The Universal Good Deal by Cleophas Foy ✓ author

Alien white people from outer-space invade Earth armed with amazing deals and low, low prices. They're selling lava lamps, fanny packs, water beds, and more and everyone's buying it. Wouldn't you? It's from outer-space! Made by Aliens! And everything's on sale. It's a steal. But the Aliens only take cash. It's up to a marketing genius, a bosomy politician, and a genuinely nice guy to figure out what the Aliens want before we all become the product. Can humanity survive the most effective advertising campaign ever created or will the Aliens make a real killing? The Universal Good Deal is a satire about colonialism that explores all the horrible ways people fail to understand those who are different from them.

Age: Adult

Genre: Science Fiction/Alien Invasion

Genre: Science Fiction/Colonization

Genre: Science Fiction/Comic and Light SF

Genre: Science Fiction/First Contact

Genre: Humor and Satire

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