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Sentinals Destiny by Helen Garraway

THE EPIC CONCLUSION TO THE SENTINAL SERIES Birlerion’s leave of absence is up and it’s time for him to return to work. Before he has time to sit behind his desk, or discover the source of the brooding threat that is hovering over him, he is sent off to Terolia to negotiate with the Families for a bride. The succession must be protected and it’s time for King Anders to marry. As he travels through the deserts, he realises that it is the Veil that is hunting him, and it wants his blood. But no one will listen to his concerns about the Veil. The healers believe he is struggling to adjust after his recent traumas. Their arguments are persuasive and overrule saner minds. Betrayed by those he loves, driven by an oath invoked by the king, and with only Jaredion and Leyarille to protect him, Birlerion goes on the run across Vespiri, Terolia and into the islands of Birtoli, the home of the Oath. If he doesn’t discover a way to stop the Veil from killing him, it will not only be his life that is lost, it will be all of Remargaren that is destroyed. Book six of the Sentinals Series, Sentinals Destiny, is the final book in the saga of Remargaren, a vibrant, ancient world of high fantasy suffused with magic and adventure.

Sentinals Banished by Helen Garraway

Sentinals Banished is the fifth book in the saga of Remargaren, a vibrant, ancient world of high fantasy suffused with magic and adventure. Sentinals Banished is set seventeen years after the fourth book, Sentinals Across Time. Although you could start the series here, it is recommended that you read the previous books in the series first. Sentinal Birlerion has watched from the shadows for so long he doesn't know how to stop. Always there when the Lady’s Captain needed him. He did what was necessary to keep those he loved from harm. When the king banishes the Lady’s Captain, Jerrol Haven, from Vespiri and disbands the Sentinal guard, the Sentinals are at a loss, some bitter, some eager to retire, all angry at the king's decision. Birlerion moves to Old Vespers to watch over Jerrol's daughter as she begins her journey to become a King's Ranger. Old Vespers is in turmoil, the king unpredictable, and the Sentinals are unwelcome. Unexplained deaths are occurring, and bodies begin to appear in the city streets. As Birlerion continues his search for the place he can call home, he has to step out of the shadows as he is drawn into a tangled web of deceit and lies. He must hunt down those responsible and clear the Sentinals name before anyone else goes missing.

Sentinals Across Time by Helen Garraway

Sentinals Across Time is the fourth book in the saga of Remargaren, a vibrant, ancient world of high fantasy suffused with magic and adventure. Jerrol’s fragile balance between duty and family life took two years to refine and one brief moment to tear apart as the Lady Leyandrii and the Oath conspire in a desperate bid to protect the Birtolian Empire. As a result, Jerrol finds himself stranded in the middle of an ocean, lost across land and time and seas. Unsure what is expected of him, Jerrol learns to appreciate the idyllic life of the Birtolians, the vibrant people and the beautiful coastline. To his growing horror, he realises the devastation which lies in their future. Can Jerrol prevent the destruction of the gentle people he has grown to love? Is he meant to? Desperate to find a way home, he begins to leave clues in anything he thinks will survive the test of time. Taelia and the Sentinals are his only chance of ever returning to his own life but can they find him before the Lady sunders the Bloodstone and changes the Birtolian Empire forever? The fourth installment of the Sentinal Series takes us to the beautiful Island Empire of Birtoli. Only once, it wasn’t an archipelago of islands, it was a land of majestic mountain ridges, mystical forests and exquisite sandy bays joined as one to the southern Vespiri borders.

Sentinals Justice by Helen Garraway

Lost guardians. Tensions brewing in the frozen north. Can a goddess-appointed champion prevent a looming war? Jerrol Haven’s last run-in with evil has left deep scars. Recovering from the torture that damaged him mentally and physically, the guilt-ridden commander searches for the whereabouts of one of his captured allies. But he feels the chance to rescue the awakened sentinal slipping away when his king requests his aid in peace negotiations at a remote and unstable border. Accompanied by his beloved, Jerrol arrives at his destination only to discover the enemy’s corruption running rife. And after he’s cut down by a shocking betrayal, the skilled soldier’s destiny plunges into bloody chaos. Can he overcome his failures to forge a desperate victory? Sentinals Justice is the thrilling third book in the Sentinal epic fantasy series. If you like courageous characters, action-packed suspense, and gritty battles, then you’ll love Helen Garraway’s emotional rollercoaster ride.

Sentinals Rising by Helen Garraway

An unrelenting threat. A gathering of saviors. Can he become a shield strong enough to stand against malevolent forces? Jerrol Haven seeks answers. After saving his king from an ancient darkness, the loyal warrior hunts for fragments of the bloodstone that once protected the realm. But he struggles to trust the unknown guardians he’s awakening from three thousand years of sleep… even as his foes invade the palace in an explosive attack. Promoted to commander after successfully beating back the ambush, Jerrol embarks on a journey to rouse another mysterious sentinal. But as the land descends into chaos and conflict, he fights to stay alert for more subtle assaults. Will Jerrol prove worthy of his task, or fall to evil schemes? Sentinals Rising is the captivating second book in the Sentinal epic fantasy series. If you like tenacious heroes, desperate quests, and fast-paced action, then you’ll love Helen Garraway’s unputdownable adventure.

Sentinals Awaken by Helen Garraway

When a long-forgotten threat starts to reemerge, one man stands as the last defense against darkness… Jerrol Haven serves his king without question. When he finds evidence of corruption and is attacked, the loyal soldier’s mind spins after his touch of a sacred tree awakens the dormant spirit of a three-thousand-year-old protector. But he fears he has failed after the crown prince accuses him of treason and orders his execution… Fleeing the city, Jerrol is stunned when the goddess appears to him, appoints him captain of her warriors, and charges him with a quest to find artifacts that can save the realm. And as he runs into danger and more betrayals, the steadfast hero discovers a rare gift that may be the world’s only hope… Can Jerrol rally the forces of good to stop a rising evil? Sentinals Awaken is the first book in the Sentinal epic fantasy series. If you like endearing characters, immersive world-building, and gritty conflict, then you’ll love Helen Garraway’s award-winning tale.

Realm of Hope by E.L. Li

In a Mortal Realm plagued by darkness, Skye, a descendant of a powerful Goddess, finds herself caught in the grip of a burdening curse. Possessing extraordinary abilities and marked by a dark power, she battles to save the Realm while grappling with the struggle to retain her own humanity. Accompanied by her unwavering team of Agents, descendants of powerful warriors and revered lineages from throughout history, Skye embarks on a perilous journey. Together, they fearlessly undertake relentless missions, confronting the encroaching darkness and uncovering ancient truths. As they battle inner demons and external foes, they must defy the odds and climb the ranks before it’s too late. In the face of overwhelming darkness, they are the last hope for their worlds. Will they rise above their ancestral legacies and claim victory, or will the consuming darkness prevail, plunging the realms into eternal despair? The battle for humanity begins now, as the Agents dare to challenge destiny itself.

Lost Blades by Liz Sauco

As the world ends once more, the goddess chooses who she will wield against Abomination... In Lyndiniam: A street thief attempts a heist far more ambitious than anything he has done before, but due to circumstances outside his control, finds himself locked up for crimes he both did and did not commit. A strange woman with abilities Jamirh does not understand breaks him out, and he finds himself on the run - fleeing to Romanii, a country he thought no longer existed. In Ni Fon: A shinobi is banished by the Empress for killing her daughter and his fiancée, Princess Hotaru. This is a ploy, however - Takeshi is still working for Ni Fon despite the murder, trying to learn information about a rebellion against the Rose Empire that Ni Fon will be able to leverage to regain their own freedom. Though thousands of miles apart, both Jamirh and Takeshi find themselves pulled into an ancient struggle between forces far beyond anything they have ever dreamed of, whether they want to be or not.

Tales from the Borun-Ma by Ruth Miranda

The Borun-Ma. A world rife with magic and dangers, threatened as it is by the haunting of demons and creatures that take the bodies and lives of the common people and feed on their souls. Or so it is, in the head of David Lau, travel photographer turned novelist, who created this imaginary world for his soon-to-be-published first book, where he tells the story of Liòng Dashià, Hawkeye and Zephyr, Reapers of the Borun-Ma who destroy Infestations in the form of creatures and demons. But his characters bear far too many resemblances to himself, and the girl who spills his drink at a crowded nightclub in Xhiangzhei, or the young man who sits beside him through a long flight to Europe. When Ivy Falconnieri and Bodie Yung's lives collide with David's, a spell is cast and a curse will break. But to what ends?

Mastery: Sex Wizards, Book 2 by Alethea Faust

Magic is a rare gift, and it's been six months since Dominai of Airedale first left home to study it. After solidifying his place at the legendary Crux as a skilled conduit, he now faces his next challenge: casting. When every spell he attempts fails to hit the mark, he finally turns to the Grandmaster of the Crux, Arlon Kalisson, for guidance. The unyielding lessons that follow strip Dom down to his very foundation, rebuilding him to confront his own worst enemy: himself. But while Dom grows more confident inside the Crux, a threat gathers outside of it. One that will rock the kingdom of Straetham to its core, capable of destroying the Crux from the inside out. The second book of Alethea Faust’s epic Sex Wizards series, Mastery delivers risk-aware consensual kink, hard BDSM, an ever-escalating epic plot, and a lot of butt stuff. The Sex Wizards series is set in a sex-positive, magical world. This novel has a kink-based magic system which crosses a wide range of play with varying degrees of intensity. The wizards of the Crux include pansexual, polyamorous, fantasy race, nonbinary, gender non-conforming and intersex characters. Please see book preview for full CW.

Of Death and Divination by Cassandra Diviak

Percy and Cordelia must prepare for the unthinkable. After Oberon's attempt to invade Kaira, many hearts clamor for vengeance. Cordelia stands as the symbol of resistance against Oberon's "great plan", even if playing hero is the last thing on her heart. She struggles to find the balance between rising to the challenge and seeking more personal retribution against the monster of a man. Percy finds himself on the warpath alongside his lover, and somehow he doesn't seem to mind the anger. Many things have changed since he vowed to be a peaceful man. But cryptic messages from the spirit inside of him leave him wondering whether he will make it out of this war alive. Regardless of the demons gathered in the shadows around them, they must return to where the battle first began and make their final stand before Oberon can conquer the Seven Continents for his twisted delusions of power. It ends here.

Of Wild and Witchcraft by Cassandra Diviak

Cordelia Hale's world hangs by a precarious thread. While she and her loved ones flee from the Ambrose Palace and all the horrors hidden inside its ruined walls, a ghost from the distant past disrupts her already uncertain future. She can't go home, not yet. Revealed secrets and betrayals leave Cordelia stuck walking the thin line between her once unwavering optimism and the rage that threatens to tear her heart asunder. Percival Ashford remains her only tether to the girl she used to be, grounded in her humanity and innocent belief in the goodness of the world. However, when he receives the offer of a lifetime from an untrustworthy source, they must decide if the conditions and traps attached to the promise are worth their trouble. Armed with the support of their family and allies, welcomed and unexpected alike, Percy and Cordelia must piece together the unseemly and broken parts within their hearts and prepare for the danger that lurks outside Kaira's magical wards.

Soul of the Sorceress by Cassandra Diviak

Cordelia Hale's life finally changed for the better. With newfound freedom, she lived in peace alongside her new family and loving boyfriend until a letter arrived at Brierwell bearing an invitation too tempting to ignore. A world of magic awaited her outside the woodsy borers of her hometown, far beyond her wildest imagination. Cordelia and Percy travel to a land across the sea and find a hidden city filled with wonders, led by a king sympathetic to the plight of magical beings across the Seven Continents. Life in the Ambrose Palace isn't anything like home, though, especially when Cordelia and Percy find themselves pitted against everything they once trusted, including one another. To survive, they must determine their few allies from a sea of enemies.

Shadow of the Beast by Cassandra Diviak

Percival Ashford wants nothing more than a fresh start. He finds his chance in Runswick, a sleepy town situated along the Andervael's southern coast. It's a perfect place for a werewolf to blend in and spend his better days with his newly awarded Lordship. However, his hopes for a new beginning fall apart when disaster strikes in the gruesome murders of several townspeople. Percy must discover who is committing these heinous acts and ensure justice for the deceased, but his investigations are hindered by the haunting suspicion that he, or at least his wolf-self, might be the very culprit he is hunting.

A Pale Box on the Distant Shore by P.J. Nwosu

A silent killer stalks the slum towers of Death City. In the shadow of a drowned death god, a young soldier risks his life to solve a violent crime. To catch a killer, Soldier Honnan Skyin carves a bloody trail over the behemoth bones of a dead giant and through the deepest forest of a frozen island. But some secrets should stay buried. Welcome to Death City. The Red Kingdom is a new series of dark mysteries in fantasy worlds that delve into a land of vicious crimes, strange lore and Purge House zealots.

The Magic Surrendered by Dax Murray

"I haven’t been trying to build a weapon! I have been trying to prevent a war. Ellie, please don't make me do this." A short story about a brilliant mage and an insecure empress; of love and ethics, partnership and conflict. After generations of relentless expansion, Empress Eleanor is ready to put her family's habit of conquest behind her, content to cease her army's forward march and solidify her position as the ruler of the territories already in her possession. But these countries her fathers' conquered are eager to leave the Empire and willing to resort to revolution. Amalthea grew up poor, her homeland destitute after being invaded and occupied. But her new status as a citizen of the sparkling empire gives her access to the Academy of Mages and all of their teachings. However, once there, she defies their rules and pursues her own experiments with dangerous and forbidden magics. Despite this, she catches the Empress's eye and is soon the first official Imperial Scientist and the unofficial consort. Together, the two have the power to sow cohesion, spur innovation, and improve the lives of everyone in the Empire; or they could obliterate any resistance at a perilous cost.

Tyranny of the Fey by Terry Bartley

A famed Elven researcher is worried about her home. When she discovers a new realm with massive magic potential, she believes she has found the answer. Will the Seasonal Fey Courts allow her to continue her research without interference, or do they have more nefarious plans? An Elven princess runs away from her arranged marriage to a parallel world. Will she be able to find the adventure she seeks? While she is in search of battles with dragons and quests to obtain sacred artifacts, she finds that what she was looking for may have been a true connection with someone that understands her. Two childhood friends, an orc and a goblin, have long dreamed of adventure. When a magic school dropout stumbles into their lives, they jump at the chance to realize their ambitions. This found family realizes the world of Galevyn is a much bigger place than the jungle they grew up in.

The Collection Awakens by Aimee Donnellan

"Well, you have armour. It's the lyre and the goose that have me a bit confused." The Dragon War has left its mark on everyone, and Reverie Rosetia is no exception. After her brother is struck down in a skirmish, it is on her to take up the family legacy of greatness – no matter what her plans might have been before that. She must find his sword and bring it home. With no better place to start her search, Reverie arrives at the Collection, an isolated place full of magical oddities and artifacts. Soon after her arrival, the eclectic visitors to the Collection and its owner find themselves trapped inside. A magical force has broken free and is determined to break them, one by one. Can Reverie solve the mystery of how their attacker manifested and put it right before it is too late? (Reverie meets adventurers Lark and Wren as the trio are trapped in this claustrophobic and irreverent fantasy mystery, which may have more to do with Lark and Wren’s chase than they think…)

The Chase Begins by Aimee Donnellan


"She's escaped. Gods help us all." The Theocracy of Izirm is losing a war against dragons. While the Bishops scramble for a solution, the holy city of Kequm faces a more immediate the murderous mage, Nightingale, has escaped prison and only one person can stop her. Lark is a devoted follower of the Scholar god who searches for adventure around every corner. Ever since apprehending Nightingale three years ago, they've done whatever they can to forget the hole she ripped through their heart, and can think of nothing worse than facing her again. But when Nightingale's meddling leaves Kequm vulnerable, Lark has no choice but to act. A whimsical New Adult fantasy adventure novella set in a queernormative, mysterious world begging to be explored.

Fogbound by N.J. Alexander

Brave the Fog. Embrace Another Self. When war descends upon the nation of Entervia, history teacher Zercien Volnaire is thrust into a battle for both his homeland and his own mind. Ankarth, the neighboring country to the north, has invaded Entervia to remove King Durnan from the throne. As the Entervian army scours the capital for soldiers, Zercien discovers a long-dead legendary hero can control his mind at will. While he fights to keep his curse a secret and maintain his autonomy, the meddlesome hero has other plans. Under possession, Zercien is consumed within an omnipresent fog and takes on the hero’s persona at the cost of his own. But his power often summons a nightmarish faceless figure only he can see that stalks his waking world. Zercien’s newfound abilities earn him renown in Entervia’s army, but when he faces an ancient magic long thought destroyed, he and a small band are tasked with one last desperate mission for reinforcements. However, Zercien fears the key to Entervia’s victory lies in embracing his loathsome alter ego, and before this war’s end, he may have none of his identity left to sacrifice.

The Heir by Claudia Klein

Sisters separated by war... Brothers divided by hate... To stop their world being torn apart by darkness, will they find a way to unite? A royal rivalry divides the two princes of Erlingue. A bloody battlefield separates the two princesses of Arbinad. And a creature of darkness waits to destroy them all. When Kat’s father, the King of Arbinad, tells her and her sister to flee the coming war, only one of them listens. Determined to help her army, Kat instead disguises herself as a boy and joins their ranks as an archer. But the battle turns bloodier than anyone anticipated, and before she can escape, Kat is taken captive by the crown prince of Erlingue. As second in line, Prince Thomas isn’t the one taking the throne. But he knows he would make a better king than his power-hungry older brother. So when he finds Kat as his brother’s prisoner, they begin an unlikely alliance to seek the sinister new king’s demise. But little do they know, a darker power is at work behind the new king. And civil war has stolen safety away from Kat’s sister. Can they unite forces in time to stop their world being torn apart?

Primal Fury: Trial of the Berserker by Noël Traver

A hive-like race of brutal abominations. A single warrior who wants nothing more than to become a legendary berserker. Can Orsin survive the brutal, solo Trial, kill one of the greatest threats his people have ever known, and emerge as the favoured warrior of his god? Orsin wants nothing more than to pass The Trial and become a berserker. But to do that he must travel into the wilderness, completely alone, and do battle with the abominations that live in the tundra—a strange, constantly mutating species known only as the Herd. But when Orsin makes his way into that icy desert not everything is as he has been told it would be. The Herd beasts don’t all act as he expects. Something strange is going on. The ancient enemy of his people is changing, evolving in new and dangerous ways. They are growing more canny and more deadly. But why? As Orsin delves deeper and deeper into enemy territory, he slowly begins to discover new facets to old dangers, challenges that will threaten not only his life but also his sanity and possibly, his very soul. Can he slaughter enough enemies to pass his Trial, make it back alive, and become the legendary warrior he knows he can be? Trial of the Berserker is the first book in the Primal Fury epic fantasy series. If you like brutal and bloody action, feats of great personal strength and fortitude, and high-stakes combat, then you’ll love this debut page-turner!

Harbinger of Justice by Andrew Watson

Upon the black sands and beneath the ever-watching eyes, a tale of shadow magic and ancient mysteries unfold in this new dark epic fantasy series. In the desert city of Yontar, Nya cares for her sick mother. But when Nya is arrested, her mother’s death is all but certain unless Nya joins a secret project that promises her freedom. If she survives. Rai, a mercenary, has a shadow dark enough for two. In his quest to discover the nature of the creature living in his shadow, Rai collides with old friends and new enemies, stumbling into an ancient mystery that could mean the end of the world as they know it. All the while, a darkness stirs and rebellion threatens, helmed by a man who promises justice will reign.

The Kheld King by L.L. Stephens

The King is dead. Long live the Kheld King. The Triempery lies crippled, its godborn princes slaughtered by treachery, its ruling houses desperate to maintain their monopoly of the god-machine Entities. In the aftermath of the slaughter, Stefan Stauberg-Randolph inherits his grandfather's throne. Already an outsider because of his Kheld heritage, Stefan sees enemies around every corner--but he particularly fears Dorilian Sordaneon, sole surviving heir of the Rill Entity's power. Set upon conflicting paths by betrayal and suspicion, the animosity between the two young rulers could well threaten not only the Triempery's remaining houses, but the Entities themselves.

Ruins of Smoke by João F. Silva


The Usharian Empire rules the Known World with an iron fist. Imperials protect their world from the tainted hand of the Deceiver, but he is back with an avatar capable of breaking the Empire and grounding humanity into ash. JEHA is a sentinel of the Empire, willing to fight and die for kinship and duty. AGOR is an imperial general. Disgruntled by the darkness he sees seeping into everything he loves, he makes his move. MATALA is a young smokesmith who sees his courage tested as Ushar burns. ALAMAKAR is the world’s most powerful man, but even strong blood ties can hold him down and tear him apart. As the Deceiver threatens the Usharian Empire’s heart, fiends walk the streets of the capital. Men and monsters clash in a battle fit for gods. And the smoke follows them.

Gates of Hope by J.E. Hannaford

The Watcher shattered the Gates. Now hope must arise from the shards. Darin and Suriin enter the Black Palace of the So’Dal, at a time when monstrous Edgelands creatures return to the skies over Caldera. After exhibiting magical traits thought lost, Darin is drawn into a secret society charged with keeping the Watcher’s secrets. Now he must balance learning to control his magic, caring for Star, his new companion, and finding a way to sustain the Howlers’ power for long enough to protect Caldera from the predatory creatures of the Edgelands. Before she arrived at the Black Palace Suriin broke the ancient rules of the So’Dal to save the life of the person she loves the most. As her search for a cure delves deeper under the mountain, is there any price she won't pay? On the outer moon of Tebein, Elissa’s newly awakened magic will endanger her home and family. Now she must race to find help for those she leaves behind as she escapes those who want her, and all those like her, dead. One wrong decision by any of them could return legends to life and end five hundred cycles of peace. Will they find the solutions they need in time?

The Annals of Skorne by Joshua Killingsworth


I am the champion of the hated — the embodiment of scorn. Through the abyss of the veil lies knowledge beyond imagination. Steam powered mechanisms, flying vessels, and medical marvels flood Baldric’s mind. The banished prince is joined by his beloved, and the information they obtain could revolutionize humanity and bring forth a new age. If only they possessed the means to make it a reality. The sole hope of forging the new age requires his submission to the Guardian who has spent the last ten thousand years maintaining stability with an iron fist. Following the Guardian’s massacre of the Koroks, the world erupts into chaos as nations rebel against his authority. It is a fruitless effort as the Guardian possesses overwhelming numbers. The only hope for survival lies in the resolve of the banished prince who maneuvers his way into the Guardian’s top echelon. Baldric must peer further into the abyss, if he is to prevent another massacre and forge the new age.

The Bearer of the Seed by Joshua Killingsworth

The only constant is that humanity will always repeat the worst of its atrocities. The Guardian of the Three Realms declared Shagin the enemy of humanity and attempted to purge them from existence. Those who survived fled and have remained in hiding ever since. Kari, the only known remaining Shagin, has been crowned empress of Xiang. The Guardian’s hatred of her people runs deep, and every breath she takes is a crime against his rule. ​ To shield her from the Guardian’s wrath, a group of elite Shagin warriors known as the Furies offers her shelter in the ruins of their civilization. They plan to save what remains of their people and rebuild their once-proud nation. Only the Guardian stands in their way. Kari is the key that will lead him to Shagin’s sanctuary, and allow him to complete the purge. Tracked by the Guardian’s hunters, Kari must elude their vicious traps if she hopes to save her people. However, justice and vengeance intertwine, and her resulting anger risks destroying more than it saves.

A Promise Wrought in Steel by Ben Collins

The Legions of the Tunulman Republic have won many victories. But Tunulm, the city, its Assembly of laws made by wealthy Patricians, and the growing Empire it draws on the map, win yet more enemies with each campaign. A united force of Veltoi tribes seeks to raid south into Tunulman lands, led by a charismatic chief too young to remember the devastating reprisals the legion enacted on their people forty years ago. Acco, a gifted young warrior, seeks his own glory on that frontline, even as the war draws more lines from poems and prophecies he does not understand. In Tunulm, the daughter of a broken house and an ambitious man of middling equite rank find opportunity for advancement in the chaos war brings. To the East, a legionnaire of the Republic finds himself embroiled in a plot not of his choosing, and is sent to the Empire of Xerxia. In that land, Yatossa, a servant of the Archmagus yearns for lessons of ancient Alchemy, and learns that her new master possesses the greatest secret in the entire world. For he has that which can make a man a living god.

The Songstress by Joshua Killingsworth

Spreading her wings wide enough may break the songstress free… unless her captors manage to clip away her very spirit first. Seventeen-year-old Kari, now exiled from her people, spends her days singing in the teahouse and her nights huddled with Suying, a younger girl she has taken under her wing. But when Kari’s songs draw the attention of the empire, both girls are abducted and forced to become royal concubines to the Imperial Brothers of Xiang. Their compliance means a life of subjugation, but any form of disobedience is meet with brutality and death. After an abated escape attempt where Kari once again sacrifices herself to keep Suying safe, the songstress helplessly watches as the sister of her heart begins to embrace the harem, zealously cleaving to her new life. Determined to find a way to save the brainwashed girl from despair while fending off the desires of the emperors, Kari must dig deep inside herself for the will to keep hope alive while doing whatever it takes to break them free from the gilded cage in which they’ve found themselves. Every song Kari sings stirs emotions, and, with the right magic, she knows she’s capable of intensifying those feelings into a weapon without form. With only her wits and the mystic techniques she learned as a child, the songstress will fight to her last breath against the soul-destroying submission her sister willingly surrendered to—even if Kari’s resistance ultimately means her own death.

Elegy of a Fragmented Vineyard: Paladins of the Harvest Book 1 by Kaden Love

The beginning of a new fantasy epoch from debut author, Kaden Love. Forced to appease the policies of a foreign fiefdom, Phenmir must do the harvest organs from infants. Ten years ago, a new generation of children began to manifest abilities from the gods. Now, nearly half of the continent has chosen to graft these organs into adults, granting them their powers. Phenmir will no longer participate, but can he repent his sin before all morality is lost? Meanwhile, Aerhee will give all to preserve the process of harvesting, silencing those who oppose her people Will this land of peace resort to the barbaric practice of war? In a battle of preservation and progression, there can only be one victor.

Partial Function: A Wuxia-inspired Epic Fantasy by JCM Berne

If Taken starred Michelle Yeoh and was set on a Jurassic Park - inspired Cradle. Monster hunter Akina Azure inherited the most powerful weapon in the martial world before retiring to a peaceful life raising her twin girls. The Reaver has them kidnapped, thinking Akina will trade that weapon for their safe return. Will she? Or will she use it to wreak a terrible retribution on the men who took her girls? You get one guess.

Truth in Blue by Mirai Amell

Sometimes life is better as a lie. Malakai wanted to protect his kingdom from threats beyond its borders. Instead, stripped of his magic and on the run, he now needs to save it from his brother, the king himself. Amaryllis wanted to have nothing to do with humans. Instead, stranded in the wrong realm, she now needs to retrieve a lost fae relic with powers no one comprehends. Una wanted to be a knight in shining armor. Instead, haunted by the memories of a life she never lived, Una now needs to find answers from someone she doesn’t remember meeting. When their paths cross, each must decide what matters to them the most. Or risk losing everything they hold dear. In a world where Angels and Shades battle for souls while the Devil sips his tea, the fate of one country, two races, and four realms hangs in the balance when love and loyalties are tested to their limits.

War Song: Legacy Rising by Michael Michel

Admar’s future is a path paved with broken glass. Each step forward living under Scothean tyranny cuts away another piece of his humanity. Right down to the very bone. But even a meager life as a miner is better than a pointless death. A sister, a mother, a lover, all lost at the uncaring hands of the Scoths, have left him with nothing but memories and ash for comfort. While stories like his are all too common, they still aren’t enough to stoke rebellion among the oppressed. If Admar is to find hope amid the brutal occupation of his homeland, he’ll have to question how deep his convictions go. For with every crack of the enemy’s whip, he’ll know torment. With every swipe of their axes, he’ll know suffering. And every moment he refuses to act will drag him further from his destiny. Maybe there are no more heroes left…or maybe they’re waiting to be made. The events of this novelette take place 73 years prior to the events of "The Price of Power."

Bringer of the Scourge by M. Daniel McDowell

When the end of ages comes for the empire, the princess must rescue herself. An army of three brittle allegiances aims for the throne of Derebor, laying siege to the castle Talorr, where Vierrelyne, the last living daughter of the tyrant king, waits locked in a tower cell for the prophesied apocalypse that only she can prevent. To escape the castle with the aid of her closest counsel, she takes a formidable ancient weapon from her family crypt: a holy suit of armor and a diadem infused with the soul of a demon prince. With this power, Vierrelyne is unstoppable, but its presence is corrosive. Vierrelyne is haunted by what it means for her to tame the power she has been given, and by what means she might conquer the Bringer of the Scourge. For, if the prophecy she dreads is true, the weapons she wields might destroy everything she holds dear.

Servant of a Pale Sword by Tim Akers


A lone pilgrim travels to the Temple of Absolution to free himself from a great sin. But when the priests of the temple cut too deep, Lohit Maast is left with no memory of who is or what burden he sought to escape. Among his things is a strange and powerful sword, its blade forge from materea, the very bones of the world. Is he a thief? An assassin? The hero of some great campaign? Or is he something far more dangerous...

Veil Us in Gold by Shepard DiStasio

Find a weapon lost to myth, and Drake can save the world. Find a creature lost to war, and they can save themself. Drake Elýnus was never supposed to be in Tārāmen. They were never supposed to be working for Tārāmen’s royal family. They were never supposed to do the things they’ve done. But Drake hasn’t stood a chance since the day their home was burned to the ground, the boy they loved was executed in front of them, and wayward magic cast them into a life of lonely immortality far from anything they’d ever known. All they have is revenge. But when the culmination of their efforts backfires into a death sentence, their only hope is to make a deal with the very queen they tried to ruin. The world around Drake is unraveling. Whispers of ancient monsters bubble beneath the surface. Fights escalate on the borders of a country that has not been its own in fifty years. Treaties are no longer worth any more than the blood they were written in. And a mysterious general they all call the ‘White Rose’ is apparently the face of it all. With the gilded gold of society finally peeling, Drake might have a chance to escape—but only if they confront who they were truly supposed to be. The first book of the Sins of the Divine series and DiStasio's debut, Veil Us in Gold explores what it means to be good, the secrets people will do anything to keep hidden, and the monsters that prowl not only in shadows, but inside hearts as well.

The Sun Prince by L. R. Schulz

THE BONDS OF KIN MUST HOLD The King-Radiant has fallen. Zapour has been liberated and the siblings triumphant, but at what cost? Two years have passed since their victory over the Eagles. Peace between the nations has not gone as planned. Gelvard has seized control of Lumindal and a cloud of war now surrounds Trost. The sun is dying… A new power has risen from the west. A man who calls himself the Sun Prince has his eyes set firmly on Zapour. But is he friend or foe? The bonds of kin will be tested as new threats arise, though not all threats are new. An ancient evil awakens, and new bonds must be forged if light is to shine another day.

KNIGHT: The Shintori Chronicles Book III by Elle Samhain

Avery isn’t sure she should even still be alive after Morgana’s Legion left two Reapers dead… and one Saved. She and her friends have located the fifth and final Knight of Od placed in the realm of the living by the Beldam - the Knight of Spirit. The oddball Princess Yumi has waited with bated breath and uncertain heart for the Berserker Witch. Can she be trusted to resist the demon she harbors? The ragtag band of Reapers must confront the monsters of their own pasts before they can ever hope to save the future.

HEMLOCK: The Shintori Chronicles Book II by Elle Samhain

Rumors of the Berserker Witch’s murders have traveled fast and far. Avery Porter and her friends barely escaped with their lives when two Knights of Od revealed themselves in battle. With the High Priestess of Centralia murdered by the Knight of Earth, Avery has no choice but to put her faith in the demon of the Crossroads. As the demon Balthazar and the Goddess of the Witches lead them to the ritual to put the Knights down for good, the final Knight has caught word of their search. Armed with their name, Avery must get to the last Knight before their beacon signaling the end of the world is ignited.

AEGIS: The Shintori Chronicles Book I by Elle Samhain

Avery Porter is a Reaper in the walled-off city of Ardua, tasked with the duty of sending souls to the afterlife. Her day-to-day life comes to a sudden halt when she is kidnapped by another Reaper and his exorcist companion, taking her far beyond the walls. At first their claims of a demonic force lurking in selected Reapers seem outlandish, until Avery sees them for herself. The Knights of Od were created by the goddess of the underworld to swallow the land of the living; fueled by the elements and the unrest among the Shintori gods. Their last chance lies with the Knight of Spirit, the last to be unleashed onto the world. Can they reach it before the Beldam’s Legion does?

A Corruption of Souls by Taylor Hubbard

Deklyn Delonir , Captain of the Order of the Redemptor and Knight of the Hawkeron Kingdom, has spent his entire life serving his goddess and realm to earn redemption for his past sins. Everything he does is in service to his King and the people under his protection and leadership. For his entire life, Deklyn pushed away the deepest desires of his heart, burying them and praying that they never come to the surface. When his King calls on him for the most important job of his career, one that would put an end to a war against an unknown enemy simply called The Corrupted, Deklyn doesn’t think twice before readily accepting it. Once the job is completed, the war will end and the people Deklyn swore an oath to serve will be safe and the bloodshed will end. Crown Prince Kai of Hawkeron has never known what freedom feels like. Everything has been lain before him before he was born. Swayed by the whims of a fate outside of his control and duty that is inescapable, Kai doesn’t know who he is. Kai is a political entity, used for his father’s gain. When his father calls on him to fulfill his duty as the Crown Prince, Kai knows he is defeated. He will be sent to a neighboring kingdom to marry its princess to create an alliance that will provide his father’s military with the resources needed to put an end to the war they waged against The Corrupted. Knowing that his failure to complete his duty would lead to the deaths of many people and the annihilation of the Hawkeron Empire, Kai resigns himself to his fate. As Deklyn and Kai travel together, they quickly learn that through the struggles they face and the desires that come to the surface, they are more than their duty. As secrets about The Corrupted come to light, they must come to terms with their fate while grappling with the very real fact that they are falling for each other. With the fate of their homeland in the balance, Deklyn and Kai must choose between duty and desire.

Seekers: The Winds of Change by Troy Knowlton

After an assassination attempt that could lead to an all-out war, Tyras and Oren, two young Seekers of the Argan Empire, are each given secret missions in an attempt to thwart the coming chaos. Both tasks require the Seekers to venture through the war-torn continent of Tiarna where the young men face mortal danger, horrible monsters, and hostile groups – all challenges Seekers are trained to combat. Luckily, the two Seekers also find guidance, friendship, and romance along the way. However, powerful and mysterious forces are conspiring behind the scenes and both Tyras and Oren will have to overcome a host of obstacles, including their own inner demons, in order to maintain a glimmer of hope for success. With war imminent and the unknown ahead, will the Seekers triumph, or will they be swallowed by the turbulent, relentless Winds of Change? Set in a new, masterfully created high fantasy world, Seekers: The Winds of Change is perfect for fans of An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir and We Free the Stars by Hafsah Faisal.

A Peddler Of Chains by Allegra Pescatore

Asherah of Vine died five times in bloody service to her Queen, but now her Queen is dead. The cycle of reincarnation has ended, and Ash is ready to set her trusty bow aside and live out the rest her days in peace. All she wants is to live a quiet existence on the Rim, but her past, it seems, is intent on catching up with her. She's tried to outrun him, but he's not a man to be trifled with. Willow of Herb has been hunting the butcher Asherah for over two hundred years. She slaughtered his parents and his people, and he intends to bring her to justice. It is because of her that he was turned into a weapon of war, and it is her face that haunts his darkest nightmares. When he finally catches her scent nothing can stop him, but what happens when he captures his greatest enemy and finds out that not everything is what it seems? As they travel through the icy Lands of Nadir chased by a rival band of bounty hunters, Willow and Asherah must face their pasts and learn to work together if they wish to survive. Trust between enemies isn't easy to build, but as they fight Feral Fae, face down snowstorms, and run from Retribution, Will and Ash find that maybe they're stronger as allies than as enemies.

A Contract in Sol Forne by Élan Marché , Christopher Warman

A standalone fantasy adventure featuring djinns, dangerous wishes, political factions, and militias. A djinn. A boy. A terrible contract. "I wouldn't have asked for that if I knew I could ask for anything." Vaelin is an ancient djinn on a quest to seek the artifact to which she is enslaved. Her centuries-long journey lands her in the southern port city-state of Sol Forne, where she is certain the artifact is held. There, she meets Dorovan, a disaffected youth from a dissolved noble house. Though their initial connection is cursory, their bond becomes one that may endanger the entire Cycle of Nature.

Lord And King by P.L. Stuart

Finally Lord and King of Eastrealm, Othrun aims to restore the glory of his drowned homeland, Atalantyx. But dangerous warlords are determined to stop Othrun from rising to further power. Furthermore, Eastrealm’s ruler must confront internal forces that could tear his new kingdom apart. Embattled Othrun is also devastated by personal tragedy. His belief in his Single God, and his ambiguous guiding spirit, has never been more tenuous. To fight his enemies, Othrun needs more than faith, or his formidable knights. He needs a mage on his side. Is the conniving Queen Lysi, with her divided loyalties, and her own designs for Othrun, the ally he needs? Or, are there other mages who can help the beleaguered young king, who he can trust? And, Lysi is not the only formidable queen Othrun must contend with. An inexorable power, tied to ancient founders of Eltnish civilization, is coming. A legendary ruler, the likes of whom has not been seen for centuries, plans to reclaim what's owed to her. She is named, Undala. Fear for Othrun, and anyone else who dares stand in her way. Othrun is clever, bold, resourceful. Yet, kingship comes with many challenges, including facing the cunning, powerful, vengeful enemies surrounding him, marking him for death. Will Othrun’s reign end on the battlefield, in blood, before it's barely begun?

Bonds of Chaos by Zack Argyle

Bonds of Chaos is the final installment of the Threadlight trilogy, which begins with the multi-award-winning Voice of War. TO BREAK THE BONDS, THERE WILL BE SACRIFICES When all was lost, the Heralds returned, and the world embraced them as gods and saviors. But there are some who know the truth: the Heralds are not what they seem. Now, in a desperate attempt to stop them, Chrys and the others travel to Cynosure with hopes of enlisting the only Amber threadweaver with the power to help. Chrys, Laurel, Alverax, and those they love. Together, they will stop the gods...or they will die trying.

Stones of Light by Zack Argyle

Stones of Light continues the story begun in Voice of War, the multi-award-winning start to the Threadlight series. FEAR THE ROSES. FEAR THE LIGHT. Chrys swore to never again let the Apogee take control but, in a moment of desperation, he gave in. Now, he will learn what the Apogee truly wants. In Alchea, Laurel will do anything to get her threadlight back, even if it means working for the leader of the Bloodthieves. But she has no choice...a life without threadlight is no life at all. To the west, Alverax travels with the Zeda people to the large port city of Felia, where they seek refuge after the fires in the Fairenwild. But he shattered the coreseal, and no one quite knows what the consequences will be. They only know it won't be good. Together, they changed the world—now, they must save it.

A Path of Blades by R.E.Sanders

Ingvar Darelle is a fighting knight, tasked with defending his country whenever he is called to battle. Violence and war provides no glory for Ingvar, who only wants to be at home on his rural estate. His dreams of a quiet life are shattered as he becomes a pawn in the ambitious schemes of others. How will his friendships and family cope with the forces that try to tear them apart? Which path will he choose?

Kingdom of Forgotten Curses by Autumn Kaufer

The prince is a bloodthirsty soldier who enjoys death, fine wine, and the company of beautiful women. Until one fateful night, when everything changes.  80 years later, the king's barrister, Marius, discovers a reference to the prince and is immediately sent upon a mission of discovery by the king, much to the dismay of his three daughters. At the chateau, Marius makes a deadly mistake, and now someone must pay the price... For fans of Beauty and the Beast, Dracula, and romantic fairytales, this is for you. A gothic tale as old as time...

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