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Renaissance: The Limit of Infinity

Renaissance: The Limit of Infinity by Caleb Fast

Clive Ranger was born into a war that has raged on for generations. Across the galaxy, families have been torn apart and cities have been razed. But Clive may be the one who shifts the tide of the rebellion that has risen up against the evil Coalition. The Coalition has locked away countless men and women utilizing them as slave labor across the galaxy. Clive is one of these unfortunate souls. However, he isn’t alone. Most everyone in the prison has their own scores to settle against the Coalition. After all, it was the Coalition that killed their families, friends, and everyone they once knew. Clive has a plan, and followers who have nothing to lose. Can they finally retake their freedom? Can they end the war they were all born into? Renaissance is the first book in the action-packed The Limit of Infinity Sci-Fi Epic. Delve into this fascinating universe that is full of thrilling science fiction action. Join Trix Callaghan, Clive Ranger, and Richardson as they fight back against the Coalition, the Galactic Empire everyone dreads. Partake in the final days of the civil war that has divided the galaxy for generations. All the Space Marines who put their lives on the lines as Space Fleets battled in the heavens would roll in their graves if they saw what the Coalition was doing in the not-so-far future of 2290. This is the Sci-Fi military fiction book you've been wanting. If you loved Ender's Game, Hunger Games, or Battlestar Galactica, you're sure to love Renaissance: The Limit of Infinity. It's time we see this dystopian government topple! Buy Renaissance: The Limit of Infinity Today!

The Battle for Allegra: First Kill

The Battle for Allegra: First Kill by Caleb Fast

No one likes being cannon fodder. Matthew is no different. And yet, here he is, stuck on the frontlines of Allegra. Matthew, like the thousands of other space marines he is fighting alongside are awaiting a “master plan” that many think doesn’t exist. Tens of thousands have died awaiting this plan, and yet there is still no word from the Coalition upper brass. Matthew, like every greenhorn Mudder must kill one of the alien invaders and claim its head as a trophy. Will this greenhorn, affectionally called a “Mud Pup,” be able to claim his prize and return to the trenches with his life? If you’re a fan of The Expanse, Battlestar Galactica, or Stargate Atlantis, then you’re bound to love The Battle for Allegra: First Kill.

Escapade: A Price to Be Paid (The Limit of Infinity Book 2

Escapade: A Price to Be Paid (The Limit of Infinity Book 2 by Caleb Fast

On the run from the Coalition's forces, Clive Ranger is at the helm of the outdated Resistance Fleet from Allur. Thanks to Clive, the Resistance force on Allur is on the run, leaving behind the lives the comfortable lives they once knew. Leading the Resistance's legendary Eagle Fleet, Clive continues his journey to his anticipated safe-haven. Clive hopes to continue his lifelong vendetta from here, far from the Coalition's prying eyes. Fortunately, Clive is not alone, Trix and Richardson also have their own scores to settle with the Coalition. As do countless others in the Resistance. But, not everything goes as planned when the retreating Resistance force arrives at Strehim. Clive will find that the worst is yet to come.

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