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Awakened Princess (Beyond the Curse Book 1) by Laura Greenwood

As the new heir to her father's throne, Keira thinks she knows exactly what's going to happen in her life. After meeting a handsome prince at a ball, she uncovers the truth about her past, and the curse placed on her by a vengeful king. With less than a year to find a way to undo the curse, can Keira stop it before it's too late? - Awakened Princess is book one in the Beyond The Curse fantasy series. It is inspired by fairy tale lore. It includes an m/f romantic subplot.

The Village Maid: A Fairy Tale with Benefits by Janbe Buehler

She’s gone from riches to rags… Once a castle courtier, Avianna now toils as a laundry maid. She owes the landlady two moons’ rent, and she’s destroying her one asset—her looks. Her best and only plan to escape poverty is to lure hapless Jeb Doolihan into marriage. Jeb’s handsome and rich… and boring. And Avianna can’t stop thinking about her new friend in the village, the humble fairy Thorn. Thorn actually talks to her, unlike most men. He’s teaching her to read. And now he’s starting to look far too attractive. But Thorn’s a fairy. And fairies can cast love spells. Avianna is determined to resist his charms and pursue her goal. Thorn doesn’t fit the picture of the secure life she’s always wanted. But when they escape together from a pirate invasion, that picture starts to change. The Village Maid is a relatable story in a lighthearted setting with fun magic—the perfect escape. If you like Sophie Kinsella novels, but wish they had fairies and magic, The Village Maid is for you. Note: The Village Maid contains love scenes.

The Forest Bride: A Fairy Tale with Benefits (Sylvania) by Jane Buehler

He saved her life. Now she’s wondering why. Rose will never escape the castle. The guards have caught her every time she’s tried. After thirteen years imprisoned in her tower, she’s resigned to her fate of an arranged marriage to a vain, tiresome, and/or brutish prince. Until she meets Dustan. Dustan isn’t like the other princes who’ve come. He’s kind and asks Rose her thoughts. But Rose discovers that Dustan harbors a secret—he may not be a prince… or human. Too soon, her father chooses a different suitor, a sinister one with a wicked plan. After Dustan saves Rose’s life, she follows him into the forest. Rose hopes to hide from both her fiancé and her father. But can she trust Dustan, or does he have a hidden agenda—or does that even matter, if they’re falling in love?

Zinnia's Quest by P.S Power

An amazing short story... The most important of the year! On the eve of leaving her home forever to be married, Zinnia must learn a mystical lesson that will impact the rest of her life. Filled with magic, wonder and wisdom, this short story is a must read... for anyone.

Moss and Clay (Mab's Doll Book 1) by Rebekah Jonesy

Moss, Clay, and Blood A doll, crafted and given a mission by Danu, is brought to life by human and Fae blood. Blood daughter of Mab, Queen of the Fae, Gillian must track down the fae in the Americas and bring them back under Fae Law. No one knows what is holding them there, or why no other rescue mission has returned. Not even the gods that sent them. Gillian must return the fae to the Underhill, or send their souls back to Danu.

Twelve Dancing Witnesses (A Middle-Aged Fairy Godmother Book 3) by Elizabeth A Reeves

The third and final book of the Middle-Aged Fairy Godmother Trilogy. In a far away kingdom, the princesses dance through their slippers every night... At least, that's how the story is supposed to go. But this kingdom isn't supposed to have a Fairy Godmother. And these aren't princesses. And Grace is supposed to be dead. But she's not dead... yet. And who better than Grace to figure this tangle out from the inside? At least, that's what she's counting on. And she has twelve dancing witnesses to help her figure things out.

Stinking Beauty (A Middle-Aged Fairy Godmother) by Elizabeth A Reeves

The witch was dead.But, so was the princess, which meant nothing short of a catastrophe.Grace is a reluctant Fairy Godmother in a world dependent on keeping Magic contained. In order to do this, Grace and her fellow Fairy Godparents enact strong spells in the guise of Fairy Tales. These spells work to calm and control Magic and keep it from reverting to the Chaos it originated as.It's a tough job. Fairy Godparents are looked at as heroes. It is the career all young fairies dream of.Except for Grace. She has been dragged unwillingly back into the career that her parents and ancestors have made famous. A descendant of the original Godmother, she has high expectation riding on her-- and she has done everything within her power to avoid the whole mess. Now middle-aged, she has been dragged from her failed attempts at other careers, right back into the world she had tried to avoid for two centuries.Now, here on Grace's first case alone as a Godmother, everything has fallen to pieces. The Sleeping Princess has been found dead and... stinking. And Magic is already beginning to act strangely.Grace should have stuck to baking.

Of Wind and Lightning: An Epic Fantasy Adventure (Selah Book 1) by Ella Walker Henderson

In a land of legends, three rival nations hunt the ancient relic that can control rare and powerful warriors. With lightning speed and an affinity for knives, Desa is a legendary, one of the warriors the relic can enslave. Disguised as a mercenary, she joins a band of enemy warriors who also hunt the relic. In the height of battle, a startling connection links her to their leader. Will he help her find the relic or betray her for the glory of his northern kingdom? His aid could be worth the risk. For if her oldest adversary succeeds in the hunt, he will destroy her and her world. Who will triumph? Join the epic quest to find the relic first.

Shadow War by Jilleen Dolbeare

Things have been going downhill since Piper discovered who she really was and whom she descended from. Now her best friend has paid the price. An ancient goddess has forced Bran into an artifact changing her, and to make it worse, she won't leave Bran alone. You can only run, hide, and muddle through so long before the final chess moves are complete. Weasel is coming for Bran. An unknown monster is stalking Piper, and war between the ancient gods, the shadow winged, and the weres is lurking on the horizon. If Piper's side wins, humanity will continue on, ignorant but safe. If they lose, it is the end of everything. How much can one bush pilot do?

Shadow Strife by Jilleen Dolbeare

The old gods were cruel. I know because the stories told by the elders made it clear. Now the gods are back, and it appears it’s my dad’s fault. You know what’s worse? Their idea of fun is world ending. Now I have to stop them from recovering a magical artifact that will bring that to pass. I’m just a shapeshifting bush pilot who wants to stay off the radar—unfortunately, it’s only me, my friends, family, and the few supernaturals we can round up between the gods and the humans. War is coming. I only hope we survive.

Accession of the Stone Born: Nine Realms Saga (Vigiles Urbani Chronicles Book 1 by Ken Lange

Gavin Randall hasn’t been home in nearly thirty years. Upon his return, he steps into a world he never knew existed and awakens dormant powers to discover that he’s one of the rarest beings in the supernatural community—a Stone Born. Now his very existence is a threat to the established order. A mysterious death pulls him in further, forcing him to face off against family and foe alike. Gavin must reconcile the past he knew with a strange world of magic, along the way encountering new creatures and dangers he’s never experienced. Will Gavin discover the truth? Or will this new world swallow him whole before he uncovers who he really is and who wants his uncle dead?

Maid and Minstrel by Kate Stradling

Rosalind always shared her birthday with her father’s horses, but she never expected to share their fate. Sheltered and pampered, beautiful Rosalind of Lovana turns eighteen with fluttering excitement. Nobles and dignitaries across the land are to celebrate with her—including young King Philip of Mallinae, whom she secretly adores. But instead of a party, she descends to an auction where she is the prize up for bid. Incensed, she ridicules the guests, slinging a willfully hurtful barb at Philip in their midst. Her father, enraged to have his moneymaking schemes thus ruined, delivers a seething ultimatum: Rosalind must marry a beggar that very night, or she dies. This novella is based on “King Thrushbeard” by the Brothers Grimm.

The Blissful End by Lizzy Gayle

After a thousand years of suffering, a happily ever after can be hard to accept. The Order of the Djinn is growing, and Mira throws herself into the work of freeing others of her kind from their dismal fate. It’s easier than facing her painful history. When a magician’s black market is discovered to be selling Djinn Blood, Mira’s ready to unleash hell on the culprit. But what she finds is far more complicated. The sexy magician with skills even she can’t mimic seems to have a heart of gold and a stubborn streak to match. He not only claims that all the blood has been freely given, but he insists that his purpose is the same as hers. Most disconcerting of all is his uncanny ability to see her in a way no one ever has…even herself. When those she loves, and the world itself, hang in the balance, will Mira finally trust her heart despite her haunted past?

The Binding Stone by Lizzy Gayle

A thousand years of servitude left Leela more than a little jaded. Betrayed by the man she loved only begins her lessons on the wickedness of humanity. Her hope for freedom for herself and her fellow Djinn from the magical stones that bind them has dimmed to a barely-there glimmer. But it hasn’t yet been extinguished. When the young, handsome, and idealistic Jered inadvertently becomes her new master, Leela wonders if his tenderness and concern may be real. And despite her years of suffering, her heart begins to open to him. And the chance at romance. As she inches closer to trusting Jered, the past and the enemies that come with it, resurface, threatening the small spark of happiness in Leela’s long life. After a millennium of pain what—and who—is Leela willing to sacrifice for freedom?

Pure (New World Magic) by Kim Alexander

A unicorn walks into a bar….’That is not a joke.Look, I’m a bartender, I have nothing to do with the xenos. I don’t care if it’s an elf or a vampire--as long as they don’t bother me, I steer clear. I have my reasons--you can see them in the scars on my neck.I never wanted to get involved. But my life changed for the second time when I saved the life of a unicorn. I made an enemy of something old--old and evil, and whatever it was, it’ll be back for another try. I also made a friend when I decided to help March. He’s only been a human man for a day. I’m responsible for him now. He’s my friend…and maybe something more. Maybe a lot more. It doesn’t matter to me that he isn’t magical anymore. I don’t care if he’s not PURE.But he does.From best-selling author Kim Alexander, a modern fairy tale of magic, love, and redemption.

Descent into Zarkalfyn by Alena Morgan

Moira wants nothing more than to leave her abusive father behind, but her plans are interrupted when her village is attacked by raiders led by a knight in black armor. When she captures and unmasks this knight, she discovers that he’s a young man under a cruel dark elf queen’s spell. As the spell weakens, his true self emerges, and her heart goes out to him. If she wants to save him – and save herself – she must travel to Zarkalfyn, the dark elf kingdom, and bargain for his freedom…if she can survive the quest.

The Winterbourne Chronicles:: Cursed by Camilla Calando

Camilla Calando's debut novel transports us to a land where things are not always what they seem and secrets show us whom we can trust and whom we cannot. Natalie and her friends start the rest of their lives off by taking a vacation to the illustrious Winterbourne Manor. Soon after arriving Natalie realizes this is not a normal hotel. Things lurk in the shadows and the walls have secrets they want to spill. Will Natalie figure out whom to trust and uncover some of the secrets before it's too late?

Fly Free (Light of Faerie) by Allison Rose

In the land of Faerie, lies are easily disguised as truths. They were raised like sisters, the heir to the Court of the Day and her guardian. And as rebellion darkens the land of the Day—and the faeries of the court fall under a dark magic that disconnects them from the land, dooming them to a slow, agonizing death—they will question all they know to be true. Sevelle, the Light of the Day, is destined to rule one day. She possesses a rare form of magic, the ability to heal the powerful connection between faeries and the magic in the land, the connection that gives them life—if only she could figure out how to use this magic, or even find it within herself. Jae lives in the shadows, watching over Sevelle as her guardian and listening to the whispers of the court brought to her by the winds. She longs for a life outside of the court, but knows her duty to Sevelle is more important than her own desires. But when an unexpected proposition comes from none other than Lex, son of the rebel leader, Sevelle and Jae realize their lives will never be the same—and that evil may be within their own court more so than in the rebels that oppose them. Walking paths far different than they imagined separates the sisters, but then a secret is revealed that may break them apart forever. Fly Free is the first installment of the fast-paced, enthralling YA series, Light of Faerie. Enter a land of magic in the midst of a power struggle, where all is not as it seems and love may be found in the most unlikely places.

Met By Midnight by Janeen Ippolito

An outcast prince. A captive healer. A single night that changes their destinies. She lives a nightmare. As a Mender, Renna is held captive to an endless cycle of receiving and recovering from the physical ailments of others—a cycle that led her mother to an early grave. When her father becomes deathly ill, Renna is desperate to save her only remaining family. Even if it means allying with criminals and taking an illegal mission into the royal palace on the night of their greatest ball. He’s haunted by dreams. Unable to be Mended, Prince Jaric’s existence is a curse to his family’s façade of health and security. Marrying him off at the ball and sending him to a distant dukedom is the royal solution—but Jaric has his own plans. For years he’s dreamed of a young woman, a strong-hearted Mender he would give everything for. When she arrives the night of his betrothal, he’s determined to discover her true identity. Met by midnight, their fates are entwined. While escape seems the only answer, powerful forces conspire to keep Renna and Jaric within their cages. Forces that undermine the foundations of the kingdom itself—and threaten any hope of a future together. This YA romance features Cinderella in an original fantasy world with a dystopian twist.

Fae (Rhonda Parrish’s Magical Menageries Book 1) by Various

Meet Robin Goodfellow as you’ve never seen him before, watch damsels in distress rescue themselves, get swept away with the selkies and enjoy tales of hobs, green men, pixies and phookas. One thing is for certain, these are not your grandmother’s fairy tales. Fairies have been both mischievous and malignant creatures throughout history. They’ve dwelt in forests, collected teeth or crafted shoes. Fae is full of stories that honor that rich history while exploring new and interesting takes on the fair folk from castles to computer technologies and modern midwifing, the Old World to Indianapolis. Fae covers a vast swath of the fairy story spectrum, making the old new and exploring lush settings with beautiful prose and complex characters. Enjoy the familiar feeling of a good old-fashioned fairy tale alongside urban fantasy and horror with a fae twist. With an introduction by Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman, and all new stories from Sidney Blaylock Jr., Amanda Block, Kari Castor, Beth Cato, Liz Colter, Rhonda Eikamp, Lor Graham, Alexis A. Hunter, L.S. Johnson, Jon Arthur Kitson, Adria Laycraft, Lauren Liebowitz, Christine Morgan, Shannon Phillips, Sara Puls, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, and Kristina Wojtaszek.

The Silent Beauty: Chasing the Romantics, A Series of Original Fairy Tales Book 3 by D.G Driver

Colleeda is a beautiful but wickedly vain young woman. Of all her assets, the one she prizes most is the sound of her voice. Her favorite game is to attract young men and then leave them heartbroken. It's all fun until she chooses to lure one man away from his fiancée—and that woman is rumored to be a witch bent on revenge. Colleeda is cursed to never speak or sing again, except for a couple minutes in the wee hours of the morning when no one can possibly hear her. For years, Colleeda mourns the loss of her voice, believing she is no longer beautiful or desirable. She lives in solitude as her house falls into disrepair around her. Is there any way to break the curse? Does she deserve to have it broken?

Tales of Ever After: A Fellowship of Fantasy Anthology by Various

Rescue a princess, meet a mermaid, win your reward. The authors of the Fellowship of Fantasy tackle fairy tales from once upon a time to happily ever after. Explore twists on old tales and brand new magical stories. Meet feisty mermaids, friendly lampposts, and heroes who just might be monsters themselves. This fourth anthology from the Fellowship of Fantasy will lead you on a quest for entertainment and storm the castle of your imagination. So make a wish and enter the deep dark woods to find stories that will make you laugh, shiver, and maybe even fall in love.

Trenchcoats, Towers, and Trolls: Cyberpunk Fairy Tale by Various

What do you get when you take the high tech/low life settings of cyberpunk and sprinkle them with the magic and possibilities of fairy tales? Trolls under teleportation bridges, masquerades held in virtual reality, princely avatars, giants and dwarves alongside hackers and androids. From retellings of traditional tales such as Rumpelstiltskin, in which a young woman is tasked with writing code instead of spinning gold, to original tales like the changeling-inspired story of a formless machine intelligence that hijacks human bodies, these cyberpunk fairy tales form a unique collection that is sure to satisfy connoisseurs of both genres. Original stories from Thomas Badlan, Suzanne Church, Beth Goder, Sarah Van Goethem, Nicola Kapron, V.F. LeSann, Angus McIntyre, Wendy Nikel, Ana Sun, Michael Teasdale, Alena Van Arendonk and Laura VanArendonk Baugh.

The Shimmering: Dark Descent by A.K Cook

Book One of The Shimmering series. A visionary fantasy about a young woman who stumbles upon the world of her creators, only to discover she holds the key that will open the doorway to return home… and set the forces of evil free.In the city of Saint Anthony, there is a realm of existence unknown to most mortals. Far below this urban landscape, in the cavernous bowels of the Underworld, Sinda journeys to discover fantastical lands, strange cultures — and herself. When she is snatched from her homeland and thrust into the civilized world of humans, she comes face-to-face with the hardest quest she has ever encountered - find her way home or follow her heart. Is the choice even hers?The clock is counting down for Sinda, but time is not her only adversary — Nefarious beings seek her for their own devious designs, the Elders want to exploit her in a power play over their rivals and the godlike Solari’i hold her fate in their hands. With each turn she takes, Sinda draws closer to her destiny — and the salvation of the entire Underworld.A unique and engaging world, with hints of global folklore, magick, psychology and dream theory. With compelling characters that lure you into their lives, a fresh and spontaneous approach to contemporary romance, and the exploration of the duality that exists within us all, this insightfully original Visionary Novella promises to satisfy fans of the Urban Fantasy genre — both seasoned and new.

The White Horse and the Eagle: The myth of Daedalus rewritten by Roger Rimkaudlis

I am the cursed boy with three names. The lowest of the low. Born on that inauspicious day, the reviled son of a slave of Rome. Betrayed to an Emperor and a fate worse than death. I must escape to the hill of the white horse, with nothing but the promise around my neck. If I believe the impossible, truth turns to lie and myth becomes real.

Iron Blood by Jolene D Campbell

Ake wants a peaceful existence. Immoral men want to exploit her powers. Will she risk it all to save her loved ones from death? "Iron Blood by Jolene Campbell is a fast paced, breathtaking story that will take you on an incredible journey of perseverance amidst great challenges, hope against impossible odds and love out of the most unlikely of circumstances; involving characters you will love and root for at every turn. Looking forward to the next two follow-on books!" -Shea GoodReads Review ★★★★★ Fall in love with Ake, a strong determined ninja warrior who finds love in an unexpected place and learns more about the origins of her demigod powers. Follow her path as she goes on high action adventures and performs daring stunts. As the last of the Iron Blood tribe, Ake fights to protect Hakone Valley and for her own survival. Shogun Zugai, along with the sorceress Kuroi, plan to use Ake’s blood in a potion to harness her Iron Blood powers in their scheme to overthrow the emperor. All seems lost when Ake is betrayed and captured. However, an unlikely ally reveals himself just moments before her fate is sealed. Will this new ally use her powers for his own personal vendetta or will their relationship turn into something beyond her wildest dreams? Follow her adventure as she learns about the true genesis of her powers, other demigods, and about the true depth of love.

Timeless Fate: Love Adventure Through the Ages by Nenad Almaj

Love and War Coexist in Every Dimension: An Intriguing Fantasy Novel About an Unexpected Landing on a Different Timeline and Facing the Challenges to Get Back Home While Meeting a Soulmate “Love being the strongest thing in this Universe isn’t always a good thing. It just implies that broken hearts can break worlds.” – These words didn’t even mean a thing to Plato before stepping out of the house for a wedding feast! After an innocent day of debating with his old pupil Aristotle and drinking wine, Plato, the famous Greek philosopher, unexpectedly goes back in time through a portal where the first person he meets is Narada – a young adventurer that will assist him in his prophetic quest. Realizing this was much before his time, he tries to take in as much of this new, enchanting world as possible: from the alluring cities and rich nations, to the intriguing Gods & Giants walking the Earth. Along the way, Plato attempts to help those he meets, like the beautiful Azaes – a Goddess that will change his view on love forever. However, there is but a couple of days left on this planet before everything dies, and he desperately needs to get back to his time. To make things worse, there is evil intent on stopping him so Plato and his new friends can never deviate for long, not when nearly everyone he tries to help ends up dying right before his eyes. Can Plato stop the war that could follow if he doesn’t get back home? Or will a blossoming love in Azaes blind him to Evil’s true face? Begin your journey through time here and find out for yourself!

Lost Bonds (Binding Words) by Daniel Schinhofen

After tightening the Bonds with his friends, Sean worked toward new things and trying to fix past mistakes. He and his growing family had just moved into a new home and hired on new staff for day-to-day matters. All he wanted to do was craft and love his wives, and it seemed like the peaceful life he hoped for might be within his reach. Denmur and Lord Sharpeyes would not let that happen. Using their connections, they put into motion a chain of events that would reverberate across the city of Hearthglen. Sean was called to attend the Lord’s party— he came, bringing all of his family and friends with him. Both sides were surprised by events as they unfolded, and it quickly became apparent that conflict would not be denied. With the Einherjar, a Valkyrie, and an old foe, Velin Dykstra, backing them up, Evan Sharpeyes and Klein Denmur challenged Sean to trial by combat. Exhausted and with depleted energy, Sean still led his wives onto the field of battle. The fight was bloody and taxing, but in the end, Sean struck down Evan Sharpeyes before collapsing. With his eyesight fading, Sean looked at his wives, but only saw a few female-like figures rushing toward him. The last sound he heard was a great many wings converging on him, and his mind drifted to thoughts of Morrigan... Word of Sean’s victory spread throughout the city, but none could say whether he had survived to enjoy it. (This work contains adult situations that some might find offensive, the least of which is graphic sex. This book is about an Overpowered MC, and contains a harem. You’ve been warned.)

Cora: Rise of the Fallen Goddess (The Azure Series Book 1 by A.L Hawke

Abandoned. Imprisoned. Loved. Cora is the goddess Persephone, living in Greece in the fourteenth century B.C. In order to shelter her from prophecy, her mother, Demeter, sends her away to Azure Blue. The young girl is raised and protected by the nymph queen, Nephrea, in a dreamlike crystal palace among azure trees and amethyst fields under a green sun. She’s adopted into the Amazon code of honor, bravery, and righteousness. But Cora is not an Amazon nymph. And prophecy holds quite a different fate for her as she grows into adulthood—Hades, Lord of the Underworld. Upon Persephone’s fall, Demeter rages and threatens to freeze the entire world under ice and snow forever. Nephrea offers a sacrifice to quell her rage, but down in the fiery world below, it might be more than just the goddess who will need saving.

Azure Blue (The Azure Series Book 2) by A.L Hawke

An immortal race freed by death and defiance of the gods. Hundreds of years of peace have reigned since the treaty between the Amazon nymphs and the gods of Mount Olympus. The edict forbids the Amazon nymphs to leave their isle of Azure Blue. But Azure Blue is threatened as the continent of Atala is fractured by war. As nymph queen Delia grieves the death of the king who once united them, her unruly daughter, Avva, wishes to mourn him in her own way. Avva plans a flyover with her unicorn beyond the Strait of Azure. Such hubris forces sacrifice. Nymphs fall to the Underworld. In the depths, they find Cora, the goddess Persephone. And Cora might be the only goddess willing to risk her family’s wrath and help them. After all, Cora has fallen from Azure Blue before. Although tied to Cora: Rise of the Fallen Goddess, Azure Blue is a standalone novel taking place centuries later. Some spoilers cannot be avoided, but this novel can be enjoyed without reading the first novel.

The Consort: The Wood - Book Two by J Edwin Buja

Meet Cate Ravenscroft, new Professor of Botany at the local college. The fiery Scot takes no crap from anyone, whether it’s a colleague, a brother, or a pompous deputy. Her talents and experience give her a special insight into the goings on in Tyndale, but she remains in the dark as to what is happening and why. The crows have taken a liking to Cate and are there to protect her from those who wish her harm. Naturally, she catches the attention of the King and Brother James. One wants to kill her, the other wants to wed her. The green continues to expand and no one knows why. The army arrives to do what armies do and faces an enemy with weapons no soldier can resist. And another person with great power awakens from a long sleep. All these forces are heading for a showdown that will determine who lives and dies and, most importantly of all, who will rule as the King of the Wood.

Hera's Revenge by Wendy Day

A curse as old as time... At 24 years old, Kat Phillips has a stable job, an apartment, and her favorite taco place on speed dial. She should be happy, but she’s not. When she realizes her life might be stuck in neutral forever, Kat goes into full panic mode. She jumps in her car and heads south to the one person whom she knows will understand. With her grandmother’s advice comes revelations that rock Kat’s world. Generational secrets come to light and a shocking possibility sends Kat on a thrilling search for answers before her next birthday. The clock is ticking. With her life on the line and handsome, mysterious Jace Woods tempting her heart, Kat will have to challenge fate and change her destiny.

Cast Long Shadows by Cat Hellisen

Marjeta Petrell. Replacement bride, shadow of a dead and perfect wife, step-mother to a duke's treasured daughter. A girl out of her depth, alone and afraid. Magic runs deep in her veins, stitched in blood ties, embroidered with kindness and pain. In an unfamiliar court, Marjeta must discover who are her friends and who are enemies; who she can trust before she is accused of witchcraft and executed.

A Sea Of Sorrow And Scorn (The Levanthria Series Book 2) by A.P Beswick

Her choice is to serve or die. In the aftermath of shattered innocence, will the hunt for her magic claim her last breath? Zerina Redfearn is naïve to the world's cruelty. So when she and her sisters are dragged from their home and put on trial for witchcraft, she’s horrified to be trapped between being enslaved in the king’s forces or execution. But after witnessing her siblings' cruel deaths, she unleashes her powers for the first time and makes her escape. Joining two refugees in fleeing to the perilous ocean with enemy ships in hot pursuit, Zerina wields her gifts against deadly threats even though each use torments her body. And as she pays an agonizing price by aging prematurely, she fears she won’t reach the cure seen in a vision before she perishes. Can Zerina turn the tide on a crippling future? A Sea Of Sorrow And Scorn is the gripping second book in the Tales of Levanthria fantasy-retelling series. If you like dangerous quests, good girls gone badass, and relentless action, then you’ll love A.P Beswick’s windswept adventure.

God of Fire: Greek Myths (A New Retelling) by Helen Steadman

He’s a rejected immortal. But can this magical blacksmith fight against fate and overcome the darkness of his past? Hephaestus fears he’ll never be accepted. Cast down from Olympus and raised by a powerful sea witch, he sets out on a quest to discover his unknown father’s true identity. But he struggles to be taken seriously by the other gods who only want him for his ingenious inventions. Convinced that solving his paternity will help him earn the love he seeks, the god of fire traps his mother and refuses to free her until she reveals a name. But when he uncovers a terrifying truth, he finds himself with more enemies than allies amongst the wrathful Olympians. Can Hephaestus unlock buried secrets and prove himself worthy? God of Fire is an imaginative standalone historical fantasy. If you like forgotten legends, fantastic beasts, and dark tales punctuated with humour, then you’ll adore Helen Steadman’s fascinating expedition into mythology. Buy God of Fire to unravel the mysteries of ancient Greece today! Recommended for fans of Mythos, Song of Achilles, Circe and Pandora’s Jar.

A Familiar Magic by E.M Rinaldi

Kaya Thornton killed her best friend. On the run since the tender age of thirteen, she left the safety of her Community’s magicked walls and tried to disappear in the human world. Four years later, she’s found and dragged back kicking and screaming by Auden, her best friend’s older brother. The second Prince of the Wardwell line is antagonistic and unforgiving, but surprisingly gentle as he forces her home to face the judgement of his father and the Council. She expected hatred and bitter punishment, not private training with a hot and cold Prince and…demonology courses? Things are not as she left them. Her people are dying and the demon numbers are only growing. Once Witches and their Familiars are wiped out, who will stand between the Demon King and his bottomless appetite? Kaya has no intention of waiting to find out. And this time, she isn’t running.

Whispers in the Dark: A Black Hare Press Underground Book by K.B. Elijah

Two decades into an eternal sentence in the impenetrable Void for daring to rebel against the might of the Empire, and Agent Ivory is ready to give up on life entirely, even if the unseen Warden of the prison won’t ever let him die. But when a mysterious voice in the darkness visits him in his isolation, the prisoner is determined to see the sun on his face once again, even if the outside world is not what it once was...

Chrysalis: A Fairy Tale Anthology by Various

Fairy Tales are about transformations, overcoming your obstacles, and becoming someone new. This anthology features 14 stories inspired by fairy tales and focusing on the characters who must transform on their journey.Edited by Tony DalyAuthors: Vonnie Winslow Crist, Jennifer Vizner, Carina Bissett, Edward Ahern, Pamela Jeffs, Carys Crossen, Mary E. Lowd, Lucinda Taylor, Fanni Suto, Shyla Fairfax-Owen, Cindar Harrell, Zoey Xolton, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, and Jade Black

Skadi by Steven Grier Williams

There is no end in sight. In Midgard, towns are meant to be sanctuaries for humans, and the outskirts are roaming grounds for powerful Norse creatures. But in Fensalir, a centuries-old jötunn has been killing children—a parade of death that has lasted for years. That is—until a witch named Frija steps forward. She knows even with seidr magic, she cannot do it alone, so she recruits a newcomer named Skadi Hervor to go on a quest for the power of the World Tree—that which connects the nine realms. Though Skadi is reluctant at first, wishing only to protect her son from the violence of Midgard, she relents and ventures into the world that exists between towns. Skadi is a skilled warrior, but to be successful, she must overcome beasts large and small; must travel the length of the realms; must learn to care for people beyond herself; and most importantly, must mend her tattered relationship with her young son Bjorn, along for the ride. With a rich cast of characters whose struggles are rooted in real-world issues, intense action, and page-turning adventure, Skadi plunges the reader into a world of Norse Mythology to tell a story of overcoming extreme challenges while dealing with loss.

The Ogre's Wife: Fairy Tales for Grownups by Richard Parks.

Should a nice human girl marry a real ogre? Who sits in judgment when the defendant is a god? And why is there always one old shoe lying beside the road? Mere hints of the questions explored—and usually answered—in fifteen stories of wit and wonder in The Ogre’s Wife: Fairy Tales for Grownups. Throw in a perceptive and entertaining introduction by master fantasist Parke Godwin and what more do you need? Get your copy and join the fun! Praise for The Ogre’s Wife: "… an absolute treasure of a collection, one that I know I will return to again and again." Charles de Lint, F&SF “Deceptively simple, earnest, and tragicomic, Parks’ tales convey deep truths beneath narratives that tumble along like limpid streams.” Paul Di Filippo, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine “…like discovering an ancient, wise Zen master gassing up at a service station… transcendence in the midst of the ordinary and down-to-earth…” Terry McGarry, Author of the Illumination Trilogy

O'Donovan's Travels: A Healer’s Potion by John Tuttle

Only a few mortals have the gift to draw back the veil separating the worlds to hear the voice of the uncreated Silence. In ancient times the stability of the worlds was a struggle for balance between the determined will of the gods and goddesses and the free will of mortals. The Druids interpreted and communicated this relationship from signs and symbols hidden from the casual observer in the mist and shadows of the Green World. O’Donovan is a shaman of the First Order of Airmid, Goddess of herbal medicine. The aging queen of Teamhair in Eire has failed to become pregnant, and there is an emerging urgency for an heir to assure a bloodless transition of power in the kingdom. Following the Archdruids’ invoked seeing, O’Donovan and twelve others sail into the uncharted western sea to the Isle of Fire and Ice to save Eire from a tribal war. No mortal had ventured that far west, and they must sail by faith in a cauldron forged by the smith god and a pointing stone created by the thunder god to find the Fertility Goddess Boann’s daughter, a white calf with red ears, who has wandered from the night sky into the Green World. The treacherous odyssey is fraught with sea monsters, bottomless waterfalls, tribal bickering, mutiny, disease and illness, and natural disasters threatening the quest seekers’ every turn. A storm sweeps O’Donovan into the raging sea, where despair sucks all under the green wave. As a castaway, O’Donovan cries for his lost brothers, questions abandonment by his Goddess protector and his role as a healer. Through entangled visions and answers blowing in the dreams of the winds, the Silence visits O’Donovan to stress the edicts of humanity and a glimpse of the suffering and illness caused by wealth exclusion and inequality.

Meeting Idana: 1 (The Gem Series) by Mors Deum

Destiny is not decided, but discovered, as Idana will learn in her newest adventure. Learning new things is her favorite pastime, but nothing could have prepared her for legends coming to life. After being sabotaged and kidnapped while helping her father with an archoelogical discovery in Egypt, she awakes to the world of dragons, gryhpons, and more. Now, she must fight for her freedom, and step into her calling to free them and give them a chance to live once more.

The Teeth in the Tide (Savage Seas Book 1) by Rebecca F. Kenney

Pitched as Attack on Titan with mermaids, this savage gender-swapped retelling of “The Little Mermaid” is perfect for fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout, Alexandra Christo, and Holly Black. Trapped on a walled island with her people, Kestra aches for vengeance against the swarms of ravenous mermaids that ate her father fifteen years ago. The swarms threaten her town’s last supply ship--and the life of the brave young captain who smiles so charmingly at her whenever he makes port. With the help of her scientist cousin and the handsome captain, Kestra takes her future and her people's fate into her hands, determined to find a way to destroy all the mermaids for good. Abused and miserable, Rake serves in the harem of the three mermaid Queens. When he is given one of his spawn to raise, Rake resolves that his little son will have a better life. With the help of a monstrous creature that deals in memories, he discovers an ancient secret—one that could lead to freedom. This fantasy novel blends a dark, brutal setting with romance and humor. New Adult. (Co

Butcher of Banshees by Michael W. Huard

There are 4 dark souls in the realm. The Wicked Banshees of the North, East, West, and South. Yet, there is only one amazing, brave young woman, who must defeat them. This is her tale! Bodana is a young woman beaten down to nothing. Yet soon, she rises from her sorrow; for it is the only way to silence the voices in her head. ___________________________________________ DARK SOULS exist in this world, this she learns firsthand. Those that are responsible for much of her grief. ___________________________________________ It soon becomes her life's mission to seek out these crones, these monster’s that prey on the innocent. Her only salvation is to be a glimmer of hope to those in need. ___________________________________________ She’s a DARK ANGEL who sings her song in the moonlight!*This is her tale, one filled with swords' and sorcery, gothic monsters, love, death, and so much more.*

Lair of Thieves and Foxes: A Reynard the Fox Retelling by Rebecca F. Kenney

Angelique is on her way to marry the evil Lord Ysengrim when a handsome silver-eyed man leaps into her carriage and proposes a trick that could set her free. Once she makes a deal with the trickster Reynard, Angelique realizes that the world is full of magic, monsters, and temptations beyond the quiet rural life she knew. For fans of Sarah J. Maas and Jennifer Armentrout, this romantic adventure blends the French legend of Reynard the Fox with elements of Celtic folklore. Medium-heat romantic scenes, Happy-for-Now ending. You can stop at the HFN, or read the epilogue which might make you cry. Fair warning. :)

Woods of Silver and Light (The Storyteller's Series) by ‎ Victoria McCombs

There is a dark magic in those woods. Banished. Outlawed. Then one day a man enters the fold who can set the magic free in exchange for his son brought back to life. The dark magic soon finds there's nothing Ronin Hood wouldn't do for his son. The magic is awakening. But then the trees lure a girl inside who challenges Ronin. She finds that the truth changes depending on which side of the arrow you're on, and that the hearts of good men are easily blackened. For only the wicked can raise the dead. Anika races to uncover Ronin's plan and hide her association with him from the other nobles before he crossed a line they can't return from. The magic of the Woods should never have been disturbed. McCombs has created a lush world inside the Woods that pays homage to the original Robin Hood story while weaving a unique story overtop. This tale is set in the same world as The Storyteller's Daughter with a standalone plot.

The Storyteller's Daughter by Victoria McCombs

His shadowed face lit by flames, Rumpelstiltskin is my name... For as long as anyone can remember, every child in Westfallen has been born with a Gift, and these Gifts defined them. Then Cosette is born, Giftless. An attempt to hide her misfortune brings her before the King, who entraps her to use her Gift as a pawn in his war. Caught in a lie, Cosette desperately searches for a power strong enough to free her. Intrigued by whispers of an old king and a dark curse, she calls upon Rumpelstiltskin and finds him trapped in a magic deeper than she bargained for. Now, Cosette must fight to reclaim her freedom from the King and break Rumpel's curse. When time runs out, she'll lose more than her heart. She'll lose her life. THE STORYTELLER'S DAUGHTER is the perfect introduction to YA that will satisfy fans of Gail Carson Levine's ELLA ENCHANTED, as well as Jessica Day George's DRAGON SLIPPERS and PRINCESS OF GLASS, and Cameron Dokey's THE WORLD ABOVE.

Mistress Of Sky And Stars (Forgotten Gods: Origins) by Laura Greenwood

Nut knows she shouldn't spend all of her time with Geb, but she can't help herself when she's around him. When their forbidden relationship is discovered, the other gods take steps that Nut never thought possible and bans her from giving birth to the children she's carrying. Can she find enough allies to reverse the decision and have her babies before it's too late? - Mistress of Sky and Stars is part of the Forgotten Gods: Origins series. It features Nut and Geb as they embark on their forbidden romance. It is based on Ancient Egyptian creation myths and mythology.

Bluebeard and the Outlaw (A Villain's Ever After) by Tara Grayce

Marriage: the ultimate heist. Robin of the Greenwood spends her days robbing from the rich to feed the poor. With her knowledge of the fae paths, she eludes all attempts to capture her. But she and her merry band of brothers never seem to get anywhere. The more she steals, the more the evil Duke Guy "Bluebeard" taxes the villagers. When Robin discovers that Duke Guy plans to marry yet again, she conceives a plan for a final, big score. As Guy's wife, she will have access to his wealth. The lord is notorious for killing his wives shortly after he marries them, but Robin has no plans to be dead wife number four. The only problem is that Duke Guy is devastatingly handsome, brooding, and nothing at all what she expected. If she isn't careful, she might just find that he steals her heart before she can rob his riches. A fantasy retelling of the Robin Hood legends and Bluebeard fairy tale. Bluebeard and the Outlaw is one of twelve short novels in A VILLAIN'S EVER AFTER, a collection of stand-alone stories featuring villainous twists on some of your favorite classic fairy tales. Read the series in any order for magical adventures … and fall in love with villains as you've never seen them before. Who said villains can't have happily-ever-afters?

The Heir and the Spare by Kate Stradling

An evil princess, a ruthless persecutor, a wretched match. Tormented at home and bullied during her studies abroad, second-born Iona of Wessett hides in the quiet corners of her father’s castle. Her art and music provide refuge, but her cruel sister Lisenn ever lurks like a monster stalking its prey. Such has been her life for twenty years. However, a promise of reprieve and retribution arrives when the neighboring kingdom of Capria proposes an alliance between their new crown prince and Wessett’s heir to the throne. The treaty will rid Iona of the toxic Lisenn, and the potential groom is none other than her erstwhile bully, Jaoven of Deraval. The marriage could not be more poetic: each deserves the misery the other might inflict. Except that Jaoven, humbled by the war that elevated his rank, appears to have reformed, and the fate of both kingdoms now hinges on the disastrous union he’s about to make.

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