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Choice of the Traveler by Toni Binns

A war between two worlds. A destiny she can't escape... When Betha transfers to her best friend's university to study, life is looking hopeful. Her dream to open up her own café could finally become a reality, and all she has to do is study, enjoy nights out, and try not to make her crush on the tasty and intense Self-Defence trainer, Carter, too obvious. But her world is shattered when demons invade. As powers Betha didn't know she had begin to emerge, hopes of stopping the invasion fall to her, and Carter is tasked with keeping her alive. Betha has no fighting ability, no matter how hard she tries, but everyone she knows is dying. With Carter and her other friends surrounding her, will she be able to unlock the truth of her magic in time? Or will a cloak of darkness and despair shroud the land and destroy everything she loves? If found family, slow burn romance, and unknown magic are your thing, pick up Choice of the Traveler today!

Akynd Chronicles: The Hero's Recusants by Daniel Roy Lehman

In the world of Eribeth, magic is learned by wizards, or a few lucky sorcerers are born with the gift naturally. Those were the only paths to magic, until the creation of the Akynd. These unique man-made hybrids allow the natural talent and mastery of a sorcerer, with all the versatility and adaptability of a wizard. Keldon was the first Akynd. Being transformed against his will by a disapproving father soured him against the selfishness and evil in the world. With his newfound power, he seeks to eliminate such darkness. To do so, he gathers three allies, granting them access to his unique abilities, turning them into Akynd. But that kind of power can lead one down some dark paths, even with the best of intentions. Each of the four keeps a close eye on the others, ensuring that they remain on a path of righteousness and avoid the corruptible influence of their power. If Keldon is successful, the world will know a peace that is more than just a lack of war, Eribeth could become a paradise. If not, the vile selfishness will spread through all the realm, until evil is all that remains.

The Name of the Shadow by Mars G. Everson

Fear is a double-edged weapon. When a Shadow spreads over the utopian Colony, the only human enclave in a lonely planet, the young will be the first to understand the danger that hovers above them. What they find about themselves in that struggle will lead them to greatness... or to the destruction of their idyllic way of living. Who will rise a hero, and who will become a monster? In the tradition of Ursula K. Le Guin and Isaac Asimov, this is the story of a people that do not know fear... and what happens when they discover it. Of what is left when paranoia becomes all-encompassing, and men find the evil within each of them.

The Thirteenth Key by Cara Nox

The chaotic crew of heisting misfits in Leigh Bardugo's SIX OF CROWS meets the familiar yet fantastical, modern landscape found in Robert Jackson Bennett's CITY OF STAIRS. “The thirteen emblems given to the original rulers weren’t just symbols. They’re keys to the Vault—one that no one’s ever opened.” Noa has lived her life as an unsuspecting, ID-burning, face in the crowd that disposes of “problems” for her miscellaneous, secretive employers. So, when Noa’s surrogate father—a Seer—hands her a long-lost emblem, telling her with his dying breath that it's her responsibility to reignite magic, she laughs at the idea that the fate of their world rests on the shoulders of a killer. Instead, she uses his words and the key he gave her as an excuse to go on one final suicide mission to seek out the power supposedly waiting for her to annihilate his murderer. Prince Glacier Caelius has lived his life trapped inside a gilded cage, pushed down by the ever-present threat of death as the bastard son of Amarais’s late king. But when the rebels attack during a nationalist party, Glacier’s rescued by none other than Noa and her merry band of thieves, who are scrambling to salvage a failed attempt at stealing his country’s emblem: the Soul of Amarais. When the dust settles, he’s the only person left alive to unlock the palace vault and give the Soul to Noa in exchange for saving his life. Well, once they’re able to formulate a plan to take the palace back. Struggling with their tentative, newfound freedom, Noa and Glacier must learn to work together to survive the urban landscape of Avaria’s greatest cities fortified by technology in the wake of dwindling magic. The goal: steal as many keys as they can before their pasts catch up. But the further they go, the more they realize that something worse may be lurking on the horizon, and they may very well be the only ones able to stop it.

Bodied by Eli Horowitz

Maya is a 20-year-old with a graveyard shift at the post office, a ma whose temper rises even faster than the rent, and all of the million daily headaches of life as a young woman of color in New York in 2011. Her one saving grace is her local arcade, home of New York's feisty, burgeoning fighting game tournament scene. But that respite is taken away from her after she gets banned for standing up to a trash-talker who goes too far. To get back into the arcade and fight for her independence and respect, Maya will partner with a team of up-and-coming players and learn to defeat not just her opponents, but also her own worst instincts. Beneath Maya's quest for FGC glory shines a deeper story about how all of us are made by history—and how we can make history in our turn. The connections between Maya, the women who raised her, and the generations who come after her, examine how our moment in time determines—often unjustly—the risks we take for the rewards we desire for ourselves, our families, and our communities. Bodied is a unique coming-of-age story with sneaky literary chops, a modern mashup between The Brief, Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and A League of Their Own.

Stormless by Nick Stitle

Auris is a place of storms and chaos where seven violent Tempests rule the land, wreaking havoc across the continent. Only the Summoners, bearers of powers not unlike those of the divine Tempests themselves, have the strength to stand against the tyranny of the storms. Society depends upon the enigmatic Summoner-empowering Crystals for survival... Yet when a Summoner bearing powers that should not exist appears on Arvendon’s doorstep, the world begins spiraling into chaos. Castien Varic, a common soldier, finds himself in the throes of a coming war. He embarks on a mission with the most legendary of Auris’s Summoners, hoping to discover the truth behind the resurfacing of the Ancient Summoner. Faelyn Titansworn, heir to the largest of Auris’s empires and one of the most powerful Summoners in the world, finds himself lost in his father’s shadow. When a conspiracy threatens to destroy all that he knows and loves, Faelyn takes it upon himself to save not just his kingdom, but all of Auris. Asteros Silverglade bears the powers of a god. Two years in the past, he, along with five others of his Sect, uncover the hidden secrets that the world has tried to erase. Yet they soon learn that the mysteries of the baffling event known as the Vanishing—the war that somehow caused over half of Auris’s Summoners to disappear without a trace—run far deeper than they could’ve ever imagined. These three heroes walk the threads of fate, together weaving an epic tale of magic, war, love, and loss. Together these individuals will forever change Auris’s future. Empires will shatter, Tempests will be Unbound, but destiny will prevail as these heroes face their fated ends.

Allowing the Night by T. S. Winterway

Jaq is a loner. He is completely happy with sharing his home with no one but his adopted dog and having as little to do as possible with the neighbors. Or so he thinks until he bumps into a grimling in the pouring rain. Whether he wanted it or not, the encounter in the murky woods changes his life forever. When Briar sets out hunting with his clan mates on a rainy day, little does he know of how revolutionary consequences a simple act of goodwill can have. The nocturnal fays avoid contact with humans far as they can, but when it comes to choosing between saving a life or closing his eyes to evil, to Briar, the choice is clear. But will anything good come out of the collision of the opposites? Is allowing the night to step over his threshold the foolest choice Jaq has ever made, or could it result in something positive?

Dark Inferno by Arleta Rae

Fire consumes. It is its nature to do so. Thea Knight has lost the battle to the Brais and is forced to live in their castle with the mission of honing her rare fire abilities. She must blend in with them, lest she be destroyed. To keep her witch best friend and the vampire who created her safe, she must tear the Brais from the inside out before they risk their own lives to save her. To do this, Thea needs to find and defeat the elusive King of the Brais. In the land of the Brais, being a double agent is a death sentence. And to defeat them, Thea must unravel the secrets behind the rogue group and their true intentions with her. But learning the truth could shatter everything.

The Sherangivan by Jacqueline Fellows

"You go no farther than your own mind; and what could be more familiar to you than yourself?" A new city on the rivers, its walls pristine and untested. Encroaching strangers, aggressive, seeking a new land of their own. A brutal triple murder in the woods. And a young man caught in the middle of it all, tormented by dreams he doesn't understand.

Lipstick Covered Magnet by Amber Herbert

She’s running from her past. He’s hoping to become her present. Skylar has avoided the past for three years. She can’t be plagued by guilt and regret if she never has time to process what happened. When a song triggers the memories she’s tried so hard to bury, she knows she can’t run anymore. Despite her ex being gone, he’s hiding in the quiet and stillness. There’s no escape. Connor has always been passionate. If he’s into you, he will follow you to the ends of the earth. Sure, his fixation once ended in a restraining order, but that was just one girl. When he meets Skylar, he feels that same itch. Despite her attempts to brush him off, he increases his efforts—even if that means tracking her movements and stalking her online. He knows he’ll win her over if he’s persistent. As Skylar does her best to heal, Connor sinks further into obsession. Lipstick Covered Magnet is a genre-bending debut that weaves the intricacies of healing with delusion and suspense. For fans of You and I May Destroy You *Content warning: contains sexual assault, mentions of suicide, and stalking.

A Darkness At The Door by Intisar Khanani

I've been cursed, betrayed, and sold into slavery – but the truth I carry can't be allowed to die. Only Rae knows the extent of the corruption at the heart of the kingdom of Menaiya, from the noble lord who betrayed her, to the Circle of Mages whose wards protect the slavers from discovery. Injured and imprisoned on a slave ship, Rae's options are quickly running out. When a desperate escape attempt goes terribly wrong, she finds herself indebted to a terrifying Fae sorceress. Now Rae will not rest until she has rescued her fellow prisoners and freed her land from the darkness that has taken hold. To succeed, she'll need every ally she can find—including Bren, the thief who may have stolen her heart. But Bren is hiding his own bloody secrets, and the curses that encircle Rae have sunk their claws into her mind. With her debts coming due and time running short, all the truths in the world may not be enough to save her kingdom, or herself. What critics are saying: "Full of action, magic, and intrigue." - Foreword Reviews, starred review "A fairy tale that goes beyond happily-ever-after, exploring the will and vigilance needed to achieve justice and equity." - Kirkus Reviews, starred review Named one of Kirkus Reviews' Best Young Adult Books of the Year, 2022 Snap up the thrilling sequel to THE THEFT OF SUNLIGHT now!

Summer's Second by Jeff Billington

Asher Brock’s last summer of youth is far from ideal. His hopes for the future, including an escape from his constricting Ozark Mountains hometown, seem increasingly fragile as he faces hurdles of poverty and abuse, all while coming to terms with being gay. Raised by an alcoholic single mother, he clings to his noted intelligence as an escape to a better life. But it will take more than brains—namely, strength of character and aspiration—for him to navigate the months leading to his senior year of high school. The pregnancy of his recent girlfriend, the heightened aggression of his long-time bully, and the increasing presence of his long-absent father create a season of turmoil, spurring unease and self-doubt. But with support from family and friends, an opportunity for love, and the shedding of generations of secrets, Asher sees beyond preordained fate and starts to realize the opportunities in his grasp.

(Not) Alone by Tyler Wittkofsky

(Not) Alone is the story of Henry Hovishky, a recent college graduate who is exploring life one step at a time. Already in his young career, he is the winner of multiple awards and recognitions. He is soon to be married to the girl of his dreams. His best friends are more than friends, they're family. His family supports him and raises him up. And yet, he can't help but to feel alone. How can someone who seemingly has everything be so alone? Everything seems to be great in his life on the outside, but this story shows the truth of Henry's life. He struggles with depression, anger issues, severe anxiety, and bipolar disorder. With so many successes in his life, he still fights an uphill battle every day.

The Flying Tiger: Ready by Henry Spencer M

Aaron Melisandré, an autistic, African American transgender man in his thirties, nearly lost everything he held dear years ago. The only thing keeping him sane and alive is his trans nephew, Mico. Little does Aaron know, the tragedy that ripped his brother away is part of something far bigger than he could ever imagine. There is a very real multiverse, and not only that but Aaron along with being human, is part of an ancient multiversal species known as the Katians. Aaron must embrace and wield his true power, face trauma new and old, and be ready to do what he must in order to save the Katians and infinite other lives from Circuit-Breaker and the fabled Mortal Engine, a machine that is said to grant one the power of a god using mortal souls.

Sasha of the Feral Sons: Adolescence by V.L Kinnaman

The young vampiress Sasha, Daughter of Hal, is sent away from her home to protect her from both herself and her brother, Tekor. Though she believes herself to be better and stronger than him, there are cultural norms which must be maintained. Now a new member of a new household, she must come to terms with her changed status in life. Her new father Vidar, an intelligent Lord Protector, sees the potential that Sasha could play in the wider political landscape that is going on all around them. Though he knows that the people may not yet be ready for one such as her, he will seek to give her the greatest amount of preparation for her possible larger role to come. With help from her new brother Belor, as well as the townsfolk, Sasha strives to truly learn the way the world really works beyond the manor walls she was born behind.

The Voice in All (The Artifex and the Muse) by Audrey Auden

A fast-paced new adult romantic fantasy set in a richly imagined world of myth and mystery ... with a metaphysical twist First Place Winner for Visionary Fiction — Speak Up Talk Radio 2022 Firebird Book Awards Gold Tier — The Review Curmudgeon Best of 2022 List "Wow, this book was phenomenal! A five-star read, for sure! ... The main characters, Dom and Ava, are insightful, utterly human, apologetic, and open to change/expanding and exploring differences in worldview. It was so refreshing to read ... The writing was exquisite ... I deeply enjoyed reading its philosophical and theoretical components ... This book was truly excellent and I commend the author for writing an exceptional book that resists compartmentalization. It was brilliant, show-stopping, and spectacular, as Lady Gaga would say; and it was by far the best book I've read all year." — The N in NYA Sixteen-year-old thief Ava must set sail tonight to escape the life of servitude that awaits every child who comes of age. All that stands between her and a life of freedom is one last job: stealing the pharmaka to pay for her passage. She’s stolen from the temple priestesses countless times before. What could go wrong? On the other side of the temple city, sixteen-year-old field hand Dom bids a final farewell to his childhood home. The priestesses say he’ll find purpose in the life of hard labor that lies ahead. He hopes they’re right. What other choice does he have? When their paths collide in the dark forest, Dom and Ava discover the stolen pharmaka has some unfortunate side effects. Like it or not, they’re stuck with each other now. But what possible future could exist for a girl who’s determined to escape her bondage and a boy who’s never imagined the possibility of freedom? On the eve of their Calling Day, Dom and Ava’s first meeting sets in motion an adventure of mythic proportions, spanning millennia and bridging worlds. The Voice in All is Book One in the fantasy saga The Artifex and the Muse.

Jinn Academy: Year One by Kira Moericke

Once upon a time, my life was perfect. I ruled high school with an iron fist and an impeccable sense of fashion. Then on my eighteenth birthday, my days of power ended with a burst of light–literally. Gold balls of light shot out of my hand when I heard the wishes of my peers whisper across my mind, resulting in me getting suspended. Me, Mercedes Davenport! But that wasn’t even the worst part of the day. No; that happened when I was invited to the Academy for the Exceptionally Gifted, or as I call it, Jinn Academy, a magical school just for genies. And finding out that I was one of them. Now I’m stuck at Jinn Academy until I complete all the courses that will allow me to safely live in the human world without causing a magic malfunction. But with my powers on the fritz, I may be stuck here forever. Seriously, could my life get any worse?

Ruin and Roses (Cursed Kingdoms) by Deanna Ortega

A dark and spicy fantasy romance that follows Jane as she delves into the shadows, secrets, and curses that bind her world. "I will never understand why women let men decide if they get to be the villain or the victim in their story." In a world of talisman powers and magical rivalry, Jane finds herself playing many roles-depending on the situation, she is either as soft as a rose petal or as lethal as the thorn. Swept deeper into a world of shadows and lies when her mentor, Baltazar sends her on a seemingly simple mission-donning the mask of dainty again, she finds herself fighting to maintain who she is beyond her pretty, painted exterior. The series of events to follow rip her in and out of her past, as she tries to move on from the unimaginable pain that led her to this life. Stealing from your soon-to-be fiancé is one hell of a wedding gift, but let's hope he never discovers she is dodging eyes, lies, and daggers-while ensuring that not a hair is out of place for her royal obligations. But...what if half-truths can't prepare her for this life? And when the mission's cost is more than she bargained for-her freedom and her life-what if she doesn't want to pay the price? At least she still carries the favor of her loyal mare. And though her luck in love is not great, it is never hard for her to find some way to quench her thirst in her droughted kingdom. When her fiancé isn't lurking over his newest possession, she is easily entertained with her ex-lover and unwanted keeper. Entangled with a lost love, whose secrets threaten to undo everything she's worked towards, she has to manage the most daunting mission yet. An unfit marriage to the mad king's son. Will the cursed king's daughter survive? "Looking into his eyes-the same ones I pictured every time mine closed-I wondered if things would have been different, if my mother had told me stories about great loves instead of tragic loss. But she hadn't. And though I lived in a world of royals, I knew that princes weren't noble, and that love didn't prevail."

Laas (The After Book 3) by C. Sunrise

They say I, Rodite, am to be queen of a kingdom I have no memories of. They say I’ll rule beside an attractive man, the father of my unborn child, who is a stranger to me. They say I’ll remember everything in time, as long as I let myself rest and recover from the explosion that nearly stole my life. At least those are the things the few people who speak my language say to me… and little more. But who can rest when that’s all you’re expected to do, especially when you know the castle walls and those within them are hiding just as many secrets as your damaged mind? I sure as hell can’t. Dom and Breana were stolen, separated, and thrust into unknown lands. In this epic conclusion to The After trilogy, the mated pair will need to move past their fears and pain and put their trust in unexpected allies if they ever want to make it back into each other’s arms. Will they be strong enough to fight the battles and internal demons that stand between them?

PANE by Bailey Elizabeth

Sam lives by her “try anything once” motto to a fault. On an otherwise normal night out, she takes an experimental drug from a stranger at the bar that lets her see into alternate timelines. When she witnesses her own murder in a parallel world, she realizes that the mysterious series of hit-and-runs plaguing her college town are anything but accidents. Sam and her friends decide to stop the killer once and for all, but time travel has unforeseen costs, and one of them will have to pay.

Death Bringers by Lars

DEATH COMES FOR US ALL Fen was a good guy pretty much his entire life up until the day he died. After his death, Fen woke up in a strange place without any memory of himself or the events that led to his death. This new place was unlike anything he’d seen on Earth, but that wasn’t his biggest problem. Fen’s biggest problem was the sword at his neck and the big man asking him to tell the truth. But telling the truth seemed wrong, out of place. Lying seemed like the easiest and fastest way to keep his head. So he lied. This small but consequential action sent him on a path in search of the truth. The outcome was simple: If he could prove his innocence, he’d get to live, but if he lied, he’d die for good. This small but consequential action sent him on a path in search of the truth. The outcome was simple: If he could prove his innocence, he’d get to live, but if he lied, he’d die for good.

Kiss the Fae (Dark Fables: Vicious Faeries) by Natalia Jaster

There are three rules to surviving the Fae—and I'm about to break every single one. Rule #1. Never cross into Faerie. When I'm chased across the wicked border and caught by its reclusive ruler of the sky, the pretty trickster with a clever tongue offers me a deal. Rule #2: Never bargain with a Fae. But I don't have a choice. For thirteen days, I have to survive in his mountainous maze of sinister paths, deceptive stairways, and devious creatures. Refuse, and my sisters will suffer as punishment. Rule #3: Never fall for the enemy. I should have known my sexy captor wouldn't play fair. The deeper I plunge into this dangerous world of Solitary Fae, the more I'm entangled in their ruler's seductive web of desire—and the forbidden temptations he offers. The price of losing this wicked game is everything I love. But winning might just cost me my heart. WARNING: This is spicy NA/New Adult fantasy romance with explicit sexual content and language. For mature readers 18+.

Ashes and Blood (Dalya) by Katie Zaber

You can travel the same path countless times, but it can sometimes lead to another realm. A mystical tree captures the attention of Megan and her friends, morphing the surrounding environment, transferring them to an exotic planet with bloodthirsty creatures. Saved from the deadly beasts by hunters, Megan finds herself stuck in a rural town still maimed by the plague. A chance encounter with a familiar face gives Megan and her friends some security during their adjustment to this new world. While settling into promising lives, they are stalked and attacked by planet Dalya's humanoid inhabitants, who focus solely on Megan. One dark night, after a magical attack, the Fae King's knight is sent to fetch Megan for a reason she can't possibly guess. When she wakes up a prisoner, she learns that there is much more to this strange place, and it's oddly more like home than she ever would have expected. The more Megan learns about the strange world of Dalya, the more she realizes, finding a way home is insignificant compared to everything else at stake.

Below Dark Waters (Dalya) by Katie Zaber

A wayward princess, an adventurous pirate, and a madam trained in espionage—all strangers to each other, but their fates are entwined. Princess Megan, who never had a reason to assume she was anything but human, has been on the run, protected by her friends. With each step toward the city of Delmont, she hopes they will have time to regroup before setting sail to the Ka'Pamau Islands, their final destination. Instead, her bad luck shadows her and chaos continues to ensue everywhere she goes—including a new part of the world that most air breathers have yet to explore. Confronted with another royal family and a smitten prince whose advances turn cold, she faces another life-altering decision with ramifications she can't possibly begin to guess at. Back on land, Lilly reveals more of her secrets, her story, and her goals. Monumental changes and challenges are headed her way as she embraces her new role in life. On the sea, Aunt Carmia is stirring up trouble while continuing her hunt for the treasure she most desires. She experiences upheavals, but she is always prepared for the unknown. As their stories unfold, they remain unaware how fate connects them in the world of Dalya.

Echo: The Curse of the Blackwood Witches by Yasmine Maher

Master forbidden magic, destroy an immortal enemy, and prevent the apocalypse—all before college finals. Echo Blackwood has no idea she’s a witch, but after supernatural beasts attack her sister’s wedding, she discovers her long-dormant magic, and she’s quickly catapulted into an impossible war. The novice witch is the only one who can stop the immortal Jivar—but her magic hides a sinister secret. The dark arts run through her veins, and using their power could cost her soul. Desperate to control her magic and uncover the truth about herself, Echo and her newfound allies must race against time to defeat Jivar before he unleashes his fury and destroys the world. Can Echo use the powers of evil to save the world? Or will fighting fire with fire only end in her ruin? Imbued with all the thrilling action and marvelous magic, Echo: The Curse Of The Blackwood Witches is a riveting and unforgettable read that will sweep you up and refuse to let you go.

Jinxed (Gilded Blood Book 2) by Rachel Rener

I keep telling myself things could be worse. Okay, so my mom's been harboring some hefty family secrets. Big deal. And, yeah, maybe there are still two or three teensy details about Zayn that I don't know – his backstory, his private life, or his real name, for starters. Oh, and let's not forget that there's a bloodthirsty, power-hungry, magical mob boss who's due to appear at any moment. No biggie. So long as there are no more family bombshells, incubus-related heartbreaks, or unexpected, terrifying journeys into the Fae Realm, I'll be completely fine. Because, as I've already reminded myself at least twelve times since breakfast, there's no way things could possibly get worse. …Right?

The Call for Finis: Lust by A.J. Torres

Seven sins. Seven hosts. One city purged. If vengeance is all you know, can you really let it go, or succumb to your rage? Willka has signed a pact with Valdina, a demon of Infernos, driven by a burning desire for revenge against the city that took everything from him. Given a second chance at life, he’s been tasked with enacting an ancient right to purge the city of sin for both the angels of Hevellum and the demons of Infernos, as an example to all of Eldara. Willka eagerly accepts and sets out to enact his vengeance by burning Lumen Magnus to the ground. However, along his journey he is warned of the cost of his rage. Should he proceed with hatred in his heart, his soul will be enveloped in sin. He will be condemned to a fate worse than death. The memories of abuse, his life as a slave, and the losses of those he loved dearest drive him forward. In the end, will his past give him strength or be his undoing?

Feast of Samael (The Devil's Trials) by Stephanie Gluck

The devil was thrown from the old world and, bypassing hell, he landed in Kaida. He dragged seven corrupted angels with him, and they rose as the embodiment of the deadly human sins. Beneath their rule the world was ravaged and reborn. The angels encouraged and punished a sinners' nature and their influence, demons and temptation killed in equal measure. The devil quickly grew bored. Once a decade he offered the humans a series of trials. Face a challenge from each of the seven deadly sins and triumph, and in return he would grant every benefit of the devil’s favour, including immortality. Pure desperation pushed Octavia Nox to enter the devil’s trials, she just wants to survive another day. All too soon she is forced to confront the first of the sins. Where she must face the reality that she could be a sinner at heart, and these sins may just eat her alive.

A Night at The King's Inn by Alec Arbogast

FIRST PLACE WINNER - 2021 ROYAL DRAGONFLY BOOK AWARDS: HISTORICAL FICTION CATEGORY AWARD-WINNING FINALIST - 2021 AMERICAN FICTION AWARDS Theodore is an introvert. Friends are a bother and being put in social situations is cruel and unusual punishment. Avoidance is the name of the game when it comes to relationships and he's adamant he wouldn't have it any other way. But deep inside he yearns for something...more. When his vivacious, thrill-seeking sister Alice invites him on another one at her atypical adventures, Theodore finds that his life predicated upon comfort is about to be turned on its head. They venture to an ultra-exclusive speakeasy in Manhattan's West Village, where he happens upon a vintage gramophone that does more than play a simple tune. He cranks the lever and a portal to another world snaps open. Before he can react, Theodore finds himself in a posh hotel, navigating a mysterious and menacing masquerade ball in 20th century London. In the maze-like halls of the hotel, he brushes shoulders with a coquettish young woman who, coupled with the mysterious allure of the masquerade, ensures he'll return to this foreign world to uncover more. But as he delves deeper, he finds himself in the middle of a socioeconomic conflict across a mercurial and hostile landscape where cocktails and charisma are more dangerous than loaded guns. If he wants to lead the substantive life a part of him has always known he deserves, he must not only outgrow his circumspect ways and face the dangers of a socially adept furtive society, he must also face the demons of his own past which crawl to the surface as he unravels the mysteries of a bygone world.

The Human Familiar (Familiar and the Mage) by Honor Raconteur

While Bannen had every intention of finding adventure, being yanked through a magical portal two continents away isn’t quite what he imagined happening. For that matter, being magically bound to a mage-in-training hadn’t ever crossed his mind. Being the first human familiar ever summoned in Corcoran? Not on his to-do list.Rena certainly needs all of the help that she can get, as her magic is very different, inhibiting her of the normal shields and protections. Everyone says her summoning a human familiar is a mistake, that she needs to break the bond and send Bannen back.But Bannen doesn’t like this idea, not one iota. Renata Rocci has the magic of a Grim Reaper, the heart of a lion, and a body too frail to keep up with either. She can face assassins; meddlesome mages; politicians; and legendary, nightmarish monsters without flinching. Without losing and that’s sexy as sin. This is definitely not the adventure he signed up for. It’s far, far better.

Void War: The Elemental Progeny (The Gatekeeper Trilogy Book 1) by A.J Watson

When Velus, a teenage street urchin, is wrongly convicted of murder and sentenced into slavery, he never thought he would be destined for greatness. After nearly two decades of abuse, an alien force destroys his master’s estate and Velus flees on foot. Velus’ journey begins in pain and confusion, and being rather naive from decades of servitude, falls into trouble. Rescued by a trio hunting down the thief of a sacred relic, Velus joins their cause and re-encounters the savage aliens that unknowingly aided his escape. They’re working on extracting the Dral, a powerful and evil race, from their elemental prison; with the relic as a focal point for the key. Through seemingly random encounters, he is thrown into events that will ultimately shape the outcome of a galactic war, and possibly the fabric of the universe itself. The Elemental Progeny is book one of the Gatekeeper Trilogy.

Opal Smoke (Opal Contagion Book 1) by Stephanie Fazo

A thief is the only one who stands between her people and complete annihilation. Liss is a Soul Sorter who can sense any emotion a person is feeling. She uses this talent to steal jewels and dragonhide wallets to help provide for her people, the Extended. A side benefit of her thieving is that she gets to empty the pockets of the wealthy Lagonians, who shun the Extended for the deadly disease that runs in their veins. When the Lagonians announce that they’ve developed a source of immunity, they are no longer content to just ostracize the Extended. The Lagonians plan to eradicate them. The only way for Liss to save her people is if she can pull off her biggest heist yet and steal the secret to the immunity. What is already a perilous mission is further complicated when Lagonia’s infamous Chief Assassin is tasked with taking Liss out. Entangled in his own web of deception, risk, and a fight to survive, the assassin cannot fail. One truth becomes clear. If either hopes to succeed, the other must die.

A Particle of You: Love Poetry by Cendrine Marrouat and David Ellis

In this new collection from well-established authors Cendrine Marrouat and David Ellis, enjoy a series of love poems delicately crafted to stimulate emotional and endearing aspects of our deep connections with each other. Cendrine and David have selected poems for this volume that perfectly capture feelings and nuances relating to romantic notions. They explore how love can fundamentally shape and change you, how it can feed your innermost muses/desires and ultimately how it can define you as a person, if you fully embrace it with every fibre of your being. Love need not be scary or complicated. This collection shows us that even the simplest of intimate gestures can mean more to us when speaking from the heart and soul.

The PoArtMo Anthology: Volume 3 by Azelle Elric, Meaghan Beatty, David Ellis, and Cendrine Marrouat.

Welcome to Volume 3 of "The Auroras & Blossoms PoArtMo Anthology"! This collection of positive and uplifting works has been created in response to PoArtMo, a year-long movement launched in 2020 by Auroras & Blossoms. PoArtMo stands for “Positive Actions Rally Thoughts & Momentum.” The Auroras & Blossoms PoArtMo Anthology: Volume 3 features a variety of different works by four contributors: Azelle Elric (drawings), Meaghan Beatty (essays), Cendrine Marrouat (poetry), and David Ellis (poetry).

Diary of an Atmospheric Sailor by William A. Lasher

"A neo-Victorian science fiction/fantasy spectacular with memorable characters and a measure of dry wit.” Meet Kit Keagan and his bricky girlfriend Hailey, a pair of plucky teenagers in the Allegheny Highlands of 1851 Virginia. Hailey and Kit follow three river otters into a limestone cave, and inexplicably, travel three decades into the future, to the post-Hydrogen War 1880s. Conscripted into the British military, our reluctant time travelers join an expeditionary airship squadron and begin an epic journey around the world. Deep down inside, they both feel like they’re still sixteen, and neither one of them can remember the thirty years they somehow left behind. Is there a way back home? Diary of an Atmospheric Sailor is a science fiction/fantasy concept extravaganza featuring alternate history, bizarre mutant beasts, haywire automatons, and shapeshifting extraterrestrials. At 92,500 words, it’s a full-length novel recommended for high school age to adult readers. Exclusive eBook release.

The Hunted Prince: Dragon of Mirrors by Miriam Yvette

He must stay away from her, but it doesn’t matter. Fate will find a way. When a young and reclusive, Ryth finds the elven princess of Mensi, her curiosity leads him to unearth a long-kept secret. He is not the human he thought he was. Ryth is a Denoni, the second-born vampire prince of a kingdom that wants him dead. After years of tension, Mensi falls under invasion, and the now older and still stubborn Princess Acacia reunites with Ryth. From the shadows, the enemy is on the hunt, and peril coming from every corner. But in order to escape, Acacia must know the truth about Ryth, and he must know who she really is. ♛ Dragon of Mirrors is a high fantasy romance series that will take you on a journey into a world filled with new and mythical creatures. If you love character-driven adventure with relatable characters, this book is sure to keep you entertained until the very end.♛

Dreadful Beauty by L.M Rapp

Nymphosis, a disease that turns humans into Chimeras, is ravaging the land of Gashom. The More-Than-Pure, determined to protect themselves, have seized power and enacted segregationist laws. Neria, the daughter of a high dignitary, witnesses more and more of the Chimeras being ruthlessly executed. When she learns she is afflicted by the very disease her father is determined to eradicate, she’s forced to surrender her privileges. She flees the capital amid her terrifying transformation and traverses the strange wilds to seek refuge with others like her. But she knows what’s happening isn’t right. Find out how Neria develops the courage to fight oppression in this inspiring and elegantly written fantasy novel that pushes all to look deeper. A perfect book club recommendation to change things up!

Taming Demons for Beginners (The Guild Codex: Demonized Book 1) by Annette Marie

Rule one: Don't look at the demon. When I arrived at my uncle's house, I expected my relatives to be like me—outcast sorcerers who don't practice magic. I was right about the sorcery, but wrong about everything else. Rule two: Don't listen to the demon. My uncle chose a far deadlier power. He calls creatures of darkness into our world, binds them into service contracts, and sells them to the highest bidder. And I'm supposed to act like I don't know how illegal and dangerous it is. Rule three: Don't talk to the demon. All I had to do was keep my nose out of it. Pretend I didn't find the summoning circle in the basement. Pretend I didn't notice the shadowy being trapped inside it. Pretend I didn't break the rules. But I did, and now it's too late. -- From the author of The Guild Codex: Spellbound comes a new series that will plunge an unprepared young woman into the darkest magic of the mythic world.

The One and Only Crystal Druid (The Guild Codex: Unveiled Book 1) by Annette Marie

Ten years ago, I risked everything on a nameless boy. I came out the other side with a murder conviction, a prison sentence, and a minor case of amnesia. I forgot everything about that boy, and now I'm out on parole, just a nobody witch volunteering at an animal rescue and keeping a low profile. Everything was fine until the notorious Crystal Druid showed up to hunt a powerful fae that's leaving a trail of dead bodies in its wake—bodies that the local ex-con, me, will be blamed for. To save my own hide, I offer to help him. But with every clash of temper between us, something inside me cracks a little more. The closer we get to our target—and the closer I get to the guarded Crystal Druid—the more my missing memories loom. The fae killer is far deadlier than I imagined—but so is the boy I forgot. And the only question now is which one will destroy me first. -- From the author of the best-selling Guild Codex books comes a new series that delves into the dark, dangerous world of druids and fae alongside two ravaged souls who may be exactly what the other needs ... if they don't kill each other first. Unveiled can be read as a standalone series or in conjunction with other Guild Codex series. For the full reading order, visit Annette Marie's website.

Daughters of Awen: A Battle of Gods and Kingdoms (Rise of the Summer God Book 1) by Summer H Hanford

When a sister and brother are trapped on opposite sides of a war for the throne, will blood prevail over honor? For eons untold, three gods have ruled the sky of Cendoria, battling for the adulation of the populace. Over time, their influence has ebbed and flowed, their circle never complete, but now will come the Summer God. The scales will be tipped. The world unbalanced. The arrival of Duke Norstum and death of the Keng's beloved ruler upend Aldera and Kylem's quiet world. Torn from her home, exiled, Aldera must forget her old life and ways, and learn to harness the power of the Raven Goddess. Kylem, left behind in the Keng, takes a different path. One that embraces the machinations of Duke Norstum and pits the siblings against each other as the world shudders with the burgeoning struggle for power. Daughters of Awen is an Epic Fantasy novel rife with magic, deceit, greed, betrayal and honor. If you enjoy delving into a world of valor and intrigue, you'll love Hanford's first installation in her Rise of the Summer God Series. Pick up your copy of Daughters of Awen today to start the adventure. Daughters of Awen is part of the Rise of the Summer God Series by Summer H Hanford and is volume one of six.

Abicus Turne and the Time Locks by Robert Roth

"An inventive and lively escapade." - Kirkus Reviews Two quantum physicists are killed in a car accident, leaving Abicus and Binny Turne in the care of an orphanage. Three years later, Abicus discovers he has the ability to slide back in time to fix recent past events. But actions have consequences, often different from what one expects. Through his actions, Abicus uncovers the mysterious time locks set in place by his parents to preserve their world, and the government forces out to break them to acquire a power that would threaten the past as well as the future. Abicus Turne and the Time Locks is an urban Sci-Fi story delivering a thrilling mystery for those of all ages. If you enjoyed The Midnight Library, this book is for you. Also, those who love urban Fantasy with youthful protagonists having special capabilities, such as Harry Potter, Daniel X, Maximum Ride, and other similar novels, will find this book fits right in with those books. An exciting adventure that engages with intrigue and mystery, combining humor with tense challenges to overcome. Throughout the quest, Abicus experiences the true value of genuine friendship and self-sacrifice. Not all heroes possess magical abilities. Our own individual personalities and capabilities are just as important, and sometimes magic abilities come with a high price of private burdens that must be borne alone. Author's note: The book Specter - Day of Reckoningis part of the same book series, although it is not strictly a sequel (either book may be read first). The third book will tie the two stories together. A careful reading of the first two books reveals that Kai and Abicus are second cousins.

Storm Of War: An Elemental Magic Urban Fantasy Novel (The Levitators Chronicles Book 1) by Kachi Ugo

Magic. Non-stop Action. Ancient Evils. Dive into this *now completed* urban fantasy series that readers are raving about. "'s the most action-packed book I've read so far in 2021." -- Action-Packed Book Review ★★★★★ When an ancient evil stirs, humanity's last hope must confront his cowardly nature or watch the world burn! Peter Crawford has no interest in being a hero. Even as a war brews between two powerful groups, he wants nothing more than to be left alone. So when Rose Hernandez, a member of the mythical Scarlet Sisters, approaches him asking for his help, he refuses. However, prophecies are set in stone, and even Peter's obstinance can't go against fate. As the war begins to worsen, he must make a decision and come to terms with his destiny. Together with Rose, he must locate the One who might end the bloodshed and save their world. Kachi Ugo's Storm of War is a pulse-pounding ride into a fascinating, fantasy world. With a cast of charismatic characters and a fast-paced, genre-bending storyline that delivers on every promise, Storm of War promises to enchant, entertain, and enthrall! Scroll up and click 'Buy Now' or 'Read for Free' (Kindle Unlimited) to grab your copy of Storm Of War today and get ready to be transported to a world fraught with magic, action, peril, and ancient evils!

The Twice-Cursed Serpent by Scarlett D. Vine

Caes’s father was the prophesied hero who was supposed to save Ardinan from the Malithian Empire—but he failed. Reviled and used as a scapegoat for her kingdom’s anger, Caes is given to the enemies her father died fighting to destroy. While the Malithian emperor allows Caes to live at court, she is constantly guarded by Soul Carvers—undead magic wielders whose power stems from what killed them. Worse, Malithia’s crown princess believes Caes should be executed because the princess, thanks to a prophecy, sees her as a threat to her succession to the throne—and this princess has already murdered for less.

Iron Blood by Jolene D Campbell

Ake wants a peaceful existence. Immoral men want to exploit her powers. Will she risk it all to save her loved ones from death? "Iron Blood by Jolene Campbell is a fast paced, breathtaking story that will take you on an incredible journey of perseverance amidst great challenges, hope against impossible odds and love out of the most unlikely of circumstances; involving characters you will love and root for at every turn. Looking forward to the next two follow-on books!" -Shea GoodReads Review ★★★★★ Fall in love with Ake, a strong determined ninja warrior who finds love in an unexpected place and learns more about the origins of her demigod powers. Follow her path as she goes on high action adventures and performs daring stunts. As the last of the Iron Blood tribe, Ake fights to protect Hakone Valley and for her own survival. Shogun Zugai, along with the sorceress Kuroi, plan to use Ake’s blood in a potion to harness her Iron Blood powers in their scheme to overthrow the emperor. All seems lost when Ake is betrayed and captured. However, an unlikely ally reveals himself just moments before her fate is sealed. Will this new ally use her powers for his own personal vendetta or will their relationship turn into something beyond her wildest dreams? Follow her adventure as she learns about the true genesis of her powers, other demigods, and about the true depth of love.

The Tyrant's Apprentice (The Stellar Fracture Saga) by Eric Fieldstone

Julie Lorraine, a recently orphaned teenage girl, finds herself chained to a wall in a tiny cell on a remote space station. A masked man who can read thoughts and alter memories claims she has a hidden supernatural potential, which only he is able to unlock. However, his ruthless methods push her to the very limit. Can she afford to trust the two foreign agents he assigns as her tutors? One says occult threats lurk at the edge of reality. The other hides his face behind a menacing helmet but speaks with a sugary voice. To discover the truth, she’ll have to put aside her yearning for love and focus on surviving the tyrant’s brutal trials, which include an intense workout program, combat training, and psychic attacks. Only then can Julie hope to recall her missing past and navigate this maze of lies.

Knights Full of Magic (The Fae Queen's Circle of Dragon Shifter Mates Book 1) by Angela Edgehart

As a princess with missing memories, I believed I had no choice but to marry a prince I don't love. Then King Mythos and his three sexy knights entered my life. Thanks to my crown and the wealth that comes with it, King Mythos and his kingdom need me. The spark of attraction sets me on a new path. But when I get to my new home, I discover it's not all sunshine and rainbows. The king and I aren't seeing eye to eye, and the monsters who eat dark magic keep attacking us. Luckily, the knights have my back. Etienne, the charmer. Zeek, the intelligent. And Kade, the warrior. Fate brought them to me for a reason. I suspect that reason lies somewhere within my missing memories. With King Mythos acting erratic and sinking further and further into inebriation, it looks like it's up me and the knights to save the fae from the dark creatures—if I can convince the king the appearance of these monsters isn't my fault.

Cursed are her Mates (The Fae Queen's Circle of Dragon Shifter Mates Book 2) by Angela Edgehart

Some curses shouldn't be broken. I wanted answers. Pieces of my memory have been missing since my return to Arboria. As it turns out, I'm not the only one who's lost part of their past. If I'd known who cast this curse on me and my mates, I would never have tried to break it. Now my enemy has control over one of my dragon shifters. She won't stop until the fragile peace is broken and all of the humans are destroyed. Zeek, Etienne, Kade, and I must free our trapped mate before he becomes the first casualty in a new war between the fae and the humans. Cursed are her Mates is the sequel to the steamy reverse harem romance Knights Full of Magic. Please note this series is intended for

The Black Door (Elwood : A New Adult Fantasy Series Book 1) by Holly Michele

Knowing you’re going to die has its drawbacks. Knowing all your friends are going to die is the pits. But knowing you could have saved them all is worse than back-to-back finals while performing the chicken dance through an obstacle course of fire. Life can be cruel, and Topher Belmont finds out just how cruel life can be when he travels through the Black Door to a world of magic. Things are not what they seem and even the animals are snarky. The King wants to suck the life and magic out of Topher and his new friends. If only he had known he had magic. If only he knew how to use it. If only there was an easy way back to reality.

Hera's Revenge by Wendy Day

A curse as old as time... At 24 years old, Kat Phillips has a stable job, an apartment, and her favorite taco place on speed dial. She should be happy, but she’s not. When she realizes her life might be stuck in neutral forever, Kat goes into full panic mode. She jumps in her car and heads south to the one person whom she knows will understand. With her grandmother’s advice comes revelations that rock Kat’s world. Generational secrets come to light and a shocking possibility sends Kat on a thrilling search for answers before her next birthday. The clock is ticking. With her life on the line and handsome, mysterious Jace Woods tempting her heart, Kat will have to challenge fate and change her destiny.

Peaceweaver: a Retelling of Hades and Persephone (Between Shade and Flame Book 1) by Everly Haywood

An indentured healer. A dying nobleman. A nightmarish curse that could destroy them both. Young elf Persis Ophne takes pride in her gift of healing. Expecting to mend the ailing Prince of Gelaira, her world shatters when she's informed her true undercover assignment is to murder the dark elf. And her unwillingness to break her oath to only use her abilities to heal takes a tricky turn when she finds herself falling for the already betrothed royal. Prince Haryk longs to be a worthy ruler. But when he's struck with an inexplicable ailment with seemingly no cure, the selfless noble fears his failing body will prevent him from updating the land's archaic peace treaty. And his doubts only intensify when he meets his future bride... and discovers his heart beats far faster for her gentle servant healer. Torn between her master's wishes and her curative duties, Persis can't believe her eyes when she uncovers the mysterious root to the Prince's crippling symptoms. And with Prince Haryk learning someone else wants him dead, he vows to do whatever it takes to protect his kingdom from hidden enemies. Will Persis and Haryk's forbidden love survive a powerful blight and bloody betrayals? Peaceweaver is a standalone book in the heart-racing Between Blood and Sand romantic fantasy series. If you like dramatic intrigue, traitorous twists, and sweet relationships, then you'll adore Everly Haywood's captivating adventure.

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