The Battle for Allegra: First Kill


The Battle for Allegra: First Kill by Caleb Fast

No one likes being cannon fodder. Matthew is no different. And yet, here he is, stuck on the frontlines of Allegra. Matthew, like the thousands of other space marines he is fighting alongside are awaiting a “master plan” that many think doesn’t exist. Tens of thousands have died awaiting this plan, and yet there is still no word from the Coalition upper brass. Matthew, like every greenhorn Mudder must kill one of the alien invaders and claim its head as a trophy. Will this greenhorn, affectionally called a “Mud Pup,” be able to claim his prize and return to the trenches with his life? If you’re a fan of The Expanse, Battlestar Galactica, or Stargate Atlantis, then you’re bound to love The Battle for Allegra: First Kill.

AdultScience Fiction/Military SFScience Fiction

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