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The Great Migration: Book One of the S'orne Saga by Steve Ramirez

SPSFC 2023

What are the s'orne? The bringers of death and destruction, they spread a fever that drives human beings insane. Now, after a century of peace and prosperity, horrific evidence of the s'orne's return has been discovered in the Kingdom's capital. Bellona knows none of this. For the last eight months, she's been following the Great Migration through the Kingdom's most brutal wilderness. With a new appreciation for life, she’s returned to the Crystal City with her guide Luta, a member of the ancient Zuni tribe, to enjoy its massive summer festival. But just as their time together begins, rumors of a deadly s'orne invasion begin to spread throughout the crowds. While the capital's streets swell in blind celebration, fate brings Bellona to a new understanding of the s'orne and their connection to the Zuni people. As an attack bears down on them all, she must choose between protecting the city and its citizens or Luta and his homeland. And time is running out.

Moon Deeds by Palmer Pickering

SPSFC 2022

It's 2090: the last outpost of freedom is the moon, the best defense against technology is magic, and the only hope for humankind rests in the hands of the Star Children. Twins Cassidy and Torr must save Earth from a ruthless enemy at a time when the only force more powerful than alien technology is magic. Moon Deeds launches the siblings' journey across the galaxy, where they must learn their power as the Star Children, claim their shamanic heritage, and battle dark forces that threaten humankind. The Star Children Saga follows Cassidy and Torr as they slowly awaken to their destiny as the twin Star Children, born every millennium to reconnect with the source of all life. They come to discover the sheer enormity of their task: to find our ancestors on a lost planet across the galaxy and save humanity from a spiraling descent into darkness. The powers they must wield to accomplish this task are truly frightening and put at risk everything they love. Come along with 20-year-old twins Cassidy and Torr, who inherited deeds to land parcels on the moon. They want to use their moon deeds to get off Earth and escape a brutal dictatorship. But first they must unlock their shaman powers. A rollicking yet poignant adventure in the not too distant future, when we have colonized the moon and nearly lost Earth to a dictatorship. Only the shamans remain free, plus the lucky ones who escaped to the moon. Join the adventure! An addictive space opera, science-fantasy series.

Time to Play: Apocalypse Parenting #1 by Erin Ampersand

SPSFC 2022 SPSFC 2023

A few minutes ago, Meghan Moretti's biggest concern was getting the kids' athletic clothes washed in time for practice this evening. Now, it seems that Earth has been forced into participating in some high-stakes intergalactic reality television. All electrical wiring has been slagged, and most combustibles neutralized. Some kind of evil space rodents are appearing on the front lawn, too. Like any parent, Meghan's first instinct is to keep her young kids safely away from the monsters, but an odd stroke of luck has her coming into some advanced information about this dangerous game. She learns that her kids will have to fight too. What's a mom to do? --- The beginning of an apocalyptic LitRPG saga.

Star Nations by James Michael Minard

SPSFC 2022 SPSFC 2023

“Duty is heavier than a mountain. Death is lighter than the morning air. My loyalty belongs forever to the one I love.”
—Commander Leera en Tasrah. Five superior star nations struggled for dominance over their galaxy, unaware a more significant threat punctured the fabric of space and entered from a parallel universe. This new threat had a name: the Cepha. They conquered entire galaxies, consumed and exploited worlds, and enslaved sentient beings.
Humans, Kazarians, Zorlons, and the other minor star nations' only chance of survival against the Cepha was to forget their differences and stand together. But was that possible? How do you put aside three hundred years of hate and endless wars, which cost billions of lives? Where does loyalty belong? Is their honor in fighting alongside your enemy? What does duty require? STAR NATIONS is book one of the Loyalty And Honor Series.

The Other by Marilyn Peake

SPSFC 2022 SPSFC 2023

Gold Award, Fantasy / Science Fiction category, eLit Book Awards. Fear can blind you to the truth. The news is ominous and terrifying. People are seeing UFOs and strange, alien-looking creatures with humanoid shapes, green skin and large black eyes. In places where this occurs, doctors report the spread of a mysterious virus that scrambles people’s thoughts and causes hallucinations. Many experts believe the virus came from the aliens. The pathogen has not yet been identified; there is no cure. Psychology professor Dr. Cora Frost has a different theory: the bizarre symptoms are nothing more than mass hysteria, not unlike the hysteria that caused people in our not too distant past to see witches flying through the sky, which justified hanging them or burning them at the stake. Intense stress within societies gives rise to scapegoats. Doing field research within the compound of a cult in Roswell, New Mexico that reveres the exact same kinds of aliens being reported on the news, her entire worldview is shaken and upended. In a shocking series of events, her past and future collide, forever changing her life.

The Patmos Revelation by Carl Jamieson

SPSFC 2022

Arlo’s dream has become a nightmare. Discovering an alien signal from an exoplanet fulfils a promise to his dying father. But, inexplicably, a series of devastating events are unleashed.
Set in a dystopian 2049, The Patmos Revelation is a fast-paced science fiction thriller, packed with twists and turns. In Arlo’s world, reason and beliefs clash, reality and dreams blur, and evil awaits.

The Psychic's Memoirs by Ryan Hyatt

SPSFC 2022

Ted Kaza, a hot-tempered Los Angeles detective, and Lydia Jackson, his distracted partner, are assigned to find Alice Walker, an alleged teenage psychic whose capture might determine the outcome of a looming civil war and humanity’s relationship with a misleading alien force.

Alien House by Brian K. Lowe

SPSFC 2022

When his spaceship crash-lands outside of Newton College, destroying his papers, weapons, and clothes, Phil thinks that his life has hit rock-bottom. But when he's forced to hide out in Alpha Tau Ceti fraternity, he learns that life can always get worse... Now laser-toting assassins are after him, the dean wants him to help hunt for UFOs, and his frat brothers are building something in the basement--but the most dangerous thing he's discovered about Earth--is girls.

A Small Gray Dot by P.B. Cannon

SPSFC 2022

It is the year 2047 and twenty-five-year-old Tennessee Murray has realized his ambition to teach and his dream of publishing a book. He is preparing to marry the love of his life and things couldn’t be better. Then one morning he steps out into foggy weather and finds the world has taken a turn for the extremely bad. In a matter of minutes, half the population of Earth dies in a horrible fashion. It’s not an ultimate war or biological disaster, and no oversized meteorite hit the planet or any other such catastrophe. It is sudden, it is deadly, and it is inexplicable. Seven and a half years later, Tennessee, now a tracker in a diminished world that is limping along, sets out to find a missing young woman and makes a discovery that sheds light on the longstanding mystery. He also learns that a finale is in store for the remaining peoples of Earth. Could the fate of the world hinge on the actions of an ex-middle school English teacher?

Riebeckite by O. R. Lea

SPSFC 2022

Humanity watches the skies…but the real danger is at their feet. After an asteroid strike on the moon, a strange blue dust began to flow down through Earth’s atmosphere. It’s harmful to breathe, but at least the microscopic creatures within the dust are dormant. Or so we thought. Tahira made a childhood promise to a friend that the crisis would bring their people together… before a violent riot tore their lives apart. Now, as an adult, Tahira works as a biologist for a corporation constructing experimental towers to force the spores—known as riebeckites—to germinate into harmless colonies. Except they’re about to learn everything they think they know about the dust is wrong. The real threat isn’t the asteroid that struck the moon and by the time humanity figures it out, it might be too late. Riebeckite combines suspense and conspiracy with heart-in-mouth action sequences and nightmarish encounters, all in an immersive near-future setting and, at its core, a heartwarming story of friendship against the odds.

Goliath Fallen by A.C Louis

SPSFC 2022

Three vast starships, ambushed by aliens. Will Earth’s last survivors live to see a new dawn? One hundred and fifty years in the future, on humankind’s one-way mission to find a new home planet, Doctor Lucas Sundberg unknowingly leads the ships into a devastating attack. Isolated in the aftermath, he struggles for redemption. So when he finds a father and daughter still alive, the tormented scientist vows to help extract them from the wreckage. Widower Nathan Clarke will do anything to keep the last of his family from being killed. After a year of hiding in a secret shelter, he jumps at the chance of survival when his strong-minded twelve-year-old, Izzy, uncovers a potential lifeline off the interstellar deathtrap. Teaming up with Lucas to get to an escape vessel, they learn they’re not as alone as they thought as horrific creatures block their exit. But they will never stop fighting to reach the one starship left unharmed even if it takes their final breath.

Release Day by Ryan Matthews

SPSFC 2022

Earth’s surface is no longer ours. Humans thought they were safe underground where the invading Arthropods couldn’t reach them. After centuries of occupation, the antiquated subterranean cities have deteriorated and they have exhausted their supplies. Making matters worse, the hostile invaders have destroyed one of the ten remaining cities. Now Huck, Ariadne, and Hemant are in a race to destroy the Arthropod Hive before the “inverts” completely annihilate humanity. But before the candidates can begin, they must survive their corrupt government’s population control scheme—a highly-fatal, barbaric event known as RELEASE DAY. To accomplish their mission, they must enlist the help of a group of dubious transporters to trek across the planet through numerous biomes, infinite swarms of Arthropods, and deranged surface-dwelling humans on their perilous mission to recover a war-ending device and carry it to the creatures’ hive.

They Will Be Coming for Us by Kim Catanzarite

SPSFC 2022

A young woman’s greatest dreams and darkest nightmares are pivoted against each other in Catanzarite’s dynamic sci-fi thriller, the first in the Jovian Duology series. Svetlana Peterman desires nothing more than a peaceful life with a devoted husband and a child to dote on. Andrew Jovian, an astronomer with powerful cosmos-obsessed parents, gives her both, along with a suffocating extended family and a mother-in-law preoccupied with the idea of immediately having grandchildren. Svetlana does her best to settle into her new married life, but quickly finds herself at the center of an unusual—possibly intergalactic—mystery that endangers everyone she loves. With no one to trust and everything to lose, she must find the strength to fight and survive.

Vevin Song by Jonathan Neves Mayers


Years have passed since hostile creatures flew down from the sky and forced humanity to fight or flee. Now, the surviving humans live in underwater cocoons, knowing that the world above does not belong to them anymore. Marla Hightower is just getting by with a job she loathes in a cocoon, longing for something more fulfilling after a rough start to life. But things change as she begins to develop unusual abilities not unlike the winged creatures who invaded her world. Knowing that being discovered will result in her being experimented on and placed in confinement, Marla plans to escape from the cocoon and launch up to the surface, beginning her dangerous journey to uncover not only her origins, but those of humanity's enemies.

BATTLE FOR EARTH: War of the Worlds, Book Two by John Pirrilo

Their fathers one morning marched off to do battle with invaders from another world and have now vanished. Jules Verne and Herbert George Wells are two young men who grew up loving each other and having just one goal in life, to write the best speculative fiction ever done. Their success is just dawning when invaders from another world land and begin a reign of terror and destruction across the planet. Both young men realize now they can not be writers, when their world is at stake. And now their parents are gone, vanished. No one knows where, until one day an ugly truth emerges. One even more frightening than the deadly heat weapons of the invaders. Now, Jules and Wells, are left with no recourse but to turn their clever minds in another direction than writing. How to battle for Earth...and win!

From The Depths - The Awakening by Steven Jaeger

It was supposed to be a relaxing spring break away from college. A chance to visit family. When the news announces a comet is going to hit Earth, Shannon Anderson is thrust into a fight to save herself and the ones she cares about most. She’s always excelled in life. She knows that with the right resources, for her, survival is just a matter of preparation. It isn’t until after she emerges from her shelter that she realizes that the comet itself was not what she needed to worry about, but rather, what the comet carried with it. She has six people depending on her for help. With each step they are looking to her for guidance. Can she be the leader that those around her expect her to be, and save the ones she loves? Above all else, will she be able to adapt to the changing world she finds herself in?

Dark Wings by M John J Rust

Mothman and the Jersey Devil. For years they have been regarded as legends. Now humanity has learned the terrifying truth. These "cryptids" are actually beings from another world, and they have invaded Earth. Delta Force Major Jim Rhyne fights to survive in occupied Kentucky. Along the way, he is joined by mysterious allies. But can he trust them, and can they defeat the invaders?

Edomia: A Fantasy-Adventure (Tales from the Edomian Mythos) by J.M Kind

At the dawn of a new Dark Age, the world of Edomia reels amid the clash of warring species, and the rise of a militant new religion from beyond the stars. Heir to the ancient Goddess-worshiping matriarchy of Taugwadeth, Princess Ashna N’rene is sent on a dangerous journey to form an alliance with her people’s most obstinate foe, the fanatical, misogynist Curions, adherents of an alien faith only recently carried to Edomia from medieval Earth. But success in this endeavor may be no more desirable than all-out war with the ravenous race of arachno-sapiens known as the Sc’dorim. Faced with two equally dire prospects—to become concubines for the Curions or livestock for the Sc’dorim— Ashna and her companions must fight for their own enlightened way of life, their faith, their freedom, and all they have ever loved, before their once-proud world of women passes forever into the hands of men. Paralleling the story of Ashna’s adventures, a modern-day Marco Polo recounts his travels through the quantum portal that connects Earth to Edomia. A small boy when he arrives from Earth in the year 1965, Brother Morek looks back over many decades to recount his enslavement by the Sc’dorim, his friendship with a fellow prisoner, his escape and rescue in the midst of battle, and his struggles to adapt to life on a world at once familiar and nightmarishly strange. Along the way, Morek offers rich insight into the culture, and science, art, language, and mythology of his adopted world.

Gemini Twins by Johnathan Brazee

Done with school and getting ready for the future as adults . . . until alien slavers attack! Identical twins Nika and Rika Ingersoll watch from hiding as their mother and others are captured and are bound and determined to save them before they are taken off-planet. If the aliens leave with their human slaves before the Navy and Marines can arrive and attempt a rescue, those captured will never be seen again.

Talara II by Liana Laskin

Talarans, a race of advanced and deceptively angelic aliens, invade and claim Earth as their new home. A handful of human uprisings and a short but violent period known as "The Flaming Purge" are followed by several decades of an uneasy peace.When a human rebel named Eric Matterson attempts to assassinate a Talaran senator, tensions between humans and Talarans are thrown back into high gear.This, in turn, forces Addison, a captain in the Talaran army, to face long buried memories surrounding Eric.When she tries to save him from the barbaric torture of a mind-wipe, the senator forces her to take full responsibility for Eric’s “rehabilitation”. Addison soon finds herself developing forbidden feelings for the rebel. She must keep her assignment a secret from both humans and Talarans, but most of all she cannot let Eric learn the truth behind their tragic past connection

Chronicles of My Alien Invasion Life by Jes McCutchen

SPSFC 2022

Chuck and her friends lost a good one last summer, but none of them are convinced that Ghost is truly gone. Once she recovers from her accident, she's ready to find the truth behind where he went. With the help of her friends, Bailey, Corrin, and Pacey, Chuck will do what she can to track down Ghost, even if it means she maybe kinda gets abducted. It's complicated. Will Chuck be able to reunite her crew, and, more importantly, will she do it without embarrassing herself? Probably not, but she's gotta try.

Dark Nebula: Isolation by Sean Willson


Lies crafted from good intentions. Death spreading through the stars. When the past returns to claim its due, will anyone survive? Earth Solar System, the Future. Abigail Olivaw is drowning in self-doubt. Hiding a devastating secret from the populace, the President of the Confederation of Planetary Explorers is horrified when hostile aliens arrive to announce they’re putting humanity on trial. Forced to act as her species’ defender in court, she struggles to hide her family’s hidden multi-generational history that could lead to a sentence of genocide. Epsilon Eridani Colony. Joyce Green’s passion for her job is dwarfed only by her love for her son. So when he dies from a mysterious virus that threatens the entire settlement, the Director of Colonization vows to stop at nothing to discover what triggered the deadly infection. And as she uncovers the truth bit by bit, her heartbreak fuels a berserk need for justice. Trapped by guilt over a mistake she didn’t choose, Abigail falls into a tailspin when the invaders reveal the facts of her race’s origins. And when Joyce unmasks a traitor, the rest of her people would be lucky to only die from disease. With their paths on a collision course, will the women’s consequence-laden decisions destroy humankind’s last hope? Dark Nebula: Isolation is the gripping first book in the evocative Dark Nebula space opera series. If you like emotionally complex characters, chilling twists, and eye-opening takes on technology, then you’ll love Sean Willson’s sweeping epic. Buy Dark Nebula: Isolation to launch a defense against corruption today!

Glitch Mitchell and the Unseen Planet by Philip Harris


A gateway to another world. A lucky contest winner. An adventure across the cosmos! Dwayne "Glitch" Mitchell has always been obsessed with space. When he learns that NASA has discovered an alien gateway, he's the first to enter a contest to see the incredible phenomenon. Glitch wins and he travels deep within the Colorado Rockies to get a peek. He's in awe, but he's also in danger. As project head Dr. Zheng discusses the gateway, an armed man calling himself John Smith takes Zheng hostage and causes an explosion. When the rubble clears, Glitch is alive but trapped with Air Force Captain Scarlett Anderson on the other side of the gateway! Far from home on an alien world, Glitch and Anderson must find Zheng before the planet's inhabitants can eat, crush, drown, or execute them. Even if they can escape in one piece, will they still have a home to come back to? Glitch Mitchell and the Unseen Planet is a sci-fi adventure that features exotic alien worlds and fast-paced suspense. If you liked the wild adventures of Flash Gordon, you'll love this thrill-ride throughout the universe!

Dragon's Baby by Miranda Martin


My strange life as a scientific researcher is ripped apart the day blood-thirsty pirates attack our space ship. In the confusion, the ship is thrown off course. We crash land on a planet that can barely support life. Yeah…things are going swell. I’ve escaped the pirates, at least. But when Ladon, a powerful Zmaj warrior, rescues me from the scorching desert wasteland, I soon learn I have bigger problems. This planet is home to a dragon-alien...and he has eyes set on me. Ladon takes me to his lair, where it soon becomes clear I'm not just a prisoner. I’m his mate. In love with my curves and my soft, human form, he declares he intends to keep me and claim me in every way. And the moment he touches my trembling body, he leaves no doubt... This fierce, protective dragon owns me. Fans of Ruby Dixon and Calista Skye will love Dragon's Baby by USA Today Bestselling Author Miranda Martin, a full length, standalone science fiction romance with a happily ever after, plenty of steam, bloody battles, and alien-human intrigue. Scroll up and one click to start this scorching hot SFR today!

Soldierina by Better Hero Army


Everything's gone wrong. The battleship Timora has crashed into Earth on its arrival, leaving INA stranded on a planet occupied and controlled by mechanized invaders she shouldn't be able to feel with her empathic senses...but she does. Worse, rather than searching for the man she loves, she’s stuck with a vengeful platoon sergeant she hates more than anything in the universe. In this hard-hitting, near-future military science-fiction thriller, the author behind the Better Hero Army name pens an unforgettable new twist on the sixth sense.

Emergence - The Emiliana Chronicles by Jacki Rawlinson


To survive, she must emerge. To win, she must ascend. Just try and stop her. Born from an ancient race of gifted aliens, the whole universe is depending on Emily
to rise up to the challenge and become the Chosen One that she is destined to be.
There’s one hitch...she has no idea who she is or where she comes from.

Being hunted by her kind’s mortal enemy, her home planet is savagely attacked.
Can she survive?

Join Emily on her path of discovery, war and destruction as her true strengths emerge
and she joins forces with an unlikely team, supported by Cedrick, the most advanced
Artificial Intelligence unit known in the galaxy.

This is the first in a multi-book series, showing how Emily’s life began, taking you
up to present day. I hope you enjoy the adventure and stick around to find out what the
universe has in store for Emily and her team in book 2 and onwards!

Please Note:
This series contains copious amounts of creative cussing.
If this offends you, then this book may not be for you.

Out of the Gray by Patricia Gilliam


Aliens, politics, and murder. Only the first one is new. Towards the end of the twenty-fourth century, it is common knowledge aliens have lived on the planet for a long time. The Hannarian royal family has stationed an ambassador to interact with Earth’s governments and to be an official bridge between humans and their race. They also want to assist humanity by offering access to advanced medical, communication, and transportation technologies. This does not ring true with the EIP, the Earth Independence Party. They are aware that Hannarians possess superhuman skills and abilities that they have kept hidden from Earth’s general population. To the people aware of these abilities, the Hannarians seem dangerous to some and downright demonic to others. They fear Hannarians pose a tangible threat to the Earth and every living human on the planet. The organization has spent decades preparing for the perfect opportunity to remove the Ambassador, expose the aliens what they truly are, and finally place themselves on equal footing with their enemies. Alex Verin, son of EIP Congressman Adam Verin, has had a very unexpected day. After chance meetings with the Hannarian Ambassador’s son and later the Ambassador himself, Alex has his beliefs about the Hannarians brought into question. Once at home and milling over what he has learned, Alex tries to figure out what is truth and what isn’t. When a visitor arrives at their home to speak with his father, Alex attempts to find out the man’s identity and why his father is being so secretive about him. While doing so, Alex overhears the man discuss plans to assassinate Hannaria’s Ambassador with his father. Rica Miller, the adopted daughter of Charlie and Rebecca Miller, is leaving Earth. After discovering that she is not human but Hannarian, Rica’s parents decide that relocating to Space Station Destiny would be the best option for her future. As a station engineer, Charlie has made arrangements for his wife and daughter to join him now that construction has entered its final phases. After boarding a transport leaving Baltimore, Rica meets Jernard. He introduces himself as the Hannarian Ambassador and explains he wants to ensure they arrive at Destiny safely out of friendship to Charlie. Rebecca does recognize Jernard, but considering she and Charlie told no one about Rica or that they were leaving, she is hesitant to trust him. How will Alex react to his father’s agreement with a plan to murder someone? Can Rica trust Jernard, and does he hold any answers on what happened to her birth parents? Will the EIP succeed in killing Hannaria’s Ambassador?

Some of My Best Friends Are Human by Liz J. Andersen

SPSFC 2022

In an underground orphan center on an overpopulated planet, Tajen Jesmuhr dreams of freedom in a distant wilderness under an open sky. So when offered an interplanetary ecology class with offworld field trips, Taje leaps at the chance. But Taje isn't the only misfit here, where everyone has a tragic past and hidden wounds, and she soon clashes with her teacher and her classmates, including:A boy with a frightening secret who lost his family to a terrorist plague. A crafty female human-alien chimera whose parents disappeared in a paraspace accident. And a boy with a hidden past and a dead father he still hates.All may have promising careers ahead of them, but only if they can learn to trust themselves and one another enough to survive an uncaring system and a deadly final exam.Andre Norton believed in this story, and anyone--young and old--who loves science fiction with interesting characters, alien animals, and interplanetary adventures without war will enjoy it too.About the AuthorLiz J. Andersen grew up in Silicon Valley (Palo Alto, California), and wrote the first draft of this novel when she was about the same age as her main characters. Liz has red hair like Taje, but Liz is not Taje. The author just became tired of too many red-haired villains, and a scarcity of red-haired heroes.In real life, a serious lack of mentors undoubtedly led to this book, and a solution aimed at the author and other kids floundering on their own. However, once done, Liz realized she needed more science for an accurate SF novel.So she set her novel aside to earn a B.S. in Animal Physiology with Highest Honors at U.C. Davis, which required physics, chemistry, and calculus, as well as numerous physiology classes. It also allowed broad electives such as ecology, astronomy, and art. She proceeded from there immediately into veterinary school, and also earned her D.V.M. degree at U.C. Davis.During summer breaks Liz backpacked, primarily in the Sierra Nevada with her friend Carla Salido, where they enjoyed their own adventures. Liz has also defied death at least four times to bring you this novel, so it must be important.She now lives in Eugene, Oregon, with her husband, Brian, and has published several short stories about Dr. Tajen Jesmuhr in Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine. Find her at her website, and her husband's music at

The Bygone Wars 1: Songs of Space and Time by Scott Robinson

SPSFC 2022

Fifty thousand years ago, people were genetically engineered to take on different roles on the interstellar starships of a great civilization. For a while dwarves, elves, trolls, halflings, and giants worked with humans exploring the galaxy and colonizing amazing worlds. But then we discovered we weren't alone and, of course, we argued about what should be done. Nasty words were exchanged. Wars were started. And, of course, everything fell apart and the great civilization collapsed. Soon there were just scattered worlds with myths and legends to hint at what had come before. And, eventually, civilizations rose again... After years in the army, then more years backpacking around the world, Kim thinks she's seen just about everything there is to see. But she has to admit to being a little bit surprised when the giant bats started dropping bombs. And then the aliens came. There she was, wondering what a medieval hotdog might have been filled with, and five minutes later she was battling ugly, leathery-skinned aliens, beating them over the head with a historically accurate mace. And if that wasn't strange enough, she was shown a portal to another world, with the same war being fought on the other side. Kim knows the information she holds could be vital, but she doesn't like authority all that much, and it doesn't like her either. So, when the leaders of the Earth's defenses test her friendship one time too many she sets out to end the war on her own. Well, just her, an elf, a giant and a dwarf who may well be completely nuts. *** Please note-- "The Bygone Wars" series is the same as "The Tribes of the Hakahei". It has been rearranged and repackaged as 2 books instead of 4. (The books don't align though, so don't mix the series) The series is completed in All the Wars Of Heaven. If you have already read The Tribes of the Hakahei, don't buy this book. And if you read this book, follow it up with All the Wars of Heaven (Well, you can if you like, just don't say you weren't warned)***

The Enodia Enigma by Christopher J Wright


Enodia – an obscure, unimportant world. As humanity emerges from a galactic dark age, Amber Stefans is drawn to the newly rediscovered planet. What starts as academic curiosity grows more urgent when an ancient superstition proves to have sinister roots. Navy Lieutenant Yorvin Bandrell has a simpler problem – he wants to see his wife and family again. Stranded, his search for a way home unearths a long-buried secret. Amber and Yorvin have never met. They never will. In “The Enodia Enigma” by Christopher J Wright, Amber and Yorvin’s lives are brought together by a mystery that threatens all humanity, unleashing events that will forever change mankind’s place in the universe.

Steal the Reaper by Todd Hosea


"A fun mix of military thriller and sci-fi adventure!" The most advanced warship on Earth is not from this world. Captain Ava Tan's mission is to steal it. A mysterious spacecraft has crashed in a remote, mountainous region of North Korea. The ship is now in the hands of a tyrannical dictator who will stop at nothing to unlock its secrets and bring the West to its knees. As tensions rise in the wake of this threat, North Korea’s Supreme Leader is unaware that a small, prototype vessel, known as the Reaper, lays hidden within the wreckage. Its ingenious purpose could either save humanity or lead to its extinction. Meanwhile, Captain Ava Tan is recruited for the boldest mission in military history: Steal the Reaper. Her orders are to infiltrate North Korea—the most isolated country on the planet—avoid triggering World War III, and pilot an alien vessel that is light years beyond anything she has ever flown. It is a suicide mission that will test Ava’s courage and force her to decide where her loyalties truly lie. Earth’s fate hangs in the balance and the clock is ticking.

Retrieval by Regina Clarke


A woman isolated in the Mojave desert…an alien invasion…and a primal obsession. For Gillian Hall running her diner in the desert is the good life, until a man calling himself Gabriel arrives as her enigmatic and unpredictable new short-order cook. On the same day fiery explosions streak across the sky. Everyone in town assumes their presence must be part of a military operation from the nearby base. What do the blasts really signal? Gillian’s quiet world shifts into an unknown reality when seven starbreakers—alien ships—enter Earth’s atmosphere. One of them is destroyed, scattering valuable and dangerous technology into the desert in its wake. Five ships depart. The last starbreaker, the Menocai, stays to retrieve the lost debris before the military can find it, but its self-absorbed commander, Malakai, has an additional need. He wants Gillian as well. He has sent his brother Inac, in the guise of Gabriel, to retrieve her.

Imprint by Janet Swan


Shasta Mountain. Known for its overall strangeness: UFOs, strange lights, and unusual creatures. Perhaps Greer McClelland, the protagonist, lives among the source of these sightings after her car spins out of control while driving to Seattle. Waking up after her accident, she finds herself at the mercy of an underground hybrid alien-human people with special abilities and fascinating history. The Zakota people welcome her, but in doing so has sealed her fate: she’s not allowed to leave. Greer rebels against this, struggling to come to terms with her new reality. Her life takes on as many twists and turns as the dark passageways in the underground cavern where she now lives. She discovers a simple way of life, yet with unexpected advanced technology. As Greer comes to know these people, including two potential love interests, she’s forced to decide between staying with the Zakotas, or escaping back to the outside world.

Homecoming by RD Meyer


Earth. The mere name has had an almost talisman-like pull on the human race since we were driven from our homeworld over 6,000 years ago. Mankind’s ancestors ran from the genocidal threat engulfing them, fleeing like intergalactic refugees towards a new home that would allow us to flourish once again.And flourish we did. From a ragtag group of just over 12,000 survivors, humanity has grown to create a proper empire of nearly 900 billion spanning two galaxies. But we never forgot our home, so we waited and we planned. Now the time was finally right to return to Earth and take back what we once had no choice but to abandon.Although the military campaign, as well as the alien races between humanity and our birthplace, were the primary concern, they turned out to not be the only ones. You see, Earth itself, despite crawling with the vermin that nearly eradicated us, was far from free of surprises, both physical and historical. Unanticipated challenges waited for the people of the Terran Confederation, including notions that would shake the very foundations of what it meant to be human. Our legends had defined us, but could those legends withstand scrutiny? What if everything we’d come to believe about ourselves and our world had been carefully crafted to cocoon us for our own good?A story meant to be about our return to Earth expands to cover our journey both across and within the realms of known space, from long lost colony worlds where mankind has morphed into something else, to the edges of an intergalactic war between implacable enemies…enemies that now had the incentive to turn their attention towards humanity...

Lost Solace by Karl Drinkwater


Lost Solace was a semifinalist in the international SPSFC science fiction competition in 2022. Sometimes spaceships disappear with everyone on board - the Lost Ships. But sometimes they come back, strangely altered, derelict, and rumoured to be full of horrors. Opal is on a mission. She's been seeking something her whole life. Something she is willing to die for. And she thinks it might be on a Lost Ship. Opal has stolen Clarissa, an experimental AI-controlled spaceship, from the military. Together they have tracked down a Lost Ship, in a lonely nebula far from colonised space. The Lost Ship is falling into the gravity well of a neutron star, and will soon be truly lost ... forever. Legends say the ships harbour death, but there's no time for indecision. Opal gears up to board it. She's just one woman, entering an alien and lethal environment. But perhaps with the aid of Clarissa's intelligence - and an armoured spacesuit - Opal may stand a chance. Ideal for fans of sentient AI ships (such as Brandon Sanderson's Skyward books), while the creepy, derelict Lost Ships evoke Kristine Kathryn Rusch's Diving series.

Genesis by Chris Voss


In a world ravaged by climate change, social inequality and dwindling natural resources there’s only one solution: abandon the planet and terraform a new home. When Dylan Lomax - an emotionally disconnected empath, running from the memory of his past - joins Operation Genesis, he soon discovers not all is as it seems. The mission to bring life to a barren planet has a terrible secret. One which threatens to bring humanity to the brink of extinction.Inspired by the blockbuster movies of the 90s, Genesis, the debut novel from C.A. Voss, is an accessible sci-fi romp which accelerates towards an epic finale. Popcorn is optional.

Stray Cat Strut: A Young Lady's Journey to Becoming a Pop-Up Samurai by Ravens Dagger


In the year 2057, the world has become a corporate-run utopia for the super-rich, and a hellhole for all the rest. Catherine 'Cat' Leblanc is an orphan that is about as far from super-rich as one can be. When the Incursion alarms start blaring and the sky starts raining hungry xenos, it's just another blemish on an already piss-poor afternoon. A cyberpunk magical-girl alien-invasion LitRPG. It’s exactly as wild as it sounds.

Inish Carraig by Jo Zebedee


Post-alien invasion Belfast. Earth has been defeated. Pity the locals aren't listening. Teenager John Dray will do whatever he must to survive. When he's offered desperately needed food in exchange for dispersing a mysterious compound over the city, he takes the job. When it goes horribly wrong, John is sent to Inish Carraig, a forbidding prison, where he discovers a conspiracy that threatens Earth and everyone he loves. He has to unveil the plot. He just has to get out of prison first.

The Lost Signal by Jennifer Sarai Fernandez Morales


An ancient threat returns to conquer humanity. They ruled the planet once and they will do it again. Humans can't fight this war—not without help. For years, Dr. Ethan Fawkes has been communicating with a mysterious scientist using an encoded signal, and together, they designed the first spaceship meant for war. But when the government orders Ethan to dismantle it, his collaborator reveals a terrible secret. An army of powerful aliens is about to invade Earth, and humans must rush to prepare a defense or risk losing their freedom forever. Collaboration with an unlikely ally is humanity’s only chance at survival. Fiona has no memories of her origins, but somehow, she shares half her DNA with the invaders. For this, she lives a life of scorn and shame amongst humans. When the enemy arrives to enslave her village, will she help the humans who hate her or join the aliens who welcome her? The key to victory lies in the depths of her obscure past. Can she remember her true heritage before it's too late? The Lost Signal is the first book in the Slaves of Zisaida trilogy: a riveting Science Fantasy saga about our galaxy's war for survival against an intergalactic threat. If you're a fan of Stargate, The Atlantis Gene, and Battlestar Galactica, get on this thrill ride. Come for the Space Force, stay for the aliens. Content Warning: Suicide, graphic violence, torture and deaths.

The Universal Good Deal by Cleophas Foy

Alien white people from outer-space invade Earth armed with amazing deals and low, low prices. They're selling lava lamps, fanny packs, water beds, and more and everyone's buying it. Wouldn't you? It's from outer-space! Made by Aliens! And everything's on sale. It's a steal. But the Aliens only take cash. It's up to a marketing genius, a bosomy politician, and a genuinely nice guy to figure out what the Aliens want before we all become the product. Can humanity survive the most effective advertising campaign ever created or will the Aliens make a real killing? The Universal Good Deal is a satire about colonialism that explores all the horrible ways people fail to understand those who are different from them.

Sugar Plum Tea by Sinnamon Carnelian

SPSFC 2022

Humanity needed the Tahli to chase the invading Borie from Earth. The Tahli needed Earth since their dying sun was giving off radiation that sterilized most of their women. They can either make it work, or both go extinct. At the age of seven, Winnie was pulled from the rubble of a dying world by Tahli soldiers. She became their reason to fight to protect the women and girls of Earth, even if it meant going against their people’s desperation to save their species. In her adult years, Winnie wanted nothing more than to marry and have children after starting her successful tea and sweet shop in the colonies set up by the Tahli. Backstabbers, terrorists, and hate that still filled the rebuilding world always seemed to get in the way. That is until she has a chance meeting with a newly relocated Tahli on Kinship Day.

the Earthen Pioneer: Part 1 by N.R.B. Marcum

SPSFC 2023

What would you do, if Earth fell to invasion? For Omid, the question never seemed to come up. He was always too busy fighting, thieving, and causing mayhem to think on it; until the aliens that had taken Earth looked to take him too. Cast adrift and on the run, Omid finds himself swept far from the planet. There, in the world of aliens, he meets with an unexpected hope, and is soon the center of a mounting plan to free Earth of its captors, once and for all. But the world of the aliens, the world of Mooi, is not so simple as it seems, and while he enters into it with the intent of helping Earth, he soon finds that few things he sees and learns are as they appear. To get back to Earth, and to find a way to help his people, he will have to navigate a world intent on sucking him into its depths and entombing him there.

Coding Peter by Olga Werby and Christopher Werby

Knowing that the world is a simulation doesn’t diminish the will to live. Even when the body is made from ones and zeros, the soul doesn’t feel any less real. In Coding Peter, the sequel to Suddenly, Paris, we learn more about the aliens who have altered the lives of the Vorov family. The URTs are a small band of scientists—the only survivors of a world simulation that no longer exists—who seek only to settle down quietly and unobtrusively in a new home. But contact with humans has led to accidents, misunderstandings, and deaths. A hundred years later, only a few of the alien refugees survive. Now Julie Orlov’s brother, ten-year-old Peter, is asked to take on the soul of a dying alien—for the good of his family, his alien ancestors, and the Earth itself. In doing so he will become more—but also, maybe less—than himself. It’s a lot to ask of a young boy, especially when the exact consequences to Peter are unknown, even by the aliens themselves. What Peter decides will change the fate of two civilizations—and maybe more…

Harvest by Olga Werby


Almost a century after Keres Triplets asteroid impact and subsequent nuclear exchange nearly ended all human life on Earth, a strange artifact is discovered on one of the moons of Saturn. Who should be sent to the outer reaches of the solar system to initiate the first contact with an alien culture? Dr. Varsaad Volhard, an evolutionary-socio-historian, is chosen to help the world understand the alien civilization that left an artifact some thirty thousand years ago, before humans even learned to farm, at the time when other human species still walked the earth. While Vars prepares for the mission, her father, Dr. Matteo Volhard, discovers nanobots among the microplastics he studies. The bots are everywhere and seem to have been created to bond with human cyber implants. Why? Matteo is made to keep his discovery a well as his and his daughter's true origins. Both were donated to a Human DNA Vault as babies. Matteo was raised as a Seed before leaving with his young daughter to study ecology around the world. Who knows what? Who is in control? How does one communicate with non-human intelligence? People seem to die in gruesome ways as their cyberhumatics go haywire on Earth and on Luna and Mars colonies. Is Earth under attack or is it all just a cosmic misunderstanding? Vars needs to use all she knows to solve the mystery of the ancient civilization on Mimas, as her dad battles the alien nanobots at home.

The Bright Lord by Alex Knowles


A home, a family. Lies, resentment. To save the future, he must reclaim his past.Ryan Hart thought he had saved them all. He'd served as Lord Commander of the Sarashead guild, faithfully and with honor for thousands of years. His work expanded their empire and brought peace.But peace never lasts. . . .Emperor Duhan has been murdered, ripping Ryan out of his new life as a citizen on Earth. Once again, he must leave those he loves for the greater good.Rebirth is the path, a reset into a new body that he must cultivate and train. The collision of two worlds draws ever closer, and if he can't claim what was once his, all will be lost.The Bright Lord is a thrilling Litrpg, cultivation story that spans multiple worlds, love and friendship.

The Ninth Scripture by D Wolfsbane


Wishing Shelf Book Awards Finalist (teen category) B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree *** Cuest is a world at war, where men are conscripted when they come of age and women are sent to nurtures to birth more soldiers to replace those they bury. At the orphanage of Sector Six, Zecaar, a hopeful pessimist, is saved from her numbing fate and taken to Talcom Academy because she has something the others do not—she has the talent. As she cultivates her telepathic and telekinetic abilities amid sanctioned fights, discrimination, hidden agendas, and desperate acts, events spin out of control until Zecaar begins to ask herself—is this where I truly belong? The Hunt is the first installment in The Ninth Scripture trilogy and is a fast-paced adventure of one teenager’s journey to find meaning in a world gone mad, where choice challenges fate, perception eclipses truth, and the twisting path is haunted by the ghosts it creates.

The Glowing: 3 by Tom Rimer

HE BOKAI HAVE RETURNED Kamryn Coe and her friends are spread out across the east coast, struggling to stay alive and find answers. Her powers are growing, but at what cost? She begins to realize that her unique gifts may not be all that unique, after all. THE FINAL BATTLE APPROACHES Spider stalks the dreams of the survivors, a talent stolen from another. The orange sneakered goblin believes that she will be rewarded, provided she can complete one more task. THIS IS HOW IT ENDS And Quinn Flowers, after a beyond the grave visit from Lucy, realizes that he may have a more important role to play in the salvation of all things. Heath, Dani, Gabe, Wyatt, Jordan, Olin, Trip, they've all come so far, but sacrifices must be made. NO ONE IS SAFE FROM THE GLOWING

The Glowing: 2 by Tom Rimer

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout... Six months have passed since the Bokai swarmed the Earth. Kamryn Coe, Quinn Flowers, and their friends are just trying to make it through. When Lucy has a dream that an old friend might still be alive, Kam runs head long into danger on a rescue mission. ...down came the rain and washed the spider out... With the group divided and dangers lurking around every corner, do they have any hope of surviving? Will Kam discover her truth? Or will she meet a sticky end? BEWARE THE SPIDER

The Glowing by Tom Rimer

Nice guys often finish last, but sometimes last is all that's left. Majestic Mount Greylock always cloaked the small berkshire town of Adams in its shadow...until now. Until the skies illuminated. Until the Glowing began. When Kamryn Coe, her disheveled teacher, and a group of geeks that'd put a comic convention to shame witness the destruction of their hometown, they must combat a land teeming with drooling alien hordes, while Kam faces the truth of her own birth and its connection to the catastrophe unfolding around her. Time travel, extraterrestrials, humanity's end. TIME TO SAVE THE WORLD.

The Five Trials (Tsun-Tsun TzimTzum #1) by Mike Truk


My name's Noah Kilmartin. I'm from Ruddock, Ohio, and I'm absolutely, 100% unqualified to save the universe from the slavering demonic hordes of the super evil bitch queen Lilith. Too bad nobody asked my opinion. All I've got to do is pass five lethal trials that'll prove I'm the universe's last chance at salvation. To do so I'll have to lean hard on those three years of Okinawan jiu-jutsu classes I took in highschool, learn to wield my new magic sword, and oh yeah - select five women to flesh out my team, bonding with each one for arcane purposes and desperately trying to stay alive in the process. Piece of cake. Right? Warning and minor spoilers: "The Five Trials" is an 18+ book intended for mature readers. It contains graphic sex, medieval violence, and nudity. People curse, piss their pants, hack off heads, get a little dizzy, tortured, seduce each other, try to seduce each other, and scared witless by horrors from the darkest dimensions. Most importantly, you'll meet gorgeous, powerful women, some capable for hurling lightning, others of swinging battle-axes, and one that's Noah's unrequited crush from highschool. All of them are willing to enter unconventional, polyamorous, harem relationships if it means saving the universe, and luckily for Noah, this time it actually does. Read at your own risk.

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