novel will appeal to fans of Katherine Arden and Naomi Novik, as well as lovers of classic Gothic fiction.

Witches of Worth by Journey Windrow

It’s the witching hour on Samhain. Born-witch Amaris Rutter is on a mission to safeguard the familiars of the Salem Council of Witches. But her best intentions turn her world upside down as she's crushed between warring factions of the Cabinet of Witchery. To make it worse, Amaris finds herself caught in a web of intrigue that leads to disaster. This fast-paced spin-off from the Mage of Boston series is an enjoyable standalone that also offers fresh insights that enrich the mage series. It slots neatly between The Reluctant Mage and Stone and Bone, enriching both. Immerse yourself in a world where magic, mystery, dominance struggles, and the power of second chances collide.

Metanoia by Alex Robins

As above, so below. Panacea was a lie. An elaborate scheme instigated by Zeus, greatest of the Ruined Gods. Among its many victims was the former strategos Dexios, tricked into murdering Zeus’s brother, Hades, as the city of Thena fell to an unstoppable tauran herd. With the death of Hades, the barrier between realms has been shattered. The lifeless shades of Tartarus are no longer bound to the Underworld, but free to return to their decaying bodies and walk the lands of Tyrris once more. Only one can stop this. Makar, son of Hades, reluctant heir to his father’s legacy. Accompanied by the disgraced priestess Graycea and the sophistes Elena, he must find a way to traverse the mists of Tartarus and reclaim his birthright. A long, arduous path awaits. For deep in the fiery pits of the Underworld, someone is releasing the shades of the damned. Decrepit, pitiful shadows, their tortured minds broken by an eternity of torture. Yet, despite the madness, a single, overwhelming desire remains. Vengeance.

The Faded Dragon by Cameron Michaels

Peace is a frail thing, but the truth is even frailer. Epic Fantasy with a twist of mystery . . . The old war between the dragons and elves has long been over, and Deerium has entered a new age. The humans have taken hold and the last fragment of days gone by, known as the Takahrn, have been made slaves. Gahlaia, the Takahrn’s rightful leader, is given a chance to save her people. Borhiim, a man with a confusing past, must choose between his new life and the one left behind. Tirehn, the soon-to-be king, seeks to find his father’s murderer. All the while, the Eternal moves them together to discover the reality of their world, and the one who’s been pulling all the strings.

Out on a Limb by Luis Paredes

"How many perverts d'ya think sucked on those toes before the police rolled in?" With that question, Out On a Limb kicks off an irreverent, foul-mouthed, and horrific urban fantasy noir series following the exploits of private occult investigators Rebecca Suarez and Peyton Marx. In this fast-paced novella that readers can devour in an afternoon, Rebecca and Peyton are stumped by their strangest case yet—a tree growing human legs. The dangling gams become the least of their concerns when nearby trees start consuming more than just carbon dioxide. Now the investigators must use their powers and the NYPD's magical tech to find the mage responsible for this heinous crime and stop a bloody disaster from creeping across the Empire State.

A Promise Wrought in Steel by Ben Collins

The Legions of the Tunulman Republic have won many victories. But Tunulm, the city, its Assembly of laws made by wealthy Patricians, and the growing Empire it draws on the map, win yet more enemies with each campaign. A united force of Veltoi tribes seeks to raid south into Tunulman lands, led by a charismatic chief too young to remember the devastating reprisals the legion enacted on their people forty years ago. Acco, a gifted young warrior, seeks his own glory on that frontline, even as the war draws more lines from poems and prophecies he does not understand. In Tunulm, the daughter of a broken house and an ambitious man of middling equite rank find opportunity for advancement in the chaos war brings. To the East, a legionnaire of the Republic finds himself embroiled in a plot not of his choosing, and is sent to the Empire of Xerxia. In that land, Yatossa, a servant of the Archmagus yearns for lessons of ancient Alchemy, and learns that her new master possesses the greatest secret in the entire world. For he has that which can make a man a living god.

Hotel Fen by Meri Benson, Marie Sinadjan

The Shining meets Norse mythology in this tale of star-crossed romances, ancient prophecies, and revenge. Are you ready for the vacation of a lifetime? Victor has always had a passion for Norse history and mythology, but after hitting a dead end with his book on valkyries, not even that passion is enough to move him forward. Just when he's ready to abandon the project, he receives an email: he's won a free trip to Hotel Fen, a remote vintage resort in the Scandinavian Mountains. Silje has always felt that her life was fairly unremarkable. She cares deeply about people and that has led her to find her purpose at a nursing home in Oslo. When a resident dies and leaves her an all-expense paid vacation package to Hotel Fen, however, she takes the opportunity to experience something different. It all starts innocently enough, with a little meet-cute in the hotel elevator that takes forever to arrive on their floor. But the longer Victor and Silje remain together, the more dangerous the hotel becomes, and the more they question where reality ends and the impossible begins.

Harvest Nights by Ahmed H. Alameen

“A Lovecraftian horror tale inspired by Native American Myths and colonial times” Harvest Nights is a story told through a young boy named Chua (Snake), who narrates the story of how the days were gone and replaced by nights when a strange shooting star appeared in the sky in 1811 Colonial America (Great Comet of 1811). During those dreadful nights, Chua, and later three other people, will have to survive the other worldly creatures that will stop at nothing to eat. A Lovecraftian horror story featuring famous historical figures and creatures inspired by Native American myths. “It was the surgically-precise gore, the sensations of body horror, and the tenticular terror that Ahmed Alameen penned that will stick with me for a long time.”—Michael Arnzen, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Play Dead and 100 Jolts “Gripping and Eerie”—Eric J. Guignard, award-winning author and editor, including That Which Grows Wild and Doorways to the Deadeye “You’ll be hooked from the literally explosive beginning right through to the finale.”—Paul Kane – Bestselling and award-winning author of Before, Arcana and Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell “Lingers long after the final page has been read.”—Amanda Stevens, Award-winning author of The Graveyard Queen “This Lovecraftian story took a couple of unexpected turns that really amped up the horror... Alameen clearly knows the subject matter well and he does it a lot of justice.”—April A. Taylor - author of Sinkhole and The Hunting of Cabin Green “Ahmed Alameen is a true cosmic frontiersman, forging a new path through uncharted terrors and guiding his readers into the vast unknown with Harvest Nights.”—Clay McLeod Chapman - Author of Whisper Down the Lane and the Remaking

Dirt-Stained Hands, Thorn-Pierced Skin by Tabitha O'Connell


A queer, Beauty-and-the-Beast-inspired novella Heron thought ey wanted to be with handsome, charming Tiel—but the relationship hasn’t quite lived up to eir expectations. With Tiel’s confidence comes a tendency to be overbearing, and now he wants Heron to leave eir farm life behind and move to town with him. And Heron can’t figure out how to explain to him that ey doesn’t want that. When an accident strands Heron’s mother at a castle rumored to belong to a family of mages, Heron rushes off to make sure she’s all right—only to find the castle occupied by a single man who isn’t a mage at all. Prone to hiding behind his long mess of hair, the mysterious Theomer possesses a long-neglected, semi-magical garden. A job tending it is Heron’s perfect opportunity for some time away from Tiel while ey decides what to tell him. Heron did not plan to be drawn in by Theomer’s attentive gaze and understated sense of humor. But as an undeniable bond forms between them, ey’s soon going to have a much bigger choice to make…

Beauty In The Beast by Tea Spangsberg

What if Beast never found his true love before the rose died? What if he wandered the earth for hundreds of years? What if Belle wasn’t taken to the castle to pay off her father’s debt? What if the curse was not quite what we imagined? Beast was cursed by a witch on his fifteenth birthday. Five years to find true love. A rose to count the time. But Beast didn’t find his one true love. Maddened by anger, he hunted the witch and fought in wars. A year passed, then another. Five years. Ten. Fifty. A hundred. Now he roams the country, hunting monsters, mostly forgotten except as the tale about the lost prince. Belle is an outcast. Taken by a monster as a child, she wears the scars on her body and face. Rumors follow her around, and people she once called friends cross the street to avoid being near her. A prisoner in her own life, she dreams of escaping to a place where scars and her past won’t haunt her, but knowing that will never happen. But a chance encounter in the forest will change their lives forever. Can true love really break a curse? Or will they both have to learn to see the beauty in the beast?

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